American Dream 9: Final Weekend

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; captives; lingerie; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; susp; tease; torment; toys; fantasy; cons/reluct; X

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Part 9: Final Weekend

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1103am

The cold water had reached Jennifer’s crotch, which she gyrated in concert with the cruel rhythm of the vibrator. Her eyes were wide open in anxious anticipation, her straining neck now fully extended, still held fast by the hair tie, in trying desperately to keep the ever deepening water at bay. Her Mother was still trying to fight the vibrator that was brutally pounding her pussy. Her struggles intensified as she could see the water rising around the bound Jennifer, and finally she tried to catch my attention by looking at me and nodding her head frantically.

“OOGGHHHYYYY…..OOOOGGGGHHHYYYYYYY……” She screamed through her packed mouth, still nodding and eyes pleading.

“Mom wants to say something,” I sarcastically pointed out to the now panicking Jennifer.

I went over to Lucinda and slowly started to unwrap the tight duct tape from around her mouth and head. This wasn’t happening quickly enough for her, as the water was now dangerously close to engulfing Jennifer, and she became more animated and vocal in an effort to hurry me up.


I peeled off the last of the duct tape from her mouth and before I could retrieve the cloth wad, she spat it out and yelled at me “ Turn the fuckin water off NOW..YOU ….YOU BASTARD”

“Oh I don’t think so….not until you give me the information I want” I responded in the calm, cold voice.

“NO…NO… YOU MUST STOP…..SHE’S GOING TO DROWN…..” Lucinda pleaded, trying to look over my shoulder at the nearly submerged body of her Daughter.

“Number?” I repeated calmly

“Four, Two, One, Six” She blurted out

“Repeat it”


Just at that moment the water finally got level with Jennifer’s face and started to run over the leather panel of her gag and into her nostrils. This provoked a renewed frenzy of struggling and head shaking from the helpless woman.

“NNNNUUUGGHHHH…..NNUUUGGHHHHH.NNGG………” She was cut off by the water covering her face.

I strode over to the bath and pulling her head above the water by her hair, straining the hair tie painfully to breaking point, reached down and removed the plug from the bath. Jennifer’s eyes were wild with panic as she breathed frantically and deeply, but her panic slowly dissipated as the water level subsided. When it had gone down enough to stop being a threat I released her hair, her head thumping hard back to the bottom of the bath, extracting a curse from under the gag. I reached inside her Basque and switched the vibrator off, her body visibly relaxing and going limp, now free from the brutal tremors. She closed her eyes and softly moaned into the gag.

“Thank God….” Exclaimed a relieved Lucinda, relaxing in her bonds, before turning her wrath on me again.

“Satisfied now you FUCKER….RELEASE US THIS INSTANT…..” She venomously spat at me.

“I don’t think so bitch,” I hissed in her ear. “I have big plans for you and your slut Daughter over the next few days”

This resulted in a shocked look from Lucinda, who immediately launched into another bout of struggling and verbal tirade.

“TURN THIS FUCKIN THING OFF….DO YOU HEAR ME YOU BASTARD…TURN IT OFF NOW…….” She referred to the still pounding vibrator

“I have a better idea bitch…. I’m going to turn you off” I responded coldly, picking up the Ether bottle and pouring a quantity of the liquid on to the rag that was lying on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

“NO….NO…YOU FUCKER….GET AWAY FROM ME…NO…Nooo…aaggh..ugghh…”

Lucinda managed to get out before the rag was thrust into her face, covering her nose and mouth. Her struggles dissipated in my vice like grasp as the pungent fumes did their work and she slumped unconscious for the second time this morning.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1420hrs

Lucinda slowly came to through a fog of confusion and uncertainty. Gradually she remembered the events of the morning, and despite the throbbing headache and still lethargic feeling in her limbs tried to get up from the chair she was sitting in.

“What’s wrong… can't get up….” She thought to herself in a confused manner, her inability to rise to her feet a complete mystery until she slowly realised she had been tied to the chair.

“MMPPHUMMMM….MMPPUUMMMM” Loud muffled sounds emanated from elsewhere in the room that Lucinda slowly recognised as the kitchen. They came from Jennifer, who was sitting in a chair at the other end of the kitchen table.

Her Daughter was bound to the chair with her arms behind the back. Lucinda could not see Jennifer’s lower body and legs from where she sat but assumed they had been restrained as well. Jennifer had been tightly cleave gagged with a strip of latex and this accounted for her muffled attempts to communicate with her Mother. She saw that Jennifer was still wearing the same latex Basque that she had been bound in the bath, the tight garment pushing out her firm tits, nipples erect and showing under the shiny fabric.

Lucinda had been stripped down to the sheer tights, her brassiere and hot pants removed. She noted with dismay that the control for the dreaded vibrator was still tucked into the waistband of her tights and that the small but potent device was still lodged deep in her pussy. A tight crotch rope now was adding to the discomfort she felt and this had been brutally pulled tight, disappearing between her full pussy lips, only the nylon of the tights stopping it from cutting further into her. She attempted to determine how she had been restrained to the chair by twisting her hands and feet against the cords that held her.

Lucinda’s arms disappeared behind the back of the chair, welded in place by four coils of cord. Her wrists had been cross bound and pulled up behind the chair back and attached to the upper arm bonds. More tight loops held her waist to the chair, intertwined with the crotch rope. Her ankles were bound to either leg and tightly cinched. More cords held her calves, knees and upper-thighs to the chair, these last bonds looping around the rear of the seat. Everything was cruelly cinched and the cords were throbbing in their taught ness.

“The fucker has really done a number on me this time!!” Lucinda thought to herself as she realised she was bound more tightly than ever before.

She had been gagged with a strip of latex similar to the one that silenced Jennifer but hers had a large knot tied in the middle, this being pulled deeply into her mouth, holding her tongue down, and knotted behind her head. Lucinda realised that it would be pretty futile to try and fight these bonds and decided to wait to see what would happen when their captor re-appeared.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1600hrs

After I got the two women out the bathroom and secured them to chairs in the kitchen, I decided to go out for a while. Lucinda was still out cold and probably would be for a while as I had used a fair bit of Ether on her the last time. Jennifer was still weak from her ordeal in the bath and was showed no resistance as I bound her to the chair. Her wet tights now drying out quickly in the warmth of the kitchen. I had given her a drink of water before re-gagging her tightly with a latex strip. I left the vibrator control hidden under her Basque as a reminder of things to come. I went round to the local and ordered a pint. This was the first time since the scenario began that I had time completely by myself and I enjoyed the break, sipping the lager slowly and not really thinking about anything else.

I was suddenly interrupted by a woman’s voice “Hey Andy, how you doin”

I looked up in surprise and saw Geraldine standing there. She was an old friend who I had formed a relationship with before I left my wife. In fact she was one of the reasons that caused me to leave.

“Penny for your thoughts, eh” She chirped before sitting down across from me. It crossed my mind that she would be more than a bit taken aback if she really knew what my thoughts were at this time.

Geraldine was twenty-six years old and was the sort of woman that did not mind the company of an older man like myself. She was about five four and had a slightly plump figure but with all the curves in the right places. She had been living with me after I left my wife and had established a reasonable sex life, incorporating some of my preferences without going to full role-play mode. I had tied her up a couple of times and fucked her but that was it. I was not sure if she would have approved of my current activities with Jennifer and her Mother.

We chatted for half an hour after I bought her a drink. She was interested in seeing me again, I could tell, but didn’t mention this in the conversation. Perhaps when Jennifer returned to the states…

We parted in good terms, me promising to call her the following week. I rushed back to the flat, conscious that I had left two women bound and gagged, unsupervised.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1645hrs

Jennifer looked at me on my return and started mumbling something through her gag, which I ignored, concentrating on getting back in character to resume the scenario.

Lucinda was sitting upright, her near perfect body tightly bound to the chair more strenuously than ever before. She wasn’t struggling, unusual I thought as she had always fought her bonds up till now, and just sat watching me with her large brown eyes. I had removed her hot pants when I had dragged her out of the bathroom and was particularly pleased to note her pussy was similar to that of her Daughter, her full lips topped with a triangle of shaped pubic hair looked amazing. I had applied a taut crotch rope as one of the measures to escalate her bondage for the remainder of the scenario. I was also looking forward to the sessions that would result in me fucking this gorgeous woman all over the flat.

I removed both women’s gags and gave them a drink of water, Lucinda especially greedily drinking from the bottle I held up to her mouth.

I was keen to get both women ready for the evening session where I planned to carry out the next step of my plan to totally dominate and break each of them in turn. This would involve oral, anal (in Lucinda’s case) and straight sex, forced or otherwise. As both women had no objection to this when we had drawn up the rules of the scenario I was determined to carry this through.

I had wanted to fuck Lucinda ever since I had first clapped my eyes on her at the airport. The fact that she had kept in character al the time in the scenario excited me further. Also the fact that I would use Jennifer first to outrage her gave me a boner there and then. I re-gagged firstly Jennifer and then her Mother with the latex strips, Lucinda grunting and shaking her head as I tightly pulled the fabric into her mouth and tied it off behind her head

I wandered over to the fridge and took out the makings of a sandwich. Both women looked on enviously as I prepared it, as they had been virtually starved for three days apart from the meagre breakfast of dry toast. I wanted an hour or so to relax before I got ready for the evening so I went through to the living room, shut door and turned on the television.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1715hrs

“MMPPHHHHHH….LLLHHGGGGGG……JJNNGGGFFRRRRRR” Lucinda mumbled through her gag, nodding furiously at the table.

Jennifer followed her gaze and saw what she was trying to point out

The large bread knife lay on the table where their captor had left it.

“Stupid Fuck” Thought Lucinda

Whether it was by accident or design, this was an opportunity for the women to free themselves, the first genuine one in three days as they had been helplessly restrained in one bondage after another without a hope of escape.

Until now.

Lucinda, whilst being very tightly bound to the chair, could still use her strong legs and feet to move the chair slowly around the kitchen floor. Jennifer watched as her Mother edged the chair around the side of the table, her nyloned feet slipping and sliding on the tiled floor of the kitchen, but slowly progressing. She got the chair into a position where she had her back to the table, then edged backward so that her bound wrists were parallel to the top of the table. The knife had been left lying at an angle so that Lucinda was able to touch it with her fingers, bit by bit moving it closer to her hands.

After a minute or so of agonisingly delicate manoeuvring, she managed to get enough purchase on the handle of the blade, grasping it tightly in her left hand. If she were to drop this now surely their captor would hear the noise and the escape attempt would be foiled. However Lucinda kept a strong grip on the knife and started to edge the chair slowly backwards towards Jennifer.

Jennifer now got in the act and duplicated her Mothers moves by moving the chair around so that her back and bound hands were facing Lucinda, who was approaching slowly, backing her chair towards her Daughter.

“MMPPHHHHHH…MPPHHHHHHH” Jennifer encouraged her Mother who grunted through her gag with the exertions of the last few minutes.

“NNGGHHHHH…NNGGHHHH……NNGGHHHH” A sheen of sweat covered Lucinda’s upper body from her exertions. She felt her hand sweat as well but gripped the knife handle even tighter.

At last Lucinda’s hands touched Jennifer’s and she stopped straining her feet against the tiles, bringing the chair to a halt. Lucinda turned her head to see where Jennifer’s bound wrists were located. They had been cross bound but for some reason not cinched. Another error from their captor. This meant Jennifer had slightly more movement in her wrists than Lucinda, whose every bond had been brutally cinched.

When she was sure of the position of her Daughters wrists, Lucinda put a small bit of pressure on the knife and started a short sawing motion against the cords. The motion was restricted as Lucinda’s wrists had been bound to the loops of cord around her upper arms, but she still got enough purchase on the blade to feel it slowly slice through the thin cord. After about five minutes Jennifer’s wrists were free. As they had not been bound to the cords looping around her upper arms, another mistake, it was relatively simple to pull her wrists around in front of her and release the upper arm loops.

Jennifer reached around and took the knife from her Mother, who visibly sank back into the chair, exhausted from her efforts.

Jennifer sliced through the cords binding her ankles and knees to he chair and slowly rose to her stockinged feet. She reached up and behind her head to un-knot the latex strip gag, which she gingerly removed from her mouth.
Rubbing some circulation back into her limbs, she grabbed the knife and started sawing carefully at Lucinda’s bound wrists.

In a couple of minutes Lucinda was released completely and sat in the chair rubbing her red, marked limbs before removing the drum tight gag. She got to her feet and untied the crotch rope before extracting the silver vibrator from her pussy. She placed this on the table along with the control. Jennifer had already removed hers and this sat on the table alongside Lucinda’s.

“Thank fuck for that…. he had me bound so tightly I thought I was going to pass out… and that fuckin vibe….. But we have the upper hand now” Lucinda whispered to Jennifer.

“He’s in the living room Mom…. and so is the telephone…. how are we going to dial out?” Jennifer asked anxiously

“We’ll just have to chance it. Maybe the Bastard has taken a nap. If not I’ll try to distract him and you grab the phone and make the call. Right?” Replied Lucinda, although she was not to sure how long she could hold their captor off for, especially in her present exhausted condition.

Both women got to their feet and slowly crept out in to the hallway, toned leg muscles standing out as they moved carefully. The living room door was still shut over and they could hear the muffled sound of the television sports channel.

Lucinda looked at Jennifer and mouthed silently “I’ll go in first… you go for the phone”

Jennifer gave her Mother the thumbs up to signify her understanding.

Lucinda slowly pushed open the door and peered inside the darkened room. The blinds had been closed over and she could not make out where their captor was. She decided to just go for it and take their chances.

Turning to Jennifer, she signalled one, two, three with her left hand and Jennifer nodded her understanding. Lucinda took a deep breath and burst into the room, trying to locate Andy.

“He’s not here!!” She said in a surprised voice and as both women looked around the room, Andy came out of the bedroom and clamped an Ether soaked rag over each of their mouths and noses.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1830hrs

I had looked out both women’s outfits for tonight’s session and left them in the bathroom. The outfits didn’t consist of much, a pair of sheer brown hold up’s for Jennifer and black seamed stockings and a twelve point suspender belt for Lucinda. They would toilet, shower and get ready when they awoke, as both were still out cold from the Ether I had applied to them in the final throes of their attempted escape.

Fair play to them both for an excellent effort. I wasn’t sure if they would actually be able to use the knife, which I had left on the table, to good effect but again Lucinda had come up trumps. And with her being so tightly chair bound, this made the achievement all the more admirable. Of course they now had to pay a forfeit for the failure of the attempt.

Jennifer lay on the bed hogtied. Her bound and cinched wrists behind her back. Her elbows had been welded together by loops of cinched cord and her upper arms were tightly bound also. She still wore the Basque and tights, the cords cutting into her ankles, knees and mid-thighs. I had pulled her legs double and hogtied her with a cord tied around her big toes attached to her ponytail. This had the effect of virtually bending her body like a bow, her head pulled back at a forty-five degree angle. I had finalised the bondage with the drum tight latex cleave gag she had been so used to today.

This was the most brutal bondage I had ever subjected Jennifer to, even worse than the car boot hogtie when we were coming back to Scotland.

The price of failure.

For her Mother this price was even more severe.

Lucinda lay on the bed also but with her head at the opposite end from Jennifer.

She too was hogtied in roughly the same manner but with additional cinched cords around her calves, below her knees and upper thighs. The hogtie rope was also bound around her big toes and tied firmly to her long black hair, pulling her body into an even more taught bow the her Daughters. I had used the same latex gag with the knot on Lucinda and had pulled it even tighter into her mouth than before. Lucinda looked magnificent laying there, her sheer tights laddered up one leg from the struggle in the living room.

The severe bondages both women now found themselves in, especially Lucinda, were to act as a deterrent for any more escape attempts.

I closed the bedroom door and started to look out the accessories I would require to entertain my guests later on this evening.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1910 hrs

Lucinda sat in the chair and screamed into the penis gag, which filled her mouth.


She shook her head from side to side, eyes flashing furiously over the black leather panel of the gag, which cut into her cheeks. Her ankles pulling at the cuffs which held them tightly to the chair-legs, black patent pumps stamping on the carpet in frustration, and the sheer stockings that encased her athletic legs rasping against the leather seat.

Lucinda was drawn erect in the chair, almost as erect as her large nipples, which were being agonisingly tormented by the set of nipple clamps, which swung about due to her struggles. Her arms were encased in one of the arm-binders, which had been slung over the chair-back and held fast to the spar across the rear by a cord through the metal ring at the bottom of the leather binder. The binders restraining straps had all been tightened up to the maximum, holding her arms and hands immobile. The shiny leather straps tightly criss-crossed Lucinda’s chest above her tits, cutting into the tanned flesh.

On the floor opposite knelt Jennifer, arms restrained the same as her mother’s but instead of being attached to a chair spar, Jennifer’s arm-binder was attached up and between her panty less crotch to the front of a wide leather belt fastened around her waist. Jennifer was not gagged, not that is with an ordinary gag. Instead she was gagged with her captors erect cock and that was the reason for her Mothers furious reaction.

I stood holding Jennifer’s hair, not in a ponytail for once, with both hands and fucked her mouth hard with my rock hard cock. She gagged as I pushed my cock deep into her gasping mouth. Tears welled up in her eyes from the gagging reaction, running down her cheeks taking the black mascara of her eyelashes with them. I let her come up for air, immediately pushing a ball-gag in her mouth and strapping it tightly around her neck. She sank to the floor and moaned into the gag.

I was feeling totally in control of the situation and my hard, throbbing cock was rampant. I left the room briefly and went into my bedroom. I took a packet of blue diamonds out of my bedside drawer and swallowed one, swigging the drug down with a mouthful of water. I had found the effect of the Viagra stopped me coming and ensured my cock would stay rock hard for hours.

I returned to the living room, Jennifer was back on her knees, her brown sheer hold ups already laddered on one leg. She had pulled them right up as far as they could go when she had put them on, as she knew I liked them that way. She looked at me and shook her head while mumbling into the gag.

Lucinda was struggling furiously again and she was trying to attract my attention by screaming into her gag. I decided to see what she had to say before returning my attention to Jennifer. I strode over and unbuckled the gag from behind her neck, slowly pulling out the thick black rubber cock from her mouth.


“Nice thought bitch, and I will certainly take you up on your offer after I have finished with your slut Daughter” I coldly stated

“No….here let me…..” And with this Lucinda reached forward as far as her restraints would allow and engulfed my cock with her mouth. I felt even harder as she rapidly sucked away, obviously trying to bring me to a climax and thus leave Jennifer alone.

I let her do this for a full five minutes and then it must have dawned on her I wasn’t going to come. She glanced up at me, her mouth full of cock. I smiled at her and withdrew my throbbing dick from her mouth, grabbing a handful of her hair and twisting it, drawing a gasp of pain from her.

“Very nice, but I have unfinished business with that slut over there. Stick around and I’ll deal with you later” I hissed and this provoked a another burst of intense struggling and obscenities that were cut off as I rammed the penis gag back in her mouth and buckled it tightly.

I returned to Jennifer and without delay I pushed her on her back, spread her legs and thrust my hard cock deep into her soaking pussy. Jennifer grunted through the gag and closed her eyes as I fucked her hard, pulling her ass cheeks forward in time with my thrusts. She lay there shaking her head and looking with pleading eyes at her Mother, playing the victim to perfection. I increased my thrusts in tempo and soon Jennifer had wrapped her stockinged legs around my waist as she started moving her ass in time with the savage thrusts, the sheer nylon of her strong legs rubbing against my waist and thighs, exciting me and driving me to new high’s.

I could not contain myself any longer and with a roar, withdrew my throbbing cock and emptied my balls over her stomach and tits. I came and came, spraying her until the stream ran out and dribbled to a halt. I knelt in the position and closed my eyes, savouring the situation and composing myself for the next chapter.

Jennifer lay on her back panting heavily through her gag, looking totally dishevelled, her hair messed up and long black streaks running down her cheeks from each eye.

I wasn’t going to take any chances with either woman getting loose so close to the end of the scenario. I felt I had to complete it without either of them having the satisfaction of getting one over on me, which after the pretty brutal treatment I had dished out was probably foremost in their thoughts.

I went over to the ever-present sports bag and took out two lengths of cord. Jennifer was flipped roughly over on her stomach, still wet and sticky from the drenching I had given her, and her ankles were cross bound and cinched. I then pulled her up into a sitting position and tied the other cord to the ankle bonds. This cord was wound up and around the back of her neck, pulling her ankles in towards her crotch, and her head down towards her knees. I looped the cord four times around her and then tied it off. She mumbled into the gag while twisting and turning in her new bondage.

I returned to the bag and took out one of the bullet vibes and a black rubber butt plug, which when Jennifer saw them in my hand and realised what was about to happen, renewed her frantic but futile struggles against the cords and the arm binder. I pushed her over onto her back, catching her head before it struck the floor, and raised her bound ankles so that her still wet pussy was completely exposed. The silver device went deep into her crack and drew a grunt from behind the gag. I tucked the control into the elastic top of her left leg thigh high and raising her ankles a tad higher pushed the plug slowly up her now exposed ass.

“UUURRRGGGHHHHHHH…..UUGGGGGGG…NNGGHHHHHHH……” she moaned and shook her head from side to side as the full length of the plug disappeared. I realised that Jennifer was not enamoured with her ass being fucked around with but I couldn’t be choosy and this was the type of treatment she could expect if the role-play had been a real kidnap.

I pulled her up into a sitting position again, Jennifer grunting loudly through her gag as the plug was inserted a bit more.

“Ok, you just sit there and relax while I get your Mom” I said in the monotone and turned to fix my attention on Lucinda.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 2050 hrs

Lucinda bucked up and down on my rock hard cock, her stocking tops pulled up tight around her pumping thighs by the multiple suspenders of her black belt, sitting taughtly around her midriff. She had been riding me this way now for the best part of twenty-five minutes and didn’t look as if she was tiring. She was concentrating on her efforts and had closed her eyes and put her head slightly back.

“NNNGGGGGG….NNGGGGGG…NGGGGGGG…NGGGUUUUUHHH” she moaned as her head shook from side to side. She would occasionally look down at me with flashing eyes to see if I was close to coming, but each time she saw the same cold smile on my face.

I had explained the situation to her after earlier fucking and securing Jennifer, who now just sat on the floor, rocking herself against the pounding vibrator deep in her pussy,the throbbing pain of the butt plug in her ass, and groaning into her ball-gag.

“Ok bitch here’s the deal. If you can make me come within an hour I will release you and your Daughter immediately. You can achieve this in any way you want. If you fail you continue to be my guests until Monday morning. Do you understand?”

Lucinda nodded her head slowly and deliberately. Looking at me with disgust.

“Oh one more thing. If you do fail in your challenge, your slut Daughter gets fucked for a couple of hours before bedtime” I added, to which Lucinda screamed some obscenity through her gagged mouth and wildly shook her head.
“We’ll start in about ten minutes time. I will release your arms and re-tie them in a more appropriate position then, and of course un-gag you for the duration of the challenge.” I finished before turning and walking into my bedroom to prepare, leaving the still cursing Lucinda sitting on the chair where she had been forced to watch my performance with her Daughter.

I was still naked apart from my calf length leather boots, which I thought looked sinister, and the black ski mask, which did look sinister. I had kept myself in reasonable shape and was fit enough to perform most of the night.
Obviously I didn’t want Lucinda to win the challenge, as it would make me look extremely silly, so I decided to take a few extra precautions.

Another blue diamond was swallowed to ensure I kept rock hard but also to help prevent me from coming. This was not guaranteed, as Lucinda was an extremely attractive woman who would no doubt use all her skills to win the bet. So I looked out an old accessory I hadn’t used in years. The Arab strap I kept in the bottom drawer had been bought as a kind of joke years ago and I had only worn it a couple of times with my wife for a laugh. It did however retain the hardness in your cock and made it more difficult to come.

Just what I needed in the next hour.

Actually I was very excited about at last getting to grips with Jennifer’s Mother, and actually doubted I would be able to last the hour without spraying her. I looped the strap over my balls and gently tightened it, then fastened the leather ring around the base of my now throbbing cock. I remembered the feeling of the device from all those years ago and notched up the ring slightly tighter. In a few minutes my cock felt partly numb as the device restricted the blood flow, but maintained my huge erection.

On my return an astonished Lucinda stared wide-eyed at the leather cock restraint, not that I believed this was the first time she had ever seen one, more likely she was beginning to realise my reasons for wearing it. I walked slowly over to her and knelt down in front of the restrained woman. I unlocked her ankle cuffs and then went behind her and released the cord attaching the arm-binder to the chair. Lucinda had stood up immediately and with an impatient grunt through the gag nodded in the direction of her restrained arms, obviously demanding their release. I smiled to myself, thinking how well this woman was playing her part.

I started unbuckling the binder straps that held her arms immobile, and then loosened the straps crossing her chest that held the leather restraint in place. Pulling the binder down and clear of her arms. Lucinda swung her arms in front of her with a groan and tried to rub some circulation back into them.

“You can remove your gag now” I said coldly.

She looked at me for a minute and then reached behind her neck and started unbuckling the leather panel that pressed into her face. In a few seconds the black rubber penis gag had been removed from Lucinda’s mouth and thrown on the floor at my feet.

“How about a drink you Fucker?” She hissed

“Certainly” I replied, pointing over to a bottle of mineral water standing on the table next to the television.

Lucinda slowly moved over to the table, keeping her eyes on me, and reached out and lifted the bottle to her lips. She drank long and thirstily, unsurprising considering she had been gagged for the best part of the day.

“Wrists in front of you, NOW” I instructed and Lucinda held her hands out in front of her.

“Is this really necessary? I’m not going to fuck you around whilst you’ve got Jennifer still captive” She tried to reason with me.

“No, I don’t believe you will. However I’m not taking any chances with you whatsoever. The only reason you’re not tightly bound and gagged at this time is it would hinder you in what you are going to do” I pointed out the facts, adding, “And don’t even think about biting or trying to injure me in some way, as it would result in very bad things happening to you and your Daughter. Do I make myself clear?”

I was remembering her earlier threat to bite my cock off if I put it in her mouth ever again. The only difference now being she would have to put my cock into her mouth if she wanted to gain her freedom.

Lucinda surly nodded her agreement not to bite my cock off.

I was mightily relieved, but showed no emotion as I bound and cinched her wrists with a length of cord.

She stood in her sheer stockings, pumps and nothing else, looking at me. She smiled sarcastically and said “What now?”

“You know what bitch, I told you the deal. So get on with it, the clock’s ticking” I replied

She hesitated for a moment and then knelt down slowly, looking at me steadily. Her gaze didn’t falter as she took my cock into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it and slowly sucking on it. What transpired in the next ten minutes was the best blowjob I ever fuckin had in my life. This woman was magnificent. Alternating between outright hard cock sucking, kissing my swollen helmet with her full lips and deep throating my throbbing cock, she had me in heaven. Constantly holding my gaze she had me harder than I had ever been in my life. Although I was highly excited, I could easily control my reactions, the Viagra and cock-ring diminishing my ability to drench her with cum there and then. Frustrated she started to suck and tongue my cock harder.

She suddenly stopped and got to her feet. Pushing me down to the floor by my shoulders she sat astride me and manoeuvred her pussy over my raging cock. Lucinda slowly lowered herself onto me, my cock sliding easily into her wet pussy.

“Ooohh yeah baby!!!..” She purred and started to gyrate slowly on my erect member. She pushed down and pulled up on my cock, getting the maximum penetration and almost letting it slide completely out of her in turns, but always in full control of the situation.

My God!!! She was a magnificent fuck. The best I ever had experienced in my fuckin life.

I had to get control of myself or I would explode and lose the challenge.

Lucinda bucked up and down on my rock hard cock, her stocking tops pulled up tight around her pumping thighs by the multiple suspenders of her black belt, sitting taughtly around her midriff. She was now nearly forty minutes in to the hour and needed to try something else to win the challenge.

I was resisting just and no more. My cock was feeling numb from the combination of drugs, devices and the hard fucking that Lucinda was dishing out. I was in heaven but needed to control myself for a bit longer.

Lucinda’s frantic bucking around suddenly slowed as she realised that this particular technique was not going to win her the prize. She withdrew from my impaled cock and turning a full one hundred and eighty degrees positioned her gaping pussy directly over my face.

Grinding her pussy into my face, she grabbed my hard cock with her tanned hands and started wanking me hard. I felt myself automatically start to pump my ass up and down in rhythm to Lucinda’s jerking. She suddenly put her head down and took my cock all the way into her mouth, deep throating me and then releasing me from her vacuum like mouth to start wanking me again.

I felt myself start to bubble up with sheer animal excitement and her superb full pussy lips smothering my face and mouth sealed my fate. I arched my back and grunted as I came into her full mouth. This was the hardest I had ever shot and the spurting cum never seemed, as it would end. Lucinda took every drop in her mouth without flinching and drank it down greedily, her bound wrists pumping the last drop from my tortured cock.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 2230 hrs

I watched as Lucinda struggled hard against the cords holding her tightly against the bottom-framed headboard of the bed, looking at me accusingly over her panel gag. Jennifer also played her part, straining and wriggling against the bonds tightly binding her to the opposite headboard, mumphing obscenities into the ball-gag that now silenced her. After I had lost the challenge with her Mother I had decided to play the part of the dirty, rotten, lying, scumbag bastard and renege on the deal.

Lucinda wasn’t best pleased as she had more than honoured her part, bringing me gloriously to a climax that I had never before even remotely experienced.


I was the captor. The abductor. The Main Man.

And what I decided was final.

After I quickly changed my mind about honouring the deal with Lucinda, I had overpowered her as she was still draining my cock of the last drops of semen.

She now sat, pulled hard against the metal horizontal spars with her strong arms wedged between them and bound tightly at the wrists, elbows (above and below) and upper arms. Her stockinged legs were pulled back and restrained to the spars on either side of her by multiple loops of cord around her thighs. Her now bare stockinged feet cross-bound and cinched, the cinch rope reaching down across and behind her ass and tied off on the spar directly behind her.

As a reward for her superlative efforts I had applied the latex panties with the double dildo’s that had been in her luggage, both bits of formidable, hard rubber now buried in her pussy and ass. She grunted through the ball rammed behind her teeth and eyes flashing with anger and betrayal, looked at me unflinchingly as she strained hard against her bonds.

Jennifer had been bound in the same fashion, and this time exactly the same and just as tightly as her mother. Instead of the dildo’s, the vibrator and butt plug from earlier in the evening still pounded and throbbed in her. For once Jennifer was struggling as hard, if not harder than her Mother.

The bed rattled and shook with the furious struggling of the women, and I felt myself getting hard again as I watched their strong, athletic legs encased in sheer nylon pull, twist and strain against the cutting cords, red and pink toes flexing.

I turned in soon after, lying there in bed listening to the muffled grunts and groans of the women and the creaking of the bed.

Tomorrow was the last day of the scenario, and I fell asleep thinking of the last acts and how to play them out.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 0150 am

Lucinda sat in silence, tightly bound to the spars of the headboard of the king size bed. Her captor had done a real number on her again and she was exhausted from struggling against the cords, since she was restrained nearly three hours ago.

Jennifer faced her at the other end of the bed bound identically to her mother, but she was groaning into her ball-gag as the vibrator still thudded away deep in her pussy. The throbbing of the butt plug was also a constant distraction to the concentration required to somehow get free of these cords.

Lucinda was still furious over the situation where she had beaten that Bastard at his own game, yet instead of lying in a bath soaking her aching limbs, she found herself trussed up like a turkey again. And this fuckin gag!!!! She imagined the ball lodged deep in her mouth to be actually growing in size.

She wondered if they were to be left here all night. The cords were very tight, as they had been all day, and Lucinda had reservations about being bound all night like this, as it was a very physically demanding position.

Of course she and Jennifer were two very fit women but with her Daughter in obvious discomfort and Lucinda herself weakened with the severe treatment dished out, she doubted they could take much more.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 0230 am

I entered the bedroom and surveyed my two captives.

Jennifer was mumbling something into her gag and trying to catch my attention but I just ignored her.

Lucinda was tied to the headboard exactly as I had left her and she glared at me furiously, obviously still pissed about my double cross.

I had come into the bedroom for two reasons.

Firstly I was aware of the intensity of the bondage I had placed the two women in, and had decided to release them and re-tie them till morning in less stringent positions.

Secondly I could not rest as the events of the last few hours had re-vitalised me making sleep impossible.

So I had decided to fuck the pair of them again.

I had removed the Arab strap but my cock was still hard and throbbing. The black ski mask was still in place as were my boots. I crossed my arms, looking arrogantly down at the helpless women, who stared back, mumbling through the tight gags.

I approached the bed and went over to Jennifer first. The pounding vibrator was located and removed, and the butt plug was extracted slowly and painfully from Jennifer’s tight ass. She groaned into the gag with relief as the last few inches came out but yelped in surprise when I mounted the bed and pressed against her. Her thighs were bound to the spars pulling her crotch up and exposing her pussy and ass. I positioned myself close and rammed my cock into her wet crack, extracting a fusillade of screams from behind the ball-gag. I fucked Jennifer hard and fast, the bed creaking with the violent thrusting.

At the other end Lucinda was struggling hard again, incensed that her Daughter was being violated again.

I came hard over Jennifer’s stockinged thighs and she slumped back against the spars, totally drained and defeated.

I now turned my attention to her Mother and unbuckled the latex panties that held the twin dildos deep in Lucinda’s pussy and ass. I pulled them out without ceremony and drew a gasp of pain from the bound woman. She was screaming at me through the gag but I pushed my semi hard cock into her pussy and started slowly fucking her.

Lucinda closed her eyes and grunted into her gag as my thrusts increased in tempo. Her strong, cross bound stockinged feet were bobbing up and down just inches from my face, the sheer nylon of her stockings rasping as she strained against her bonds.

I suddenly stopped and pulled out of her, transferring my attention to her ass. I rammed my now hard cock up her passage and thrust violently, pulling on the headboard to maximise the penetration.

“NNGG….NNGG…NNGGGG….AARRRG….NNUUGG………..” Lucinda moaned into the gag as she rolled her eyes and shook her head from side to side.

I was now in full flow and felt myself about to explode, which I did seconds later in Lucinda’s ass. I gave another six or seven brutal thrusts then pulled out. She was totally exhausted with the violent fucking and the hard bondage of the last three days and sank back against the headboard, her head dropping on her chest.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 0310 am

I had re-tied the women in a more comfortable position for the rest of the night.

Both were spread-eagled on the bed at opposite ends, legs crossing over the others and ankles secured at the corners of the headboards. I had also replaced the panel and ball-gags with more comfortable latex cleave gag, which I didn’t tighten too much, just enough to keep them silent.

I turned out the light to let the women sleep.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 1020 am

I allowed them to sleep until almost eight before untying them one at a time as usual to toilet, shower and get ready. Lucinda was in first and she came out the bathroom after almost an hour looking superb yet again, hair and make up perfect. I had selected a t-shirt and mini skirt for her with a new pair of sheer black tights and mules. After restraining her to the kitchen table I released Jennifer, who like her Mother had come out of the bathroom completely transformed. Her outfit was exactly the same as Lucinda’s for the last day of the scenario. After breakfast both women looked at me anxiously, wondering what the day had in store. At last Lucinda broke the silence.

“What are you going to do to us you Bastard?” She hissed at me

“Its funny you should ask bitch, you’re both going on a trip abroad. I am being well paid for the pair of you,” I said coldly, dropping the bombshell.

Jennifer gasped in horror and Lucinda pulled against her cuffed wrists in anger.

“You FUCKER….You..YOU CANT DO THIS…” She stammered, still in shock by the revelation.

“Actually I can. And have” I smiled at the two shocked women who looked at each other in horror.

“I’m being paid a lot more than the five hundred thousand you left at Heathrow. Call it a double whammy if you like” I laughed, further incensing them, especially Lucinda.


“Time to get you ready. I think you first Mom,” I said as I unlocked Lucinda’s cuffed wrists.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 1330 hrs

I opened the large wooden crate that was lying in the centre of the floor in my workshop. Inside there were several blankets and pillows lined the sides, to protect the women’s skin from abrasions from the rough sides of the crate. Jennifer was sitting on a chair, her wrists bound behind her back and a ball-gag silencing her. She was wearing the black mini skirt and red t-shirt, her strong, long legs encased in the sheerest nylon. I had left her Mother back at the flat, suitably restrained, whilst I took Jennifer to the workshop to be packaged first.

“Ok slut, on your feet” I instructed and she rose slowly, her superb legs and toned muscles standing out.

I moved behind her and un-tied her wrists, quickly stepping away from her and pulling out the bottle of ether and a white rag from my pocket.

“You can do this the easy way or hard. Doesn’t bother me which!” I informed her

“It’s going to be a little bit hot and bothered in this crate, so you had better strip.” I coldly added

“Fuck you asshole” Jennifer drawled but started removing her t-shirt with a loud sigh. She unhooked the tight white brassiere and unzipped and stepped out of her skirt, exposing her shapely legs. I hadn’t left either woman any panties to put on and Jennifer’s close-cropped pubic mound was visible under the sheer nylon of her tights.

“Shoes” I barked and she took the mules off one at a time, eventually standing in her nyloned bare feet with her hands on her hips glaring at me.

Within ten minutes Jennifer was sitting in the crate, tightly bound and gagged. I had secured her wrists behind her, tying her elbows together and her upper arms as well. I had also tightly restrained her forearms and had attached a cord from her bound wrists to a waist rope, practically welding her wrists in position.

Jennifer’s legs had been crossed and pulled up, her ankles viciously cross bound and attached to the waist rope. She slowly twisted in her bonds as I notched up the ball-gag buckle, pulling the red rubber ball even deeper into her mouth. I finished off with winding a white elastic bandage around the ball-gag as an insurance of silence for the journey.

I left Jennifer to struggle whilst I returned to the flat to collect her Mother.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 1310 hrs

“MMPPPPHHHH…MMPPHHHH…NNGGGUUUHHGGGGGGG.” Lucinda screamed into the panel gag as she wildly thrashed around on the bare mattress of the bed.

She had been tightly hogtied and gagged, left in the flat as her captor transferred her Daughter to the workshop. Lucinda reckoned he would return for her within the hour, so this was her last real chance of getting free and avoiding the long flight to wherever that Bastard had planned for them.

She was still wearing her clothes that she had put on this morning but was barefoot, as her pumps had been thrown off by her furious struggles. The rasping of her sheer nyloned legs was the only sound in the bedroom, occasionally punctuated by Lucinda’s desperate grunts into her gag. Her wrists had been cross bound behind her back, elbows tightly bound and cinched. Cords restrained her ankles, knees and upper thighs excruciatingly tightly, the hogtie rope this time anchored between her wrist and ankle bonds.

She stopped her struggles and lay on the mattress panting into the ball wedged behind her teeth. This wasn’t doing any good she thought, her struggling only seemed to have the adverse effect of making the cords tighten. She had to think coolly and act quickly, before her captor returned for her.

Lucinda rolled over onto her stomach and started searching for the knot in the hogtie rope. Up until now the Bastard had been very clever, keeping all the knots well away from her, and Jennifer’s searching fingers. She hoped that in his hurried restraining of her that he had become careless this time. Lucinda’s groping fingers finally located a thick knot tightened around her ankle cords and she started to pull and kneed it, attempting to loosen it quickly.

After about ten minutes of this her fingers ached but she could feel the knot a bit looser and pliable. She grunted with satisfaction as the knot suddenly came free and her doubled legs thumped back down on the mattress from their previously hogtied position. She lay there momentarily, gasping hard, then turning her body over on her back and swinging her bound legs over the side of the bed, her nyloned feet hitting the floor. Lucinda noted that the bedroom door was ajar and slowly and carefully rose to her feet, her thighs straining with the considerable effort that this took.

She stood on her feet and paused for a minute before taking a small jump towards the door. She continued her careful hops until standing by the door, turning her body to allow her hands to grasp the knob and pull it open wide. After hopping into the kitchen, she gasped through the gag as she almost lost her footing, her nylon clad feet slipping on the smooth tiles of the kitchen floor. She regained her equilibrium and carefully proceeded with short hops over to the cutlery drawer where she knew he kept a large selection of Knives.

Lucinda opened the drawer and rummaged through it, finally selecting a long bladed serrated bread knife. She then turned and hopped over to the kitchen table. Bracing the blade against her wrist cords she slowly started sawing away at them, ever so careful to avoid the flesh on her wrists. She almost laughed into her gag as she felt the cords loosen and practically dissolve from around her wrists, freeing her hands. With a little more effort Lucinda repeated the exercise with her elbow bonds, dropping the blade to the floor and screaming into the gag as she felt them give way eventually. She brought her arms around to her front and rubbed them vigorously.

Ten minutes later she had untied herself completely, discarding the coils of cord on the kitchen floor along with the panel gag.. She hurried back to the bedroom, grabbing her mules and jamming her feet into them. A careful search of the living room produced the Tazer, which her captor had constantly threatened her with over the last three days.

Lucinda smiled coldly to herself as she stood in the living room and awaited her Captors return.

Sunday 8TH September 2006 1345 hrs

I opened the front door and closed it behind me, locking it as a precaution. I had the leather arm binder that had been used to restrain Jennifer on the short journey to the workshop, concealed in the sports bag, which I held in my left hand. I planned to use this on her mother in the same fashion.

I walked into the kitchen and suddenly halted in my tracks, seeing the discarded coils of thin white cord lying on the tiled floor.

This could mean only one thing.

I spun around and looked down the muzzle of the yellow Tazer, pointed unflinchingly at me by Lucinda, who stood smiling.

“ Well, well…..what a surprise don’t you think?” She taunted me

“How did you manage to get free?” I said automatically

“Well, lets just say you got a little bit careless and I took full advantage,” She responded, still holding the weapon pointing directly at me.

“What now?” I asked coldly

“Both of us are going for a ride to your workshop, where you presumably have my Daughter bound and gagged.” She hissed at me “Now put your fuckin hands up you Bastard and move towards the door”

Sunday 8TH September 2006 1400 hrs

I released Jennifer from her bonds within the wooden crate. Standing up and getting out, she smiled at me victoriously as she passed me, nyloned legs swishing as she walked slowly. She started pulling on her discarded clothing as her Mother still had the Tazer trained on me.

“You ok Babe?” Lucinda asked without taking her eyes from me.

“Yeah Mom, cool.” Jennifer replied before adding, “Thank God you managed to get free. If he had got you down here and put you in that Fuckin crate, we would have been totally fucked!”

Lucinda laughed contemptuously, “Well he didn’t Babe, and now he is going to pay for the last four days. On your knees you Bastard!” She yelled at me viscously. “Here Babe, hold this while I cuff him” Lucinda handed the Tazer to Jennifer and proceeded to brandish a pair of cuffs that she had jammed into the waistband of her mini skirt before we left the flat. She moved slowly and surely towards me, smiling, with the cuffs held in her right hand.

“Now you fucker, get your wrists behind you….” She hissed

“Not so fast Mom, I think you should get your hands behind your head” Jennifer’s words were like a bombshell, stopping her Mother completely in her tracks. Lucinda span around to find Jennifer pointing the Tazer at her steadily.

“But….I ..I ..Don’t understand… Jennifer.. why…..why are you doing this?” A completely astonished and bewildered Lucinda stammered.

“Sorry Mom, but half a million bucks was too good to turn down, even if I have to share it with him” She nodded in my direction.

In a masterstroke Jennifer had played out the scenario to perfection, double crossing her mother and consigning her to a life of bondage.

Jennifer threw the Tazer to me, which I caught and turned on the still shocked Lucinda.

“Cover her while I bind her for her journey” Jennifer told me in a cold, callous voice. “Now strip Mom, it’s going to get hot in that crate!”

Ten minutes later Lucinda sat, stripped down to her tights and shoeless, in the crate. Jennifer had obviously been taking careful note of the techniques I had used on both of them over the last few days, applying them brutally to her furious Mother.

Lucinda had her wrists pulled behind her back and cuffed, cords looping and cinching them also as added restraint. Her elbows had been tightly bound above and below and several loops of cord cut into her upper arms. Her crossed legs had been pulled back towards the rear of the crate by two more pairs of cuffs that attached her ankles to metal eyelets screwed into the wood of the crate panels. More cords bound her nyloned ankles together and finally her knees had been bound to another two eyelets, pulling them out and back.

Jennifer had grabbed a handful of hair, twisting it slowly as she forced the black rubber penis gag into her Mothers gasping mouth and down her throat.

When she had buckled it tightly behind her neck she stepped back to survey her work. “Not bad for a beginner” She drawled in that wonderful Californian accent.

Lucinda grunted into her cruel gag and struggled in vain against her inescapable bonds as I put the top on the crate and started hammering in the nails……………..


After the conclusion of the scenario we all were tired, especially the two women, and were in need of refreshment, food and rest. This was had in plenty over the next couple of days as I left the women to recover, as I had to return to work.

On the Wednesday evening I took them out for a last meal before Lucinda’s departure on the Thursday morning. We discussed the scenario in detail and unanimously agreed it had been a great success. Lucinda claimed she had never been so excited for so long ever before. The highlights for her were when she had been ordered to strip for the first time and then tightly bound and gagged. Also when I had foiled the women’s escape attempt by rendering them both unconscious.

Jennifer’s top moments were when I had bound her in the bath and turned on the water, feeling it slowly rise over her was brilliant she said. Her other best was actually binding and gagging her Mother.

For me?

It was all fuckin good and I had to blush with embarrassment as the two women heaped praise on me for my overall bad bastard performance.

Lucinda flew back to London the next morning to spend some time with friends she had there. Before she left she had mentioned to me that she would perhaps come back over in a few months time and visit.

Which was nice.

The End


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