Attitude Adjustment

by Richard Blaine

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© Copyright 2020 - Richard Blaine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; tickle; cuffs; chain; ointment; spank; torment; climax; straps; spreadeagle; reluct; X

The characters and the basic premise were suggested to me by SNOWJ464, a member, and I wrote the story at his request. He has granted to me all copyrights and permission to publish.

Continues from

Part Three

Will wondered what they were waiting for. If he had to be humiliated, being naked in front of his Mom, and punished by her, he wanted to get it over with quick. The shame and humiliation hadn’t caused his hardness to wane, though. Why was he feeling this way? What kind of perv gets aroused being tied up, naked, and waiting to be spanked?

“I think we can go ahead, now,” Jannette said.

“Okay,” replied Ellen, “How many should I give him?”

“I think a dozen to start and then we’ll see what happens.”


“Ummmmp,” Will groaned into the gag.


Will stifled another groan, “ummph.”


He squirmed and wriggled and pulled against his restrained wrists. Muffled groans and moans issued from his stuffed mouth. Already his bottom cheeks were turning pink and he could feel himself throbbing, his erect hardness tapping the table-top as it twitched but still, the spanking continued.

WHACK… WHACK. “That’s twelve,” said Ellen. “He’s getting really red. But look, he’s so aroused, I can’t believe it.”

Not only were Will’s bottom cheeks red, but so was his face and neck. He’d never been so ashamed, hearing his Mom’s comments. Oh, God, please let it be over, please! He thought.

“Yeah,” said Jannette, “so, keep going, let’s give him another twelve, that should be enough.”

Twelve more? thought Will, as he looked up at Jannette. His ass was burning and he didn’t know how much more he could take. The short pause had allowed the pain to ease but the heat and tingling still radiated through his reddened flesh and kept him throbbing and twitching. He could feel his erection tap against the table top as he spasmed but the way he was tied prevented him from pressing against it.


“Aaarrrrg,” Will groaned at the stinging pain.


He stifled his screams and only made loud groaning sounds that were muffled by the gag. His hardness swelled and surged.


His body went rigid, his hands clenched into fists, his fingers digging into his palms. His back arched and hips thrust forward. He pulled against the chains and straps that held him to the table.


“Aaaaaahhhhhhh!” Will’s head lashed around and his hips thrust as his climax slammed his body. He heaved and jerked shooting onto the table below him. His body locked rigid, then spasmed, locked then spasmed, five times his body pumped. He wanted it to be over, the humiliation of climaxing in front of his mother! He wanted it to last forever. God! What a climax, it was so much better than by himself. Then it was over, he was disappointed it didn’t last longer and glad his humiliation was about to be over.

Ellen unstrapped Will’s ankles and his thighs from the table, then unlocked his wrist cuffs from the chains. She and Jannette went quietly to the kitchen leaving him laying unbound, but not moving, on the coffee table. He didn’t notice they had left for several minutes until he pushed himself up from the table and looked around.

He pulled up his shorts and as he did, he heard the locks on the cuffs clinking. How, he thought, can I go around clinking all the time? School didn’t start again until Thursday. He could wear his hoodies; they had long sleeves and would cover the cuffs on his wrists. And he had jeans long enough to hide the ones locked on his ankles, but the noise of the locks clanking against the steel rings and brass rivets would still be heard by everyone. Maybe, he would just stay in his room the whole time. Yeah, it wouldn’t be so bad, four days and they would be off.

Will appeared in the kitchen as Ellen was just getting ready to start Saturday supper. “Want me to peel the potatoes, Mom?” he asked. He was wearing a plain blue t-shirt and a pair of shiny white basketball shorts. The padlocks on leather cuffs on his ankles clinked when he walked barefoot into the kitchen.

“That would be nice, Will, thank you,” Ellen replied.

As he worked on the potatoes and Ellen started on the baked beans, both were quiet, neither one knew what to say about the morning’s events. His rear end had stopped hurting, if he didn’t sit down too hard. He didn’t know what to say to his Mom about what happened when she spanked him. She wanted to talk to him about his attitude and the punishment but she didn’t know how to start.

Finally, “Mo…” Will started.

“Will,” Ellen interrupted, she decided she should be stern with him now, to reinforce his change of behavior. “You should call me Mother or Ma’am. I think I’ve been too lax and you need to show me more respect.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Will immediately adopting a more respectful tone of voice. Ellen smiled inwardly at his new attitude. “Is that why you had Jannette come over?”

“Yes, she convinced me she could show me how to correct your bad behavior. And I was afraid if you continued as you were, something bad would happen and I’d lose you.”

“But Mom,” he tried to protest, but she cut him off, again.

“Will, I love you very much but that doesn’t mean I will allow you to be disrespectful.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Lately you’ve become defiant and rude. I knew I couldn’t allow that to continue but I didn’t know what to do, so I asked Jannette for help. You understand that, don’t you?”

“Yeah M… I mean, yes Mother, I think I so. But spanking…?”

“Yeah, well, like I said, I didn’t know what to do and Jannette seemed so sure that was what you needed.”

“What was that stuff she rubbed on me?”

“Oh, that was sort of an experiment. Did you know that Jannette’s family came here from South Africa?

“No, Mother, I didn’t.”

Ellen made a note of his polite, respectful reply. “So, as far as future punishments go, I’ve decided to let Jannette handle that. Punishing you today was hard for me and I don’t think I can do it properly like she can.”

“Okay, Mother but I don’t think I’ll be needing any more punishments,” he said. But as he said it, he was thinking about the tingling feeling of the burning heat in his loins and the fantastic climax he’d had.

“If you say so, Will, but I’ll be keeping a closer eye on you for the time being. And since you seem to know what you need, then you’ll be able to tell me when you need another punishment, right?”

“Yes, Mother,” his eyes downcast and his voice a bare whisper. He was very glad to get through the conversation without the subject of his climax coming up.

They had just finished with breakfast the next morning and Will had gone back to his room, the padlocks clanking as he walked, when Ellen’s cell phone whistled.


“Hi, Ellen, hey I’ve been texting with my cousin and I got some info about my ointment.” It was Jannette.

“So, did you find out why it didn’t work on Will.”

“I think so. Ouma, my cousin, thinks it could be because Will is not one of the San. She thinks it only works on the tribesmen of the Kalahari and doesn’t work on American boys.”

“So, that’s it then, Will’s ticklishness will still be a torture for him. I guess that will have to be his punishment.”

“But there is a chance,” Jannette continued, “the juice of the Kiwanis, the African Horned Melon, is one of the main ingredients of the ointment. Ouma said that I should try to substitute with something that’s grown here in the States.”

“Will that work?” Ellen asked, hopefully.

“Ouma says she’s not sure and would even be a bit surprised if it did. But I think it is worth a try. I’m doing some thinking about the ingredients and I might get a batch made today,” Jannette answered.

“Okay, I suppose all we can do is try it.”

“Have you told Will about the ointment?”

“No, he asked but I just said it was an experiment that didn’t work.”

“Okay, let me know the next time he acts out and I come over.”

“I told him it was up to him to tell me when he felt like he needed a punishment. We’ll see if he will do it.”

“Okay, give me a call, if you need me.”

“Okay, I will, bye.”


The clanking of the padlocks against the chrome rings and rivets of the leather cuffs on Will’s wrists and ankles continued around the house until Monday supper time. As he was putting the plates out on their kitchen table, “Mother?” he started to ask then paused.

“Yeah, Will, what is it?” Ellen prompted.

“Ah, I want to go out with Sally and was wondering if I could have these cuffs off?”


“I’ll put them back on after,” he said, hurriedly.

“Will, you know I don’t have the key, Jannette has it.”

“Couldn’t you call her? I can’t go out clinking all the time.”

“She won’t unlock them, Will. That’s why she has the key, I knew I’d probably give in, if I had it. But I have an idea.”

Ellen came back to the kitchen with a large roll of black duct tape. “Hold out your wrists.” She ripped off a piece of the tape and slapped it across the padlock on his right wrist, then repeated the job on his left. “Put your foot up on the chair.” She put tape on the padlock, Will switched to the other foot and she taped it, too. “There you go, just wear something that covers the cuffs.”

He smiled at his Mom and jiggled his wrists. The taped down locks didn’t make a sound. “Why didn’t I think of that?” Will mused aloud to himself.

“Be home by eleven, okay?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He took his dirty dishes to the sink, kissed Ellen on the cheek and went to his room to get ready.

He was home at 10:55PM, Ellen was very proud of him.

Tuesday was as not as good of a day. Ellen came home from her work at eleven that night to find Will with Richie and Donny in his room. They were smoking and had a couple of six-packs of beer. She was really pissed off but held her tongue, giving Will such a look of disappointment, he knew he was in trouble. As she dialed Jannette she heard Richie and Donny hurrying out of the house even before Jannette had answered her phone.

The tension at the breakfast table the next morning was palpable, the silence disturbing. It was Will who finally spoke.

“Mother, did you call Jannette?”


“Is she… coming…?”


“I’m sorry, Mother. I know I need to be punished. Will Jannette do it?”

“Yes. I’m to get you ready, so, first, go change into a pair of your shorts. That’s all you’ll need.”

He got up to go.

“And take the tape off the cuffs,” she ordered as he left the kitchen.

Ellen let Jannette in and they went to the kitchen.

“I was hoping that Will had figured out that breaking my rules has consequences,” Ellen said.

“Takes three weeks to change a bad behavior, I’ve always heard,” replied Jannette. “But I’m betting we can shorten it.”

“Yeah, well, he’s expecting you to punish him. He’s in his room waiting, he should be ready.”

Jannette showed Ellen the little tin, vines of bright green leaves and little yellow flowers decorated its sides, “I think I have quite a surprise for him!”

Will was waiting, sitting on the edge of his bed, wearing only a pair of shiny blue nylon shorts and the leather cuffs locked on his wrists and ankles. He knew he’d disobeyed his Mother and now Jannette was coming to spank him. His mind was a whirl of emotions. He was fearful of the pain the paddling would cause but yet he desired it for the heat and arousal it created in him. He would plead with her not to be tied down but knew that he must. He was dreading the humiliation of being restrained and nearly naked in front of his mother’s friend. And what shame he’d feel if, in his arousal, if he spewed into his shorts, again. Oh, how he hoped it happened! What kind of pervert was he becoming?

Jannette appeared at his door. Will looked up and his gaze on her became a gaping stare. Today she wore a dark red dress with matching red high-heel pumps. The deep V of the dress’ neckline plunged through the cleavage of her breasts reaching her sternum. Those mounds threatening to force the V to widen. The hemline fell on her smooth brown thighs at least fifteen inches above her knees. 

“Close your mouth, Will,” Jannette ordered.

There was an audible snap as his teeth gnashed together. His eyes went to the leather paddle in her right hand as she lightly tapped it on the side of her thigh. She set the brown leather case on his dresser and snapped it open.

“Are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied, his voice low and soft.

“Today, I think we’ll use the eyebolts your Mom put in around your door. Did you notice them?”

Will had not, but when he looked, there they were one at each corner of the door frame. The frame of the doorway was painted white and the eyebolts had been painted with the same white paint. It made them blend in and hard to see unless you looked directly at them. 

She took Will by the wrist and led him to the doorway. “Stand here with your back to the room,” she ordered him, then using short pieces of chain and snap-hooks, she secured each of his wrists to the eyebolts at the top of the door. Will’s arms were high above his head and spread wide. He was stretched taut and his muscles strained and his skin stretched tightly over his ribs.

“Spread your legs apart a little farther,” Jannette ordered, then she clipped the rings of the ankle cuffs to the bolts at the bottom corners of the doorway. Will needed to rise up onto the balls of his feet to ease the extra strain on his wrists and shoulders caused by the spreading of his legs. He felt himself becoming aroused with the anticipation of the spanking.

God, here we go again! he thought. Maybe this time I won’t… Oh, jeez, what kind of perv can I be? What if she doesn’t spank me hard enough? I hope she stops before… She wouldn’t before I… would she?

Will heard the metal on metal scrap of the lid being unscrewed and craned over his shoulder to look. “Hey, what’s that?” he demanded.

“Please watch your tone,” she ordered. “This is a different recipe and I want to experiment for its effectiveness.”

“Oh, please Miss Jannette, don’t tickle me. I can’t stand being tickled, please don’t.”

“Just consider it part of your punishment and if this recipe works, you might enjoy it.”

Will groaned and sighed with resignation as Jannette dipped a finger into the tin of ointment and began dabbing it down the bumps of his spine. She continued until she’d completely coated his spine and then began to massage the cream over his ribs. She slathered on a thick coat on both of his sides. He was so ticklish that even though she tried her best to not tickle, he couldn’t help but titter and giggle, squirm and wriggle as her palms anointed his ribs and armpits.

“Okay, we’ll just let the ointment do its work for a few minutes,” Jannette said to no one in particular.

She went and began rummaging around in her bag. Will wasn’t paying attention to her; he was dreading the tickling he knew was coming. All of a sudden, a dark cloth covered his eyes and was wrapped twice around his head.

“I’ve been told that when you can’t see,” Jannette recited, “it causes the other senses to become more intense. You’ll let me know if it’s true, okay?

She tied a tight knot at the back of his head; it squeezed his eyes shut and Will swiveled his head around and up and down but no light penetrated the blindfold.

“I had thought,” she continued, “we might need to use a gag for this session but then I figured you might not get enough breath. Laughing takes a lot of air, you know. We’ll save that for another time.”

Will felt strange with the blindfold covering his eyes. Jannette was right about his other senses becoming… well, he didn’t know the word to describe it but he knew one thing, he was getting hard and he felt himself blush with embarrassment knowing she could see the swell in his shorts.

Something brushed his left side and he jerked away but the fingertips followed his body. They began to slowly and softly dance across his exposed ribs and he began to giggle, “he hehe, ha haha” and he squirmed and wriggled trying to evade the questing fingers. They moved to his other side and continued exploring his sensitive skin.

“Oh, look, Will, you’re still aroused. Maybe the new formula is working; let’s see.” She started tickling in earnest, poking and prodding his ribs and working her way up towards his armpits. He struggled with all his strength but the cuffs and chains held him fast; he could not escape the tickling torment Jannette was foisting upon him.

His laughter came in roars and gasps. He tittered, “hehe, hehe,” he bellowed, “HA, HA. HA, HA”. He pleaded and begged for her to stop but his breath was becoming short and it was hard for him to form the words between the guffaws and the gasps. And through all the twisting and jerking, all the bellowing laughter, all the begging and pleading, he only grew stiffer and harder. He could feel his shorts become tighter and he was afraid he might be exposing himself above his waistband.

Jannette was relentless. She dug her index fingers into both of his armpits and his roars of laughter drowned out the clinking of the chains as he yanked and twisted in his bondage. She drummed on his ribs with her fingertips and scraped her nails over his clenching stomach and abs. Will was as hard as stone and aching for release.

“Oooh, look at that,” Jannette cooed. “You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Will’s couldn’t respond, he could only pant and gasp and try to catch his breath.

She played her fingers once more over his ribs, tickling with glee and watching the jerking and twitching inside the thin material of his shorts. Then, she grabbed up the stiff leather paddle. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She hit him with four rapid strokes on his clenching buttocks.

His body went rigid, all of his muscles locked and strained in their bonds. He lifted himself up to the limit of the chains holding his ankles to the floor and began to spasm. His head whipped about and flew back, his blinded eyes stared at the ceiling. He twitched and jerked and his wetness appeared on his front and seeped into the fabric. He continued to cum in spurts for some seconds all the while his body so tightly strained that only the tips of his toes touched the floor. Then it was over, he sucked in a lung full of air and his muscles let go. He dropped, sagging limply from his wrists, totally spent, his legs unable to bear his weight.

“Oh…” Jannette made a sighing sound as she laid the paddle aside and slipped from the room.

Will finished High School, graduating in the upper half of his class. Ellen was very proud of him. There were no more incidents of staying out late and coming home stinking of beer. His pals Richie and Donny would still come to the house but they never caused any trouble or talked Will into any misbehaviors. He began dating Sally more frequently and regularly and Jannette saw them both become more serious.

He applied to the State University in the city only thirty miles away, Sally did too. He got a summer job with the city mowing the grass in the town’s parks, Sally was a lifeguard at the municipal swimming pool.

At some time during the pair’s first semester at the college, they became engaged. Ellen later learned that when Will proposed to Sally, she had sought out Jannette and told her she had been amazed, and pleased, by the change in Will’s behavior in High School and wondered what had caused it. Jannette told her of the punishments that Ellen had asked her to give Will, confirming Sally’s suspicion of Jannette’s involvement. Sally then confronted Will and let him know that, although she was in love with him, she wouldn’t agree to marry him unless he agreed to one demand.

And so it was, that Will found himself with his wrists bound with rope and fastened above his head to the hook on the back of Sally’s dorm room closet door. Stripped naked and gagged (it was a holiday weekend and most of the co-eds were not in residence but it was better to muffle him, just in case), she applied the ointment to his body. She tickled him fiercely watching his body’s reaction.

Whether it was the tickling or the sight of Sally, for she wore only her sexiest lingerie for the occasion, Will was aroused to climax and shot his seed as her fingers frolicked over his ribs and abs.

Sally accepted his proposal and they were married the following June.

Jannette let herself in through Ellen’s back door and found her in the kitchen.

“Hi, Jan, want some coffee? Pot’s by the stove.”

Jannette poured herself a cup and sat down across from Ellen at the table. “Will and Sally doing okay?”

“Yes, they’re great. Keeping their grades up and both have part-time jobs.”

“Good, they are good together and Sally knows how to handle him.”

“Say, you never told me about the ointment.”

“Oh, yeah, right. Well, after talking to Ouma, I did some researching and then substituted cucumber seeds for the Kiwanis. After that first experiment, I changed it a bit, increasing the amount of seeds. Worked like a charm.”

“Yes, it did, didn’t it?” 

They both smiled, clinked their coffee cups together and took a sip.

The End


Author’s Note: The people of African known as San are real. The fruit known as Kiwanis or the African Horned Melon is also real. Everything else in the story is fiction. All characters and situations portrayed are fictitious, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental and unintended.

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