Alice & Amanda 5: Surprises

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2009 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; gag; cuffs; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

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Part 5: Surprises

I felt a little jolt of excitement going trough my body as I reminded myself that I was once again comfortably tied up. I tried to pull my hands apart, but the attempt was doomed as the soft rope tying my wrists firmly together didn't give way. Amanda clearly noticed my attempt and put her arm snugly around me. She leaned to me slightly as we continued to watch television.

And that was all that we were doing. Bondage had become the norm in our household and it was rare to catch both of us out of bondage at any time. Whenever we weren't doing something that required complete mobility, one of us was tied up in one way or the other.

Most of it was very light bondage. We didn't want to spoil our actual playdays by making more elaborate rigs and gags too commonplace. It was just something to make ourselves feel comfortable, and we both felt most comfortable in bondage. Watching television with your hands free would've been such a waste.

It wasn't very uncommon for either one of us to come to the other and ask to get their hands tied or for some other light bondage service. Usually it didn't even follow into anything else. I might be working on the computer and Amanda would show up and ask for her hands to be tied so she could go and enjoy a movie. Other reason to keep it simple was to get in and out of it quickly. We didn't have to plan for bathroom breaks or the bondage in advance, we just got in and out of it as we pleased.

Sometimes we might surprise each other by going into a more elaborate rig if we were in the mood or wanted to practise our rigging, but mostly it was just very basic wrist and ankle ties. Like the one I was in right now. My wrists were cinched together very securely and my ankles were tied identically. It wasn't enough to get my juices flowing, but it was just right to make me feel extremely secure and at home. And feeling Amanda pressed against me made me once again realise how extremely fortunate I was to have that incredible woman in my life.

We had worked out a system of safewords that were in constant use. We made a lot of inside jokes and shared quite a lot of laughs about them in our regular lives, but whenever even a single strand of rope was touching one of us, it was all serious when it came to respecting those words.

It took us awhile to gather ourselves after our orgasmic bondage session subbing together. It actually required us to take quite some time without having any bondage in our lives at all, just getting our thoughts and emotions back together. It had been an extremely positive experience for both of us, but it had also been very draining. We had spent several days going over the experience and talking about what it had meant to us and our relationship. It had taken a couple of months, but here I was again, tied up watching television with the woman that I love, feeling her body heat as she leaned on me. We had started planning our next session together, but it was a slow process.

Even though bondage had started to creep into our daily lives, we were still careful about keeping it separate from our "real" lives. We didn't attend play parties, we hardly even talked about our kinky lives with anyone. Sometimes I felt limited by it all and played with the idea of being more involved with the community. But I always abandoned the thought as being too impractical. I could dive into the community, but it would mean abandoning too much of the rest of my life. And while bondage was an important part of me, it was just a part.

I knew Amanda felt even stronger about the subject. She was the one who had to chain herself to the bar booth to even allow us to meet. She had never entertained the notion, even after considerable efforts by Susan and Jenny trying to assure us that it was perfectly safe to come to the dungeon every now and then. Amanda's final stance about the matter was that even if there weren't anyone that she'd mind seeing us there, there might very well be people who she didn't want to see in that context.

So we were happy with our own devious bondage games, although we made sure that we spent some quality time together doing something else. We never took any toys or rope with us if we travelled, because the point of travelling is to see the other place, not lock ourselves to the hotel room playing games we'd be more comfortable playing at home. And even though it wasn't the same without rope, the sex was still amazing.

The show we were watching was some pretty generic primetime cop drama, which we really couldn't get into. But with Amanda at my side and some very comforting bonds to make it even better, I really didn't care. Even though we had been together for a couple of years now, I still felt privileged to be in this situation. I could still remember the years of doing nothing but selfbondage and sharing my life with no-one, and I knew I could never take any of what I had for granted.

I was so comfortable right then and there that I felt quite disappointed when the credits started to roll, even though I hadn't been paying attention to the latter half of the show. I knew that Amanda would get up immediately when the show ended and I really wanted to her to just stay there where I could feel her against me, almost like giving me new energy.

But I was right, and after a few moments of the end credit theme, Amanda pulled herself up from the couch we were sharing and started to walk to the kitchen.

"I think I'll start working on dinner a little later, if you don't mind." Amanda said. "Do you want anything in the meantime."

"No, thanks," I replied. She knew very well that I didn't like to break moments like these, but obviously she had the right to go as she pleased. At least, when we weren't doing a scene.

I shifted my balance on the couch and tried to make myself more comfortable. I didn't know if Amanda would lean back against me when she was done, so I thought I might as well try and find a comfortable groove to settle on by myself.

The television kept bombarding me with idiotic commercials and I would've changed the channel if my hands had been free. Our television was starting to be quite old so the remote didn't work if you used it behind your back. Besides, it was on the other side of the couch and while I could've easily drag myself there in this very light bondage, I didn't feel like making the effort.

So I watched the commercials for an appalling length of time before the programming actually returned. The cop drama was obviously followed by some equally generic sitcom. I didn't think I had seen the show before, but it was not necessary. The father says something dim, the mother offers a witticism and one of the children responds with a funny observation about the situation. Repeat until bored. Which I was, very quickly.

The show reached its first commercial brake before I started to wonder where Amanda had gone. I had assumed that she was just getting a quick bite before returning, but she had been at it for quite some time now. And I started to realise that I hadn't heard any noise either.

I was starting to suspect that she was up to something, but the show continued. So I pushed the thought back and assumed that she was just taking her time. By the time I realised that she had crawled behind me, it was too late.

I could barely register the green ball flashing before my eyes as Amanda grabbed my jaw and forced it open. I didn't have any time to react before the ball was jammed behind my teeth and Amanda was holding my head from behind. She was holding me so tight that my head pushed in between her breasts and I couldn't help but feel immediate arousal flaring through my body. She didn't buckle the gag yet, so she had to keep the ball in place with her hand.

"I know we don't usually play without talking about it first, but I have an urge that just won't go away. So just grunt if you're not comfortable with this," Amanda said in a breathy voice. She was clearly very tense as well as shuddering with excitement.

The gag was a clear signal. We don't use gags unless we're in it for the duration. She wanted to play and it would mean that she would be the top and I'd be the bottom for the rest of the evening and our play rules would be in effect from this moment on.

I quickly weighted the situation in my head. We had never played without it being planned well in advance and without making all the preparations. It was a comfort thing for both of us and we liked to be sure that once we were going, there wouldn't be anything that could break down the scene until we were done. This would also be the first time we had played together after the experience with Susan and I had assumed that we'd take more time to ease our way back into playing.

But I couldn't argue that I felt curious at the thought of making this a spontaneous evening of play. I knew that Amanda knew exactly my limits and would keep it relatively easy since this was the first time in a while. I also knew that she had spent all this time preparing everything as much as she could, so there was little chance of something going wrong or interrupting us.

So I remained silent. Amanda waited patiently to make sure that I wasn't going to stop her with the grunt, but after a few moments, I could feel her tension disappearing. She started to buckle my gag, and I knew we were in business.

"Thank you, sweetie," Amanda said and kissed me at the back of my head while buckling the strap.

As I felt the gag being secured in place, my insides started to flame with the familiar pulse of arousal like they hadn't in a while. It had been a couple of months since I had been gagged the last time. The time apart from serious bondage made it feel fresh and familiar at the same time and it was clear that this would be an interesting evening.

Amanda started to wrap more rope just above my elbows and soon the ropes were pushing them closer to each other. She didn't tie them together, because she knew that even though I could put my elbows together easily, I couldn't hold the position for very long. I tensed my arms when I knew they were as close as I could keep them for a duration and Amanda immediately understood the signal. She cinched the loops of rope there and wrapped the remaining rope above and below my breasts until the rig was secure. She then made sure that it wasn't too tight and after she was satisfied, she patted me on the head.

I instinctually started to feel the ropes and couldn't help but once again be impressed with Amanda's rigging skills. I had started as the slightly better rigger, but she had long since moved out of my league. The ropes were tight enough to keep my hands locked in place very securely, but she had been careful with keeping the pressure points just right and had used plenty of rope to keep it from digging into my skin. The elbow ties pushed my chest forward and I enjoyed the feeling of my breasts pressing tightly against my shirt. The wraps above and below them intensified the effect. It wasn't very often that I actually felt sexy, but this tie invoked that effect.

Amanda then moved from behind the couch to the front of me and I got my first look of her. She was wearing a sleeveless red top and a tight skirt that she raised to reveal her black panties. She was so aroused that her movements were frantic as she hurried to drop down her panties and started to massage her pussy. Her eyes went wild as the wave of pleasure rushed to her nerve endings. I was pretty sure she'd climax at any second and I was enjoying the view.

But she managed to hold herself back and directed her attention towards me. I was almost worried that she might do something completely erratic in her mad rush of passion, but fortunately her sensual attack targeted my clothes. She forcefully pulled down my pants to my ankles where they were stopped by the ropes.

She then almost jumped up on top of me and kissed me on the gag while her delicate fingers found their way to my clit. I almost jumped to the ceiling as the sexual assault registered in my brain. I realised that I had really missed this and all of my worries that our play as a couple wouldn't feel the same after the double submission were thrown out the window.

Amanda spent a long time kissing me all over the gag. We both had huge gag fetishes and this was really the right note on which to start the activities. Her fingers kept toying with my clit for the duration, but she was just teasing. I focused my attention on feeling the gag forcing my silence and Amanda's tongue and lips dancing on it. It felt almost like my heart would leap out from my chest from love and I almost drowned in the sensations. I couldn't even hear her words when she whispered something to me between kisses.

But Amanda broke off her kisses after awhile and directed her attention on getting me undressed further. She started to pull up my shirt and bra, but was having difficulties because of the ropes crossing my chest. She worked in a adrenaline-fuelled frenzy and managed to negotiate my shirt and bra. She had the good sense of not tearing them off, but raised them over my head and let them hang from the elbow ropes.

I felt really exposed having been stripped like that, but I really liked it. I wanted to invite Amanda to take advantage of my naked body in any way she wanted with every non-verbal way I could and she was quick to oblige. She pushed me to lay on my back and then climbed over me.

She used her other hand for leverage on the edge of the couch and the other she placed on her pussy, thrusting several fingers inside. She then started to hump her body on mine as she worked on her pussy.

Even though she wasn't doing much for me and I couldn't help her in any way, it was still one of the sexiest things that had ever happened to me. Her face was just inches away from mine and I could feel her breath getting shorter and more forced as the sexual tension built inside her. I knew that she was getting off on the fact that I was restrained by her hand and helplessly under her. I knew that the gift of submitting and allowing her to do it was turning her on a hundred times more than licking or finger fucking could ever do. She was the one who was going to orgasm, but I was feasting on the sexual energy she was releasing.

Since she was so close to climaxing even before she began, it didn't take long. She tried to continue kissing my gag, but her humping had become so violent that she couldn't keep still for long enough. Her breath soon started to go very erratic, I could feel her entire body stiffen and finally she raised her head to release all the accumulated sexual tension she had gathered the past weeks in a holler of such intense pleasure that I could almost feel the orgasm myself.

And when it was over, she just let herself fall from the couch to the floor and remained motionless for quite a long time. I knew very well that she needed time to recover from something so intense and even though I was only the observer, I didn't mind the time either. I just listened her breathing as it slowly started to ease into normal rhythm and I knew it wouldn't be too long until she was back on her feet and probably ready for more.

She took her time to get down from the orgasmic high, but sat up after a few minutes.

"Well, that was fun," she said. She looked very happy and I could sense the relief she was feeling from the massive release. I knew that I'd have to work in order to get my share and even then it probably wouldn't be any time soon.

"Look at you, you're all sweaty," she said as she started to untie the ropes from my elbows and around my breasts. She failed to mention that most of the sweat was probably hers.

She let the ropes fall to the couch and started to untie my ankles. Once the bonds were undone, she removed my pants and threw them on the couch. I expected her to release my wrists, even if just to remove the shirt and bra still dangling on the ropes. But instead she went to our bedroom.

As I was alone again, I started to think about the situation. Even though I had enjoyed what had happened, I couldn't help but feel a little off about the whole situation. We had switched from an ordinary evening of enjoying some horrendous television to a full-on bondage scene. I realised that I couldn't quite reach the headspace that I normally enjoyed in these situations. The orgasmic release of Amanda just minutes earlier had been intense passion, but I realised that I just didn't feel the bondage. Even the gag seemed like an inconvenience instead of a source of excitement.

But as I saw Amanda's face as she came back from the bedroom, almost bouncing with joy, I realised that I didn't want to disrupt the scene in any way. Amanda was still clearly buzzing with energy from the release and was definitely in the right frame of mind. And as the scene didn't bother me, I decided to let her have her way with me regardless.

Fortunately, she was returning with one of my very favourite toys, a head harness ball gag. The ball of the gag was perfect in size, so that it felt effective and secure, but didn't strain my jaws too much. It even allowed me to breath quite easily. But the really great thing about this particular gag was the sturdy harness that actually tightened enough to lock the ball exactly in its place. It could also be locked with tiny padlocks, which was handy.

Amanda dangled the gag in front of my face and I felt a surge of energy going trough my body. This was exactly what I needed to get into the flow of things. I could feel my pulse rising and my eyes going wide with expectation of the inevitable second gagging.

"I thought you might like this," Amanda said playfully as she undid the buckle of my current gag. She didn't help me any more than that, so I had to push the gag out with my tongue. The ball fell to my neck, but the straps still held together.

Amanda said that I couldn't get a new one until I was done with the last one, so I had to shake my head violently to release the straps and finally the gag fell to my lap.

"That's a good girl," Amanda said as she picked up the gag. She raised it to her lips and for a moment thought that she was going to gag herself, but she kissed it instead. I knew it was a pretty silly gesture, but I couldn't help but to find it extremely erotic.

Amanda then placed the gag to the table next to the couch and told me to open wide. I eagerly accepted the gag as she started to pull the straps tight all around my head. I wouldn't have minded a longer break for my jaw, but I was used to being gagged for long periods. And I couldn't say that it wasn't something I craved for.

I noticed that Amanda took special care in getting the straps fastened securely and understood the reason when the small padlocks appeared from the pocket of her skirt. I knew that I was going to be in the thing a while and she knew that it would be unpleasant unless the gag was so secure that I didn't have to worry about it.

The four padlocks locked all the buckles of the gag, two behind my head, one on the neck strap and one below my chin. Amanda locked them carefully in place and checked once more that the straps weren't too loose.

"I think you're about done," Amanda said as she stepped back to admire her work. I knew that she liked the sight of me so firmly gagged almost as much as I liked being so. "Now, stand up so we can get you ready for dinner."

I stood up and she spun me around. She then untied the ropes from my wrists and let the clothes fall on the ground. I was now completely free aside from the gag, but the gag was so secure that I still felt very much under her control.

She led me hastily to our bathroom and shoved me in. She didn't say a word as she closed and locked the door behind me. It had taken us quite awhile to manage to get the lock of the door reversed so that it was actually the person outside who was controlling the lock. Visitors often wondered why it was like that and we always blamed the constructors for screwing it up. Fortunately people seemed to buy the explanation even thought it didn't explain why the door looked like someone without any particular expertise had messed with it. We weren't capable carpenters, but felt it would be best to do the work ourselves rather than hire someone to whom we would've had to think of a more elaborate series of lies about the reasoning. But even after it took quite a lot of trial and error, it definitely was worth it as we used the bathroom to constantly lock each other in.

"You have some time to get yourself as clean as you can while I prepare dinner," Amanda said trough the door. "I know you're free to please yourself and you have the permission. But just think how good it will be if you wait a little longer and allow me to do it."

She definitely knew me well. I really liked to play in water and the gag would ensure that I could easily climax on my own. But she was right that the eventual orgasm would be so much better if it was administered by her, probably in an even more delicious situation.

I weighted my options as I sat on the bath and started to shower myself. I had always liked to shower sitting down rather than standing up as it was a lot more relaxing. I let the shower dance around my nether regions every now and then to heighten my building arousal, but made sure not to overdo it yet.

I was seriously tempted to bring myself over the edge, but a nagging voice in the back of my head kept pestering me about being patient. I knew I'd be able to orgasm several times during the evening, but the first one was always the strongest for me and that's why I had to plan ahead. I was also worried that since I was having problems maintaining the proper headspace anyway, orgasming might propel me out of the mood completely. And I really wouldn't want to abort a scene that seemed to matter so much to Amanda. I knew that she wouldn't mind since the importance of respecting the safeword for any reason was sacred. But I knew she'd be disappointed.

But suddenly I got an idea that would solve all of the problems. A rare case of bondage inspiration formed a complete plan in an instant and I almost jumped out from the bathtub. I went directly to the cupboard and opened a small combination safe. It was there so we could always have access to safety scissors. Without them we couldn't ever leave each other gagged in a locked room because of safety concerns. Having the scissors ensured safety in an emergency situation, but didn't take anything away from the restriction since in normal situations as neither of us wanted to destroy a gag unless it was absolutely necessary.

But I wasn't after the scissors. We also used it to stash some extra rope, gags and cuffs in there. We didn't have too many places to hide our bondage goods from the prying eyes of visitors. Usually the preparation of a scene included removing them from this safe so that we couldn't do just what I was planning to do. Amanda wouldn't normally be that careless, but as she hadn't had too much time to prepare the scene, I was hoping that she'd forgotten all about it.

The safe opened and a wide grin formed on my gagged face. My instincts had been right. The safe didn't only include the scissors, but coils of rope, handcuffs and a couple of gags. The night was about to prove very interesting for the unsuspecting Amanda.

I left the shower running so that Amanda wouldn't suspect foul play and started to prepare for what was about to happen. I was very aware about the building sexual tension that was starting to penetrate my thoughts, but I had no problems keeping myself from even touching myself. What was about to happen would be so much sweeter and it wouldn't be long until it'd happen.

The actual gear didn't need much preparation, but the room did. I had to clear out some space so I could work on Amanda without worrying about either of us hitting into something or breaking something. And after I was done, there was nothing left to do but wait.

The waiting was agonising. I stood in the corner so that she couldn't see me right away after opening the door. I didn't know how long she would take, so I had absolutely no idea how long I'd have to wait for her like this, handcuffs at the ready. I thought about actually taking a quick shower as I stood there, but decided against it every time. I knew that she'd burst in right the second I wasn't ready.

So I waited. I slowly relaxed from my predatory pose because I realised that there was no point in wasting my energy on it. I looked several times over the bathroom, making sure I'd know exactly where everything was to avoid silly injuries. I naturally was very familiar with our bathroom to begin with, but I had to look at the room from a different perspective. Amanda and I had been together for so long that we trusted each other enough that to sometimes forget sane and even consensual to a degree, but safety was always the top priority.

At last I heard a knock at the door. Amanda shouted trough the door:

"Dinner will be ready in five minutes. Start getting yourself dry and present yourself."

Damn, I thought. If I had known she was going to do that, I wouldn't have had to wait in my stupid pose in the corner for all this time. I shook my head as I went to shut off the water and dried myself to a clean towel. Then it was off to the corner again, to wait.

I didn't have to wait long until I heard the lock clicking open and I readied myself. Amanda stepped in, carrying a collar and cuffs. She didn't seem to notice at first that I wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"I didn't know how hungry you were, so I just made some simple soup. But we have some bread and..."

That was as far as she got as I leaped from behind her and pushed her against the wall. It wasn't an easy thing to do since I had to use enough force to overpower her, but at the same time be careful not to knock her down. Slipping on the wet floor is always a danger and there are plenty of hard surfaces to break your skull.

But I managed to use just the right amount of force as I pushed her against the wall. As I did that, I also grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. That way I managed to get her more vulnerable, but also made sure that she wouldn't hit her face on the wall.

She dropped everything she carried and let out a yelp in surprise. I pushed her against the wall with my entire body while I grabbed her wrists and cuffed them behind her. She didn't offer any resistance, but I was pretty sure it was just because she hadn't registered the events yet. She was too surprised to react.

I grabbed her hair again and pulled it back. I raised a ballgag to her face and noticed that she was ready to start fighting me. She kept her mouth firmly shut and I started to hesitate. I realised that this would be the first time we'd switch in the middle of a scene. We hadn't even talked about it before, so I suddenly felt worried that maybe I was ruining it all for her by breaking the rules.

The adrenaline rush that I had when attacking her was quickly replaced with a weakening wave of dread. But I quickly pulled myself out of it. She wasn't safewording herself out from the situation, she just resisted my attempts to gag her. So I decided to go with the flow and pinched her earlobe with the hand I had grabbed her long hair with.

Again, she yelped in surprise, which was just enough for me to jam in the red ball and her fate for the evening was sealed. I pulled the straps extra tight since I didn't plan to keep her in that gag for a long time so I knew she could handle it.

Now I realised that there was an inherent problem with the scenario. I was still firmly gagged as well. I knew she wouldn't tell me where the key to the padlocks were, so even though I had managed to fight my way to the dominant position, I was severely handicapped. I knew I'd have to issue my orders non-verbally and there was the very close possibility that the scene would turn into a comical exercise in futility rather than a sexy bondage game.

But I decided not to worry about it unless it became an issue. At least my next few steps would be perfectly clear even without dialogue. I grabbed the short chain of the handcuffs and yanked them downwards. She got my message clearly and kneeled down on the floor. I pushed her gently forward and she laid down on her stomach with me helping her so she wouldn't just fall to her face, which wouldn't be nearly as stimulating.

I finally had time to take a breath and noticed that she had stripped all her clothes off and was wearing only an apron. I couldn't help but to smile at the sight of her. Her apron fetish was the one thing I had had the most trouble understanding about her. But as she had continued to use them on her and on me throughout our shared life in bondage, I had gotten slowly into them myself and now it was one of the quirky things about Amanda that I adored. At least she was properly dressed to her part as we were moments away from her turn to serve me.

I snapped out of my thoughts and started to apply the ropes on her. I sat on her legs, tied her ankles together and cinched them tight. I then used a longer rope to tie her knees together just above them. I didn't feel it necessary to tie them both above and below, so I turned around and moved on to her elbows.

I debated whether I should actually tie her elbows together, but then decided to go for it. I didn't usually go for such intense bondage, but my libido was in control and I really wanted to get her good. She didn't protest as I tightened the coils of rope on her elbows, and I took it as a sign that she was good to proceed, at least for now.

Once the elbow tie was completed, I turned her around to her back and pulled her up to a sitting position. This was the first time I saw her face clearly after snatching her and I could see from her eyes that she was completely into it. I made a mental note that maybe I should push the severity of the bondage more often. I was almost a bit jealous, not just because I was quite pleased with the bondage, but I could see that she had no problems about headspace. She was deep in subspace and it had taken only moments.

Oh well, she'd have to work for the pleasures, I thought as I helped her stand up. It wasn't very easy in the small room and I had to use quite a lot of strength to keep her balanced. And the next step was even harder. I slowly directed her towards the bathtub and she hopped gingerly in the slippery surface. Once we were right next to the tub, I got the water running again. I looked at Amanda and nodded at the tub, I wanted her to get in.

She looked back at me and I realised that it had been stupid to tie her legs. If her legs were free, she could just climb in, but now getting her in would be a big hassle and would probably end badly anyway. I sighed behind my gag and pushed Amanda to sit on the edge of the tub. I had no choice but to undo the ropes and free her legs.

Once I was done, she had gotten the idea and climbed into the big bathtub on her own. She sat down, but I made a disapproving grunt and directed her to get on her stomach. I made sure that the water was warm and turned the shower down a bit so that there would be no danger of it getting too high on the tub. Once Amanda was settled on her stomach, I tied her legs again. It wasn't much of a bother to have to do it again, but an annoyance anyway. And I quickly realised that the wet ropes were a bit harder to handle. I was once again reminded why we usually took more time to plan out these things.

Once her legs were immobile, Amanda looked up to me, thinking that the bondage was done. But I had one more rope to tie. Usually I never went for the hogtie since I didn't find them particularly arousing, but sometimes the utility just outweighs everything else. So I looped the rope around Amanda's elbow ties and her ankle ropes and pulled. Her legs bended quickly under the pressure as she didn't give any resistance. I made sure that the rope wasn't too tight and that her spine didn't arch at all and then tied off the ropes.

I patted her on the head. Now she was done. She looked up at me with dreamy eyes and I could see that my worries about turning the tables were unfounded. She was completely into it and I found myself much more capable getting into the dominant headspace than the submissive one for some reason.

I unbuckled the ballgag and pulled it from her mouth. She let out a sigh of relief as the gag had really gnawed at the corners of her mouth. I tossed the gag in the tub beside her. I didn't plan to use it again, but I liked the idea of it being around.

Amanda's respite was shortlived as I almost immediately forced a ring gag behind her teeth. She took it in in good nature and I strapped the straps behind her neck and under her chin. I made sure not to fasten it as tight so it probably was a relief for her nevertheless.

She was all done and I almost purred to myself as I climbed in the tub with her. I turned the water back to full and directed the showerhead so that most of the water fell on Amanda's back. Our tub was longer than usual so it was no problem for us both to fit in. I sat down in front of her and her next assignment was self-evident. I pulled her to my crotch and her ring gagged mouth contacted my pussy.

I knew I was aching to feel her touch, but the intense jab of pleasure still surprised me. The mere touch on my sex was enough to get me groaning. And then her tongue set out to do it's divine mission. Amanda had always been the best pussy eater I had experienced and the gag did little to slow her down.

There were no more worries, no more problems about headspace or logistics of the scene. Everything that mattered was right there. I was almost overwhelmed with all the pleasurable things that were happening. Not only was Amanda systematically hitting all the sensitive points of my vulva with her tongue, lips, gag ring and minor suction. The bound figure of her in itself got me long ways, but her cute apron and the gag made it all the more delicious. The warm water that bounced everywhere from Amanda's back heightened my senses and gave me comfort that only rope could surpass. And then I remembered the gag! I had almost forgotten that I was still firmly locked into my favourite ball gag, and that was the final straw that pushed me over the edge.

I came with such force that I had to bite hard to the gag to keep myself from screaming. The sensations were so overwhelming that I had to push Amanda away. I simply couldn't take it all. Every muscle of my body tensed and I started to shake all over. I couldn't breathe as the endorphins took over my brain.

It took such a long time for the orgasm to let go that I was genuinely worried that I could burst a vein. But finally as if a puppeteer had let go of the strings, I collapsed breathing hard and feeling the aftershocks.

Amanda let me gather myself for quite some time, but eventually let out a whimper that made me remember her predicament. Fair enough, I thought and absentmindedly released her from the hogtie. I untied the rope connecting her elbows to her ankles and then the elbow tie itself. I reached for the key for the handcuffs from the sink and released the handcuffs.

But at that point I just slumped back in the tub. I wasn't done recovering, so let Amanda untie the rest of her ropes by herself. I watched lazily as she untied her legs and finally popped the ring gag out. That's Amanda for you, always leaving the gag for last, just like me.

She looked at me lovingly and straightened her apron. She then climbed out from the tub and turned off the water. She took a small key from the pocket of the apron. I immediately realised that it was the key to the padlocks of my gag. It had been completely stupid of me not to look for it there, but in the end I was glad that I didn't. She didn't say anything about it. She didn't have to.

She then put the key back into the pocket and kneeled beside the tub.

"I take it that you're ready to eat now?"


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