Being Neighbourly

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; blindfold; collar; D/s; tease; heels; tickle; feeding; nipple; mittens; maid; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

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Chapter 2

“Of course. I should have guessed. My bondage master needs fuel, so he has the energy to make me helpless again. It’ll be a little hard to cook for you, with my hands and ankles tied like this though.”

I untied her, let her go to the bathroom and then joined her for a long hot shower. We had plenty of soapy fun, but every time I went near her pussy she recoiled, claiming it was still too sensitive. I figured I’d give her a break, at least for a little while. Once we were dried off, I had her put on a pair of silky soft panties and another pair of pantyhose. I went through her drawers and found a pair of tight, stretchy shorts that would look really good on her. She complained a little about it rubbing against her sore pussy, but when I offered to tie on another crotch rope, she suddenly decided she could tolerate the shorts. For a top she put on a tank-top with no bra. I liked the look and told her as much.

Using a long rope, I tied a coiled hobble between her ankles, leaving her about an 18” gait. I had her put her heels back on too. She walked back and forth around the bedroom, and up and down her hallway to get used to the restriction and then gave me a big kiss when she got close.

“Aren’t you forgetting your other present?”

“Oh, I did. Where is it? Can I open it up now?”

“Well, technically, you are tied, so go ahead.”

She tore through the paper and ripped open the box. Her eyes got wide as she pulled out the ball gag and looked at it like it was a mystery.

“It’s a gag Lizzie. Here, let’s put it on you.”

She opened her mouth and I wedged the ball behind her teeth. It was a little big and would take some getting used to, but I had guessed right that the next size down would have been too small for her mouth. I pulled the strap behind her head and buckled it under her hair. She immediately minced her way over to look in the mirror. She spent several minutes looking at it in her mouth, humming and mumbling to test its effectiveness. Staying gagged, she placed the blindfold around her head and held the straps together. I stepped behind her and buckled it around her eyes. She reached up and used her hands to examine it, touching both of her new gifts and making happy noises through her gag. I let her play with it for a while and then unbuckled the blindfold.

“I’m getting hungry, woman.”

She squealed, giggled and shuffled into the kitchen. Soon, bacon was crisping up on the griddle and she was whipping eggs into a froth. After she got done cooking everything, I stepped up behind her, grabbed her arms and tied her wrists together behind her back. I then tied her elbows together and helped her to kneel by my chair. I didn’t take her ball gag all the way off but just loosened it enough so that it was hanging around her neck like a necklace. I piled all of the food she’d made on one plate and sat down. Her eyes got big as I started to eat and then began to feed her from my hand. She was hesitant at first, but after the second bite, she began to take the food out of my hand like it was the most natural thing in the world. I would take a bite, then put her portion in my left hand and hold it down for her to eat. She would gobble up her mouthful and then lick my hand to clean it off before I ate another bite for myself. We ate the whole meal like this, and when it was finished, she knelt back on her heels, looked up at me and glowed.

“Do you have any idea how hot that was? Of course, you do. You’ve probably done this many times with many different women. It was new to me though and I am all wet and excited by being fed from your hand. It was exciting making your breakfast with my ankles hobbled and wearing my new ball gag but being tied up again and fed from your hand like a personal pet! Now that was hot. You make this all so wonderful Jack. I am so enjoying this whole bondage thing. I’m really liking having my hands and arms tied like this. It really makes me feel totally controlled. I like that. This excites me. My nipples are so hard they’re almost painful. I can feel my pussy and I am very wet right now. It’s still super sore from the workout you gave it last night, but if you were to just throw me down and take me right here, well, there’s nothing I could do to stop you. I like that. I like being your helpless plaything.”

I reached down and started playing with her nipples. Lizzie just moaned and tried to shove her tits into my hand for more. I pulled up her top and teased her nipples until I brought her to a nipple orgasm. Lizzie moaned and buried her head against my leg.

Breathless she told me, “No one has ever made me come from just playing with my nipples before. Guys usually have no idea how to touch a woman. You do and I love it. I think it makes it even hotter having my hands tied behind me and not being able to stop you from touching me. I am yours to do with as you see fit. That’s hot and it excites the hell out of me. Do you realize the monster that you’ve awakened in me? Of course, you do. Who am I kidding? You knew exactly what you were, no, what you are doing to me. Well mister, I love what you’re doing to me and I want more. Green, green, green, green, green, green, green.”

“Well, since you’re flying the green flag, let’s have some fun.”

I helped her stand up and then very slowly but deliberately pulled her shorts down around her ankles. Enjoying the feel of her legs, I rolled her pantyhose down until they sat on top of her shorts. Lizzie tried using her ‘I’m too sore’ body language, but the more I touched her and petted her, the less evasive she became. I turned her toward the table, bent her over at the waist and started playing with her ass cheeks. Lizzie quivered in anticipation. Unbuckling my pants, I let them slip down and then stepped up behind her and started rubbing the tip of my hard-on against her pussy.

“Well, this isn’t exactly throwing you down, but I do intend on taking you,” and I buried my dick into her pussy from behind.

Lizzie’s encouragement was enthusiastic. She grabbed the front of my shirt with her bound hands and held on like it was a life raft in the ocean. Panting, she gave me a running commentary of how good it felt to know I wanted her enough to just take her. Her intent was clear, but her mind wandered as I hit new sensitive spots inside of her. As she built to her orgasm her phrasing got more disjointed, so I leaned over her and popped her ball gag back into her mouth but didn’t buckle it on. Realizing on some animalistic level that speech was no longer necessary allowed her to concentrate on her sensations and she began to shake and shudder with her first orgasm. Reaching up, I began to tease her tits as I changed the tempo of my thrusts to a more teasing pounding. Super-sensitized, her nipple stimulation pushed her quickly over the edge into another orgasm just before I came inside of her. Lizzie collapsed into a flaccid semi-conscious state underneath me and just moaned into the ball stuffed in her mouth. While I shrank out of her, I untied her arms and wrist bonds, massaged some life back into her shoulders and stood up to pull my pants back up. I pulled the ball gag out of her mouth, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her around to kiss her. She was all into this new lifestyle and showed it through her response to my dominance.

“You are one sexy wench. I’m enjoying your reactions to all of this. Are you happy?”

“Oh my God, I’m deliriously happy. I need to be wanted like this and just taken because you can’t keep your hands off of me. You are giving me something I always dreamed of but never thought could happen to me. You’ve taken the shy little overweight mouse and turned her into a ravenous she-lion. I am yours, body and soul. Tie me, gag me, do whatever you want with me but just keep me and keep doing this to me. I’ll do whatever it takes to please you. You make me feel so very feminine. I never realized I wanted this but now that I’ve had a taste, I want this for the rest of my life. I want, no I need to be taken and used for the pleasure of my man. I want to be used for your pleasure. What can I ever do to repay you for awakening this side of me?”

“Well, the first thing is to pull your pantyhose back up and wriggle that cute butt of yours back into those short-shorts.”

Giggling she said, “Right away Sir.”

With that done I said, “Okay then. I guess it’s time for you to go shopping. Let’s start with some new higher heels. We’re going to look at the different online sites and I’m going to point out shoes that would turn me on to see you wearing. You’re going to keep a list of these choices, and then surprise me next weekend with your new footwear. So, let’s get you all set. Go in the bedroom and gather all the rope, and bring it back out here.”

“Yes sir.”

When she got back, I had her sit in a straight-back wooden chair next to her desk and I tied her legs together. Her hobble was exchanged for ropes tied around her crossed ankles. I made sure to run ropes under the heels of her shoes to remind her to keep them on. I tied rope around her calves and another one around her thighs just above her knees. More ropes were tied across her lap to hold her firmly in the chair. I then re-tied her wrists in front of her. Tying her body to the chair was the next order of business and as a final bond I tied her wrists to her lap ropes to hold them down.

“I like this. Could you put my glasses on me so I can see the screen better, please?”

I did and then sat in her office chair and we got on the Internet. We looked up all sorts of shoe sites, with shoes ranging from $29.95 to shoes going for hundreds of dollars. I showed her what I liked and what I hated. When she learned that she could be punished for ever wearing mules in my presence, she shuddered and passed by all the ones that she used to think were cute. I explained some shoe jargon to Lizzie telling her that a shoe with a five-inch peg and a two-inch platform was not really a five-inch high heel. I explained about how the arch of her foot was what determined the height of the heel. I steered her towards the higher arches and would not let her consider anymore medium heels like she was wearing now. Pretty soon she knew what would make me smile and reward her for choosing, and what would make me angry enough to punish her for wasting money on what I called those hideous shoes.

“I won’t require you to walk a lot in those higher heels but wearing them while you are in bondage is the goal. They do excite me to look at.”

“That sounds fair Jack. I can practice walking in them when you’re not around so that I’m graceful when you do come over.”

“You do realize that I’m a single bachelor living by myself, hint, hint, and that you are more than welcome to come over and get tied up at my place.”

“The way I feel right now, I’m liable to become a pest. You might get sick of me coming over and holding out ropes for you to tie me up with.”

“You might reconsider your enthusiasm if I just tie you up and ignore you while I get my stuff done around the trailer.”

“Well, I might just be able to entice a little attention out of you. You never know.”

“You might, at that,” and I laughed while I groped and petted her. Lizzie responded favorably to my hands on her bound body.

“Did you like what I wore yesterday”, she asked?

“Actually yes, but with legs as sexy and as shapely as yours, shorter, tighter skirts and dresses might get you more attention than the schoolma’am look.”

“You know, I’ve never had a reason to dress like that before, but then again, if it gets me tied up, played with and made to feel the electricity of my libido like it has so far, well, I can wear clothes that turn someone like you on.”

“Showing those beautiful legs, especially in pantyhose, ropes and high heels will get you the attention you want.”

“Oh goody, goody, goody. I like your hands on me, especially when I’m all tied up and helpless. For some reason it just feels right. You do make sure that a girl can’t just twist around and wriggle free of your ropes. This is a very comfortable position, but I am very helpless.”

“Actually, you aren’t. You can still move your bound ankles, and well, let me show you what more I can do for you.”

“Okay, now I’m curious, so do what you want to me.”

Using the chair legs as anchor points, I ran ropes that kept her from moving her ankles forward, backward or from side to side. I continued tying ropes from different points on the chair to the ropes around her body until she could barely squirm, and no other movement was possible. To prove how little mobility she had, I began to tickle her. From everything we had done so far that morning, her body was very sensitive and laughing, she tried to wriggle away from me, but couldn’t.

Fighting for breath, she exclaimed, “I love this, and I hate this. I love having you touch me, but I hate being tickled. Being unable to move just kicks everything into high gear. This is such a turn-on. I don’t think you can do anything else to make me feel any more helpless. Well, of course you could gag and blindfold me, but I can’t think of anything else.

Walking over to where my bag lay, I retrieved a roll of electrician’s tape, walked back to Lizzie and one at a time I taped her hands and fingers into individual fists.

“You never cease to amaze me. This just took the impossible and turned it into the unthinkably impossible. This is so hot. Kiss me, please.”

“We’re going to start working on your mindset. It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you, but the phrase ‘kiss me, please’ was polite, but it was still an imperative. Submissive’s should always ask their Dominant to do something they want done, so the proper way to phrase that would have been ‘please kiss me’ or something to that effect. It’s the same three words, but the intent takes the control away from you and puts it in my court to grant the favor. Do you understand the difference?”

“So, I don’t get to tell you what to do, even if it’s something we both want to happen.”

“Essentially, yes. Manners between lovers are always important. I’ve been polite to you and taken your feelings into account since I got here. It’s time to start expanding your role as the submissive in this relationship. You may always make suggestions or ask questions, but that does not mean I will follow your lead. If I am going to assume the responsibility of guiding this relationship for the two of us, then you are going to submit to my way of doing things and hopefully learn to enjoy being my submissive.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll tire of you quickly and go back to the monastic way of life that I led before I knocked on your door. I don’t switch, and I certainly will not allow what is called ‘topping from the bottom’. I have spent decades learning what I want out of a woman and a relationship, and if you want to live in my world, you will submit to my way of doing things. I will always try to be respectful and never take undue advantage of you, but I do expect to be rewarded for my efforts. Can you understand this and get behind it?”

“It would be that easy to just walk away from me if I did not accede to your demands?”

“From my experience, it’s easier and far more productive to abandon a sinking ship than it is to try to keep that ship afloat when you know it has no chance of staying upright. Yes, I put considerable effort into making something work, but if it’s a lost cause and I am not getting satisfied in the relationship, I can cut my losses and go back to my single bachelor status and never look back, or regret my actions.”

“Then you’ve never regretted a lost relationship?”

“No. After reflection, I’ve regretted not putting in the effort to build the relationship on a solid foundation and learned to not make the same mistakes twice. I do regret not feeling the exhilaration of these first sparks of romance in a relationship, but once it’s over, it’s over. I’ve made the mistakes that so many young lovers make when they think they can, as Heinlein says, ‘teach a pig to sing’, and thankfully, I’ve learned from those mistakes.”

“You’re a very convincing and demanding man, but I like that, and I’m sure I’ll like being your submissive, so I’ll do what you say. But please Jack, allow the occasional mistake. I’ll try to improve with gentle correction. Basically, I want to please you and I want you to find me pleasing. I want more and more of what you have to offer, but it may just take me a few times to stumble through this. This is all very new to me.”

“I can deal with that. Now, about that request you have.”

“Please Sir, will you kiss your submissive? I’m very excited and hungry for your mouth on mine.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard to say, was it,” and I kissed her, playing the tongue dance. Moving down to her neck, I controlled the positioning of her head with a handful of hair and tantalized her neck with my lips and tongue.

“Oh my God, that is so hot. I love being kissed like that. Being bound like this and having you do that to my neck, it’s just magical. It’s so easy to just melt into your touch when I’m bound. When I’m free, I always worry about what I should do with my hands, or whether or not to move my body and in what way. When I’m tied up like this, I can just concentrate on enjoying what is being done to me, because I have nothing else to worry about. That just makes everything so much better. Please Jack, would you pull my hair some more and position me, so you have access to any part of me that you want? What can I do to get more of that from you?”

“Close your eyes. Good. Now think of each rope that is tied around you. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to feel them all at once. Pull or push against one particular rope. Do you feel its confinement? Do you feel how it restricts your movement? Feel each rope, one at a time. Fight against each rope so that you know that you are helpless in their restraint. Fighting your restraints to enhance your feelings of helplessness is a mind-expanding experience. Test the limitations of your restraints. Strain against them and then relax into them. Learn the full extent of your limitations. Don’t just accept them. Know them, fully. Again, strain against your bonds and then relax into them when you realize the futility of your efforts to break free. Use this as a focus for some deep meditation. Breathe deeply. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Again now, in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you inhale, feel the ropes tighten across your chest. Exhale and feel how they still restrain you. Think about the care that was taken when these ropes were tied around your body. Realize that they were not tied too tightly, or too loosely. These ropes were tied on you with care to make you helpless. They do not brutalize your flesh. They tantalize with their caress. Strain against them to feel their caress. Relax, knowing that they are still there, wrapped carefully around you and that they will hold that purpose as long as I want them too. Let them become a substitution for my arms being around you. Let the ropes caress you. Accept that I tied you like this because I want you to be helpless for me. I want you available to me. I do not want you to be distracted, so I tie you up so that I may have my way with you. When I touch you, it is because I want to touch you. You are tied and available to me, so when I see something that I want, I can just take it. You are mine to do with as I please. Have you ever been wanted, by a man, so much that he has to just take you and possess all of you? Does that make you hot and wet thinking about being wanted like that?”

I ran my fingers through her hair, made a fist and pulled her head to a position that made it easy for me to kiss her. I lightly brushed my lips against hers and when she moved forward to deepen our kiss, I controlled the movement of her head with my grip on her hair. She moaned and then as a reward for that inarticulate plea, I crushed my lips against hers. Everything went into that kiss. I focused all of my thought into that moment. I let nothing distract me from the effort I put into my desire for her. My mind surged, through my lips, into hers. This was my domination of Lizzie. This defined her submission to me. When I broke away, she writhed, trying to move in for more. I released her hair and her head lolled as she tried to control the sudden weight of her own head.

For the next couple of hours, we did exercises where I touched one band of ropes around her body and she focused on feeling just that one rope. I used a hypnotic cadence and timbre to my voice as I talked her through this meditational process. Her whole world during that time was focused on the individual ropes restraining her body and how each one felt against her skin. She was not distracted by the world around her. Nothing mattered but my voice guiding her to fully experience and appreciate the ropes that made her helpless. Her mind responded to this level of concentration. Her libido responded to this level of sensuality. Her heart responded to the intensity of my desire and of my dominance. Lizzie, for the first time in her life was made to feel completely feminine and wanted for that femininity. Using my fingers, I combed through her hair over and over again, and occasionally grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back and kissed her. As I felt her unadulterated co-operation, I would go back to running my fingers through her hair. I would use that tone of voice to keep her thinking of her bonds and using her heightened senses to appreciate the bonds I had tied around her body.

“How helpless are you Lizzie?”

“To your dominance, and to you, completely. I am yours now Jack. Please keep me helpless. I’ve never wanted anything this deeply in my life. I never knew anything could be this wonderful.”

“Then you like this paraphilia of mine?”

“More than I could have ever imagined. I love this. I am your slave now, you know. I will do anything to continue to feel this way.”

“Then I will begin to train you in what makes me happy. Will you put effort into trying to please me?”

“You know I will. Yes, - - - Master, - - - please let me call you that. For the first time in my life I can justify that term and apply it to someone. It’s not a cliché or something snide and dirty. Yes Master, please let me try to please you. I so love what you do to me and I want to reward you for making me this happy. Please be my Master. I will try to be the best slave possible for you. Just keep me helpless to your will.”

“You may call me your master as long as you please me. I am going to untie you now. I want you to sit here at your desk and go shopping for shoes and outfits that you think will be pleasing for me to see you wear. I want you to enhance your femininity with what you choose. Think carefully about what you’ve heard me talk about. This will be a test, of sorts. I want to see how well you listened to me. I’m going to just sit back and watch. Let’s see what you learned and how well you aspire to please my tastes.”

“May I be tied while I do this Master?”

“No. I want your full concentration on remembering what I’ve told you I like, what I don’t like and what you think I might like. If you please me, I’ll reward you with more bondage when you get through. Remember, the amount you spend is not what counts with me. It is the quality of choice that matters. The more thorough and exacting you are, the better your rewards will be.”

“Yes Master.”

Hearing that, I started to release her from her bondage. I saved the taped-on mittens as the last thing I released her from. She got up, went into the bathroom and came back playing with her hands to make sure she had gotten all the sticky off. Sitting down, she checked her bank statement and decided just how much she could spend. Then she went to one of the shoe sites and started to scroll through the choices to make her decisions.

As she scanned through the choices, I noticed that she constantly but unconsciously touched herself, running her fingertips over the dents in her skin that the ropes had made. This appeared to be a mindless manifestation of her deeper concentration, but I also noticed full body shivers that would occasionally run through her. Another unconscious habit I noticed was her fidgeting and squirming around in her chair. Both of these got worse as she flipped from shoe site to shoe site trying to decide. After a full body shiver overtook her, she started to fill in her credit information and finally clicked the buy-now link for a pair of red T-strap sandals with a five-inch stiletto heel. A sigh of relief ruptured from her mouth as I scooped her hair out of the way and kissed her neck.

“You’ve got the idea, so go with your best instincts from now on. I like your first choice.”

After that, she ordered a pair of black, front-lace boots with a side zipper. These too sported a five-inch heel. The heel was spiked but not quite a stiletto. Her third choice was a pair of classic white patent pumps with a five-and-a-half-inch stiletto heel. This pair had three thin straps going over the top of her instep and another thin ankle strap. Her last choice was a two-toned pair of oxfords, again with a five-inch heel. They came in crème and oxblood. I noticed that these were a fairy expensive pair of shoes from a reputable name in stylish heels. For this pair, I used a handful of hair to gently get her out of her chair and, pulling her arms behind her back, I tied them tightly together at wrist and elbow. I then pushed her down until she was kneeling beside the chair.

Opening another tab in her browser, I signed into my account and went to an online fetish store. I opened my account with them and selected a four-inch contoured, locking posture collar, 200 feet of red quarter-inch rope, 200 feet of black quarter-inch rope and a Lycra hood with a reinforced blindfold sewn in. I had them sent to my place to protect her privacy. Lizzie was silently weeping as she watched me press the buy-now link.

“Master, you make me so happy. How did I ever get so lucky to have met a man like you? What can I do to repay your generosity?”

“Well, we still need to do a little more shopping, so while I’m signed into my account, let’s make sure you have what I want to see you wear more of, for me to appreciate. What size pantyhose do you wear?”

I ordered her a 24-count case of black support pantyhose, another case of medium brown colored support pantyhose and third case of fishnet-print regular pantyhose. I also ordered her 10 pairs of opera-length stockings in the same three colors.

“Master, may I get back on my account so that I can do a little shopping for some new dresses and skirts? I want to entice you into ravishing me when you see how I dress up for you.”

Lizzie spent the rest of the afternoon going from site to site looking for and selecting shorter, tight pencil skirts and clingy mini dresses. While she did this, I rewarded her by tying her ankles together and letting her wear her ball gag. I got her a hand towel from the bathroom after she used up a half of a box of Kleenex wiping the drool off her chin, as she browsed the web. I thought it was cute. I was also glad to see that even though she was partially tied, when she wasn’t using her left hand, she never stopped touching the indentations that the ropes had made on her skin. I could tell by the way she touched them that they didn’t hurt, but they had sensitized her skin and that touching them was keeping her aroused.

“Well, have you spent enough money?”

She shrugged and giggled past her gag.

“As you might have guessed, it’s time to feed me again. Let’s get you untied enough to see what you have in the refrigerator.”

As soon as I took her ball gag off, she wiped her mouth and chin one last time, stretched her jaw and began to speak.

“Master, isn’t that what credit card debt is for? I just hope you’re happy when you see me wear these for you. I’d like to cook for you, but I don’t think I have anything thawed out, other than more breakfast stuff and the little bit of left-over roast. I guess I could make us each a sandwich, but I don’t have anything to go with them. I really wasn’t expecting to have a guest this weekend. I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. How about going out for dinner?”

“That would be wonderful Jack. Where should we go?”

“Considering I’m still new to the area, where would you like to go? My treat.”

“There’s really only one decent sit-down restaurant in this burg, unless we want to drive another thirty minutes further into the next city, and even there the choices aren’t great, so, it’s this combination pizza shop and Italian restaurant at the crossroads or fast-food drive through. The pizza’s not bad, but then again the other choices are limited.”

“No, I promised you a dinner out, not high cuisine, so this pizza joint will have to do. I want you to gather what you would normally wear to your job and take it with you when we go. Once I have you in my nefarious clutches, you won’t be going anywhere until Monday morning.”

“So, I guess church tomorrow is out of the question.”

“God can find us at my trailer and be a voyeur to our playtime there.”

“You’ll have to tie me down to make me stay, of course, you evil kidnapper, you,” she said in a playful voice.

“Oh, I can assure you that you won’t be going anywhere until I allow it. I want you to drive your own car over to my place, so we don’t have any Monday morning confusion going on.”

“Okay. That’ll make it easier on both of us. So, do you want me to wear anything special for my kidnapping?”

“Until we improve your kink, let’s start with what I don’t want you to wear, and then I’ll let you decide, because you know your wardrobe better than I do and I’m too hungry for a fashion show-and-tell game. Around me I do not want you to wear pants, slacks or sweats, and that includes yoga pants. Sure, they fit like pantyhose, but it’s the texture I object to. Obviously, you can wear anything that is appropriate to work but be prepared to change for me. I do want you to bring plenty of pantyhose with you and if you’re running low, we can always stop off and get you some more. I do not care for simple cover-me-up white underwear. The only time I want to see you wearing granny panties is when they are used as a gag-stuffing to fully fill your mouth. Long line bras, with your cup size are tolerable, for now, until we can replace them with something more alluring. No blouses with excessive material that would tangle up in the ropes. Save those for the office. No man’s clothing is sized to fit you. I know which side the buttons are on for women’s clothes. If you really want to wear men’s clothes, expect them to be cut or torn off your body soon after you show up in them.”

“Master, what about wearing one of your shirts around your trailer. Surely, with your experience, you know how a woman likes to wear the scent of her man by using his shirt as a mini-dress.”

“Okay, as long as pantyhose and heels are involved.”

“Actually, that earlier idea sounds like fun. Inappropriate clothes torn and shredded off my body sounds hot. It goes with the whole kidnapped, taken and used against my will fantasies. I’ll have to entice you into doing that to me one day, and because of how exciting it sounds I’d like to request a kidnapping where I grabbed, roughed up, manhandled and forced to do your evil bidding.”

“Okay, in that context, be my guest. Wear a tuxedo if you want, but don’t expect it to be useful for anything other than gagging wads of cloth after I’m done with it. You may get a little bruised up during that, but you won’t mind it when I’m done with you.”

“You make everything sound so delicious.”

“Back to basics. No flip-flops, ever. If you have to wear flats, I prefer you wear espadrilles, because they tie around your ankles. No mules, ever. Don’t throw your scrunchy leg-warmers out but ask permission before wearing them in front of me. They have a limited appeal.”

“Yes Master. Anything else?”

“Do you have any swimsuits, leotards, and lingerie?”

“With these big-ole woman thighs, I have tights and a long sleeve leotard. I have a one-piece bathing suit around here someplace, but I don’t know off the top of my head where it is. I have a couple of camisoles, some slips and one floor length peignoir, but nothing else in the way of lingerie. I’ve never had anyone to wear things like that for, until now.”

“We’ll fix that situation. I think you might find corset training interesting. You have exciting curves, but this is a fetish-oriented form of bondage that you might like.”

“I’ve seen models wearing them, and they look intense, but if you think I might like them, I’ll wear them to make you happy. Who knows, I might even learn to like them. They are a form of bondage after all,” and she giggled.

“With your new love of restraint, you might at that. So, bring your leotard and tights, your peignoir, a slip, plenty of panties, any other short-shorts you may have, your heels and pantyhose of course, your work clothes, and plenty of scarves. And don’t forget your ropes, gag and blindfold. Any questions?”

“I have a pair of jeans that are really tight, and I don’t wear them anymore. Do you think we could turn them into a pair of Daisy-Dukes?”

“Sure, bring them. I’ve got scissors. In fact, I’ve got shears right here in my pocket. I have to keep EMT shears with me in case I should ever have to cut you out of your ropes. Accidents do happen, and as a responsible dominant, I have to be prepared.”

“Well, I’d like to get started with my packing, but my ankles are still tied. Do you want to untie them or should I?”

“Just for an excuse to touch you, I’ll untie them, so hold them out for me.”

She did, I untied them, and she went into her bedroom to pack. I got back on the internet under my account and ordered her a couple of more presents that I was sure I would enjoy seeing her wear. I set everything up for one-day delivery and hoped it would be at my place Monday.

At the restaurant, Lizzie was dressed in a long-sleeve pastel blue blouse and an almost ankle-length denim dress that buttoned straight down the front. After I put my seal of approval on their lasagna, I leaned over and whispered in Lizzie’s ear.

“Go into the restroom, take off your panties, and as soon as you are in your car, stuff them in your mouth and close your lips around them. Keep them in there until we get into my trailer. Understand?”

“Wouldn’t you rather see me gag myself before I come back out here?”

“The idea is arousing, but considering this is a small town, what if an acquaintance wants to talk with you before we leave. Spitting out panties before you can utter a word might just be a little difficult to explain. I’m only thinking of your reputation. Actually, I would like to see you self-gagged in public like this, but I don’t want your new enthusiasm to get you in any trouble. Eventually, I’ll introduce you into safer methods of public bondage. Just be patient my dear.”

“I’ll defer to your wisdom. I was just caught up in the moment. It all sounds so naughty and exciting. I just want to do it all.”

“I know you were just thinking of ways to please and arouse me. You go do what I told you to do and I’ll pay the check. I’m anxious to get you tied up again.”

With bulging cheeks, Lizzie smiled like the cat that ate the canary when she walked up to my front porch steps.

“The place is a mess. I too wasn’t expecting to have a guest over but feel welcome in my humble trailer home.”

My trailer sat down off the road about a quarter mile and had deep hollows filled with trees just 40 yards out both the front and back doors. My closest neighbor was way up on the road and no one actually lived behind me. The land behind me was open fields for a half mile and then forest. My place was nicely secluded.

I opened the door and ushered Lizzie in. The first thing she did was to reach into my bag. She grabbed a couple of pieces of rope, turned her back to me and after pulling her arms close together behind her back she held out the rope to be tied up. I tied her wrists and elbows together behind her back and then reached in for more rope. Before I was done, her arms were secured to her torso so she couldn’t twist them around, an elaborate chest harness framed and emphasized her tits and her legs were tied at ankle, calf and above her knees. I used wide strips of duct tape to seal her panties in her mouth and then started to maul her body. Lizzie did everything in her limited power to squirm into my hands, moving to offer me parts of her body that she thought I was neglecting. She also seemed to be infected with fits of giggles.

After a while I left her standing there and started to pick up the mess I had lying around. Lizzie started to loudly hum the Star-Spangled Banner. I quickly peeled the tape off of her mouth and helped her expel the sodden wad of her panties.

“Master, that’s my job. I want to get a feel for my man’s place by cleaning up for him. I don’t really want to get untied, but I also really want to do this for you. Will you let me be your maid for you? Please Master? I’d be more than happy to let you tie me up again when I’m done.”

Smiling and nodding my head I said, “Sure, I can do that. This goes back to the issue of you wanting to do this. Sure, the redneck pig in me would say, ‘Clean this place up woman. You’re my slave and maid now. Get me a beer and light this joint for me, and then get to work or you won’t get no damned dinner.’ On the other hand, the responsible dominant will keep you tied and clean his own place up. However, if you want to clean up my place, so as you put it, ‘to get a feel for the place and what a slob I am at home,’ I am not going to deny you that opportunity. I think it will be really sexy watching you clean up for me, but not in that. Let’s cut those jeans up into Daisy-Dukes for you.”

“Okay Master. I’ll go put them on and then we can measure them for just the right cut.”

While Lizzie squeezed into these tight jeans, and they were tight, I got a piece of travel soap to mark where I wanted to cut them. I measured them high on the sides but left her a little flap of denim covering her butt. The way I figured it, I could always cut more of that flap off later, if I had to make them shorter. Lizzie would have to shorten or cut off the pockets, but that would give her something to work on during the week. Giving in to preconceived notions, I took it for granted that with her being a country girl, she knew her way around a needle and thread. While I cut these jeans down to size, I got another idea, so I took the blouse and bra she was wearing off.

Using longer pieces of rope doubled up, I started up around her neck with a wide loop of doubled rope going around her neck, so loose it would have fit around her body. I made a knot and put this loop over her head. I left two parallel strands going down her center line for about a foot and then tied another overhand knot in the ropes. I did this all the way down as the ropes went through her crotch and up her back, until I attached the ends loosely to the loop around her neck. I adjusted it until the loop was centered. I took another piece of rope and started to make diamond patterns from the doubled-up ropes. The rope would come around, split the doubled-up rope, pulling each side into the shape of a diamond, bring the ends back around and do it to the ropes behind her back. This naturally tightened the body harness up, but not as tight as a good crotch-rope would have been. I adjusted it where it attached to the back of the loop around her neck and then snugged all the ropes up for a good fit.

Lizzie almost ran back to my bedroom to look at the narrow full-length mirror I had on my door. I turned on the light in the hall for her. She ran her fingers over the ropes, moving and twisting her body to try and look at it from every angle. After a couple of minutes, she ran back into the living room and almost knocked me down as she kissed me. We toppled onto the couch and just made-out for a while. I ran my hands all over her body thoroughly enjoying the curves of the woman in my arms.

“Now I want you to squeeze into those Daisy-Dukes while I get one of my old shirts for you to wear.”

She put on my shirt and tied the tails of the shirt around her like a midriff. Her tummy pooched out a little, but we’d work on flattening that up later. I had plans for this woman.

“Before you start your maid duties, c’mere and turn around.”

“Yes, Master. Are you going to tie me up again?”

“Why, yes I am,” and soon her arms were tied behind her back at her wrists and elbows. Then, I pushed her to the back door, opened it up and we walked out into my back yard.

“But Master? What if someone sees me tied up like this? And I thought I was supposed to be on maid service?”

“First off, only you can feel the ropes going around your body. The shirt covers them up nicely. Secondly, I’m so far off the road that any traffic up there will probably be keeping their eyes on the road and not be interested in what we’re doing down here. I am about 100 feet lower than the road itself. Thirdly, I never even see my neighbor up there. They don’t hang out in their front lawn, so there’s almost no chance of them seeing us. Four, if a car does come by, just turn towards them and they’ll never see your bound arms that are tied behind you. Five, it’s dusk, and that means that even if they do see you, they won’t believe it, because people only believe what they want to see. Eyewitness accounts of anything are notoriously inaccurate. I think you’re safe enough. And finally, cleaning up my dirty trailer can wait.”

“You’ve thought this through. How did you know I would be tied up like this in your backyard?”

“A man has to have some fantasies about the woman he’s going to go have dinner with. I was fantasizing about this yesterday, before I came over to see you. Besides, we have to find a tree to tie you to tomorrow, while everyone else is in church. They’ll be singing their hymns to the lord, and you and I will be worshipping in the church of nature, as you are tied to one of those trees on the edge of this holler. Or is that too pagan for you?”

“You were fantasizing about me?”

“Of course, I was. You’re an attractive woman, and I happen to like tying and gagging attractive women.”

“Would you have a way of gagging me while I’m out here, so it wouldn’t be visible from the road? I think that would be so hot and exciting. Please?”

“The Kerlix, that bandage that sticks to itself that I wrapped around your head is flesh colored. Like I said, it’s getting to be dusk, and I don’t believe anyone would see anything out of the ordinary. You stay here. I’ll go get a wadding and the partially used roll. It’ll be more fun for me gagging you out here, than if we went in and did it. Let your imagination go crazy thinking about being out here, in a new place, all tied up and by yourself.”

“Oh, Master, my mind is spinning with the things you’re doing to me with all this. It’s been spinning like this since we started playing last night. Hurry back Master. Please?”

The first thing I did was get a couple of pairs of earplugs and put them in my pocket. I checked my Glock and shoved it under my belt behind my back and an extra clip in my pocket. Then I got a panty wadding, and the half roll of Kerlix from the night before. I made a mental note to order more of this stuff and some colored Vet-Wrap too. I also grabbed a red permanent marker from the cup by my computer.

Watching her through the small window in my back door, I didn’t rush right back out to save her from being out there all by herself. I watched as she examined the yard, making sure to stand up straight and hide her bondage when a car came by on the road up above. The traffic was such that a car only came by about every five minutes or so but being tied like that it must have seemed like ten times that many. I laughed to myself watching her. She examined the coffee cans out in my yard that were full of holes. Being so far away from others, I just went out in my backyard to shoot my gun and considering that the few neighbors I had shot their guns in their yards, I figured it was a country thing. When she started edging her way closer towards the door, I opened it and came back out.

“Miss me?”

“Oh, Jack, - - - I mean Master, I thought you’d forgotten all about me. I was starting to get worried with all the cars that had come by that someone would see me.”

“Well, I can see that it’s definitely time to gag you,” and I laughed.

I moved her to the center of the yard, and then on one knee, I tied her ankles together. While I was down there, I started talking to her.

“I was watching you from the window, and only three cars came by. Now, for this to look right, I’m going to need your assistance.”

With that said, I went behind her and untied her arms.

“I want you to help me with your hair, so we can get a good tight gag on you. You still want to be gagged, right?”

A bit hesitant, she ran her hands over the rope harness under the shirt she was wearing, shivered a little, screwed up her courage and said, “Yes, Master. I think being tied up and gagged in your backyard would be hot and exciting. Please gag me, and then tie my arms behind me again.”

With the panty wadding held up to her mouth she opened it and I shoved the panties in, making sure that her cheeks were filled, so none of the material showed. I kissed her and she was very amorous as she kissed me back.

“Now hold your hair up, so I can wrap this around your head properly.”

Lizzie’s hair was a dirty blonde, about shoulder length and curled at the bottom. The curl was out of it, but I remembered it from last night, when she was all fixed up for me. I made about three tight wraps around her head as she held her hair up and out of the way. When I pressed the end down so it would stick, I took out the marker and held her chin up. I drew some red lips on her, over the Kerlix and smiled.

“Wouldn’t want you to look like the creature with no mouth for the tourists driving by on the road.”

She playfully swatted me and giggled, her eyes smiling brightly.

“Now it’s time to get rid of these cans, so we don’t get cut by the sharp edges as we walk around out here.”

I stuffed a foam plug in each of her ears and then tied her arms behind her back again, at wrist and elbow. Lizzie purred her approval through her gag. I pulled out my pistol and hopped them across the yard by shooting at them, moving them well out of our way. Lizzie watched me bounce these cans all over the yard. I wanted her to know I was a good shot. It was a male thing. Untying her ankles, we walked towards the trees at the edge of my yard. Lizzie saw that the holler, or hollow for those without a southern drawl, was about 80 feet deep, with steep sides and the holler was filled with trees just getting their spring leaves on them. Lizzie was very careful where she stepped. She was still wearing her sensible pumps. I held onto her arm as we walked, just to be on the safe side.

Finding a young tree with about a three-inch diameter, I moved her against it, and then using my hands to draw imaginary lines on her, I told her about where I’d be wrapping the ropes around her body in the morning. Lizzie stood straight and tall while I did this, bending her head down as if she could see the ropes going around her body. I made it a point to grope her tits and run my hands up and down her hose covered legs, pressing against them with the web of my hand telling her how tight the ropes would be holding her to this tree. Lizzie was wriggling her excitement, shivering with the thought of her helplessness-to-be. I could barely make out her mumbled and muffled agreement of this proposed bondage. I could tell that she definitely wanted to be tied like this. To help her imagination realize this, I bent down and tied her ankles again. Lizzie shivered in her excitement. I used my body to crush her against the tree with a hug. She moaned and shivered. Still pressing her into the tree, I reached down and grabbed a double handful of butt cheeks and squeezed. Lizzie buried her face in my neck, scraping it with her gagged mouth like she was kissing me.

“Makes you hot doesn’t it?”

Lizzie nodded very enthusiastically.

“You like this bondage paraphilia of mine, don’t you?”

Again, she nodded excitedly, her eyes wide and a little glassy.

“Tied, and gagged, controlled by another for his pleasure, and so far out of your element that you wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told you about this, just a couple of days ago. Right?”

She continued to nod, trying to make positive little noises of ascent.

“And you want more, right?”

She tilted her head and nodded as she wriggled around and tried to touch me with her bound hands.

“Well then, I guess I’m going to have to keep you helplessly tied, and gagged, for my pleasure, in skyscraper high heels, and short tight skirts so that I can enjoy you even more than I am now. When we go in, after we enjoy the stars that are just starting to twinkle in the sky as it darkens around us, I’m going to tie ropes around those beautiful tits of your, giving you a rope-bra to go with that rope harness I tied on you, and then I’m going to sit you down in front of my computer, with your legs tied so you can’t get away from me, and show you your first bondage video. These are a different kind of porn. There’s no real sexual activity like the normal porn videos, but there are fetish models, tied up and gagged, in mock distress and in various stages of dress and undress. I have a modest but entertaining collection of bondage videos, and I think that they will help you understand the genre a little better. I’ll untie your ankles, and then we’ll watch the stars come out. Personally, I’m hoping for a shooting star, but even if we don’t see one, unless you leave me, or code out, this will not be the last time you are tied up and gagged in my backyard. Over time, I’m sure we’ll catch a falling star to wish upon. You game?”

Happy tears rolled down her cheeks as she nodded. I smiled.


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