B & D Fun at the Bondage Club

by Marylynn

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Storycodes: MF+/mmff; bond; susp; cons; X

It was a contest of both strength and determination by two of the four participants. Betty and Janet were bound to separate floor-to-ceiling posts located in the clubs' large bondage room. The posts were about four feet apart. Their arms had been secured at their sides by wrist cuffs attached to separate leather restraints locked onto each of their thighs. Ankle restraints held their feet closely together and these were in turn strapped tightly to their bondage posts.

Both women were wearing only their high-heeled shoes and stockings attached to their garter belts. Both had more straps added around their bodies at the knees, waist and just under their breasts, rendering them able to move only their heads and necks. They were also blindfolded with pads over their eyes held in place by nylon scarves tied behind their heads. Before they were bound to the posts, inflatable rubber plugs had been inserted in their anuses and aired up by squeeze bulbs. A rubber tube trailed between their legs, which would allow fluids to be injected into their colons, if needed.

Now it was time to position and bind the two men, also selected by a random, name-in-the-hat drawing for the contest. This was done out of earshot of the women, so they would not know who their partners in this contest would be. Matt and Steve had had their names pulled, too. They were made to undress completely, then were bound at the ankles with leather straps and had their arms secured behind their backs with wrist restraints.

Blindfolds were also placed over their eyes as well. Next, each of them was fitted with a heavy leather suspension harness which had D rings atop the shoulder straps for lifting them. Steve had been positioned directly in front of Betty and Matt in front of Janet. About 12 to 15 inches was all that separated the men from the women before them. Directly above each of the men was a pulley attached to a cross beam. A winch rope passed through the pulley to two lifting hooks, which were snapped to their respective shoulder D rings. Inflatable rubber plugs with the rubber tube dangling from them were also forced into their rectums, as a final preparation.

Both men were slowly winched up off the floor and were raised until their penis was directly opposite the mouth of the woman in front of them. "Now, listen carefully, you four" said Helen, the club member who had dreamed up the contest for this club meeting. "Here is how the game is played. In just a minute each of you girls will have your partners penis touching your lips. You must open up and suck it in and then keep sucking on it." While she was explaining this, a 5-quart enema bag was being hoisted high up over each of the couples. Each bag had a "Y" tubing connector attached, which allowed the stream from the bag to split into two flexible rubber tubes at the bottom end. These tubes were then connected to the tubes dangling from each pair of contestants butt plugs. When the tubing connections were finished, Helen continued "We have each pair of you connected to a hot water enema with lots of castor oil added to it. The losers will have their tubing clamp released, but the winners will not! Since your male partner is now about a foot or so away from your mouths, we will swing each of them in toward you to start the contest.�

�If either of you girls let go of the penis in your mouth, your partner will swing away from you, ending the contest. The tubing clamp will then be opened and you will have to divide the entire 5 quarts of enema between you. Not only that, but you will also have to hold your enemas in until the end of the meeting, which will probably be several hours from now. Get ready, Get set, Go! Start sucking those cocks and don't be the first one to let go" Helen ordered.

Two members had pushed Matt and Steve forward a few inches allowing the women to feel and take in their partners cock heads. Betty and Janet both realized that they had to keep up a constant sucking action to keep the cock heads in their mouth. In no time both men had huge erections, which made it easier for the women to get their lips behind their cock head and clamp onto it tightly, while sucking hard to keep the penis firmly in their mouth. One slip and it was all over, both Betty and Janet realized; because their partner would then swing away and the enema would gush into their colons. Since castor oil is a powerful laxative, holding the enema in would be a long and painful ordeal.

Matt was enjoying the constant, powerful suction on his cock head. He wanted to get more of his penis in, but he had no way to get his cock further into Betty's mouth because of the way his body had to be swung forward to even make the initial contact with her mouth. There was just no way to get more of his cock into her as he wished, but the way Janet was using her soft lips and suction on him was pure ecstasy.

Both Betty and Janet felt their jaw muscles tiring and beginning to ache terribly. Janet had a sudden thought; What if he cums in my mouth? I can't spit it out without letting him go. And if he does cum, will his penis get soft and be harder to hold onto with the smaller diameter of his soft cock. Besides that, she thought, with his cum in my mouth, it will be all slippery. Unless I can swallow it as fast as he shoots it out, I'll probably not be able to hold onto him any longer. Damn, why did I have to be picked for this contest?

Janet thought back to the origins of the club. She and her husband had been into bondage and discipline with another couple they had met through an internet ad service a few months ago. Then the other couple saw an ad on the internet that a B&D club was being formed in Lansing, Michigan, where they live. After applications were sent in, both couples were accepted. Bondage restraints and equipment for the club are paid for by a $100 per couple initiation fee plus a $25 per meeting dues assessment. The members themselves provide the bondage scenarios, writing them out and placing them in sealed envelopes during the week before the club meetings, which are held on Saturdays. The suggestions are then all gathered and placed in a basket. One is drawn out, opened and read to all the members. Then, knowing how many participants of each sex will be needed, that number of names are randomly selected by a drawing; the men�s names in one container and the women�s in another. Only first names are used in the club to protect identities. So that is how Janet, Betty, Matt and Steve happened to be chosen for this contest.

The other 14 members present were watching the contest intently. Bets were made as to which pair would fail. The elapsed time since the contest started was 28 minutes, so far. Matt and Steve were still rock hard from the look of their cock shafts, but soon thereafter Steve began to stiffen his posture and pump his hips, a sign that he was cumming into Betty's mouth. Sure enough, Betty was working her lips intently over his cock head, but semen could be seen spilling from the corners of her mouth. Although she was swallowing his cum as fast as she could, the amount and slipperiness of it made her lose her grip on Steve's cock head. As he swung back away from Betty's mouth, Steve was still spurting gobs of cum, hitting her in the face and neck. Much of it rolled down between her ample bare tits, then ran down over her stomach to her crotch and legs.
"Okay, take off their tubing hose clamp and start their enemas" Helen commanded. It was done in a flash. The tubing leading into the asses of Betty and Steve snaked to life as the gush of the hot enema fluids surged through them. Soon the unfortunate enema recipients were begging for relief and pleading with the members to stop the flow. Instead, Betty and Steve were fitted with ball gags, stifling their pleas into unintelligible moans and groans. "Now release Janet and Matt, then someone draw another envelope from the basket. We still have lots of time left for more fun" shouted Helen over the applause of the other members.
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