A Dream is just a Dream

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2018 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; dreams; M/f; bond; cuffs; rope; shave; toys; insert; nipple; torment; tease; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

Chapter One

For Sue it hadn't been a good day. Sleep came with some difficulty. When the dream started it seemed so real......

The knocking on the door caught her by surprise. When she opened it he was standing there with a black back pack in his hand. "It's party time! This is the night you have been waiting all your life for".

"What do you mean?'

'You know those fantasies you have had all your life about being restrained and played with? They are about to come true."

One moment she was at the door, the next instant she was standing in her bedroom dressed in only her panties. He was putting a leather cuff on her wrist, buckling it tightly enough that there was no play between the cuff and her wrist. As she looked around the room she saw another pair of cuffs on the bed, and to her surprise her black "toy bag" open next to the cuffs. When he finished her other wrist he took a double ended clip and fastened the cuffs together behind her back. He reached over to the bed and grabbed the other set of cuffs and kneeled down and attached them just above her ankles, again tightly. She knew that getting out of these cuffs was not going to be easy.

As he finished the second ankle he looked up at her, "What is your safe word?"

Giggling she responded, "Red".

"And if you need me to slow down?"

"I don't want you to slow down"

"Lets get this out of the way, if you need to slow down?"


He reached up to the sides of her panties and with a mischievous grin started pulling them down, waiting for her to say something. She smiled back, defiantly.

When the panties hit the floor she stepped out of them.

"Get on the bed, and kneel sitting on your feet.”

Carefully she climbed on to the bed, and sat in a kneeling position, her feet under her butt, her legs closed, the rings on her ankle cuffs sticking out on each side. He reached around, grabbed the clip and released her wrists only to bring the right hand around and down, he attached it to her right ankle cuff. He then grabbed her left cuff and attached that to her left ankle with another clip. "Are you comfortable?, he asked quietly.

She thought for a moment, "yes".

He reached over to his backpack, opened a zippered compartment and pulled out two nipple suckers. He held the open end to her lips and told her to make them wet. Then he attached each one, she could feel the suction pulling at her nipples holding the suckers in place.

A moment later his hand stroked the underside of her right breast with one finger, starting from just below her armpit, and finishing halfway up the inside of that breast. His finger went across to the other breast and continued down and around until he reached the point on the opposite side of her body from where he had started. He was moving frustratingly slowly. He started back down again, but this time when he reached the upper inside of her breast his finger moved towards her nipple, and slowly circled her aureole, without touching the nipple sucker. After two complete circles of the nipple sucker his hand lifted, and moved to his original starting point on her right breast, and slowly moved down, around, and back up the inside, and circled that aureole twice as well. He started again, and over the next 10 frustrating minutes she grew more and more excited. When he finished he took the suckers off, her nipples were redder than she had ever seen them and tingling.

Quietly he asked, "You okay?"

When she nodded her head he grabbed each erect nipple roughly and started pinching even harder, they were much more sensitive than she ever remembered, "When I ask you a question I want an answer, not a nod".

"Yes!" she quickly replied. He released the nipples slowly.

Moving both of his hands up to her shoulders he placed them just inside of her arm pits, and started pushing. Before she knew it she was rolling on to her back, her wrists and ankles locked together. She realized that he now had complete access to her pussy and butt, and there was nothing she could do about it. He reached for her waist and pulled her towards the side of the bed. He looked down at her pussy, and then looked up at her face and smiled. "You have hair down there,' shaking his head, "It will have to go".

Quickly she replied, "Wait..."

"What, you afraid someone will notice it missing? Try again" With that he straightened up and walked to her bathroom. A moment later he came out with an old towel she uses to wrap her drying hair in. He came back and spread it out below her butt, telling her to roll her hips up so he could get it completely under her. When it was in place he reached into his back pack and pulled out a man’s electric shaver. He opened the beard trimming attachment, and before she knew it she was watching hair falling onto the towel in big swaths. He left a small landing strip above her pussy lips about two inches long and maybe half an inch wide.

When he was down to about a quarter inch of stubble over the entire area he closed the beard trimmer, changed the shaver position in his hand, then looked up at her and smiled evilly, and started shaving the stubble off. In no time there was no hair left but the landing strip. "There, much better".

He pulled the towel out from underneath her carefully, and carried it to the bathroom. When he returned the towel was clear of any hair, he placed it back underneath her butt, "Just in case you get a little too juicy", and smiled sweetly. "Time to get to work".

He reached over into his bag and pulled out two black nitrile gloves, the kind mechanics use to work on cars and motorcycles. Once the gloves were on, he asked her, "Do you have lubricant?".

She nodded toward the bag, "In there".

He reached for the bag, and up ended it, dumping all of its contents on the bed beside her.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

Her face reddened as she saw him looking through all of her toys, even though he knew about most of them, he had never actually seen them. He was reaching for the bottle of lube when he saw a bottle of clitoral stimulant. He smiled, opened the bottle of stimulant, and put two drops on his right index finger. He then moved the finger to her vaginal lips and went straight for her clit with that finger. As he made contact he noticed her hips rocked slightly upwards, causing him to smile. He looked into her eyes and said, "You do not cum without my permission, do you understand?"

"Yes", she replied quietly.

She let her head fall back on the bed, and closed her eyes, a big smile on her face. After making sure that her clit was properly coated with the stimulant gel he moved his finger up to the very top of her vaginal lips, and slowly moved his finger down the right side lip, touching her very lightly. When he had reached the bottom of her opening he did the same going up the other side. Once at the top he circled her clit three times, and then did the slow circle of the lips of her vagina again, again following up circling her clit three times. This continued for the next 5 minutes. Her hips were beginning to move involuntarily, she was getting very excited. He reached over and grabbed the smallest of her glass dildos, and put two drops of lube on its head. He placed the dildo at her opening and slowly pushed it about half way in, and stopped, it had slid in easily. He took his finger away from her clit and held the dildo in place. A few moments later her hips started moving in a much more pronounced fashion, she was realizing she would have to fuck the dildo.

He held the dildo in place as he watched the movements of her hips became more pronounced. Her breathing was getting heavier, he enjoyed watching her try to satisfy herself for a few minutes, then he pulled the dildo completely out and held it just where she could barely feel it at her opening. He wanted to see if she would move her hips to try to get the whole dildo in, she didn’t disappoint. He saw her hands pulling her ankles trying to aid in her hips moving up, her knees almost touching her shoulders.

He knew she was getting really excited, "Remember, you cannot cum until I tell you, you may". She started fucking the dildo aggressively.

He knew she was getting close as her hips picked up speed and her breathing got really heavy, "May I cum"? she asked. He immediately pulled the dildo out and took his hands completely away. "No." He could see the frustration written on her face, he smiled to himself knowing that it was only going to get worse for her. With his free hand he alternately started lightly rubbing her nipples with the back of his hand barely touching their tips. He wanted to move her attention away from her pussy.

When her breathing had calmed down he pushed the dildo half in again, and slowly started rubbing her clit again. Her hips rose up and she managed to get the entire dildo in, then she rocked back down until the head was almost out, then she aggressively rocked her hips back up. Shortly she again asked to cum, and again he pulled completely away and let her calm back down while rubbing her nipples lightly again with the back of his hand. This continued for more than half an hour.

After the last time he put the dildo down, and grabbed the largest glass dildo, and took note of her large wand vibrator. First he inserted the dildo half way, and immediately grabbed her wand, turned it on, and touched it to her clit. Her eyes that had remained closed sprung open, as she let out a moan.

He now moved the dildo in and out a little faster than she had been moving with the previous one, her hips quickly matching his thrusts. He then started matching her hips speed - as she sped up so did he. Shortly she asked to cum, he replied "No" firmly, but this time did not pull anything away. He started counting down in his head from twenty, slowly. At 15 she asked again. He said nothing. At eight she asked desperately to cum, he replied no again firmly. When he reached zero, he said "Cum", and turned up the speed of the wand one stop.

She thought she was going to pass out, the orgasm wouldn't stop building, and he wasn't stopping pumping the dildo or pulling away the wand. Just when she thought it was coming to an end he started pumping the dildo faster, and turned up the speed on the wand again, everything went black.

She awoke the next morning needing to pee badly. She quickly got out of her bed walking, almost running, to the toilet. She was remembering the dream, which she normally didn't do. As she pulled down her panties to sit down on the toilet she saw herself in the mirror and gasped, her pubic hair was gone, except for a half inch wide, two inch long landing strip directly above her vaginal lips....."what the....

Chapter 2: What Dreams may Cum

She normally didn’t have dream subjects repeat themselves, but that had changed with her restraint dream. The second one followed about 2 weeks after the first…..

The second dream started with her lying sideways across the center of the bed on her back. Looking up at her arms, the wrist cuffs were back on, but this time her wrists were tied together, she could see a rope disappear over the side of the bed out of sight.

Looking down her torso, she could see a pair of pillows under her butt with a towel on top. Her legs were folded so that her feet were at the outside of each side of her butt. Not only were there cuffs on her ankles, but also another pair around the tops of her thighs, her ankles and thigh cuffs were clipped together holding her legs folded. She could see ropes extending to each side of the bed holding her feet apart.

He was sitting to her side; he had the black nitrile gloves on again. One of his hands was roughly playing with her nipples, the other hand was manipulating her most expensive rabbit vibrator turned up to maximum, and she was about to cum……

Now the Dreams seemed to be recurring about every 2 to 3 weeks. She never had any sort of warning when a dream would happen. Sometimes the dreams would be complete from the application of the cuffs to orgasm, other times she would be already restrained and being stimulated in a variety of manners. One time she found herself bent over the footboard of her bed, another time she was attached to the head board. In every dream her restraint was complete, she was at his mercy.

The one thing that really bothered her was that the following morning of every dream her pussy had been freshly shaved.

She was on her elbows and knees facing sideways on her bed. She looked around her and realized she had wrist and ankle cuffs on, again. There was a rope from each cuff to each corner of the bed. There were also thick doubled up bungee cords that stretched tightly from cuff to cuff around her, making all of the ropes to the corners of the bed taught as well. This also meant that there was almost no moving any appendage.

She felt a tingling in her breasts and crotch, looking down her torso she saw she had the nipple suckers on again, and now another appeared to be attached over her clit. He came into view with a spool of string, small scissors, and a pair of the black nitrile gloves. He put the spool down, reached to her right breast and took off the sucker, then lightly stroked that nipple.

She arched her back slightly away from his hand, her nipple was very sensitive. He reached over to the other breast and repeated what he had just done. He played with her nipples for a bit, enjoying their firmness and her responses to his touch. Stopping, he took the string spool and cut four strings about 4 feet long each, and tied a slip knot at the end of each. He then slipped a pair of strings on to each nipple, tightening the loops enough that they stayed on, but not so much as to cause pain.

He moved around to her front, took one string from each nipple and attached each to its corresponding side wrist cuff. As he pulled the strings tighter she thrust her chest out and moved forward just slightly to keep the pull on her nipples as low as possible.

As he walked around behind her he started talking, “Welcome to the world of predicament bondage. In predicament bondage what you do has a consequence, you get to decide what you are going to experience”.

He grabbed the two remaining loose strings and brought them back to her ankle cuffs . He pulled the strings slightly so that there was just a slight tugging on each of her nipples, she moved back to where she had originally been. She found there was no one place where there wasn’t a “tug” on her nipples, just a point where it was the least. He tied the strings off, and then started putting on the gloves.

“Is it fun time again”, she asked.

He smiled at her, “Oh yes”.

He then removed the sucker on her clit and gently touched her now engorged nub, she was surprised at how sensitive her clit had become.

“As long as you remain still your nipples will be only slightly uncomfortable”, he then swatted her butt firmly, hard enough to leave a red imprint of his hand. As she rocked forward to escape the impact of his hand, her now very sensitive nipples were pulled back and down by the strings attached to her ankles. She inhaled quickly as the pain shot from both nipples. She quickly moved back to center.

He reached down and started lightly flicking the tips of her nipples. She quickly found that every direction she tried moving to get away from his flicks hurt more than the flicks themselves. She had no choice but to remain still and endure his fingers playing with her.

When she remained in one place for about 15 seconds he reached back and started slowly gently rubbing her clit. Eventually her hips started moving slightly in response to his rubbing. With his free hand he positioned her largest glass dildo at her opening, and slowly pushed it in about half way. He waited a moment, then started thrusting the dildo in and out just a little. It wasn’t long before she started moving her hips to match. She quickly came to realize that he wasn’t going to move the dildo deeper himself, if she wanted to get the dildo further in and out she would need to accomplish this herself by moving forward and back rather than just by moving her hips, which would increase the strain on her nipples.

When she was actively moving back and forth he moved his hand from her clit to her butt and started pulsing his index finger on the rosebud. She inhaled sharply in surprise – he hadn’t played with her butt in her dreams until this point, but she continued her movements forward and back. In less than a minute she asked to cum. He immediately pulled out the dildo and lifted his hand from her butt, and said “no”.

He wanted to keep her excited, so he started playing again with her nipples. After a couple of minutes of playing with her nipples he switched back to the dildo, inserting it again half way while resting his other hands index finger back on her rosebud and started pulsing. He moved the dildo in and out again just slightly. Again if she wanted more movement she would have to do it herself. It wasn’t long before she asked to cum again. He immediately stopped and went back to playing with her nipples.

This continued for five more cycles.

At the end of the fifth cycle of playing with her nipples he quickly released the rear strings to her nipples, inserted the dildo, grabbed her wand and applied it to her clit, turning it on to just below half speed. In short time she asked to cum, he said “NO” firmly, and started counting down from fifteen in his head.

At seven she asked desperately to cum, “NO!” he replied.

When he reached zero he said “Cum!”, and turned up the wands speed two “clicks”. The orgasm exploded from deep inside, and intensified like she had never experienced before as her clit was stimulated by the wand. As the orgasm went into levels she had never had before, everything started fading to black…..

She awoke the next morning with her nipples throbbing, and needing to pee badly.

She as she walked towards the bathroom she had to pull her night shirt off because it was stimulating her nipples, they were much more sensitive than normal. She turned on the bathroom light, and as she sat down on the toilette she glanced over at the garbage bin next to her. In the pail were strings with slip knots tied in one end of each of them, she reached down, picked them up, and separated out four strings. Her surprise was complete, she didn’t remember having any string like this in the house…..

Story continues in Part Two

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