American Dream 8: Bath Time

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; captives; lingerie; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; susp; tease; torment; toys; fantasy; cons/reluct; X

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Part 8: Bath Time

Friday 6TH September 2006 1430hrs

Both women stood in the centre of the small room I used as my workshop and glared at me. I had already ordered them to strip to their underwear and tights and the discarded clothes lay in two separate piles in the middle of the floor. Lucinda had been released when I returned to the flat and had been given the latex dress to wear whilst being transported to the unit. I had also made her wear her pumps. The way the latex clung to her figure gave me another boner.

I restrained Lucinda in exactly the same way as Jennifer had been on the short journey, except for her gag, which was still the same ball-gag she had been wearing all morning. Lucinda had made more noise on the journey than her Daughter as she struggled against the biting straps and she was obviously right in the character of the tough-ass Mother again.

Lucinda had screamed the usual obscenities into her gag when she had seen how I had restrained Jennifer while I had returned to the flat. Her Daughter had her wrists tied to a large metal eyelet that was attached to a chain that hung from the roof of the unit. This chain had been secured to one of the wooden truss beams that spanned the unit. I had made it adjustable and the length at that moment was just enough for Jennifer to remain on her tip toes as her wrists were pulled tightly up above her head, her feet straining in her pumps to keep her balance. I had also bound her knees for good measure and had left her tape gag in place.

After I had made Lucinda sit on the floor cross-legged with her hands clasped behind her head I released Jennifer from the suspension to her obvious relief. I then instructed Lucinda to get back on her feet and ordered the two women to strip. “You know the drill by now ladies, everything off down to your thongs and tights, and keep the heels on this time”

The women had sighed deeply into their gags and started getting undressed, Lucinda quickly wriggling out the tight latex dress to which she had to remove her heels to step out of, immediately slipping them back on her feet.
Jennifer raised both arms above her head and pulled the t-shirt off. She then unzipped the mini-skirt and stepped out of it. The women looked at me fiestily as they unhooked the brassieres and threw them on the floor. They both looked first class standing there, superb nylon clad legs set off by the black pumps on their feet, Lucinda with her hands on her hips and Jennifer with her arms crossed.

I motioned the two women over to where two bottles of mineral water were lying on the workbench. “You may take off your gags and have a drink now” I explained to them in the monotone, which I had been using all morning.

Lucinda reached behind her head and unfastened the strap, which held the ball-gag fast in her mouth. She had to pull the ball from behind her teeth, exclaiming as it popped out.”Fucking thing….” And then yelling in my direction, “You fuckin sadist is this the way you get your fuckin kicks?”

“Tell me what I want to know and this can all be over for you both” I stated.

“Tell the bastard nothing Mom…. he can go fuck himself!” Jennifer interjected having removed the tape from her mouth and spat out the now sodden cloth on the floor at her feet.

“It speaks!!!” I ridiculed in a mocking voice, adding a warning. “You keep that up and I will put you back up there all night.” Pointing to the still swinging chain suspended from the roof. Jennifer gulped hard but didn’t say anything.

“You may be able to intimidate her you scumbag but I’m not so easy” Hissed Lucinda putting an arm around her Daughter. “You’ll have to do a lot better than that performance this morning to break me you fucker, and stick your cock in my mouth again and I’ll bite the fuckin thing off!”

“I know you don’t mean that” I said with a superior smile

“Fuckin try me!” Lucinda spat as she raised the bottle of water to her full lips.

After both women had emptied the bottles I pointed the Tazer, which had magically appeared, in my hand at Lucinda. “Get your hair up like her, move it bitch!” I threw her over a small black elastic tie, which she proceeded to tie around her long black hair creating a ponytail like her Daughter’s.

Pointing to a brown parcel lying on the workbench I hissed, “Open it”

Jennifer did the honours, ripping the bag open and spilling the contents out on the bench.

Two black leather full-length arm restraints lay there in all their glory, shiny straps glistening, extracting a gasp from Jennifer and a raised eyebrow from her Mother. Obviously Lucinda had saw or wore these before.

“Ok you, take one and put it on Jennifer, tightly” I instructed Lucinda with a wave of the Tazer. Lucinda gave me a look of disdain and picked up one of the restraints.

“Put your arms behind your back, Babe, hands palm to palm,” She whispered to Jennifer who did as instructed. Lucinda then slid the leather binder over Jennifer’s arms, right up to her armpits. Looping the restraining straps around Jennifer’s upper body above her tits and back under her armpits, Lucinda buckled the straps in place tightly, pulling Jennifer erect as her arms were locked behind her. Lastly she did up the eight straps around the binder so that her Daughters arms were bound tightly into the restraint.

Jennifer thrashed her encased arms around but stopped when she realised how futile it was to fight the restraint.

“Good. Now put a crotch rope on her” I said, throwing a long length of cord over to Lucinda, which she caught with her perfectly manicured right hand.

Giving me another withering look of disgust she proceeded to quickly tie the cord around the waistband of Jennifer’s tights and loop the cords down her between her ass cheeks and up the front of her crotch before tying the ends off. Only the flimsy thong stopped the cords from cutting into Jennifer’s full pussy lips. I hadn’t seen Lucinda’s pussy as yet and wondered if she too had the wonderful full pussy lips of her Daughter.

“Now take her over to that chair and sit her down in it. Put her arm binder over the back of the chair and tie it in place” I instructed throwing another length of cord over to her Mother.

Lucinda walked Jennifer slowly over to the chair and gently helped her sit down. “Bend forward Babe,” she said and as her daughter bent forward in the chair, Lucinda pulled the restraint up and over the rear. Jennifer sat upright in the wooden chair, her back drawn tightly into the chair by the leather restraint, which her Mother now tied to a spar below the chair seat via a small metal ring at the tip of the leather binder.

With Jennifer tightly welded to the chair I could concentrate on making Lucinda very uncomfortable indeed.

Friday 6TH September 2006 1600hrs

“Again I ask you, what is the number?” I repeated the question to Lucinda who just shook her head and grunted into the drum tight cleave gag. “NNGGGUUUHH”

I struck her hard across the face with my open left hand, the blow sending her head across to one side. She regained her composure again and looked at me challengingly, eyes on fire over the tight latex that cut into the corners of her mouth. I had been slapping Lucinda now for the best part of ten minutes but it was obvious the treatment was not going to work.

She was sitting in a leather executive style seat that I used in the office of the unit. I had Lucinda carry it into the workshop from the office after she had restrained Jennifer so effectively. Lucinda had been made to sit in the seat with her legs through the armrest on each side of the chair. This had the effect of puling back her thighs and thrusting her crotch out.

I then pulled her arms behind the chair and tightly bound her wrists with cord. More loops of cord had been used to tie her upper arms and waist around the chair back. She was already fighting these ropes as I pulled her ankles up and behind the chair one at a time and bound them to the armrests. I had used the latex strip to tightly cleave gag the woman, as I had did with Jennifer who still sat in the other chair in the room, but with her ankles tightly bound together and attached to the spar at the back of the chair.

I stepped back and looked at the two struggling women with total satisfaction.

So far they both had been tightly bound and gagged with little chance of escape. I would have to keep this situation going if I were to prolong the scenario all weekend, as the rules were if one or other of the women were to escape the whole role-play would cease immediately.

I watched in silence, broken only by the creaking of the chairs as both Jennifer and her Mother strained against their bonds, both mewing into the latex gags. I would have to come up with a new idea to get the information from Lucinda.

I went over to Jennifer and started to untie her ankles. I then went behind the chair and released the cord that held the leather cone to the spar of the chair. Pulling Jennifer’s arms over the chair back I raised her to a standing position and marched her over to the dangling chain. Her eyes widened in horror and she tried to pull away but was quickly brought back in line by a painful yank of her ponytail.

“AAARRRGGGGGGHHH” She screamed through her gagged mouth. I had caught her Mothers attention by now and she was also screaming into her gag and thrashing around with a renewed frenzy. Leaving Jennifer standing there for a moment I went over to the sports bag and removed a large bath towel from it. I then laid the towel down under the chain and spread it out.

I grabbed Jennifer from behind and pushed her down firstly to her knees and then down into a sitting position on the towel. I leant over and pushed her fully down into a lying position on her back, her leather restrained arms jammed painfully under her. “UURRGGGGGGHHHH” She complained but I ignored her taking her left pump off her foot and then the right, revealing her strong nyloned feet.

Binding her ankles together tightly I adjusted the length of the chain slightly downwards and then looped the ends of the ankle bonds through the eyelet and pulled hard, whilst supporting the bound woman’s weight with my other arm and shoulder. The cord pulled up Jennifer’s ankles so that her legs were eventually at ninety degrees to the floor.

I tied off the cords to the eyelet and released my grip on Jennifer who was now suspended by her ankles to the chain. She writhed around but the pain in her trapped arms was too much and she stopped and lay still, panting hard through the gag from her exertions. She flexed her bound feet, testing the taught ness of the cords.

I turned to the still struggling Lucinda and smiled. “We’ll try something else to see if you reconsider bitch,” I hissed in her direction whilst going into the bag again and this time retrieving a thick leather strap.

I walked over to the prone figure of Jennifer and looked down at her. She stared back, eyes wide with excitement at what the next few minutes would bring.

I swung my arm and cracked the strap off the soles of her bound feet.


Jennifer screamed into the gag and tried to squirm away but was held fast by the chain.

I repeated the blow extracting another yelp of pain from the bound woman.

I looked at Lucinda who was incandesant with rage and struggling harder than I had ever saw her struggle previously. The veins were sticking out on her neck as she shook her head from side to side, screaming into the gag.


This was, as had been the face slapping, an acceptable form of treatment designed to extract the required information from Lucinda. As agreed, as long as there was no marking or permanent injury resulting from any interrogation, these were valid techniques to be incorporated in the scenario.

I repeated the blows several times much to the consternation of Jennifer who turned hear head in the direction of her bound Mother, eyes imploring her to stop the beating of her feet.

Lucinda was still screaming into her gag and I stopped to go over to her and un-gag her. “YOU FUCKER… LEAVE HER ALONE… JUST WAIT.I’LLL SEE YO……. URRGGHHHHH… NNGGHHHHUUUGGGG”
She trailed off as I replaced the cruel latex strip, pulling it between her teeth, this time tying it even tighter behind her pony tailed head.

“I’ll take that as a no then” I hissed as I returned to the struggling Jennifer, slightly disappointed that no confession had been forthcoming.

Friday 6TH September 2006 1945hrs

The two women sat in the rear seats of the BMW whilst I drove with the usual caution back to the flat. Their aching and stinging feet had been pushed back into the pairs of pumps that they both had worn earlier. Tight cords restrained their ankles and now both wore a leather arm restraint behind their backs.

After beating Jennifer for another ten minutes it was apparent Lucinda wasn’t going to divulge any information about anything. So I had decided to give “Mom” the same treatment only for twice as long.

This had failed also for despite her intense discomfort and loud protests from behind the tight gag she didn’t crack. Her perfectly pedicured, strong, nyloned feet had taken a sound beating but she had resisted and said nothing.

After restraining Lucinda with the other arm binder I removed the gags and gave both women another drink of water. I replaced the latex gags with natural coloured stocking cleave gags, tightly tied so that you could hardly tell the women were gagged at all. Now back at the flat I covered the arm binders with a couple of jackets and walked them to the front door.

I felt the session at the Unit had been worthwhile, whilst achieving no definitive information. However I had not ruled out a return visit later in the scenario.

Friday 6TH September 2006 2200hrs

I sat on the sofa and re-ran the days events through my head. I was pretty pleased at my performance and was sure the women appreciated it. For tomorrow I had it all planned out and was determined to make Lucinda yield the information. For now both women were in the bedroom back to back again on the bare mattress of the double bed. They still wore the arm binders, which had been joined by a length of cord via the metal rings on the end of both restraints.

Lucinda and Jennifer were now bound in a sitting position, ropes tight around ankles, knees (above and below in Lucinda’s case) and thighs. The legs of both had been pulled up and into their chests by loops of cord around the back of the neck and attached to the knee bonds. Their nyloned feet had been also tightly pulled into their ass by a cinch between the ankle and thigh bonds.

Both women still sported the ponytails that had been tied tightly together as I didn’t want free flowing hair to interfere with the arm binders. Jennifer was quiet and had started to doze of despite the bulge in her jaws caused by the pump gag again, this time pumped up even harder.

Her Mother had been silenced for the night by a large penis gag that she still grunted against intermittently as she twisted and turned in her bonds.

Tomorrow I decided would be a day of unremitting pressure.

I was looking forward intensely to it.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 0700am

I had awoke early, 0530, and this gave me plenty of time to digest the previous day’s events and put the finishing touches to today’s. Over breakfast I had planned the outfits that each woman would wear and the respective bondages that they would endure. I decided Lucinda was to be more stringently bound than Jennifer from now until the finish of the scenario, in fact I had already started the implementation of this with Lucinda’s bondage last night. Not that Jennifer would escape lightly, far from it; it was just that Lucinda would suffer more.

I really had to hand it to the older woman, as she had time and again exceeded my highest expectations of her. She was certainly a strong and extremely fit woman and had a superb sense of occasion. Her performances so far had been perfect as the hard as nails protective Mother, and she was highly accomplished in her acting ability. So much so that I had never saw Lucinda outside her character. A small point really but an intriguing one all the same.

When I checked on the women both were awake and still tightly bound in the same position, as I had left them the previous night. They had obviously slept as both became very animated when I came into the room. They would require to toilet, shower and get ready for the day’s ordeals and I decided Lucinda would be granted this luxury first.

I un-tied the women and both sprawled on the mattress, stretching out their rope marked limbs in relief. The dreaded arm binders were put in the wardrobe to be used again in a later bondage, and as I put them away both women removed their respective gags, Lucinda slowly removing the large black rubber penis attached to the inside of the leather panel from her mouth. Jennifer deflated the ball quickly and threw it on the mattress after unbuckling the straps that had held the device tightly clamped over her mouth.

I had selected Lucinda’s outfit for the day, a tight white brassiere, sheer pewter tights, a pair of blue hot pants and her white sandshoes. Also I left a bullet vibrator with the pile, the inference obvious. I had not left her any panties or thong. Lucinda spent over an hour in the bathroom but I allowed her this concession as she had a particularly tough day ahead of her.

When she finally appeared she was looking a million dollars, hair and make-up perfect and her athletic body jammed into the tight outfit superb, the control for the vibe tucked into the waistband of her hot pants. I led her through to the kitchen and restrained her in the usual manner with wrists cuffed in front and one ankle cuffed to the table leg. I gagged her with the black oval ball-gag and felt myself getting hard again as she looked at me without comment and opened her full mouth up for me to insert the ball deep.

I returned to the bedroom and took Jennifer’s clothes for the day into the still warm and misty bathroom. Her black latex Basque and sheer black seamed tights were all that she would be wearing today. I also selected the other bullet vibrator and left it on top of the items of clothing.

I returned to the bedroom and released Jennifer from her bonds that I had applied after untying Lucinda, a simple hogtie and cleave gag. Jennifer went into the bathroom without a word, slamming the door and locking it behind her.
I detected a slight change in her attitude but as long as she was still in character I wasn’t too worried about this.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 0840am

After the women had finished their breakfast of dry toast and black coffee I decided to tell them what I had planned for today.

“You are running out of time Lucinda. Things have been relatively pleasant so far but will get a whole lot worse if you don’t tell me what I want to know”

Lucinda snorted contemptuously at my threat.” You think being trussed up for two days like a turkey is pleasant you bastard? Just wait till I can get my fuckin hands on you… if it wasn’t for that Tazer…..”

“Ok, act the tough bitch if it makes you feel better. But I promise you will tell me what I want to know before the day is out” I replied laconically “You will come with me now”

I unlocked Lucinda’s wrist cuffs and bent down and released her left ankle. I stepped back and drew the Tazer out of my pocket.” Your hair, put it up like yesterday,” I instructed handing her the black elastic band. Sighing aloud she quickly had her in the ponytail within seconds.

“Now hands behind your head and turn around and walk slowly into the bathroom” I instructed flatly.

Lucinda looked at Jennifer who smiled at her Mother. “Stay strong Mom, don’t let this bastard away with a thing”

“Don’t worry Babe…. he’s getting fuck all!” Lucinda hissed

“Gag your Daughter bitch,” I ordered motioning with the Tazer and watched as Lucinda reluctantly strapped a ball-gag into Jennifer’s unresisting mouth.

She then slowly put her hands behind her head and clasped her fingers together, as was the normal position when unbound, and turned and walked with cat like poise into the bathroom, her rubber soles sandshoes squeaking slightly on the tiles.

“Stop and face the shower” I ordered which Lucinda did with a long sigh

“You can bind and gag me all day and all night… I’ll never give you what you want “ She informed me over her shoulder in a confident, relaxed manner.

I would have to try and change that.

I walked around in front of her and took a length of cord from my pocket “Wrists” I ordered and Lucinda responded, slowly unclasping her fingers and lowering her hands in front of her and put them together.

“Crossed” I hissed and she crossed her strong, tanned hands together, fists clenched. I noticed that Lucinda had worn no rings or jewellery of any type since the scenario began.

I bound her wrists and cinched the cords very tightly, provoking a gasp of pain from Lucinda who quickly got herself under control and looked at me in her by now near permanent disgusted/mocking expression. I quickly grabbed her wrists and thrust them upwards and backwards towards the metal rail that supported the shower curtain. I had installed this myself and knew it would hold Lucinda’s bound wrists in place without any problems. I had left the cinch rope long enough to loop it twice over the rail and tie it off around Lucinda’s wrist bonds.

Her perfectly toned arms were raised taughtly above her head, the dark shadow of her armpit stubble evident after nearly three days without shaving. Tits thrust out in the tight brassiere, standing on her tip toes in the sandshoes strong legs with toned muscles rippling through the sheer nylon of her tights, she looked delicious. I moved closer to her and put my hands on her hips, letting them wander up to her pert tits and erect nipples.

She suddenly spat in my face and growled,” Get away from me you FUCKER”

I smiled and wiped the saliva from my cheek. I turned and walked out the bathroom into my bedroom and opened the wardrobe door. On the top shelf was the small bottle of ether that I had used on Jennifer two days previous. I took it and put it in my pocket along with a couple of white rags that were on the shelf also. I also grabbed a roll of black duct tape and two large waterproof plasters.

I returned to the bathroom and stood in front of Lucinda.

“Eyes closed, now” I ordered in the now familiar monotone. At this she looked startled, something was going on she had not thought of.

“Did you hear me bitch? Eyes closed now!” I repeated

Reluctantly she closed her eyes and I quickly removed the plasters from their wrappings and carefully stuck one over each of Lucinda’s eyelids. “Don’t worry bitch, these will come off again with a little persuasion”

This disintoriated the woman and she started moving around and getting edgy.

Good. It was about time I had full control again and this minor but unexpected move had done just that. I moved behind the blinded American and unwrapping the end of the duct tape I tore off apiece about eight inches in length. Her head whirred round in response to this sound but I grabbed her by the forehead and yanked it back so that she was facing front wards again. I tightly applied the length of tape over her eyes and the bridge of her nose, blindfolding her. I repeated this with another length of tape, this time slightly longer so that it overlapped the first piece. She shook her head from side to side trying to escape the vice like adhesive quality of the duct tape.

“You… you Bastard… what are you going to do…” She stuttered anxiously

I made no reply; instead I took one of the rags out my pocket and stuffed it into her open, unsuspecting mouth. “MMMPPHHHHHHHHHHHH” She mewed as I packed the rag deep into her mouth.

I unwrapped more duct tape from the roll and started to wrap it round her mouth and neck. Four times I wrapped it around each time tighter than the previous until her mouth and lower chin was totally immersed in black tape.

“mmppppppppphhhhhhh….nngguuhhhhhhhhhh” came the now muffled screams from her packed mouth as she shook her head wildly.

I let her thrash around for a minute in near panic and then took the bottle of Ether from my pocket and opened the top of the bottle. Immediately the strong, sweet smell filled the bathroom, Lucinda suddenly stopping her struggles before realising what this meant and renewing with a vengeance.

I applied a splash of the liquid to the other rag and putting the bottle down on the tiled floor, grabbed and held Lucinda around the waist with my right arm. She tried to kick me in the groin by swinging her feet upwards and backwards but the blow caught me on the inside of my thigh. “Bitch” I growled in her ear as I re-adjusted my position, ensuring any further attempts were negated.

Without further delay I applied the rag over her nose and held her head in a vice like grip as she breathed in the fumes. Her struggles intensified, screaming into her gagged mouth, reaching a crescendo before slowly getting weaker as the fumes incapacitated her.

Finally Lucinda went limp and I released her body, now fully supported by her bound wrists against the curtain rail, with her pony tailed head slumped against her chest. I stood back and surveyed my handiwork. Well I did warn her I would be notching things up a little.

Now for the next part of the mornings session. I returned to the kitchen to get the still cuffed and gagged Jennifer.

Saturday 7TH September 2006 1040am

I finished my coffee and returned to the bathroom. The now sinister looking red sports bag lay on the floor opened, partially emptied of the accessories I required for this mornings session. Jennifer lay on her back in the bath, which was a king size tub and accommodated her easily despite her five foot eight inch frame. She was wearing the latex Basque and the black sheer tights that I had left out for her earlier. A bulge at her side indicated the presence of the vibe control, which was tucked into the waistband of her tights under the Basque.

Jennifer had been tightly frog-tied, the multiple loops of cord cutting tightly into her nyloned thighs and ankles. Her wrists were bound in front of her and the bonds were attached to a waist rope that tightly circled her body, effectively locking her wrists in position. More cords crossed her tits, bulging under the tight Basque, and upper arms. She was tightly gagged with the panel ball-gag, which was rammed behind her teeth and deep into her mouth. As a last touch I had tied her pony tail to her waist rope at the back, so that she could not raise her head any more than a couple of inches from the floor of the bath.

In effect Jennifer was completely helpless and could only twist and turn slightly in her bonds, whilst looking at me nervously and grunting into her gag.

I noted Lucinda was making murmuring noises and was obviously coming round. I had taken the opportunity to bind her legs whilst she was out, cords cutting tightly into her nyloned limbs at the ankles, calves, knees (above and below) mid thigh and upper thigh. All the bonds were very tightly cinched and looked extremely uncomfortable. I had also removed her sandshoes, her strong feet and painted nails standing out against the white tiles of the bathroom floor.

I waited until Lucinda had control over her limbs again before approaching her, tightly grabbing her head. She jumped in her bonds with surprise and I quickly ripped off the top strip of tape from her eyes. Her bucking around was stifled by my strong grip and I ripped away the lower strip, causing her to yelp in pain as the strong tape was wrenched away from her skin. Immediately I removed the plasters from over each eye and she stood blinking, still trying to come to terms with the situation.

I decided to give the girls a moment to reflect on their situation and went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. As I prepared the drink I could hear muffled gag talk as the women tried to communicate unsuccessfully through the tight gags that effectively silenced them.

After coffee I returned to the bathroom and went directly over to Lucinda. She looked at me balefully, her eyes still half closed with the lingering effects of the Ether. I reached up behind her head and removed the elastic band that had kept her hair up.

“No need for this now” I said as her long black hair flowed down her shoulders and back.

“Ok listen up girls. As you can see Lucinda, Jennifer is in a bit of a bind here. If you do not tell me what I want to know the bath starts filling up with water. I roughly have worked out your Daughter has about six minutes before the water starts to come level with her face.”

I let this bombshell sink in for a minute, provoking a frenzy of struggling and muffled protests from both women.

Jennifer had previously asked me to tie her up in the bath and turn on the water but I had dismissed this as dangerous folly at the time. Now I was prepared to introduce this into the scenario in the interests of reality. We had elected to do without safe words at the beginning of the scenario, a decision I was not completely comfortable with at the time. However it was too late to change the rules now just because things were getting a bit risky. After all this is the kind of role-play Jennifer had wanted since she tested me on the way back to Scotland. For all I knew Lucinda wanted this element of danger as well.

“Well bitch, do you give me what I want?” I hissed

“NNGGGUUHHHHH” Lucinda responded through her packed mouth with a frenzy of head shaking and struggling.

Without replying I walked over to the bath and looking back at the still struggling Lucinda turned on the cold-water tap.

Jennifer raised her head as far as she could, veins now prominent on her straining neck, and with a look of horror in her eyes screamed into the ball-gag.


In a few seconds the ice-cold water had reached the bound woman’s legs and she flinched at the coldness of it. I reached under her Basque and located the vibe control. Smiling viciously at her I turned on the control and Jennifer immediately went rigid as the first pulsating tremors flowed deep into her pussy from the vibe

“UURRRGGGHHHHHHHH…URRGGHHHHHHHH…” She moaned through her gag as she tried to fight the increasingly strong shockwaves that threatened to engulf her. She was also aware of the progress of the water, which she could now feel creeping up her ass cheeks and lower back.

Lucinda was thrashing around wild eyed at this new development. “We’ll give it a couple of minutes and then ask you again if you’ve reconsidered your position,” I whispered in her ear.

“And don’t worry about the vibrator shorting out…. the control is waterproof” I added as an afterthought.

I reached down to Lucinda’s vibe control which surprisingly after all her bucking around was still lodged in the waistband of her hot pants. I turned it on, not three quarters as I had done with Jennifer’s but to the maximum setting.

She went rigid in her bonds and raised herself up on her toes as the brutal tremors slammed into her pussy.” UUURRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” She screamed into the gag as the unrelenting hammer blows of the vibrator pounded her pussy.

“UUGGHH…UGGHHH…UGGHHHHH” She grunted lolling her head from side to side.

I stood and watched, my cock almost bursting out my denims, as these two gorgeous women strained and struggled in tight bondage, grunting through their stifling gags and fighting the overpowering tremors in their pussy’s.

The water was almost three inches deep by now and was up to Jennifer’s tightly roped ankles. She could also feel it still creeping up, soaking her ponytail, which was throbbing from her trying to wrench it, free from her waist rope.

Would Lucinda finally break and give me the information?

She had about three minutes to do it or the ice cold water would start to fill her Daughters nostrils!

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