B & D Fun at the Bondage Club

by Marylynn

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© Copyright 2004 - Marylynn - Used by permission

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Part Two

A short meeting to take care of club business was now over and it was time to draw the first envelope from the bondage ideas submitted by the club members. It seemed the members had displayed real imagination so far as the last meeting was concerned. The person who submitted the winning idea for the first bondage session this week was Erica. She read her idea aloud to the other people gathered for this Saturday's meeting. In all, there were seven couples attending.

She needed two female volunteers. Of course "volunteers" were chosen by drawing the member�s names from a box containing all the women's names in one box and the men member's names from another box. The club rule was that if your name was drawn, there would be no chance to back out or decline, since the punishment would then be carried out forcefully by the other members anyway. Actually, bondage techniques and punishments had to deemed safe and not cause undue pain before being approved for use by the club members.

The first name drawn was Dawn, a good-looking lady in her late 20's or early 30's. She had dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, which reached down past her shoulders to mid-back. Her eyes were hazel, which complemented her tanned body. She was stripped of all clothing except her high-heeled pumps and dark beige stockings which clung to her upper thighs by their elasticised bands. Her breasts were ample but not huge. She probably was a C cup and her aureoles were large deep brown rings punctuated by dime sized nipples reaching out a good half-inch from her breasts. Her waist and hips were larger than ideal, but were nicely proportioned for her 5 foot-seven height. To start the proceedings, Dawn was escorted to an area of the club, which was equipped with four overhead pulleys anchored to various parts of the ceiling above her head. Each of the four pulleys were strung with what appeared to be Venetian blind draw cords of small diameter with an S-hook at the end of each cord. The opposite ends of the cords were strung through four similarly placed ceiling mounted pulleys located about ten feet directly in front of Dawn's position. These end of these cords also had the same type S-hooks attached.

"Now, let�s get Dawn all fixed up for her ordeal at this end" said Erica to several willing members who began her preparations at once. First, she was made to spread her legs and stand on a floor mounted 2" x 6" board about four feet long lying on the floor under the pulley arrangement on her end. She had leather ankle restraints placed on her and these were then secured to heavy duty screw eyes mounted on the top ends of the board by separate leather straps, forcing her legs wide apart. But only her four-inch stiletto heels were still on top of the 2x6 board. Her toes, still encased in her black patent pumps, were off the board and in front of it. This forced Dawn into an awkward and uncomfortable position. Not only were her legs spread widely apart, but the almost 2-inch height of the board, when added to her 4-inch heel height meant that she how had her heels almost 6-inches above her toes. She was forced to bend her knees slightly to maintain her balance, placing stress on her calf and thigh muscles. "There. That takes care of her legs; now let's do her arms", said Erica. 

Meanwhile, Dawn's partner for this bondage arrangement was led to her bondage position. Facing Dawn about 10 feet away; having her legs spread and placed on a similar 2x6 board, was Sheila. Her name had been drawn to be the other contestant in the scheme planned by Erica.  Sheila was a pretty blue-eyed lady, about 25 years old, with blond hair, high-lighted with platinum streaks. She had a terrific figure, with measurements of 37-24-36. Her breasts were slightly larger than Dawn's, but not by much, and she also had large nipples. She had been allowed to wear only her thigh-high black fishnet stockings and 4" heeled shoes, too. 

Likewise, she was forced to keep just her high heels on the 2x6 board, forcing her toes off the board, and her knees to be bent slightly for balance.  Immediately, Sheila felt the strain placed on her calf and thigh muscles by this strenuous bondage position.

Both Sheila and Dawn would be bound identically.  Their hands were forced into leather bondage mittens to prevent the use of their hands or fingers. Next, Erica ordered that each of their arms were to be kept from bending at the elbows by strapping wooden slats to the insides of their extended out arms. These slats were simply sections of yardsticks cut to about 20 inches in length, and extended from the tips of their bondage mittens to just short of their underarms. Each slat was secured by six straps on each arm to keep their arms stiff and unbendable at the elbows. 

Erica then produced two sets of plastic clothespins tied to thin but strong drapery cords.  Each cord was about five feet long and had 40 clothespins attached by knotted ties through holes drilled through the end of each clothespin. A space of about 12 inches separated the clothespins into two groups on each cord. Erica explained their usage to the bound women and the club members. 

"You'll notice that the 12 inch separation in the middle of the cord will allow me to clip the top clothespin on each side to one of Dawn's tittie nipples" said Erica as she sprung them open and placed one on each nipple. Dawn yelped at the pain as the tiny rows of teeth bit into her tender flesh. 

"Somebody gag both of them, so we won't have to hear any more complaints" laughed Erica.

Large rubber ball gags were strapped on both women and strapped tightly behind their heads. Additionally, chin and mouth coverings of leather with three straps were added to silence them. These straps went behind the neck and head and over the top of the head, as well. Only muffled noises could now be heard. 

"Excellent", said Erica, "Now, watch me as I fasten the rest of these clothespins on Dawn. Then clamp Sheila's on to her in the same way". 

The remaining 19 clothespins on each side of Dawn's body were separated by knots at about one to two inch intervals. Erica began clamping them on, keeping both strings of clothespins on Dawn's body parts as equal and opposite as possible. Beginning at the top or her breasts and then circling them, Erica fastened nine additional clothespins on each one, then placed five each in the area of her lower chest and belly. 

"These final five are going to hurt the most" Erica told her helpers. She knelt down and clipped them from front to back on the labia lips, pulling them down firmly to be sure the rows of points bit into Dawns tenderest spot. Dawn trembled and MMMMMMPH'ed into her gag as Erica placed the last five on each side of her cunt lips. When Sheila was finished having her clothespins attached; identical to Dawn's in body position, Erica explained to the club members how her bondage contest would pit the two women against each other.

"Watch now and you will see how I am going to use the overhead pulley ropes". She attached an S-hook dangling near Sheila's wrist to her extended right wrist, then crossed over to Dawn and attached the S-hook at the ropes' other end to the center of the clothespin cord centered between her tits. Shortening up on the rope and tying it off, Erica explained that if Sheila dropped her right arm at all, clothespins would begin to be ripped off, starting with Dawn's nipples. Erica then proceeded to tie Dawn's extended right wrist to Sheila's clothespin cord in the same manner, using another set of the overhead pulleys and S-hooks. She warned both women to keep their right arms extended straight out in front of them as she prepared the remainder of their bondage. Now we will use their extended left arms as well, Erica explained as she produced two 1-inch wide enema nozzles with inflatable cuffs. She had two club members lubricate and insert one in each of the women's anus. 

"Now pump up the inflation cuffs to hold them firmly in place". This done, the nozzles were connected to large red enema bags, each containing 2-1/2 quarts of hot, soapy water. Each bag was held at waist level behind Dawn and Sheila by club members while Erica fastened another of the S-hooks to each woman's left wrist, then tying the other end of each pulley rope to hold the enema bags in place at that height. As long as the contestants maintained their arms straight out, the enemas would remain in the bag, but as their arms tired and dropped, their partner in bondage would begin to receive the hot and soapy contents. Finally, ropes were fastened from each of Dawn's and Sheila's wrists down to the eyebolts at their ankle restraints. The purpose of these ropes was to keep the women from raising their arms to rest them or have the enemas flow back into the bags after they had entered the colon of their partner in bondage.

Now that all the preparations were completed, Erica announced to the bound women and to the other club members gathered around "Now here is how the contest winner will be decided, ladies. If you lower your right arms, the rope through the overhead pulleys will tighten on the clothespin cord of your partner. This will cause them to be ripped off her until you are able to get control again. You are probably thinking about just dropping your right arm right away and getting the contest over with. Well, my honeys, the first one that pulls all the clothespins off the other will lose the contest. Now hear this good, the loser must retain their 2-1/2 quart enema for the rest of the meeting tonight, which will be at least three hours from now." 

"Just one more thing ladies, I am going to strap on each of your left wrists a 5-pound exercise weight to make it harder to keep from starting the enemas into each other, so you'll be sure and have them all taken in you by the time the contest ends". Erica produced the weights and fastened them on with their Velcro closures, as each of the girls fought to maintain her balance and stamina not to give in first.

Several minutes passed as the members watched the participants in their struggle against gravity added to the aches in their calf and thigh muscles caused by their extreme tiptoe stance on the 2x6 boards beneath them. Dawn quivered as she fought it, but finally, her right wrist and arm dropped a few inches. Immediately, the two clothespins clamped to Sheila's nipples flew off, causing her to MMMMMMMPH loudly through the ball gag as the searing pain shot through her nipples and tits. Forgetting everything but her sudden pain, Sheila reacted involuntarily as her knees buckled slightly, which caused both her arms to drop sharply several inches. Dawn, in turn, heard and felt some of the clothespins snapping off her nipples and tits, leaving red welts where the teeth had clamped into her tender flesh. At the same time, both women felt the first hot bursts of enema fluid gush into their colons as they both strained to recover from their aches and pains of their strenuous positions. Several minutes passed before Sheila again lost control of her tired arms. 

Dawn's screams were somewhat muffled by her gag, but the watching members saw a dozen or so more clothespins snap from Dawn's titties and body while Dawn also began dropping both her arms in retaliation to Sheila for her pain. Both enema bags were raised higher, pouring most of the hot contents into their already swollen colons. Their bellies could now be seen to be visibly swollen. In spite of their pain, both Dawn and Sheila realized they must gain control over dropping their right arms any further. To do so would rip off the remainder of their opponent�s clothespins and lose the game for herself. The thought of having to retain the awful enema for another few hours was too much to contemplate. Both women resolved to hold their own, in spite of their tiredness. 

Erica sensed what was going on and decided to add to their torment. She went up to Dawn and slipped two fingers into her spread open vagina, being careful not to dislodge and of the clothespins. "Hmmmm, she is dripping wet up there. Let's see how Sheila is doing, too. Inserting the same two fingers into Sheila�s pussy, she felt the same wet warmth as Dawn's. Erica had two of the men members take out  battery powered vibrators with several nubby rubber tips on their ends. "Get down where you can do a good job of stimulating them, Charlie and Hank" ordered Erica. 

The men used the vibrating tips against the clits of the women expertly, teasing them by inserting the vibrators slightly and then drawing it away. The women were so excited, despite their pain, that they orgasmed simultaneously, spewing wetness out of their vaginas to run down their stockinged legs. As the orgasms shook their bodies, both women forgot their predicament and dropped their exhausted arms entirely. The remainder of the clothespins were snatched off their bodies, including the ten which had been attached to their cunt lips about an hour ago when their ordeal had begun. Screams were evident as the teeth marks evidenced the sudden ripping off of the pins, especially those attached to their labia�s. Both women had tears running down their cheeks and shuddered at both the pain of their torture and the ecstasy of their ongoing orgasms.

The club members now had a dilemma. Who had won?  Since both had orgasms at the same time, the final clothespins were yanked off simultaneously. Erica suggested a vote be taken to either release both women now or to have both of them retain their enemas until the club session ended for the night in a few hours. The vote was close, but the majority of the members decided that since it was a tie and both had experienced pleasure as well as pain, both Dawn and Sheila would be required to retain their enemas until it was time to go home for the night.

All the members applauded Erica for her clever bondage idea, but she shouted over the hoorays and applause. 

"Someone open another envelope and let's get on with the next bondage scenario right away. We still have a couple of hours to go tonight". 

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