The Adventures of Raika Élan Esq Chapter 5: Colleagues

by Thanos

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Storycodes: F/ff; kidnap; captive; bond; wire; rope; gag; tape; bdsm; torment; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

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The Adventures of Raika Élan ESQ.: Hostage of the Year (Runner-Up) Chapter 5: Colleagues

DATE: JULY 30TH, 2006
TIME: 2:30 pm

Tied and gagged identically, both girls struggled vigorously. Both knew that their struggles were fruitless but persisted anyway. Each gained impetus from the other’s energetic writhing and moaning. Striving against the ineluctable ropes, each sought freedom. Both worked frantically to escape the ruthless ropes before their captor’s return, but only one really wanted to be free.

Raika Élan, Attorney at Law, knew she could not remove the ropes that held her elbows and wrists together behind her back, her legs together, and lashed her body to the splat backed dinette chair. Nor could she expel the massive shop rag that forced her full lips agape. Numerous strips of clear tape held this obstruction in place.

Her colleague, Ms. Leela Rashir, sat across from her, in exactly the same state. As they struggled, their hosed clad knees lightly touched. It was their only point of contact. Their perky breasts, thrust forward due to the constriction of their elbows (their arms being conveniently placed through the openings in the back of the chairs), seemed to long for connection.

Both wore form fitting business suits, Leela’s in grey and Raika’s in black, and tight white button down blouses. Each also wore five inch black patent leather pumps with matching black hose. Raika’s suit sported a few tears; her blouse was missing a couple of buttons. As a result, her left nipple would expose itself as she undulated in her chair. Her harsh treatment over the last five or so hours had gotten the best of her suit. She endured many tortures in an attempt to force her cooperation while Leela served as mute witness. Ms. Rashir enjoyed a wardrobe change into her present outfit some six hours ago.

Wild eyed, both looked to the other for guidance. They could only move maybe millimeters. Each could emit barely audible grunts and moans behind their copious packing. They had been struggling like this for over an hour. Beads of perspiration appeared on foreheads and ran down to their chins. Despite the dogged exertions, neither had made any progress.

The bound and gagged attorney did not really want to succeed. Unlike her counterpart, she had furtively acquiesced to this treatment. She and her captor were engaged in an unconventional business venture. Its profitability depended upon the unwitting input from Ms. Rashir. Ms. Élan consented to her kidnapping and subsequent harsh treatment to convince her colleague that cooperation was their only hope for survival.

Various tortures and other inducements had failed to elicit the proper information from Leela. The poor programmer did not actively resist, in fact she immediately relinquished the access codes, but their captor was still unable to penetrate the firewalls blocking her electronic embezzlement.

Yesterday, Aimee DeLigotage, the notorious feline burglar, reached an impasse. Despite her captive’s cooperation, she had not made any headway with their electronic embezzlement. Therefore, she opted to risk exposing their conspiracy by directly meeting with Ms. Raika Élan Esq.

Ms. DeLigotage donned one her many disguises, a graying wig, colored contacts, midsection padding, eyeglasses, a prosthetic nose and jowls. Adorned in a sensible pants suit, she ventured over to Ms. Élan’s offices. The two co-conspirators hoped that their second meeting, which also ended with Ms. Élan thoroughly trussed up, would be their last. Public meetings invited suspicion.

Aimee approached the Élan and Associates reception area with considerable trepidation. The normally cool criminal feared discovery, but only direct consultation with Ms. Élan could remove her technological roadblock.

“Welcome to Élan and Associates, how may I help you?” the gamine receptionist asked Aimee as she entered through the glass doors.

“My name is Ms. Georgia Peecher and I would like to discuss a patent application with Ms. Élan.” Aimee fabricated. “Tell her that I have developed a virus snatching program.”

The receptionist relayed the message and after an excruciating ten minute wait, “Ms. Peecher” was led back to Ms. Élan’s office. She sat down at Ms. Élan’s desk as the office door closed.

“Wow, I can hardly recognize you. I would not have deigned to speak with you but for the subtle invocation of the code word. Nonetheless, you should not have come here. It is too dangerous,” the attorney reminded the recidivist with a placid starkness, which chilled Aimee.

“I had no choice. Ms. Rashir has given me the passwords, but I still can’t get passed the other security measures to execute the virus. I have tried all sorts of tortures to get her to give me more information. She claims she has given me everything.”

“Has she?”

“Maybe, can you help? Otherwise, I… we are fucked.”

The comely Japanese attorney thought for a moment, checked her daily schedule and provided a suggestion. “I can get the information from her. We can create a work around. ”

“How can you do that?”

“I need to collaborate with her. We have solved some programming enigmas before. Kidnap me. Apply some coercion. Then I convince Ms. Rashir to increase her efforts.”

“I can’t pull you out of here in broad daylight, these things require planning. I know you love playing damsel in distress. But I am a professional. Besides I didn’t bring anything to tie you up with.”

The attorney looked Aimee right in the eye. “I am sure you can improvise. There are plenty of phone cords, cables and extension cords in my office. Tie me up tight. Once I am all tied up. We can escape down the back stair case. I had the fire alarm removed for easy access to the garage. We can go out in my car. If you take off that ridiculous disguise and put on my sunglasses, the guard will think it’s me behind the wheel. We have to hurry because I have a conference call in twenty minutes.”

“Okay, but we do this my way.”

“You’re in charge my dear.”

Aimee detected a hint of sarcasm. Perhaps the attorney was commenting on her professionalism. The notorious second story woman became irate with the condescension.

Raika gathered up a phone cord of about ten meters. “Use your imagination. I need a clear headed partner at the moment.”

That last bit of direction sparked Aimee’s temper. The attorney approached her with the cord in hand. Aimee reacted with a deft and powerful left hook to her partner’s midsection. Raika doubled over in response to the unexpected blow and looked up at her attacker with astonishment. No one had ever hit her so forcefully. She struggled to retain her composure. Before she could get her bearings, a hard right cross struck her squarely in the eye. Raika briefly blacked out.

She regained consciousness while she was being tied with a phone cord which bit into her elbows. Raika, bent over her desk, observed that her office was in disarray. She wanted to give her abductor a big “What The Fuck?” but something stopped her speech. A bitter taste tormented her tongue. She ruminated on the packing in her mouth and determined that it consisted of today’s business section of the newspaper. The wadding could not be removed, being held in with electric cord with bit at her lips and cheeks and forced all sorts of financial data to the back of her throat.

Although she was still groggy and discomfited by the unforgiving cord winding around her body and putting her completely at the mercy of her assailant, Raika began to comprehend Aimee’s unwarranted violence. Her wounds and the office disarray conveyed a struggle and a nonconsensual kidnapping.

Two conflicting thoughts struck the attorney. Either her assailant was psychotic and disregarded her safety, or she was cold and calculating, thinking two steps ahead. Raika determined, like most things, it was a combination of the two. The combination of impending pleasure and danger proved irresistible. Raika became aroused.

As Aimee wrapped and frapped the phone cord around her wrists, Raika began to feel a sense of adventure. What fun to be kidnapped and subject to the whims of a beautiful dominatrix! She smiled a thought of being captured, fondled, tortured and otherwise stimulated. She craved physical sensation. The juvenile Raika grew more excited at each turn of the wire. But her throbbing eye reminded her that this was no lark.

As the cord progressed around her hourglass figure, Raika experienced emotional release in direct correlation to increasing stricture. The pressure starting and running her firm had led to many sleepless nights. Many people, both inside and outside of the firm, depended upon her expertise. The clients were very difficult, avaricious, and demanding. These titans of finance relished swindling others and often boasted of their exploits in a weak attempt to seduce their comely counselor.

For Raika, the descent into captivity engenders a euphoric state. She had convinced herself that bondage was a tool with a practical purpose. Suffering from ADD, confinement improved her concentration and helped her in school. Professionally, total helplessness provides moments of creativity. At this moment, bent over a desk, dazed, eye blackened, arms and elbows pulled behind her, legs together, mouth filled with newsprint, body wrapped in unforgiving cord, Raika reached a minor epiphany. Although she was going through this with the highest of commercial motives, Raika realized that she had it backwards; everything she did was to create a state of vulnerability. Her childhood games evolved into perilous reality.

At this moment she was powerless. The phone cords do not contour to the body like rope. Aimee compensated by pulling it tighter. Raika could feel the unyielding pressure of each bond; she felt the wire contents of each plastic coated cord against her body, especially at the wrists, where her hands started to tingle. Blessed with wicked circulation, Raika rarely had such sensations, definitely not immediately, maybe after five hours trussed, but not this soon.

Aimee tossed Raika over her shoulder, stashed Raika's laptop in a stylish bag, and silently proceeded down the emergency staircase. Aimee took the wheel of the attorney’s late model sedan, its owner secured in the trunk. The oversized sunglasses proved sufficient to deceive the inattentive parking lot attendant.

In the darkness, Raika tested her bonds. She expected to get free due to the unconventional binding, but Aimee had done an excellent job. Raika persisted in her efforts throughout her trip. She was really trying to get free from the painful bonds. After about thirty minutes her limbs grew numb and her body limp. Raika endured through her meditative sub-state, obviating any panic.

As they motored down the boulevard, Holly, the paralegal, knocked on the office door. Discovering the disorder, she immediately feared for her boss. A call downstairs indicated that Ms. Élan had left a few minutes ago. But Holly knew something was wrong. That conference call was with one of their most important clients. She would not blow it off unless without being compelled. Holly called Inspector Means and the police.

Leela was back at her post, wrapped in a couple hundred feet of cord. Completely immobile from head to toe, she waited for the leather clad tormentor to return. About two hours ago, her captor assigned her to this position. This steel beam, located in the basement of some abandoned factory, felt cool on the back of her neck. This post became the default setting when her captor needed her out of the way. Leela had become quite familiar with the rounded contours of this post.

The lovely Ms. Rashir became acclimated with those ropes over the past few days. Her kidnapper tied her identically each time. Her hands were pulled behind the pole and lashed together palms facing. Her thumbs and middle fingers were also bound Her slender forearms were wedded together with hemp. The legs were compressed at the ankles, above her calves, and thighs. Each these bonds were pulled taut but without impeding circulation. But that's not all, she was welded to the pole with eight turns of rope each (Leela counted every time) at the ankles, shins, thighs, waist, below her bosom and around her upper arms. Each cord meticulosly parallel. Her mouth was filled with a large foam ball, a sanitary pad placed over her lips and the whole thing ensconsed with adhesive wrap. Even more wrap pinned her head to the pole. Extra strips of duct tape crossed over her crammed mouth and under her chin. She could only follow the mice scurry around her with her eyes. She prayed that one would chew at her knots, which were tucked away out of reach.

"Why does my abductor (abductrix?) have to always gag me if there's never anyone around?," an exasperated Leela thought to herself, "There are other ways to confine me. This one is very kinky. All this rope seems like a lot of fuss when handcuffs and some chain would suffice." Such contemplation was inevitable in her immobile state.

Fortunately, her abductor let her stretch and change before being enmeshed to her post. Since it was chilly in the basement and not too sooty, Ms. Rashir opted for her gray wool skirt. She brought a few emsembles for her trans-continental trip. Her captor liked to put her in a new outfit each day.

Leela passed the time by memorizing Pi out to forty seven places, calculating square roots, and reciting prime numbers. As she reached 3529, Leela heard the door unlock. She recognized the steps of her abductor, who entered an adjoining room, emerged in about two minutes (she was changing into her disguise) and darted back up the stairs. A little later, Leela discerned two sets of heels descending the metal stair case. With her back to the stairs, she could not tell who it was.

The abductor in jet black appeared, sporting hogtied shoulder candy. It was Ms. Élan! Leela did not like seeing colleague in such a predicament. She squirmed as best as she could.

Aimee rapidly removed the cords on with a bolt cutter, much to the twisted counselor’s relief. Wordlessly, she tied Raika’s hands in front of her with a length of hemp. The other end was strung through a pulley; Raika's arms were yanked over her head until she could touch the ground with only the tips of her toes. Finally the gag strap was removed and Raika expelled the newsprint.

Aimee addressed her strung up captive, "I need to penetrate the Kalki server. How do I do it?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Aimee shoved a three inch rubber ball gag into Raika's mouth.

Stepped away for a moment and returned with a single tail. "Perhaps this will loosen your tongue." Aimee winced at her cliche as she pulled down the lawyer's skirt.

She immediately went to work on Raika's ass. Raika noticed Aimee's skill, her ability to hold back on impact while producing a loud recoil. Still, welts formed on her behind. Raika played it up by screaming through the ball in her mouth. After about fifteen strikes, Raika slumped over in mock unconsciousness. Aimee recognized the terror in Leela's dark eyes.

Leela saw their tormentor cut down Raika and carry her into the next room. Even with the door closed she could hear screams. A couple hours later, the captor returned and tied her to a chair. Raika was then brought in and secured as a mirror image to Leela.

Aimee exited the basement, the door locked behind her. She let her little bondagettes have some quality time together. After exactly ninety five minutes, she returned. Raika eyes, wide over her bulging cheeks, indicated an orchestrated surrender.

Aimee removed the tape from Raika's face. The trussed attorney tried to expel her red packing, but needed Aimee's assistance. Out came one sodden handkerchief, then another. Aimee left the room.

Raika worked her jaw to relieve the tension, then address the entangled Desi stunner, "Leela, I am convinced we have to cooperate."

Leela nodded in agreement. The two had collaborated many times. She could often read Raika's mind. Leela realized that once they worked together to solve the puzzle. Their abductor would get what she wanted and they could be released. She had come to that conclusion hours ago but nobody bothered to ask her.

"Hey" Raika called out, "We're ready to help". The three reached an arrangement. Leela would remained trussed and stifilled. Raika would program with hands tied in front. Raika would make suggestions and Leela would grunt her approval. Aimee monitored their progress while groping their bodies. This worked for a while until Leela was ungagged for some tricky parts.

These hurdles overcome, The three went to bed together. Aimee forced some cunnunglingus out of Raika while Leela slept hogtied at the foot of the bed. Tomorrow, they would complete their gambit. All that they needed was traceable high speed connection.

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