Annie Part 1: Getting bored

by John Writer

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Storycodes: Solo-F; discovery; bond; fantasy; cons; X

Part 1: Getting bored

Annie didn't like her life. Her latest relation had been a boring disaster, her career had slowed down and her roommate was keeping secrets from her. Looking into the full size mirror in the bathroom she saw a young, tall woman with all the right measurements, with shoulder long brown hair and a classic beauty looking face. She would have been a real bombshell, bound to catch any mans attention, if it had not been for the dull, "I've seen it all and am not impressed"-look in her eyes. In short, she was a very attractive young woman, who had had an easy going life and now in the mid twenties got bored to the bones. With a deep sigh, she decided to stay home from work, end a bottle of wine and nurse her self pity.

An hour later she sat on the sofa, sipped her wine and couldn't decide whether she would cry in self pity or break something in a rage. Suddenly it hit her: Kristine her roommate, was keeping a secret from her. This was the perfect time to take a look around her room. She confirmed her decision by emptying her glass and headed for the closed door of Kristine’s. Without thought she opened the door and looked around. The room looked normal, the wide bed nicely done and everything tidied and clean. Annie walked into the middle of the room, and turned to a large mirror that covered one wall from floor to ceiling. For a few moments she studied herself, standing in a dark red satin robe, carelessly closed, exposing her black lace underwear and her dark stay-ups encasing her long curvy legs. But then she thought of Kristine and her lesbian lover Marie, and turned away from the mirror and its image of her pity.

Kristine was only twenty-three an inch taller than Annie and looking like a Greek goddess. She had everything going for her, with lots of attention from handsome men, and she choose to pick a female lover. In her state of self pity Annie took this as a personal insult. And it wasn't even enough. Kristine also kept secrets from Annie. She didn't exactly know what it was, but she had seen the looks Kristine and Marie would give each other, she had heard their whispering, and noticed how carefully Kristine closed the door if she left her room while Marie was there.

Annie was sure that she was kept out from something and she was determined to find out what. She therefore started to open the closet doors, thoroughly searching for anything suspicious. First she found nothing but Kristine’s clothes, some for exercise, some for office use and a whole lot of nice looking underwear in various shapes and colours. In the last closet where all Kristine’s suitcases and hand bags stored. At first Annie was going to give up in disappointment, but then she decided to check the suitcases as well. She pulled them all out and soon discovered by the weight that two of them were far from empty. Trying to open them she realised that they were locked. In a moment of rage she tried to open them by force, but she quickly realised that Kristine would notice that. Instead she got all of her own keys and started working with them.

Before soon she managed to open the largest of the cases and to her surprise found it full of rope, leather straps and cloth. As she grasped her breath, it hit her that these were toys used by Kristine and Marie. She felt a slight sting of envy. She had been doing almost anything that a woman can do with a man with her boyfriends, and yet she had not tried any of this. She had heard of it, but never even thought of the idea of trying it herself. She found a large brown paper envelope and opened it. Inside were a couple of glossy magazines showing young models tied up in various situations. She browsed them with half an eye, as she tried to figure out what Marie had that she had not.

After a while she closed the suitcase and tucked everything back where she had found it. Closing all the doors behind her she went back to her wine and her thoughts. She now knew Kristine’s secret, but she didn't feel a bit better. She was still alone, bored with everything. Finishing the wine bottle she decided to go out to be where people were. She dressed in high heels and a mini dress that send the message: available.

A few days later she sat at her desk. Her sales assistant had come in and briefed her on the last week’s sale statistics. They were good but not excellent, only slightly better then the same week the previous year. The assistant was a very talented man around thirty. His name was Charles and he had been working with her for about six months. He had been to a great help and they had got along fine. Their results had been climbing, until her relationship crashed three weeks ago. Since then she had felt like a failure, and had been indulging in self pity. She had been out every night, catching some one nightstands that only made her feel worse. She had been drinking some and had even stayed at home from work a couple of days.

Charles had first tried to pretend like nothing was wrong, but then he had offered himself as support if she wanted to talk. She had of course turned the offer down. She was his boss and she was also a little scared from his self confident, open minded approach. He felt a bit too good to be true and she was determined not to let him see her misery. Now he had just told her that he had got a discreet question from one superior manager as to if he wanted to be a key account manager himself. Of course he wouldn't take such an offer until he had had the chance to talk it over with her. She would have been proud if her assistant would have been key account manager, had she been in shape herself. But now she was hurt, afraid he would eventually take her place. With a stiff smile she congratulated him and wished him all luck, but inside she almost cried. As he now left her office, she decided to call it a day. She quickly entered the sales statistics into the computer, and then finished everything off. For once she left her office a little before three a clock a Friday afternoon.

On her way home she spent the first few miles planning which clubs she would attend, and which bars to visit. But then her feelings of pain and failure took over. She felt like crying, cursing her life. She realised it had not came as suddenly as she first had thought. She had had a growing feeling of emptiness and boredom for almost a year. She was only twenty-seven and had had a wonderful start of her career as salesman. She had quickly become a key account manager, had got herself a staff of assistants and a large office. Her good looks and witty humour had always placed her in centre of social life. She had been attended to by all the guys who mattered and everything had been going her way. But she didn't have fun. She didn't even feel good.

She started drifting off, dreaming of something else, something that always eluded her. She felt a longing, but didn't know for what. Slowly she had begun feeling lousy, miserable and unlucky. Her boyfriends got the whip for it and had succeeded each other rapidly over the last year. Now she was alone. Her hunt for luck in various bars and clubs only made matters worse. She didn't know what to do. She was even tired of thinking about it. She almost wished for someone else to take decisions and point out directions in her life. But she was a successful career woman and didn't dare to think it out loud.

Oh if only she could learn a bit from Kristine. She seemed to have her life in perfect order. If you can call it order when you have a lesbian relationship and indulge in bondage. The thought of Kristine and Marie playing bondage games remained in Annie's thoughts. She had actually been thinking about it a lot since she had discovered the suitcase with all the ropes. Not so that she was excited about it. She was rather curious as to what it was good for. What was the thrill? Was it the feeling of power? Annie had always had a feeling of power in her relations and had never thought about it before. Or was it the other way around? Was it the giving up of power? That thought hit her to her own surprise with a demand for more. Could that be it? Was that what it was all about? She thought about it, giving up power, not forever only for a time of her own choice. It could be interesting...

Once the thought had crossed her mind, it wouldn't leave. She started to fantasise about it, picturing herself in the hands of one of her boyfriends. That scared her. She felt she wasn't ready to try it with anyone who she was emotionally engaged with, nor with any man for that matter. Her mind took another turn. Maybe she could try it as a game? Maybe she could get Kristine to tie her up so that she could explore the experience. What the hell. One more night at the downtown bars or a night tied up at home, with her roommate. It seemed like a very low stake. She decided to try.

Once the decision was made, she started to think of the game. Just being tied up wouldn't do. Somehow she had to get Kristine to use the situation to take some decisions for her. After all that was what she was after, someone else taking her decisions. Maybe if she set it all up as a bet. If she could get Kristine to tie her up and the bet would be about Annie getting loose or not. If she didn't Kristine would get to decide for how long Annie would stay tied and what she would have to do to get free. That way Annie would leave the outcome of the night in Kristine's hands. That would do as a test.

Annie was rather pleased with herself. She was to get a new experience and it would only cost her one single Friday night. Then she started to think about what Kristine would want for her freedom. Maybe it would be some sex service. The thought first made Annie dubious but then she realised that she had done anything that could be done with men, and that it couldn't be too bad to do it with another woman. She even felt a little excited by the thought...

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