Alice & Amanda 6: Birthday Girl

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2010 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; cuffs; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 6: Birthday Girl

The day had just begun and it was already very clear about what it would include a lot of. I was tightly fastened to the headboard of the bed and my legs were forced wide open with ropes secured to the posts at the foot of the bed. I was sitting up since my hands and torso was tied to the metal bars on the headboard. We were celebrating my birthday and the tradition was set in stone. It meant that Amanda would be my top for the entire day and I'd enjoy submission that would include as many orgasms that I could take and administer to her. We had taken a few weeks off on playing beforehand so we were both primed and ready. It also gave time for Amanda to plan things out very carefully and hopefully get some new ideas for the scene.

My birthday had been a week ago, but it wasn't until now that we were both ready for the scene. It had actually been a blessing in disguise since it meant that we were able to have a vanilla birthday party back then and it was a while since I last had one of those. We invited people and partied with our bondage gear well hidden. The only people invited that even knew about our dark flavour of love were Susan and Jennifer, who sneaked in a gift card to their BDSM gear warehouse. They managed to do it so that nobody else saw what the gift card was for, which was a big relief for both of us. I noticed later in the evening that Amanda was discussing with them in the kitchen that made them both grin, but they broke up the conversation before I could join in.

It was a fun party all around with friends and family, but sitting there all tied up made me remember why this was the actual day of celebration. Amanda had woken me up after eight, which I thought was obscenely early considering that it was weekend. But Amanda didn't allow any protests as she had propped me up to sit against the headboard and had tied my hands to the metallic posts. She had left enough slack that I could rest my arms comfortably against the rope, but her excellent rope skills ensured that I couldn't undo the ropes or slip out of them by accident.

She had coiled a long and unusually thick rope around my torso and the metallic bars of the headboard. The ropes went under my breasts and as she had cinched the rope, I could feel that it supported me firmly in the position. She had then tied my ankles in a similar fashion as my hands and used the long ropes to fasten them to the posts at the foot of the bed. The bed was just long and wide enough to cause my legs open so that it wasn't uncomfortable, but allowed full access to my private parts. Amanda had then left, as she so often liked to leave me helpless in my bonds while she was preparing for something to come.

The bondage was a titillating promise of things to come, but I still felt like I might drift back to sleep if she didn't return soon. The rig in itself didn't excite me enough to keep the strong drowsiness away and I could feel my mind wander as I was on the verge of falling asleep. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be in any danger from the ropes even if I did doze off, so I decided to allow myself the few minutes of sleep.

I woke up with a start as Amanda slammed the bedroom door closed, apparently noticing that I was asleep. I tried my best to look completely alert, but failed miserably. She was still as naked as I was, but had clearly had a shower just minutes earlier. Her long hair was almost dripping water, but she didn't seem to care.

"Naughty girl," Amanda said as she walked to the bed. "You really don't want to sleep through what I have planned for you today."

I noticed that she was carrying a clean pillowcase, a large ball gag and a scarf. She placed them on the bed as she laid next to me.

"I wouldn't sleep through anything if your plans didn't require me to wake up in the middle of the night," I said.

It was a discussion we had gone through countless times since Amanda was very much a morning person while I wasn't any kind of a person before noon.

"You know what they say about early birds," Amanda said as her fingers caressed my inner thigh, careful not to get too close to my vulva.

"Yes. They fall asleep too early in the night and get eaten by bears."

Amanda chuckled at this, raised up and flung herself so that she was kneeling in front of me between my open legs.

"Perhaps," she said as she took the pillowcase. "But at least she died full."

"More for the bear to eat. Must've made it happy."

"An early bird catches the worm."

"All the more reason for the worm to sleep late."

Amanda smiled at me again.

"So much attitude," she said as she readied the pillowcase. "I like that."

"I'd hope so, since you like me."

"You know that's not true," she said and she pulled the pillowcase over my head. "I love you and I know that you like several of your parts eaten as well. Regardless of the time."

I found the pillowcase to be very interesting. We hadn't used them before like this as we didn't like masks or hoods. But I found the loose pillowcase encompassing my head very interesting. I could still see the outline of Amanda as she was folding something.

It was soon apparent that she had been folding the scarf as she placed it over my eyes, preventing me to see even what little I was able through the pillowcase. She pulled the scarf tight and tied it off behind my head. I could feel the tension on the bridge of my nose and I was shortly worried that it might be too uncomfortable. But the scarf settled down after a few moments and I wriggled my face to force it up a little and let it settle over my eyes. I was really starting to feel the arousal build and I had no more worries about falling asleep. We didn't blindfold each other very often, so it felt fresh.

"You know how much I enjoy your quirky comments, but it really is time for you to shut up now," Amanda said and I knew that it was time to open my mouth. As soon as I did, Amanda pushed the large ball as deep into my mouth as it went. The building arousal exploded into lust inside me as she buckled the gag tightly. As usual, the gag was exactly the right thing to get me going and my pussy immediately started to crave for attention.

I noticed that the pillowcase had a very comfortable effect as the straps of the gag didn't dig in as viciously to the corners of my mouth and the rubber texture of the ball was replaced with the clean cloth. I was really liking the pillowcase and thought that I'd have to incorporate it into my own rigs in the future.

"There you go. One birthday girl, properly bound and gagged." Amanda said as she finished. "And in such a compromising position. You're running a high risk of some pervert coming in and taking advantage of your predicament."

She then grabbed both of my breasts and pinched my hardened nipples playfully.

"Lucky for you, the pervert happens to be me."

And with that, I sensed how her tongue started to probe my breasts, alternating from one to the other, making circles getting ever closer to my nipples. I felt a rush of adrenaline going through my body as the full sexual weight of the situation realised in my head. The sensual dance of breast and tongue made me spasm involuntarily, trying push closer to her lips. But the ropes under my breasts didn't give way, so I was locked to Amanda's very leisurely pace.

I was almost shaking in anticipation when Amanda finally pushed my breasts together and wrapped her lips around my left nipple. She playfully took it between her teeth, but didn't bite. It was just enough stimulation to make my pussy shout for release. But Amanda hadn't finished with the breasts yet. She moved to the other nipple and kissed it several times playfully. I squirmed with pleasure and Amanda chuckled at my reaction. She then gave my breasts a good squeeze before moving downwards.

Her tongue slowly trailed down, starting from my upper abdomen. Her destination was clear, but her pace was painfully slow. The feel of her tongue pierced through my entire consciousness and I was sure that my inability to see her multiplied the effect. She took several loops around my bellybutton and my ache for release only grew. I was starting to feel that she'd never get to my nether regions, but suddenly she changed pace. Her hands grabbed my buttocks forcefully and in seconds, her tongue was as deep in me as it would go.

The sudden assault on my pussy made me yelp out in surprise and pleasure. I was glad to note that the pillowcase didn't only make the gag more comfortable, but it also seemed to make it more effective. But I couldn't concentrate on the technicalities of gagging, because Amanda had gone into high gear. Her tongue alternated between my clit and pussy lips, balancing the stimulation. She was a master at pussy eating and she knew just how to drag the process as long as she wanted. But I wasn't in the mood for prolonged stimulation, my loins aching for a release. There would be plenty of time for more sensual encounters later during the day.

I tried to convey this message to Amanda by trying to thrust my pelvis even closer to her. She apparently didn't like the gesture, because she lightly slapped my breast in response before grabbing my buttock again. Message received, I thought, and succumbed to just taking her arousing manipulations. But even if she did try to prolong the process, it didn't take long for me to advance to the point of no return. She clearly realised that I was going to climax no matter what and responded by directing her tongue to my clit and shoved two fingers deep inside me.

My arms and legs strained against the ropes as I released all control. My back arched as much as the ropes allowed and a howl of pleasure emerged from deep inside me. I was usually careful about not being too loud, but I couldn't control myself even if I had cared. Amanda pulled away from my clitoris, but kept the fingers inside me, wriggling them to prolong the orgasm. It worked well, the climax continued on. It wasn't the best that I had ever had, but it was definitely among them. It slowly released its grasp and I was left heaving against the headboard. Amanda pulled her fingers out and gave me time to recover. The pillowcase restricted the airflow a little, so it took me more time than usual to catch my breath, but it wasn't anything to worry about.

I took a few minutes to gather myself and Amanda seemed to respect my need for space as I didn't even know if she were around anymore. I waited a moment to hear a sound, but couldn't hear anything. I thought the mattress was weighed down with another body, but I couldn't be sure since I was still a little disoriented. I made a sound indicating my need to know what was next. What was next was more of the same, as it turned out. Without warning, the fingers were back inside me and Amanda was sucking and licking my clit.

Surprised about the repeat performance and still primed, I responded to the stimulation immediately. I once again started to twitch against the bonds and moans of pleasure escaped behind the gag. Amanda was working as hard as she could. She clearly wasn't planning on prolonging the proceedings anymore, but was trying to get me to climax at any cost. With her efforts and my willingness, it didn't take long. My muscles contracted again and the rush of endorphins took over my senses. The second one wasn't nearly as strong as the first one, but it still worked wonders. I managed to bite hard in the gag and remained relatively silent. Amanda withdrew from me once more and let me come down on my own.

Once my breath had settled, Amanda pulled up the scarf and I could see her outline as she leaned to me. She kissed my gag passionately. The cloth made it impossible for me to participate by even putting out my tongue, so I just relaxed and took the kisses. The orgasmic high was replaced by a warm glow, signalling the love I had for this woman that had made the day even more wonderful than I had dared to hope. I loved how I could just let myself sit there immobile and receive all the wonderful things Amanda had to offer. Her kisses had turned from loving to passionate. I was starting to think that maybe she'd give me a third go, but she soon broke the kisses and started to untie my ankles.

"That was your first present, you lucky girl. Or should I say, the first two," Amanda said as she untied the ropes. Once my legs were free, I bent them against my torso to keep the warm afterglow inside me. Amanda managed to untie the rope under my breasts without me having to move my legs, which I appreciated. She then unbuckled the gag and threw it aside while lifting the pillowcase from my head.

"Hi," Amanda said playfully as I was able to see her clearly for the first time after my eyes had readjusted.

"Thank you," I said weakly in reply. She smiled at me as she started to untie my wrists.

"The day is just beginning, you'd better prepare for more. But first we need to get you clean. Lay down on your stomach and put your hands behind your back."

As Amanda had undone all the ropes, I was free to comply. I laid down on the bed, but Amanda didn't wait for me to place my hands behind me myself. She immediately grabbed my wrists and clicked handcuffs on them.

"Ok, lets go," Amanda said as she stood up from the bed, leading me from my elbow to do the same. She started to lead me from the bedroom to the bathroom.

"I won't gag you for now, but I expect you to behave well regardless," Amanda said as we walked.

"Apparently you don't know me very well."

"Apparently you don't know that there won't be any more pussy eating in your near future unless you do."

"Apparently I'm going to behave from now on."

"Very wise."

Amanda opened the bathroom door and lead me in. She closed the door behind us and lead me to the toilet to do the unsexy part of the morning. Once I was done, she lead me sitting in the bathtub and put ankle cuffs on my legs.

"Now, we're going to make you presentable. I already showered today, but you're just a sweaty mess."

She took a transparent plastic apron from a basket and put it on. She really liked to play around with the aprons when she was dominating me. She often said that it underlined the duality of being on top since the top basically is in a position of service, especially in our case as we were both naturally submissive. She then took the showerhead and started to spray the water all over me. She was careful not to hit my face as I didn't like it, even though I liked everything else about the feeling of warm water. The cuffs weren't as nice as rope would've been, but I knew that Amanda probably didn't want to get too much rope wet. The cuffs were supposed to be stainless, but we weren't all that sure. I guess we'd find out.

Amanda took a bottle of shower soap and poured it all over my body. The liquid soap was surprisingly cold after the caresses of warm water, but I didn't react in any way. Amanda then took a sponge and started to methodically rub my body while still showering me. It was bliss, and I really enjoyed the feeling of getting clean as I really had sweated a lot. The combination of warm water, light bondage and Amanda rubbing the sponge against me was very soothing and sensual. I enjoyed the fact that I was getting so much physical pleasure without it being directly sexual. Amanda did pass the sponge a couple of times between my legs but only to clean, not to stimulate.

Once she was done with the sponge, she rinsed me carefully all over. The water caressed my body all over and I could only hope that I would've been tied up more severely or gagged. But I didn't say anything to Amanda as she was in control and I was sure that there would be plenty of both in store. I expected that she would've been done after she finished rinsing my body, but instead she got a bottle of shampoo from the counter.

"Now, lean back and close your eyes. We have to wash your hair too," Amanda said. I wasn't all that sure if it was such a good idea. We had never done it and I was quite sensitive about not getting shampoo in my eyes or nose. I wasn't even comfortable getting water on my face unless I was in control.

"I don't know, honey," I said, trying not to break the mood. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that."

"But you have to be pretty on your birthday, don't you? What would the guests say if you weren't presentable?"

This caught my attention. We had never talked about guests and I was worried as to where this was leading. We had never brought outsiders into our house during our playtime and the scene with Susan had in fact been the only time anyone other than Amanda had seen me tied up.

"What?! Guests?" I managed to yelp, but the firm grab of a ballgag silenced me. I hadn't even seen where Amanda had hidden it, but clearly my reaction was part of the plan.

I was seriously considering safewording my way out of the situation as I was worried by the direction things were going. I wondered what was going in her head as she knew we had a clear understanding that our playtime was just between the two of us. I couldn't understand what had gotten into her. As Amanda buckled the straps behind my neck and under my chin, I didn't know what to think. I knew I could trust Amanda with my life, but I was also worried that she might've misunderstood some of our rules. It was pretty absurd since we had spent countless evenings talking about them, but her actions were going against several of our ground rules.

Once the gag was in place, Amanda noticed my worried look.

"Don't worry, dear," she said. "It's all a part of the surprise I've been planning for ages. I know that you don't like people coming in, but it won't be for a while. And you know you can put a stop to it at any time. I'll explain it to you after breakfast, ok?"

I was still somewhat apprehensive about the thought, but her words soothed me a great deal. I was reassured that she knew the ground rules and her loving gaze was an insurance that she'd do nothing to hurt me. I decided to let myself go and not worry about it anymore. And if we were to talk about it after breakfast, there was no reason to disrupt the fun to be had before it.

"Just trust me, ok?" Amanda said and I finally smiled and nodded. There wasn't a person on this universe that I trusted more than Amanda. And one surprise like this wasn't going to change that.

"Good," she said, finally relaxing herself. "How about that shampoo, then?"

What the hell, I thought. Might as well go along with the ride. Fortunately I had had a haircut just over a week before so my hair was quite short and it would make the process much easier and faster. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Amanda started to shower my hair and I was immediately relaxed by her confidence. She didn't let a drip of water get to my face and I knew she had it all under control. It was like she was a professional hairdresser. And knowing her, she probably took lessons from one just to get it right. The process was remarkably fast and painless. I was surprised when Amanda declared I was ready as it had been such a pleasant experience that all of my concerns had vanished. I was actually enjoying the service. And even though the ballgag made my mouth open to the shampoo, she managed to keep it all away.

Amanda shut the water and released the ankle cuffs. She wrapped a big towel around me as she helped me out from the tub. Since my hands were still cuffed behind my back, Amanda had to do all the drying. She seemed to enjoy rubbing me with the soft cloth almost as much as I liked to receive the pleasure. She had clearly gone back to a more sexual mode as she spent quite a lot of time drying my breasts, pussy and buttocks. But she was very thorough all around and it was clear that she was determined to get me as dry as possible. She spent a lot of time getting my hair dry, which was fortunately aided by my recent haircut.

It took awhile, but finally Amanda was satisfied enough to let the towel drop to the ground. She then directed me to stand on it as she dried my feet as well. Finally she stood up again and looked happy about her handiwork.

"I think you're ready for your second present now," she said and produced a box from the drawer. My eyes light up. What can I say, a girl likes to get gifts. Even us pervert lesbian ones. She laid it down on the cupboard and moved behind me. She unbuckled the gag and uncuffed my hands so that I could open the present myself.

"I wonder what this could be. Perhaps something naughty?" I ventured to guess.

"You could say that. But it's probably not what you'd expect."

My curiosity peaked so I disposed all the fanciness and ripped the package open. The box was flat and very light so I didn't have a clue as to what it might contain. I didn't bother to guess too much either since I'd know in just a few seconds. I lifted the top of the box and a black cloth was revealed. I looked puzzled at Amanda who smiled and nodded at me. I lifted the cloth from the box and it turned out to be a sleeveless little black dress. Amanda moved closer to me.

"I know you're not too keen on wearing dresses, but every girl should have one little black dress in their wardrobe, don't you think?" Amanda said as she caressed my back slowly.

It was true that I wasn't very big on wearing dresses. Sometimes I used long skirts, but I've come to the conclusion that nothing beats the practicality of a pair of pants. I had never worn a dress like this and didn't know if I was looking forward to it that much. I had never been a subscriber of the femme/butch-distinction. I saw no reason to label myself in that manner, but if one really needed to do it, I would've been the butch one in this relationship.

"You're probably wondering why I bought you that," Amanda said, as if reading my mind. "You have no idea how many times I've fantasised about you tied up in a dress like that. You'd look so sexy that my head would explode."

"I prefer to have your head intact, but in that case I'm all over it," I said. "Why haven't you told about this before?"

"Where would be the fun in that?" she said, grinning. "Besides, I didn't think wearing a dress would be a hard limit that we'd had to negotiate beforehand."

"Indeed it is not," I said and opened the zipper. I turned around and gave Amanda a little kiss as I prepared to hop into the dress. I had never worn one like this, but I didn't expect any problems getting it on.

I did note that it was very snug, probably a size too small. Probably on purpose too, since Amanda knew my size very well. But it wasn't too tight and I was able to get the thing on very swiftly.

"Could you help me with the zipper," I asked as I failed to reach the zipper on the back.

"Oh, I'll help you with much more than the zipper," Amanda said in a tone which immediately keyed me in the fact that she was indeed very aroused by the proceedings. She pushed me to turn around and I put my hands behind my back without the need for instructions to do so.

Amanda pulled the zipper up and as I had predicted, ropes started to coil around my wrists. Amanda cinched them tight and then moved to my elbows. She tied my elbows tightly behind me with such enviable skill and routine that she might as well have been a pro. But I had been the only subject she'd ever had and it meant that I've had the pleasurable part of being the person she had trained these skills with. Once my elbowtie was cinched, she turned me around again and admired the sight. She pulled me in for an embrace and she caressed my buttocks while she kissed me passionately. I was only too willing to return her passionate kisses and we didn't break off each other in a while.

She finally managed to push me away so that we could catch our breaths.

"I've pictured you like that for so long, but you look even more gorgeous in reality," she said.

I smiled at her. I'm not usually a big sucker for compliments, but I have to admit that it made me feel good to hear her say that, especially because I was sure that I wasn't very natural in the dress. It didn't feel uncomfortable, but I found myself being very conscious about the fact that I was wearing it and that it had a very short hem.

"I think it's time for me to get a present too," Amanda said as she sat at the edge of the bathtub. "Kneel down and get over here."

I understood immediately where this was going and complied. I kneeled down and then worked my way between here wide open legs. The already short dress inched up on me and I moved and I started to wonder how anybody could wear something like it in any other kind of situation. Amanda raised the hem of her apron and thus opened access to her pussy. It was already so wet that I figured she had been yearning for a release quite a while now.

I would've been happy to give her the release, but she stopped me.

"Wait, darling," she said and pushed my head back gently. "If you're going to do any eating, I guess we'll have to protect that cute dress you have there."

As she said it, she pulled a plastic bib from a drawer and tied it around my neck. This was another one of those strange fetishes involving protective clothing in front of you that Amanda seemed to be into and I accepted it without protest. It didn't do me anything, but since it was such a big deal to Amanda, I was happy to oblige her in it.

"Now you're ready," Amanda said and pulled her apron hem up again. "Feast away."

I didn't say anything, but dived right into her. She had given me such a good pussy eating earlier that I could only hope that I could match the performance. Her moans that started to emanate from her seemed like a good sign, but I had always considered myself less skilled in the art.

But it sure wasn't because of a lack of trying. I worked furiously, trying to stimulate different areas to the best of my knowledge. I used my tongue to play around with her clit, I licked her pussy entrance as forcefully and as deep as I could and I gave the whole area moderate amount of suction. I had played with the idea of forming strategies about what to do, but I had come to the conclusion that things just went pretty much where they were going anyways.

Amanda's moans started to deepen and her hips started to move, trying to maximise the stimulation. I knew that she was getting close to climax and shifted into high gear. I directed my attention only to the areas I knew had the most effect on Amanda. She confirmed the right approach by grabbing a fistful of my hair at the back of my head and pushing my face even further into her.

And then it was all over. I could feel her body shake from the orgasm, and I knew it was best to stop. She let go of my head and then let herself slide into the tub as the orgasm wrecked havoc in her nervous system. She let our a deep groan as she slowly came down from the intense high. I couldn't help but smile, feeling good about the job well done and inched myself even closer to get a good look at Amanda.

She laid at the bottom of the tub with a big smile on her face. Her eyes were closed, but I noticed that she idly fondled her sensitive parts with her hand.

"Want to go again?" I asked with a grin.

Amanda snapped out of the euphoria immediately and sat up.

"No time, I'm afraid," she said. "We haven't even eaten breakfast yet."

"I'd say it's pretty fair to say that the both of us have eaten this morning."

"Har, har," Amanda said as she climbed out of the bathtub and helped me to stand up.

"I know. It sounded even worse aloud than my head."

"I bet it did. I'd gag you for it, but we're going to eat."

Amanda took off her apron and lead me out from the bathroom. She closed the door behind us and took a firm grasp on my elbow. She led me forward to the kitchen, where I was shocked to see a table set for a really festive breakfast. The table was full of food and there were candles all around that weren't lit yet. I looked at the setting wide-eyed and couldn't believe she had the time to prepare for all of it. She sat me down to the nearest chair and started to tie my ankles to the foots of the chair.

"Oh, Amanda, this is all too much," I said. "I know it's my birthday, but you really shouldn't have."

"Yes, I really did," Amanda said. She had cinched my ankles tightly to the chair and was now undoing the ropes on my elbows. "This is going to be an important day, not just because of your birthday."

"How so?"

"It's a surprise, just hang on a little longer."

I thought about trying to figure out, or pry, what the surprise could be, but knowing Amanda, I quickly decided to let it go. She would never tell me before she had decided what the right time would be, so there was no point in guessing it. Combining this to the possibility that there might be visitors coming, something really strange was brewing and I wasn't sure how to feel about it.

Amanda finished untying my elbows and then released my wrists. I was about to move my hands away from her, but the firm grasp of a handcuff stopped me. Amanda moved my hands in front of me and cuffed the other hand as well. I was now secured in place and my hands were cuffed, but I was able to eat without help. I thought about taking the bib off, but I guessed Amanda wouldn't have approved, so I let it stay.

"Dig in, it's all for you," Amanda said as she took a lighter and started to light the candles. I carefully looked where the candles were placed, since I didn't want to tip them over. The cuffs allowed me a lot of mobility with my hands, but they made me a bit more clumsy. I realised that I was indeed starving and I started to make a toast with pretty much all the toppings there were. Amanda followed suit after finishing with the candles and pouring us both some orange juice.

"So, can we talk about the guests now," I asked while I worked on the toasts. Amanda sighed, she was understandably as worried about this discussion as I was.

"Ok," she said after drinking some juice. "I know this isn't usually appropriate when we're playing, but I have a big surprise waiting for the both of us if you'll allow this to go on. Of course you're free to say no and I'll call them to not come and we can go on from here."

"So who are coming if I say yes?"

"Only Susan, Jennifer and a friend of theirs, a regular in their dungeon."

"A female friend?"

"Of course."

This made me a lot more comfortable about the prospect. I didn't think that she'd invite our normal friends over, but it still eased my worries quite a bit. Especially since Susan had already played with us, there wouldn't be anything new to having her around with us tied up. And I knew Jennifer enough to know that she was so experienced in the scene that her presence wouldn't be a problem. But the third one...

"Who's the friend and why is she coming?"

"I can't tell you," Amanda said, a little worried about my response. "It's a part of the surprise."

"Why am I not surprised to hear that," I said. "I don't know. Jenny and Susan are fine. Susan has already played with us, so it's not a problem and I know Jenny wouldn't even flinch if she saw us suspended from meat hooks, but I don't know about letting someone I don't know at all to see me like this."

"I know that. But it's an... associate of theirs and she's so used to seeing people play that it wouldn't be any different from Jennifer."

"Except that I know Jenny. Her I don't."

"No. But it would mean a lot to me," Amanda said pleading. "And it will mean a lot to you as well after I can tell you about the surprise."

"But I'm not even going to get a hint about what it is?"

"I'm afraid not."

I paused from eating to let out an exasperated sigh.

"You're putting me in a very difficult position here," I said, not happy about where this was going. I was very uncomfortable about the thought of letting a stranger into our most private moments together, but I could see from Amanda's eyes how important this seemed to be to her. I didn't want to do anything to spoil the mood, but I really didn't want to disappoint Amanda either.

"I know, honey, and I'm sorry. But this is really important to me."

"How intensely would we play?"

To my surprise, Amanda's face went from desperation to relief when I asked her the question.

"You've misunderstood me. We wouldn't be playing with them, you'd just be tied up."

Now it started to dawn on me. So the surprise wouldn't be some elaborate BDSM extravaganza and I wouldn't have to submit to this strange new woman. I was immediately reassured by the whole situation and I now understood Amanda's puzzlement when I had first so strongly objected to the idea. It was still somewhat of a big deal to have outsiders looking at me even in light bondage, but I was much more open to the idea now.

Amanda still looked at me pleadingly and I couldn't help but to feel almost sorry for her. She had planned for so long to organise all this and I could throw almost all of it down the drain with one word. The idea started to appeal even more when I remembered the promise of a great surprise. I decided to go with it. Might as well, since I knew the safeword would be honoured.

"Ok, then. But just remember to keep it very clean."

Amanda almost jumped out of her seat of joy and kissed me. I still had some toast in my mouth, so it probably wasn't the most pleasurable kiss possible. But she didn't mind.

"Thank you so much. You don't know how much this means to me. And maybe to you as well, once you find out what it is."

"Never mind with the cryptic stuff. I feel like I'm in a bad scifi show. When are the guests going to be here?"

"Oh, in about 15 minutes."


That got me by surprise and it was my turn to nearly jump out of my seat. Fortunately I remembered the ropes securing my ankles, so accidents were avoided. Amanda was still naked and I was in this really short dress without any underwear and I was sure that even Amanda didn't want to have guests around while we were like this.

"Yes, I forgot the time in the bath, but we still have about 20 minutes. I hope you've finished eating."

"Why?" I asked, but the ball gag that filled my mouth answered my question quite definitely. I had fortunately just drank some orange juice, so my mouth was cleared of everything. Amanda had chosen one of our larger gags and I could feel the strain on my jaw almost immediately. I was well trained to handle it, though.

Amanda pulled the neck strap tight enough that the gag wasn't coming out, but I knew I could keep it in for some time. She then tightened the strap under my chin and speech had once again been taken away from me. A beginning flame of desire started to build inside me once more, but I kept it under control by reminding myself that there were guests coming. There would be no sex until they were gone. At least I could be sure that that was still a hard limit for both of us. Amanda took off the bib, threw it aside and then proceeded to untie my ankles from the chair and then grabbed the short chain between the handcuffs.

"I think we'll entertain the guests in the living room. You know the way," Amanda said, but kept hold of the chain anyway once we started moving. She led me to the open space between the couch, the coffee table and the television and made me kneel down. I obeyed and hoped that a pair of pants was in the very near future for both of us.

Amanda left me waiting while she went to the bedroom, probably to get some clothes. It gave me time to think the situation over once more. I still wasn't quite sure if I had made the right decision, but Amanda had clearly committed to going through with this. The gag actually made it a bit worse, even though I enjoyed the feeling of having it in my mouth. Gagging had always been the signal that we had entered into a very serious and private mode of interaction and it meant that the invasion was more serious. If I would've had only my hands and legs tied, it wouldn't have been such a big issue as light bondage was so commonplace in our household.

I even considered taking the gag off since my hands were only cuffed in front of me, but I figured that the effect would've been the same as using the safeword. I reminded myself that the safeword would still be in effect even if there were guests present. And I knew for a fact that Susan knew our safewording system very well since she had topped us once. I relaxed even more when I saw Amanda coming in, carrying a bunch of clothes in her arms. She dumped the clothes on the couch and picked a pair of very comfortable college pants.

"These are the only thing you'll be wearing in addition to that dress," Amanda said as she handed them to me. I took them gladly and put them on. I knew it was a pretty ridiculous combination, college pants and a little black dress. But it suited me just fine. My most private parts would be very well and comfortably concealed, but Amanda would still get to enjoy me in the dress.

I had to roll up the dress to get the pants properly on, which made it little more than a glorified top, but I was more than ok with it. While I was working on that, Amanda got into her outfit, which seemed to be somewhat more planned out. She first put on a pair of bikini panties and then pulled a grey miniskirt on top of it. The final piece of the ensemble was a white sleeveless shirt that she had worn so many times the shirt had been almost like molded into her shape. The shirt brought out her boobies exquisitely and she looked deliciously slutty in the outfit.

She kneeled next to me and only then I realised how intensely I had watched her get dressed. It felt like I had to snap out of it and noted to myself that it really is true that putting the clothes on can be as sensual as it is taking them off.

"Now, let's see what we'll do about you," Amanda said as she unlocked the cuffs. Once my hands were free, the order to put them behind my back was so routine that it didn't probably even need to be made.

Tying your hands behind your back is the cornerstone of almost all bondage, but it managed to fuel the fire deep within me. The simple fact of not being able to move my hands from behind me still brought me joy and I dreaded the day it would get old. I hoped it would never come. Amanda coiled the rope around my wrists quickly and then moved on to loop it all around my upper torso. I realised that she was going to make an elaborate boxtie and did my best to help her. It was obvious that she didn't want any playful resistance now that the guests were about to come. And I was sure she wanted to show off her rigging skills as well since this was the first time it would be possible.

Amanda worked with such efficency that at least I was impressed. The reason dawned on me when I happened to glance at the time and I realised that she was working furiously to get the tie ready before the guests were to arrive. And sure enough, just as she was tying the last knots, the doorbell rang. Amanda checked quickly that all the ropes were secure and tight enough and adjusted a few strands here and there. The doorbell rang again and I felt like I should've urged her to stop fussing with the ropes and get the door before they'd leave. There was no reason to worry about the rig, it was as comfortable as it was tight, as usual.

Finally Amanda seemed to agree with my silent urging and raised. As she went to the door, she called back on me:

"I really wanted to tie your legs too, but I guess that'll have to wait."

And then she opened the door. It was the moment of truth for me. This meant that the most private part of our life was suddenly exposed and even though I knew nobody could see me from the doorway, I still felt exposed. I wanted to curl up into a ball and dissappear.

Fortunately Amanda seemed to be in a similar hurry and she got the guests in very fast. As the door clicked shut, I could feel my body relaxing and I felt safe again. All the while Amanda had been exchanging greetings and pleasantry with the arrivals, but I hadn't heard any of it because of my nervousness. But I did notice when the talking stopped and it was replaced with shuffling noises that I wasn't at all sure what they meant. I listened carefully to get an indication what was happening, but aside from an occasional giggle, there wasn't much to go on. I was actually bit annoyed by it, since the delay meant that I had to keep my courage up to prepare for the moment when the arrivals would see me bound and gagged like this for the first time.

It all became very clear to me when Jennifer, Susan and the stranger emerged. They were all dressed in fetish wear, mainly PVC and leather and Susan was dragging a very tied up Amanda by her elbow. Amanda was tied up in a practically identical boxtie, but her mouth was filled with a gigantic purple ball gag with sturdy straps that created a head harness. The gag was obviously another gift from the older couple and I marvelled at it. It was so big that probably even I couldn't keep it in very long and I knew it must've been hard on Amanda. She, while very used to gags, was somewhat less practised than I was.

The gag was such an exquisite distraction that I almost forgot about the stranger, who seemed extremely comfortable about the proceedings. The fact that the gag couldn't stay in meant that I probably should feast on the sight as long as I could, but I forced myself to take a look at the woman. She was considerably older than the rest of us, with a weary look that signalled to me that she had done it all, seen it all. But fortunately it didn't make her look like a dirty old pervert. She sat down on the couch and leaned back, clearly understanding that her part wouldn't come until later.

I was extremely relieved that Amanda had been tied up as well, even though it was a bit irrational. It meant that she wouldn't be the one in control and I was at the mercy of these 'intruders', but it also meant that I wasn't the only one whose private fantasies were revealed. It meant that we were in it together at the same side and if it was to turn into something embarrassing, at least we'd be both share the pain. And I found it very exciting to see her in identical bondage, as it meant that I could enjoy the sight and the feel of it at the same time. Only the presence of the other women prevented me from getting extremely aroused.

Susan directed Amanda to kneel down in front of me and then went to sit with Jennifer and the new woman. She looked at me piercingly and I started to wonder what was going on. She had clearly submitted willingly, so this was all part of the plan. But what was the plan? I had expected Amanda to enlighten me about it once the guests had arrived, but she obviously wasn't able to do it now.

"I think we owe Alice an explanation right about now," the older woman said with a deep voice.

"If everything's gone according to plan, yes," Jennifer said as she smiled at me.

My eyes darted between them. I was waiting for someone to start explaining, but I also wanted to keep an eye on Amanda to keep the fire burning.

"I don't know if you're aware," started Susan finally, "but our dungeon isn't just for play parties and general events. We also do a lot of private parties, not just for our own benefit but for hire as well."

Jennifer got out of the sofa and slowly walked behind Amanda.

"We've done a lot of things," Jennifer said as she kneeled behind Amanda. "Celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and so on."

She unbuckled Amanda's head harness and I was a bit disappointed since it meant that the gag would be gone in a few moments. She sure couldn't tighten it any more.

"Now, don't get alarmed," Susan said as she started to move behind me. "This isn't another lure to get you into the dungeon. I think you've made it more than clear that you don't want to participate in any kind of public parties and we respect that."

Amanda's gag popped off and I could see the relief from her. Her jaw was probably on fire already and she immediately stretched it when the ball was released. She wasn't able to prevent a considerable concentration of drool escaping, which made me even more aroused by it. I could feel Susan working on the strap of my gag as well and soon we were both ungagged.

"So what we are offering is a private event to be held in our dungeon, free of charge," Jennifer said as she put the gag away. "That is, if you say yes."

Amanda looked at me with her piercing eyes again and it was clear that she was gathering her courage to speak.

"That monster of a gag wasn't really what I had planned," Amanda said, "but it seems that you agree with their choice in presents. But what I really wanted to give you is this."

As soon as Amanda finished, the older woman pulled a small container from behind the couch and put it on the table between us and her. She opened the container to reveal two identical gags. They weren't exactly ball gags, but very similar. I recognised the design, they were leather gags, filled with cotton that made them extremely soft, while their big size ensured their effectiveness. They were both completely white, right down to the actual buckle.

Amanda saw my appreciative gaze and continued with more confidence.

"They're custom made and our names are on them at the inside of the buckle. We can have them, but first I have to tell you who that is." Amanda nodded at the older woman. "She's a regular at the dungeon, but not as a participant as much as an official. One of the thing she does is handle the bureaucracy of these types of things. She even has the necessary paperwork with her."

I was completely failing to see the point or relevance of all of this, so I didn't say anything. Amanda was clearly waiting for a reaction from me, but I thought it safest to wait for more explanation. Finally Jennifer said:

"Alice, one of the events we sometimes have are weddings."

Now it dawned on me and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn't sure if Amanda was serious or was this some sort of an elaborate scheme to get me. They all looked at me and I started to feel my head spin.

"The gags aren't the gift from Susan and Jennifer, I paid for those." Amanda said. "The real gift is that they'll clear out the dungeon for our wedding."

I tried to say something, but couldn't think of anything appropriate. I wasn't still sure if they were being serious or no. We both obviously knew that we lived in one of the only states that actually has made it legal, but we had never discussed it. We had never even shown a particular interest in the debate.

"Alice," Amanda said finally, as if to brake the silence. "Will you marry me?"

I had forgotten all about the bondage we were in as my brain worked overdrive on the question. I had never even considered if I'd like to get married, let alone what the wedding would be like. But now I was offered the whole package. I was offered a chance to marry the woman I had lived with and loved for over two years, but also loaded into the question was the fact that I'd be married in a BDSM dungeon.

There was a million questions and a million things to consider about the logistics and practicality of it all. There were so many worries and so many unknowns, but only one question I'd need to answer right then. And the answer had been clear to me the moment Amanda had asked the question.

I gave my answer and everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief. I now noticed how tense they had all been, even the older woman, but now there were nothing but smiles all around.

"Well, you may call me a sentimentalist, but I think now would be the perfect time to say this," said the older woman as she raised from the couch.

"You may now gag the brides."


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