A Conventional Affair

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: F+/f; bond; cuffs; bedtie; spreadeagle; gag; tease; remote; toys; mast; denial; oral; strapon; rom; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 4

There was a curious blend of sensations that came with sleeping naked, especially when the only blankets one had were the equally naked bodies of one’s lovers. It was a sensation that Brianna Wilde had grown intimately familiar with and one she did not think she would ever get tired of. Laying quietly on one of the surprisingly soft hotel beds, Sofia curled up against her side and Roxanna sprawled across her chest like a big cat, the blue-haired girl did her best to remain completely still as she reveled in the silky soft warmth of their bodies against her own while the cool morning air caressed her skin in a deliciously pleasant contrast. A task made somewhat simpler by the padded leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles, the chains affixed to them in turn locked to the bed’s sturdy steel frame, pulling her limbs into an inescapable tight spread-eagle. Not that she really could have moved anyway with the weight of her mistresses pinning her down to the mattress, but the restraints still made her smile around the sizable gag shoved into her mouth. Of course, spending the night bound was hardly unusual to her, not at this point anyway, so much so that she honestly had trouble sleeping on those nights when she was not restrained in some fashion, but this still felt different somehow. Perhaps it was the new and exotic location, perhaps it was the lingering anticipation of what was to come, or perhaps it was just the warm familiarity of ritual compounded by equally familiar affection. Whatever the case, as she lay there for what felt like hours simply enjoying the soft smile on Roxanna’s face as the woman dreamed, and quietly amused by Sofia’s quiet snoring, Brianna knew that there was no other place in the world that she’d rather be.

Although, after spending all night in such strenuous restraints and laying awake all morning as her mistresses continued to sleep, the blue-haired girl also wouldn’t mind a chance to stretch, or at the very least an opportunity to relieve the slowly building arousal between her legs. As if on cue Sofia suddenly stirred in her sleep but did not wake, the blonde making a soft noise in her throat as her body twisted sinuously, a well-turned leg twining with Brianna’s own as a calloused hand trailed across the blue-haired girl’s stomach, just tracing the flowers tattooed onto her pelvis before settling on her hip. Moaning into her gag and instinctively squirming in her bonds beneath that touch, Brianna tried to rock her hips, hoping against hope that with enough encouragement she might be able to guide her mistress’s hand onto her aching pussy, but it was not to be. Smiling in her sleep, the blonde just tightened her embrace and caressed the blue-haired girl’s hip gently. However, what little movement she had managed did seem to be enough to rouse Roxanna, though not completely. Biting her lip even as her eyes remained closed, the olive-skinned woman shifted slightly as she seemed to curl in on herself, throwing an arm around the blue-haired girl’s chest as she tucked her head under Brianna’s chin and pillowed her cheek against modest but wonderfully soft breasts. Smiling now as she drifted fully back to sleep, the bound girl could not help but watch her mistress with some amusement as she shifted her own head, long mahogany hair tickling her skin as she nuzzled the olive-skinned woman affectionately. It certainly looked like they wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon but as she settled back against her own pillow Brianna found that she didn’t really mind all that much. They had all the time in the world, after all.

Closing her eyes and allowing her mind to wander, not really having much else to do beyond being used as a body pillow, the blue-haired girl let out a breath through her nose. It felt like ages but had really been no more than a few hours ago that she had been sitting right here on this very bed, curled up in her mistresses’ arms as she shared the story of her most recent adventures, a blush on her cheeks and an almost tentative smile on her face. It was kind of funny in hindsight. Despite her initial misgivings and uncertainties about how she could even begin to explain all that had happened, Brianna found that the words simply flowed from her once she started. She’d talked about passing the couple in the hallway, about unknowingly posing for a picture with a porn star, about exploring the hotel and being both awed and fascinated by its beautiful architecture and almost enchanting atmosphere. More than that, though, she’d described wandering around the lobby until she spotted a woman in bondage being hauled around like a piece of luggage and becoming so entranced by the sight that she’d failed to notice a busty redhead walking up to her until the other woman had introduced herself. Blush darkening on her cheeks even thinking about it, the blue-haired girl remembered how she had almost rushed through the rest, mentioning both the invitation to a late night swim and the enticing offer that had been made as the pair relaxed naked in the cool waters of the swimming pool. It was a testament to how far she’d come, how much she’d changed, and just how comfortable she’d grown with herself that Brianna had held nothing back. Not the awe she had felt when seeing Claire’s voluptuous body naked for the first time, not her fascination with the other woman’s rather unique chastity belt, and most importantly not her excitement at the possibility of stepping into the spotlight. Truth be told she was rather proud of herself for that. Even a year ago she could have scarcely imagined coming to a place like this, much less following a woman like Claire out to the pool and stripping in front of a near complete stranger, but now? Now the whole affair was nothing but a pleasant memory, and a lingering ember of eager excitement burning in her chest.

It was a sentiment that her mistresses had seemed to share, Roxanna pulling her close and kissing her on the cheek even as the olive-skinned woman had whispered words of quiet pride at the blue-haired girl’s growth into the person she wanted to be. A quiet and tender moment that had almost been ruined by Sofia’s gentle teasing about her new friend, to say nothing of the blonde’s not so subtle comments about the pictures she’d taken. Brianna supposed that it really shouldn’t have been a surprise, her mistresses had never been anything other than supportive of her, but it still lifted a weight from her shoulders that she hadn’t even been aware of when the older women had given their blessing and begun to discuss Claire’s offer. Of course, even as they speculated and teased there had also been a subtle undercurrent of questioning, of making certain that this was what the blue-haired girl really wanted and that memory brought a different kind of warmth to her chest. A subtle but nonetheless welcome reminder of how much her lovers cared, a care that Brianna would always hold close to her heart. Unfortunately, reminiscing about last night also had the unfortunate consequence of reminding Brianna of just how helplessly, frustratingly horny she was. If nothing else her mistress had always been maddeningly efficient when it came to teasing her.

It had started subtly enough, Sofia allowing her hands to roam over the blue-haired girl’s body, slowly growing bolder and bolder with her touches before pressing gentle kisses to her neck and nibbling at her ear, careful to tug at her piercings in the ways that always drove her wild. Pinned in place by the blonde’s arms the blue-haired girl had been left with no choice but to endure, moaning softly even as she squirmed in that grip, silently begging for more. To that Roxanna had been more than happy to oblige, kissing her on the cheek again and allowing those soft, full lips to trail down her jaw even as long, delicate fingers cupped a breast and teased the rock hard nipples proudly presenting themselves through the thin material of her shirt. That alone would have been enough to drive Brianna, already on edge, into a frenzy but her mistresses had stepped up their game. At some point, it was hard to tell when, as all conversation had died save for panting breaths and desperate moans, the older women had begun to practically tear at at the blue-haired girl’s clothes, stripping Brianna naked (or at least as naked as she could be while locked in chastity) as the flurry of touches and kisses continued their relentless assault on pale skin flushed brilliantly pink with desire. Even if she had wanted to it would have been impossible to resist and so she hadn’t, simply hissing faintly when teeth nipped at her delicate flesh, shivering quietly when a hot mouth found a particularly sensitive spot, or whimpering every time those soft and insistent lips parted from her own. It wasn’t until the cuffs were around her wrists, and the chains pulled her down sharply into a taut and utterly helpless spread eagle, that Brianna had even realized she’d been bound, a shiver of a decidedly different sort wracking her frame as her mistresses practically loomed over her, their own naked bodies equally flushed with desire as their eyes drank in the sight of her splayed out form as if she were the most beautiful thing in the world. As if, despite the chastity belt locked tightly about her hips, they wanted to eat her alive.

It had thus been something of a surprise, if a welcome one, when Sofia had instead presented a familiar gag, a relatively small panel of black leather, round rather than square and just large enough to cover her mouth, with a single strap and a short yet thick plug attached to it. Her mistress hadn’t even needed to speak, Brianna had automatically opened her mouth and eagerly accepted the gag, moaning as the plug stretched her jaws even wider as it pressed down on her tongue, rendering her utterly silent. Between the small slots in the base that kept pressure off her teeth, and a small breathing tube cut into the center, it was honestly one of her favorite gags to wear on those nights when she was to remain bound until morning. Big enough to challenge her but comfortable enough to wear for hours on end without the kind of strain that would normally leave her jaws throbbing for the rest of the day.

Not that she’d had much time to enjoy it. As the strap was being tightened down fingers had suddenly trailed along her sides, tracing the clearly visible outlines of her ribs and making the blue-haired girl giggle into her gag as Roxanna explored her body before those hands finally settled on the waistband of her chastity belt. Trembling in anticipation, Brianna had found herself unable to do anything but watch as the olive-skinned woman slowly, deliberately unlocked the belt and pulled the tangle of steel bands from her hips, the sudden shock of cool air on her heated sex enough to make her shiver in earnest. At the same moment Sofia struck, the blonde’s golden hair tickling the bound girl’s chest even as the older woman practically branded her skin with searing hot kisses, her lips following the curve of Brianna’s breasts before gently teasing hard and aching nipples with her teeth. As the blue-haired girl had moaned and writhed beneath that onslaught of pleasure Roxanna had continued her own explorations, delicate palms tracing the curves of captive hips before gliding up pale thighs. Despite being lost in sensation the blue-haired girl had manged to watch as the olive-skinned woman bent down, an almost playful smile on her face, and for a brief instant she had dared to hope that her mistress might offer the relief she had so desperately craved only to be disappointed again when those lips pressed a kiss just above her aching clit but absolutely refused to move lower.

Rather, leaning back ever so slightly, Roxanna had instead re-inserted a catheter into the bound girl’s body, the sudden intrusion making her moan in a potent mix of frustration and pleasure, before the older woman had straightened up, woven her hands into Sofia’s luxurious hair, and pulled their lips together in a deep kiss. The rest of the night had been little more than a hazy blur of sexual frustration as the blue-haired girl writhed and bucked in her bonds, pleading helplessly into her gag but unable to do anything but watch her lovers kiss with ever increasing intensity. And yet, even as they had slowly lost themselves in each other, the women had not neglected their plaything, much to Brianna’s frustration. Hands had continued to caress and grope her body in equal measures, fingers tickling her skin and straying onto her most sensitive spots again and again without lingering. Even more maddening, as the intensity of their grew those touches became almost frantic, enough to nearly drive her wild with desire.

Eventually, both Roxanna and Sofia grew tired of that game and fell onto the bed, curling up on either side of the bound girl to grant themselves better access to her body as they somehow continued to kiss, their hair splayed out in wild curtains as they practically sprawled over Briana’s helpless form, exploring her and each other with obvious relish. Perhaps worse, even as their hands began to wander again, touching each other as much as they touched the blue-haired girl trapped between them, their lips strayed as well, peppering delicate skin with kisses as hot tongues traced the harsh lines of her ribs and the delicate curves of her breasts. Unable to do anything but moan and strain helplessly against the chains holding her down, Brianna had been left with no choice but to endure what felt like hours of edging, her body left trembling on the precipice of orgasm as she panted and writhed and moaned in desperation. A seemingly endless erotic torment that only stopped when her mistresses managed to bring each other off with their fingers, kissing fiercely to silence their passions as they clung to the blue-haired girl as if their lives had depended on it. Truth be told it was one of the most incredibly erotic things that Brianna had ever witnessed, a feeling only enhanced by being left throbbing with need as she watched her mistresses drift off to sleep while embracing her helpless form like some sort of kinky body pillow.

Eventually she had managed to drift off to sleep herself somehow, more than familiar with such games by now, but it had still been shallow and restless at best. And while she could rarely remember her dreams Brianna knew that they had been influenced by her super charged libido and raging frustration. The lingering charge in her veins upon waking telling her everything that she needed to know. Despite the chains pinning her down tightly, and the deliciously warm bodies curled up against her sides, the blue-haired girl had tossed and turned throughout the night, fighting her restraints in her sleep and waking more than once only to slip back into a restive torpor almost immediately, though the memory of that remained fuzzy at best.

Whatever the case, she’d finally managed to open her eyes just as the first rays of the morning sun were peaking through the curtains. Completely unable to see the clock, though well aware that it had to have been early, the blue-haired girl had been left with little choice but to lay still and spend what felt like hours staring at the ceiling, grateful that the catheter eased the pressure on her bladder and both incredibly frustrated and overwhelmingly aroused at the way her mistresses’ hands continued to roam over her body as the older women dreamed. And yet even as she moaned quietly, her splayed out body shuddering beneath their unconscious exploration, Brianna could not help but wonder what they were dreaming about. From the tiny, relaxed smile on Roxanna’s face as she snuggled against captive breasts and how insistently Sofia clung to her form as the blonde’s clever and calloused fingers somehow avoided all of her most sensitive spots, the blue-haired girl could only hope that they were good ones.

And that they featured her of course.

That thought made her smile around her gag as the gentle hum of the air conditioner starting filled the room and Sofia, almost in response, shifted in her sleep again. The blonde’s already limpet-like grip somehow tightening while a tanned hand trailed down Brianna’s pale stomach, so much so that the blue-haired girl gasped in delight, swearing that she could feel neatly trimmed nails brushing against her aching clit. Once again it was not to be, strong fingers tickled delicate flesh before finally moving again to settle on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Shivering softly, both at that touch and the sudden breeze of cool, conditioned air caressing her naked body, the bound girl almost inexplicable found herself thinking about Claire of all people. The chill on her skin reminded her of the almost icy cold of the pool while the warmth of her mistresses' bodies brought to mind how… pleasant it had been to be held by the woman as they reclined in those waters. 

In that moment Brianna could not help but wonder what the other woman was doing, and if her night had been as interesting. Claire had implied that she would remain locked in chastity until the demonstration later today that she was helping her own mistress with, but had she also spent the night bound? Was she teased? Was she punished? Was she forced to serve her mistress while being denied all relief herself as the blue-haired girl often was? Almost in spite of herself Brianna groaned into her gag, the insistent pulse of arousal between her widely spread legs growing even sharper as she imagined what the busty redhead would look like restrained helplessly and wondering just what torments she might be enduring. It also led her to wonder just what the other woman’s mistress might be like. All she had besides a name was the implication that she was young, perhaps even close to Brianna’s own age, and apparently both a professional dominatrix and quite fond of sex. All in all not much, but even so Brianna could not help but speculate in the quiet of her own mind. After all, in a few short hours they would actually be meeting face to face. As dream-like as last night had seemed, part of her almost could not believe it. The rest of her couldn’t wait.

Lost in speculation, the bound girl failed to notice the weight pressing against her chest move, until she found herself staring into a familiar pair of deep brown eyes as Roxanna suddenly loomed above her. Wild mahogany hair framing well tanned features and a soft smile curling equally soft lips, the older woman reached out and gently brushed a few strands of disheveled azure hair from Brianna’s face.

“Good morning, korítsi. Did you sleep well?”

Gagged tightly as she was Brianna said nothing and just offered her mistress a flat look, fairly confident that the dark circles under her eyes, standing out even more sharply thanks to her pale skin, said more than enough. Grinning ever so slightly at that, the olive-skinned woman bent down and placed a kiss on the blue-haired girl’s brow before reaching out to cup a cheek, the touch of those delicate fingers eliciting a soft moan. Awake now as well, Sofia took the opportunity to twist her own body and lifted her head onto the pillow to nuzzle Brianna’s other cheek while allowing her hand to wander up the bound girl’s side. Shuddering in delight, and completely unable to escape, the blue-haired girl could do nothing but moan and writhe in her bonds as she felt her mistress’s fingers move across her skin in nonsense patterns while tracing the outlines of each and every one of her ribs in their wake. Unconsciously giggling every time the blonde found a ticklish spot, the bound girl tilted her own head to nuzzle the older woman back. Not content to allow her lover to have all the fun, Roxanna propped herself up with one hand while the other began to once more eagerly fondle captive breasts and pinch hard and eager nipples before playfully tugging on the studs pierced through them. Delighted by Brianna’s muffled moans and quiet mewling, and especially by the way the blue-haired girl arched her back to thrust out her chest as she silently begged for more, the olive-skinned woman leaned in again to pepper her face with spider-light kisses.

For what seemed like an eternity that sensuous torment continued, Roxanna’s lips branding her skin while clever, delicate fingers massaged her overly-sensitive breasts and teased her nipples. Never one to be outdone, of course, Sofia stepped up her own game, running her tongue along the tender flesh of the blue-haired girl’s neck and nipping at her pulse before slowly working her way up. At the same time, the blonde’s calloused hand glided across Brianna’s stomach, following the faint hint of abdominal muscles visible now with the way her body was stretched out before dipping down to trace the outlines of the blue roses tattooed on her pelvis. Whimpering now, barely able to stand it, Brianna rocked her hips in what she hoped was an invitation, actually gasping in both shock and delight when she felt that hand drop lower yet again only to groan deep in her throat those fingers began to tease along the edges of her throbbing pussy. No matter how much she moaned, no matter how much she begged or rocked her hips or arched her spine, neither of her mistresses seemed intent on touching her in all the places she really, truly needed to be touched.

As she continued her explorations, teasing the bound girl and practically smirking at the way she moaned in agonized delight, Sofia pressed her lips to Brianna’s neck, just above her collar and sucked almost hard enough to leave a mark while allowing her thumb to ghost over the girl’s practically trembling clit. A noise somewhere between a whine and a whimper escaped her gag as the blue-haired girl jerked against her bonds, the muscles of her arms straining as she pulled on the chains holding her down to no avail. Clearly pleased with that reaction Sofia placed another kiss at the base of Brianna’s jaw before running her tongue along the shell of her ear and nipping at the small disk inserted into the lobe.

Barely able to stand the absolute riot of sensations assaulting her from seemingly every direction, the poor girl was practically panting now, biting down hard on the plug filling her mouth as she desperately sucked in breaths, every muscle in her body pulled taut as she writhed and struggled and fought with all her might, desperate to do something, anything to gain the relief she so desperately craved. And yet, as she had known, it was useless. The cuffs holding her down did not give even a fraction of an inch and the massive gag silencing her left her barely able to moan much less beg for mercy. A fact which only excited her more, sending a pulse of pure arousal thundering through her body and making her clench her eyes shut in silent need.

It was thus something of a surprise when Sofia suddenly whispered into her ear, the blonde’s voice little more than a rough, breathy growl that sent another shiver through her helplessly aroused form, “We have a little surprise for you, devushka. Would you like it?”

Although it took a moment for Brianna’s brain to catch up, when she did the bound girl nodded almost frantically, “Mmph! Mmph pmmnphm!”

Gently stroking the girl’s flushed, almost feverish brow Roxanna offered a smile, “Soon, korítsi, soon. But first, I think we are missing something.”

Before she could think of even trying to ask what that meant, Roxanna had pushed herself up into a sitting position and paused long enough to stretch, lifting her arms high over her head and pulling at her scars as she arched her back sharply enough to make her spine pop audibly, a look of absolute ecstasy coloring her features as she did. Far too invested in the enticing sway of the olive-skinned woman’s breasts, Brianna just watched as her mistress shakily climbed to her feet, cocking her hips slightly to pop those joints as well, before padding naked across the room. In the face of that enchanting sight even Sofia had ceased her ministrations as the elegant woman poked through their remaining luggage, moving with all the grace and poise of a model despite her limp as the slender beams of sunlight slipping through the curtains played over her silky smooth skin. It was like a vision out of a fairy tale and for a brief moment Brianna could easily imagine her mistress standing in some distant, enchanting glen as she waded out into a glistening stream, light and shadow dancing over her naked form in time with the swaying of trees overhead. Despite everything else the blue-haired girl was possessed with a sudden desire to sketch the scene unfolding in her mind, to make it immortal with pen and ink and the hazy unreality of water colors.

Although she gave no obvious indication, the olive-skinned woman was clearly aware of the lover’s attentions her as she bent down seductively, swaying her hips ever so slightly to show off the curves of her shapely ass while her long hair tumbled past her shoulders in a shimmering wave, the pale tracery of scars on her back practically glowing in the shadowy half light. Enchanted by that vision, and drawn out of her fantasies, Brianna momentarily forgot about her current position, the agonizingly wonderful feeling of Sofia’s hands on her body distant at best as she allowed her eyes to roam over that perfect body, her gaze eagerly drinking in the familiar and yet still utterly breathtaking sight. A feeling that Sofia herself very much seemed to share if the look of naked hunger on the blonde’s face was any indication.

Still not reacting to their obvious inspection, Roxanna continued to search for something until she finally straightened up again cradling a tablet in the crook of her arm. It was an almost incongruous image given the woman’s rather anachronistic office and deliberately old fashioned ways and despite herself Brianna could not help but frown behind her gag, the blue-haired girl finding it honestly strange to see her mistress use a piece of technology so casually. Then again, thinking about it she supposed it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise. Roxanna did own a cell phone, after all, and had never seemed to have any trouble using it. Her preference for antiques was just that, a preference, and in no way indicating a lack of skill. Whatever the case, the olive-skinned woman spent several long moments typing something onto the screen before nodding faintly at the device, glancing back over her shoulder to offer her companions a brief smile as she practically glided back over to the bed.

As she approached the ghost of a smirk lifted the corners of the woman’s mouth and she deliberately caught Brianna’s eye as turned the tablet to hold it up in plain view, “Someone wants to say hello, korítsi.”

Glancing at the screen, the blue-haired girl’s hazel eyes widened ever so slightly in shock to see Claudia of all people grinning widely at her from the other end of a video call. Clearly fresh out of bed with a rumbled t-shirt hanging from her shoulders and her normally messy hair roughly combed back into some semblance of order, the slender girl’s eyes nonetheless sparkled with excitement as she allowed her gaze to roam over Brianna’s bound and naked form where it lay entangled with Sofia’s equally nude body. Leaning forward as if trying to get a better look, the smile on her thin lips growing by the minute, the blue-haired girl felt a blush color her cheeks at the sheer lust on display in those soft brown eyes.

After an almost uncomfortably long silence the tattooed girl finally spoke, the familiar smokey tone of her voice sending a shiver down Brianna’s spine, “Looks like someone had an interesting night.”

Chuckling at that, the rumble in her chest sending a pleasant vibration into the bound girl’s body, Sofia tossed her hair aside with a grin, “You have no idea, kotenok.”

“Indeed.” Roxanna mused, that enigmatic smile never leaving her face, “I do hope you like our little surprise.”

“Oh yes, mistress.” Claudia agreed enthusiastically, “I must have been a very good girl this year.”

“Perhaps so, kotenok.” Sofia allowed as cupped one of Brianna’s breasts, “Or perhaps our Brianna has been a very bad girl.”

Blush darkening just a bit in embarrassment, even as a pleasant warmth spread through her chest at being called “theirs”, the blue-haired girl tried to mutter a reply through her gag, but it came out as little more than a muffled whimper. Especially when Sofia began to knead the breast she was holding, calloused fingers working all of her most sensitive places with taunting precision and she found herself moaning quietly instead. Pressing a feather-soft kiss to her brow, the blonde gave Brianna one last squeeze before lifting herself up onto her knees and climbing off the bed, though not before playfully tweaking a nipple and allowing her hand to trail across the bound girl’s ribs one last time, eliciting another shiver and a soft, mewling whine deep in her throat. At the same time, Roxanna set the tablet down on the nightstand, propping the device up somewhat awkwardly to keep the screen visible before pulling the table away from the wall just enough so that Claudia’s view of the blue-haired girl remained completely unimpeded. As she worked, Sofia took the opportunity to slip the familiar form of a vibrating egg into the bound girl’s body before handing the power cord to Roxanna who plugged it into the side of the tablet without comment.

Worrying her lower lip, the faintest trace of blush rising on her own face as she watched her mistresses work on the blue-haired girl’s body, Claudia nodded again, “Yes, mistress. A very bad girl.”

“You see, gatáki,” the olive-skinned woman said as she moved to sit down on the edge of the bed, “Sofia and I are going to fetch something to eat.”

“However,” the blonde continued as she reached out to run her fingers through the blue-haired girl’s long, tangled locks, “we need someone to keep an eye on Brianna for us while we are gone. I trust we can leave things in your capable hands?”

Body tightening instinctively around the intrusion, Brianna could not help but gasp at the sensation of the toy’s cool metal against her heated sex, eyes closing tightly as she moaned deep in her throat and arched her back sharply as she begged, “Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph! Pmmnphm! N nmmn phn cnm!”

Ignoring those pleas, Claudia practically pinned the blue-haired girl in place with a look of pure lust, a truly wicked smile twisting her thin lips, “Absolutely mistress, I promise that Brianna is in very good hands.”

“That is good to hear, kotenok.” Sofia offered as she grinned down at Brianna and playfully patted her on the hip before reaching out to take Roxanna’s hand in her own, “But we should really be going before it grows too late, dorogoy.”

“A very good point, stríngla.” Roxanna agreed as she offered the blonde a warm smile and squeezed her hand softly, “But there is one more thing.” With that the olive-skinned woman graced Brianna with one last, impish smile before reaching out with her free hand to gently press a set of earbuds into the bound girl’s ears one at a time before plugging them in to the tablet as well, “Try not to have too much fun, gatáki.”

Although she blushed a bit at that obvious implication, Claudia nodded but said nothing as she watched Sofia carefully rise from the bed and guide Roxanna up after her. For several long moments silence reigned as the older women circled the bed, the blonde drawing her lover into a tender embrace as the pair made their way to the closet to get dressed. Obviously concerned with speed more than fashion, Sofia threw on a simple shirt with a pair of shorts underneath while Roxanna slipped into a simple sundress, though the fact that neither one of them bothered with underwear made Brianna blush ever so slightly. Stepping out of sight, the sound of the door opening and closing soon after the only thing to announce their departure, the blue-haired girl eventually risked looking up only to swallow hard at the absolutely cheshire grin on Claudia’s face.

“You know,” the other girl said all of a sudden, her voice loud and clear in the ear buds, “I did warn you last night that you’d be taking responsibility for my sexual frustration. So what say we have a little fun?”

Manipulating something off screen, Claudia’s smirk sharpened as the vibrator buried within Brianna’s body sprang to life, the blue-haired girl gasping sharply as the sensations rapidly grew more and more intense, hitting all the right spots and making her toes curl as she moaned. Perhaps it was the thrill of being bound and gagged and totally at the mercy of someone else, perhaps it was the lingering excitement of her mistresses’ teasing, or perhaps she was just a horny bitch in general, but whatever it was Brianna felt as if her entire body was on fire with need as she arched her back as sharply as her bonds would allow. Moaning desperately as the motion seemed to pull the toy deep into her body, the vibrations radiating up her catheter in an alien and yet incredibly pleasurable way, the blue-haired girl clenched her eyes shut and bit down hard on her gag as she rocked her hips madly within their confinement. Of course to her immense frustration, if not actual surprise, the vibrations died on the cusp of orgasm. Howling into her gag and shrieking in frustration as she thrashed against her bonds hard enough to actually shake the bed, Brianna eventually collapsed back onto the mattress in a heap, exhausted and panting harshly, strength spent but still trembling with want.

“Now, now,” Claudia chided, a familiar teasing note in her voice, “none of that. Let’s just keep you warm while the show begins.”

Another soft whine escaped Brianna’s tightly packed mouth as she felt the vibrator resume its ministrations, but this time so softly that for a moment she thought it might be her imagination, a lump growing in her throat as she well knew from experience that this level of stimulation could keep her on edge for days. For what felt like a long moment Claudia allowed herself the luxury of drinking in the display, her eyes continuously roaming over the blue-haired girl’s body before she finally adjusted the screen of her laptop to widen the focus, stood up and stepped back away from her vanity. Taking hold of the hem of her t-shirt, which very nearly fell to her knees, at the same time the tattooed girl pulled it off in one smooth motion, twirling the black fabric casually before allowing it to fly off into the distance. Placing a hand on her hip, the slender girl struck a pose while a seductive smile curled equally slender lips. Much to Brianna’s surprise Claudia was not naked. Rather, the other girl was wearing a surprisingly elaborate set of lingerie. A slender thong of some almost translucent material with a matching bra, nothing more than the elaborate lacy decorations protecting what little remained of her modesty. Not that Claudia had ever possessed much of that, of course. In truth the hazy black garments suited the girl’s pale complexion and flattered the slender build of her body, while the elaborate patterns complimented her tattoos nicely. Not that the blue-haired girl was in a position to say any of that, of course, but if the way the other girl’s smile grew was any indication she clearly appreciated the attention.

Quickly switching gears, Claudia bent down, deliberately showing off what little cleavage she possessed as she reached out to grab something off screen. Holding up her prize, Brianna’s eyes went wide as she saw the slender girl hold up what at first glance seemed to be a simple ball gag with a single strap. However, the blue-haired girl almost instantly recognized the enormous orb of mottled black and purple rubber as the three inch gag that they had purchased, almost as a joke, on their date some weeks ago. As far as she was aware Claudia had only worn it once during her first foray into petplay and it had clearly been a struggle. But, if nothing else, the slender girl had always liked a challenge and had a subtle streak of masochism somewhere deep inside of herself. In a display of incredible flexibility, or perhaps proof that she had been practicing, Claudia popped the thing into her mouth with almost casual ease, stretching her jaws wide and tightening the strap almost brutally. The moan that followed was so intense that Brianna momentarily wondered if her companion just had an orgasm. If nothing else the way her nipples proudly presented themselves through the thin material of her bra highlighted just how turned on she was.

Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, Claudia then allowed her hands to trail down her body, fingers just teasing the edges of her breasts before running down her sides and seemingly paying special attention to the poem tattooed onto her ribs as she traced the outlines of each bone. Sighing softly in delight as she worked lower and began to explore the toned ridges of her abdominal muscles, the slender girl eventually allowed her palms to settle onto bony hips and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her thong. For the briefest moment Brianna wondered if the other girl was going to finish undressing, but Claudia managed to surprise her again when she slipped one hand between her thighs to tease the outline of her pussy through the thin material covering it while the other reached off-screen once again.

Eyes still closed and moaning softly as she played with herself, the tattooed girl held up her new prize, a rather brutal looking pair of clover clamps on a slender chain. Swallowing hard in anticipation and rocking her own hips in sympathy, muscles practically pulsing as her body twitched around the vibrator teasing her so relentlessly, Brianna watched with bated breath as Claudia finally moved, the hand between her legs trailing back up her stomach in a lazy arc to deftly unfasten the clasp between her slight breasts. Shrugging out of her bra in one smooth motion and exposing her chest fully, the slender girl moaned again, much deeper this time as she teased her left nipple between thumb and forefinger, clearly relishing the sensation for a long moment before popping the clamp into place. Crying out into her gag as the device pinched tender flesh tightly between its claws, Claudia actually hunched over slightly but still repeated the process on the right without hesitation, the flush of heat on her pale skin and the almost euphoric look on her face betraying her excitement. Opening her eyes then, the tattooed girl fixed Brianna with a look that was the very definition of a bedroom gaze, amusement clear in her expression as she watched the bound girl squirm. Rocking her shoulders back and forth to make the clamps sway ever so slightly, almost as if she were performing a particularly kinky lap dance, Claudia then took a step back and crawled onto her bed on all fours, showing off her deliciously tight curves before contorting her body to glance at the screen over her shoulder as she reached back with one hand to slide the thong down her hips. Giving her ass a playful smack, the girl suddenly produced a butt plug from somewhere within the folds of the blanket and held up the highly polished lump of stainless steel triumphantly.

Eyes locked on the toy, Brianna followed the other girl’s hand with almost trembling anticipation as Claudia slowly slide it across her skin and inserted the plug into her body, a tiny whine escaping the massive gag filling her mouth as her body resisted the intrusion before the tattooed girl finally forced it into place with a sharp gasp and a deep, shuddering moan. Breathing heavily through her nose for a moment or two as she allowed herself time to adjust to the pressure, Claudia eventually dropped down to her knees and straightened up to look right into the camera again. Gaze heavy with lust, excitement sparkling in her soft brown eyes, the corners of the girl’s thin lips quirked up ever so slightly around the ball stuffed between them in what Brianna instantly recognized as a smirk as she reached back to retrieve one last item. A dildo made of the same mottled purple rubber as her gag with an obvious set of controls at the base. With the flick of a switch the toy began to vibrate, the buzzing almost painfully loud in the blue-haired girl’s ears and reminding her once more of the toy humming away within her own quivering sex.

Claudia was not done, however. Smirk somehow growing wider despite the huge gag she wearing, the tattooed girl twisted another switch and the dildo began to undulate in her hand, twisting and oscillating in a mad dance that made Brianna’s loins ache as she imagined what such thing would feel like and desperately wanting it inside of herself. Turning the device off completely and spreading her knees wide, Claudia reached down and inserted the toy into her own body, slowly and deliberately working it in and out until she had taken the full length, moaning loudly every step of the way. It was only then that she turned it on, shifting both controls to full power with a wide-eyed gasp at the sudden flood of pleasure. Her entire body shuddering with delight, the slender girl began to buck her hips even as she closed her eyes and hunched over slightly, one hand playing with the clamps tormenting her nipples while the other thrust the toy in and out of her eager pussy with abandon.

For a moment or two it was obvious that Claudia was putting on a show with the way she arched her back seductively and rocked her hips as she rode the dildo, moaning softly through her gag with each and every thrust. However, it also became apparent just as quickly that the slender girl was unable to maintain the facade for long as she lost herself in pleasure. Face set in a mask of ecstasy, chest heaving with each breath, Claudia’s movements grew rough and jerky as her muscles tensed and her body quivered, every lunge of the hips pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Moaning loudly now despite her gag the tattooed girl’s eyes clenched shut as she pawed at her breasts, setting the clamps dancing and eliciting louder moans as each sway of the chain twisted her nipples almost savagely. A shudder eventually wracked her slender frame and the girl lost her balance, falling forward but instinctively catching herself with one hand, her hips never once breathing their rhythm despite that. Struggling in her own bonds, Brianna moaned loudly, a pulse of hot arousal filling her body even as she watched Claudia ride the dildo with abandon, hips bucking almost madly now as she arched her back as far as the chains binding her would allow, desperate to shift the vibrator teasing her own pussy into a more sensitive spot. And yet, no matter how much her struggles seemed to make the stainless steel egg rattle around inside of her, the orgasm that the blue-haired girl so desperately craved never seemed to come. Unaware, or unconcerned, with her companion’s plight Claudia continued her own wild dance, beads of sweat just starting to appear on pale skin from her exertions until a shiver seemed to rip through her hunched over form. Muscles tense, a shuddering cry escaped from the slender girl’s tightly packed mouth as she shoved her hips down with one final thrust, practically impaling herself on the vibrator as she did, her body eagerly swallowing the toy to the hilt. In that instant she came, practically shrieking as an unrelenting wave of orgasm washed over her and sent her flushed and panting form collapsing onto the bed in a heap. However, she was not finished just yet. Rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs wide, the tattooed girl continued to play with herself, thrusting the dildo into her quaking flesh again and again with one hand while the other returned to her chest, slender fingers alternating between fondling slight breasts and tugging hard on the chain connecting her nipple clamps.

Groaning almost pitifully, Brianna continued her desperate struggles, fighting against her bondage and almost unreasonably turned on by the sight of her girlfriend’s slender and toned body thrashing about in the throes of climax. In fact, she barely dared to blink as she watched Claudia writhe in pleasure, each thrust of the toy stretching the girl’s wet and eager pussy with its passage, and drawing shuddering moans from her expertly gagged mouth as aftershocks assaulted her body. With the little monster buzzing away in her own trembling sex, holding her on edge but refusing to let her cross over no matter how much she moved, the blue-haired girl desperately wished that Claudia was here. At least then begging might actually achieve something. Speaking of the devil, the tattooed girl finally seemed to reach her limit as another orgasm tore its way free from her body, her slight frame practically spasming as she screamed in delight, the palm of one hand grinding against her clit as the other pulled on her nipple clamps so hard that Brianna was actually afraid that they might pop off. That didn’t happen, but the sudden jolt of pain only seemed to supercharge Claudia’s climax and for what felt like an eternity the tattooed girl shrieked and writhed, lost in a sea of sensation until she finally reached her limit and collapsed in a flushed and panting jumble of limbs, having just enough wherewithal to turn off the vibrator without bothering to remove it from her body. Whimpering almost pathetically and clenching tight around her own vibrator, an act that pulled the toy deep into her body and pressed it snugly against her catheter in a way that felt very… interesting, Brianna craned her neck to try and get a better view as she called out as best she could.

“Cmnnnnn? Cmnnnnn!?”

Raising her head ever so slightly, messy brown hair now wildly disheveled blurring her vision, the tattooed girl quirked a brow, “Mmhnph?”

Pulling against her cuffs again and wiggling her hips, Brianna begged, desperation clear in bloodshot hazel eyes, “N nmmn phn cnm phn hnn!”

Pulling the dildo from her body with a huff, Claudia reluctantly rolled onto her side and crawled out of bed, walking over to the vanity on shaky legs and practically falling into the chair. Roughly smoothing her hair back into some semblance of order, the tattooed girl reached up and pulled the gag from her mouth with audible pop but did not bother to unfasten it, seemingly content to let the rubber ball dangle around her neck like some sort of strange necklace. Deep lines etched into her cheeks a testament to just how tight the strap had been despite how short a time she had actually been wearing the thing, Claudia worked her jaw a few times and allowed her eyes to roam over Brianna’s helplessly bound form with naked appreciation as a tiny smirk slowly curled her thin lips.

“What was that? You want to cum?”

“Mmph!” Brianna practically shouted, jerking against her cuffs again for emphasis.

“I don’t know,” Claudia teased in an almost sing-song voice, “What’s the magic word?”

“Pmmnphm!” Brianna forced out, rolling her own eyes and wanting to scream in frustration, “Pmmnphm!”

“Well, since you said please...” Claudia allowed as she let her voice trail off.

Planting an elbow on the vanity and cradling her chin on one hand, the slender girl’s smirk sharpened ever so slightly as she reached out with her free hand to manipulate the controls of Brianna’s vibrator. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, the blue-haired girl moaned deep in her throat at the pleasurable sensations washing over her body, the intensity of the vibrations hammering against her most sensitive flesh ramping up and up and up with each second until she was certain she was about to burst. And yet, on the bleeding edge of what promised to be the bed shaking, toe curling orgasm she had craved all morning the toy suddenly went dead. That would have been bad enough, but before Brianna could even think of reacting the vibrator activated again. On full power at first, but only for the briefest of moments before cutting down to almost nothing to repeat the process again. It was enough to make her whimper, the oscillations of the toy rising and falling, rising and falling in a seemingly endless wave of wild and irregular pulses. It was impossible to predict, a maddening series of discordant notes that left her a writhing and panting wreck that just would not stop. Throwing her shoulders back, hard enough to arch her spine, Brianna groaned in desperation as she wriggled within her bonds, legs trembling with exertion as she rocked her hips side to side and clenched down hard on the toy.

Watching silently as the bound girl whimpered and moaned and begged into her gag as she struggled, Claudia continued to play with the controls, her finger lazily looping across the touch pad as she pushed the poor girl to the very edge of frenzy before pulling her back again, leaving her little more than a flushed and panting mess. It was cruel, in a way, but it was a cruelty they all enjoyed, a cruelty that crossed the line between pain and pleasure and never failed to drive Brianna wild. Or Claudia herself for that matter. Besides, it was in moments like this, pushed to the edge of her endurance, both punished and rewarded by her desires, that Brianna was at her most beautiful.

Though, at the moment, the blue-haired girl might have begged to differ.

Whatever the case, as Claudia continued to tease the bound girl both of them were far too caught up in the moment to notice the door opening and closing again, or the sound of approaching footsteps. However, standing just beyond the foot of the bed neither Sofia nor Roxanna commented. Instead the two older women just watched, silently and eagerly, as Brianna squirmed beneath her tormentor’s not so gentle ministrations. Indeed, it was only some moments later, when Roxanna cleared her throat loudly, that both girls finally noticed they were not alone and froze in place. Still without comment, the olive-skinned woman slowly limped around the side of the bed and took the tablet in hand once again, deftly unplugging both the vibrator and the earbuds as she did. Almost instantly the blue-haired girl went slack, a deep moan of relief echoing in her throat as the relentless teasing finally stopped. Carefully lowering herself down at the girl’s side, cradling a brown paper bag in one hand, Sofia reached out and gently stroked the bound girl’s brow, eliciting an even deeper moan as Brianna seemed to relax almost completely beneath that touch and the pleasant feeling of strong fingers carding through her hair and massaging her scalp. At the same time Roxanna carefully lowered herself down on the other side of the bed. Still holding the tablet in her lap the olive-skinned woman offered Claudia a tiny, almost sly smile.

“I see you took my suggestions to heart, gatáki,” the woman teased, “Indeed, it seems as if you have had a great deal of fun.”

The slender girl’s smirk was somehow sheepish and unrepentant at the same time, “Yes, mistress.”

Deep brown eyes roaming over Brianna’s flushed and panting form, a sheen of sweat covering her skin and the muscles of her thighs still quivering softly, Roxanna pursed her lips, “Perhaps too much fun.”

“Maybe, mistress,” Claudia allowed.

“Ah well, I suppose we are on vacation,” Roxanna allowed.

Offering a playful smile of her own, Sofia gestured to the bag in her lap, “I would invite you to join us for breakfast, kotenok, but…”

Laughing softly, Claudia shook her head, the motion once again making the clamps still dangling from her nipples sway, “I understand, mistress. I have to get ready for work anyway.” pausing then the tattooed girl shot Brianna one last smirk, “Thanks for everything, sweetheart. I hope you enjoyed the show, and remember not to have too much fun without me.”

To that Brianna just groaned, rolling her eyes in amusement even as Claudia offered their mistresses one last wave and signed off with a wink, the screen going dark in an instant. Setting the tablet aside then, and carefully plucking the buds from the blue-haired girl’s ears, Roxanna reached out and gently massaged her aching jaw for a long moment, eliciting a much softer moan of pure relief before finally unbuckling her gag and pulling the small but thick plug from her sore mouth. Setting the thing aside, the olive-skinned woman smiled softly and stroked Brianna’s cheek with the back of her hand.

“There we are, korítsi. Feeling better?”

Both relieved and disappointed to be free of the gag, some part of her convinced that it must have swollen during the hours she had been wearing it, Brianna eagerly leaned into her mistress’s touch and practically whispered, “No more teasing, mistress. Please.”

“Do you need a break, devushka?” Sofia asked, instantly, as she continued to comb the girl’s long, blue hair.

Relaxing incrementally beneath the touch of her lovers, Brianna managed to shake her head ever so slightly, a new blush covered her face as she did, “No, mistress. I just… I just really want to cum.”

“I understand, korítsi.” Roxanna soothed as she leaned down to give the girl a soft, comforting kiss, “No more teasing, I promise. But remember, good girls take their sweets after eating, not before.”

Blush intensifying, not certain if the innuendo loaded into that statement had been intentional or not, Brianna managed a nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Withdrawing her hand with a soft chuckle, much to the blue-haired girl’s disappointment, Sofia finally opened the bag in her lap and began to pull out a somewhat eclectic collection of items. A package of yogurt, a bagel wrapped in wax paper, a small glass bottle of orange juice and a sealed paper cup of what must have been coffee given the rather fragrant steam rising from it. Stomach growling at the smell, much to her own embarrassment, Brianna watched as the blonde handed the coffee to Roxanna before unwrapping a set of plastic silverware, “I do apologize for the rather poor spread, but I suppose it is wise to eat lightly before a performance.”

“Very true.” Roxanna agreed as she gently propped up the bound girl’s head with an extra pillow, “What do you say, korítsi? Hungry?”

With a nod, Brianna worked her shoulder just a bit to test the pillow and returned the olive-skinned woman’s smile, “Yes, mistress.”

Carefully popping the lid from the coffee cup and setting it aside, Roxanna took a deep breath of the rising steam, the pleased look on her face contrasting sharply with her words, “Sadly there was no tea left, but I suppose coffee will suffice just this once.”

“That’s okay, mistress.” Brianna assured, “I like coffee.”

Gently holding the cup to the blue-haired girl’s lips to offer a drink, Roxanna’s smile turned almost impish, “I know, korítsi. And I forgive you.”

Fighting back a grin at that gentle teasing, especially when Sofia, a well known coffee lover, pouted playfully in response with an obviously put upon expression, Brianna gratefully took a sip. Almost moaning in delight, the hot and bitter brew spreading a pleasant warmth in her chest while the accompanying jolt of caffeine seemed to banish the lingering tiredness in her limbs, the blue-haired girl could not help but sigh. As they passed the cup around, Roxanna took the opportunity to open the container of plain yogurt and stirred in a packet of honey to sweeten it while Sofia cut up the bagel and spread its surface with cream cheese. Nibbling at the food here and there Brianna could not help but reflect that it was indeed rather plain fair, especially when compared to the often exotic dishes that Roxanna preferred to serve, but for the blue-haired girl it was the company that mattered more than anything. Besides, there was something about being fed by her mistresses that never failed to excite her submissive side. And being fed while bound? That was a deliciously kinky thrill in its own right. Still, between the three of them the makeshift breakfast disappeared quickly enough and by the time Sofia opened up the juice, offering the bound girl the first taste of wonderfully tart orange, Brianna was feeling… not full, not exactly, she hadn’t eaten nearly enough for that, but pleasantly sated regardless. Passing the bottle around before draining the last bit herself a moment later, Sofia offered her captive an almost mischievous smile, a hint of something much more primal sparkling in her eyes as the athletic blonde twisted her toned and curvy body to practically loom over Brianna’s prone and helpless form.

“What do you say, devushka.” she asked, her voice a quiet rumble as she reached out to once again play with the bound girl’s hair, “Good girls get dessert, no?”

Despite herself Brianna shivered at that touch, absolutely entranced by the look in those brilliant blue eyes as the spark of arousal she had almost managed to put out of her mind returned full force, keenly aware of the vibrator still filling her pussy, “Mistress?”

Shifting her hand down, Sofia pressed a palm to the girl’s side, gently stroking the sensitive skin over her ribs, “Dessert, devushka. You must be famished, after all.”

Biting her lip to suppress a moan at the feeling of those calloused fingers on her body, Brianna practically whimpered, “Please.”

Smiling brightly, the blonde leaned down to silence her with a kiss, but as she did Roxanna offered a soft smile of her own and reached behind her back to unzip her dress, letting the garment fall to expose her bare breasts and pool around her waist. Idly tracing one of the scars that curled around her ribs to cup a breast, the olive-skinned woman’s smile grew as she took note of the way Brianna’s eyes were locked onto her chest. Arching her back ever so slightly, the older woman practically purred, “Ready, korítsi?”

Licking her lips in anticipation, the heat smoldering in her core rapidly spreading to fill her entire body, Brianna nodded as best she could, “Yes, mistress!”

Without comment, though her smile remained, Roxanna hiked up the hem of her skirt to expose her scarred and yet shapely thighs before quickly moving to straddle the bound girl. Taking hold of the headboard to balance herself, the olive-skinned woman suddenly shifted her hips to press her cleanly shaved sex against the captive mouth beneath her. Needing no further instructions, Brianna took a deep breath, relishing the overwhelming scent of the other woman’s arousal as she parted her lips. Using her tongue in all the ways she had been taught, the blue-haired girl gently probed Roxanna’s flesh, delicately tracing the lips of her labia one after the other with long, slow licks before teasing her throbbing clit with much shorter, faster strokes. Her mistress certainly seemed to appreciate the effort, moaning softly as her thighs instinctively tightened around the girl’s head and she began to rock her hips gently against the source of her pleasure.

Stepping up her efforts, knowing well that the olive-skinned woman liked to have the experience drawn out, Brianna paused for a brief instant before gently swirling the tip of her tongue around that hard and eager clit. However, just as she was beginning to press deeper, lapping at the velvety heat between the older woman’s nether lips and enjoying the feeling of the trembling body perched above her, she felt a familiar pair of calloused hands cup her breasts and work their way slowly down her sides. Gasping at the sudden contact, and fighting down a giggle as those strong fingers glided over her ribs and just managed to hit all of her sensitive spots, Brianna struggled to remain focused on her task. A struggle that grew nearly impossible a moment later when Sofia stepped up her own game, taking the bound girl’s hips in hand and branding her stomach with a kiss. Even muffled by Roxanna flesh, she could not help but moan loudly and shudder in delight at the seemingly endless assault of soft lips on her body as the blonde began to work her way lower, worshiping pale skin as the skirted the edge of Brianna’s navel, that hot tongue tracing practically every line of the blue roses tattooed onto the girl’s pelvis. Roxanna, however, was somewhat less understanding, a quiet noise of frustration escaping the olive-skinned woman’s throat as she pressed down harder with her hips, silently commanding the blue-haired girl to get back to work.

Brianna tried, she really did, but as soon as she managed to gather herself enough to begin licking her mistress’s pussy again Sofia suddenly sat up, the abrupt loss of contact actually making the bound girl gasp in surprise. That gasp swiftly became another, much deeper, moan as the vibrator was pulled from her body in one smooth motion with the catheter following a heartbeat later. Crying out at the shockingly intense sensations, and the sudden feeling of emptiness left behind, the blue-haired girl was thus caught completely off guard when the long, thick length of a dildo sheathed itself fully in her body. With barely a pause, Sofia then began to thrust into her with the strap-on, each stroke powerful enough to shake her body and the bed she was chained to. Moaning in time with each and every lunge of the blonde’s hips, Brianna momentarily forgot where she was, completely lost in the feeling of the toy striking all of her sensitive spots at once until a hand gripped her long, blue hair in an almost painfully tight grip and roughly shoved her mouth back into place.

Breath heavy and voice rough, Roxanna practically growled, a tone that the bound girl had never heard from her mistress before and one that excited her to her very core, “Don’t you dare stop, korítsi.”

As if in response Sofia began to slacken her pace, each thrust just as deep but growing slower and slower and slower, “You heard her, devushka. You do not cum until she does.”

Brianna whimpered but did not protest, managing a tiny nod despite the hand still woven into her hair as she got back to work, shaky tongue reaching out to lick and lap at Roxanna’s most delicate flesh. Soon enough the olive-skinned woman went slack again, her grip loosening as a long and yet quiet moan escaped her. At the same time Sofia began to speed up again, the blonde’s own breath growing sharper with each thrust as the blue-haired girl’s body was reduced to a conduit of pleasure. A toy to be used, and rewarded. Quivering on the edge after barely a moment, Brianna almost desperately thrust her tongue into Roxanna’s body, the familiar feeling of the woman’s velvety inner walls tightening around her a thrill that shot straight down her spine to join the throbbing heat between her legs. Falling back on a technique that had never failed her, the blue-haired girl began to swirl her tongue, practically stabbing into all of her mistress’s most sensitive spots and making the woman shudder with delight. Throwing her head back and gripping the headboard tight, Roxanna moaned again and began to rock her hips in a vaguely circular motion, grinding against Brianna’s mouth as she rode the ragged edge of orgasm. At the same moment, Sofia threw her arms around the olive-skinned woman’s body, cupping firm breasts and squeezing almost harshly even as she never once broke rhythm. Crying out in both shock and delight, Roxanna arched her back sharply and her entire body seemed to go stiff. Between the tongue still thrust deep into her pussy and the strong fingers pinching her nipples the woman came without warning, screaming in absolute ecstasy as a shudder wracked her body and every muscle seemed to go tense at the exact same moment. For her part Brianna did not stop, teasing more and more aftershocks from her mistress’s quivering body as Sofia’s thrusts grew almost frantic.

At the best of times the blue-haired girl liked to think that she had pretty good self control, but with one of her mistresses fucking her madly while the other rode her face as she came again and again, these were hardly the best of circumstances. Even so, she managed to keep licking even as she squirmed and writhed and moaned, her hips bucking wildly within Sofia’s grip as she struggled to meet each thrust with one of her own. It could not last for long, of course. Every sense drowning in a sea of sensation, the heat and scent and touch of her mistresses overwhelming in their entirety, Brianna struggled mightily to hold back, to draw out the pleasure engulfing her, but after what felt like an eternity of blissful torment she came, hard. Despite long anticipating this moment, Brianna was still caught somewhat off guard by the sudden intensity of her orgasm, breath catching in her throat as she screamed in utter, rapturous ecstasy. Every muscle in her body seemed to pull taut in an instant as she strained against the cuffs holding her, fingers and toes curling into jagged claws as she practically convulsed at the sheer, overwhelming power of her release. And yet, Sofia was not finished. With a frenzied, almost furious pace the blonde continued to thrust into her, pounding her quivering body into the mattress as her own breath grew harsh with exertion. Not that the blue-haired girl was paying that much attention as those almost frantic motions pushed her over the edge to a second orgasm in mere seconds, the force of this unexpected climax racing through her body like lightning and actually making her voice crack as she arched her back and shrieked in a heady mix of pleasure and pain. Stars blooming in her vision, Brianna barely remembered collapsing back onto the mattress, her body going utterly slack like a puppet with its string cut as the warm embrace of subspace rushed to greet her.

Floating in that darkness, barely aware of anything and feeling both exhausted and exhilarated as she often did after sex, the blue-haired girl still shivered ever so slightly as she felt Sofia go stiff, the blonde’s own howl of delight distant at best as the woman pressed down hard against her before dropping back and pulling the toy free from the bound girl’s body. Despite the lingering, yet pleasant, ache between her legs Brianna still moaned softly in delight at the sensation and instinctively snuggled against the warm mass that molded itself against her side. An instant, or an eternity, it was impossible to tell how much time had passed before the managed to open her eyes again but, blinking cautiously, the blue-haired girl immediately moved to rub her eyes, almost shocked to realize after the fact that her cuffs had been removed and her limbs freed. Tentatively lifting her head from the pillow she could not help but smile a the sight of Roxanna curled up against her side, the olive-skinned woman still clad in the disheveled remnants of her dress, while Sofia sat propped up against the headboard across from them, naked as the day she was born. As if sensing the motion, Roxanna stirred in her repose, reaching out and wrapping her arms around the pale girl’s body, a faint smile curling her lips as she held her lover close. Amused by the display, Sofia smiled as well before reaching out to tangle her fingers in Brianna’s hair, gently carding through the silky locks and playfully massaging the sensitive skin of her scalp.

“Welcome back, devushka.” the blonde greeted quietly, “Feeling better?”

Closing her eyes as she leaned back into the pillow, reveling in the blonde’s touch, she managed a tiny nod, “Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress.”

“Good girl.”

Although her eyes were still closed, Roxanna managed to shift her shoulders and crane her neck just enough to plant a kiss on Brianna’s cheek, right at the base of her ear, “What do you say, korítsi? Ready to get up?”

Biting her lip, Brianna pouted playfully, “Do we have to, mistress?”

“I suppose not.” Sofia conceded as she continued to play with the girl’s hair, “But if we are only going to laze about in bed, we could have stayed home, no?”

Brianna, if reluctantly, had to yield the point and so, after several moments spent untangling themselves, and pausing long enough for Roxanna to fully slip out of her dress, the three of them made their way to the bathroom. Squinting against the harsh light reflecting from polished white tiles, the blue-haired girl offered no comment as the shower was turned on and offered no resistance as she was led inside. The rush of warm water pouring over her body instantly made her relax; she could not help but sigh in relief as the lingering soreness of her rather strict bondage was washed away much like the scent of sweat and sex clinging to her skin. As she just stood there beneath the shower head, eyes closed and head tilted back to enjoy the spray, Sofia enveloped her in an embrace, strong hands gliding over her stomach as a wonderfully curvy body molded itself against her back.

For a moment she wondered if they were about to have sex again, a somewhat daunting prospect as she was still a bit sore from earlier, but not an unwelcome one either. However, to Brianna’s surprise even as Roxanna joined in and stole a few kisses from the both of them, it was not to be. Rather, the olive-skinned woman reached up and began to wash her hair while Sofia massaged her shoulders before moving on to gently wash her skin. Practically melting beneath that gentle aftercare, the aches and pains of her long night quickly forgotten, the blue-haired girl moaned and took the opportunity to explore her mistresses in turn. If there was one thing that she actually disliked about bondage it was the fact that it often robbed her of the opportunity to touch her lovers. As much as she enjoyed being at their mercy and thrilled at the way they caressed and groped her body in those moments when she was bound and gagged and utterly helpless, Brianna was a very tactile person by nature. As much as she loved to be touched, well and truly loved it, she craved the same contact herself. To feel her lovers beneath her hands, to trace their skin with her fingers, to experience each and every twitch of their bodies. It was a minor regret all told, but one that helped to make moments like this when she was given free reign all the more special. Indeed, breathing in air heavy with steam and standing amid a sea of silky soft skin gliding against her own as her hands roamed freely over generous curves, her mistresses’ intent on touching every inch of her, was practically a dream come true.

Of course, all dreams come to an end eventually but by the time this dream faded Brianna found herself feeling both wide awake and utterly relaxed. By the time the shower ended she could not keep a smile from her face as she dried herself with a fluffy towel and stepped up to the sink alongside her mistresses to fix her hair. Listening to Sofia hum softly to herself as she ran a brush through her golden locks, the only sound to really break the comfortable silence that had lingered since the three of them had finally gotten out of bed, the blue-haired girl felt her earlier excitement begin to return mixed with the unmistakable sensation of jittery nerves. She honestly had no idea what time it was, and couldn’t bring herself to disrupt the moment by asking, but soon enough she knew that their true adventure was about to begin and that filled her with a sense of anticipation so keen that her whole body practically vibrated.

Almost instinctively biting her lower lip as she finished combing her own hair, Brianna shivered a bit, barely able to contain herself. A sentiment that Roxanna seemed to understand as the olive-skinned woman reached out to take her hand in a comforting grip and offered a faint, reassuring smile before turning back to the mirror to finish her makeup. At the same time Sofia set her brush down and offered a far more playful smile before taking the blue-haired girl by the hand and gently urging her back out into the narrow hall. Once again she offered no resistance and, without ceremony, the blonde led her across the room, past the beds and over to the curtained off back wall. Throwing the drapes aside without a care in the world, the athletic woman unlocked the sliding glass door and stepped out onto the patio bold as brass, completely heedless of her nudity and drawing Brianna along behind her. Not that the blue-haired girl protested, offering nothing more than an amused smile as she crossed the threshold. This high up and in a semi-enclosed space she doubted that anyone could see anything, besides after everything else she had experienced in the last year the prospect of being naked outside no longer seemed quite too daunting.

Taking the girl into a gentle half embrace and pulling her close, Sofia spent a long moment simply admiring the scenery, taking in the brilliantly green countryside and the glittering city in the distance before finally speaking, “Excited, devushka?”

“Yes, mistress,” Brianna answered, almost quietly, reveling in the feeling of the woman’s warm, strong body before looking up at her face and asking, “Are you?”

Still grinning, the blonde gently kissed her on the brow, “I am always excited to share new things with those I love.”

To that Brianna could only smile as well, warmth blooming in her chest as she rested her head on the woman’s shoulder and gently looped her arms around that shapely waist as a new silence fell and they both gave themselves over to the beauty of the vista beyond. A moment later that was how Roxanna found them when she stepped out onto the patio herself. Casting her eyes in that direction Brianna was momentarily taken aback, almost awestruck in fact by the sight of the older woman. Naked as well, the olive tones of her skin transformed into a soft, golden brown by the sun while her hair shimmered in the light, she seemed more like a work of art than a real living, breathing woman in that instant. Wordlessly stepping up to curl her body against Sofia’s other side, the blonde instantly taking her into the embrace, the elegant woman smiled faintly at the attention but seemed content to simply enjoy the view with them, as if unable to break the silence herself or simply unwilling to spoil the moment.

Thus it fell to Sofia to finally speak up, “What time is it, dorogoy?”

Luxuriating in her lover’s warmth, and the gentle kiss of the sun, Roxanna’s reply was almost lazy, “Nearly eleven o’clock by now.”

“So late?” the blonde asked, seemingly surprised by that response.

“Well, it has been a rather slow morning,” the olive-skinned woman pointed out with a faintly amused smile.

To that Sofia just chuckled, but Brianna could not help but agree. It had been a long time since they had indulged themselves with such a lazy start to the day, pleasant though it had been. Still, she supposed it didn’t really matter. Most of the festivities weren’t scheduled to start until this afternoon and they had nearly an hour until they were supposed to meet with Claire and her mistress. Plenty of time to enjoy the sun, and each other. Even so they would need to get dressed and get moving soon if they wanted to make that appointment. Most likely in something mundane as showing up to the meeting in bondage gear, while certainly appropriate and definitely exciting, would perhaps be a bit much. And beyond that there were phone calls to make, schedules to check, and a host of little details to handle, but it all felt so distant at the moment. Right now the only thing Brianna really wanted to do was bask in the warm breeze of late morning and let herself drift within Sofia’s firm yet tender embrace. Especially when Roxanna’s hand suddenly pressed against the small of her back before drifting down to cup her ass. It was almost surprising, given how straight-laced and serious the olive-skinned woman often seemed, but at the same time Brianna well knew just how passionate and playful her mistress could be when the mood took her. Case in point. Biting her lip to suppress a moan, the blue-haired girl responded in kind, helping herself to a handful of the woman’s own pleasantly curved and wonderfully firm backside, and let out a contented sigh. For all that she was looking forward to the rest of the day, for all of the excitement burning within her, right now she really was exactly where she wanted to be.


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