Bob and Carol and Alice

by Racer & Rick

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© Copyright 2008 - Racer & Rick - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; M/ff; bond; bdsm; cuffs; collars; hood; stocks; oral; mast; toys; cons; X

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(Racer and Rick are a relatively normal(?) heterosexual 30 something couple living in New York City who enjoy bondage, domination, and sex.  Rick is an accountant.  Racer is a rather good female long distance runner, and she placed well enough in last year’s New York City marathon that if you saw her real name you might recognize it).

* * * * * * * *

This is a story about two girls and a guy.  They are college-educated professionals successfully pursuing careers in a mid-western city.  All three are in their late twenties, and all three are sexually passionate with an interest in bondage sex.  They attended college together, where Carol and Alice were roommates and they both dated Bob.  Carol is a blond, Alice is a brunette, and Bob is somewhere in between.  Bob is heterosexual, while Carol and Alice – well, we will let the reader decide!

They had the good fortune to find careers in the same city, and so they purchased three adjoining two-story condominium townhouses.  Bob’s is the one in the center.  They immediately had doors cut through in such a manner that they each had their own space and yet all three can gather together in any one of the three townhouses, which means that the connecting doors are open most of the time.  In addition to being sexual partners, they are also good friends, and they frequently dine out together, work out at the gym together, or just hang out together.

And they have developed an interesting routine.  Once a week, usually on the weekend, they pursue their bondage lifestyle.  A pair of dice is rolled by each.  The person with the highest score gets to be the dom, in charge for the evening and entrusted with developing the sexual scenario.  The person with the low score becomes the submissive.  The person with the median score is somewhere in between, depending on the whim of the winner.

They have some ground rules.  Safe and sane bondage is the byword.  There is no rough stuff or anything that leaves marks for more than a few hours (the dom is always acutely aware that next week, the roles may be reversed, and he/she may become the submissive).  Mutual sexual satisfaction is required.  On their home computers the screensaver is the phrase “Everybody cums – at least once”, and that is the underlying principle of their lifestyle.

* * * * * * * * 

Part Three

This time I won the throw of the dice, I get to be the dom, and I have an interesting plan in mind.  I have Bob and Carol strip out of their clothes (which only takes a minute, since we usually only wear underwear and a tee-shirt around the house anyway).  When they are naked I fasten locking leather cuffs on each of their wrists.  We prefer locking leather cuffs in place of handcuffs.  We own several sets of leather cuffs (both wrist and ankle) and they are padded and tough and have a convenient metal “D” ring.  They lock in place and the prisoner cannot escape them without a really big, sharp knife, and there are no knives ever within reach.  And the leather cuffs are more comfortable than metal handcuffs, especially if the prisoner has to roll around, which he/she often is required to do.

Then I lock a leather belt snugly around each of their waists.  The leather belt is the type used by law enforcement, and has a metal “D” ring sewn into the center of the belt.  I position the belt in such a manner that the “D” ring is in the small of the back on both Bob and Carol.

Then I arrange them on Bob’s big king-size 4-poster bed in the “69” position.  With their arms around each other, I use a medium padlock to lock Bob’s wrist cuffs around Carol to the “D” ring in the small of her back, and I use a medium padlock to lock Carol’s wrist cuffs around Bob to the “D” ring in the middle of his back.  They are each lying on their respective left sides.

They make a beautiful tableau!  Locked together in the “69” position, they each only have the other’s crotch for a horizon, and there is no escape.  Their sexual arousal is immediate.  Bob’s dick pokes Carol in the nose, and Carol immediately locks his head between her thighs and thrusts her (shaven) cunt in his face.

I stroll around the bed and savor the scene.  They are both lost in space somewhere, unable to speak much because their tongues and mouths are busy.  The air reeks of sex.  Carol moans as Bob licks her crotch and nibbles her crotch vigorously.  Carol swallows his dick and sucks with gusto.  They roll around and thrash about the bed. I leave them alone for a few minutes.  I grab a quick shower, and pour a glass of wine.  When I stroll back they are still locked in their sweaty embrace.

Just as I return, Bob goes over the edge and cums.  He arches his back, and drives his dick into Carol’s throat.  He locks her head between his thighs, and she has no choice except to swallow.  When the first shot of hot semen hits her throat her eyes widen and I smirk at her from above.  She swallows most of it, and gets a little on her cheeks.  About the same time she cums too, and it is a beaut – she moans and cries and shudders and thrashes about. They collapse in exhaustion, and it would seem that the game is over for now.

But I have more plans.  After giving them a few minutes to catch their breath, I brandish the riding crop where Carol can see it.  I swing it against Bob’s ass cheeks, taking him by surprise.  He shrieks, and rolls over so that he is on the bottom and Carol is on top.  I swing the riding crop against Carol’s ass, and she shrieks and rolls them over so that Bob is back on top. This is a lark!  I lash each of their bottoms in alternating succession, as they roll over each other trying to seek cover. 

All this activity gives Bob a nice new hard-on, and Carol also gets wet in the crotch.  I stop the whip for a while and watch as they suck and lick each other to another mutual orgasm. This time they almost roll off the bed.  I help them get back into the center of the bed, and then I step out of the room to refill my wine glass.  By now the sheets are stained with wet spots, and Carol’s face is a mess.

Carol is nibbling tentatively on Bob’s dick, hoping to raise the dead.  I’m also horny, and it is my turn to get some good head.  I unlock Bob’s wrists, and roll him over on his back, and strap his wrist cuffs separately to the bed posts at the head of the bed.  I unlock Carol’s wrists, and roll her over on her back, and strap her wrist cuffs separately to the posts at the foot of the bed.  Then I take a new strap and strap Bob’s ankles together and tie them down to the lower end of the bed.  I take another new strap and strap Carol’s ankles together and tie them to the head board of the bed.  The net result is that they are spread out next to each other, with their heads pointing in opposite directions.

I strip naked and straddle Bob’s face.  He licks my (shaved) clit with enthusiasm, knowing that I won’t release him until I am satisfied.  I don’t rush, enjoying every minute of it.  When I do orgasm, it is delicious, and I hold his head between my thighs until my breathing returns to normal. But I also want to enjoy Carol’s talents.  I turn to her outstretched body, and nibble on her breasts just to titillate her.  I squeeze her nipples and make her moan.  Then I sit on her face, and ride the wave to orgasm again.

By this time we are all exhausted.  We collapse in a heap on the big bed, and nap (both Bob and Carol are still tied).  After a while I rouse up and untie them and we head off to the shower.

Part Four

I’m Alice.

It is the weekend and I won the roll of the dice and it is my turn to be the sexual/bondage boss/dominatrix.  And I have been looking forward to this most of the week and I have a great plan for a fun filled day playing with Bob and Carol. It worked out perfectly – Bob rolled the lowest number and so he gets tied and abused first.  Carol has to do my bidding but the plan is mine to develop.

I have Bob strip naked first.  This is simple, because he is only wearing underwear and a tee-shirt (our standard attire when we roll the dice). Then I arrange him for a spread eagle tie on his own four poster, king sized bed.  His bed is great for this – it is rock solid, and has four large posts.  Using locking wrist and ankle cuffs, and adjustable leather straps, I stretch him out carefully on his back so that he cannot move.  His dick stands up in the wind like a flagpole, and I forbid Carol to even breath on it, since we don’t want him to cum for a long time.  Bob has a very nice dick, and Carol and I are both very fond of it.

Then I gag Bob with a special gag that I have been hiding in my private collection of goodies.  It has a smaller short plastic penis that goes in his mouth and stretches his lips and the strap buckles around behind his head like a conventional gag.  But it also has an external plastic penis that sticks out 7” under his nose and becomes the prominent object in his field of vision.  When he shakes his head this external dick waves back and forth and Carol and I get a good laugh at how cute he looks. Then I place a leather hood over his head and buckle it in place.  It comes complete with a leather collar and is shaped so that it covers his eyes and ears but leaves his mouth and nostrils free.  He can no longer see or hear us, and he is locked in darkness and silence.

Just to get his attention, I snap his real dick with my thumb and forefinger.  He jerks and twists as much as he can (which isn’t much) and mumbles through his penis gag.  Carol and I amuse ourselves by tickling his feet and his balls and his underarms, which makes him squirm and mumble even more.

Then I turn my attention to Carol.  On my command, she strips naked and throws her underwear and tee-shirt over in a corner.  I lock her wrists together behind her back with locking leather cuffs (we like them better than steel handcuffs).  I place another set of leather cuffs above her elbows and lock them together also with a 3” snap hook.  I lock a leather posture collar around her neck and attach a 5’ leash to it.  I lock the other end of the leash to one the foot posts of Bob’s bed.  She can reach his dick but not his upper torso or face.

I tell her that I am going to leave them alone for a while so that I can take a shower and mix a drink, but I advise her in no uncertain terms that she is not to bring Bob to orgasm while I am gone.  I tell her that when I come back in twenty minutes or so I expect to find his dick still standing up and hard, and if that is not the case I will whip her within an inch of her life.  Just to make the point clear, I bring out my riding crop and leave it where she can see it.  She is not gagged, and with her wrists and elbows locked behind her she would be happy to suck his dick, but I want to keep both of them in suspense. I tweak her nipples and kiss her nipples and play with her breasts and stroke her crotch until she is breathing heavily and then I take my leave of them.

I take a leisurely shower and mix a drink and leave them alone for a while.  When I return Carol is curled up on the bed between Bob’s outstretched legs.  She has apparently nibbled on his dick occasionally (her lips are wet) but she has followed orders and not let him cum. To keep Carol out of trouble for a while, I gag her with a ball gag.  I unlock her leash from the bedpost, and reattach it to a hook in the ceiling in a corner of the room.  She can watch, but she can only mumble, and she is out of reach of the bed for now.

Leaving Carol to watch, I climb up on the bed and straddle Bob’s face.  Since he is in the dark and can’t hear, he probably cannot tell which of us is which.  First I straddle his face while I am facing the head of the bed, and lower myself over the plastic dick sticking up from his gag. Wow, but does it feel great!  I am horny, and wet, and a good hard cock (even a plastic one) feels great.  When I push myself all the way down my clit is right on Bob’s nose.  I bounce up and down and play with my own boobs and I don’t rush to orgasm.  Bob is probably occasionally nearly smothered by my thighs and crotch.

Finally I can’t wait any longer and I go over the edge to orgasm.  And it is great!  I arch my back and shout and the world goes around in circles and the spasms course through my body and soul.

After a while I come back to earth.  My breathing rate comes back to normal and my heart rate comes back to near normal.  I climb off of Bob’s face and give him a chance to breath too.  I snap his real dick with my thumb and forefinger again just to piss him off.  He moans and squirms and arches his back and tries to fuck the air.  Carol is hanging limply in the corner of the room from the chain at her collar and I go and hug and kiss her.  I run my hands over her body and tease her and bring her almost to orgasm.  She pleads through the gag and so eventually I unsnap her leash from the ceiling and bring her over to the bed where Bob is trying to relax in his spread-eagle pose.

I position Carol at the foot of the bed facing Bob.  I spread her legs wide and tie each ankle off to the nearest post at each corner of the bed.  Then I bend her over and thread the chain from her collar around under Bob’s waist and bring it back to her collar and snap it fast to her collar.  She is not able to stand up and has Bob’s crotch as her only horizon.

And she looks great from the rear.  Her wrists and elbows are still locked together behind her back.  Her legs are spread wide and her vagina and rectum are spread wide in a grand invitation of carnal lust.  She starts to suck on Bob’s dick with vigor and he moans like he is in heaven.  I step up behind her and alternate between stroking her crotch, attacking her anus with a vibrator, and whipping her buns with the riding crop.  (I have to be careful, because Bob might lose his manhood if I whip her too hard while she is mouthing his dick)!

After a few minutes of these games, Bob comes in her mouth.  It must be good, because he lunges as far as he can and writhes and twists.  She doesn’t seem to mind, and swallows every drop.  About this time she comes too, and then slumps down with her head on his thighs to get her wits back.

We are all exhausted by this time.  I release Carol and unlock her wrists and elbows and help her rub her stiff limbs.  Then we remove Bob’s hood and gag and give him a drink of water.  We leave him spreadeagled though – in a few minutes we can probably make him hard again and think of some new entertainment!

Part Five

Hi - I’m Carol.

Bob has won the roll of the dice and has something special cooked up.  He has a small workshop in his garage, and he builds bondage furniture in his spare time.  Then he tries it out on Alice and I.  This time he has built a set of stocks to hold one of us in a kneeling position.  The top of the stocks are 33” above the floor.  The stocks look a little like a box set on it’s side, and the bottom of the stocks sits on a 4’ by 4’ sheet of ½” plywood for stability.  The victim (me) kneels on a pad in the stocks with their neck imprisoned in the yoke at the top.

Since I rolled the lowest number from the dice, Bob invites me to strip.  This only takes a moment, since our normal attire during the roll of the dice ceremony is only a tee-shirt and underwear.  Then he locks my wrists behind me in locking leather cuffs.  Then he assists me in kneeling down on the cushion in his stocks and slides the neck piece in place and bolts it fast (escape is now out of the question).  Finally, he puts leather cuffs on my ankles and locks them to eye-bolts screwed into the sides of the apparatus.  I am now locked into a half-kneeling, half squatting position that is not exactly restful but is not terribly uncomfortable.

Alice rolled a number that was higher than mine and lower than Bob’s.  She also shrugs out of her tee-shirt and undies and tosses them into a corner.  She approaches me and kneels in front of my stocks, between my knees.  Her hands play with my boobs, and she pinches my nipples.  She engages my mouth in a long and passionate kiss.  I break out in a sweat, and my crotch gets hot and wet.  She tickles the soles of my upturned feet, and I squirm and squeal.

Bob smirks, and pulls a pair of leather work gloves out of the desk drawer.  They are the kind that construction workers wear.  The leather is stiff, and the stitches are new.  Bob spreads some K-Y jelly on the thumb, and pushes Alice out of the way.  His leather-clad thumb penetrates my vagina and his fingers spread out under my ass.  The leather-clad thumb feels as strong and hard as any cock.  It generates strong sensations that make me gasp.  I can feel every stitch as the gloved thumb slides in and out of my vaginal lips.  In only a moment I go over the top and cum and moan and scream and howl at the moon.  It may sound strange, but if you have never had a huge orgasm while you are bound hand and foot and helpless, you just don’t know what you are missing! 

Eventually, Bob withdraws his hand and tosses the stained and stinky glove in a corner.  I calm down and get my breathing back and glower at Alice, who is smirking at both of us.

However, Bob has plans for Alice.  He walks her around behind me and has her kneel with her breasts against my back.  (They feel great).  He places her arms around me and locks her wrists across my abdomen with a pair of locking leather cuffs that are separated by a 6” chain.

Alice explores her bonds and range of motion and discovers that she can reach my crotch and my breasts.  She immediately begins to play with all of them.  In return, I find that my hands (cuffed behind me) can reach her sex, and I stroke and penetrate her and generally try to distract her.  We both start to moan as the passion rises, and in a minute we both go over the top and cum.  Our mutual orgasm is a beaut – we both writhe and squirm and cry out and generally make fools of ourselves.

But now Bob wants to enjoy his two helpless bound and naked girls.  He is also naked, and his dick is standing out hard and proud.  Bob is tall and broad-shouldered and tanned.  He has a nice dick and Alice and I are very fond of it.  He steps behind Alice and rubs his dick in her ear.  She turns her head and licks the tip of it.  Bob steps around in front of the stocks.  My forced kneeling position puts my face exactly level with his crotch.  He amuses himself by thumping the tip of his dick against my nose.  Then he rubs it across my lips.  Finally he slips his dick into my mouth while he grabs two handfuls of my hair.  The angle is perfect, and his dick slips all the way down practically into my throat.  He takes long, leisurely strokes, although he is careful to withdraw and let me breath occasionally – something that I can’t do when it is fully inserted.

Meanwhile, Alice is playing with my boobs and my crotch and doing everything she can to distract me.  Caught by my own rising passion, I almost bite Bob’s dick.  I try to retaliate by stroking Alice’s crotch with my bound wrists, but it is hard to concentrate.

Bob can’t handle this any longer and goes over the edge and cums in my mouth and in my throat and practically shoots it directly into my belly.  He holds my head and squeezes every last drop and makes all the sounds that guys make during a great orgasm.  In my imprisonment, I don’t have much choice about whether or not to swallow – Bob gives me no choice.  But his hot juices in my throat and Alice rubbing my erogenous zones makes me cum also, with gusto.  Alice follows suit.

After a couple of minutes Bob staggers back into a chair and Alice and I slump in our bonds.  The air reeks of sex and we are all exhausted.  Just to show that he is still the boss, Bob leaves us there while he wanders off to take a shower, but he brings us a glass of wine when he comes back.  Finally he unlocks Alice, and hands her the keys to my prison.  She tickles my feet and teases me for a while before liberating me, and then she and I shower and we all collapse for the rest of the evening.


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