Behind Closed Doors Chapter 2 - The Ottoman

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Chapter 2 - The Ottoman

It was several weeks later and Marsha had called to say she had received yet another E-mail from “Nati” and would bring it over later for them to read.

Since Karen had written the piece, and all the others sent before it, they had a good laugh while preparing for her visit.  Now the three of them were relaxing in the living room.  Jane and Karen were dressed in tailored leather slacks, cable knit sweaters and ankle boots while Marsha looked radiant in a stone washed denim dress with flared skirt and a wide white belt.

As Karen served the coffee Jane nudged the large ottoman closer to Marsha and urged her to get comfortable and put her feet up on the padded leather surface.

Since her daughter had disappeared Marsha had come to terms with the situation and, helped by the regular correspondence supposedly from her, had in fact began to relax and enjoy life again without the constant worry and bickering.  She recently received a promotion at work that would entail a lot more traveling and so she put the house across the street on the market and was dickering for a small condominium apartment downtown.

She was almost bubbly as she handed Jane a copy of the latest E-mail pointing out that Natasha said it was nearly a month since she had drunk any alcohol (true) and that she had not taken any drugs stronger than an aspirin since leaving home (true).

Karen and Jane nearly choked on their coffee as Marsha wondered out loud if Natasha had finally found a way to restrain herself from indulging in the dangerous habits she had at home.

If Marsha had but known her daughter was indeed restrained, very tightly in fact, as a leather covered blind and deaf form laced, strapped, severely gagged and jammed in a ball on her side in the ottoman under her mother’s legs.

Her arms were locked high up between her shoulder blades and her chest crushed against her thighs.  When they had the girl positioned over the open top of the ottoman it had taken both of them to gradually force the leather-covered body in the small space.  Natasha’s head was laced in a leather discipline helmet with openings only under the nostril inserts.

Over this they had installed a heavy rubber gas mask and once she was in the piece of furniture they connected the short tube from the respirator to an opening in the bottom panel that was about 4” off the floor.

Closing the top took both of them sitting on it until the lock could be engaged.  The entire inside was padded with a 1” air filled rubber liner that protected not just the parts of Natasha forced against the interior surfaces but also the leather she was covered with.

When they were done, Karen knelt down beside the footstool and listened carefully.  The very slight hissing noise of the confined girl’s breathing was hardly noticeable even at that distance and they were confident that their secret was safe to “go on stage”.

As Karen poured her a second cup of coffee Marsha commented that she really hoped her daughter had finished sowing her wild oats and was safe and enjoying life.

Unnoticed, Jane pushed the button on a remote control and smiled as she thought to herself that Natasha had certainly finished sowing anything, she was relatively safe and, since the batteries on the dildo and butt plug embedded in her were good for two hours, she might even be enjoying herself!


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