Another Saturday Morning 2: Yet Another Saturday Morning

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2014 - Cindy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; forced; captive; ice; insert; oral; anal; mast; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Part 2: Yet Another Saturday Morning

Fran, our heroine, is a young pretty single woman. In a new home she engaged the services of a local handyman, Henry. Henry provided lawn and pool care as well as light maintenance around the local neighborhood. He was regularly caring for one thing and another for Fran. In the course of a couple of months of shared coffee and conversation they discovered they had fascinating complimentary interests. Fran enjoyed sex while in bondage while Henry thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of damsels in distress.

So it had come about that Fran spent many Saturday mornings helplessly bound and thus allowing Henry to use her body in anyway he cared to. Though there were sometimes she would have objected to Henry's ministrations, such as the time he strapped her face down outside by the pool terribly frightened about being seen by neighbors while Henry parted her cheeks and thoroughly fucked her in the ass.

And it was no comfort to be left there totally bare-assed. But no matter what happened she would endure anything expecting Henry to finish his ministrations providing her with a mind blowing orgasm so intense that she squirted while every muscle in her body reflected the climax resounding in her pussy to such an extent that she would be totally debilitated.

One Saturday morning Fran was surprised to have her bedclothes flipped off and she was pulled around to the side of the bed with her head hanging over the edge. She tried to tell Henry she had been out late drinking with the girls and with her hangover she just couldn't handle being a sex toy this morning.

Unfortunately all she got out was a hum past the cock in her throat. Her knees were already pulled against her chest and her wrists were being tied behind her knees. She had no options but to let him have his way with her. Needing the bathroom she had to wait until her throat was baptized with a load of cum. She was barely able to get out, "Gotta pee." before she was gagged with panties and rope and blindfolded.

She was dismayed to realize the panties stuffed in her mouth were the ones she had worn all the day before. She had thought he would release her to use the bathroom but instead he picked her up in his arms. As he set her down she realized she was seated (though mainly crouched) on the toilet. Though thoroughly embarrassed Fran had no choice but to pee (like a racehorse she thought). Henry rocked her to one side and furthered her embarrassment by wiping her.

He carried her back to the front room and set her down on the sofa. It wasn't enough that he had her bound helpless and naked, he arranged her to lie on her back with her head and part of her shoulders hanging over the edge. She felt it was a precarious position and she endeavored to stay still to avoid falling to the floor. She felt she had been left like that for hours when she realized Henry had joined her on the sofa. She smelled the coffee he was drinking but could only wish for a cup for herself.

Instead all she got was touching between her legs and a finger in her pussy. It accomplished nothing for her but to tease. Though she looked forward to being bound and used as a sex toy for hours, she couldn't help but feel impatience knowing Henry wouldn't fuck her until she thought she would die at feeling so horny. True to his practice of teasing Henry only fingered her pussy for a few minutes before she was left alone again.

After an interminable wait Henry was back. He rearranged her on her knees with her head down against the back of the sofa. Just the right position for him to take me in the ass thought Fran. But instead of a warm cock in her ass she was surprised with a cold shock as Henry filled her rectum with a half dozen ice cubes. She was held tightly unable to get away from the frozen invasion.

After the cold shock had dissipated she was impaled on Henry's cock and shortly her ass was treated to a warm cum bath. She had no choice but to wait on Henry's pleasure.

Finally Henry moved her to the bed. He put his fingers in her pussy and found the magic spot that would drive her crazy. Once he started she didn't care what happened as long as he kept at that spot. He released her wrists so she could let her legs down and she was completely free. But she was slaved to the feeling in her pussy. Henry continued using his fingers inside her and she could feel the orgasm coming. Soon she was squirting and the spasms started. At the second squirt Henry's cock penetrated but it no longer mattered as her pussy spasmed delightfully and was joined by all the muscles throughout her body.

She lost consciousness before Henry satisfied himself. He settled her to be comfortable in the bed and left her to wake again much later feeling well though with her body still feeling the aftermath of a wild orgasm.

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