The Adventures of Raika Élan Esq Chapter 6: A Little Withdrawal

by Thanos

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The Adventures of Raika Élan ESQ.: Hostage of the Year (Runner-Up) Chapter 6: A Little Withdrawal

DATE: JULY 31TH, 2006
TIME: 2:00 pm

Raika Élan Esq. inch-wormed her way across the floor. She was bound yet determined. More precisely, she was strictly hogtied, a position she became quite accustomed to during the last forty-eight hours. Her captor often confined her to this posture to limit her interference, but the resolute patent attorney painstakingly proceeded in her captor’s absence. Ms. Élan’s ankles were crossed and tied, which further hindered movement and forced her to negotiate mobility with gyrating hips. Her normally protruding ass was accentuated by this movement. Each gyration produced inches of progress and ounces of perspiration. Her forehead glistened with sweat and ran down into her deep brown eyes. Discoloration around her eye attested to a right cross two days ago. Her breasts were compressed against the floor as she shimmied to her destination. Occasionally, she scuffed her cheek on the hardwood floor. “Oomphs!” emitted through the copious packing in her mouth accompanied each writhing advance.

If she could stand up, Raika would be five foot two inches tall. She carried one hundred and two pounds on her athletic frame. For a petite woman, the Okinawan displayed a considerably buxom figure. Her legs were well defined yet extremely feminine. Her rounded face was augmented by a button nose, pouting lips and high cheek bones. But those features were currently obscured by the tape pasted across her face.

Help from the other women in town house was likely unavailing. Her professional associate, Ms. Rashir, was completely immobilized in a ball tie in between the coffee table and couch. The bewildered “mistress of the house” was tied, muffled, blindfolded, and deafened. Confined thirty feet away in the kitchen, she suffered in silence. Raika could hear her moans and see her struggle under severe distress, but Ms. Élan would not alleviate her anguish.

Ms. Élan had a more immediate goal, to reach her PDA and contact her assistant. Realizing that objective required all of her efforts. Raika’s hands were tied with the palms facing in the small of her back. Her elbows were pressed together with rope. Again, this was a familiar tie during the past two days. While it rendered her helpless, it was not too uncomfortable because of her innate and practiced flexibility. Ms. Élan performed daily yoga exercises. Her best position is the backward reach, touching her elbows behind her without assistance.

In fact, she had her elbows tied behind her back for most of the morning, from the crack of dawn until just before noon. At that point, her captor tied her hands together in front so Ms. Élan could utilize a detachable ergonomic keyboard to create a programming script to access financial servers which transacted trillions of dollars each day. Nonetheless, she was only afforded movement of her fingers while she was secured with meters of cord. Her captor did not apply the routine oral obstruction so Ms. Élan could consult with her associate. While well bound and gagged, Ms. Leela Rashir assisted the coding efforts with grunts of approval or disapproval. It was awkward, but the couple finished their task. As Raika slithered on the floor towards Leela, the laptop whirred according to the pecuniary desires of their captor.

While the two women struggled with the intellectual task, their captor turned her attention to the townhouse owner, whose truculence resulted in her present predicament. The townhouse mistress, an attractive blond trophy wife in her mid forties, was athletic and well proportioned. Her mistake was repeatedly intoning “Do you know who I am?!”, while being accosted by their captor. Apparently, she did not appreciate being bound and gagged. She soon learned that cooperation would have been a better course of action. Their captor beat the contrariness out of her with a leather belt. Large red welts attested to the severity of the beating. Raika did not know the resident, but the poor woman happened to have two things that her captor wanted: a nice body and anonymous Internet access. Raika herself had accumulated enough abrasions and bruises through various forms of discipline to convince her not to cross their captor.

Now the “mistress of the house” suffered through very diabolical predicament bondage. She was tied in a kneeling position. Her captor had spread uncooked rice under her knees. Kneeling on the hard starch proved very painful, the captive could not last more than a few minutes. But if she rocked back onto her heels, the strings attached to clips on her nipples and labia pulled taut, causing more discomfort. Moreover, the captive’s hair was braided and attached to a cord tied to the dining table leg five feet behind her. Kneeling forward forced her chin upward. A short plunger was stuck on the floor. Sitting on her heels forced the handle further up her anus. Any shift in position caused extreme discomfort. Remaining in position provided no relief. A cruel dilemma indeed.

Her hands were tied in a reverse prayer position. More rope secured her upper arms to her torso. A spider web of cord ran from her body to various sturdy objects to prevent lateral movement off the rice. Her legs were frog tied, heels to ass and the ankles crossed to provide her captor access to her womanly regions. A wadded terry cloth towel forced her jaw wide and blocked her all speech. Saran wrap wound so tight as to compress her cheeks, made it impossible to expel the terry cloth. She was blindfolded with her own sleep mask. Cotton balls removed all sound. The prisoner was oblivious to her surroundings and alone in her misery.

Her captor was very resourceful, using common household objects, clothespins, a plunger, and string as instruments of torture. The final touch came from the owner’s bedroom. A vibrating egg teased her clitoris. Her captor had left the vibrator on when she left and the batteries lasted more than an hour. For those sixty excruciating minutes, the captive endured multiple orgasms with her intense discomfort.

Raika continued across the floor. In five minutes, she had covered about ten feet -- halfway to her objective. Her exposed right nipple was raw from rubbing against the hardwood floor. Other scabs on her body had opened in the exertion, revealing tiny streaks of blood. Despite the discomfort, she inched along under Leela’s curious gaze.

The balled up programmer marveled at the attorney’s bound agility. She wondered at the purpose of this nugatory crawl. This little rebellion contrasted with Ms. Élan’s previous cooperation with their captor. If this endeavor was discovered, they both would surely pay.

Leela, certainly since she was located near the laptop, was rendered completely immobile. During the programming process, her hands and elbows (though not touching like Raika’s) were similarly welded behind her back. Yards of unyielding rope constricted her torso and prevented movement of her arms. Her legs were tied together at the ankles, above and below the knees, and at the mid thigh.

Per usual, she was thoroughly gagged. A foam ball filled her mouth. Her captor had a difficult time fitting it all into her mouth. A couple feet of saran wrap, topped off with duct tape in an “X” over her mouth and strips underneath her chin, secured it all in place. Ms. Rashir had the misfortune of wearing this particular gag since breakfast this morning. The sodden load weighed in her mouth, but Ms. Rashir found the sensation oddly tolerable. Continuous constriction had inured her to such discomfort. She decided that the foam ball was her favorite and meekly requested it that morning. She preferred how it felt in her mouth and enjoyed the ability to bite down, however minimally.

She had been rendered helpless almost constantly since her ambush in a limousine six days ago. Normally she was confined with rope, but sometimes in leather straps or duct tape. She slept, ate, bathed, and eliminated waste in bondage. She was permitted brief respites, but most of the time she remained hopelessly entangled in various bonds. Today, her arms and legs were bound continuously since breakfast, including during transport to this townhouse and the programming process. Leela was worn out by the ordeal.

Since her capture, Leela was continually moved. To avoid detection, her captor changed location daily. The exigent circumstances necessitated some compromises. Meals consisted of liquid supplements. Bathing was applied with a sponge. Each day, Leela had four thirty minute periods to stretch and change wardrobe, but under the watchful eye of her captor. While exhausted, Ms. Rashir suffered no injuries more than the minor cuts or bruises. As the object of her peculiar affection, Ms. Rashir traveled with the mysterious kidnapper securely tied. They moved from a number of musty hotel rooms to a remote cabin and abandoned warehouses prior to their present location. This was the first time her captor resorted to home invasion to provide a hiding place.

Being held alone was difficult, but once she was joined in captivity by Ms. Élan, her morale improved. Through verbal and non-verbal cues, the perky patent attorney exhorted her to keep her spirits up. Raika faced her difficult condition with a cheerful disposition, willingly submitting to the restraint and complimenting her captor on her skillful application. Even when bound in debilitating and humiliating postures, Raika winked at Leela whenever their gazes met.

Once the programming was finished, her captor brought out more rope. Ms. Rashir already deemed herself totally helpless, she could not understand the need for further restriction. But she soon recognized her captor’s desire to put her in a ball tie, a particularly devious position that she suffered through earlier this morning. Balled up, she unceremoniously rode in the trunk of a stolen car for the trip over to the townhouse. Her captor pulled her knees up to touch her chest. She wound rope around Leela’s neck and under her knees and cinched it between her chin and knees. Her captor lifted Leela to a kneeling position on a soft carpet between the coffee table and the sofa, her forehead pressed to the floor. Then she deftly connected her bound wrists to her ankles. The rope passed through the crack for her ass. Leela could only move her head and wiggle her fingers. Her limbs were firmly fixed.

In the beginning of her kidnapping, Leela regularly tested her bonds. Eventually, she despaired of any escape. The bonds proved ineluctable. An assortment of gags silenced her cries. Her captor was very professional. While the positions were strict and the ropes tight, Leela could bear the discomfort. She never lost circulation. Leela once fell asleep in a rather secure hogtie. At the present moment, she wore a form fitting leather business suit with matching black gloves and knee high boots.

Ms. Rashir was a preeminent programmer. Employed as a project manager, she dealt mostly with male programmers with a delusional view of women influenced by Internet pornography. This black leather ensemble was useful for getting their attention and asserting her dominance. She reserved this outfit for crises when an imposing physical presence was useful. Very few males could resist this wardrobe coupled with towering platform heels, which added half a foot to her stature. Now the utility of this outfit protected her skin from the incredibly taut ropes. A concession for cooperation, this suit received numerous compliments for her captor, usually with a firm caress of the buttock or breast.

Ms. Leela Rashir, a British citizen of Indian ancestry, was always referred to as cute throughout her life. She had a bubbly personality which was worn away by this ordeal. Her face was rounder than Raika’s so she wore her hair short with slight highlights. She was at least four inches taller than Raika and weighed ten pounds more. Her build was also similar to Raika’s, but her breasts were not as large nor her figure as curvaceous. Nonetheless, she struck an impressive figure, especially atop her customary five inch heels.

Raika was dressed in typical business attire. Since she was not seized along with her luggage, she suffered the indignity of wearing the same outfit for the past two days. Her panties were rudely removed some time ago. Her bra was severed and discarded, releasing her ample endowment, which bounced and flopped with every movement. Her starched white blouse was missing most of its buttons. It was also torn in numerous places, including an especially humiliating gap exposing her right nipple. Her black skirt was marred with an unintended split on the right side. Her stockings suffered a multitude of runs. Her makeup had run but not too badly. Her hair was another story. Her silken hair had escaped its professional bun and devolved into to a frizzy tangle. Her body featured numerous bruises and abrasions, having been subject to multiple pinchings, prods, and poundings. Discoloration around her left eye attested to her rough treatment. An intricate network of rope marks decorated her body, attesting to two days worth of strict bondage.

Raika proved very resourceful. Despite her condition: elbows and hands tied together behind her back, arms welded to her torso, ankles crossed and hogtied, she was able to reach her destination. She wriggled over to the couch facing Leela. Raika’s and Leela’s eyes linked for a kinky moment. They had developed a figurative bond in literal bondage. Leela understood Raika’s determination. Leela grunted her understanding and the two twitched their noses together Eskimo style.

Raika reached up with her chin to the couch in order to gain leverage and struggled to her knees. She clumsily walked on her knees over to the coffee table. She looked at her reflection in the glass surface. Raika was also thoroughly gagged. A wad of cheese cloth filled her mouth. Nonetheless, she had a large mouth, -- lawyers often do – which could accommodate two handkerchiefs with some forcing. This time, the wad of cheese cloth was smaller than two handkerchiefs. It was a bit of uncharacteristic carelessness from her captor. Perhaps she was getting absentminded as her bounty approached.

A rawhide cord fiendishly held the packing in place. The cord disagreeably bit at the corners of Raika mouth. An “X” of duct tape over her lips completed the muzzle. While Raika was muffled, this was the least stringent gag she sustained in the last two days. The first gag of her ordeal consisted of today’s newsprint stock quotes held in with a mouse cord! Except when sleeping, Raika was normally gagged with a handkerchief (sometimes panties) wadded into her mouth, another folded up and stuffed on top of the other, her mouth cleaved with a third (or tape or a cord), and followed by a generous amount of vet wrap and tape. Raika had adapted to such severity and the present application afforded an opportunity. She could manipulate the packing with her tongue.

Raika rubbed her chin against the edge of the glass coffee table. She tried to catch an edge of the duct tape. She would rub a couple of times and check her progress in the reflection. Leela strained her neck to observe the attorney’s efforts. Eventually, Raika rubbed off the upper corner on the left side of her face. Then the tape from the lower left side was removed. Raika was careful to ensure that the tape remained affixed to the right side of her face. She looked at her reflection. Her mouth was wide open with packing. Raika arduously and painfully rolled the thin cord from between her lips to her chin. Raika triumphantly expelled her packing onto the coffee table.

“Finally!” she exclaimed. The whole process took ten minutes. Raika turned to Leela. “I need to contact my assistant, Holly, on my PDA. It’s in my computer bag on the table.” Raika started to wiggle over to the bag. But Leela, with a couple of hip checks, knocked the bag off the coffee table and its contents fortuitously spilled onto the floor. Raika resumed inch worm mode and scooted over to retrieve her PDA.

Her captor had made a second oversight. Raika was securely bound – it would have taken hours, maybe days, to untie herself. Nonetheless, her wrists, while tied together, were not connected to another body part. The hogtie cord ran from her elbow ropes directly to her feet. This was normal, but previous hogties had also featured wrists attached to the ankles or her waist. Therefore, Raika could manipulate her hands slightly. This bit of freedom enabled Raika to perform some astonishing tasks.

“Leela, I need you to tell me when I have successfully dialed my assistant.” Raika dialed with her bound hands. Leela grunted that she was successful. Raika selected the speaker button and placed the PDA on the floor and quickly rotated onto her stomach towards the PDA. She was laying in a prone hogtie.

Excruciatingly, the phone rang five times. Both women squirmed in anticipation. Holly answered. “Hello.”

Elated Raika responded, “Holly it’s me.”

“Raika, where are you? Are you okay? Turn on your GPS.”

“I’m just a little tied up. So is Leela. But we’ll be okay. We’re cooperating with kidnapper. She has kept us in nice little packages but otherwise we’re not in trouble. We are helping her access the Kensington account. Once the download goes through she will let us go.”

“How do you know?”

“Because she won’t need us after the program runs and we don’t know her identity. The GPS is on. But I need you to do something more important.”


“I need you to email me patch 9.3 from my desktop to my PDA account.”

Thirty seconds passed. The PDA buzzed.

Holly responded, “Done… I am getting a reading on your location. I can be there in an hour. Should I call the police?”

“No, this process has to finish. We can’t inform the authorities without serious ramifications for our client. This patch will undo the transfer of funds. Call the police in two hours.”

“Yes ma’am. But I am worried about you.”

Holly hung up. Raika turned to Leela. “This patch should alter the programming. The funds will go to another account without detection. I will transfer it to the computer. I can’t see the display and type on the keyboard at the same time. I need you to tell me when it’s on the desktop and then guide the pointer.”

Leela nodded in assent.

Raika took the detachable keyboard and plugged it into the laptop. She started guiding the mouse with bound hands. “I always claimed I could program with my hands tied behind my back. Guess now I’m doing it… Has the program downloaded?” Leela nodded. “Tell me when the cursor is over the object.” Leela grunted and Raika double clicked.

Raika instructed “Check for typos.” Raika tapped in a couple lines of code and hit enter. Leela exclaimed in her best gag talk. “Okay,” and raised her thumbs. The patch began to run.

Raika explained her actions. “This patch will transfer the moneys back to appropriate accounts in two days. I know the offshore banks where these accounts are located. She won’t be able to withdraw the funds unless the she appears in person. We won’t let this bitch get the best of us. Time to get back into position.”

Raika disconnected the keyboard and inched over to the table. She hastily replaced the spilled items into the computer bag, hoping that their tormentor would not notice. She slid the PDA underneath the couch to prevent discovery. Raika worked her mouth over the previously discarded packing. She slowly chewed it back into place. The resolute attorney then rolled the thin cord back into its discomfiting position, securing the packing and biting at the corners of her mouth.

She smoothed the tape back onto her face. Checking her image in the table, the comely attorney admired herself for a few seconds and then proceeded back to her original position. In ten minutes she was halfway there, when the computer process completed and Aimee, their captor, entered the townhouse. Incongruously, she was pulling a child’s wagon.

Aimee laughed “All done. Time to find a new hideout. I heard sirens earlier. You didn’t call them did you?” She looked over at the blind, deaf and dumb owner. “Of course not. How about my worker bees? I don’t think so either. You look so cute all packaged up.”

Her overconfidence will prove her downfall. Leela mused to herself.

Aimee then noticed that Raika was not in her original position. “Trying to move around, eh? Is that how far you got in two hours? Still it is not good behavior.” She smacked Raika twice on the ass. “How about a stricter position? Would you like that?”

Raika yelped through the packing shook her head negatively. Such appeals did not affect her captor.

“I am going to have to redo all your bonds.” Aimee began retightening the knots on Raika’s wrists and elbows. Raika winced as the ropes were pulled even tighter. “How ‘bout a ball tie like your co-worker? She doesn’t seem to have restlessness that you do.”

In about five quick movements, Raika was identically tied like Leela. Aimee reviewed the computer, “Looks like my account is filling. Excellent. Time to go. I could leave you girls here but I need a hostage.” Aimee gestured to the townhouse owner,” I really don’t like that one. So it’s one of you two. Fortunately, I don’t need you both.” Both captives pleaded with their eyes to accompany Aimee and spare their colleague.

The decision was interrupted by someone entering the townhouse and yelling “I’m home!” Ami picked up some rope and raced off. Raika and Leela resumed their futile struggles. Fifteen minutes later, Ami returned.

Aimee returned to her decision, “Eenie Meenie Minie Moe,” she joked. She lifted Raika by her torso ropes and set in her the wagon. “I stole it from the neighbors,” admitted Aimee. Raika was rolled to the garage and deposited her in the trunk of a sedan parked there. She remained in the trunk for the thirty minute trip to Aimee’s lair.