Blackmail Part 2

by Tom Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - Tom Smith - Used by permission

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Part Two

Breathing heavily, I tried to pull my bound wrists free, but to no avail. They were fastened tight, same as my ankles. I couldn't scream for help. The thick, leather penis gag took care of that. I couldn't see who my captors were as my mask blocked out all view. I was trying not to panic, but yet... yet a part of me was enjoying this. I was wearing my tight, black leather briefs, which had a front to back zip, which was half undone, exposing my stiffened cock. I had been blackmailed into wearing a small, black PVC schoolgirl skirt, PVC stockings, calf high, heeled boots and a PVC blouse.

I suddenly became aware of a person in the room that I was held. The sound of heels clicking on the floor got closer and closer. I then felt fingers slowly stroking my hardened cock and balls. A female voice whispered,

"You like that, don't you, Jemima"

I nodded my head in agreement. The hand that was caressing my cock then started to zip my briefs open further, until they were fully opened, exposing my ass as well as my cock. The fingers then started gently playing with my ass, teasing me, but not fully entering into me. My cock throbbed so much it ached. I had never experienced anything like this before. The fingers stopped teasing. I then felt lips close around the head and shaft of my cock, slowly moving up and down. I started moaning more with pleasure. The lips started to work me up and I could the beginnings of an orgasm building.

The lips stopped working my cock into an orgasmic frenzy. The female voice again whispered,

"You're not cumming yet, Jemima. Plenty of time for that!".

The fingers then started to stroke my face. They made their way to my blindfolded eyes. Slowly I could feel my eye covering being removed. I blinked hard a couple, my eyes getting used to the light in the room. I tried to look around the room, the walls were painted black and red. I also saw what looked like two cameras in the corners. Another wave of panic hit me, hoping that I wasn't going to be turned or humiliated into an Internet sex toy for all the perverts watching. Perverts just like me.

I managed to see the owner of the fingers and lips. A tall, blond haired female, wearing a black latex mask, which only showed her red, luscious lips and bright blue eyes. Her voluptuous breasts were covered by a black latex bra. Her tall, slender legs were encased in a pair of shiny, black thigh high boots, topped off with a black latex thong.

The female spoke a little louder this time.

"You've met Kitty. I'm Temptress. You like me don't you Jemima". I nodded my head again. "Even though Jemima has been naughty and not carrying out our instructions properly". I nodded my head and attempted to make a gagged noise of agreement.

Temptress then stood in front of me and slowly started to uncover her breasts. Her beautiful nipples stood proud and erect. Temptress then knelt down and started rubbing my cock up and down with them. The head of my cock started getting wet with pre-cum. Temptress could see how much this excited me and stood up again. This time she took several steps back. She placed her hands inside her panties and started playing with herself, moaning with pleasure.

"Mmm do you want this", said Temptress, as she pulled her hand out of her thong panties and licked her lips. My eyes brightened and I nodded furiously.

Temptress them put her hands inside her panties again... and pulled out her erect cock.

My eyes widened and my cock stiffened again.

"I heard you like shemales. You like wanking over their pictures. Well let me see if you like what this shemale has".

Temptress then slowly walked behind me. Her fingers started gently stroking my ass, slowly parting my cheeks. I braced myself as I knew what was coming. Temptress gently started prodding my ass with her cock. She then started slowly inserting her cock into my tight ass. I tried to relax as I knew I couldn't fight or resist. I could feel Temptress slowly riding me back and forth, her moans of pleasure increasing with each stroke. My moans increased but couldn't be heard due to the heavy leather gag fastened in place.

I then heard a door slam and more footsteps. Temptress suddenly stopped fucking my ass and pulled herself out of me. For a minute or so I heard or saw nothing. I tried to look behind me, but was restricted by my restraints. I then felt something hitting my ass, which caused me to flinch and give a shocked but gagged moan. A smooth, flat object then started gently tapping my balls and cock, causing a pleasurable sensation and my cock to stiffen fully again. The gentle tapping stopped. Another slap on my ass caused me to flinch in pleasure and pain again.

"I see Jemima likes being spanked as well Temptress", said a male voice. The owner of the male voice walked around to face me. He stood in front of me with his hands on his hips.

"I see you've met Temptress. Well I am Whip".

Whip stood in front of me in a domineering pose. He was tall, slim, but had a defined physic. He had black spikey hair, his eyes were heavily lined with black eyeliner and black lipstick adorned his lips. Whip was dressed in tight black chaps, with a black studded thong covering his cock. A black, sleeveless, high necked t-shirt covered his torso. On his feet was a pair of pointed boots with a 2" heel. Whip was holding a riding crop in his right hand. Whip looked menacing, but yet sexy.

Whip took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. My cock throbbed with pleasure so much it ached. Whip spoke again.

"You just want to cum don't you Jemima? Well not yet. I am here to give you pleasure... and pain". With that Whip smacked the crop in to the palm of his hand.

Whip then moved behind me. I then felt the crop lightly spank my ass. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable stinging sensation. Whip spanked my ass again, each smack slightly harder that the last. Each stinging sensation more pleasurable that the last. As Whip continued to spank me, Temptress came and faced me. She had her stiffened cock in her hand and started rubbing it against mine. The mix of pleasurable sensations and the willpower of stopping myself cumming was overwhelming. I had never experienced such sensations before.

Both Whip and Temptress then stopped. Whip came around to my front and fastened a thick, black, studded leather collar around my neck. Temptress knelt down and started releasing the restraints around my ankles. Whip then picked up a thick linked chain and fastened it to the front of my collar, so it resembled a dog lead. Temptress moved herself upwards, rubbing her latex clad body up against mine. She then released my wrists. My arms dropped to my sides, my shoulders aching.

For a moment I thought my enjoyable ordeal was over. I was wrong. Whip started pulling the chain, forcing me to walk. Temptress took my cock in her hand and started pulling me by it. Both Temptress and Whip started forcibly leading me by the room. I could see that there were cameras all around the room. On the back wall was a number of crops, whips and restraints. A table was stood in the corner, on which had a number of gags and other sex toys. Whip stopped in front of what looked like to be a strange bench.

The bench appeared to be like a gym bench. It had a thick, black, padded central piece, which had a hole in it. The bench appeared to have the capability to move up and down. Along side the central padded piece, were two other, longer, padded pieces, at either side. All three benches were situated at a 45 degree angle. Whip forced my body onto the bench, so my chest was on the central pad. Temptress adjusted the bench, so I fitted onto to. Whip took the chain and shackled it to the floor so head and neck had minimal movement.

Temptress then forced my cock through the hole in the bench. My arms and legs rested against the outer benches. Whip fastened a handcuff  to each of my wrists, securing them at the top of the bench. Temptress then parted my legs open and secured my ankles with shackles which were attached to the floor. A pair of belts were fastened around my thighs. I was fully secured to the bench. I could feel my gag being unbuckled and being removed from my mouth. I moved my aching jaw around, drool started pouring from my mouth.

I was about to thank my captors for removing my gag, when Whip forced a lightly padded ring into my mouth. This was then secured around the back of my head. My mouth was opened with no means of closing it. Whip stroked my masked face with his crop and said:

"That in your mouth is a ring gag. It is designed to keep your mouth open. You will shortly see why".

Both Whip and Temptress stood behind me. The door to the room opened and closed. I could hear the sound of heels on the floor. Temptress spoke in an authorative manner:

"Mistress Tash, this Jemima. Jemima is the one who couldn't carry out our simple instructions. Jemima is learning that there are consequences to her failures. We are now ready".

Whip spanked my ass with his crop. This caused my cock to stiffen again. Temptress slowly walked around to my front. Whip then knelt down at my side. Mistress Tash started stroking my ass with their fingers. Whip started to tap my balls with his crop and took my cock in his hand. Temptress pulled her cock out of her panties and started rubbing it around my lips. I could feel the cheeks of my ass being parted again. Something wet and hard slowly entered my ass. I gave a moan of pleasure through my ring gag.

Temptress then placed her cock into my mouth through the ring gag and started fucking my mouth. Whip, still tapping my balls with my crop, took my cock in his mouth and started slowly sucking me. Mistress Tash behind me started fucking my tight ass, slowly moving backwards and forwards. I found myself enjoying three different pleasures, I had never had experienced before, being ass fucked, mouth fucked and sucked off. I tried licking Temptress' cock in my mouth the best I could by being restricted by the ring gag.

Mistress Tash fucking of my ass started getting quicker, her fingers gripping my thighs harder. Whip continued sucking and licking my dick which tapping and stroking my balls with his crop. Temptress' rhythmic fucking of mouth quickened, I could taste the saltiness of pre-cum on her dick. Deeper and louder moans of pleasure were coming from Temptress and Mistress Tash. I could feel an orgasm building in my cock, cum rushing up my cock. Temptress' cock started twitching in my mouth, a sign that she too was about to cum.

Both Temptress' and my own orgasm simultaneously erupted. Temptress' warm, salty cum filled my mouth and flowed down my throat. Temptress gave a loud moan of pleasure and gripped my head tightly, keeping her cock in my mouth, enjoying her orgasm. Whip continued sucking and licking my cock, drinking up my cum. Mistress Tash continued fucking my ass, her moans of pleasure getting louder. Temptress removed her cock out of my mouth. The fucking of my ass got slower until Mistress Tash stopped and removed herself from me. Whip stood up and wiped his mouth.

I laid face down on the bench, fully restrained, having enjoyed one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences of my life. I breathed deeply and heavily, enjoying my orgasm. Temptress came and removed my ring gag and unshackled the chain around my neck. She then removed the handcuffs from my wrists. At the same time, Whip unfastened the restraints around my thighs and ankles. Temptress stood me up and turned me around to face Mistress Tash, who was stood in front of me.

Mistress Tash was tall and slender. Her long blond hair was fastened in a pigtail at the top of her head. Her height exaggerated by the black  6" stiletto heels that she was wearing. Mistress Tash's was wearing a black and red leather corset, which had spikes running down the front of it and on her breasts. Black stockings adorned her legs, held up by suspenders on her corset. Red leather panties covered her ass. Attached to these panties was a black strap on dildo, the which Mistress Tash had used to fuck me with. My eyes and mouth opened in shock.

Mistress Tash was in fact my senior management executive, Natasha Ducharme!!

"Welcome to the company... Jemima!!"


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