Annie Part 2: Bondage Challenge

by John Writer

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Storycodes: FF/f; bond; rope; gag; dare; cons; X

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Part 2: Bondage Challenge

Annie got home and poured herself a drink. She met Kristine in the large living room and smiled at her.

- How was work today? Kristine asked.
- Worse than most days, Annie answered and sipped her drink.
- Poor you, said Kristine. My day has been rather good. Are you going out tonight?
- I don't know yet.
- Well Marie is coming over, but you are welcome to eat with us. Kristine smiled as she met Annie's eyes.

Annie thought she heard some hidden hint but she couldn't see anything in Kristine's face. Annie started to go on with her preparations just as if she really was going out. She took a good shower and took on a set of really sexy underwear. It was a purple silky push up bra and a set of tiny panties with high cut over her hips. She also took on a garter belt to which she fastened shiny black stockings with seams in the back. Over it all she pulled a small black dress that reached to less than half her thighs. She felt a little cheap, but dressed to kill. She completed it by doing a careful make up and brushing her hair to a gleaming lustre.

An hour later, Marie arrived. She was plainly dressed in blue jeans and a T-shirt. She was shorter than both Kristine and Annie and had a much more slender body. The pants looked like they had been painted onto her and Annie could see Kristine's hand caressing the firm buttocks as they met in a hug. Annie got a strange feeling and wondered if she really would like to be involved in anything lesbian. Before she had the time to reconsider her plan for the evening, Kristine announced that dinner was ready. Annie decided to go along as she had planned.

- Is it OK if I stay to eat with you? She asked in a careless tone.
- Of course, said Kristine smiling.

The dinner was served in front of the TV. Marie was already sitting in the sofa with a glass of white wine in her slender hand. Kristine was just putting down the last dishes of sushi. She hurried to get another plate and wineglass for Annie and then sat down with a smile. Annie was feeling a little nervous and didn't have the slightest idea as how to get Kristine to tie her up. They all ate in silence and Annie felt as if they could read her thoughts.

- May I turn the TV on? she asked suddenly.
- Yes, go ahead, Kristine said without looking up.

Annie took the remote and switched a channel on by chance. It was some sort of detective story and since she didn't care what it was, she left it on. She felt a little better as the sounds from the TV at least drowned her own thoughts. They all ate and drank from the wine. Marie started to small talk with Kristine while Annie was desperate to get an idea. Than suddenly the solution presented itself. The movie was getting more intense and the crook was just abducting a girl. He tied her hand and foot and muffled her cries by gagging her with a silk scarf. He then left her and she struggled in vain to free herself. Annie took a deep breath and a good mouthful of wine.

- I can't believe this, she said.
- What? asked Kristine.
- It can't be that easy. Look. He tied her up and gagged her. Now she is lying there unable to get free or even to cry for help. That can't be real.
- Why not?
- I mean, it can't be that impossible to get free. A couple of ropes and a scarf. She should be able to free her self in no time.
- I'm not sure, Kristine replied. If the hands are tied behind your back, then it may not be that easy.
- OK for handcuffs, Annie continued, they are lockable. But ropes, with knots? No...
- I still think it can be done safely with ropes.
- I don't. I mean rope takes knots. All you have to do is reach for the knots and you're out of it.
- How can you be so sure?
- What?
- Have you ever tried?
- No, but that's easy to see. She is just acting. Look!
- Maybe she is, but it's a movie. Everything you see is an act. But if it was real life I'm sure she would be helpless.
- I believe it when I see it.
- That's easy to say...
- OK! How about a wager? You tie me up and I try to get free.
- I don't know...
- I knew it. You're not that sure after all.
- I still think it can be done but...
- You're scared. Tell you what. You and Marie can help each other. Tie me up as good as you can. If I get free you'll pay my rent next month. That will give you something to fight for.
- Ok, you're on. When will it be?
- How about right now?
- But are you not going out tonight?
- Ha, I'll free myself and still have plenty of time to go out.

Kristine and Marie looked at each other and Annie could tell that they where having great fun. She felt a tingling feeling of excitement as she saw the looks they exchanged.

- OK. We'll tie you up and you'll try to get free, Kristine said with a smile. But what shall we use? Annie had thought of that and since she didn't want her friends to know she had discovered their secret, she had bought a large amount of innocent looking clothes line. She now got it from her room, excusing herself with her buying it for their cleaner room in the basement.

- Well, said Kristine with hesitation, if you get free and want to go out later, maybe you don't want to wrinkle your dress.

Annie felt that her statement wasn't as innocent as it sounded. Knowing of Kristine's love of the female, she was certain that whatever reason Kristine had for bringing this up, it was not that she cared for Annie's dress. But since she had already decided to leave the evening in Kristine's and Marie's hands, she quickly played along.

- Then I'll take it off, she said as carelessly as she could.
- I think that's a good idea, Kristine agreed.

With no further talk Annie pulled the dress over her head, shaking her shiny brown hair and carefully folding the dress, hanging it on the back of a chair.

- Well, I'm ready, she said with a quiver, give me your worst.

She felt very uncertain as she stood before her friends dressed in nothing but panties, bra, garter and stockings. Marie got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and Kristine started to unravel the rope, measuring it into suitable pieces that Marie cut swiftly. After having cut five or six lengths of rope Kristine moved up behind Annie's back. Annie could her drop the ropes on the floor and instinctively she crossed her hands behind her back, taking a deep breath to calm herself. She felt Kristine changing the position of her hands so that she held them parallel, palm to palm instead of crossed. Kristine then started wrapping her wrists slowly. Annie felt to her surprise that it was very loose and that it there were many rounds. Then the feeling changed as Kristine turned the ropes and started to cinch the coils by winding ropes between the wrists, across the previous strands. As she did this she slowly tightened it until she finally finished it off with four different knots in different places. Annie could know feel that her wrists were firmly tied, not uncomfortably tight, but obviously quite firm.

As Kristine bent down to pick another rope, Annie took a look at her bound wrists. They were encircled by a lot of rope, nicely put on with each strand lying next to the other. It actually looked good. She could also see that the final knot was placed between her arms on the far end from her fingers. Also she noticed that the ends of the rope were hanging down almost two feet at each end. Kristine stopped Annie’s examination and put her hands back behind her. She now started to wrap her elbows as carefully as she had done the wrists. Annie was almost paralysed by the strange feeling. Her arms and shoulders were pulled back, making her feel endlessly more bound than before. Her tits where thrust forward, pointing out as if they tried to escape the cups of the bra. Annie felt very exposed and very helpless. Kristine was far from finished. Her next move was to place a rope behind Annie's neck. The ends were led forward over each shoulder and then backwards through each armpit. It was all knotted in back, forming a harness around the shoulders. Annie felt Kristine fasten the elbow ties carefully to the harness, preventing it from moving anywhere. She thought that the ends from her wrist tie were also fastened, but she was not sure. If that was the case, the knots for her wrists were definitely out of her reach.

The ties were still rather comfortable but she was beginning to feel as if freedom was far, far out of reach. Kristine then started to wrap a long piece of rope around Annie's body and upper arms. First she wound five strands just above her breasts, low enough for the ropes to squeeze the tits a bit. She then wound five other strands just below the breasts, high enough to lift them. She then cinched the ropes between her body and upper arms, fastening it all to the shoulder harness. Annie's arms now felt as if they were one with her body. Kristine went on by wrapping another long rope around Annie's waist and arms just below the elbows. The ropes were cinched between her body and arms until it was firm. One end then went up to the harness, the other down to her wrist tie. To Annie's surprise yet another rope was wound around her hips and wrists. It was cinched between her wrists and body and fastened to her wrist cinch. Annie felt as if her entire body was covered with ropes. She tried to move her arms but found it impossible. Still each winding felt rather comfortable. But it all together formed a merciless bondage.

- How does that feel? Kristine asked as she turned Annie around to face her.
- It feels OK I guess, Annie answered as bold as she could.
- As I remember it, you said that the girl couldn't get free or even cry for help. That means you also have to try the gag.

Kristine's smile was a murder but Annie had gone too far to chicken out. Besides she wanted to be completely helpless to experience the feeling of being out of control. It would probably be more comfortable if she couldn't even talk, since she then wouldn't have to decide what to say. If gagged she could only let things happen, and that was just what she wanted to experience. For this one night she wanted to be released from to expectation of action and decision.

- Yes, no silly gag is going to keep me quiet anyway, Annie said in an attempt to sound cheerful.
- Well, then we will need some small piece of cloth... Kristine looked around.
- Why don't we use her panties? Marie giggled and met Annie's eyes with a teasing glimpse.
- No, Kristine interrupted abruptly. She's embarrassed as it is. Don't tease her. She is to shy among us...
- No, I'm not, Annie objected.
- Come on, Kristine said in a tone that was both mocking and forgiving.

Annie almost regretted her swift response to their challenge, but she was into this now for better or worse and since they brought it up, she could never get to hear of it afterwards.

- I'm not shy. Go on with it so I can start getting free.

Marie stepped forward with a giggle and slowly pulled Annie's panties down her hips and curvy legs. Holding them in front of Annie's face she formed them into a little ball.
- Wait, Kristine interrupted just as Marie was moving to insert the gag. If you get free I get to pay your rent, but what do you get to do, if you don't get free?

Annie had not really thought of it. She had planned to be free of all responsibility and she had counted on Kristine to take care of that matter. Besides it would be far more dangerous and that way stronger in exploring her helplessness if Kristine dictated the terms one sided.

- I don't know, Annie said, but I leave that up to you. You decide.
- Are you sure? Kristine's voice was serious for the first time since they started. It's OK with me, but is it with you?
- I promise. If I can't get free, you dictate the terms for my release.
- Gag her! Kristine said with a great smile that sent shivers deep down in Annie's body.

She felt that she might have gone too far, but as she opened her mouth to protest, Marie quickly pushed her panties into her mouth. Annie felt the silky cloth being pushed into her cheeks and mouth, filling her completely. Even though the panties felt small on her body, they felt very large inside her mouth. She tried to chew but the cloth was unyielding and her mouth kept wide open. Marie got a piece of adhesive tape, the one that has glue on both sides, and moulded it snugly over Annie's lips. She then presented an ACE bandage and started to wrap it over the tape. When she was finished Annie's lower face was covered with the tight bandage and she realised there would be no getting the panties out until the bandage was gone. To achieve that, she would first have to free her hands. And her hands were very firmly bound behind her with knots that she long ago lost count of. For the first time she started to feel really helpless. She was suddenly very aware that she stood tied in front of her two friends, her luscious body exposed to their smiling looks. She also got aware of the nakedness of her sex, as both the girls eyes stopped at her small, well kept bush of brown pubis hair. She blushed.

- There is one more rope to secure her arms, before we start with her legs, Kristine said as she got another rope.

She threaded it under the ropes that went around her hips, just in the front below the bellybutton. She knotted one end of it and met Annie's eyes with a smile.
- This will keep your arms down and in place, she said and pushed the rope in between Annie's legs.

She pulled it out in the back, pulling it tight, forcing it in between her lips and her buttocks. Annie started to protest but Kristine went on, wrapping it around the wrist cinch and pulling it back the same way. It was all finished with a knot in front. As Annie tried to struggle she felt the rope caress her sex and with rage burning on her cheeks she stopped. She stood there helplessly looking at her friends who just smiled at her discovery and her discomfort.

- Now she has seen our laughs at her predicament and she knows we won’t take pity of her. Let her keep the sight of our smiling faces through her struggle.

Kristine met Annie's desperate stare with a steady look and a playful laughter. Marie produced another bandage and started to wrap it over Annie's eyes. The last thing Annie saw was the look in Kristine's eyes that told her that freedom wouldn't be cheap.

- Remember you asked for this, Kristine said, because I will.

Before soon Annie's head was covered in ACE bandage. She was in total blackness and she couldn't utter a sound. She could feel two strong hands on her shoulders directing her on a short walk. By the sound she guessed that she had been directed to the bathroom. There she was helped down on the floor and placed face down on her belly. Her legs were then forced apart and folded so that her ankles become parallel and her knees were far apart. She felt her ankles being wrapped and cinched. Then she felt rope being wrapped around her thigh and the lower part of her legs about five or six inches above her ankle ties. Finally she felt a rope being pulled from her ankle tie to her shoulder harness. It was tightened until she felt her heels with her fingers. The rope was then knotted securely.

Then another rope was tied around her head, over her eyes and the pulled backwards, treaded trough the loop of the rope going between her legs and brought back to her head. It was wound a few times around her head, above the gag and then knotted in back. It wasn't too tight only tight enough to keep her from rubbing her head against the floor, thus keeping her from getting her blindfold and gag off. She then felt four different ropes being attached to her body and stretched to fastening points somewhere. She imagined herself being fastened to the radiator, the WC and such. At last it all ended.

- Now you can start, Kristine said merrily and with no other words closed the door.

 Annie felt the silence. She was bound everywhere it counts, she was gagged and blindfolded. She had long ago lost count of the knots and lost track of their places. She was laying on her belly with her legs bound open, her crotch naked and bound, no doubt turned towards the door. She felt totally helpless and she was alone.

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