Beauty & the Beast

by Tom N8DXR

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© Copyright 2006 - Tom N8DXR - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; MMM/f; bond; slave; toys; magic; nc/reluct; X

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Part 2
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One minute I was pinned in Jack�s arms while Milord dripped wax on my hard nipples and twin dildoes thrust inside me. The next I was free, standing halfway across the room. And the Beast was kneeling in front of a tall, redheaded woman I�d never seen before. He was naked, and I saw with a shock that thick, silver chains bound his arms behind his back, wrists lashed to elbows.

�Nimue, you bitch...� he snarled, and I stared, realizing that the redhead must be the sorceress who�d enchanted him.

�Be still, Ian,� the witch snapped, and milord�s fangs snapped closed. He began to strain silently against his chains, but she ignored him, turning instead toward me. I fought the impulse to take a step back, and instead made a quick sign against evil.

�You�re a pretty one,� Nimue said, not sounding at all pleased. �I see why he�s so besotted with you. And I see he�s made you suffer these past days.�

Automatically, I started to deny it, then closed my mouth. Why should I defend him? He�d given me as much shame as desire, pain as delight. She smiled thinly. �Indeed. And not only has he tormented you, he�s made you enjoy it. And you a noblewoman, a lady from a distinguished line.� How did she know that?

Nimue lifted a long finger and traced the gold embroidery covering her black gown. �I know a great many things, Lady Brianne. I know, for example, that you�d like nothing better than revenge.�

I tossed back my hair. �And why should I not?�

Her smile was lupine. �No reason, milady. No reason at all.�

She began to pace around me, and I turned cautiously to follow her, keenly aware of my nakedness. �I could help you achieve that revenge you so crave, you know.�


�Blunt, aren�t you? Because it suits me. You�ve been humiliated, as I have been humiliated. And we are both the victims of one man.� She paused and sent milord a long look. He peeled his lips back from his sharp teeth.

�What do you have in mind?� Nimue turned back to me, and one corner of her mouth kicked up in triumph.

�Justice, my dear. An eye for an eye. You do unto him as he�s done unto you.�

I looked toward the Beast, who knelt by the fire, looking huge, handsome...and somehow dangerous, despite his chains. It  was, I admit, an interesting proposition.

�What do you have in mind? �

�Why don�t we start simple, Lady Brianne. He put a leash on you, so you may put one on him.� And with that, she reached into one of her bell sleeves and pulled out a length of chain attached to a gold band. I took it from her long fingers and studied it curiously. The little collar was no more than three inches across. 

�I don�t think it will fit him.�

She laughed, high and musically. �It doesn�t go around his THROAT, you silly child.�

The light dawned. �You jest.�

�Indeed I do not. Would you like to put it on him?�

I looked back at him. For one of the few times I can remember seeing him naked, his staff was limp. �In his present mood, I doubt it will stay on him.�

�Oh, that. I can remedy that situation.� And she traced a complicated sign in the air.

The next moment, milord�s phallus began to lengthen. In seconds, he was as thick and hard as he�d been when Nimue put in her appearance. I grinned wickedly and sauntered over to him. He bared his teeth at me, and I froze, uncertain. Nimue made another gesture. He froze.

Bending to him, I took the great, hard length of his staff in my hand, then slipped the gold collar around its purpled head. Backing away, I pulled the chain taut. The Beast roared in startled pain, and I jumped.

Nimue had drifted up to my shoulder. �The collar,� she purred, �has teeth.�

I hesitated again, then tugged more gently. Milord, eyes blazing, heaved himself to his feet.

�Let�s take him to the dungeon, shall we?� said Nimue.

�Lead the way, milady.�

Turning, I drew my master after me by his rigid phallus.

So it was that I found myself back in the dungeon, but this time, I was to watch and enjoy. I sat in the chair milord Beast had so often occupied when I was being punished. Jack sat at my feet, stroking the inside of my thighs and looking a bit fearful. I squirmed a bit as it occurred to me that, since Nimue evidently meant to free me, I should get up and leave rather than participate further. Then I saw my former master pulling at his chains, the muscles in his broad back working as he faced the wall, and I settled back in my chair. The opportunity to see him being forced to take the treatment he�d so often meted out to me was one I simply could not resist.

�Ah, here we are!� said Nimue, and turned away from the wide table that held the toys and devices my master had used on me. She held a long, supple riding crop in one hand, slashing it in the air to produce an evil swish. I saw the Beast throw a narrow, green-eyed look at her over his thick shoulder. Grinning a bit, I found myself wondering if perhaps Nimue would let me do the honors.
Evidently not. Nimue sauntered toward him, swaying her hips, trailing one finger down her deep cleavage. Suddenly, without warning, she raised the crop and brought it down in a brutal swipe. It struck him with a muffled whap. He didn�t even jump, instead eyeing her hotly. She rocked back on her heels and frowned. �I see that thick fur affords you some protection. Well, let�s see how you do with this.� And she gestured at the crop. Light flashed along its length, and I blinked and looked closer. The crop was suddenly studded with serrated metal teeth. Nimue lifted it over the Beast�s broad back.

�NO!� I gasped.

This time, he did jump as the crop slashed down across his spine, but he made no sound.

�Nimue, you�re going to injure him!�

She threw me a narrow look, mouth tight with displeasure. �Nothing else gets through to him. He has to bleed. Jack, give her something else to think about.�

Instantly, Jack pushed my legs apart and began to lap between them, much as he had on other occasions. This time though, I felt no heat. �Stop it!� I hissed, pushing at his forehead as Nimue�s crop bit into milord�s back.

�Don�t be a fool,� Jack hissed back. �Do ye want �er to turn YOU into somethin�?�

I forgot him and froze. There was something dark and shinning, moving through milord�s black fur.


I watched helplessly as Nimue lashed the Beast with her razored crop, its steady swish and WHAP beating an evil rhythm. The fur on his wide back shone red and matted with his blood. I felt ill.

Writhing, I fought Jack�s hold, but he bore his body down on mine to stifle my struggles. The fear, the horror, I felt surprised me.  Milord had enslaved me, chained and tormented me, sodomized and forced me, and yet watching Nimue beat him was agonizing. For looking into her set face, her fixed, cold eyes, I knew she meant to kill him, and the thought of his death left a great ache in me. I was a fool to feel that way. I should rejoice in his fate, in the prospect of freedom it brought me, but I felt no joy. Instead I kept remembering the pleasure he�d given me with his tongue, with his hands, the feel of his strong, hot body moving against mine, driving his shaft into my core with liquid strokes. And the look on his face at those times, the hunger that was more than sexual. As if he needed something from me even he didn�t understand.

Even in his deepest rage, when I�d tried to escape him, he hadn�t been able to bring himself to truly hurt me. And now Nimue would certainly kill him. Deep in my soul there rose a silent scream of protest as I saw his great body arch in agony under Nimue�s vicious blow, then suddenly go limp. The witch threw down her crop in disgust.

�He�s unconscious, the useless lout. Well, I�ll get no pleasure out of him now.  Jack, come here.�

Such cold fear stole over the footman�s handsome face that I felt a spurt of pity for him, though he�d never been my ally. Reluctantly, he pulled himself off me and went to meet Nimue.

�Down on the floor!� she barked at him, and he obediently lay down, though I saw a quiver of fear roll through him as he did so. Nimue tossed up her skirts and mounted him like a horse, grabbing his limp shaft with one hand and aiming it toward her opening. I heard her mutter a spell, and he hardened even as she drove herself down over him, engulfing him. Ruthlessly, the witch began to ride the hapless footman, grinding her pelvis hard against his, her face contorted with lust and hate. Her eyes, black in the torchlight, were locked on milord�s bloodied back.

Nimue�s rhythmic gasps and grunts filled the dungeon as she rode Jack, grinding hard upon him as she sought her climax. I shot a hasty look at her and crept toward milord, who hung in his chains, his maned head lolling. �Milord,� I hissed. No response. �Master!�

He stirred, lifted his head at last. His great green eyes opened and fought to focus on me. �Brianne...Brianne...what�re you...?� His words were slurred, barely audible over Nimue�s obscene grunts.

�Thank God!� I crossed myself and sidled closer. �I thought she�d killed you!�

�Give her...time.� His lips twitched, then he sucked in a breath of pain. I stole a look at the witch. Jack was arching under her, his hands clamped over her small breasts. 

�How can I help you, milord?�

�Get you...gone. She�ll�

He was right. I knew that, knew I should slip away while she was distracted by Jack and milord. But it wasn�t in me to leave him.

�No. I can�t let her kill you, milord. Isn�t there something we can do?� 

It seemed his eyes sharpened, focused for the first time since Nimue had begun to flog him. �You mean that. You�d help me?�

I lifted my chin. �Yes.� He studied me, blinking hard, obviously fighting the dizziness of blood loss.

�There is a way,� said milord at last. �It will be...� the Beast stopped to gasp in a painful breath, �...very dangerous.�

�Anything is better than waiting for Nimue to decide to turn her magic on me,� I told him stoutly. He stared at me intently, and I saw doubt and fear and hope do battle in his green eyes. Finally he nodded his maned head.

�Very well. Then listen closely, Brianne. In my library you will find a small porcelain statue of kissing lovers. Turn it over and look at its wooden base. You�ll see a small raised square. Pry the square off, and you�ll find a tiny vial inside. That vial contains a potion which cost me the better part of my rents for two months. I�m told, assuming I have not been deceived, that the potion will strip a witch of her powers forever - if it is poured over an open cut in her skin. The problem will be, of course, inflicting the wound and pouring it on Nimue without her killing you before you can complete the process.� I felt my stomach knot. As problems go, that one was nothing to laugh at.

Of course, the immediate problem was how to get out of the dungeon without drawing Nimue�s attention. Luckily, she was still engrossed in riding Jack, and evidently wasn�t far from climaxing. I began to slink toward the door.

�Lady Brianne!�

I stopped and bit back a curse. �Milady?�

She gazed at me suspiciously, frozen on top of Jack. Beneath her, the footman stared at me, then flicked a look at Milord. His eyes widened, and I wondered whether he knew what the Beast kept in his library. Apparently he did. One of his hands moved up to Nimue�s buttocks and pinched her viciously.

�Come on, women! I want to come!�

Instantly, the witch forgot me and snapped a glare down at Jack.

He whitened. �You forget yourself, sirah,� she purred. �Evidently, you need a lesson in keeping your place.�

I disappeared up the stairs while she was chaining him to the wall. Making my way toward the library at a trot, I heard his first scream. Cringing, I began to run. The glass vial was exactly where milord had said it would be, and I was soon on my way back down the dungeon steps with it clutched in my hand. I found Jack writhing in chains, a horrible, strangled sound bubbling between his lips. Nimue was lashing a riding crop across his loins, paying especial attention to the phallus she must have been keeping erect by magic. Licking my dry lips, I wondered how I was going to cut her. How deep did the wound have to be? Could I scratch her with my nails? Was there something at the table I could use?

Cautiously, I edged toward it, fighting to ignore Jack�s cries. The table was a massive affair built of scared oak, and its surface was littered with various whips, clamps, gags, dildoes, and other things I had no name for. My attention was caught, with a degree of horror, by a phallus in a leather harness apparently intended to hold it around the wearer�s hips. The dildo was made of wood and leather, like others I�d had used on me, but unlike them, it was studded with needles. I imagined the agony the device would inflict, and shuddered in horror.

�Well now�THAT�S an idea,� purred the witch in my ear.

I jumped and stared at her wildly. She still held the crop in one hand. Behind her, Jack had apparently blacked out. Nimue picked up the harness and its demon phallus. I felt my face go cold, and I wondered if she intended to use it on me.

�He fucked you up the arse, didn�t he?� the witch asked suddenly. I blinked at her numbly. There was a roaring sound in my ears. She smiled. It was a terrible smile. �How would you like to return the favor?� And she held up the needled dildo.

�NO!� I backed away, shaking my head.

�Oh, come now, Lady Brianne,� Nimue said, following me with the demonic phallus held by the harness. �Surely you haven�t lost your taste for vengeance.�

�My lord may have tormented me, but he was never vicious. And he saw to it that I found pleasure in what he did.� I stopped, surprised I�d said it. But it was true. I had enjoyed it, on some dark level. Even the pain. For a moment I felt a spurt of shame, then pushed the thought away. I had to save my Beast. 

Nimue�s lush mouth tightened, and she made a sweeping gesture. And the phallus was harnessed around my hips. I stared down at its lethal jut in horror, then automatically reached to unbuckle the straps.

�You realize, don�t you,� the witch said coldly, �that if I so wish it, you will fuck him like a rabbit. It would be much better for you if you do it of your own will.�

I stared at her, feeling sick. �No,� I said, fighting to keep my voice level.

�I�d never have guessed you such a coward, Nimue,� said the Beast suddenly.

She forgot me, whirling toward him with narrowed, snapping eyes.

�You dare call ME a coward? You, who were too afraid of Jovas to marry me?�

The Beast�s lips moved in an ugly smile. �I didn�t fear Jovas.  I just didn�t like the ugliness in you.�

Her eyes widened. Then she whirled toward me and threw her arms out, and I knew, with gut-knotting horror, that she was about to ensorcel me into sodomizing milord with the dildo. But Nimue miscalculated. One long hand flew out past the Beast�s face. Quick as a blink, he sunk his fangs in her wrist. The witch howled in agony, grabbing her forearm and staring down at the wound in shock. I flew toward her, seeing my chance. �Here, let me help!� She let me catch her forearm....And I broke the vial over it, spilling the scarlet potion over it like blood.

�BITCH!� Nimue screamed, and threw me away. �I�ll see you burn for that, you highborn trollop!� And she drew a complex sign in the air.

Nothing happened.

The Beast laughed.

Suddenly the air was full of smoke and light, and I heard a high, hopeless scream that could only have been Nimue. When it cleared, a tall blond man stood beside my master. He was handsome and broadchested, and there was such an aura of power about him that I longed to drop to one knee.

�Well met, Ian Duncan!� the man said, grinning wolfishly at my master.

�And you, Jovas,� milord said, smiling back with all his teeth.

�I gather you�ve come for your new property.� The blond turned his lupine smile toward Nimue, who cringed back from him in horror.

�Indeed I have. So, witch...I hear you�ve been very, very bad.� He moved toward her, stalking, and she backed away. �You know what happens to naughty little girls, don�t you?�

�BASTARD!� screeched Nimue, which was exactly the wrong thing to say. For Jovas laughed and grabbed her hair in one big hand, then snatched her nose to nose with him. She screeched again as she rose on her toes. �Now, that�s no way to talk to your master, little slave.�

�NO!� She flailed at him. �I�ll not!�

�Oh, but you are my slave. You�ve got no powers to protect you now, your shield is gone. You�re mine.� 

Those last words were delivered in a purr to rival milord�s. Jovas� big hand tightened, forced the witch inexorably to her knees. Then he looked up, toward my master. �This is a grand day, Ian Duncan. One I�ve hungered for. Would you care to savor it with me?�

The Beast�s smile made my blood chill. �Oh, aye. I would, at that.�

Jovas gestured, and for a moment I was blinded as light burst in the room. When my sight cleared, Jack and milord were free...And, thankfully, uninjured, their wounds healed. That done, the sorcerer turned and dragged Nimue toward milord�s great chair. He fell into it, and dragged her across his lap. Over the sound of tearing fabric, as Jovas did away with Nimue�s gown, I asked my master, �Who is he?�

�A very great wizard,� said milord, sounding darkly pleased. He moved up behind me and took my breasts in both hands. �He�s had a yen for Nimue for years, but she would never yield to him. And he is hardly the sort to submit to a woman�s whim. She managed to keep him from her with a magical shield, but when you doused her with the potion, the spell collapsed. Now she�s at his mercy.�
And it was rapidly evident he had none. 

As we watched, the wizard began to pound her bottom with his broad, hard palm. She kicked and screamed, cheeks reddening under each hard smack, the firm, rounded flesh shuddering. Jovas watched her naked rump with hot, lustful eyes, a wide grin on his face. Jack moved up beside us to watch, his eyes burning with cruel enjoyment of his tormentor�s punishment. My master squeezed my nipples, kneading them ruthlessly, and I gasped, feeling my own arousal grow. I began to understand why the Beast took such delight in spanking me. Milord�s phallus was thick and hot against my back. The air rang with Nimue�s howls of protest, the sound competing with the loud smacks of Jovas� hand. Her naked breasts quivered against his legs. They would, I knew, be merciless with her.

My own hot anticipation of her punishment was a revelation to me. Almost as much as the quiver of envy I felt. My master rolled and squeezed my nipples, and I groaned, watching as Jovas pounded Nimue�s bottom. I could see her sex, red furred and pouting, flashing as her long legs kicked. Suddenly Jovas stopped and jerked Nimue to her feet. I felt a twinge of disappointment that the display was over. Then I forgot it as Jovas pushed her to the stone floor and pounced on her, sucking and biting at her nipples. She pounded at his shoulders, but he ignored her struggles, squeezing her breasts, reaching down between her legs with the other hand to find her sex. Nimue cursed and bit at him, and I saw him lift his head to murmur something. A spell, apparently; light flared, and when it faded, the witch was still, as if wrapped in invisible chains. Milord slipped a hand down and began to caress my dampening flesh.

Jovas� tongue looked very long and red as he licked her nipples until they grew into blushing points. His hand, stroking steadily, slid along her petals with increasing ease and speed, as if she was growing wet under his demanding attentions. He murmured again, and his robes disappeared in a flash of light, revealing a body as long, muscular and hard as any knights. I stared in fascination at his muscular rump as he lifted himself and fitted his body between Nimue�s slender legs. His hips lifted, slid downward, and for a moment I could see his thick staff...until he sheathed it in Nimue. Jovas went to work over her, muscular body rising and falling over her white, submissive one. Sweat rolled between his shoulder blades. I grew  very hot.

Suddenly Jovas rolled over, bringing Nimue on top of him without missing a stroke. He craned his head around to look at us, then grabbed the witch�s bottom and pulled her cheeks apart. Instead of answering Jovas� inviting gesture, milord grabbed my shoulders and turned me to face him. Applying gentle pressure, he forced me to my knees. Knowing what he intended, I grinned and took his staff into my mouth, rolling my tongue over it to coat it thoroughly in saliva. He thrust his hips against my face, and I moaned, knowing what he intended to do to Nimue once I had his organ well-lubricated.

It occurred to me as I sucked him that I shouldn�t be participating with such enthusiasm in the witch�s humiliation. Then again, I was equally well aware of what she would have done to me if we had not defeated her, and I could not escape the feeling that she was getting no more than she deserved. I sucked my master even harder.

At last milord pulled free of my mouth and strode toward Nimue and Jovas. Between her legs, I could see the wizard�s organ moving in and out of her in long strokes. I swallowed. Then milord covered her, and I could see only a tangle of legs and the Beast�s black furred rump, rising over them. It descended, and I heard a long, feminine groan. I knew he�d entered Nimue�s anus. I licked my lips and cut my eyes toward Jack, feeling such desperate hunger that I wanted to beg the footman to take me. Instead, he left my side and crossed to the tangled trio. I saw him kneel facing them, then he lifted Nimue�s head by the hair and aimed his phallus for her mouth. His fist tightened, and he began to guide her back and forth.

My nipples were burning, and I could feel the steady trickle of wetness filling my core. It was too easy to imagine what she felt, filled by the three staffs of her captors, the smooth burning strength of each of them thrusting in and out of her. I wanted one of them to take me. Now. But they were too busy revenging themselves on the witch, so at last, in frustration, I went to milord�s throne and threw myself into it. Hooking one leg over the arm, I began to caress my own wet flesh. From where I sat on the throne, I could see how they held her helpless between them. Jovas arched under her, forcing her to ride his grinding hips, even as my master covered her, thrusting against the taut curve of her rump. Nimue shuddered as they pounded into her, but she couldn�t protest even if she wanted to. Jack had stuffed her mouth with his shaft. Holding her head immobile with both hands, he hunched against her face. I wondered if she could breathe, but judging from the flare of her nostrils, she was evidently managing it somehow.

I shivered and stroked my own breast with one hand, slipping the other down between my legs. It was incredibly arousing, watching them take her. My cream was hot and thick between my lips. For a moment it occurred to me that I had fallen far under milord�s ownership. He�d made me forget my high birth and ancient name, until I cared for nothing but the heat he made me feel. But in truth, it was not as if my blue blood had ever done a damn thing for me, but get me married to a doddering old man with a greedy son. This was pleasure. It was, in fact, more than most women ever found.
As I watched, swirling a forefinger through my soaking heat, I saw milord�s shaft slide out of Nimue�s bottom, then plunge in again. I remembered the way it had felt when he�d taken me that way and gasped, pinching my nipple hard in a spasm of desire.

For a moment it seemed she was trying to fight them�white flesh surged against strong hands�but they quelled her rebellion with no particular effort and went back to impaling her again. But it seemed their bodies were slapping against hers harder now, faster, and it seemed I could almost feel three thick shafts ramming in and out of me. I plunged three fingers into myself as deeply as I could, strumming my pearl with my thumb. There was a new expression on Nimue�s face. Her eyelids had drifted closed, and a spasm that could have been pleasure or pain crossed her contorted face.
Suddenly the Beast roared out that distinctive sound he makes when he climaxes, and he stiffened, driving deep. At almost the same moment, Jovas� spine arched, lifting both Nimue and even my master clear of the ground. Nimue made a muffled sound around Jack�s organ, and the footman gasped. Suddenly the tangle of sweaty sex that was Nimue, Jack, Jovas and milord seemed to collapse. I, bare strokes from my own climax, groaned in frustration.

Milord was the first to pick himself up from the huddle, one hand going to the base of his spine as he stretched his back. Jack was next up, grinning with the satisfaction of his revenge. Then at last Jovas stood, lifting Nimue and slinging her over his shoulder, naked and limp. He gestured, and for a moment the dungeon was illuminated in a blaze of light. When it faded, he was dressed in his robes. Nimue, however, was still naked...except for chains and a slave collar such as I had worn on more than one occasion lately. The wizard held out a hand to milord, who took it, careful of his claws. 
�My thanks for your assistance, Lord Grayhurst,� Jovas said, very formally for a man who�d just helped his host rape a witch.

The Beast grinned at him with an astonishing number of teeth. �Believe me, it was my pleasure. I trust you�ll keep your slave well-punished?�

Jovas grinned back, showing teeth of his own. �Count on it,  Ian.� He hesitated. �I wish I could break the bitch�s curse for you, but I�m afraid she set it too well.�

The Beast shrugged. �I know. You certainly gave it your best effort those months ago. On the other hand, the potion worked. I�ll have to be satisfied with that.�

The wizard�s eyes slid to me, as I sat, decorously bolt upright, in milord�s chair. �Perhaps you�ll be able to break your spell another way, milord.� 

The Beast looked at me, then glanced away. �I don�t think so.�

His jaw tightened. �Punish the bitch well, Jovas.�

The wizard leered. �Oh, I will. I�m feeling...inspired.�

Nimue lifted her head, and I saw the flash of helpless acceptance on her face just before they disappeared.

�I hope,� said Jack, �he whips the ass off her.�

�I doubt it,� said the Beast, sounding a little bitter. �He was always soft on her. That�s why he didn�t leave her with me.�

Jack shrugged. �Too bad. Still, I�m sure he�ll keep her busy....�

�No doubt. Get some sleep, Jack. I�m sure you need it.� The Beast waved the footman toward the door, and he lost no time finding it. The thick wooden slab slammed shut, leaving me alone with my master...and a burning deep in my core.

I stared at the Beast hungrily, my nipples tingling, feeling a hot trickle deep within. Would he want to take me now, so soon after the witch? I thought it likely; he�d often astonished me with his stamina in the past. �Milord,� I began softly, taking a step forward. He looked away.

�We�ll get your clothes. I will provide you with a full purse for the road; I�ll have Jack summon some of the village men to provide you with an escort. And you needn�t worry about Randal. I�ll take care of him.�

I blinked, feeling I�d been dunked in ice water. �You�re sending me away?�

�I�m freeing you.�

�But...But WHY?�

He looked at me, full on. There was pain in his eyes. �You saved my life tonight, at considerable risk to your own. I can�t continue to hold you.� 

I stared at him. Free. I�d be free again. Free to go back to my own castle, to my women and my tapestries. Free. Free to be wedded again against my will to some old man. The young ones, after all, look for very wealthy widows or 15-year-old virgins, and I was neither. �No.�

�What?� he asked, astonished.

�If you feel any gratitude at all for me, you won�t make me leave.� I looked at the high, muscular arch of his chest, the width of his arms.

�But...I enslaved you. I took you.�

�And I liked it.� I remembered the feeling of his broad shaft sliding into me, his tongue flicking over my nipples...even his hard hand hitting my rump. �You�ve given me more pleasure than I have ever known. I�d rather live as your slave than be free without you.� And he roared.

I jumped back as his back arched, then twisted like a gigged fish. He began to glow, and it seemed his fur was burning. I screamed in horror. I had killed him. This was the witch�s revenge, and I had somehow triggered it. As I watched, the fur crisped, burned, dropped away in big hunks as he clawed at the air. His horns disappeared in a curl of flame, and his claws went incandescent and disappeared. I began to scream for Jack, knowing he could do nothing, screamed for Jovas, knowing the wizard couldn�t hear. And then the flame was gone, and he fell to his knees. �Milord?�

He moaned. I rushed to him, but hesitated, reluctant to touch him. His skin looked But as I examined him, I realized there were no burns marring it.

�Beast?� I whispered. 

He lifted his naked face and looked at me from eyes that shone with joy. �My name is Ian Duncan,� he said.

The fur had blunted the sharp, clean lines of his features, blurring his handsomeness. I stared at him in wonder. Then Ian Duncan stood up in a rush of hard muscle and human flesh, and I saw him for the first time truly naked. The sight made my mouth go dry. He seemed a bit shorter without the high mane that had bulked around his head, but my head still came no higher than his breastbone. He was every inch the knight, powerful with thick muscle bred by swinging a sword and riding a warhorse. His laugh was deep music, and he snatched me against his chest. He felt so...hard, without that cushion of fur around him.

�That�s twice I owe you, girl. Once for my life, again for breaking the spell.� I brushed a cautious hand along his ribs, feeling the bone and velvet skin.

�Are you going to set me free?� 

His eyes were just as green as I remembered, if they no longer glowed. �Not likely, slave. In fact, you have some atoning to do.� His attempt at a growl was spoiled by his grin.

�Atoning?� I squeaked, as he picked me up and carried me toward his throne.

�Aye. You dared put a LEASH, by God, on your master.� He dropped into his chair. �And you wanted to see that witch take a crop to me. If ANYONE gets punished around here, girl, it�s going to be YOU.�

I sighed in pleasure, then lost my contentment in a screech as his broad, furless hand descended on my rump in a stinging slap. 

Minutes later, I was bucking and cursing, heartily regretting my decision, as he continued to spank me with wicked, lustful enjoyment. At last, when my bottom was blazing, he stayed his hand, rose from his place, and went down on his back on the stone, lifting me up over him. With barely a pause, he brought me down on his eager phallus and sheathed it with a twist of his powerful hips. I braced my hands on his chest and glared at him as he began to thrust  with smooth strength. But he felt so good in me. Each long dig of his organ in my wet core reignited my lust, until soon I was meeting his thrusts, forgetting my firey rump in the pleasure of it. In seconds, my pique was replaced by desire, and I twisted and shivered around his burrowing shaft as he pinched my nipples mercilessly. I climaxed with a scream. His own cry echoed it, sounding almost as loud as his old roar.

We collapsed together in the afterglow, damp and contented. �You realize, don�t you,� he said at last, �that you�re going to marry me.�

�As milord wishes,� I sighed.

And we lived happily ever after. 

Despite frequent visits to the dungeon.