A Dream is just a Dream

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2018 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

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story continued from Part One

Chapter Three: Dream a little Dream

She normally didn't remember dreams, but being restrained and played with was not something she could easily forget. Funnily, she had never had a dreams subject repeat itself in her life, now they seemed to be a recurring theme....

‘.... this is different’, she thought to herself, standing shaking her left leg. She was looking down at her feet and could see that the ankle cuffs were back, although this time her feet were being held almost double shoulder width apart by an adjustable metal bar. Her wrists were behind her back, testing her bonds she could tell they were attached to each other, and she was naked again. She turned her head and mentally relaxed when she saw him going through all of her toys laid out on her bed, her empty black bag on the floor by his foot. She knew she was "safe"...., maybe not the right word to use - she laughed to herself.

"You know I'm a little disappointed", he said while looking over each of her toys.

"Why?", she said inquiringly, trying however she could to cover herself - a wasted effort.

He turned his head towards her, and smiled at her efforts, "No, not that, you’re almost perfect."

"Almost?" she asked indignantly.

"Yes, after all of these times I would have expected you would keep yourself hairless down there”, nodding down at her pussy, “I must clean up again, most disappointing," he said shaking his head.

With that he turned around, and walked towards her with his shaver in his hand.

Thinking quickly she replied, "But you do it so well," and laughed smilingly, knowing that the combination of laughter and her smile disarmed him.

"Damn you", he said smiling, "I do, don't I".

Phew, she knew she had saved herself on that one. She had never given him an excuse to “punish” her; she didn’t think she wanted to, yet. So far she was happy with the “B-D” of BDSM, she wasn’t sure she wanted to progress further.

He walked past her on the way to the bathroom, giving her butt a soft swat.

He quickly came back out carrying the same hair drying towel he had used in the past. He sat down cross legged on the floor in front of her, spread the towel out between her feet under the bar, and then started shaving the quarter inch of stubble that had grown back. "I probably don't need this towel, but why take a chance?" Then he laughed, "You know the only two surfaces this shaver ever touches are my face, and your pussy? I'm so lucky!" He chuckled to himself as he continued shaving.

In short order she was back to hairless again, except for the half inch wide, two inch tall landing strip above her pussy. When he was done he leaned forward and kissed the skin just above her pussy lightly, "there, all nice and pretty again", and sat back. He grabbed the towel, and stood up, and walked back to the bath room, he came out without it. Instead of walking towards her he walked to the bed, grabbed something, and walked back to her. He stopped three feet in front of her and placed a medium sized butt plug down on the floor. Her breath caught as he stood back up and turned to leave the room.

‘Really different’, she thought to herself. “Do I get a choice in this?”

He stopped, turning around, “No….., or are you saying red?”

She thought to herself for a moment, and then said “no” with a note of resignation in her voice. He smiled and turned to walk out of the room, a moment later she could hear doors in her kitchen being closed,.

"Where do you keep your measuring cups," she heard him call. She replied without even thinking.

"How about a measuring spoon?" Again she replied without thinking.

"What are you doing?" she called, just before he walked into the room carrying a bottle of vodka, a bottle of olive oil, a one cup measuring cup and a set of measuring spoons.

"Surprise!" he said raising both hands carrying everything.

He put everything down on the floor behind the plug, then walked over to the bathroom and came back with the same towel again. He sat down on the floor, spread out the towel in front of him, and placed the bottle of vodka and the olive oil across the towel from where he sat. He placed the measuring cup in front of him, with the measuring spoons off to the side. He then reached for the bottle of olive oil and the measuring spoons. He opened the olive oil bottle, selected the teaspoon spoon and poured two teaspoons of olive oil into the cup. Putting the spoons down, he left the spoon dangling in the cup, the remaining spoons hanging on the outside. Put the cap carefully back on the olive oil bottle, and put it back at the front of the towel.

"Whatever are you doing?" she asked inquisitively.

He smiled up at her warmly, "I don't want to spoil the surprise. It will be apparent shortly." He then reached for the bottle of vodka, uncapped it, and grabbed the measuring cup with his other hand raised it up to eyeball level, he then started pouring the vodka into the cup, stopping when the liquid hit the two ounce level. Carefully he put the measuring cup down, and then put the cap back on the vodka, placing the closed bottle back in its place at the opposite side of the towel.

He started talking as he reached behind his back with his right hand. "We are going to run a little experiment; does alcohol really get absorbed faster through the bowels than the stomach? I know you have experience with drinking it," as he said this his hand came around with two 60ml syringes without needles attached, just the tube and its built in nozzle. "So we are going to see if this is actually true, the olive oil is the lube later for this plug."

He raised his head to look up at her, "What is your stop word again?"

She let out a breath, "Red".

"And what is your slow down word?"

"Yellow" she replied, again with resignation in her voice.

"Very good”, his gaze dropped down so he could focus on filling up the first syringe. When the syringe was full, he up ended it and tapped it a few times, then squeezed out a few air bubbles. "Considering where this is going we probably don't need to worry about bubbles, but why take chances?"

She was shaking her head, "Oh my god, you are crazy!”

He raised his head up to look in her eyes, and smiled, "Guilty, but then again that's why you like me". He then did the same with the other syringe. The second syringe appeared to have most of the olive oil.

He placed the syringes down on the towel carefully. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of black nitrile gloves, and methodically pulled them on. Once on, he picked up the measuring cup and ran his left middle finger around the inside of the cup. She saw his finger come out of the cup thickly coated. He reached around behind himself again and came back with the clitoral stimulant he had previously used on her. He carefully opened the bottle and squeezed two drops on to his right index finger.

"Okay, let the fun begin!", and he picked up the plug and syringes with his right hand, except the index finger, being careful not to have the liquid gel stimulant run. He then scissored his legs up so he was standing. He walked behind her and started raising her arms at the wrist, which forced her to bend over. "This is called Strappado, normally there would be a rope from the ceiling holding your arms in place, but I know that when I let your arms go you won't straighten up again, will you?"

"Oh my god... No."

Slowly she bent at the waist until her back was parallel to the floor.

"I am going to release your arms. You can lower them, but do not stand back up. Imagine they are tied with your arms pointing straight up at the ceiling, okay?"

Again she let out a breath, "yes". He took the pressure off her arms, and slowly lowered her arms to rest on her back.

He placed the plug and syringes down in the middle of the small of her back, his right index finger moved directly to her clit, which was completely exposed and easily accessible in her current position. He coated her clit with the gel, then started moving his finger up and down her slit. Shortly her breathing got heavier. After a bit more than a minute he moved his left middle finger to rest on her anus, and pressed lightly momentary. He then started pulsing his left finger on her rosebud in rhythm with his right finger touching her clit. With the pulsing he slowly inserted his finger up to his first knuckle and then slowly withdrew. In between pulses he grabbed the syringe and placed it on her sphincter, and continued pulsing the tip of the syringe, In short order it was in about an inch. He then moved his thumb to the plunger, and between pulses depressed the plunger, slowly. He slowly withdrew it, again with the pulses, and when it was out, he threw it down on to the towel. He heard her surprised, "OH MY GOD". He did exactly the same with the second syringe.

He then grabbed the plug, and coated the tip of the plug with the remaining oil further up from his first knuckle and touched his finger again to her sphincter, and again started pulsing. The finger slipped in easily, he was not surprised, she was now well lubed. He slowly pulled the finger out with the same pulsing rhythm, and replaced his finger with the tip of the plug, continuing the same pulsing rhythm.

"Remember, you may not cum without my permission, do you understand?"

She was breathing deeply, "yes" she growled, then almost immediately asked, "may I cum?" he immediately pulled the plug out, and his hand away from her pussy as he firmly replied "No!"

He immediately followed this up by saying "yellow, but don't stand up, please".

He moved quickly. He came around in front of her, and laid down on the floor so his head was directly beneath hers. He was still holding the plug in his hand, she could see it was well lubricated along half of the plugs length. Her eyes widened.

"How ya doin up there, sweetheart?"

She started laughing, "I didn't know you could call yellow!"

"All sorts of new things you are finding out about tonight."

"I knew you were in,” she nodded towards the plug, “but I didn't realize it was that far."

"Yeah, you are really well lubricated; I think this will finish going in easily. Other than your butt, how are you doing?"

She closed her eyes for a moment as she took stock of her body, then she smiled, opening her eyes she said, "Really well, including my butt."

"That a girl," and he smiled up at her. "I have an offer for you."

"What?" she said with no hesitation

"Right now you have to imagine being held in this position, would you like me to attach your wrists to the bar?"

"Mmmm, that sounds interesting," she replied happily. Yup, he thought to himself, the booze is taking effect.



"Okay, then. I am going to release your arms. Just let them hang, while I grab the chains"

"What, chains?!?" she said laughingly.

“You'll see" he said and smiled up at her. Then he sat up quickly, and was beside her in no time, her quickly released her wrists, and holding them both - lowered them to each side and let them go. She let them drop slowly, and then hang. Then she started flexing her hands, arms and legs.

She watched, turning her head as he went over to his back pack, opened a zipper on the front of the pack, and pulled out two chains. She moaned, happily.

He walked over to her and knelt down and reached for her right wrist and attached the chain’s clip to her wrist cuff, then moved her arm towards the right bar end and attached the other end of the chain to the bar end with a keyed lock. There was about 8 inches of chain and clip between her wrist cuff and the bar end. He moved to the other side and did the same thing to her left arm. "I could have pulled your wrists down to the bar and attached them to the bar holding your ankles, but that is a pretty strict position - you'd last about 3 minutes before you started having muscle problems, unless you are a lot more flexible than I think. This will be much easier for you, and you can stretch within the limits of these chains all you want - which I recommend. In fact do it right now."

She raised her self up so the chains were pulling at her wrists, which wasn't far. As she stretched he reached under her and flicked each nipple lightly with his right hand. She giggled quietly, happily in joy.

"Okay, back to work."

He walked around behind her and rested his right index finger on her clit, once positioned he raised the rest of his hand up to cover her pussy. He rested the plug on her rosebud with his other hand.

He slowly started moving his index finger back and forth over her clit, at the beginning of the third sweep of his finger he started pumping the plug lightly. On the forth pump it went in slightly, he didn't pull it back out. On the next pump it went in a little more. Then he started pumping in a little further and back out less. It wasn't long before he was going further in than he had been before the break. He started lightening up the pressure on his right finger as he went further in with the plug, he didn't want her reaching the edge too quickly. In less than a minute he was at the point where he knew he could push it the rest of the way in. He did.

Her head came up as the plugs base came to rest against her butt, "Oh GOD!” A moment later she said, “May I cum?!?" loudly.

“No”, he replied quickly, and pulled his hands completely away. He reached around her and started lightly playing with her nipples. After she had calmed down he reached into one of his rear pockets and came back with her most expensive rabbit vibrator, he inserted it without turning it on, and slowing started pumping it in and out.

When she next asked to cum he said “yes”, turned the vibrator on to maximum and rested the rabbit against her clit. The orgasm built and overwhelmed her quickly, the orgasm kept building as she slowed faded to black……

…..she woke up needing to go to the bathroom, and not just to pee. She got out of bed and quickly walked to the toilet. She guessed she was again going to see all of her pubic hair gone again, except for the landing strip, which was the case.

Going back to bed, sleep came quickly.

When she got up the next morning she went through her usual morning ritual. As she walked into the kitchen her breath caught as she saw the bottles of vodka and olive oil along with the measuring cup and measuring spoons, grouped together on the counter top next to her sink. “Holy shit…….”

Chapter Four: A new spin on an old dream

She was again restrained with cuffs; she was sitting on her bed facing her window. She was wearing her night clothes.

He was on a ladder centered in front of the window, with a plastic block in one hand, and a pencil in the other. He was gently gliding the block back and forth about 18 inches from the wall on the ceiling. Suddenly the block started beeping, as a light came on in the block. He slowly moved the block until all the lights on the block were illuminated. He took the pencil and drew a very faint line along the block’s edge perpendicular to the windows wall.

“Whatever are you doing,” she asked, fascinated by what was going on at the top of the ladder.

“I was working with this guy many years ago who had been a pilot in Viet Nam. He had lots of wild stories of what they did for entertainment over there, pretty crazy. One of the things he told me about was something called a Basket Job or Asian Basket Job. It has stuck with me.”

“The idea is pretty simple. A guy was taken into a room in a whore house where there was an unseen girl in a basket hanging from the ceiling. The guy lies down on a table below the basket, which was then lowered into his cock. The basket was then spun on his cock until he orgasms. He never saw the girl in the basket, other than her pussy and ass hanging out of the bottom.”

“We are going to basically recreate that, except this time the girl – that’s you – spins until she cums, maybe a few times. This is an experiment, you may cum whenever and as much as you like,” he smiled down at her.

“I have asked myself for many years, was this a form of punishment, or a reward? Did she voluntarily do this, or was she force to do this? Did she get paid extra for doing this? I don’t know.”

“I am putting a hook into your ceiling for you to hang from. I need to do this such that it can easily carry your weight, but at the same time be utilized as a eyelet for a hanging plant that no one would question it being there, but we will know,” he looked down at her and smiled.

He then put the block down on the top step of the ladder, and grabbed a tape measure that was clipped to his pants pocket. He measured 18 inches out from the wall, and drew a tiny line across the first line.

“X marks the spot”, he laughed as he picked up a drill also resting on the top step of the ladder. With his other hand he grabbed a 2x4 block of wood with a hole already drilled in it, he pushed the block onto the drill bit. He centered the bit’s tip on the X, pushed the block up against the ceiling, and started drilling. He drilled in almost five inches, wood chippings falling out from the edges of the drill going into the ceiling, falling down onto a sheet spread out under the ladder. “I predrilled the hole in this block on a drill press, it is vertical, this should keep the hole I will drill vertical in all directions. I’m not taking any chances with your safety”

He put down the drill and block, reaching into his pocket and pulled out a eye screw of substantial length, and with his other hand a bottle of wood glue. He coated the first 3 inches of the screw with the glue, and then started threading it into the hole he had just drilled. “Once this is in place I do not want it coming loose, thus the wood glue. If this comes out, it will only be because you want it to.”

The further he threaded in the eye screw, the more the effort he needed to turn it. When it was about three inches in he pulled a screw driver from his pocket, slipped it through the eyelet, and used that for leverage to turn it the rest of the way in. He then grabbed the screw driver shaft with his other hand on the other side of the eyelet from his hand holding the grip, and lifted himself up off the ladder. “There, all set for you”.

He climbed down the ladder then grabbed something off the bed, then climbed back up holding a carabineer with a short loop of mountain climbing rope attached, from the rope hung a ball bearing rotating device designed for climbing. “With this I can easily spin you without putting any twisting pressure on that eyelet”.

He then attached a block and tackle to that, “and with this I can easily lift you up and control your height on the dong as you spin. Next we get you ready to spin.”

In short order she was sitting on the floor naked beneath the eyelet. He had removed the night clothes while limiting the amount of freedom of her appendages in doing so. Her legs and wrists had been clipped together. He was putting a long belt around her that circled her entirely, enclosing her torso and her legs; once this was tightened she would be a human ball. Before he tightened the belt too much he pulled out two more long belts which he threaded inside of the belt at her back leaving over 3 feet to the belts buckle hanging, he then rocked her on to first one butt cheek, then the other while placing each side’s belt under each of her corresponding butt cheeks. He - then threaded the belt back up inside of the belt holding her legs to her torso. She could see the two belt ends in front and behind her would meet above her, giving him a lifting point – but also safely supporting her. He then started tightening the belt encircling her. She had never felt so compressed in her life.

When he finished he left the room, she heard the front door of her place opening, a short while later she heard the door open and close again. He came into the room rolling a plywood disk like those that can be found in home supply stores for use as a table. Attached to the center of this was a plexi-glass plate. He rolled it over next to her and placed it on the floor. He then went over to his pack and withdrew a life sized silicon dildo with lots of thick veins on it, he held it up, “I got this with just this in mind. When I start spinning you I want you to really feel it, in addition to that the bend of the shaft will hopefully rub your insides the right way as you revolve.”

He took another black leather belt and wrapped it around her just above her ankles and at her lower back, he tightened this one down. He then took yet another belt and placed it just below her knees and her shoulders and tightened that one down. He then started alternating tightening the belts until they were all tight. She had never felt so helpless.

He then went to his back pack and pulled out a leather blindfold.

“Do you really need to use that?” she asked questioningly, a little fearful.

“Actually this is for your comfort. You are going to be spinning around. Having your eyesight may cause you to get dizzier, and even worse possibly give you motion sickness. I don’t want you throwing up.” He stooped down in front of her, smiled at her sweetly and placed the blindfold on her, then reached behind her head and cinched it down. “If you start getting even the slightest bit of discomfort I need you to tell me, and we will immediately stop.”

She felt and heard as he made adjustments to the belts going under her butt. A little while later she felt the belts tighten next to her head and under her butt, she was about to be lifted. He stopped, checked everything, “How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m good”, she laughed thinking to herself, ‘what if I said I wasn’t’.

She was then lifted off the floor. She could feel herself swinging slightly. She heard the rope of the block and tackle running through the pulleys, she assumed she was rising higher.

“Ok, I need to think about your comfort.”

“Thank you,” she replied, not quite sure if he was serious or not.

“I could put this cock on this platform first, and lower you on to it. But I am thinking that it is safer and more comfortable for you to put this in you, and lower you and it down onto the platform so it is perfectly centered on you.” She next felt his fingers at her pussy lips, he quickly and easily slid his fingers inside her. She guessed he was lubing her. She next felt the dildo being slowly slid in her with almost no resistance. ‘Lots of lube’, she thought.

“Hold that in place,” he asked, she clamped her vaginal muscles down on the shaft inside her. She heard the plywood disk being shifted beneath her.

He lowered her down on to the disk; she felt the moment the dildo’s suction cup base touched the plexi-glass. He lifted her up slightly, and then she felt his fingers at her pussy as he pulled the dildo down onto the plexi-glass, making sure it was solidly attached.

He then lowered her a bit more onto the phallus so she was almost completely impaled, then started spinning her slowly, “is that okay?”

“Oh yeah”, she replied happily.

He turned her all of the way around, and then reversed direction. There was a massive smile on her face.

“And now we begin,” he next lifted her well off the dong and started her gently swinging back and forth in the air. “Imagine yourself as a whore in a whore house in Vietnam 50 years ago, tied up in a basket not knowing what was going to happen next.”

She heard sounds below her, and the pop of a suction cup being released. She heard him leave the room. She next heard her stereo playing rock music from the 60’s, the volume turned up a little louder than she normally listed to.

He came back into her bedroom carrying a small boom box, and a fresh container of Pho, which he opened and placed on her dresser, the smell quickly carrying through the room. He had had a friend with a Vietnamese accent say, “sir, if you would please lay down on the table”, her voice sounding so sweet, as if speaking to a valued customer. Her voice came out of the boombox quietly.

He had marked the location of the dong on the plexi-glass, then removed it. “This is so cool”, he said from the rooms doorway, adding a sense of wonder to his voice, as if sounding like a young soldier seeing the girl in the basket for the first time. He walked over to the platform and laid down on it, intentionally bumping into her hanging above her a couple of times while he did this. He was intentionally noisy in what he did, including un-zipping his pants and rustling his clothing as if taking them off, like a clumsy young soldier.

Silently he shifted out from under her, the sound from the stereo masking most any noise he did make. He replaced the dong on the Plexiglas, and added more lubricant. Still laying on the floor, he lowered her down until her opening was just above the dong, he reached over to the dong and lined it up, being sure to barely touch her opening with the cocks head for added effect. He slowly lowered her down. As the head entered her he said, “Oh, WOW!”.

He then lowered her most all of the way down the shaft. Once she was in place he slowly started rotating her. Every once in a while he made noises, or said things that gave her the impression there was a live soldier beneath her. At the end of the first minute he stopped her, and then reversed direction. She was already breathing deeply. He smiled, he was just getting started………

”Going to make this a little more exciting for you,” she became aware of him talking to her. She was exhausted from the orgasms she had already had. He had lifted her off the dong, added more lubricant, and had just lowered her back down on the phallus. She felt something being placed on her clit. He had just taped a remote control egg onto her clit using medical tape to hold it in place.

As he again spun her around on the shaft, he turned the egg on using the remote in his right hand. He had already set the egg to its lowest intensity constant vibration.

As the egg came to life, she moaned softly, smiling widely. She had some idea what was coming, or perhaps cumming……….

She awakened the next morning feeling completely relaxed; rarely did she feel this good. As her eyes opened she caught sight of something silvery at the periphery of the vision. She turned her head towards the ceiling in front of the window. There was an eyelet that had not been there before she went to sleep. She smiled, “I guess I need to go shopping for a hanging plant.”

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