Bob and Carol and Alice

by Racer & Rick

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© Copyright 2008 - Racer & Rick - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; cuffs; collars; oral; mast; stocks; toys; cons; X

(Racer and Rick are a relatively normal(?) heterosexual 30 something couple living in New York City who enjoy bondage, domination, and sex.  Rick is an accountant.  Racer is a rather good female long distance runner, and she placed well enough in last year’s New York City marathon that if you saw her real name you might recognize it).

* * * * * * * *

This is a story about two girls and a guy.  They are college-educated professionals successfully pursuing careers in a mid-western city.  All three are in their late twenties, and all three are sexually passionate with an interest in bondage sex.  They attended college together, where Carol and Alice were roommates and they both dated Bob.  Carol is a blond, Alice is a brunette, and Bob is somewhere in between.  Bob is heterosexual, while Carol and Alice – well, we will let the reader decide!

They had the good fortune to find careers in the same city, and so they purchased three adjoining two-story condominium townhouses.  Bob’s is the one in the center.  They immediately had doors cut through in such a manner that they each had their own space and yet all three can gather together in any one of the three townhouses, which means that the connecting doors are open most of the time.  In addition to being sexual partners, they are also good friends, and they frequently dine out together, work out at the gym together, or just hang out together.

And they have developed an interesting routine.  Once a week, usually on the weekend, they pursue their bondage lifestyle.  A pair of dice is rolled by each.  The person with the highest score gets to be the dom, in charge for the evening and entrusted with developing the sexual scenario.  The person with the low score becomes the submissive.  The person with the median score is somewhere in between, depending on the whim of the winner.

They have some ground rules.  Safe and sane bondage is the byword.  There is no rough stuff or anything that leaves marks for more than a few hours (the dom is always acutely aware that next week, the roles may be reversed, and he/she may become the submissive).  Mutual sexual satisfaction is required.  On their home computers the screensaver is the phrase “Everybody cums – at least once”, and that is the underlying principle of their lifestyle.

* * * * * * * * 

Part One

If mother could see me now!

No – good thing that mother can’t see me now!

Bob won the roll of the dice, and in the bondage scenario his fiendish mind devised both Carol and I are tied together.

And the position is a little unusual, to say the least.

Bob had some free time last week, and he built a device in anticipation of our next bondage game.  It is a wooden platform about ten inches high, that measures two feet wide and six feet long.  The top surface is covered with a thick exercise mat, and a set of ankle stock-type locks is installed at each end.  In the middle there is a 2” wooden post about two feet high.

Carol and I are tied naked in a sitting position on top of the exercise mat, back to back, so that only the 2” thick wooden post separates us (and keeps us from rolling off to either side).  We are locked into wrist cuffs that are separated by a few inches of chain, but the interesting thing is that our arms are locked around each other.  So my hands are in Carol’s lap, and her hands are in my lap.  Our ankles are locked in the ankle stocks, spread apart, at the ends of the wooden platform on which we are seated.  Each of us is wearing a leather posture collar, so that we can’t look around, and can only stare at the wall.  The two posture collars are locked together, back to back.  A wide leather strap is locked snugly around our waists, pulling us together.  Nipple clamps are in place, with a connecting chain that hangs down a few inches into our laps.  

After Bob finished securing us in this predicament, he teased us a little, pinching boobs and stroking bare feet bottoms.  Then he advised us to enjoy, and then left the room, to take a shower and mix some drinks.  He will probably be back in an hour or so, although we have no way of knowing, and no way of measuring the passage of time.

And it didn’t take us long to discover that by stretching a little, we can get a hand into the other’s crotch.  Both of us keep our pubic hair shaved, and so I have found that I can manipulate Carol’s clit and run my fingers into her vagina, and she can do the same to me, without difficulty. I find that I can reach the chain hanging down from her nipple clamps and jerk on it whenever it amuses me (which is often).  Actually, I can use one hand to jerk her nipple clamps while my other hand massages her clit, and in minutes she is moaning and groaning and generally making a fool of herself!

And in the meantime she has her hand in my crotch too.  The eroticism of being tied naked back to back to my best friend has gotten me really cranked up.  The first orgasm comes quickly, and it is a beaut!  It starts somewhere deep in my toes and feels like it is going to blow my head off and I shake and dance and soar to the moon for what seems like eternity.  If you have never tried it you may not understand, but there is nothing like a great big walloping orgasm when you are bound hand and foot and have no control over it!

And now Carol climaxes also.  Her crotch thrusts against my hand, and her thighs are soaking wet.  Her clit is engorged and swollen, and she shakes and moans like a madwoman.  The air reeks of the smells of female sex, and we have both worked up a sweat. We both slump against our bonds for a minute to catch our breath.

But after our pulse rates return to normal and our breathing slows down, the game goes on.  I pinch and manipulate Carol’s clit and make her jump and groan, and jerk the chain attached to her nipple clamps, and she does the same to me, and in a little while we are both helplessly headed back up the slope toward orgasm again.

Let me say this:  Mother Nature may have given guys the gift of a penis and external genitalia, but she gave girls the gift of multiple orgasms!

About the time that we both go off again, the door opens and Bob walks in with a drink in one hand and his braided leather riding crop in the other hand.  He walks all the way around us, savoring his handiwork and our plight.

Bob is tall and lean and broad shouldered and well proportioned.  He has a friendly smile and nice buns and a very nice dick!  Both Carol and I are very fond of it.  He shrugs out of his cut-off denim shorts (the only thing he is wearing) and his dick immediately stands at attention.  A drop of moisture gleams at the head of it.  From our seated position, his dick is just at eye level.  And in my raunchy state, I want a cock in any orifice that I can get it – my mouth, my ear, whatever.  I lick my lips in invitation to him, because I know what price he will exact in return for setting us free.

And I am not mistaken.  He straddles our platform in front of me and slides his dick into my mouth and grabs a handful of hair on each side of my head.  He pushes deep into my throat (the position is ideal) and relaxes every couple of strokes so I can breathe.  My nose is in his pubic hair and I make a mental note that the next time I have him tied down I am going to shave his balls!  He has just showered and he smells great – a crisp mix of soap and shampoo and after shave lotion.  After a few minutes with my mouth he steps around to Carol and she breathes him into her mouth with the same vigor.

I take this opportunity to play with her vagina and clit and nipple clamps and generally try to distract her while she is giving head to Bob.  It would be so funny to force her to an orgasm while has his dick in her mouth – maybe she will bite it by accident!

It goes without saying that if you are tied hand and foot and a guy chooses to come in your mouth you have very little choice about whether to swallow or not.  But we don’t mind it and mutual oral satisfaction is always part of our games. But Bob chooses not to orgasm yet.  Instead, he retrieves the leather braided riding crop and has Carol hold it between her clenched teeth.  He then goes to work stroking the bottoms of her wide spread feet, locked in the ankle stocks.  Carol is very ticklish, and she moans and writhes like a mad-woman until she drops the leather riding crop.

By now some fatigue is starting to set in.  The position we are tied in is not painful but it is not exactly relaxing either.  Our shoulders and our buns are getting sore and I can tell it may be a long night!

I wonder if this fascination with sexual bondage is hereditary and runs in families?  Did my parents tie each other up?  Does my sister, who lives in Dallas, have this same erotic fascination with bondage and sex?

I’m still glad that my mother can’t see me now!

Part Two

The phrase “assholes and elbows” comes to mind.

That must be what you see if you could see us from behind.

Bob built two sets of stocks, and kept them hidden away in his spare bedroom until the next time that he won the roll of the dice.  Carol and I are now both locked in them, side by side, and it is interesting, to say the least. To get locked into these stocks, we stripped naked and stepped up onto wooden blocks about 8” high.  That way our backsides are at the perfect height.  Our ankles are spread 36” apart, and locking leather ankle cuffs restrain them.

Then Bob locked our wrists in leather locking wrist cuffs with short pieces of chain that are attached to the stocks in such a manner that that we can support our upper bodies if we are imprisoned for a long period of time and fatigue sets in.  However, our hands are effectively fettered – we cannot touch each other or even any part of our own anatomy.

The neck groove in the stocks is designed so that our heads are imprisoned approximately 30” above the floor, which puts our faces just at the level of Bob’s crotch.  Our bent over stance makes our breasts hang like heavy fruits!  Then, just for amusement, Bob applied nipple clamps and snapped on some hanging weights.

And we cannot turn around or see behind us.  Our view is limited to looking at each other, or looking at our reflections in a mirror that Bob has thoughtfully placed against the wall in front of us.  We appear in the mirror as disjointed heads, with the woodwork of the stocks as a backdrop.  A CD player turned to a low volume is nearby, and with the carpeted floor, we cannot tell if anybody is behind us or not – or even who it is!

Once Bob had us secured, he gave Carol a little present.  He slid a vibrator into her womb, and a smaller one into her rectum, and then buckled a leather harness around her crotch and waist so they could not be expelled.  (Watching her expressions during this process was amusing).  These vibrators are not puny battery powered types – they are controlled by a small computerized box that sits on the floor between her legs, attached by wires to the vibrators, and the “black box” is plugged into an electrical outlet.  The “black box” (about the size of a model train controller) is a thing of wonder.  It is programmed to turn the vibrators on and off at random times and for random lengths of time, sometimes together and sometimes separately.

After making us comfortable(?) in the stocks, Bob announces that he is going to leave us for a while, to take a shower and to fix a drink.  He moves out of our line of vision and we can only look at each other in the mirror in somewhat fearful anticipation.  Our backsides are spread wide in a silent invitation for carnal invasion, and it must be an awesome sight. As always, with any new bondage situation, we spend the first few minutes testing our bonds and our range of motion.  We can hardly move, except to possibly bend our legs a little and lower our behinds if leg muscles get stiff.  However, to do that makes our body cavities open even wider!

And as I am watching Carol’s face I know immediately that the computer driven vibrators have kicked in.  Her eyes get glassy and she loses her train of conversation in mid-sentence.  As the vibrations take control of her she arches her neck and stares into nothing and moans in ecstasy.  The vibrations continue for at least a few minutes and she has a beaut of an orgasm, right before my eyes.  My friend moans and screams and writhes and generally makes a fool of herself until the orgasm subsides and she returns to reality.  (Remember the scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally)?  I am envious, and horny, and lusty, and I want to cum also, but it is out of the question at the moment.  If you have never tried it, you may find this strange, but having a hugely powerful orgasm while you are bound hand and foot and are unable to control any part of your physical emotions is a great experience.

 I am suddenly aware that Bob (at least I hope it is Bob) is behind me.  I get a slap on the rump, and then his erection grazes my hip.  He steps behind me and inserts a lubed thumb in my backside and two fingers in my womb.  With his other hand he alternately strokes my breasts and my clit, and the sensations are great!  His hand fits me like I am a glove.  I cannot control my rising passion, and I buck and writhe and moan and generally appear as foolish as my friend was a minute ago.

Bob withdraws his fingers, and slides his cock into my love canal.  God, he feels good!  Big and hard and almost able to split me wide open.  He presses forward and fills every centimeter of me.  His hands are on my hips and then on my shoulders as he thrusts and I climax like a volcano.  The room spins and my head swims and when I come back to reality I vaguely realize that I am hoarse from screaming.

Bob doesn’t come.  He withdraws and walks around in front of us.  His cock is standing tall and wet and glistening with the juices from my vagina.  The air reeks of sex.  He presses his cock against my lips and I swallow it with gusto.  I taste the flavor of my own cunt as I suck his cock with enthusiasm.  Out of the corner of my eye I can see Carol smirking at me.  After a few moments he comes in my throat and holds his hands in my hair and groans and shudders in orgasm.  I swallow it all (we already have too many stains on our carpets) and get a chance to breathe again.

Bob staggers back against the wall and we all take a minute to get our senses back – until Carol’s vibrators kick in again and she is off on a trip of her own down the slippery slope to an orgasm. With a sigh, Bob bends down and gives me a peck on my imprisoned forehead.  He then walks away, out of our line of vision, possibly to wash up or have a drink or even take a nap.

Both Carol and I are floating in the afterglow of sex and orgasm, but time is passing and fatigue is setting in.  We have now endured some time with our heads yoked and our legs spread wide.  There is no clock and we have no way to measure the passage of time.  We make small talk, interrupted only by Carol losing it once again as her vibrators take control of her to orgasm.

I find myself musing about the possibility that Bob might release me first, and leave Carol locked in her stocks and subject to my whims for a while.  I would enjoy wringing both moans and groans from Carol before releasing, and I wonder what I can do for Bob to motivate him.  Then I think about the reverse happening – he releases Carol first and leaves her to amuse or abuse me.  Actually, either scenario turns me on.

About this time, Bob returns.  He has freshened up, and his cock is getting a second wind.  He steps behind Carol, and apparently disables the vibrators.   (He may have been worried about losing his manhood if the vibrators kicked in at the wrong time, while his dick was in Carol’s mouth).  He then steps around to her face, and presents his dick to her to suckle.  She swallows it and puts a great deal of heart in her duty, and in a short time he is hard again and ready to go.  He enjoys her mouth for a while, and then steps behind us again, out of our line of vision.

Carol and I glance at each other with trepidation.  What is he up to?  One of our toys is a riding crop, and we have both felt it’s sting on occasion.  But instead we hear a loud “snap” followed by Carol’s shriek.  I realize with trepidation that he has snapped her from behind with a big beach towel.  She grimaces.  I hear the “snap” again and this time the tip of the beach towel impacts my buttocks.  It feels like a hot poker, and I writhe and twist my hips to avoid the next blow.  Alas, due to the way I am restrained there is not much movement available, and I feel like a big target.  Next to me, Carol gapes openmouthed and in apprehension.  We each get slapped with the tip of the beach towel several times.  Bob is getting better at it, and only the tip of the beach towel contacts our skin.  The pain is sharp and hot, but subsides in moments.

But Bob probably recalls that next week, depending on the roll of the dice, he might be the one in the stocks, and we might be meting out pain and punishment.  He slaps us each again half-heartedly with the beach towel and then rubs some lotion across our abused buns.  Then he releases both of us from bondage at the same time and we all crawl off to collapse in each other’s arms and rest in Bob’s king-size bed.  Tomorrow will be time enough to clean up the sex toys and hide the stocks somewhere out of sight of any visitor.


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