Attitude Adjustment

by Richard Blaine

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© Copyright 2020 - Richard Blaine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; tickle; cuffs; bedtie; spank; torment; blackmail; climax; straps; reluct; X

The characters and the basic premise were suggested to me by SNOWJ464, a member, and I wrote the story at his request. He has granted to me all copyrights and permission to publish.

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Part Two

Will slept for almost two hours. When he awoke, he was untied and the neckties were strewn about the bed. By the time he had cleaned up, he had to shower again to get the dried, sticky stuff off his lower belly, and gotten dressed, he found his step-mom in the kitchen getting ready to make Saturday supper. It had become usual for her to fix hamburgers and make cheesy potatoes and baked beans on Saturdays. Ellen was a good cook and her burgers were as good as any joint in town. Jannette was not around.

“Hey, Mom,” he said. “How long before supper?”

“In about forty-five minutes,” she replied. “Sooner, if you’ll peel the potatoes for me.”

“Okay, Mom, how many?”

Ellen noticed he wasn’t being the least bit argumentative, “Four, I think, should be enough.”

They worked in silence finishing up the meal preparation, Will even got out the plates and silverware and put them on their dinette table. As they were eating, Ellen mulled over whether to ask him about what went on in his room all day but decided, at least for now, to pretend she knew nothing.

“Are you going to straighten up your messy room after supper?” Ellen asked.

“Ah, Mom, I’ve a date with Sally. We’re going to a movie,” Will replied. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay, I guess. Can you be home by ten?”

“Probably be closer to eleven, Mom.”

“Well, I suppose that’s okay since it’s Sally. You and her aren’t doing anything that would get her in trouble, are you?”

“Aah, Mommm!”

“I guess all I can do is to tell you to be safe. Can you at least help me clean up the kitchen before you go?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Ellen was really surprised by Will’s willingness to help. Maybe Jannette’s punishment worked. She didn’t know all the details yet, but Jannette was coming over later. She hoped her friend hadn’t been too harsh with him, but maybe that was her trouble, maybe she needed to try to be stricter with Will.

“Tell me, Jan, did you really give Will a ‘whooping’?”

“Yeah, I spanked him good and you won’t believe what happened.”

Jannette related all the details of the day’s activity describing Will’s reaction to the tickling and the spanking. “I just don’t understand it. My Grammy’s ointment should have worked. I’m sure I mixed it up exactly as I was taught.”

“Ointment?” asked Ellen.

“Yeah, Grammy had a special mixture that was passed down to her from her Grammy. I’ve never had a chance to use it, but Grammy told me it always worked for her.”

“What’s it supposed to do?”

Well, Grammy’s ancestors in South Africa are from the Kalahari Desert area, they call themselves Khomani San. The tribal girls would make this ointment and use it on the boy that they wanted to marry. They would tie him up with his arms over his head, exposing his bare chest and ribs. They would rub the ointment all over his ribs and along his spine, then they would tickle him. They would keep tickling him, no matter how much the boy begged and pleaded, until the tickling would be almost unbearable for him. But by using the special ointment, the boy would become aroused, he would get hard and erect and eventually he would climax and spew his seed. Grammy told me that if the ointment was used on a tickled boy and he did not climax, the girl would not marry him and he would become an ‘ongetroude man’, a bachelor.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Ellan gasped. “Did that happen to Will?”

“Well, yeah, that’s the problem. I think he was naturally aroused by having a woman in his room, and I think he was after a couple of swats. I had to tie his hands and feet to keep them out of the way, and then I applied the ointment, but when I tickled him, I’m pretty sure he lost his arousal. Then he climaxed at the end of the spanking, so, I’m not sure if the ointment caused it, or simply the spanking.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Ellen gasped, “did Will really have an orgasm when you spanked him?”

“Yeah, he did,” snickered Jannette. “He messed all in his shorts.”

“So, that’s why he took a second shower,” Ellen giggled.

Will was home by eleven that night.

Over the next few days, Ellen thought Will’s attitude had improved. He wasn’t sassy and didn’t make those snarky comments. He made sort of an effort to clean up the mess in his room, while he didn’t get it neat and tidy, at least it wasn’t the sloppy pig sty that it had been. She even noticed him doing some homework and reading one of his textbooks.

Then on Thursday, he was late getting home from school and Donny and Richie were with him. They went to Will’s room and were playing his stereo, talking and laughing and carrying on. When Ellen asked them to keep it down, she had to raise her voice and ask twice before he turned down the music. The three of them left again, while Ellen was fixing supper, he hadn’t even bothered to ask permission or let her know where he was going. Ellen was pissed.

It was late when he came home and he went straight to his room and turned on his music. Ellen was pissed, again. She texted Jannette.

Will skipped school on Friday, using the excuse that it didn’t matter because it was only a half day since it was the end of the semester. Ellen and Jannette heard him in the shower about 10:30 the next morning. Jannette had brought a bag of equipment.

“Okay,” said Jannette, “this time I’ll give Will a punishment he won’t forget so soon.”

“Are you going to use the ointment, again?”

“No, I don’t think so, this time it will be strictly punishment for that boy!”

When he came out of the shower, Jannette was standing in Will’s doorway.

“Oh, er,” Will mumbled, “it’s you.” He felt himself twitch and held his towel to cover the front of his shorts.

Jannette looked different this time. She was dressed in black and had on a silken blouse with short sleeves. It was tight across her breasts forcing them to bulge over the top of its deeply scooped neckline. It was so thin, he could see her nipples pertly poking the fabric. She wore black leather pants, tight like a second skin, Will thought he could see the faint outline of her sex in the leather. Her outfit was topped off with black fingerless gloves and a pair of black patent-leather ankle boots with five-inch heels.

Will was already getting erect just from the sight of her.

“You’ve been naughty again, Will,” she purred.

“Y-Yeah-h, I k-know,” he stammered, too stunned by her erotic appearance to think up a denial.

It was going to be easy this time. He already knew he deserved to be punished. She’d be able to do whatever she wanted and any arguments would be easily brushed aside.

“Then you know that I’m here to give you your punishment, right?”

“Yeah, I know, are you going to spank me again?” he asked, rather shyly.

“I haven’t decided, yet,” she replied. “But let’s get you ready.” Jannette dipped into her sack and came out with a pair of black leather cuffs. She decided to see how ready he was to be punished, and tossed them to him. “Here, put those on your wrists,” she ordered.

Will automatically caught the cuffs, “What? You want me to wear these?”

“Yes, Will, we’re not using the neckties this time, put those on.”

“No, I don’t need to be tied up. I can just grab the bed and hold on.”

“But Will, you won’t be able to keep your hands out of the way,” Jannette responded.

“Yes, I will,” he pleaded. “I don’t want to be tied up.”

“Put the cuffs on, Will.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Will, if you don’t put them on and obey my orders, the punishment will be worse in the end.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Jannette decided she would have to use her leverage, “I took a picture on my phone last week. You were in your shorts, tied to your bed with your own neckties.”

“You took a picture?”

“Yes, and I don’t think you want your friends to see it on the Internet, do you? And those two friends of yours, Richie and ah… Donny, wouldn’t they like to know how you creamed your shorts when I spanked you. And you even ASKED for it.”

“NO, no you can’t do that. I won’t let you. You have to delete it!”

“How can you stop me? I’ve got a copy on my laptop at home and I’ve already fixed it up and it’s ready to be posted. I’ve got the caption and everything ready to go. Want to hear it?

“Had a session with Will. He likes to be tied up and spanked. It only took ten good swats before he was creaming in his shorts.”

“No, no, you can’t post that, I’d die! Please don’t, please.”

“Then I suggest you get those cuffs on so we can start your punishment. As long as you obey me, the picture stays a secret between you and me.”

Will knew she had him. He couldn’t let that picture and the story of his spanking, get around to his friends. He’d have to do whatever Jannette asked or be so humiliated he’d never be able to show his face in public ever again.

She watched him fumble around getting a cuff around his left wrist. He had trouble getting the strap through the buckle using only one hand, but she watched patiently. He had even more trouble with the other cuff, working with his left hand but he finally got it on.

“Hold out your hands,” she ordered.

The cuff on his left wrist was okay but she tightened the right one more notch. She put little padlocks through the buckle tabs.

“Okay, get on the bed, this time lay on your back,” she commanded

He laid down and she grabbed a wrist, fed the end of a piece of chain through the chrome ring on the cuff. She took it around the headboard post on her side of the bed and padlocked the ends together. She went around to the other side of the bed and repeated the process with his other wrist. Will was locked to his bed with his arms above his head and wide to the sides.

Belatedly, Will thought to himself, how is she going to spank me when I’m lying on my back?

Jannette produced another pair of leather cuffs from her sack. She buckled the cuffs on his ankles and pad locked a chain to each one and pulled them over the top of the footboard, stretching his body taut, fastened them with a snap-hook. His feet rested on the top of the footboard and the chains held them wide to the edge of the bed.

“What are you doing, Jannette?” Will asked. “I thought you were going to spank me.”

“Not this time, Will,” she replied. “I have other ideas, I think you will really enjoy this.”

“Do I have to be so stretched? I can barely move. And my shoulders are starting to hurt.”

“Yes, it is necessary,” she said. “You’ll understand when the punishment begins.”

What…? He thought.

Jannette put her fingertips in his right armpit.

“Hhhhaaaaaah, oooooohhhhh.” Will laughed out loud, squirming and wriggling, struggling against the cuffs and chains. The bed creaked but he wasn’t able to escape her wiggling fingers. His roar of laughter was heard by Ellen in the living room.

“Let’s check your feet, okay?”

Will was shaking his head for all he was worth. “Nooooooohh, nooooooohhh.” He bounced his body on the bed, he rattled the chains holding his feet. “Pleaaaassse, pleeeaassssee, NO, NO,” still gasping with laughter.

Jannette, now standing at the foot of the bed, reached out with both hands and scraped her nails up the soles of his feet from heel to toe. Will went crazy with laughter, wild eyed, his head shaking, whipping from side to side, the roars of laughter erupted from his lungs. The noises he made were indescribable, noises that no one had ever heard before. There might be some animal species that made noises like these, but a human male? Nobody would have thought it possible, until now.

She moved back around the side of the bed and got on the bed, kneeling astride his hips. She waited for him to calm down. She watched his eyes, he knew what was coming and pleaded silently, shaking his head deliberately back and forth hoping she would relent.

He was sucking in deep breaths trying to get enough air to recover from the laughter. He could see Jannette was determined and moaned then whimpered a plea through his nose.

She grabbed his ribs with both hands and began tickling with her finger tips. Up and down his ribs she moved her fingers like playing on a xylophone. She sunk her fingers into his armpits wiggling them around and laughed to herself watching Will squirm.

Will was beyond any coherent speech. His laughter came in silent huffs of breath from his rapidly pumping lungs. As the tickling continued, his gasps and pants became faster and faster and his laughter so hard it was a struggle for every breath of air.

Jannette continued working over his rib cage and armpits. She watched his eyes, they were locked closed now. He was almost done. Jannette reached behind her with her left hand, continuing to tickle with her right and felt the front of his silky shorts probing for him. She found him flaccid, no erection, he was not turned on. She played her fingers lightning fast over his ribs, then she tickled his tummy right over his belly-button. His attempted laughter locked his body, it locked his lungs and he had no air. Will passed out.

She stopped tickling immediately and checked his breathing and found it ragged but okay. Will came back awake with a start, sucking deeply, inhaling as much air as his lungs would hold and blew it out quickly to breath in again. Jannette got off the bed and left him still working hard to get his breathing under control.

When Jannette returned to Will’s room, he lay calmly with his eyes closed as if he were asleep. He heard her enter, and turned his head and opened his eyes. He didn’t say anything, just watched and waited, arms and legs stretched across the bed.

“Hey, Will,” she said, “I’m ready for some more fun, how about you?”

“Please,” he responded, his voice little more than a whisper. “Please, please, no more tickling, I hate it, please.”

“But Will! You looked like you enjoyed it so much. All that laughing and wiggling and squirming. I could tell you were having such a good time,” Jannette teased him, her tone sounding serious. “Surely, you want more, right?”

“NO, Jannette…”

“Will,” she cut him off, “you should show me some respect.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” accepting her command, “I mean, no, Ma’am I really hate to be tickled. It feels like torture to me. Please don’t do it anymore, please.”

“Well… I suppose… If you really hate it… Tell me, what will you do if I agree not to tickle you anymore?”

She could see him mulling this over. He hadn’t thought about what he might have to do to get her to stop the tickling. She guessed what he would say and she was right.

“I’ll do anything, Ma’am. Just, please, no more tickling, it’s agony for me, I can’t stand anymore.”

“So, you’ll be respectful of your Mom and mind what she tells you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And you won’t stay out late or come home stinking of beer?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Your grades in school have to get better, too, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Yes, I’ll do all that. Yes.” Will sounded just a bit exasperated.

“And you know, Will, you still have a punishment spanking coming to you.”

“Uh…” Will mumbled, as he felt some of the emotions of his last spanking coming back. The pain of the swats, then the heat and the tingling that caused him to…

“It won’t be a measly ten little swats this time, Will. I’ll decide when you’ve had enough. And, anyway, I don’t think you have a choice, remember I have the picture,” Jannette reminded him.

Will knew he’d have to submit. Besides, if it was like last time, even if it was painful, he might at least get his rocks off. Although, he didn’t know if he really wanted to be aroused by a spanking. It seemed like such a perverted thing, but the picture… “Yeah, I know.”

“What did you say, Will?”

He was a little slow on the up-take, but, “Oh… Yes, Ma’am, please punish me.”

“Good boy,” she praised. “Oh, and another thing, until you go back to school after semester break, the wrist and ankles cuffs will stay locked on.”

Will let out a long, low groan but didn’t bother to complain. He figured it wouldn’t do him any good.

Jannette explained to Will that even though she knew he wouldn’t try anything, she wasn’t going to take any chances. So, she unlocked the chains holding the wrist cuffs to the bed and had him sit up so she could lock his wrists cuffs together behind his back. After he was secure, she freed his ankles from the foot board. Will figured he’d just turn over and get stretched out, again, but that’s not what happened.

She took him by the elbow, scooped up her satchel of gear, and led him out of his room and to the living room. “Kneel here in front of the coffee table,” Jannette ordered. “Scooch up so your legs are against the table.” Will complied. Jannette dipped into her bag and came out with a couple of long leather belts. She used them to affix his thighs wide apart to the table legs. Then she grabbed his ankles and crossed them over each other and another belt fastened them tight together.

Will knew what was coming next. She was going to bend him over the table, exposing his rear end to her paddle. Yep, he was right, gently she helped him bend forward until his chest rested on the table top, unlocked his wrists and refastened them, one to each of the far corners, stretching his arms as wide as possible. He was prepared for his spanking, almost.

He thought he was ready, but Jannette had a couple other ideas. First, when Will wasn’t looking, she pulled a gag from her bag and was jamming the hard rubber ball into his gaping mouth. Before he even knew what was happening, straps were buckled behind his neck, under his chin, and over the top of his head and the rubber ball was dragged deep into his mouth.

“Mmmmpphh. Aaauught uuuuu oooooh aaat oorrr?”

“It’s to keep you from attracting all the neighbors,” Jannette seemed to understand exactly what he’d said. “Last time you yelled pretty loud, but today I’m expecting you to be much louder.”

“Uuhhh oooh,” was his groaned response.

The next thing she did was really unexpected. She went around behind him, out of his sight, grasped the waistband of his shorts and jerked them down till they were stretched tight between his spread knees. His semi-hardness now dangled, exposed between his spread thighs. Will’s face and neck flushed red with the heat of embarrassment, “eeerrrrrrrrggg,” he moaned squirming and tugging, struggling against the restraints.

“OOOHHHH, MMMM, OOOODD, nntttt aakkk!” Jannette, again, knew what Will had said, OH, MY GOD, not naked!

“Hold on a minute, Will, I got to go get the paddle.”

He slumped against the table as she left the room. He closed his eyes, not bothering to watch where she went. He couldn’t believe she had pulled his shorts down. How embarrassing to be exposed by his Mom’s friend, especially when he knew he was starting to become aroused in anticipation of the spanking. Geez, was he that much of a pervert to be turned on by the thought of being spanked on his bare butt? He didn’t want to be. He hoped it would be different this time. On the other hand, despite the pain, the results had … felt wonderful.

He heard Jannette coming back. He slowly raised his head and craned his neck around to look at the paddle. “Aaaaarrrrrrhhhh,” NO, no, no, Ellen was with her! His step-mom held the paddle and was looking at his exposed, naked rear and his hanging, dangling self. Oh, God, what humiliation. His MOM was going to paddle him AND he was naked. What if he…?


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