Another Saturday Morning 3: Still Another Saturday Morning

by Cindy

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Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; forced; tease; oral; anal; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 3: Still Another Saturday Morning

For Fran Saturday mornings had taken a major change. Her handyman Henry had stopped using her for sex on Saturday mornings. Not a big loss for her as she had requested Henry to stop. She was no longer bound helpless every Saturday forced to take being fucked in her mouth, her ass and her pussy. This was all because of Bill on this Saturday morning sleeping beside her. They had dated for several months and eventually slept together most weekends. When Fran had considered Bill was a keeper she had requested Henry to stick to "normal" handyman chores. She expected she would miss Henry's ability to drive her to mind bending orgasms but she hoped to be satisfied with the more mundane sex and orgasms that Bill evoked.

She felt Bill get out of bed but she knew he was just up to use the bathroom. In a few minutes he was back in bed with her and she welcomed the feel of his warm body under the covers. She felt him caress her arms and she wondered if she could coax him to a little love making. She was caught by surprise when she felt her wrists pulled behind her and wrapped in rope. She got no answer when she asked, "Bill what are you doing?"

Instead of an answer she found herself rolled over and Bill stuffed his erection in her mouth. She had no problem sucking his cock but it had always been a prelude to "regular" sex in her pussy. Now it seemed Bill was intent on deep throating her. His cock was far enough in for her to feel his pubic hair against her nose. Actually she enjoyed giving him a blow job but she hoped for more sex later on. As deep as he went in her throat there was little she could do. In a few minutes he spurted cum down her throat followed by further spurts in her mouth that she had to swallow. As he pulled out of her mouth some cum dribbled on her face. Bill wiped it with his finger and put his finger in her mouth for her to suck on.

Fran asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

"I sure did."

"Are you going to untie my arms?"

"No the morning is still early. Why don't we just go back to sleep."

Fran's bondage was making her horny but she wasn't ready for Bill to know she enjoyed being helpless. "Do you expect me to sleep like this?"

"I sure do. But if you can't be quiet so I can sleep I'll have to add a little more."

Bill had a ball gag which he forced in her mouth and buckled it behind her head. She had little choice but to accept being left bound helpless. She knew she would have a hard time getting back to sleep but that was the fault of her pussy being so wet with that old familiar itch in it.

Somehow she managed to sleep but was awakened by something cold at her rectum. It was easily recognized as fingers working some lubrication in her ass. In a moment she was rolled on her belly and a cock pushed into her ass. She was delighted that her old Saturday morning ritual could be partially relived. But she knew she would probably never reach the scorching orgasms that Henry used to force her into. But at least she had this much and she was happy to be bound and gagged with a cock up her ass. And whenever Bill let her loose it would only take a few minutes in the bathroom to relieve the itch between her legs.

After cumming in her ass Bill got out of bed without loosing her bonds. When she smelled coffee she knew he intended to leave her as she was. She was not uncomfortable and dozed off again. She was roused at the sound of voices. She was perplexed to see Henry and Bill come into the bedroom. Henry greeted her, "Hi sweetheart. I thought you might appreciate me giving my nephew Bill a pointer or two."

Naked, bound and gagged Fran could not respond nor could she do anything but feel embarrassed. Both men were totally familiar with her body but the presence of both of them was daunting. Henry explained to Bill how to use his fingers in her pussy. Bill pushed three fingers in and watched her eyes as Henry instructed. "There. That's it. Now can you feel that smooth spot at your finger tip? Good. Massaging that spot is all it takes to rev her up like you wouldn't believe... In a few minutes she'll be squirting. The second time she squirts you need to move fast and stick her and then hold on for a wild ride. Once she starts squirting she'll be like a wild horse trying to throw you off."

Fran always ended up unconscious after Henry started in her pussy. She could recall the fabulous orgasms that entailed squirting and she recalled Henry penetrating her but beyond that she lost everything to an orgasmic haze.

Bill kept massaging her pussy until Fran arched her whole body off the bed and squirted on Bill's chest. Bill lost his place as her arch surprised him. Henry excused himself wishing, "You kids have fun."

Bill asked, "Are you alright?" Fran nodded and Bill resumed his massage in her pussy. He lost his place again as a second squirt was accompanied by kicking hard enough to almost knock Bill off the bed. Bill forced Fran through three more squirts before he worried that Fran would be exhausted. He pulled out his cock and stuffed it in her pussy. Then he understood what Henry meant in referring to a wild ride.

While Fran's body strained in orgasmic convulsions under him his cock was thoroughly worked on inside her pussy. He never had to thrust, the spasms he felt inside her allowed him to reach a startling grand climax. Eventually Fran was still and only her breathing assured Bill she was alright. He removed her gag and undid her wrists. He got a towel from the bathroom to cover the wet spot on the bed and arranged Fran to be comfortable.

When Fran stirred he sat on the edge of the bed and asked if she was alright. "I guess so. I feel like I ran a marathon. You got me higher than Henry ever did."

"Is that good?"

"Oh yes! That was spectacular. Thank you."

"No need to thank me. I had a helluva thrill ride."

"Then you liked it? You don't think I'm weird liking to be tied up and used like a sex doll?"

"No that's all fine by me. I had a hard time believing Uncle Henry until I saw how wet you were."

"Maybe next Saturday we could do it again?"

"I suppose we could wait until next week. Maybe!"

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