Beauty & the Beast

by Tom N8DXR

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© Copyright 2006 - Tom N8DXR - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; toys; nc/reluct; X

The air was cold on my breasts, and my nipples tingled, hard points. Staring into the darkness of the velvet hood, I tried not to shiver. I could hear the man pacing around me, inches away, moving so quietly, and yet there was a impression of size, of danger about him despite the silence with which he moved. I was acutely aware of my nakedness.

�What do you think?� asked the precise tenor of my stepson. The bastard.

�Lovely,� the man said. His voice was odd, a deep, rich rumble that vibrated pleasantly in my ears. He was behind me now. Suddenly there were hands on my breasts, big hands, hard and calloused, lifting the soft globes. Plucking delicately at my nipples. I stiffled a moan.  �She has very responsive nipples,� he said.

�Yes, her tits ARE her best feature,� agreed Randy. The bastard. �God knows the Old Man thought so. May he rot in hell. I really didn�t need this complication, him marrying her with one foot in the grave. My God, look at her. She�s younger than I am.�

�Yes,� answered the rumble. The big hands moved, drifting down the bare, sensitive ripples of my ribs, testing the plane of my belly. I fought not to squirm. I would NOT give them that satisfaction. The hand drifted between my thighs, long fingers burrowing skillfully into the curls there, parting the lips that had gone so 
shamefully damp. I frowned into the blackness of my enshrouding hood. It seemed I felt a brush of fur against my inner thighs. Was he wearing some sort of furred gloves?

�Well,� Randy demanded. �Do you agree? Will you keep her here, in your castle...�

A very long finger had found the opening of my cunt and was slowly easing its way inside.

�That depends,� the man said. �I still don�t understand why you want to sell her to me.�

�Because otherwise I�ll have to PAY her her share of the inheritance,� Randy said, with exaggerated patience. Was that a growl?

When Randy spoke again, he sounded nervous. �I WAS going to kill her, but I remembered you and Nimue and all the games you used to play here...�

�Before she CURSED me, you mean.� That was definately a growl.

�Ah, yes. Don�t you see, milord? It�s poetic JUSTICE. She seduced my father with her charms, she would have inherited HALF of everything rightfully mine... but instead, she becomes your slave. Yours to torment, as you are tormented.�

The finger probing me was joined by a second one. �Yessssss.�

�She is, after all, nobly born,� Randy continued. �You won�t often have a chance at such a beauty, thanks to Nimue...�

The growl was so loud I jumped. �True, curse you. But THIS one... this one won�t refuse me. I won�t allow it.� He released my cunt, and suddenly hands were prying my bottom cheeks apart. A finger stabed up, forcing its way into my anus. I arched my back and gasped in pain. �I�ll take her whenever I want, however I want,� the voice growled.

�So,� said Randy, voice vibrating with triumph. �It�s agreed?�

�Not so fast. First I want to see her face.�

And before I could even pull at the ropes binding my wrists, the hood was snatched off my head, and I looked into the face of the one who would be my master. And fainted dead away. If anyone had told me when I married the old Earl that six months later I�d be on my hands and knees scrubbing floors in the nude, I would have called him mad. But so I was, knees aching from the cold stone, my breasts rubbing against the chains that looped from the slave collar, down between my legs, and up to my collar again. The links, warm from my skin, tormented my hardened nipples and clit even as they rolled against the openings of my cunt and ass. They tortured me, those chains, with little spurts of heat and pleasure and discomfort...almost as much as the eyes I could feel watching me from across the room. My master�s eyes. But I was too much a coward to disobey him.

In my own defense, I think any woman would have hesitated to challenge him. After all, the top of my head barely came to his breastbone, and his shoulders were wide as a sword�s length over a chest roped in muscle. But even so, I could have found the courage had he been no more than a man. But he was not a man. He was a beast.

The fur covered him in a thin pelt, shiny and black as a panther�s everywhere except on his head, where it lengthened into a magnificent mane that extended down his back. But there was nothing feline about his face; there, at least, you could see the shadow of the man he�d been. An arrogant man, a handsome man, with high, broad cheekbones and a square chin, and a mouth that formed a sensuous line. To either side of his head, great horns curved like those of a ram. But his hands...I thought his hands human until I worked up the courage to challenge him, hours after regaining consciousness from my faint.

�I will not be your slave,� I told him, trying not to tremble. �My father...�

�Sold you to the highest bidder,� he said, in a voice somewhere between a purr and a growl, �Who sold you to me.�

�Unlawfully,� I said, lifting my chin.

The Beast shrugged. �Randal is now the Earl of Castlemoor. As a woman, you�re under his authority, Dowager Countess or not.�

I swallowed. �And it would be his right to marry me to you. But not sell me to you.�

�Right,� he said, �is what you take. And I am TAKING it.� And he lifted one of those human-looking hands, and inch long claws extended from his fingertips.

So it was that I found myself scrubbing floors. My chains still tormented me, but not as much as my bitter thoughts. By now Randal had followed through with his plan to tell all and sundry that I�d been killed by highwaymen. Thanks to his high rank, no one would dare question him, not even my father, a mere baron. I had no choice but to obey the Beast as I would a husband, or feel his fist. Or claws. 

�Brianne,� he said from his corner, and I started. His eyes shown green fire at me. �Come here.� I licked my lips. My reprieve, such as it was, had just come to an end. I knew he wanted more from me now than playing the menial. Wishing I dared stall, I stood and walked toward him, chains jangling softly. Folding my manacled wrists in front of me, I waited.  �On the floor,� he ordered. �On your back.� Gnawing my lip, I lay down and looked up at him as he sat there in his massive carved chair. His booted feet were inches from my bare toes.

�Now rest your heels on the arms of my chair,� Lord Beast said, his voice a deep, thrumming purr. I obeyed and swallowed again, realizing that this pose spread my thighs and exposed me completely to those green eyes. �Very nice,� he said, leaning forward in the chair. �I like the way that red hair of yours pools around your face. And your nipples...� He licked his lips, looking uncomfortably like a tiger anticipating a meal. Green eyes stared directly into mine, the pupils vertical slits. �Caress yourself for me.�

�What?� I squeaked.

�Your nipples,� he growled, impatient. �Roll them between your fingers.� I thought about refusing, but a scratching sound caught my attention. He was extending and retracting his claws like a cat kneading a cushion. I lifted both hands, listening to the chains clank, and caught my own pointed nipples between my fingers. Slowly, I began to roll them.

�Stretch them upward,� he ordered. I pulled the soft, pink flesh and tried not to groan at the sensation. �That�s right,� he said. There was something hard and thick growing against the tight fabric of his fawn trousers. �Grab the whole breast. Lift it to me.� I obeyed, my fingers sinking into my own soft skin. �They�re quite big. I wonder...Can you lick them? �

�I...don�t know. � I�d certainly never tried.

�Find out.�

Reluctantly, I bent my head down as I lifted one of my heavy breasts, tightening my grip until the nipple pouted into range of my tongue. I licked...And squirmed as I caught my nipple a glancing swipe.
�Oh, yes.� His eyes were glowing like twin candle flames. �I thought you could. Now masturbate for me.� Heat flooded my face. But there was something about those hot green eyes blazing down at me that ripped away my will to resist, and I reached down. My fingers threaded through cherried curls, slid between my lips. And found, to my shame, that I was very wet. My fingers glided to my clit and began a practiced circling. Lord Beast began to unbutton his trousers. I froze.

�Continue,� he rumbled, even as he freed his huge, ruddy erection.

Staring helplessly at Milord�s cock, I rubbed my clit, feeling hot wetness trickle furtively between my lips. His hand, claws retracted, began to stroke up and down his shaft. I gasped, unable to control my breathing, as one hand strummed my clit and the other rolled my nipple, both seemingly of their own wills. Lord Beast watched, his big hand working his shaft. His eyes glowed. There was a sort of rigid restraint about him, as if he was barely keeping himself from falling on me like a starving lion. I slid two fingers into my cunt. My hips rolled upward, and I barely managed to still them. My hands might obey his orders, but I didn�t have to be so obvious in my lust.

�Tomorrow, I think,� Lord Beast said, �I�ll show you the dungeon Nimue designed for our pleasure. I�d love to see you stretched out in chains there, writhing as I paint those big breasts with candlewax. I want to watch that noblewoman�s arrogance turn to helpless submission.� I wondered whether it was natural to have a cock of such size.  The Earl, even in his rare moments of rigidity, had not half his length. Eyes slitted, a lazy rumble in his throat, Beast stroked himself as he watched me. My shame had begun to fade as my heat rose,  and I couldn�t seem to stop myself from burying my fingers deeply into my wetness, each gliding entry painting fire throughout  my mound. My thighs were twitching, and I shut my eyes, gritting my teeth as I sought the climax that danced, somewhere just beyond the  next stroke of my fingers.

�Open your eyes!� Beast growled, and I snapped them wide. He was standing on his feet now, astride me, looking down from  his great height as his hand rode back and forth on his shaft. My own picked up its pace, and I whimpered, twisting between his shiny black boots. �That�s it,� he purred, �I want you to come. Come watching me. Come thinking about what I�m going to do to you. How I�m going to take you. Soon.� I groaned, wildly excited, thrusting my hips upward at him. And then, suddenly, the heat in my pearl exploded, thrumming through me in hard ripples that made me scream out with raw, stark pleasure of it. Distantly, I could hear Beast�s purring rumble, building in intensity toward a low roar. Something wet splashed onto my upturned face, hot and white. Gasping, I looked up at him, towering above me, and licked his come from my lips.

I stood close to the fire, savoring its warmth while I tried not to stare hungrily at my master. He was seated at an elaborately carved dining table, eating with neat, precise movements of his knife. My stomach rumbled. I�d had nothing to eat since before my kidnapping the previous night. Milord put down his knife and leaned back, eyes going to me.
�Come here,� he said, and I stiffened at a wave of heat. I remembered all to well what had followed those words this afternoon. But I also knew better than to refuse, so I padded across the stone floor toward me, feeling my silk skirts sliding around my legs as I walked. Beast had allowed me to dress after our heated encounter, though the gown was thin silk that hid little. He spread his knees apart and pointed to the floor between them. �Kneel.� I bit my lip as my heartbeat accelerated. 

Obediently, I knelt between his boots, feeling the warmth from his muscular thighs bathe me. Milord watched me as he reached out a long arm to the table in front of him. Then his hand was before my face, holding a bit of savoury meat. �Open,� he said, and I parted my lips like a child. His fingers, covered in satiny fur, slid into my mouth, touched my tongue, teased it with the bite. Greatly tempted, I managed not to lick them as they withdrew. I chewed the morsel, hot juices flooding my mouth. Beast looked down at me, and in the firelight, his eyes glowed with an uncanny fire. Then his hand was back, holding a piece of bread. I nipped it from his fingers. My breasts were tingling, and a memory teased its way through my mind; milord�s cum splashing on my lips.

Next he presented me with a goblet of wine, upending it as I drank thirstily, feeling the tart burn slide down my throat. So he fed me, and I ate from his hands, until suddenly he pushed back the plate and goblet with sudden impatience. �Time for desert,� he growled, and his hands caught in the fabric of my gown. Claws extended, and with one easy pull, he shredded it, leaving me naked. Before I could protest, his big hands were at my waist, and I found myself on my back on the table. �Milord!� I squeaked, as his ruthless claws made short work of the last clinging tatters of my gown. Then he stepped back from the table and stared. His lips parted on a smile, and for the first time I noticed his fangs. I could feel my cream trickling between my thighs.

Beast began to walk around the table, and I watched him as he circled it, eyes fixed on me. Suddenly his gaze flicked to a small earthen jar, and he reached over and picked it up. He dipped a spoon in it, then held the silver utensil up to the light, tipping it. A sluggish golden stream fell back into the jar. Then Beast was leaning over me again, holding the spoon over my breasts. As I watched, a stream of honey poured down to roll over my nipples and pearl down the curve of my globes. I watched, fascinated, as Milord dribbled a stream of honey over my breasts, down the curve of my ribs, lingered to make a pool in my navel, then painted my lower abdomen with shimmering gold lines. Then, finally, he poured the honey directly into the soft fur covering my mound.

At last he stood back, and gave me that wicked, toothy grin again. �I have a bit of a sweet tooth.� I tensed as Milord bent over me, nervously aware of those fangs. Then, as I watched, a long red tongue flicked between his lips and swiped across my nipple, which instantly began to strain upward in yearning. Delicately, he rewarded it, closing his mouth over the pink bud and sucking it with such delicious skill that I whimpered. Finally he released it, only to begin slowly licking the honey still clinging to my breasts, laving them with long strokes, pausing here and there to suck or nibble gently. I tensed each time, but those fangs never did more than press softly against my skin.

I began to wriggle a bit as he started working his way down the length of my torso, tickling me a little in the process. He paused to tongue the honey from my navel, sucked deeply at it, then  passed on...headed down my abdomen. A different tension invaded me. I�d heard whispers from other noblewomen, tales of wickedly skilled lovers, but the Earl had hardly been of that stripe. So when Beast moved around between my legs at last and lowered his head, I shivered in equal parts embarrassment and curiosity.

His first long lick made me jump as he tasted my curls, then began to tug them gently between his lips. Then he deepened the movement, tongue swirling around my pearl, flicking at my lips. I jumped. Never had I felt such a rush of pleasure as that Milord brought me with his skillful attentions. Then he burrowed even deeper, stabbing his tongue into me, and I gasped.
He lifted his head. �You�re wet,� he purred. �Evidently you enjoy the attentions of a monster more than you�d like to admit.� I writhed and moaned at his words. It was true, all true, and my shame scalded me. But then his tongue was at work again, licking my pearl, sucking it, and the pleasure of it drove every other thought from my mind. I looked down, and I saw him looking back at me from between my thighs. Half his face was hidden, but his eyes burned with triumph and hunger. I threw back my head and cried out as lust blasted through me.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled away from me. Standing, Beast began to unbutton his trousers. In a moment, his male organ had escaped the tight confinement they�d imposed to jut out at me. I swallowed, feeling my eyes widen as he bent closer to me, aiming himself. In the back of my mind was a flicker of disappointment; I�d been so close to climax, and now I knew he�d be through with me in a thrust or two. But then I felt him begin to push into my body, his size stretching me in a way I�d never known. Even when I thought he�d reached his limit, he kept coming, and I whimpered in surprise. �So big,� I moaned, �so hot.�

He grinned. �So TIGHT.�

Finally he stopped, all the way in me at last. I licked my lips, staring at him as he stood between my thighs. He caught my calves and lifted them to rest on his shoulders, and then he began to thrust. I twisted. I was no virgin, of course, but the Earl had been nothing like this. Such size...I wished he would give me his mouth again. But then, as I lay there, feeling the slow, careful stoking of his penis, a strange pleasure stole over me, and my hips began to rock. He�d already gone on much longer than my husband ever had, and the pleasure to be found in his thrusts was a delightful surprise. My breathing roughened, and I gasped as he circled his hips.

As if I�d given him a signal, he picked up his pace until he was lunging hard against me, grinding his hips into the cradle of mine, tormenting my pearl into a blaze. He leaned closer as he rode me until his face was inches from my breasts. Hungrily, he began to lick, eyes locked on mine. Unable to stop myself, I threaded my hands into his mane, twisting them as his relentless thrusts seared through me. �Give to me,� he rumbled. �Come. Come with a beast�s prick pounding in your cunt. NOW.�
And he rammed as deeply as he could go. I screamed as the waves of my orgasm pulsed through me with hammerstroke intensity. And he roared. 

Putting my back into it, I hauled the bucket out of the well. The castleyard was abnormally quiet around me�but then, the entire castle was abnormally quiet for a structure of such size. The only servants who seemed to be in residence were a forbidding cook and a couple of timid maids. There was also a very brawny footman, who gave me looks I didn�t care for. Bucket in hand, I straightened to look out the porticulus.  Beyond it I could see the long, rocky slope the castle sat upon, rolling down to the shadowed treeline of the forest. Suddenly I yearned for the still darkness out there with an intensity that made me grit my teeth. But I knew better. There�d be no freedom for me. I�d take my bucket inside the castle, and later I�d present myself to milord in his bedchamber. Where, once again, he�d shoot me to the heights of pleasure and the depths of shame. With my willing, even eager, participation. I was no better than a slut.

I thought of the shame my father would feel, if he knew, thought of the stain I was bringing to our family. I�d been raised better. But when the Beast touched me, I forgot family and pride and God in the headlong rush to pleasure. I became aware that I was staring longingly at the forest. I felt a sudden, bitter need to rush out into the trees, to run from my own hunger and milord�s all-too-skillful hands. For if I stayed here, I�d become his slave in spirit as well as in fact. I started running for the porticulus before I even knew what I was about, my slippers quick on the stones, the homespun skirts of my working clothes fluttering about me. I would not stay here to become a whore.

Huddled with the rough bark of a tree at my back, I peered out into the darkness and wondered if I�d made a huge mistake. In my haste and impulsiveness, I�d neglected to bring food or money for the journey, and my thin slippers were hardly the shoes to wear on a hike. But it was too late to turn back now. I sighed and tried not to think about what Milord was likely doing at this moment. He probably knew I was gone. And it was virtually certain that he was NOT pleased. Crunch. I lifted my head. Something was moving through the brush. Something large. I fixed my eyes on the shaft of moonlight cutting through the trees and stared, my heart pounding. It was the Beast, I knew it was the Beast....

A shadowed man shape stepped out of the brush, moved forward into the light. Small, piggy eyes stared at me out of a whiskered face, and a grin gaped, revealing rotten teeth.
�Well, lads,� he said, �what �ave we �ere?�
As I stared at him, frozen in terror, three more men stepped out of the darkness. All were dressed in mismatched finery, and all were dirty, with something evil in the eyes. It occurred to me that Randal�s story about my being killed by highwaymen might turn out to be more prophesy than lie. I hardly had time to scream before they were on me. Everything became a muddle of impressions; hard hands, breath stinking of ale and onions, rough fingers digging painfully into my breasts, my thighs, my wrists. On the ground, black shadows over me, hurting me, a hand clamped over my mouth to stifle my hysterical screams. Cold air on my lower body, my skirt around my waist, a hardness poking me between my thighs. I tried to scream but couldn�t, couldn�t even breathe...

And then suddenly there were screams, hoarse with terror, cut off sharply. Screams not my own. The shadows around me surged and rolled, and it seemed I was forgotten. The air was filled with a horrible snarling. �Wolves,� I thought. I knew I should move, should run, but such was my terror that I couldn�t even stir. Finally I managed to drag myself to my feet. They were gone, disappeared. I�d been forgotten. I whimpered in relief...
And then I saw the black man shapes on the ground, and realized the brassy smell that almost choked me was blood. One of the shadows on the ground rose, moved toward me. I took a hasty step back. Milord stepped into the moonlight. A wave of relief broke over me, and I felt a broad grin spread across my face. I took a half step toward him, holding out my arms. His lips peeled back from his teeth.
�I don�t know why you�re looking so relieved,� he snarled. �Before the night�s over, you may find yourself longing for the company of these four bastards.� He�d brought chains. �Apparently,� Milord growled as he snapped the slave collar around my throat, �I made a serious mistake in taking this off you to begin with. Without it, you don�t seem to appreciate your position.�

I had never seen his anger before that moment, and it terrified me. A growl rumbled continuously in his throat, and his movements were short and rough. I sucked in my breath and drew on my failing courage. �Thank you for saving me from those peasants, Milord.� To my shame, my voice was barely audiable.

�I strongly considered letting them HAVE you,� he snapped, �but I was afraid there�d be nothing left of you to punish.�

With that, he turned and stalked off. Hands now chained behind my back, I stumbled after him, dragged by the leash he held. Somehow, I had to blunt his anger.

�Please understand. I could do nothing else.�

He whirled on me, and I reflexively jumped back, almost falling as I hit the end of my tether.

�I could have raped you,� he said.  �I thought about it. I could have fucked you without any consideration, but no, instead I saw to your pleasure before tending to my own. And you DID experience pleasure, both times. Didn�t you?�

I swallowed and told the truth. �Yes, milord.�

�Indeed. The whole castle heard you screaming as you came. I thought we could.... I even unchained you afterwards. And how did you reward me? The first chance you got, you ran for the woods. You�re lucky I didn�t let them kill you.�

I couldn�t take it anymore. �Milord, I couldn�t let you treat me as a whore!�

�You have no idea how a whore is treated!.� His eyes narrowed, and something unpleasantly like a smile crossed his lips. �But you will.�

I stumbled after milord�s broad back as he stalked into his castle, my leash held tightly in his hand. He headed into the main hall, his steps long and angry. I followed hastily, frowning; there was a strange sound coming from the hall, loud slaps and gasps. Milord stopped so suddenly I almost collided tripped on his cloak. Cautiously, I peered past the powerful bulge of his biceps. And gasped. The footman was sitting in milord�s chair, his shirt and coat discarded over the back of it. The firelight painted his muscular torso as his arm rose and fell, broad hand descending again and again on the naked bottom of a woman draped across his lap. She was squirming, her rump reddening under his steady smacks. I could see the thick blonde bush growing at the base of her belly, the lips of her vulva sprung apart by her bending posture. Throwing her head back, she peered back over her shoulder at the footman, her eyes bright, her cheeks as rosy as her bottom.

�You�ve got...AH!...a hard...hand, Jack! Ease off...�

�My hand isn�t the ONLY thing that�s hard, May.�

The next smack seemed to echo, and she kicked and screeched.

�Oh, please, have mercy!�

�As if you WANTED it,� Jack snorted, and stopped spanking her long enough to plunge two fingers into her. �HA! You�re hot as blood pudding, you little tart.�

Outraged, I threw a look up toward Milord�s face, expecting him to berate the lewd pair. Instead he wore a half smile I didn�t care for at all. I huffed, and tried to look away, but my eyes soon slid back to the footman and his all too willing victim. She was squirming energetically, but the effect of her movements seem intended to lift her bottom for Jack�s paddling rather than escape.

�As much as I hate to interrupt this charming scene,� milord purred at last, �I have another occupation for your hard hand and no doubt even harder cock.�

�Milord!� Jack gasped, and jumped to his feet, dumping the unwary May in the floor. She shot him a glare as he hastened to explain. �I was just disciplining this wench for allowing your slave to escape.�

�I know what you were doing,� Milord said drily. �Come along, Jack. You too, May. I think I can find a use for you as well.�

Outraged, I struggled and kicked, my protests muffled by the phallic gag Jack had tied around my head. A futile effort, of course. Despite my bitter struggles, the muscular footman soon had me bound to the set of parallel bars in milord�s dungeon. My calves, circled by leather bands, were fastened to each bar, with my wrists attached to the bands. It was a pose which bent me double and spread me wide, leaving me suspended in the air. Both painful and humiliating, my posture made my cheeks burn with rage and shame. Bitterly, I peered around milord�s �torture chamber.�

There were a number of stocks and racks in the room, obviously constructed to hold unwilling prisoners, along with various chains hanging here and there. The room itself was quite large, and dark with it, torches smoking and sparking in stone wall sockets. There was, however, one relatively comfortable looking chair, and that one milord occupied, sprawled with one long leg dangling over the arm. May curled at his feet. His breeches were unlaced, and she was playing with his male organ in a lazy way. He had grown hard watching Jack struggle to bind me. The footman gave one of the buckles a last tug, then turned toward his master.

�She�s ready, milord.�

The Beast smiled. The Beast looked from my bound, helpless body to Jack�s eager smile. �Indulge yourself, Jack. But I want to hear as many moans of pleasure as cries of pain.�

Jack�s blue eyes widened, and he turned to stare at me. �You�re going to let ME...?�

�She needs to learn her place, Jack. And you�re just the man to teach her.�

My mouth went dry at the smile that spread over Jack�s handsome peasant face. I tensed against his reaching hands....But instead he turned away.

As I watched anxiously, Jack walked across the dungeon to a table that lined the back wall. It was littered with various items I couldn�t see clearly in the dimness, but evidently the footman knew what he was looking for, because he picked out a few objects and carried them back to me. Turning to milord, he held up a piece of small gold jewelry. �Nimue�s enchanted pincers.�

�Good choice,� said the Beast.

Jack turned to me and let me inspect the device he held. At first glance, it looked like a tiny lion�s head with a open, roaring mouth. �Can you guess where this goes?� I licked my lips, but managed not to shake my head. �Let me demonstrate.� He reached toward my breast. I cringed back, but to no avail. He slid my pointed nipple into the lion�s mouth. Instantly, the tiny gold jaws clamped shut. I gasped. �Nimue cast a spell on it,� Jack explained, enjoying my reaction. �There ain�t much in this castle that doesn�t carry her enchantments.�

�Including ME,� growled milord, and the footman winced at his blunder.

Then the tiny lion head began delicately chewing my nipple, and I forgot everything else. Its teeth were not sharp enough for pain; a gentle glow of pleasure ignited in my breast. In a moment, it had company as Jack applied another pincer to my other breast. I squirmed, and Jack licked his lips, eyes hot. �She�s got pretty tits, don�t she?�

�Yes,� said milord. I looked up. His eyes, too, were locked on me. But at his feet, May had taken his hardened organ into her mouth, and was beginning to lick it in long, teasing strokes. The Beast�s nostrils flared in lust. I whimpered at the twin lions gnawed at their captive nipples. Jack had turned away, selecting among the objects he�d taken from the table. In a moment he turned back to me with a long, cylindrical object. Carved of wood, it was covered in soft leather except for its head, which bore a crown of knobs and rounded spikes.
�Now, milady, you�ve had your pleasure. It�s time for the pain,� Jack purred.

I realized the object he held was a phallus. I jerked at my bonds in rage and shame, but all my efforts won me was burning ache in my limbs...and molten stares from Jack and the Beast. I subsided sullenly. �Don�t stop now,� said milord. �I DO so enjoy the view�the way those long legs flex and that white arse quivers...�

�Oh, aye,� murmurred Jack. He gave the Beast a leering masculine grin. �Well, if it�s struggles you want, I�ll see she gives you plenty to watch.� And with that, he poured more oil on his long, thick fingers and once again began to pry at my cheeks. Again, I was subjected to the violation of my anus by his peasant hands. It was all I could do not to groan in pain and shame as he stroked in and out of my bottom.

�She�s TIGHT, milord,� Jack said. �Seems to me if a man really wanted to tame her, fucking this little hole might be just the way to do it.�

�It�s occurred to ME as well,� said the Beast. �And that� precisely what I intend to do.�

Jack�s lecherous grin faded into disappointment. I realized, with a shock, that he�d hoped to be allowed to perform the violation himself. I stared bitterly at milord, and he gazed back, eyes hard. Almost absently, he stroked May�s blonde head as she eagerly serviced him with her mouth. The sucking, smacking noises she made sounded obscenely loud in the sudden silence, and I longed to tell her to perform more quietly, until the ridiculousness of the desire hit me. As if there was a decorous way to perform such a lewd act. Milord�s eyes narrowed, and I realized he must have read the condemnation in my eyes. And in the next breath, he made me pay for it.  �Well? What are you waiting for, Jack?�

The footman instantly recovered his good humor, and bent to peer at my bottom. I felt rough hands spread my tender cheeks. Then he presented the knobbed phallus to my opening. With exquisite slowness, he began to press the dildo into me, twisting his wrist as he did so, so that the knobs stretched and scraped the tiny orifice. I writhed, my body bouncing in my bonds.

�Lick her,� the Beast commanded.

Jack looked up the contorted length of me and smiled into my eyes. Then, deliberately, he lowered his head and gave my pearl a long swipe of his tongue. Jack licked and nibbled my feminine organs with wicked skill even as he twisted the phallus he�d buried in me so that its nobby head tortured my tender channel. I writhed and whimpered helplessly, caught between the pleasure of his tongue and the pain of the penetration. To add to my shame, the pincers were still at work on my nipples, casting a hot and evil spell on my helpless body. I should find no pleasure at all in this. None. No decent woman would. And yet Jack�s mouth was skilled and warm, and the pincers opened and closed so gently...Even as the knobbed phallus violated me in a place never intended for entry.

Desperately, I sought to distract myself by turning my eyes toward milord. He had twisted one hand in May�s hair, and used the grip to guide her as she licked and nibbled at his great shaft. Her skin looked very white and naked against his black fur. Powerful muscles rippled up and down his torso as he rocked his hips against her face. His organ looked so very long and thick, and I remembered his vow earlier to occupy the space now being violated by the dildo. He was even thicker than it was...

�That�s it, Jack,� he purred suddenly, �Violate that white arse of hers. Make the high-born bitch plead for mercy. She thinks I treated her so badly�give her something to compare my kindness to.�
His handsome lips curled back, revealing fangs, as he grabbed May�s head with both hands and held her still for his thrusts. His back arched, and I gasped in surprise as she seemed to take every inch of him down her throat. The Beast roared out his pleasure...

Just as Jack discovered just the place to tease with his evil tongue, and I felt the first long ripples of climax begin deep in my body. The twin lions� heads bit down sharply, and the footman drove the phallus home with a single, brutal thrust... And I followed my master into degraded ecstasy.

The room was still except for labored gasps. I fought to suck in enough air through my nose, the phallic gag still shoved in my mouth. Milord lay back in his seat, looking sated as May caressed his furry testicles. Jack was watching me with greedy eyes. A huge erection bulked in his tight trousers. He cast a wary look at milord, then leaned over to pick up the last of the toys he�d chosen from the table earlier. At first I took it for a bone hairpin, until he reached forward and slipped the U shaped object around the hood of my pearl. I gasped and stiffened as the tiny thing began to twist against my damp flesh. �Another of Nimue�s bewitched toys,� I thought, squirming. �Is there no end to the woman�s perversity?� Jack smiled down into my eyes, then cast a quick look at our master and began quickly unbuttoning his trousers.

�Time for something else, I think,� said the Beast. �Get the cane, Jack.�

The footman�s handsome mouth twisted into a grimace, and he reluctantly buttoned his fly. I, however, was too frightened to gloat. I had reason to be. Jack went back to the table against the back wall, and when he came back, he was carrying a short, whippy rod in one hand.  Eyes widening, I looked through my spread thighs at him. He grinned, set his booted feet apart, and drew back a muscled arm. The cane whistled as it arched down and slashed across the cheeks of my rump. I fought not to squeal at its bite.

�Oh, yesssss,� said milord. �That was nice. Again.�

Jack�s blue eyes glittered as he stared at my bottom and took aim again. His second stroke made me bounce in my bonds. I heard my master purr in pleasure. The third blow was lighter than the previous two, barely a sting. Several more followed, similarly light. Light enough, in fact, that I became aware of the movement of the device around my pearl and the pincers that still nibbled at my breasts. And the Beast�s green eyes, fixed on my twitching bottom. Then Jack slashed the crop down hard enough to make me squeal behind my gag. The next one was barely a tap, and the next...

And so it went, until I writhed in the air, caught somewhere between Nimue�s magical devices and Jack�s crop, delight and pain melding until I ceased to know which was which. All the while, Jack and the Beast watched me lustfully, and I could see their hungry organs lengthening and growing ever harder. At any moment, the footman was going to throw down that accursed crop and plunge his phallus into me. I gasped and whimpered, twisting. The next blow painted fire across my buttocks, a flame almost as hot as the one burning in my core. 

The Beast surged to his feet. �That�s enough, Jack.�

The footman threw him a bitter look, but his brawny arm stopped its descent.

�You�ve served me well tonight,� milord said. �And I imagine you�ve worked up quite a lust doing it. Take May to your quarters and enjoy yourself.�

A broad grin spread across Jack�s face. �Oh, aye.� He tossed down his crop, then strode over and grabbed the naked blonde by the forearm. �Come, my girl. I�ve got plans for YOUR arse now.� He swung her over his shoulder and sauntered for the stairs. The heavy door banged shut behind him.

The Beast moved across the room on silent feet, then paused to stare intently at my reddened bottom. �You know,� he said, almost casually, �I think Jack�s got the right idea.� I stared up at my master, my breath caught in my throat. Nimue�s infernal devices and Jack�s ruthless crop had ignited a fire in me, and I would be more than happy to feel the Beast�s thick shaft� anywhere but where he intended to put it. He took a step closer, and I cringed. But cringing is highly ineffective when your wrists are bound to your calves and you�re hanging in mid-air, so the movement hardly deterred him. Instead he casually reached for my cheeks and pried them apart with his strong hands. His fingers felt very warm against my skin, even still burning as it was from Jack�s cane. Idly, the Beast flicked at my pearl, causing Nimue�s toy to pulse against it until I couldn�t hold back my whimpers. Milord smiled at the helpless sounds, then reached for the buttons of his breeches. A moment later, his massive phallus was bobbing in the air, its single eye seeming fixed on my bottom. I tensed myself, bracing for his thrust.

Instead, the Beast lifted his fingers from my pearl and traced them through my damp flesh, up toward the opening he lusted for. Claws retracted, he tickled it, then delicately began to work his forefinger into my anus, still well-greased from the use Jack had put it to earlier. I snorted in pain behind my phallic gag, but could do nothing to dissuade him as he continued to burrow up my tight channel. Finally, in up to the knuckle, he paused, then began stroking in and out. I swallowed.
�MMMmm,� he rumbled. �I�ve been looking forward to this since Randal stripped you in front of me. �  I made a protesting sound. �Come now, Brianne. Surely you were expecting this?� He pushed the finger in more deeply still, illustrating his point. �What�s the point of owning a slave if you don�t bugger her?� 

Smiling almost benevolently, he took his hand away and caught his organ with it. I moaned, remembering how Jack�s artificial phallus had felt, the treacherous pain and pleasure of it. Then the head of the Beast�s big staff was butting against my anus, and I knew I was totally helpless to save myself. Milord entered my anus slowly, ruthless and relentless. His green eyes glittered triumphantly down into mine, and he watched my face hungrily as he sank into me. I shivered, feeling how thick he was, how hot. It felt as though my bottom could not possibly withstand his assault.
Suddenly, he reached up with one hand and I cringed as his claws flashed. But he did nothing worse than cut the buckles that held my gag in place. I spat it out, my tongue feeling thick and dry� almost as thick as the huge shaft that filled me. Milord paused, his hips cradled between my spread legs. �Care to plead? � He sounded almost pleasant.

�Would it...� I stopped and licked my lips. �Would it do any good? �

�No, but I�d love to hear it anyway.� He began to withdraw with the same agonizing slowness he�d used to enter.

�Forgive me...if I don�t oblige you,� I grunted.

�Quite all right.� He grinned, showing fangs that reminded me to watch what I said. I subsided�and became aware of the pincers that were once more gnawing my breasts. 

Milord�s pelvis was rubbing Nimue�s toy across my pearl, sending streamers of heat twining along my nerves. Something dangerously like arousal began to burn in my core, stroked in some strange alchemy by the Beast�s big shaft. I shifted under him, and the movement teased my pearl, made his penis torment my anus in a new and dizzying way. I gasped.

�That�s it,� said Milord, watching me closely. �Give in to it.  Learn to like it. Feel my cock in your tight little ass, fucking it. You can�t stop me. You might as well surrender to it. Because your asshole is mine whether you like it or not, and I�m going to bugger you whenever the mood hits me.�

It felt good when he pulled out of me. There was something so arousing about it, about that big phallus withdrawing and driving deep. It hurt, yes, when he pushed into me, I felt so stretched, so stuffed...but when he withdrew, he seemed to spark a kind of pleasure. So it alternated, shuttling me back and forth between agony and delight, faster and faster, as the Beast�s nostrils flared and he began to ride me harder and still harder. Until he was lunging against me in long, brutal thrusts as I bounced in the air, gasping at each thrust, at the endless upward spiral of ecstasy he�d caught me in.
Until I hit the top of it. Closing my eyes, I screamed out my climax.

�Oh, yessssss,� said the Beast. And a moment later, he filled my bottom with his cream.


Brianne lay on her side, the elegant white curve of her rump exposed to my appreciative eyes. How delicious it was, thrusting my hard flesh into the tiny clenching hole between her cheeks, feeling her helpless muscles fighting my advance. Her great blue eyes staring up at me as I forced my way deeper, wild with pain and fear...and the slow, hot spark of desire. Who�d have guessed such a haughty bitch capable of such passion? Of such a complete surrender to a Beast?  Unfortunately, that surrender is not enough. Not if I am to break Nimue�s spell. I can still remember her taunting voice the day she bewitched me: �You think yourself such a master of women. You think yourself too good for the likes of me. Well, see what luck you have without that handsome face. Only one way may you break my spell: by bringing a beautiful noblewoman to erotic submission - when she willingly embraces your mastery.�
Typical of her. Nimue always was obsessed with slaves and masters...or mistresses.

When Randal brought Brianne to me, I thought she was a gift from the God I no longer believed in. When she responded to my caresses with such eagerness, I thought to free her from her chains, in hopes she�d prove her willingness to submit. I was a fool. Such a beauty will not yield herself easily. Obviously, I must take more drastic steps. I continued in my campaign to teach Brianne submission in the days that followed. To my delight and her discomfort, she proved a very good pupil. In time, she came to quiver with anticipation every time I pulled her across my lap for a spanking or chained her to the bed for a session of erotic punishment. Her body knew that each flick of pain would be followed by nibbles and caresses that slowly built, driving her irresistibly to climax. True, she fought her reactions, but the power of her own body was too much for her will. I saw her surrender a bit more each day.

But she wasn�t the only one who was surrendering. There was something addictive about mastering Brianne, about watching her react to my mouth and hands and phallus. She was so hot, even as she fought not to be. In time I was motivated less by a desire to break the spell than the need to have Brianne, over and over, in every way that occurred to me. Then came the day I reaped what I had sown. 

I sat in the great chair in my bedchamber with Brianne and Jack at my feet. Her wrists were bound to her ankles, and Jack held her helpless in her arms, back arched, her full, pretty white breasts thrust upward. My slave�s long, auburn hair cascaded across Jack�s arms and over his thighs, and her eyes were closed, white teeth biting her full lower lip. Staring into her face, I dripped another drop of candle wax on her nipples, and she flinched. Yet I could see traces of arousal on her face, and knew it was because she wore a harness holding two dildos buried between her legs. The phalli, being enchanted, were twisting and thrusting inside her, bringing her ever closer to climax.

I grinned and tipped the candle again, watching as another molten drop joined the wax hardening on her nipples. The wax, needless to say, wasn�t the only thing that was getting hard. I tried to decide how I was going to take her this time. I could smell her arousal, so I knew she�d be deliciously wet. On the other hand, I�d been making progress on teaching her to enjoy being sodomized, and the idea of giving her another lesson was very tempting...

�Well,� said an all-too-familiar voice, �I can see you�re diligently trying to escape my spell.�

Looking up, I saw Nimue standing in front of the fire, her red hair blazing in its light, a snarl on her pretty lips. Her long black gown, sown with astrological symbols, was cut to make the most of her small breasts. 

�You�re a beast, Ian Duncan,� she snarled, �And I�m going to make sure you stay that way.�

The Two


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