by Tom Smith

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Part One

I was sat at in my office at my work desk, idly wasting time going through the vast amount of pointless corporate emails that are sent on a daily basis. About 90% of these have me automatically clicking on the 'delete' button. I figure if it's that important then the sender will ensure that I receive the message. With one eye on the emails and the other at the clock counting down the minutes until I can close down the computer and go home.

My job is a high powered one in a large multi-national corporate business, of which I have been there for some five years now. I am well paid, but it is at times very stressful and as such I have been finding it difficult to relax at home after work. However, I have recently been finding it easier to relax, in part due to a chance discovery which has led to my new interest.

My new interest came about when watching documentary on TV late one night about sexual fetishes and their psychological effect on the people who had the fetishes. As a result of this programme, I turned on my home computer and, well started immersing myself. You see, when I get home, I close the blinds, pull on my tight black leather briefs, the ones with a zip at the front and my mask and trawl the various fetish sites, mainly ones to do with bondage, crossdressers and transsexuals, and the participants on those sites performing various sex acts or just posting images of themselves for others to comment on. I myself have posted a few images and have received some favourable comments.

Looking at clock, fifteen minutes to go. An email header pops up on the screen, the subject entitled 'Important', from a senders address I don't recognise. It gets the usual treatment. Delete. A minute later, another email from the same address arrives, the subject entitled 'Very Important'. I really don't want to be playing games when I'm due to go home. Delete. Another minute passes and another email from the same address appears. This time the subject has a more urgent entitlement to it.

Subject: James Thompson you WILL open this email NOW!!

I clicked to open the email. Once it had opened, my heart started beating fast. I was confronted with a picture of myself, stood posing in the black leather briefs and hood, with a title of, "Want Some Fun? x" and a number of comments underneath. Complete with my home email address. Not the one I created for the sex sites, but my own personal and private one. The message attached with the picture read:

Now that we finally have your interest, as it would have really been a shame to have sent this photo to your boss, when you get home, you WILL log on and check your PRIVATE email address and act upon the instructions contained in the email. THIS IS TO BE DONE BY 6PM. Or we shall call this number...

I instantly recognised the number as the private home number of my senior management executive. She was the one who had head-hunted me for the company and the one who, in her eyes, I couldn't do anything wrong. I started breathing heavily and looked around to see if anyone could see me or the email. I quickly typed a one word reply, 'OK', sent it and closed my computer down. I looked at the clock. 4.55pm. Most definitely time to go home. I swiftly left my office, offering a quick 'Good evening' to my secretary, and rapidly left the building.

The journey home appeared to take an age. I was constantly looking at my watch, watching the minute hand move quickly towards the top of the hour. At last I managed to get home, with some ten minutes to spare. I open my front door and burst into my house quickly, slamming the door behind me. I threw my jacket onto the chair and started up my computer, logging on to my email account. Once I was in my account I noticed an email which stated:

Subject: Are you home yet?

I open the email. The email contained a brief instruction to send back a reply with the word 'Yes'. The time of this email would prove that I was at home by the ordered time. I sent the reply, noting that the time of the reply was 17:57. I then anxiously waited for the reply. A new email appeared in my Inbox. I looked at the time: 18:01.

Subject: IMPORTANT: Your instructions.

Nervously, I opened the email and began to read to read the contents.

Glad you replied James. It would have been an embarrassment if we had to send the email... or make that phone call! Maybe we will have chance, if you don't comply with our instructions. Here is what you are to do. Get changed but make sure you are wearing those nice tight leather briefs and you've got your mask with you. Make your way to train station. Do not use public transport. Take the envelope with you...

What envelope? I went to my front door and noticed amongst the mail, a white envelope with my name hand written upon it. In my haste to get in, I never paid attention to my mail on the floor. I picked up the envelope and could feel what felt like keys inside it. I went back to my computer to carry on reading the email.

...and find locker A62. Take a photo of the locker before opening it and send it to 07912748955. Once you have received a confirmation text, open the locker and remove the contents, but DO NOT open the contents. Make sure you take your phone with you, as the next message maybe by phone or text. The photo has to be sent BY 7.15pm. If you fail to carry out your tasks OR try to call this number, then you know what happens. Reply to this email by 18:15 stating 'OK' so that we know that you understand.

I looked at the time on my computer. The time showed 18:12. I sent the reply and ran into my bedroom. I quickly removed my suit and underwear. I found my leather briefs and pulled them on. I paused for a moment, enjoying the feel and tightness of them against my cock and ass, with my cock making an obvious bulge against the material. The zip on the briefs running from top front to the top rear, to allow access to my cock and ass.

I put on a loose fitting pair of jeans and a dark coloured cotton shirt. I added a pair of black casual shoes. I went back into my living room and picked up my wallet, iPhone and the envelope. I made sure that I had the text number from the email. I then checked the time on the computer. 18:25. I figured that walking at a brisk pace I could make the train station by latest 7.05pm. A final check to make sure I had everything. Everything was there. I took my leather jacket off the coat hook and stuffed my mask into an inside pocket. I opened my door and stepped outside, locking it behind me.

I took a brisk walk to the train station. As I walked I could feel my leather pants moving into my ass. Perhaps I should have bought a studded leather thong instead! I kept on checking the time. Plenty of time to spare. I then started wondering who the 'we' was sending the emails.. Was it a singular person trying to hide their identity or an organised group of blackmailers, out to extort money from the vulnerable and perverted? Do I contact the police and expose my sexual fetishes?

I managed to arrive at the station. I looked at the time. 7.05pm. Even though it was early evening, the station was still busy, which was to be expected of a large city train station. I walked around the station trying to locate the lockers. I eventually found them tucked into a distant and quiet corner. Time. 7.10pm. I located locker A62 and took a photo of it and sent it to the number that I had been sent to me in the email. I noted that the time I sent the text was 19:12. Whilst I was waiting for the reply, I looked around to see if I could see anyone paying close attention to me. No one seemed to stand out.

My phone bleeped and vibrated, indicating that I had a text message. I checked the message. The message read:

Now open the locker and remove the contents. Tell me what the contents of the locker are.

I opened the envelope and found two keys, one smaller than the other. I took the larger key and placed it in the key hole to open the locker. Inside the locker appeared to be a type of bag. I pulled the bag out of the locker and noticed that that it was a locked holdall. I quickly sent a text stating that it was a holdall, which was locked. I placed the holdall and waited for the reply. Although it appeared to be that I was being potentially blackmailed, I had a strange sense of enjoyment, looking forward to the next message.

My phone vibrated and this time made a different noise, informing me that I had an email. I went to my email account and opened it.

Subject: IMPORTANT. Next instruction.

I opened the email with my sense of nervous enjoyment.

You seem to be good at this. Now make your way to the Day&Night Hotel in Westvillage, Go to Room 267. Take a photo of the room door and send it via text. This has to be done by 8.00pm. You know what happens if you fail to complete the instruction.

I looked at the time on my phone. My phone told me it was 19:22. I had to hurry as Westvillage was a bit of a longer walk. Westvillage was also the more cosmopolitan area of the city, slightly similar to the Soho area in London. I picked up the holdall, noting its weight and made to the exit. Once out of the station, I started to walk faster in order to get to the hotel.

As I got to the outskirts of the Westvillage area, I noticed that the surroundings were changing. It was an area, to be honest, that I never visited. I could see that there was Adult Shops, Lap Dancing Bars, Adult Clubs and bars in which the clientele would definitely be out of place in the main city centre bars. The area appeared to cater for those who pursued an alternative lifestyle or an alternative social life. I checked my phone. The clock said 19:45. I started to have a sense of urgency or even panic as I wasn't sure where the hotel was. I needed to ask someone.

I stopped a couple dressed head to toe in black latex. Nervously, I asked them for the directions to the hotel. I expected a curt reply from the couple due to their strange appearance. Instead I was surprised. The couple were polite and extremely friendly.

"You're new to the area aren't you sweetheart. It's down there on the left about 500m. Hope you have a good night, you'll love the area".

I stuttered a thanks and made my way in the direction the couple had shown me. I was still taken aback by their friendliness and what they had said. Did they know something I didn't? I eventually arrived at the modern looking hotel. I went in. The receptionist looked up and smiled a welcoming smile and greeted me with a 'good evening'. I returned her greeting and made my way to the lift area. I looked at the notice on the wall which told me Room 267 was on the second floor. I got into the lift and made my way up to the second floor.

When the lift opened, I quickly looked for Room 267. I found the room halfway down the corridor. I stopped outside of it and took a photo of the room door and sent it off. I looked at my phone to see what time I had sent the text. 19:59. A strange sense of panic crept over me. Did I send the text in time? I would soon find out. My phone bleeped and vibrated. I quickly read the text.

Cutting it a bit fine aren't you James. Maybe you shouldn't stop to talk to strangers! Open the bag slightly to retrieve the room key. Once you have the key, close the bag. Open the door and go into the room. Do NOT open your bag yet. Send a text stating what is on the table.

I took the smaller key and open the padlock on the holdall. I slightly unzipped the holdall and could see the room key or room keycard in the opening. I removed the key, closed the bag and placed the keycard into the lock. The lock showed a green light, indicating that the door was open. I went into the room. The first thing I noticed was that it had a large king sized bed. I saw the table which was under a large window. On the table was strange wooden carving. I placed the bag on the bed and sat on the bed and sent the text.

I paused for a few moments trying to get a grasp of what had happened. I re-read the text again. Did the sender have people out spying on me? Was that a part of their game or method of operating. My phone vibrated again, shaking me from my thoughts. It was another email.

Subject: IMPORTANT. Next task. Doing well.

I read the email.

Open the bag and remove the contents. Simply get changed into the contents of the bag. There are items to help you in the bathroom. Once you've done, take a photo of yourself to show you've completed the task and send it via text. You have until 9.30pm to complete this task. I don't have to remind you about the price of failure. Reply 'OK' to show you understand.

I instinctively type 'OK' and hit reply. I put my phone on the table and went back to the bed and opened the bag. I quickly removed the contents and put them on the bed and sorted them out. I sat there, shocked at the contents. The contents of the bag were what I would call fetish clothing. Female fetish clothing at that. I went into the bathroom to see what the items were to help me. It was make up. I went back into the room and sat on the bed. I looked at the time. The bedside clock showed 20:10. I had got myself into this by what I thought was a harmless fetish. I couldn't get out of it.

I picked up a bit of the clothing. The item was made of PVC. I started rubbing the material between my fingers. The feel of the material between my fingers started to cause stirring's in my cock. I put the material down and decided that I would carry out the task. It may even be fun. It wasn't like I had a choice anyway. I took my clothes off and placed them on the bed. I decided if I was going to have  to change then I would at least shower.

I jumped into the shower and felt the drops of water fall onto my naked body. I washed my body, and felt like I was washing my manliness away. I looked towards the side where the make up was. I noticed a pair of nail scissors. I impulsively took the scissors and started cutting off my pubic hair. I managed to trim it neat to the best that I could manage. I came out of the shower and picked up the complimentary razor and soap. I lathered my face up and shaved away the small growth. I then lathered up my trimmed pubic area and shaved the rest of the hair away. I jumped back into the shower and washed the soap away.

I turned the shower off and started to towel myself dry. I caught my reflection in the mirror and couldn't stop staring at my shaved cock. I ran my hand across the area. My cock was smooth and looked bigger. I kept on stroking it until I could feel it rising. I quickly stopped and looked at the make up. I have never put make up on before, so this would be trial and error and a lot of guess work. I picked up the foundation and applied it over my face. My face seemed to take on a more gentle appearance. I picked up the eye liner, took one look and decided it was too tricky.

I opened the lipstick and saw that it was a deep shade of red. I carefully applied it to my lips, taking care not to smudge it or get it on my face. The colour seemed to enhance my lips, making them more fulsome. I then took a little blusher to my cheeks, applying a little but not overdoing it. Next I picked up the nail varnish and painted my nails the same deep red as my lips. I finally checked myself in the mirror. Satisfied with my first attempt, I went into back into the room to get changed.

I sorted the clothes out to see what I had. I first put back on my leather briefs. The feeling of the leather against my naked cock was a wonderful sensation, one that I have never experienced. Next item was the black PVC stockings. I initially struggled to get them on, until I remembered that there was some talcum powder in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and powdered my legs and put powder in the stockings. This time they went on easier. I pulled the stockings up to the top of my thighs, enjoying the sensation of the PVC against my thighs.

Next came the skirt. This was a PVC skirt as well but was black and red and appeared to be a very short schoolgirl style one. I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up my PVC clad legs until it came to rest on my slender hips. I fastened the skirt up and made sure that the split was on the side. The top was the final item of clothing. This was also made of PVC but was in a short blouse style. I put the blouse on and fastened the middle three buttons, leaving the top and bottom of the blouse open. It was a good job that I wasn't hairy!

It was then I noticed a pair of black shiny leather boots standing under the table. I fetched them and admired them, wondering if they were my size. They had laces down the sides and 3" heels. I sat on the bed and placed my PVC stocking feet into them. Like Cinderella's glass slipper they were a perfect fit, coming up to the top of my calfs. I laced them up, not too tight, so that they felt comfortable. The final item was a black wig. I put it on over my short hair, feeling the hair of the wig touching my shoulders. I carefully walked over to the room mirror and looked at my reflection.

I was shocked and stunned!! The person staring back at me wasn't me at all, but some dark hair fetish raven. The more I stared at myself, the more I could feel my cock stiffen. I looked away from the mirror and fetched my phone to take a photo to send, showing that I had completed the task. I went back to the photo and posed, and took several photos. I sent one off, and awaited the reply. The time was 9.20pm. I started walking around the room to get used to walking in the heels.

My phone made a loud vibrating noise from where it was placed on the bedside table. I strutted over and looked at the text.

Well you do seem to dress up well! I can imagine that you are touching yourself all over at the moment. Well stop it. You need to make your way to Kitty's Kink Club Night. There is a little bag in the wardrobe so you can bring your phone, money and your black mask. Once inside, ask for Kitty, say it's Jemima and take her photo, send it via text. This has to be done by 10.00pm.

I checked the time on the bedside clock. 21:27. I carefully walked over to the wardrobe and inside I found a black PVC handbag, with what looked like whips and crops on it. I got my mask and stuffed it into the handbag, along with some money, the room keycard and my phone. I took a deep breath and left the room. I went down in the lift to the reception. As I walked towards the entrance, the same receptionist looked up, smiled and said,

"Have a great night. You look fabulous!"

I smiled back at her. It appeared to me that she was used to people coming in as one gender and leaving as another. I left the hotel, but before I took a step, I realised I didn't know where I was going. I went back inside, took a deep another deep breath and asked the receptionist if she knew where the club was.

"Go out of the hotel, turn right and walk about 400m, until you come to a small lane on your right called Spice Lane. The street name is hard to see, but there is an adult shop called The Pleasure Zone on the corner. Walk down the lane and about halfway down on the left there will be a building with a sign on it of a cat illuminated. That's Kitty's. You will have a great time there."

I thanked the receptionist and left the hotel. It was now night time, so I figured that my chances of being recognised were slim. I walked slowly, getting used to walking in the heels and also enjoying the feel of the PVC on my skin. Several people passed me and gave me lustful looks. Was I really a vampish head turner or was it case of that they were really looking at the man in PVC drag?

I found the adult shop and turned into the lane, which was dark and narrow. I kept walking, looking to my left to find the sign. I found the sign, which was located on an anonymous looking building. I opened the door to the building and went inside. There was a set of stairs to my left which appeared to go downstairs. I could also hear the sound of heavy industrial bass music. I walked down the stairs and through another door, which went into a large, dark area. This was the area where the music was coming from. It was also full of people in different styles of dress and undress. They all had one thing in common. They were all dressed in a fetish style.

I walked up to the bar and asked one of the bar staff, a man just wearing extremely tight black leather shorts and a black see through vest, if he knew where Kitty was. He pointed to a corner of the room, where I could see a figure sat on a sofa. I thanked the man and walked over to the sofa. As I got to the sofa, I could see that the person sat on it was a female. She was dressed in a tight black catsuit, just like Catwoman. I guessed this was Kitty. I sat next to the woman.

"Hello", I said nervously, "are you Kitty? I'm Jemima. Could I take your photo?".

The woman purred and stroked my face with her gloved hand.

"I am Kitty, but Kitty Cat doesn't like photos.".

This brought a sense of panic in me. I checked the time on the phone. 21:58.

"But Kitty, please, I have to take your photo. It's really important" I pleaded with Kitty.

Kitty placed her finger on my lips. "Kitty says no", and again she purred.

I quickly sent a text.

Can't take Kitty photo, she said no.

I sent the text off. It was 21:59. A reply came back. It was timed 22:00.

Well that's just tough for you. You know the consequences...Jemima. Pass your phone to Kitty.

I nervously passed my phone to Kitty. My stomach started churning. Thoughts started running through my mind. My fetishes were going to be exposed. I was going to be humiliated, exposed as a pervert. I would lose friends, my job, my dignity... I looked at Kitty. She appeared to be reading something on my phone. Once she had finished reading, she looked up and purred at me,

"Stand up and follow me kitten".

I stood up. Kitty stood next to me. I noticed that she had a cats tail fitted at the rear of her catsuit. She took my hand and led me across the room. Other couples looked and smiled. What was going on? I started to feel apprehensive. Kitty sudden stopped and took the handbag that I was carrying from me. She took out the mask and placed it over my head, making sure it fitted comfortably. The mask had a set of eye coverings which could be fitted over the eyes, acting as a blindfold. Kitty fitted these in place. My whole world suddenly went black.

"What, what, what  is going on?" I stammered with a sense of panic. Kitty said nothing. I heard a door open. Kitty guided me through the door, where I felt another pair of hands grab my arms. The door then slammed closed.

"Where am I? Who are you, what's happening?" There was no reply to my questions. Nothing but silence and the sound of my heart pounding away and my panicked breathing. The hands kept on leading me, to where I don't know. I suddenly stopped. My arms were thrust upwards at a 45 degree angle. I then felt what seemed like thick leather bands being fastened tightly on my wrists. I tried to pull my hands out of the bands but couldn't.

Next I felt something being fastened around my ankles. I tried to plead with my captors to let me go. Again silence. Suddenly an object was forced into my mouth. The object was attached to a thick leather strap, which was secured tightly at the back of my head. I tried to speak, but no sounds came out. However had me, had securely restrained me and firmly gagged me so I couldn't escape or speak. I then felt a hand on my groin, open the zip on my leather briefs. The hand reached inside and pulled my cock out, and started to stroke it so it started to stiffen.

I tried to work out how I got in this predicament. Alone, bound, gagged, with my stiffening cock exposed. And then a voice spoke.

"We're ready"...


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