Behind Closed Doors

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; kidnap; leather; bond; toys; nc; X

Chapter 1 - Introduction of the sub
(Illustrated by SMS)

Natasha was out of control and her mother was at the end of her tether.  Even though the girl was just eighteen she was now an adult and could call her own “shots”.  Marsha had lost control and could not make her beautiful daughter listen to the dangers she was toying with, she was so worried she could not sleep.

Marsha was a single, divorced mother whose husband had run off with another women when their daughter was twelve.  Since then the girl had gradually become more and more defiant.  With her mother working full time to make ends meet the girl had far too much time on her own and there seemed little Marsha could do to stem the tide of disobedience.

Earlier this Saturday morning Natasha had again come home drunk or high on something, swore at her worried mother and was now sleeping it off.

Marsha related her problems to two good friends when they visited from across the street for morning coffee.   They had seen her eyes red from crying and convinced her to open up.  Jane and Karen were both widows in their early forties.  They and their husbands had been friends for years and when the two men were involved in an accident and both drowned while out fishing two years ago the widows had lent on each other for support.

The leaning became something more and they both soon realized that, with the men gone, they had each other.  That led to a drunken evening when latent lesbian feelings surfaced and the two melded becoming partners. They had sold Jane’s home and moved into Karen’s across the street from Marsha.

To the world they were two widows consolidating their assets and consoling each other.  In fact they were so well off from the insurance settlements that neither had to work and they gave absolutely no indication of what went on behind their closed doors.

Both were attractive having looked after themselves, one blonde, the other a redhead.  Neither was butch and they had hiding that they were lesbians down to a fine art.  Exploring their innermost feelings over the last couple of years they had also found a common interest in B/D and both loved the feel of leather and other fetish materials.

The leather presented no problems because it was fashionable and could be worn in public practically year round without drawing undue attention.  Satisfying their bondage and domination desires was a harder problem since, ideally, one of them would have been a Domme and the other a sub but that was not the case.  Both were Domme and neither was willing to change.

Back home after consoling Marsha they were having lunch when simultaneously they both looked up and said “What if…?”  By late that afternoon their plan to help Marsha was taking shape.  The fact that it would also solve their lack of a sub was a bonus neither missed.

Karen’s husband had been in the recording business and in the basement had built a 20’ x 15’ studio.   Since his death the equipment had all been sold or given to his colleagues but the soundproofing remained.  Over the next few weeks the two plotters bought readily available everyday items to transform the studio into a home for the soon to arrive new houseguest.

Jane flew to Chicago and spent a substantial amount of cash in several “specialty” stores without even getting a raised eyebrow from the sales people about some of her requests.  One of them however, an attractive young lady with a name badge that just read “Kat”, seemed to almost anticipate Jane’s requirements and made some very useful suggestions even offering to demonstrate the correct use of her purchases.

During the same period Karen, using knowledge gained when she had worked in a bank before her husband’s death, opened an account in the next town and deposited a substantial amount in an assumed name.  They used this account to go online and pay for several harder to get exotic items and have them delivered to a P.O. Box under the same name.

Being directly across the street from Marsha’s house they set up a schedule to watch and record Natasha’s comings and goings.  At the same time they frequently visited Marsha reinforcing their friendship and support while keeping their eyes open.

When the girl had been out on the town she usually arrived home in the early hours either dropped off by someone she had spent the evening with or by taxi.  Nine times out of ten she was drunk or high on something.

Karen and Jane were ready and just waiting for the ideal situation to occur so they could act.  Then it all came together at 2:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, Marsha was away on a two-day conference for her work, Karen was dozing on the couch and Jane on watch when a car pulled up outside their house and Natasha climbed out and staggered to a street sign.  As the car sped away she leaned over and threw up.  Jane woke Karen and two women moved very quickly until in no time Jane was holding the sick girl’s forehead with one hand and had her other arm around Natasha’s waist comforting her while at the same time leading her towards their side door.

Not realizing what was going on Natasha allowed herself to be led through the door and put up no resistance as Karen gently pulled her arms behind her back and locked handcuffs on her wrists.  That seemed to wake her somewhat and she turned to mumble something only to have a large ball gag shoved in her mouth and strapped behind her head.

Since her stomach was now empty the two kidnappers were not worried about her choking and they dragged her down the stairs into the basement studio, pushed her down on a plastic covered bed and tied her ankles to the metal foot rail.  While Karen watched to make sure the drunken girl came to no harm and went through her pockets for her keys Jane went outside with the garden hose and washed away the signs of her homecoming.

Making sure the girl was both secure and not going to be ill again they went across the street and unlocked the side door of Marsha’s house.  Then they proceeded to clear out all of Natasha’s clothes and personal possessions quietly transferring them to their basement.

They were woken up at 8 a.m. by a phone call from Marsha telling them that her daughter was not answering the phone and had probably not come home and would they keep an eye open for her and call Marsha if they saw her.  They were only too pleased to assure their friend that they would help.

While Jane checked on the now sleeping captive Karen went online and used her expertise to bounce a message from an untraceable carrier to Marsha’s home computer purporting to be from Natasha.  In it she told her Mother she was sick of the fighting and had decided to move away for a few weeks and live with a friend she had been seeing.  The E-mail was signed “Nati” which was Marsha’s pet name for her daughter and another means of reinforcing the fact that the message did indeed come from her.

Karen and Jane spent the morning getting intimately acquainted with their new guest.  They first removed the gag and fed her a couple of aspirin with a glass of water then packed it back in her mouth before they spread-eagled the now naked girl on the bed with very effective hospital restraints and measured every inch of her body.

images by SMS used by permission

Jane was a registered nurse and put her skills to work with a full medical examination discovering that Natasha was in basically good health but, while far from a virgin, she was not pregnant and had not picked up any communicable diseases from her nights out.

Jane also clipped and shaped the black bush around the girl’s vagina. They talked back and forth over the increasingly frantic struggles of their captive making sure she heard them discussing how upset and hurt her mother was and how Natasha had forfeited her freedom by being so unmanageable.

They were now going to take over her “management” permanently and to give her an idea of what life with them could be like they would be back down after lunch to give her a very uncomfortable afternoon and evening.

True to their word, and containing their enthusiasm that was finally to get an outlet, after spending couple of hours helping each other dress they re-appeared wearing outfits that made Natasha’s eyes bulge.

(Author’s note: Jane and Karen’s costumes designed, with minor adjustments from the author, by Doggers!)

images by SMS used by permission

As the two stood side by side in the wide doorway of the studio the plumes of hair standing straight up from the top of their heads nearly brushed the doorframe.  On the left Jane was vision of gleaming black leather.

Her blonde tresses were held by a 3” laced black leather sleeve that extending upward from the leather helmet.  The helmet itself was quite stunning. It fit like a glove having first been laced down the back and then a covered zipper pulled down to make the join smooth and seamless.  A wide slash over the mouth created a spooky, menacing look, but allowed her scarlet lips to show through and her mouth enough movement for talking.   There were two gold encircled holes under the nostrils for additional breathing.

The eyeholes were cut just large enough to show Jane's eyes, her extra long eyelashes and the deep blue eyelid makeup accented with gold glittering sparkles. Jane's entire head looked like it was dipped in some sort of liquid leather because the helmet fit so perfectly.

She had on a crotchless leather cat suit and over that tightly laced leather opera length gloves. Natasha stared wide-eyed at the long leather thigh high boots, with 5” inch heels; they laced up almost to her crotch!  There was also a very tight leather corset with two thin straps running down each side of her vagina and back between her legs; it held the corset hem firmly among the other things it did for her!  The strap disappeared between her legs and came up behind her splitting her ass cheeks then ending in a "Y" buckled tightly to the corset above each hip.

The corset caused Jane's hips and behind to flare out in an exaggerated way and her breasts to seem to explode over the top.  Her cat suit laced down the front, but a 3” opening showed the cleavage of her ample breasts. The laces cut into the flesh, causing the soft flesh to ooze out through the tight laces in dozens of tiny triangles.

Her neck was encased in a wide leather collar that covered the seam from the helmet zipper and also the top of the laces for the cat suit.  Only her deep blue eyes, her blonde hair and a peek of the compressed breasts let Natasha know who was inside in the gleaming black leather outfit.

Next to her in the doorway stood Karen wearing an identical outfit with just one major difference – she was head to toe in glistening white wet look patent leather.   The lovers moved purposefully towards Natasha, their scarlet lips smiling against the leather of their helmets and their hands full of ominous looking equipment.

They wasted no time with pleasantries and in very short order the gagged girl was hauled off the bed, easily being manhandled by the two women, over to a waist high metal bar.   A plastic tie locked her wrists behind her back and Karen used two more ties to attach her ankles to the uprights holding the bar.

Jane put a collar around the girl’s neck and pulled the attached leash down to a ring in the floor so that Natasha was held bent over the bar with her legs spread wide and her upper torso horizontal to the floor.

“Well now Natasha,” said Jane “there is a story about an old man and his mule.  Every morning the man hits the mule on the head with a 2 x 4 and when asked why he says that’s just to get his attention.  The first thing we intend to do is get your attention but using these instead.”  She and Karen waved 3” wide and 2’ long leather strops under the girl’s nose and then took positions on either side of her and proceeded to administer twelve strokes each to the presented ass cheeks.

Karen pulled the gag from the sobbing victims mouth and told her that while in this room she would sometimes be gagged only because, while it was soundproof, they felt like it.  Any time she was outside the room a gag would be mandatory.  Since this was her first day they would leave the gag out for a little while. 

Jane wheeled over a stand and without ceremony shoved the greased nozzle of the enema tube deeply inside the girl’s puckered rosebud.  Releasing the valve to allow the fluid to flow they waited as the bag emptied passing the time by spreading a thick layer of hair remover on the girls limbs.

Fifteen minutes later they disconnected the hose from the plug and moved her to the adjoining bathroom and toilet to empty her bowels then it was in to the shower.  There was a cryptic comment from Karen when some soap found its way in Natasha’s mouth that after the things she had said to her mother it was obviously deserved.

images by SMS used by permission

The women worked as a team and stayed out of the spray as they washed the sobbing neighbour.  Jane peeled back the girl’s lips and gave her teeth a scrub.  Her wrists still held behind her with plastic ties, Natasha was dried off and then dragged back inside the studio again for an introduction to some of the bondage equipment they had accumulated just for her.

The pleading turned to swearing and the ball gag was re-installed for peace and quiet while they worked.

Tight leather gloves laced to above the biceps and then her fingers were folded into tight fists and another layer of leather in the form of lace on mittens took any movement from Natasha’s hands.  Working as a team they bent her arms at the elbow and strapped the wrists to the upper arm before adding yet another layer of leather with pouches laced from elbow to armpit.

Moving down to her legs the pair soon were lacing thigh high black leather ballet boots on the stricken girl.  These took quite some time and they sadistically made it known that once they were on they would stay on for a few days.

The heavily boned corset covered most of her upper torso and took both of them, using all their strength, to install; by the time they were finished Natasha’s waist was down from its original 25” to a waspwaisted 21”.  Her breasts jutted out through the upper portion of the corset and built in straps were tightened around the base of each one.

A wide leather belt was cinched around her waist and, for contrast against the black leather, they used white cord to connect the rings at the point of each elbow to the belt in the small of her back.

Bending her legs at the knee they used more of the white cord to lock her ankles to her thighs.  They made sure that the lower part of the legs and the stringently pointed feet were on the outside of the thighs as much as possible.

Picking up the helpless girl they carried her over to a waist high table.  On the table was a thick rectangular board about 2’ wide by 3’ long.  One of the ends had a deep V cut in to it and the board was padded with quilted leather.  There were several large eyehooks fitted around the edges and, strangely, underneath at each corner was a much larger ring jutting downwards.

At the point of the V stood a very large and very sinister looking butt plug that had been carefully greased with KY.  Holding her bound legs wide apart the two leather-clad tormenters slowly lowered Natasha on to the plug.

To the petrified girl the plug had looked enormous but Jane’s nursing skills had taken in to account the measurements they made earlier and while uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, the plug would just fit without damage.  They pushed down on Natasha’s upper legs until she settled on the rubber flange of the plug that had been coated with rubber cement forming an effective seal around her asshole.

Using white cord again they fed it through the eyehooks, across her legs, and even from the toes of the heel-less ballet boots and the rings at the knees, to secure her, legs spread wide apart, immovable on the padded surface.

Pulling out the ball gag they packed Natasha’s mouth with a hard rubber jaw-stretching substitute and taped her lips closed over it.  Karen gathered the long black hair and worked it into a single braid and while she did that Jane pushed in a pair of hollow nostril inserts, tightening small setscrews to hold them in place.

Now they both took great delight in fitting the black leather discipline helmet and lacing it as tightly as possible down the back of Natasha’s head until it fitted to each feature of her face like an undersized kid glove with holes just for the eyes and under the nose.  A strap across her mouth was pulled equally tight and the braid connected with cord to the back of the belt.

More white cord through a ring in the middle of the gag strap where it crossed her chin was pulled tightly down to another between her bulging breasts and her head was held immobile, facing forwards, by the bonds front and back.  Just to add insult to injury they added a wide, stiff neck corset and, in turn, laced that just to the point where it almost interfered with her already laboured breathing.

All this had taken time and they left the object of their attention for a while to enjoy a cocktail and some food; they felt that Natasha could survive until the morning before they fed her.

Returning to the studio they each took a handful of bulging breast in their leather covered fingers and coaxed the nipples to stand erect and available to each receive a heavy gold clamp.  Jane moved her hand down to manipulate the nub at the top of Natasha’s vagina and as it presented itself Karen was ready with another clamp.

That being installed brought forth a barely heard groan from its recipient.  Thin gold chain connected the three clamps and a couple of weights on the nipple rings made any slight movement of Natasha’s body, such as breathing, irritating to say the least.

There was one last opening just begging for attention and the two Dommes had deliberately left it for last.  The massive dildo fit just perfectly but took quite some time to get properly installed before one last length of the white cord ran from the corset, across the base of the dildo and was pushed through until it could be yanked tight to the elbow ring.

By now it was late evening and the two ladies pushed 4’ long poles through the rings on the underside of the board and then with Jane at the front and Karen at the back lifted their packaged new toy like an Egyptian princess in her palanquin and carried her upstairs to their bedroom.

Setting the board down on a pedestal at the foot of their bed they removed the poles and gently helped each other remove their helmets and crotch straps.  They pulled softly padded covers over their boots to protect the glove leather sheets and settled themselves on the bed.

Karen turned out all the lights with a bedside switch except for a ceiling spotlight that shone down on Natasha’s leather bound form then she turned to her partner and smiled!

images by SMS used by permission


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