Anne and Susan 2: The Nuclear Option

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; toys; cons; X

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Anne and Susan 2: The Nuclear Option

After Susan slid Anne’s jeans down, Anne kicked herself free of them.  She stood self-consciously in just her panties, blouse and argyle kneesocks, her wrists bound together behind her back.

She was nervous and excited.  As usually happened when she felt those things, she began to giggle.  Anne could see it was ruining the mood, but just couldn’t stop!  Susan shook her head in mock exasperation.

“I know how to stop that!”  She slid Anne’s panties down her legs and picked them up off the floor.  Anne stopped tittering and watched Susan roll them into a ball, her eyes fixed on Anne’s.  She held them up to Anne’s lips.  “Open up, sweetie!”  Anne did as she was told, not really believing this was happening.  Susan pushed the panties deep into her mouth packing Anne’s cheeks full.

She flashed on being glad that she had changed her undies, but blushed at the thought of how much more exciting it would be if she were tasting Susan’s underwear instead of her own!

Anne was beginning to get the message!  Susan was going to do things to her that had never been done before and that she had never even thought to fantasize about.  At least, Anne hoped that was going to happen.  Being gagged with her panties was a good start!   

Susan slid one of Anne’s socks down and peeled it off her foot.  She moved behind Anne and centered the sock between Anne’s open lips, tightly tying it off behind Anne’s neck.  The sock pushed the panty fabric deeper into Anne’s mouth and forced her mouth to open wider.

Anne lost the compulsion to giggle, suddenly and clearly understanding where this could go!  It was replaced by a powerfully erotic feeling.  She closed her eyes and let it wash over her!  Anne shivered and sighed quietly into her gag.

Susan, now back facing Anne, patted Anne’s cheek.  “I know, I know!  It’s pretty cool, huh?”  She ran her fingers lightly over Anne’s blouse causing her nipples to pop.  She traced the outline of Anne’s body, running her hands down Anne’s sides and then cupping her butt.  Anne’s heart was pounding and she was afraid she would hyperventilate and faint dead away.  Every nerve ending sexual or otherwise was tingling.  She had never felt so alive or engaged before!

“OK, Anne, before we go any further we need to talk!  Or rather I’m going to talk to you and you’re going to nod or shake your head.  OK?”   Anne nodded.

“Sit down for a minute”.  Anne sat on the edge of the sofa, tense and jiggling her legs, totally attuned to Susan and staring at her with rapt attention.  Susan got on her knees and moved in between Anne’s legs, close to Anne so that Anne’s crotch was almost touching Susan.  She gripped Anne’s jaw and held her head steady for a moment before releasing her and fixed her gaze on Anne’s eyes.

“OK!  This thing we’re starting could get uncomfortable for you, you know!  I don’t mean in pain uncomfortable… we don’t torture, but you could end up being… I don’t know tied up for long times or in weird positions!  You could be spanked.  You could be vibrated or have… um… objects inserted into you.  There are certain things that I like to do to my partner… you… that you might not like.  And I have mistress’ prerogative so that I’m going to do them whether you like it or not, but I don’t want to ever do anything to you that would hurt you physically or mentally.  This relationship… and you are too precious for that to happen!  Understand?”  Anne nodded uncertainly, not sure were Susan was going with this.

“I can see you’re not totally getting this!  OK!  Let’s see… I like to spank people… you, in this case.  Now you may not like that.  And if you don’t I want you to tell me.  OK?”  Anne nodded again, thinking hmmm… spanking…that would be cool!

“But there are times when I might not listen to you and still do it!  Maybe not as much as I like or as hard as I like, but, and this is maybe the hard part for you to get, I come first… always!  Are you OK with that?”

Anne took that in and rolled it around in her head.  She understood that Susan was saying that Anne was hers to do as she saw fit, but within reason.  She understood that Susan wouldn’t ever push her so far that she was hurt in some way or turned off.  She thought of her situation now and how totally turned on she was and had a hard time envisioning what would turn her off.  At the same time, she knew little of what this scene could include and knew that Susan, being more experienced, could think up things that Anne never dreamed of.  She understood that Susan was asking her to trust her, was asking that Anne turn herself over to Susan and give up control.  The thought was a bit frightening, but the way she felt now and her eagerness to continue convinced her to trust Susan and move forward.

Anne nodded and Susan breathed a sigh of relief!   “Good!  Great!  This is going to be so fun, Anne!”

Susan unbuttoned Anne’s blouse and shifted the fabric away from her breasts.  She kissed Anne’s burgeoning nipples, nipping at them and suckling like an eager baby.  Anne’s pulse quickened and she slipped back into what she was beginning to recognize as a kind of zone, a place where she felt calm and serene and aroused at the same time and totally free.  Susan pushed Anne’s blouse off her shoulders and down her arms until it bunched around Anne’s bound wrists.

Susan whispered in Anne’s ear as she rolled one of Anne’s nipples between her fingers.  “You have beautiful breasts, Anne.  They’re perfect!”  Anne experienced another wave of passion and she sighed audibly, closed her eyes and let her head loll back. 

Susan flicked her tongue into Anne’s ear and nuzzled her neck.  Anne gratefully accepted these attentions, twisting her wrists in her bonds to remind herself of her captivity.

Susan stripped the other sock off Anne’s leg.  She stood, removed Anne’s glasses and covered Anne’s eyes with the sock.  She knotted it at the back of Anne’s head effectively blocking her sight.  Susan gently grasped Anne’s upper arm and helped her to her feet.  Anne was disoriented and was unsteady on her now bare feet.

“I’m going to take you into the bedroom now!  Just trust me and walk along.  I won’t let you trip or fall!”  Just the simple act of having Susan take her arm and control her where she was going thrilled Anne.

Anne let Susan take the lead and felt her equilibrium return although it was weird to be walking blindfolded.  With her hand on Anne’s bicep, Susan guided her down the hall, into the bedroom and to a seat on the edge of the bed. 

Susan sat down beside Anne and put her arm around her.  Anne snuggled close and leaned her head onto Susan’s shoulder.

“I think you should learn what it is like to be tied up, Anne, really tied up!  You told me you had never been really tied so it might be a good learning experience… and a sexy one!  You know what they say though?  It isn’t bondage until you want to get out of it?  That is what you have to learn, Anne.  I’m not bragging when I say that I can put your body into positions you never thought possible with just a few pieces of rope.  I know that you think you can deal with it, but you have to experience it to really understand it!  Are you OK with that?”

OK?  Am I OK with that?  Anne thoughts were quite clear.  She had dreamed and fantasized and suffered through inept ties when she was a kid and amateur attempts later on and now she was with someone who actually knew what they were doing.  God, what if she’s just another amateur?  That thought sent a palpable chill through Anne and momentarily slowed her rising excitement. Anne pushed it aside, not wanting to think about what a profound disappointment that would be!  Anne nodded her head and murmured agreement through her gag.

Susan laughed.  “You’re going to have to work on your gag talk, Anne, but I get your drift!  And one more thing!  If you ever get too uncomfortable or scared or whatever, I want you to grunt three times fast.  Like this!”  Susan made a sound as if she was gagged.  “Now you try it!”  Anne copied Susan and made the sound.  “Good!  Good!  And don’t ever hesitate to do it!  This is supposed to be fun and exciting and sexy for both of us!  Nothing should happen to change that!  OK?”  Anne nodded enthusiastically, excited beyond anything she had ever experienced.

Susan then stood and moved away from the bed.  She returned with a bundle of ¼- inch cotton rope.  Kneeling in front of Anne, she placed Anne’s ankles side-by-side and wrapped and cinched several loops around them.  Anne reveled in the feel of the rope and testing the tightness, found she couldn’t move them apart or even up or down.

Susan placed another strand of rope around Anne’s thighs above her knees.  These several loops were wrapped and cinched.  Anne’s legs were now stuck together, tightly, but not uncomfortably!

“I’m going to untie your hands now to get your blouse off, but only for a minute!  Don’t try anything!”  Susan laughed as she undid the wrist rope and whisked off Anne’s blouse.  Anne made a halfhearted try to keep her freed hands out of Susan’s grasp, but Susan quickly corralled them and held them tightly while she rebound.  “Oh, so you want to be a pain in the butt, huh Anne?  Well, we have ways of making you pay!” This last was offered in an atrocious Teutonic accent that made Anne giggle.

“Mmm, you have nice long upper arms, Anne.  I think I’ll try to tie your elbows together.  Would you like that?”

Would I like that?  Does a bee like honey?  Anne nodded her head vigorously.

Susan held Anne’s arms in one hand and worked a loop around and above Anne’s elbows.  She pulled on the loop working it and holding Anne’s arms until the inside of Anne’s elbows were almost touching.  Anne acutely felt the tension in her shoulders and the compression around her arms.  It was an exquisite feeling that drove home the utter helplessness of her situation.  It was wonderful!  Susan ran the end of the rope under Anne’s armpit, around the back of her neck and under the other armpit, returning to the elbows rope.  In one last twist that pulled it all together, Susan pass it between Anne’s elbows and up to the section of the rope behind Anne’s neck.  She slipped the end under that part of the rope and pulled down to tie the rope off at the elbow cinch.  That simple act tightened it all up and made any possibility of Anne struggling out of the tie a virtual impossibility.

Susan placed her hands on the tops of Anne’s thighs and leaned toward her.  “I’m going to take the gag out and replace it with another one… one that is more appropriate for the occasion.”  She undid the sock and fished the now soggy panties out of Anne’s mouth. 

Freed of that constraint Anne gushed,  “This feels so good, Susan!  I love it!” 

Susan placed her hand over Anne’s mouth.  “Only I get to do the talking right now, OK?”  Anne nodded and Susan removed her hand.   She asked Anne to open her mouth and when she did so, Susan pushed a large spongy ball into Anne’s mouth.  Anne was surprised by the size, but managed to accommodate the mass as Susan strapped it tight at the back of her neck.

“I want you to stand up for a second, Anne.”  Susan helped Anne off the bed and into a standing position.  Anne, blindfolded, again experienced unsteadiness, but with Susan’s help managed to stay upright.  Susan looped a rope around Anne’s waist and tightened it and then used the rest of the strand to pin Anne’s arms to her body.  This rope passed around the middle of Anne’s forearms and was cinched between her arms and her butt.  Anne found she couldn’t move her arms away from her body or side-to-side.  She realized that with each rope, Susan was taking away movement and further immobilizing her.

Susan next passed a long doubled strand around Anne’s chest and arms over and under her breasts.  Susan cinched this rope together between Anne’s arms and her body, pulling the two loops tight and squeezing Anne’s breasts.

Susan stopped and studied her new friend.  Anne stood uncertainly, still a little disoriented, wondering about the break in the tying action.

“I think that is enough for now, Anne.  You’re getting the idea, right?”  Anne nodded and grunted her agreement.

“I’m going to hold your arm and I want you to hop for me!”  Hop, Anne thought, what is this?  But hop she did with Susan steadying and guiding her.  She did a dozen or so hops and really felt the strain of it.  She was breathing hard, from exertion as well as excitement when Susan told her to stop. 

“OK Anne, this is your unveiling! Are you ready?”  Anne wasn’t sure what Susan was talking about and didn’t respond.  She felt Susan loosening the blindfold.  When it fell away, Anne was confronted by the image of her bound self reflected in a series of three mirrors.  The mirrors were arranged to show the side and frontal view of anyone standing before them.  Susan stepped away out of sight leaving the mirrors to Anne.

Anne was stunned!  She just stared at her images, totally taken by the transformation; she had never seen herself like this before!

Anne wasn’t under any misconceptions about her looks.  She thought of herself as OK, attractive in a plain-Jane sort of way.  She had a tall athletic body with lean muscular limbs and small firm breasts.  She thought of her legs as her best part.  They were long with well-formed calves and high arched feet.  She was curvy where she should be, but hated the width of her hips and what she thought was a fleshy backside and did everything she could to downplay them.  Her face was heart-shaped with wide set green eyes and a generous mouth that was frequently set into a sweet smile.  She had auburn hair, natural color, cut shoulder length, but usually pulled into some form of ponytail.  Tonight, it was loose and hanging free.  Anne wasn’t aware of it, but the total package she presented was of an attractive, dynamic athletic woman who drew and merited attention anywhere. 

Now though, staring at her bound body, she had an entirely different view of herself.  She saw a wantonly sexy woman in the mirror!

She focused first on the bright red ball filling her mouth and stretching her lips.  The gag puffed out her cheeks and stretched her jaw totally changing the look of her face.  Her eyes drifted down her body taking in her breasts squeezed and accented between the bands of ropes and her waist, narrowed, pinched by the tight rope belt.  The hips she had disliked seemed now with the rope accenting them to be feminine and inviting, flaring out from her narrow waist.  The thick bands of rope cut into her skin at her thighs and ankles; the bands of rope focused attention on her calves.  She swiveled her head and turned as best she could to get different views of her body.  Anne was particularly taken by the rear view showing her elbows joined and her arms useless and her butt now not fat, but shapely and sexy.

It was all too much and too little!  She loved being immersed in this and she realized she wanted more!

Anne caught Susan’s eye in the mirror and tried to convey her gratitude at getting her to this point.  Susan got the message and moved close to hug Anne.  Susan stood next to her like a proud parent at graduation.  Anne studied their reflections in the mirror and knew this was where she had to be.  This… Susan was what she had been waiting for!

“Let’s get you back on the bed, Anne.  I take it you like what you see?”   With her eyes and vigorous nodding of her head Anne conveyed her approval.  Susan helped Anne hop back to the bed. 

Before Susan assisted Anne to sit again on the edge of the mattress, she applied a tight looping of rope to Anne’s upper thighs and added still another rope in a surprising place, running a thin cord through Anne’s crotch.  Anne gasped at the sensation of the rope being drawn up into her sex.  Her excitement ratcheted up another notch as Susan adjusted the strands of the crotch rope on either side of Anne’s clitoris. 

From where she sat, Anne could still see herself in the mirror.  Anne watched, amazed and distracted by the new sensation between her legs, as Susan added more rope to her legs, tying them just below the knees.

Susan gently pushed Anne over onto her side and lifted her legs up onto the bed.  She stretched Anne out and rolled her once onto her stomach in the middle of the mattress.  Susan climbed up on the bed and folded Anne’s legs at the knee.  With a rope looped around the ankle cinch, she drew Anne’s feet towards her head and tied off the rope to Anne’s elbow bondage.

Anne was in a totally new world.  She thought she was as tied up as she could be, but Susan was still adding restraints, taking away more and more freedom.  Each rope propelled Anne further into a zone of emotion and feeling that was almost overwhelming.

Susan gathered Anne’s hair into a ponytail and braided a thin cord into it.  Jeez, Anne thought, she’s even tying my hair!  Susan stretched the cord out and threaded the ends between Anne’s big toes.  And my toes!  Susan tightened the cord putting tension on the hair and secured the cord by tying Anne’s toes together.  She didn’t stretch it tight enough to pull Anne’s head back, but movement of Anne’s head was curtailed.

“Almost done, Sweetie.”  Anne, a helpless blob, grunted in disbelief.  Almost done?  What could be left?  She got her answer when Susan rolled her onto her side.  Susan did something with the rope between Anne’s hair and toes and now Anne’s head was bent back much more intensely.  With ropes attached to Anne’s leg and arm bondage, Susan essentially attached Anne on her side to the bed, pulling and anchoring the ropes tightly to the four corners of the bed so that Anne was unable now to even attempt to roll over.

Anne’s frustration with her inability to move was building.  She was a fidgeter by nature with lots of nervous energy that she dissipated with constant motion.  Her friends constantly ragged on her about her flapping hands, toe tapping and other quirky movement things.  Being unable to move was taking a toll on her and she was squirming futilely within the confines of her bonds unable to generate any movement worthy of the name.  Oddly enough, this enforced immobility was finding an outlet or at least was concentrating in wildly increasing sexual arousal.  She remembered Susan saying that you aren’t really in bondage until you want to get out and now understood what she had meant.

Susan blindfolded Anne again with her sock adding yet another layer of helplessness to Anne’s predicament.  Unbelievably, Susan was still not done and Anne groaned as Susan taped all Anne’s fingers together, turning her hands into useless balls.  Anne’s frustration peaked and she went into a spasm of struggling and writhing complete with muffled vocal accompaniment that did nothing to free her.  All it did was cause her frustration to boil over into anger and she cursed fluently and animatedly at Susan; all tumbling out enthusiastically, but garbled.

Susan did take note, however.  “Now you’re really getting it!”  She laughed and kissed Anne on the cheek.  That just infuriated Anne all the more and she actually growled at Susan and shook herself futilely in her bondage.

“I call this the nuclear option, Anne.  If you can take this and still want more then you really, really are into bondage!  I know it’s all so very unfair, but you did want to be tied up, didn’t you?”  Anne ignored her and willed herself to lay still.  “Oh, I see!  You’re going to ignore me?  Well, as I said, we have ways!” 

Susan climbed off the bed and returned with a Hitachi Magic Wand and an extension cord.  She plugged the cord in and climbed back onto the bed. Susan nestled the soft head against Anne’s sex and turned the vibrator on. 

Anne jerked in surprise and then focused in on the sensations Susan was creating.  All of her frustration flowed swiftly and surely into her sex organs.  Anne climaxed almost immediately and just as quickly began the climb back to the peak as Susan expertly worked the wand.   She came again and all extraneous thought fled.  Lying there, bound and immobile, she was free; free to express her sexuality as never before, free to give herself to something and not worry about the consequences.  Just free!

The ropes holding her, the gag, the blindfold, the vibrator, they were all her lovers.  She jerked and wailed through countless waves of passion, begging Susan to stop and begging her not to!  Her world shrunk down to the sensations between her legs and deep inside her.

Oh baby!  Now I really, really get it!


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