Anne and Susan – Road Trip

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; gag; hogtie; transported; susp; oral; mast; toys; cons; X

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Susan went first, down the back stairs and out into the parking lot.  Seeing an empty parking lot and no one lurking about, she went back up to the first floor landing for Anne.

“OK, the coast is clear, Sweetie!  Let’s go!”  She unlocked the padlock from the chain leash that kept Anne fastened to the stair railing, being careful not to bang it metal to metal and invite a nosy neighbor to investigate the noise.  She grabbed up the leash, but Anne was resisting heading down the stairs.  Susan, not wanting to take the time, but feeling the need to reason with her, took a moment to calm her now-reluctant captive.

She kissed the heavily gagged woman on the forehead and whispered, “Look, Anne… Sweetie, we talked about this and you were all for it!  It was your idea!  What’s going on?  Oh, that’s right you can’t talk!  Don’t you want to do this?”

Anne vigorously shook her head and tried to talk through the packing and tape.  Susan shook her head impatiently and told her, “No, I’m not taking the gag out!”  Over the past several months she had learned to understand what Anne was saying when she was gagged.  She could even distinguish meaning accurately between ball gagged-ese, ring-gagged-ese and now even when Anne’s mouth was packed and taped over.  Lord knows she had plenty of practice listening to her! 

She blew out a breath before continuing.  Just ten minutes ago as she was putting the finishing touches on Anne’s bondage, Anne was all for it and enthused, jiggling around in her nervous way and eager to get going.  Now she was all anxious and weirded out.  Jeez, they were only going for a ride!

“Look!  We’ve been planning and talking about this for a month!  We’re doing it and that is that!”  Now clearly out of patience and nervous herself that someone would come along, Susan got behind Anne and pushed her towards the stairs.  Anne resisted for a moment, whining something through her gag, and then acquiesced and began to move.

“I am not a bitch, Anne, you’re just being your usual nervous-nellie self!  What could possibly go wrong?  We’ve been over this a dozen times, practiced and everything.  It will be fine!”  All this was whispered as they quietly made their way down the stairs.  At the door, Susan stuck her head out and checked for passersby.  The lot was still deserted, except for her rental van, which was backed into a space close by. 

Susan had rented a window-less cargo van.  It was a Ford something-or other, about 16 feet long.  It had a partition in the front that separated the cargo area from the passenger area and a rubber carpet floor with lots of hooks and rings in the walls floor and ceiling.  Susan had tossed a foam mattress into the back last night along with a bunch of rope and things.

Without a word, she flung the apartment door open wide, simultaneously unlocking the van doors with the remote and, moving quickly, pulled Anne outside.  Anne was whimpering.  Susan felt sorry for her and annoyed at the same time. 

Susan had confidence that this would go as she had planned.  Susan always had that feeling that nothing could go wrong if you thought it out and planned properly.  It was a minor conceit that served her well in her work as an engineering consultant and in her sometimes-edgy play with Anne.

Anne, on the other hand, worried about everything, at least everything that related to the games they played.  In her work, she was a confident no-nonsense professional and in her real life, she was clear-headed and positive.  It was only in their play world that she got antsy.  Maybe it was the fear that if they were caught she would be disgraced and embarrassed and drummed out of the human race or something.  They had talked endlessly about it and Susan had pointed out a number of times how Anne’s attitude sometimes spoiled their fun and that if people found out about Anne’s kinkiness most wouldn’t even care.  Anne acknowledged those things and tried hard to get by it, but every new endeavor that was to be done outside of the confines of their bedroom brought out the anxious-ness in her.  Susan knew that after they got into it Anne would be all right and even drive the fun, but getting her to do something could be a trial!

As a for-instance, this little game they were about to embark upon was originally Anne’s idea!  She decided she wanted to be tied up in public, but not right-in-your-face-public…at least not yet.  She came up with the idea of being tied in the back of an SUV or van and left to struggle in a busy parking lot.  She would be hidden from view, but just a thin layer of sheet metal from being seen.  Susan finally acquiesced to the idea as Anne nagged at her to try it.  They worked out an approach and even drove around to different spots where they wanted to try it.

So now, today was the day to do it!  It was a warm-ish mid-fall day, in the high 60s, and overcast.  They figured that a nude woman tied up in the back of a vehicle wouldn’t want it too cold or too sunny.  The weather forecast predicted this type of weather for several days and it seemed to be about right so Susan rented the cargo van for the Saturday of the week.  The places they wanted to park would be at their busiest and the impact on Anne would be greatest when the most people were around.

To be honest, Susan wasn’t that hot on the idea.  From her standpoint, the enjoyment would be minimal.  She would tie up Anne and then leave the vehicle alone for a while.  She would then come back and drive somewhere else and do the same thing.  Very boring for her!  What was she supposed to do while Anne was playing damsel-in-distress?  A person can only shop so much!  But Anne was quite keen on doing it so she went along.  Susan figured she could get some fun out of changing Anne’s bondage, but the real fun for her was to be with Anne and play with her until Anne was out of her mind with desire and then have sex with her.  That wouldn’t happen in the back of a van in a parking lot….hmmm!  Why wouldn’t it?  Maybe there would be something more in it for her!

When it came time to do it, Anne true to form, wanted out!  That was why Susan had tied and collared her in the apartment.  She knew Anne would get cold feet and once Susan committed to something it had to happen or there would be trouble. 

That was how she came to be wrestling the reluctant Anne into the back of the van, hoping that no one was looking out a window!  She got Anne in and slammed the door shut.  She went around to the driver’s side and climbed up and in.  Anne was still whining and complaining.

“Stop it, Anne!  We’re doing this!  It was your idea and you’re not backing out now!”  Anne didn’t stop her complaining and was trying to open the back door.  Susan sighed loudly and slipped between the seats and through the partition into the cargo area.

She grabbed Anne and turned her away from the door.  A person couldn’t stand upright in the back so Anne was already off balance.  With a quick movement she took Anne’s feet out from under her and “helped” her to the floor.  Snatching up some long cable ties she had placed in the back last night, Susan expertly immobilized her reluctant friend, crossing and binding her ankles and drawing her into a tight hogtie.  Anne made a nice little package with her arms tightly bound into a reverse prayer position and now the crossed-ankle hogtie.  Susan was experiencing the usual sexual and power-trip charge from tying her lover and thought that maybe this would be some fun after all!

“Honestly, Anne, I think you do this on purpose so that you can get off on being forced into it!”  Anne forcefully rebutted that with some muffled cursing.  Susan took two more of the long ties and used them to secure Anne to the rings in the floor.  “Wouldn’t want you moving around back here, Sweetie.  Think of these as your seatbelt!” 

Satisfied that Anne was snuggly attached to the floor, Susan moved back to the driver’s seat and started the van.  As she let it warm up a bit she watched Anne struggle on the floor.  She knew that a few minutes in tight bondage would put Anne in the proper frame of mind and banish the doubts she had early on.  The change in the tone and tenor of Anne’s sounds confirmed that Anne was moving into her “zone”.

Susan turned to the front and shifted into drive.  She pulled carefully out of the lot and headed for their first destination.

A 15-minute drive brought them to the mega-box home store, their first destination.  The lot was jumping with people exercising their misguided need to do yard work before the long winter.  Susan found a spot right in the middle of the lot and maneuvered the van into it.

She knew that it would be difficult for anyone to see into the interior given the lack of windows and the separating partition.  She wasn’t concerned that Anne would be discovered.  The only problem Susan figured Anne could get into was choking, so she climbed into the back and unwound the vet wrap and pulled out the wadding.

“What are you doing?  I want to be gagged too!”

“Anne,” Susan said wearily, “we went over this.  I’m not leaving you gagged so you can choke!  That would spoil the fun don’t you think and what would I do with your body?”  Anne put on a sulky face, which Susan ignored.  “Are you Ok?  Any cramps?  Numbness?”  Anne didn’t respond, so hearing no complaints, Susan surmised that Anne was OK and, without another word, slipped out of the van and beeped the locks shut, leaving her friend to her fantasies.  She was aware that she shouldn’t be gone long; the intent was to give Anne a taste of it and then return. 

She actually didn’t mind this stop.  She liked home stores, especially the rope and hardware sections!  She browsed for about 10 minutes and then found some soft hemp rope.  She had never seen this type rope in the store before.  She snagged two one hundred foot packages and went through the check out, anxious to get back to Anne.

She speed walked to the van and circled it listening for sounds and trying to see in the windows.  Just for fun she banged on the side before opening the front door.  She climbed in and through the partition into the back.  Anne was staring at her!

Anne spoke in a whisper.  “This is so cool!  A dozen cars must have come and gone.  Someone even walked around this thing inspecting it.  He wanted to buy one and he was looking in the windows and everything!  So cool!”

Susan knelt beside her friend, checking her bonds.  “Everything still OK?”  She was amazed at Anne’s ability to stay tied in the most excruciating positions!  Since they had met, Anne had lost some weight and gotten into yoga.  Her flexibility had improved as well as her stamina.  Of course, the regular flexibility training of bondage that Susan practiced on her helped too.  Anne nodded and said, “Oh yeah, I’m fine!  Where are we going next?”

“First, we’re going into that McDonalds next door and I’m going to get a coffee!  Then, I’ll tie you differently and I think we’ll head to the mall.”  Susan picked up a sponge-y ball gag from the equipment bag.  Anne opened her month without being asked and accepted the gag willingly, obviously excited to continue her adventure.  Susan pulled through the drive-thru and ordered a coffee.  She drove into a deserted corner of the lot and backed into a parking space. 

Susan took a few sips of coffee as she thought of what to do with Anne next.  Anne lay quietly in the back.  She decided to tie Anne against the wall of the van.  There were a lot of hold-down rings to fasten cargo to as well as several sets of wide bars parallel to the floor along the sides to protect the body panels from dents, she guessed.  She climbed into the back and cut the cable ties that held Anne in the hogtie.  Susan helped Anne to sit up and then undid the reverse prayer bondage.  Anne sighed in relief and stretched her arms and twisted around getting everything loose and settled again.  Susan tied Anne’s hands in front and removed Anne’s chucks and socks and tugged her jeans and panties off.

Anne giggled in delight!  Anne loved to be naked and tied up; she said it really pushed all her buttons!  Susan had no problem with that!

She moved Anne back against the side of the vehicle and tied her arms up over her head to the top-most bar.  Susan then tied Anne’s elbows together, which forced Anne’s head forward.  She encircled Anne’s waist with several loops and cinched that rope to one of the bars.  She placed several loops around Anne’s torso and the side bars and cinched everything up tight because she didn’t want Anne bouncing or bumping against the bars or floor.

Susan tied a rope around each of Anne’s legs above the knee as Anne looked on, a gleam in Anne’s eye that indicated her intense involvement in the goings on.  Susan lifted each leg in turn and tied the rope to a side bar of the van.  When she was finished, Anne sat legs wide open and pulled back until her knees almost touched the bars.  Her hands were fastened above her head.  The whole thing looked very uncomfortable, but Anne was taking it in stride and was actually smiling and murmuring to herself, a sure sign that she was OK with it.

Anne was in a vulnerable and sexy position and Susan took the opportunity to play with her a bit.  She cautioned Anne with a finger to her lips to not make any noise as she massaged Anne already-moistened sex.  Anne eyes went wide as Susan played with her, but managed to remain quiet, a miracle in that Anne was quite vocal during sex, particularly while tied up!   Anne squirmed against Susan’s penetrating fingers as best she could, until Susan withdrew them causing muffled, quiet protests.  Susan patted Anne’s cheek.  “There’ll be time for more of that later, Sweetie!”

Susan headed back to the driver’s seat and started the van up.  She backed out of the space and headed through the lot towards the exit, one eye on the road and the other in the mirror on Anne.  Anne was still squirming a bit, her eyes closed, trying to wring a little more pleasure out of the predicament.

Susan pulled into traffic joining the line of vehicles waiting at a stoplight.  On the green she made a right and entered the mall driveway.  The busiest places in the mall were at the building entrances. She managed to find a spot near one of them and maneuvered the van into it.  Susan hopped into the back and removed Anne’s ball gag.

“That just ruins it, Sue!”

“I know, Annie, but I’m not going to risk it!”

“What about a ring gag?  I can’t get into too much trouble with one of those!  Please?”

“We’ll see!  Maybe next time.”  Susan kissed Anne and crawled back towards the front.  Anne was not happy and voiced her disapproval calling Susan a bitch.  Susan just shook her head, used to Anne’s annoying petulance, but made a note of her rudeness for future reference.  Out of the van and on her way to the mall entrance, Susan locked the van with the remote.  She wondered whether she should have hooked Anne up with the vibrator, but, still annoyed at Anne’s rudeness, she wasn’t about to reward her.

Susan wandered around the mall, entering several stores.  She bought some shampoo and a top and almost bought a blouse for Anne, but she was still pissed about the “b” word.  All she was doing was looking out for the little brat’s safety and she gets abused for it!  She knew Anne had a temper and could be mouthy at times and also knew that Anne would be apologetic.  Still, she wished Anne were a bit less volatile.  Then she smiled and thought that on the other hand that volatility made Anne a wonderful play partner.  Susan felt she had worked that issue to death and checked her watch.  It had been twenty minutes or so since she left Anne.  It was time to get back and check on her.

She approached the van and unlocked the doors.  Looking around to see who was about, she went to the back doors of the van and opened one.  Anne looked up startled as light flooded into the back.

“Wha…what’re you doing?  Shut that!”  Susan stood in the opening with the door held wide.  People passed by on their way to and from the mall and if they were looking closely, could have seen Anne spread-legged and bound.  One teenage girl apparently caught a glimpse of Anne, because Susan heard her gasp and turned to watch the girl nudge her girl friend and gesture at the van.  Susan winked at her!  The girl flashed a smile and continued on to the entrance.

Susan with agonizing slowness arranged her purchases on the floor of the van.

Anne, almost apoplectic, was beet red and wide-eyed as a couple walked by and nodded to Susan.  She watched open-mouthed as Susan said hi, turning away from the door and leaving it wide open.  Although she knew it was useless, Anne struggled trying to get loose and to close her legs.  It would be so embarrassing to be seen like this and then what?  How would they explain it?  What if mall security came by?  Or the cops?  Anne was pushing herself into a panic just as Susan slammed the rear door shut.  Relief flooded through Anne and she blew out a breath and closed her eyes willing herself to relax.

Susan climbed into the passenger seat and looked back at Anne.  “That was for calling me a bitch!”  Anne opened her mouth to protest and then stopped.  She laughed.  “That was so cool!  When that couple almost stopped, I thought I was going to pass out!  What a rush!   Um…can you come back here and… you know?”

Susan just shook her head.  Anne was such an adrenaline junkie, so willing to push her boundaries; sometimes she was just too much! 

“OK, maybe I will, but I’m going to move first.  That girl that saw you may be having second thoughts!” 

“Girl?  What girl?”

Susan smiled to herself and told Anne to relax.  She pulled out and went around to the back side of the mall and parked in a space away from other vehicles.

She clambered into the back and pulled her battery-powered vibrator out of the bag of equipment.  Susan waved it in front of the grinning Anne, but before she used it, she pushed the ball gag back into Anne’s mouth leaving the straps loose.  “Keep that in there, Anne!”

Susan knew just where and how to place the vibrator and nestled the head of the vibrator tightly against the spread outer lips of her sex.  Susan soon had Anne squirming in place.  Anne kept her eyes closed and focused tightly on her bonds and the vibrator.  Susan was pretty turned on too!  With her free hand, she plucked the gag out of Anne’s mouth and replaced it with her tongue.  Anne responded to the kiss and tipped herself over the edge.  Anne jerked at her ropes as the spasms of pleasure surged through her.  Susan used her own mouth to smother Anne’s cries of pleasure. Anne slumped in her bonds like a rag doll without stuffing.  Susan pulled up the hem of her skirt and moved her panties aside and turned the vibrator on herself.  She leaned back against the wall of the van, almost mirroring Anne’s bound position and, eyes fixed on her bound lover, masturbated herself to orgasm.

It was silent in the van for several minutes, just the quiet breathing and sighing of the two women audible.  Susan stirred first.  She got onto her knees and straightened her skirt.

“That was nice!”  She smiled at Anne.  Anne flickered her eyes open and smiled back.

“It’s better when we do it together though!”  Anne’s teasing tone fired up Susan.  She reached out and stroked Anne’s inner thigh and then leaned forward straining her neck, and flicked her tongue over Anne’s still flushed sex.  Anne groaned and thrust her hips forward.

“There’s a mattress in here.  What say I untie you and we’ll do it together?”

A huge smile wreathed Anne’s face!  “I’d say that would be great!  As long as you tie me up again when we’re done!”

Susan put on a mock frown as she untied Anne.  “It’s always something with you, isn’t it?”  Anne laughed happily.  Their constant banter was a joy to her and she relished their exchanges, but right now she had an itch that needing scratching.  She waited until Susan unrolled the foam and then pulled her close.

The two made love quietly, together on the mattress with the world passing just several feet away.  It was an intense encounter that started slowly and built to a fantastic finish.  They were sure that they had been heard by passersby, but neither cared at all.  Afterwards, they lay in each other’s arms for several minutes, relishing the experience.

Finally, with a huge sigh from each of them, they separated.  Susan sat up and started dressing, pulling her skirt and top on, leaving her underwear where it lay.  Anne still feeling the effects of her bondage stretched like a cat on its back, flexing her arms and legs.  Anne was totally naked and made no move to dress.

“So!  Are you going to tie me again?”

Susan shook her head.  “You are a piece of work, Anne!  If I’d know you’d be such a bondage slut, I’d never had stuck with you!  Never!”

“Yeah, right!  As if you had nothing to do with it!  You’re pretty weird yourself, except you won’t admit it.”  Anne gave Susan a playful push that toppled her over onto her backside.  Susan rose up quickly and jumped on Anne.  The van was rocking and echoed with the thumps as they wrestled bouncing off the floor and walls.  Susan managed to get Anne rolled onto her stomach.  Anne was flexible and strong, but Susan was stronger and more importantly, ruthless.  She would and did do anything to get the advantage over Anne.  She grabbed a fistful of Anne’s hair and pulled.  Anne shrieked and reached up to try and free her hair.  Susan freed Anne’s hair and grabbed her right arm, twisting it up behind Anne’s back in a hammerlock. She levered it hard further and further up, until Anne yielded.  “OK!  OK!  I give!  Jeez, you don’t have to be so rough!”

“C’mon, Anne, you love it, admit it!”  While she taunted her friend and kept the pressure on her arm, Susan groped for a piece of rope.

“Put your other arm back here or I’ll break this one off and beat you with it.”

“You’re pretty tough when you’re on top, Sue!  Someday I’m going to be on top and then we’ll see!”

“In your dreams, Sweetie, in your dreams!”  Susan expertly bound Anne’s wrists and then her elbows.  She picked up one of Anne’s discarded knee socks and forced it into Anne’s mouth securing it with the other sock.

“You’re making too much noise, Sweetie.  This will keep you quiet; remember where we are!”  Susan leveraged Anne to a sitting position and bound her ankles and above and below her knees.  Working quickly, Susan bent Anne into a stringent ball tie with her knees tight to her chest and her heels digging into her butt from the ankle to thigh tie.  Susan made multiple passes with loops around Anne’s body to secure Anne into the tie. 

Susan positioned Anne on her back and shifted Anne around until she was lying cross-wise just inside the rear doors.  She took some heavier rope and threaded it through the body loops at various points and collected it into a handful of lines.  Susan threaded these through a heavy-duty ring over the rear doors and then one of the side rings.  Using all her strength she pulled hard on the lines and lifted Anne off the floor.  Sweating and struggling to keep a hold on the lines she managed to make a knot at the second ring.  Anne was suspended about a foot above the floor and stared at Susan with a look of wonder and lust.

Susan gathered up another long piece of heavy line and worked it through some of the ropes wrapped around Anne.  She stretched this rope forward and to the other side of the van.  She pulled hard on this rope and moved Anne away from the door and a little further off the floor.  This rope would keep Anne from swinging around while the van was moving.  It was the best she could do with a suspension under the circumstances.  She would have liked to swing Anne stretched across the van but she just didn’t have the strength or the room to do it.  This would have to do.  From the sounds Anne was making it was working out for her!

They were headed home now.  Susan pulled out and drove reasonably and within legal limits back to the apartment, all the while watching her friend sway about in the rear of the van.  They arrived back there without incident and Susan lowered Anne to the floor. She got her untied except for her arms, hands and the gag.  She went forward and popped out of the front door and looked around.  The lot was still sort of empty and deserted.  At the rear doors, she helped Anne out of the back and hustled her to the apartment exterior door.  They passed through it and up the stairs undetected.

Once in the apartment, Susan released Anne.  Anne said nothing at first, just hugged Susan tightly and then whispered, “Thanks!”  Anne, smiling hugely, let her go and headed into the bathroom.  Susan could hear her running water for a bath.

Anne appeared in the door, naked, her body crisscrossed with rope marks.

“I just had a great idea for what we can do next!” 

Susan rolled her eyes.  “What now?”

Anne put on her best coquettish smile.  “Come on in and we can discuss it!”

Susan didn’t hesitate for a second, shedding her clothes as she went.  Whatever hair-brained scheme Anne was hatching Susan knew she was all for it! 


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