Being Neighbourly

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; scarves; pantyhose; toys; tease; oral; sex; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

We were in the basement cafeteria of the school next to the church, having a social after Sunday services. I was new to the congregation, so I was busy making small talk with the regulars. They were trying to make me feel welcome. We were all sipping coffee and I was trying to fit in. They seemed interested that I had moved here to rural Kentucky from Los Angeles. I told them I just wanted to live a quiet life away from the maddening bustle of the big city. Considering how little we had in common, the conversations stayed very shallow. I told them about some of the famous attractions in Southern California and how it was a great place to visit. Many of the men seemed interested in my stories about the battleship, USS Iowa, that is now permanently anchored in the San Pedro harbor. The women seemed much more interested when I talked about the museums I had frequented when I lived there. All in all it was a pleasant meet and greet, but I was thankful when it broke up and we all headed out to our cars. 

A middle-aged woman had parked her car next to mine and she smiled at me over the roof of her car when we unlocked our doors. I immediately noticed how pretty her face was even in an unadorned way. She threw her purse into the front seat and then stood outside and stretched before she got in. After twisting from side to side, she pulled her arms behind her back, stretching them as close together as she could and then lifted them up and away from her body as she bent over at the waist. Her movements immediately reminded me of a strappado, and I smiled as my imagination went into high gear. She moved her arms to the front and did some shoulder stretching moves. Disregarding any social modesties, I stared while she did this. When she was done, she looked at me.

“See anything you like?”

With no hesitation I replied, “Yes. I always appreciate an attractive woman. You seem very lithe and limber. I like that in a woman.”

“I didn’t catch your name in there. You must be new to this church.”

I walked around the car, held out my hand and said, “My name is Jack and I just moved here from California.”

“My name Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lizzie. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Was California as exciting as they say it is?”

“In many ways, SoCal is overwhelming. Everything is always in high gear and it’s all out in the open. You can see things every day that your imagination doesn’t initially want to accept. Bizarre can be an understatement out there, but many things are encouraged as a freedom of expression.”

“Wow, Jack, did you explore these freedoms of expression while you were out there?”

“Having grown up in Kentucky, I wanted to experience the wilder side of life when I moved out there. You know, ‘the grass is always greener’ syndrome of youth. I indulged in many things that would be frowned upon here. Some things I am not so proud of, while others gave me an education that I probably couldn’t have found anywhere else. All in all, I have few regrets about my indulgences.”

“You’re not gay or anything are you?”

Surprised at her forwardness I calmly replied, “No, I still find that women are the only gender of choice and I like it that way. You women smell good and it pleases me when I touch you. You’re soft and squishy in all the right places. I like that. I like most women, in general and especially ones that are as attractive as you.”

Lizzie blushed when I complimented her, mumbled something and quickly ducked into her car. As she pulled out, she backed up a little more than was necessary, smiled and waved to me. I waved back and made it a point to memorize her car type, color, and her license plate. Old habits die hard.

I looked for her the next Sunday, but she wasn’t there. Minding my manners, the congregation and I enjoyed a nice social again and it broke up an hour or so after the service ended. I was sorry I hadn’t seen Lizzie again. 

That Tuesday I had reason to go into town to get some things from the hardware store. As I pulled in, I noticed that Lizzie’s car was in the lot. Walking up to the doors I passed her as she was coming out.

“Hello Lizzie. What a pleasant surprise.”

Looking up and seeing me, she blushed deeply, and with a nervous giggle she said, “It’s funny, but I was just thinking about you. How have you been?”

“A little lonely, but I’m getting used to that living here in the sticks. It’s a little disconcerting going from an urban environment with people around you constantly, to a rural lifestyle where your roommate is a field mouse and your nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away. I’d gotten used to people being around me all the time, not to mention the din of noise the big city makes. I really feel the loneliness when I hear myself talking to myself in my trailer.”

“Well, that’s not good. When was the last time you had a home cooked meal?”

“I basically live off anything that’s quick and easy. I eat a lot of hot dogs, burgers, scrambled eggs, cold cut sandwiches and frozen dinners that I can warm up in the microwave. And then I usually eat in the kitchen or at my computer. Thinking about it, it’s been years since I’ve been treated to someone else’s cooking.”

“Considering it’s my Christian duty to make you feel welcome and accepted into the community, if you’re free Friday night, I’d like to ‘treat’ you to a home cooked meal. My cooking isn’t the greatest and it’s certainly not gourmet fare but it’s wholesome and made fresh. I live alone too, and it’s been a while since I’ve cooked for a man. I used to like doing that, but I don’t get much of a chance to anymore. Please say you’ll come.”

“It would be my pleasure. What time should I show up, and even more importantly, where should I show up? Would you like me to bring anything? What kind of wine do you like?”

“Bring whatever you want to drink. I’m not a big wine drinker. When I drink, it’s good old Kentucky bourbon.”

“That’s good to know because I’m an alcoholic, 16 years sober now, and I don’t drink at all. However, I was always taught that it’s polite to bring a bottle over for a meal though, but I’m glad that’s out of the way and I won’t have to worry about it. Is there anything else you’d like me to bring?”

“Bring your wildest memories of Southern California. I want to live vicariously through you for a while. I’ve never been further west than the Mississippi and I’m fascinated with what’s out there. I want to hear all about the depths of depravity that’s available for the experiencing out there. 

She retrieved a card from her purse and after she wrote down her address on the back, she handed it to me. I looked at it and it identified her as a clinical psychologist working out of a local clinic. I smiled, thinking that this may have been a fortuitous meeting. My mind lingered over her and I wondered just how much she knew about me or was this just chance encounter. At any rate, I’d find out Friday. Again, she smiled and waved as she drove off.

When I went into the hardware store, I made it a point to pick up several 100-foot packages of cotton rope, some duct tape, some electricians tape, some small soft paint brushes and a bag of clothespins. I might not get the chance to use any of this stuff, but I wanted to have it if I did get the chance. I went back home before I continued with my errands and put the rope in the washer to soften it up. I picked up my one and only suit and some shirts and took them to the dry cleaners. I also stopped by the florist and ordered a dozen yellow roses for Friday. Next was a liquor store to pick up a bottle of Jim Beam Black. Then I went and got a haircut. 

When I got back home, I got online and ordered a copy of Jay Wiseman’s ‘SM 101 - A Realistic Introduction’ and a copy of Jay’s ‘Erotic Bondage Handbook’ and set all of my special orders up for one-day delivery so that I’d have them in time for Friday. I also ordered a new, red ball gag and a blindfold from the same vendor. I then ordered some 12-roll boxes of two and four-inch Kerlix and more micro-foam tape. If Lizzie wanted to do more than live vicariously, I wanted to be prepared. I ran the rope through a second wash to further soften it up and began to make my plans.

My imagination and anticipation caused the hours to drag by and it took forever for Friday to roll around. I started getting ready early and loaded the car with my surprises. I’d wrapped both of the books together and wrapped the gag and blindfold in a separate package. I picked up the roses and had to field the questions from the counter-girl as to who I was giving them to tonight. Even though I mentioned no names, this was a small town and I knew it wouldn’t take long for the news to get around.

Lizzie answered the door wearing a button-down summer dress that came to just below her knees, hose, and modest three-inch pumps. Her hair and make-up were pleasing, and I complimented her while handing her the roses and the bottle of bourbon. All in all, she looked like a modern Donna Reed. Lizzie blushed a little and went in to put the flowers in water. I’d left both wrapped presents in the car along with the small duffle of things I’d brought with me. I wanted to see where this evening’s conversation would go before I did anything that might scare her off. 

“Dinner will take about another half hour for the roast to be done, so make yourself at home. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Soda if you have it.”

“Ginger Ale is all I have. Will that do?”

“That’s perfect. My favorite. I’m quite addicted to many types of soda, but ginger ale is still my favorite. I guess it comes with the addictive personality.”

She handed me a glass with ice and poured me some while I held the glass, rather than pouring it in the kitchen and handing it to me that way.

“So, Jack, please tell me about the bizarre aspects of California that you don’t see through the media. I couldn’t care less about the scandalous lives of the rich and famous. I see more than I want to see of that on TV. I want to hear about the people and situations that give California such a bad name back here in the midwest.

“Well, without much effort, you can sate any lusts and/or desires, delve into endeavors that would never be accepted in small town America, and explore the depths of depravity, because all of it is not only accepted out there, in ways it almost seems commonplace.”

“Did you ever delve into endeavors that wouldn’t be accepted in places like this, and did you sate your lusts and desires out there?”

“Okay then. You want the 4-1-1 on the sexually bizarre escapades of the adventurous people that define the word kinky by surrounding themselves with their fetishes and paraphilias. This means we’re skipping the small talk and diving into what the adults do for fun in Holly-Weird, Right?”

“Is that too much to ask for on a first date?”

  “Not for me. Let me know if I have to stop and clarify something for you.”

“So, entertain me with stories of these depths of depravity that you indulged in while you were out in California. Did you ever go to any of those big sex stores like Hustlers?”

“Oh, Hustlers was nice and all, but it was just a bit too commercial for me. They pandered to the ‘I’m just kinky to be cool’ crowd. I preferred The Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Boulevard or JT’s Stockroom on Sunset. There were a couple of other down to business shops that sold real toys and not the glitzy glamour for the wannabes and newbies, but I usually went to one of those two main stores to do my shopping if I didn’t buy what I was looking for online. One of the local BDSM dungeons even sponsored a BDSM crafts fair called Bizarre Bazaar once a year. Besides, there were always demos and workshops at the Pleasure Chest. I liked going to those.”

“Wow, it sounds like you really indulged in the lifestyle then, didn’t you?”

“Truth be known, I didn’t just indulge, I wallowed in it. One of my friends once told me, ‘If you don’t like the BDSM opportunities here, move to where the BDSM is’. You said you wanted to talk to someone about paraphilias, well you might as well pick my brain over dinner. I spent the last two decades neck-deep in the kinkiest activities that LA could come up with, and I partied with many odd and interesting individuals. In the name of education, I’ll share some of these experiences with you.”

Nodding, she stared at me with wide eyes and parted lips, so I continued.

“You want to hear about the parties where almost all of the women were naked or left nothing to the imagination wearing their provocative attire. You want to hear about males running around these parties, showing off how many piercings they had through their wagging phallus. You want to hear how women were tied to a cross and beat with floggers, canes and single-tails until they were bruised and a little bloody and how afterwards they crawled to the one that had wielded that whip to show how much they loved what he had done for them. You want to hear about how other women were tied to a metal throne and freely gave blow jobs to anyone that came up to get one. You want to hear about how women were led out into the street, naked and helplessly bound and then thrown into the trunk of a car and driven off to please their master. You want to hear about the women that wore a horse-tail flogger ‘in’ their ass, just so they could wag their ‘tails’ at the men they wanted to impress. You want to hear about the women that were stood next to a post, mummified in Kerlix, and left as a living statue for the evening.”

Lizzie blushed down past the top button of her dress and the body shiver that ran through her told me that she had just been flushed with adrenalin. She turned away and scurried back into the kitchen. I followed her.

“Too much too soon?”

Fussing with the pots on the stove, she looked busy, but in reality, she was actually getting very little done. When I moved behind her and touched her shoulders she almost jumped out of her skin.

“If I’ve scared you, I didn’t mean to. I’ll leave if you want, but you were the one who brought up paraphilias and in your profession, I figured you could handle the reality of having an experienced man in your home. Can I help you get dinner on the table, or should I leave?”

“No, no, I want you to stay. I was just a little taken aback by your obvious experience. My mind’s racing a hundred miles an hour and I have so many questions I don’t know where to start. Usually, the men around here are braggarts and blow-hards with very little actual knowledge, but you come across with an air of confidence born from experience. That’s very enticing to me. I want to know more. I want to live through your experiences and taste the fruits that are almost forbidden here. Yes, you can help me with dinner. You’re going to have to or I’ll forget all about it and just start questioning you for the information I want to know about. Now start taking these bowls out to the table when I fill them. I’ll get the pot-roast out of the oven. Would you carve?”

“Sure, I love pot-roast. There is a price for my knowledge though.”

Looking at me with wide eyes wild with anticipation she asked, “And what is this price you require out of me?”

“This meal, a good dessert and some pleasant conversation for the evening. Like I said, I do get lonely, and that was the offer you made to get me over here.”

Lizzie laughed and soon we were seated at her table enjoying the fruits of her labors. The grin on her face told me that we would be talking for a long time. She picked at her food, preferring to ask me questions. 

“So, tell me what the more adventurous people do out there to one another.”

“If you can think about it, they do it to one another. Many of them hold down regular jobs, are married, have kids, and lead a vanilla life for the sake of their neighbors, but on weekends and holidays, they gather to feast on their carnal lusts and there are as many ways to express their interests as there are people doing it.”

“What are you into? I mean, how did you interact with the women that played these games.”

“I played a variety of BDSM games, and I even taught aspects of BDSM for a few years. There are many terms that may be unfamiliar to you, so if I start talking about something and you get confused or have questions, just stop me and ask. I was an educator, and that comes with a level of patience.”

“I read a little about BDSM in the DSM-IV during school, but it really didn’t get very involved with the descriptions.” 

“To start with, I’m primarily what they call a ‘Bondage Dom’. That means my focus of play was primarily on bondage, and that I am a Dominant. I take charge of any scene or endeavor and guide the actions so that both parties are enjoying themselves in their own way. I have always been fascinated with the sight of a bound and gagged woman. I imprinted very early in life on the Hollywood Damsels in Distress. When I was growing up, there was very little of the feminist uproar about degrading women by using them as helpless sex icons. Hollywood knew that the sight of a bound woman would hold the attention of an audience, and they pandered to the whole Damsel in Distress culture. Villains would take these women, put them in peril, making them appear all soft and vulnerable and then some hero would swoop in to save them at the last minute. The women would be ever so grateful, and the eroticism of bondage found its subculture. For the longest time, I thought I was some kind of freak because I liked to see women tied up. My parents had fits when they discovered what I was looking at but no matter how they tried to punish me, I would always get aroused seeing a woman tied up.”

“Where did you see these images? This was surely before the internet. I know that porn was out there, but not everywhere like it is today. Was it just at the movies?”

“The movies, TV, pulp magazines like the old detective journals, comic books and even paper-back novels had pictures and stories of damsels and heroes. Once I turned 18 and could go in adult bookstores, I found whole sections of magazines and books devoted to DiD or damsels in distress, and I was in heaven. From the time I started dating I used to tie up all my girlfriends, and surprisingly few of them objected. If they did, I could always find someone that didn’t object to my little kink. Anyway, like I was saying, I’m a bondage-Dom. That means, I am the one that does the tying. I do not enjoy swapping roles and being tied. That’s called switching. I tried it a couple of times and found it highly objectionable. Not only did I not get aroused by being tied, it caused me to panic and fight until I was free. Now, I make that plain from the start with any prospective partner that I negotiate with and again, if they don’t like being the submissive one in the relationship, I find someone else who does like the submissive role. There seems to be more women out there that like to feel out of control than there are that need to take and be in control.”

“So, what do you do to these women once you have them tied up and at your mercy? Do you have sex with them while they’re tied up, or do you just leave them to struggle until they can wriggle free?”

“There are hundreds of things to do with a bound partner. You can tease her, you can appreciate the esthetics, you can explore their libido and draw out the act of foreplay for hours of fun. Yes, I see the expression on your face, so I’ll repeat that. Hours of foreplay and generally even more aftercare. You can discipline them, teaching them aspects of the game, making them work on their end of the play. You can punish them. If they are pleasing to you, you can drive them to fits of lust and make them come over and over and over again until they are begging you to quit making them come. Sensory overloads are actually a lot of fun. You can just snuggle and be with each other with no real agenda. It all depends on the mood the two of you are in at the time. There are countless things to do with a helpless woman. Haven’t you ever been tied up by a boyfriend or a lover?”

“Well, I was tied to the corners of the bed in my college dorm one night and screwed by my date. I didn’t really like it because it was over too quick. He got his and I was left high and dry.”

“No other times?”

“There’s been some frisky play with neckties and belts, but I always just slipped out of them and then we had sex in the usual way.”

“I’m sorry about your bad luck. I feel every woman should experience the joys of true helplessness. Bondage brings out the wild animal side of a woman’s sexuality making everything she does so much sexier, and hotter.”

As we finished our meal and sat back, Lizzie went into that little-girl voice they get when they’re asking for a taste of the apple from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden.

“What you do to women sounds very interesting. You don’t hurt them do you?” 

“Only if, after careful negotiations, they want to experience a little pleasure/pain. And then I never injure them. No one ever died from a playful spanking or a consensual flogging. I give them just enough pain to get their endorphins flowing. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. I’m sure you’ve heard of them in your studies.”

“Yes, I have. So, it sounds like you know your way around a woman’s body.”

“I’m certified in CPR/First Aid and have been to many classes about how to safely play with someone in intense ways and how to avoid injuries during the heat of the rough play. You never want to injure a partner, but you can take things to levels that would probably surprise you.”

“Have you tied up many women?”

“I taught bondage techniques at one of the major professional dungeons in Los Angeles for three years. I’ve tied up more women than I can count.”

“Did you take them all to your bed?”

“Oh my God no. Many of the women I tied up were wanting to learn and experience this way of expressing their sexuality for their lovers, male or female. These were actual classes on bondage, not just kinky play. I remember one time I was teaching a young couple how to tie each other up and when the lesson was over, they were both just wriggling out of their skin. On a whim, I gave them a couple pieces of rope, and they almost ran out of the classroom and out to their car. I always wondered if one of them was tied up on their way home.”

“But you did tie up your lovers, didn’t you?”

“I played bondage games with all of my lovers. I wouldn’t get involved with a woman unless she submitted to being bound by me for our sexual adventures. There were just too many women to not share a mutually enjoyable intimacy. Many women like being tied up and having their control taken away from them. Why be with someone that doesn’t share your kink?”

“So, you had kinky sexual relations with a lot of women?”

“I played a lot at the various dungeon parties I attended. Some women wanted just a bondage experience, and there was a certain level of tactile intimacy involved, but no coitus per se. Sex doesn’t always go hand in hand with bondage play. You can be very intimate with someone during bondage play. Sometimes it’s actually more exciting than simple coitus, and certainly more intimate.”

“Then you can play these bondage games with someone and not have sex with them? What’s the point?”

“These bondage games are a shared intimacy between two consenting adults that want to explore alternative avenues of their sexuality. Coitus is not the end all and be all of human sexuality. Your biggest sex organ is your mind and what you do with it determines the quality of your sexual expression. Sure, don’t get me wrong. Having sex with someone is usually a lot of fun, but it’s just one way to explore a person’s sexuality.”

“I still don’t get it. How can tying someone up be that intimate and how is it a substitution for sex?”

“When someone submits to being tied up and made helpless, they’re doing what we call a power exchange. They are temporarily giving up the power in their lives that they no longer want to have and letting someone else take that power and use it for their mutual enjoyment. The level of trust involved forces a certain intimacy between the two people. It can be very exciting to exchange power with another person.” 

“That’s all well and good, but I don’t understand what’s in it for the person being tied up. What do they get out of it?”

“In everyday life, stresses can get to people. Just living your life is a challenge, and sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. Often, someone stressed out just wants to get away from it all for a while. Being bound and giving up responsibility to another is just one way of getting away from it all. There are many ways to de-stress yourself, and some enjoy the total release of being tied up. When you are tied up, you are totally out of control. You do not have to deal with the problems that are bothering you. All you have to do is sit back and relax. In a way, you are forced to relax. You are letting the person that tied you take all the responsibility for what is going on. You can’t do anything about it. After all, you’re tied up.”

“Well that seems like a very temporary fix. Your problems will still be there when you get untied.”

“It’s the same type of temporary fix as a vacation. Your problems will still be there when you get back from your vacation, but while you’re on vacation, you can forget about them for a while and just have some fun.”

“Okay, that makes sense. So, you’re saying that bondage is like a mini-vacation then.”

“I’ve heard it described exactly that way by many women.”

“So, did you ever marry any of these submissive women?”

“No, but I lived with several of them for extended periods of time. I was planning to marry one when I was in my 30’s, but she turned out to be more interested in screwing every guy that would pay her any attention than to being faithful to our relationship. I made and kept a commitment to her, but she didn’t reciprocate that commitment. Then one day she committed a disgusting and unforgivable sin.”

“And what did she do that was so unforgivable?”

“She gave me a nasty case of VD. I had been faithful to her, but she didn’t repay the courtesy. I hate that burning sensation when urinating. And when I confronted her, she thought it was funny and laughed at me. She even called me a baby. At any rate, we broke up and I never proposed to any woman again. I’ve had some decent relationships with a couple of women, but nothing that would lead to a lifetime commitment.”

“So, what are you looking for now out of a woman?”

“Companionship. Shared joy. Some adventure. And of course, her willing acceptance and appreciation for my sexual fetishes and proclivities. Is that too much to ask?”

“No, I don’t think so. Sounds pretty nice to me. Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I was hoping you might be amenable to some explorations into the paraphilia that I find arousing.”

“Let’s just say you’ve aroused my interests and my curiosity. What would I have to do to go further with you?”

“First off, you’d have to ask me to tie you up. That takes it out of the realm of forcing myself on you. That means you’d have to put enough trust in me to make you helpless and realize that I won’t hurt you. That’s a big step with someone you don’t know very well. Now, I’m having very pleasant fantasies of tying you up and sharing some Dom/sub fun with you, but forcing you into something you’re not ready for is not my style.”

“You are?”

“Are what?”

“Fantasizing about me? About us?”

“Yes, of course. You’re a woman that I find very attractive, and you haven’t kicked me out of your home after I told you what I want out of you. You’re stimulating to talk to, obviously intelligent, and very easy to be around. Yes. I’m attracted to you, and I’m having fantasies about tying you up and introducing you to my way of having fun with a woman. Is that so hard to accept? By now you should know the effect you have on men.”

“No, it’s just been a while since I’ve been around a man that knows what he wants and wants what I have to offer.”

“Don’t sell yourself short Lizzie. If other men don’t make you feel as desirable as you are, then that’s their loss and my gain. Sorry about their bad luck. I like you and have no doubts that going further with you would be mutually enjoyable for both of us.”

“So, all I have to do is ask you to tie me up and then put myself in your hands to do what you want with me. Is that about it?”

“That would get things started.”

“And what if after we start, I freak out and don’t want to play anymore?”

“Then you tell me your safe word, which we would clearly establish before any play started, and I would release you and do what was necessary to bring some peace back into your life.”

“Just like that huh? You can slam on the brakes and stop playing by just hearing my safe word. Why is that hard to believe?”

“That’s all part of the trust. Because of the intensity of play, if the submissive says their safe word, the one assuming responsibility has to stop and set things right. We, in the lifestyle, walk a fine line between consensual play and rape. In our play there is both pleasure and pain. Sometimes that line blurs. Both parties know the risks ahead of time and play on the edge anyway, so trust is absolutely vital. If the players don’t trust one another, then someone gets hurt, either physically or psychologically, and sometimes both. No one wants that. Willing partners are too precious to allow them to get hurt. We kinksters take safe words and safe gestures very seriously.”

“Safe gestures? What are those?”

“Well, sometimes you might be gagged and unable to say your safe word if you wanted to. Safe gestures are pre-arranged signals that tell the Dominant that something has gone wrong and that until it’s fixed, the play has to stop.”

“Okay, that makes sense. You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you?”

“There are certain tenets that the BDSM community holds sacred and safety is one of them. Now, not everything we do is considered safe, but as responsible players, we know the risks ahead of time, accept them, and try to play as safely and responsibly as possible in an effort to extract the most fun that we can from our endeavors. To a person not familiar with the culture, it’s not safe to tie someone up and whip them. To us, we study and practice ways to whip someone without causing serious or irreparable damage. We know what too much looks like and how easy it can be to get there, quickly. The ones with experience teach the new-comers what we know. They, in turn, pay it forward to those coming up behind them. We like to push the edge, but we do it with forethought and wisdom gained from long experience. Again, willing partners are too precious to damage by thoughtless indulgence. Most men tend to think with their dicks and have no idea what deferred gratification means. We use our minds first and our dicks second, and we reap greater rewards because of it. A man’s mind is also his biggest sex organ.”

“Wow, this is sounding better and better all the time. I’d be a liar if I said that I wasn’t intrigued, and very curious. What would you say if I told you that I wanted to think this over and that I’d get back with you about trying this in the future?”

“If you didn’t want to continue talking and enjoying each other’s company, then I’d thank you for the meal, make sure that you had my contact information, and leave.”

“You would?”

“Of course, I would. I’m not a rapist, or a brute. I would never force you to do something you really didn’t want to do. Now, it’s my nature to try and entice and encourage you to be adventurous with me, but force is not my style. I’m not a bully.”

“But what if I wanted you to be rough with me and just take me? To tie me up and use me.”

“The key words in that were, ‘what if I wanted’. If you express a desire to play with forced fantasy games, then that’s your decision. If I were to agree to this type of play, then we both would be clear on the limitations of such play beforehand. I’ve done rape ‘play’ before. I’ve played kidnap games with women and gotten rough with them, but it was all negotiated beforehand, and they asked for and expected what they got. No one took advantage of them anymore than they wanted to be taken advantage of. Consenting adults can play very intense games with one another, as long as the games being played are consensual to start with and stay consensual throughout the play.”

“Wow, you make it all sound so normal.”

“In my world, it is normal. This and many other variations of sexual games are what the ‘interesting people’ out there do to one another all the time. The only thing that’s not normal is ‘man-on-top-get-it-over-with-quick-sex’. That’s way too vanilla and boring.”

“What if I wanted just a taste of bondage?”

“Then I’d give you a taste, and hope that you enjoyed the games we played together enough to want more.”

“What kind of safe word would you give me?”

“With experienced players and couples that regularly push the envelope, the submissive chooses her own safe word because it’s something that is both meaningful to her and it’s something that she can remember even in a stressful situation. For most beginners though, I like them to use the traffic signal colors of ‘Red/Yellow/Green’. Every driver is very familiar with the meanings of these colors and they are easy to remember. If you say ‘Red’, then all play stops, I release you from any restraints and I try to calm you as we discuss what went wrong. If you say ‘Yellow’, then I stop the play until we can talk the problem through, and then we will decide if we continue, or completely stop the play. Now, if I start to slow the play down and you want it to continue or intensify, then you say ‘Green’, which means you want more and that I should continue. That’s simple enough. Now if you were gagged, I always tell my submissives to just hum any tune. That is an automatic yellow and after I ungag you, we can determine if it’s a full red or just an adjustment before we continue. Does that sound good to you?”

“That’s simple enough for anyone to use. If we were to go further, how long would I stay tied up?”

“As long as we were having fun. I, as the Dominant would make sure your vital signs were within acceptable parameters and continue with the session in ways that I think will amuse us. You as the submissive can always call a halt to the session with your safe words. However, I will ignore things like, “No, stop that”, or “You can’t do that to me”, or things like that because those are exclamations and reactions outside of the agreed upon parameters and phrases like that are not your safe words. In modern society there is a catchphrase that says, ‘No, means no,’ but in BDSM play, ‘no’ does not mean no, or stop. ‘Red’ means ‘no’ and ‘red’ means stop, but ‘no’ is just another word. I will stop play for safe words, but the rest of that nonsense is just window dressing.”

“What if I really wanted you to stop?”

“Then use your safe words. That saves a lot of misunderstandings.”

“What about nudity and sexuality?”

“Again, as the Dominant, I would direct the course of our play and would continue to amuse myself of you in any way I find appropriate until I hear a safe word out of you. That is the nature of Dominant/submissive play.”

“So, my safe words are red, yellow and green, and when you gag me, I should just hum any tune if I want out. Got it. I’d like a taste of this forbidden fruit Jack. Would you tie me up? Please?”

“I’ll give you a taste. Do you have any scarves Lizzie?”


“While I clear the table, go in and get a few and I’ll give you a sampling of what bondage is like.”

Lizzie got up slowly, but almost ran into her bedroom while I cleared off the plates and flatware from the table. She came back in with a handful of scarves and held them out to me like a scared little girl. I sorted through them, took a long one and held it out.

“Put your hands together in front of you, palms facing in, and relax. This is a trust building exercise.”

I looped the scarf around her wrists, tying them together, and then cinching them between the wraps to tighten them up. I knotted it off with a bow knot, showing her how the knot could be easily undone.

“Now, wriggle your hands around and then reach up and undo the bow knot. When that’s done, twist your hands back and forth until you are free.”

Her eyes were wide, and I could see her heart racing in her chest. She wriggled around testing what it felt like to be tied, and then undid the knot and freed herself. She was smiling as she handed the scarf back to me like a prize. I reached in and kissed her on the cheek and then tied her hands in the exact same way again.

“This time, leave them tied together while I tie your legs. I will use the same bow knot to secure the scarves around your ankles and knees, so that when I tell you to, you can free yourself. Understood?”

Lizzie nodded and when her wrists were tied, I sat her down in the chair. I tied a second scarf around her ankles, cinching this one and again I tied a bow knot in front. She was bending down watching everything I did. I then lifted the hem of her dress up, pulling it up to mid-thigh. I caressed her hose covered legs on the sides of her knees and then with a longer scarf, I tied her legs together just above her knees, reaching between her legs to draw in the cinch. I tied this one off with a bow knot too. 

“Now sit there for a minute or so getting used to the feel of this before we go on to the next step.”

Lizzie sat quietly for almost a minute, and then began to squirm and fidget. She wriggled all over but didn’t reach for the knot.

“This actually feels good. May I stay like this for a little while?”

“Actually, I want you to go ahead and free yourself, so you know that you can do it, and then we’re going to up the ante.”

“Okay. And by the way, green.”

When she was free, I had her stand up. I pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrists together just like they had been in front.

“Now, reach up and undo your bondage, just like you did when they were tied in front of you.”

It took her a few extra wriggles and another 30 seconds of squirming, but she was free in a short time and looked very pleased with herself. I didn’t give her much of a break and I quickly had her hands tied behind her back again.

“This time, leave them like that while I tie your legs together again”

“Okay. This is fun. More please. Green, green, green.”

While I was tying her legs together, she looked down and asked, “Do you like touching my legs?”

“Do you like having them touched?”

“Yes, I do. It’s been a long time since a man touched my legs but didn’t grope them trying to run his hands higher. You have the touch of a gentleman.”

“Thank you, and I do enjoy touching you. If you ever become my bondage partner, I know I will thoroughly enjoy exploring your body.”

“Aren’t I helpless enough for you to explore my body now?”

“No. You can still free yourself anytime you want. True bondage is experienced when you want to get free, but can’t. Offering yourself and your trust up to another person takes your libido to a higher plane of emotion. This is just a taster, to show you what it might be like if you were to submit to real bondage.”

“Can you give me a bit more of a taste? Can you make me just a little more helpless? Please?”


Having seen how limber she was that first day in the parking lot, I had her stand and I helped her to turn around. I grabbed her arms just above her elbows and slowly pulled them together. Just as I suspected, they met easily. I took another scarf and tied her elbows together behind her back, making another bow knot on the outside.

“Oh my, that’s tight. Good thing I’m as limber as I am. Now, you may explore my body. I give you my permission.”

“Permission is nice, but you can still get free if you want. Would you like to experience being truly helpless? If you were truly helpless, you would be mine for the taking. If this taster is making you want more, I can arrange that. Why don’t you wriggle around and see what feelings you get from this new position? After all, there has to be something in it for me too. I want to make you very helpless. I’m getting aroused seeing you like this, but my imagination wants to know that you are helpless. I see the spark of a true submissive in you and I want to ignite that spark into flames of desire. But, you have to be truly helpless to make it worth my while. I am quite jaded, and I need to feed off your submission to find the motivation to take you to those heights. It’s up to you though. Do you want to explore your feminine side as the ropes make you helpless, totally helpless to my desires?”

“Ropes? But these are scarves. Did you bring ropes with you? Real ropes? Bondage ropes?”

“Yes, I came prepared to introduce you to bondage, but you have to really want to explore this side of your femininity. You have to give your submissive self to me, completely.”

“I’ll give you my answer when I get free. Will you wait for my answer?”

“Yes. In the meantime, I’ll go out to my car and bring in my bag and your presents. You do like presents, don’t you?”

“Presents? Oooh, I love presents. What did you get me?”

“You’ll have to be free to open the first one up, and then you’ll have to be tied up before you can open the second one.”

“Okay. You’re a tease you know.”

“I’ve been called worse.”

Lizzie started to writhe and struggle to get her wrists free. I watched her for a while before I went out to the car and brought in my bag and her gifts. When I got back in, she had the bow knot undone, but was struggling with getting her wrists free.

“This is much harder with my elbows tied.”

“It will be impossible when I tie them with rope. So, tell me, do you have any shoes with a higher heel?”

“No. These are the sexiest shoes I own. I’ve never had a reason to wear those sky-high ‘do-me’ heels, although I think they look very sexy on the women that do wear them. Do you know where to get some?”

“Of course. As you might have suspected with that inquiry, I do have a fetish for very high heels. I think they make a woman so very sexy and desirable. I like hose too. I was glad to see you were wearing hose tonight. It made tying your legs together much nicer for my hands.”

She got the scarf off her wrists and began wriggling to loosen the scarf holding her elbows together. 

“I purposefully didn’t cinch that scarf so you could wriggle out of it. When I tie you with rope, if you choose to let me, I will cinch that elbow-tie and make sure to tie other ropes around your chest to keep any of it from slipping down.”

“Oh, I’m going to let you tie me up and make me as helpless as you want me. Green, green, green, green, green. I like this, and if there’s more to this, I want the full ride. You have me so wound up I feel like ripping my clothes off and just screaming at you to take me. I have got to see where this is going though. There’s always an element of danger to any paraphilia, but I feel like I can trust you to take me there, bring me back and take me there and back again and again. This bondage stuff is making me very hot, and I’m more than ready for more.”

“Oh, you’ll get more. I can barely wait to get my ropes on you.”

“Well you could just untie these scarves and get at it.”

“No, you have to release yourself, and then ask me to make you helpless with my ropes. C’mon, you’ve almost got that arm scarf all the way down. Keep wriggling. That’s my girl. Keep going. There you go. Now just untie your legs.”

When the last scarf was off, Lizzie dropped to her knees and looked up at me.

“Bondage Dom, Jack Sir, use ropes, or chains, or anything you want, but please make me helpless. I want to feel the magic of being totally out of control and at your mercy. I’m beginning to see what it might be like and I need to be taken and used and made to feel alive as you’ve promised me. Make me yours. Please?”

I handed her the wrapped-up books and she tore into them like a kid. Still on her knees, staring wide eyed at her new treasures, she leafed through the books reading little bits of certain pages and then looked up at me.

“You knew I would find this irresistible. How did you know? I didn’t even know, so how could you? I’ve never told anyone about this desire, so how could you know?”

“Body language and reactions to subtle stimuli. I had you spotted as a bondage submissive in the parking lot of the church when we first met. The more clues I got from you, the more sure of this I was, so I decided to offer you the chance to experience this. Now stand up and put your hands behind your back. You are about to take your first step into my world.”

She did and I tied her wrists together, cinching them snuggly, but not too tight.

“And in the church parking lot, I just wanted you to notice me.”

“I did notice you and this is what I noticed about you. Now stand with your ankles together.” 

I went down on one knee and tied her ankles together with another rope. With a third rope I tied her shoes on her feet and attached them to her ankle bonds. While I was doing this, Lizzie was struggling for all she was worth trying to get out of the rope around her wrists. The ropes did not give to her efforts.

I started to rub my hands over her body and Lizzie wriggled under my touch. She simultaneously tried to rub her body into my hands and at the same time squirm away from my touch. I methodically touched her entire body, purposefully not lingering on her breasts, ass or crotch, but giving them the same attention I was giving the rest of her body. This went on until she was panting and squirming.

“Please, just take me. I am so hot. I need you to make love to me. I haven’t wanted a man like this in a very long time. I want you inside of me. Take me Jack, please.”

I wadded up two of the larger square scarves and pushed them deeply into her mouth. I had to push them in so that they filled in her cheeks and then I tied one of the longer scarves around her head three times, drawing the mouth packing even deeper into her mouth. When I tied it off, she grunted and tried to make sounds. They came out muffled and she discovered that she could not make any intelligible words. With my roll of Kerlix, I started over the wadding and wrapped her head several times, sealing her gagged mouth with wraps from just under her nose to just below her chin. I pulled this breathable, self-adhesive bandage very tightly around her head which caused her to snort and fight me, but I finished my task and then kissed her over her well-gagged mouth. 

“Remember, I’m taking away all of your control. Now you can’t tell me what to do. If you begin to freak out, or you absolutely just can’t take anymore, start humming a tune. Any tune. I’ll use this as your safe-word and start to release you. If not, you’ll just have to experience whatever I do to you. Now, this dress has got to go. Normally, I’d just cut it off, but I figure it’s one of your good dresses, so I’ll take it off of you while keeping you helplessly tied. Ready to get naked in front of a stranger? Here goes.”

I slowly unbuttoned her dress taking my time and feeling her up as I did. Once it was opened down the front, I pulled the dress back and over her arms until her wrist bonds stopped it. Again, taking my time and trying to make it as erotic as I could, I played with her tits over her bra, and then unfasten it. Being just a little overweight Lizzie had nice, pendulous D-cup breasts. I found them desirable even if gravity had started taking its toll. I played with her nipples by reaching under her bra and she went nuts, writhing and moaning through her gag. They got hard and engorged with blood quickly and I pulled her bra up and over her head so I could start to suck on her nipples. She really liked this, so I indulged myself until her nipples were getting super sensitized. 

Moving behind her, I pulled her elbows together and tied them about two-inches or so apart. I cinched them with a separate rope and used the long ends to go under her arm, around the back of her neck, back under the other arm and then looped it through the cinch on her elbows. I brought the end up and looped it through the rope behind her neck and pulled it down to tie it off to the cinch. This made a practical harness to keep the elbow ropes from slipping or easily being undone. Now that her chest was pushed further out, I went back to fondling her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Lizzie went wild. While doing this, I untied her wrist bonds, took her dress and bra off and then re-tied her wrists just like they had been tied before.

With a long rope, I tied several loops around her belly and knotted it off. Next, I pulled down her pantyhose to her upper thighs. Taking out my safety shears, I cut her white cotton panties off, pulled them through her crotch and stuffed them in my pocket. Lizzie squealed, began writhing and almost fell. I had to hold her up and pet her until she calmed down. With the long depending ends of the waist rope, I pulled it through her now very damp crotch. When I got the measurement I wanted, I pulled the rope out and made several overhand knots in the rope so that they would line up over her clit and her vagus nerve. I then used one hand to pull her labial lips apart and pulled the knotted rope deep into her vagina. I pulled the ends up to the waist rope and knotted them off, pulling the excess back through her pussy and knotted it off again to the rope around her waist. Lizzie squealed through her gag and tried to fight me, but I just manhandled her until her crotch-rope was the way I wanted it. To finish it off, I pulled her pantyhose back up and gave her several light swats on her butt. As she writhed and tried to move away, she got the first taste of what the rope in her pussy would do to her and her movements immediately took on a whole new rhythm. I then went back to playing with her tits. Call it an infantile fascination, but tits always amused me.

Sucking on one while I toyed with the other nipple with my fingertips, I brought her close to orgasm and then I backed off, frustrating her. I’d build her up and then back off over and over again. To say that I was driving her crazy was a profound understatement. I would take the time to add more rope to make her even more helpless as I tormented her very sensitive tits. 

The first rope I added was to her upper thighs, just under the cheeks of her ass. I pulled this tight and when I cinched it, it got even tighter. My fingers brushed against her pouty labial lips as I cinched this tie and Lizzie moaned as I touched her. My next rope went around her waist again, over her bound arms, but this time I cinched this wrap between her arms and her back, limiting the lateral movement of her arms. To add to her helplessness a rope went around her calves, just under her knees. Another rope went around her lower thighs just above her knees. This rope I cinched up and attached it to the rope higher around her thighs. A third rope went around her thighs just between these other two thigh ropes, welding her legs together. Between each application, I teased her tits and nipples, backing off just before she came, making her scream into her gag. I tied another long rope around her chest, over and under her tits, until they stuck out all pink and warm from bloodflow. I cinched these on the sides and between her tits, running the rope over her shoulders and making them stand out even more. 

I picked her up and took her into her bedroom to stand in front of the full-length mirror on her door. As I mauled her body with my hands, I talked into her ear.

“Look at yourself. Look at all the ropes going around your body. How helpless do you feel? You want to come don’t you, but I just won’t take you over the edge. Look at the rope around your tits. Feel the rope biting into your sopping pussy that’s driving you nuts. You are helpless and totally out of control and at my mercy. Do you know what I’m going to do to you now?”

Her mewling and writhing was frantic. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a small but very powerful vibrator. This Pocket Rocket had visited many a snatch and brought them all to a body-shaking orgasm, or two. Lizzie was no different. I turned it on, held it right over the knots going through her pussy and pinched her nipple as her orgasm ripped through her. She spasmed and collapsed to her knees, completely unable to stand anymore. Throwing her head back she screamed into her gag before she passed out.

While she was sliding in and out of consciousness, I untied her legs, removed her shoes and pantyhose and her crotch rope. I untied the ropes around her chest, her elbow ropes and the waist ropes holding her arms down. When I was finished, the only thing I left tied was her wrists behind her back. I waited until she began to come around before I started to unwrap the Kerlix from around her head. I took my time and gently removed her gags. Holding a bottle of water up for her to drink, I encouraged her to drink it all. Finally, I just held her in my arms until she calmed down from the aftershocks of her orgasm.

“I am so sore.”


“Everywhere, but it feels so wonderful.”

“That’s the endorphins going through your body.”

I began to pet her, stroking the ridges left by the ropes that had gone around her body and I began kissing her all over. 

“I’m on fire, Jack. Your lips are burning my skin with an electricity that I’ve never felt before. What did you do to me?”

“I did just what I promised you I’d do. I showed you what your libido was like when it was helpless to another’s will. My will. I introduced you to my world. I introduced you to a paraphilia. Bondage. The exact name for what I am is a Merinthophiliac, or someone that loves bondage. I love to show others what bondage can do for them. I did that for you. Now it’s time to show you more.”

“What more can you do to me? I’m a wreck and it will take me days, or weeks to recover from this. Will you please untie my hands?”

I got her up off the floor and helped her over to her bed. 

“Are you using your safe word?”

“No, but I’m asking you nicely to let me recuperate from this. I’m all worn out. What else can you do to me?”

“This”, and I began tying ropes around her again. I tied a rope to each of her thighs just above her knees, and then left the long ends dangling. I bent her legs up so that her heel was pushing against her butt and took another long rope and tied her leg in that bent position, cinching it so that it wouldn’t just slip down her leg and off. After doing the same thing to her other leg, I used the dangling ends of the ropes above her knees to secure them to the frame of the bed on each side. This forced her bent legs apart and opened her pussy up nicely. Her muscles were so flaccid that she offered no resistance but looked at me like I was performing a magic act. I got up and took my clothes off and the look on her face told me she thought she was about to be fucked. She was wrong. Before Lizzie knew it, I buried my face between her legs and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs.

“Oh my God NO! You can’t. I’m too sore down there. I, - - - Oh God, - - - Oh God, - - - oh please have mercy on me, - - - Oh God, - - - Oh YES, there, right there, Oh God that’s the spot, - - - Oh GOD YES! YES! YES!” 

And these platitudes and encouragements continued the whole time I amused myself between her legs.

Eventually, I reached up long enough to shove the wadding of scarves I had pulled out of her mouth earlier back into her mouth, and then I went back to eating her out. Her moans were loud and her muffled pleas for mercy ignored. When she spasmed under my ministrations and shook all over from the intensity of her orgasm, I reached over and grabbed my little vibrating demon. With my lips and tongue on her labia, I used the Pocket Rocket to rip another couple of orgasms out of her. Lizzie was limp and spent from coming and moaning incoherently into the scarves stuffed into her mouth. I continued to lick and kiss her crotch as the aftershocks rippled through her muscles, but I put little to no effort into trying to get her to come again.

Untying her from the bed, I left her legs bundled and her wrists tied behind her while I positioned her up into a kneeling position. I then wriggled under her and let the tip of my hard-on tickle her over-sensitized pussy. Going on nothing but her animal instinct, she finally slid down over my dick and buried it into her pussy. I slowly started to pump into her, letting the full length of my hard-on do the work it was meant to do. She tried to ride me, but her muscles failed her, and she just knelt there while I pushed up into her. Realizing after a while I would never get off in this position, I pulled out of her, slithered out from underneath her and pushed her face first into the bed. I pulled her up on her knees again and buried my hard-on into her pussy from behind. Pistoning into her, her cries into the scarves wadded up in her mouth were a mixture of begging me to stop and pleading for more. I knew her mind was not functioning rationally, and her animal side was all that was keeping her going. Finally, I shot my load into her and collapsed over her still bound wrists. Pulling out, I released her legs and let her pass out on her belly.

Sometime during the night, I heard her talking into my ear.

“Jack, - - - Jack, wake up please. I have to pee really bad and you still have my hands tied. Please, let me loose for just a couple of minutes. You can tie me back up when I get back, but show me a little mercy, please.”

“Use your safe word so you get used to using it.”

“Yellow, please Jack.”

I untied her wrists and she minced her way into the bathroom. I was laying there when she came back in. She handed me the rope and turned around, holding her arms behind her back. I knew she’d be sore in the morning, but I tied her anyway because this was such a positive sign of her submission. I even tied her crossed ankles together. Pulling her into my arms, we were both back to sleep in a matter of minutes.

It was late when we both woke up. I started petting her and she squirmed around enjoying my touch.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before. I’m still on fire. Every nerve in my body is alive and telling me that I’ve just been made love to by a master of his craft. A bondage master. Wow, I never knew it could be like that. I can remember fantasies about being tied up and taken, but it was nothing like what you did to me last night. I never knew anything could be that intense. I’m in serious trouble. I liked that. No, I loved what you did to me. I liked the little play bondage we did with the scarves, but I loved what you did to me with the rope. I want it again, but I know I’m too sore to do more. That rope you tied through my pussy was a real demon. I’ve never even imagined something like that. I really do love being helpless you know. I know my shoulders are going to complain later but being tied like this is just magical. You can do anything you want to me and I can’t do a thing to stop you. I have to depend on you to do anything. When you released me last night to go to the bathroom, all I could think about was getting tied up again when I got done with my business. And waking up next to you with my wrists and ankles tied is so hot. The rush of memories flooding into my head as I became conscious was just intensified as I pulled against the ropes keeping me helpless. I’ve never felt this alive before. I love the way you touch my body. I want your hands all over me, and if I have to stay tied up to entice you to do that, well I guess I’ll just have to stay tied up. I want to experience everything you can teach me about this new paraphilia called bondage. What did you call yourself? What kind of philiac?”

“I’m a merinthophiliac.”

“Then I want to be one too. I want bondage in my life now, and I want you to teach me. What’s the first thing I have to do?”

I petted her body, teasing her with my fingertips and my lips so that she was writhing around beneath me. Sucking on her excited nipple I got her very aroused again and then I suddenly broke it off. Looking her in the eyes I smiled.

“Well, being a typical man, I’m thinking breakfast.”

Lizzie’s laugh was delightful.

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