A Conventional Affair

by Darkwolf

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Storycodes: F+/f; bond; chastity; oral; naked; rom; cons; X

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Part 3

Slowly and carefully Brianna Wilde opened her eyes, the gentle light flooding her vision forcing her to squint as the expanse of an unfamiliar ceiling came into focus. Blinking a few times to let herself adjust and clear away the last traces of sleep, the blue-haired girl fought down the urge to yawn as she instinctively stretched, arching her back and rolling her neck, wincing ever so slightly at the jolt of pain that shot through her stiff shoulders. It was only then, as she allowed her body to collapse back into a boneless heap on the sinfully soft bed she found herself laying on, a wonderfully overstuffed pillow as soft as a cloud propping up her head, that she realized she had been unbound. The monoglove that had pinned her arms so tightly behind her back all day was gone, as was her gag. Moreover, someone had gone to the trouble of fixing her clothing, wrapping the skirt back around her waist and adjusting her bra though, to her slight disappointment, she could also feel that her chastity belt had been locked back on.

Closing her eyes and curling her toes, reveling in the feeling of actually being able to move again, Brianna could not help but smile at the pleasantly sated feeling nestled in her stomach, and the lingering ache between her legs. Proof positive that she hadn’t actually been asleep that long, and that she hadn’t simply dreamed that little rendezvous on the patio with her mistresses. Even just thinking back on it, the phantom sensations of Sofia’s strong hands roughly fondling her chest and teasing her nipples while Roxanna knelt between her legs and explored her most sensitive places with that hot and oh so skilled tongue, threatened to drive her wild as a new bloom of heat settled between her thighs. Swallowing past the faint stinging in her raw throat, a legacy of the screaming orgasms that her lovers had pulled from her eager body, Brianna had to bite her lip to suppress a moan.

For a long moment the blue-haired girl allowed herself to drift in those memories, another moan threatening to escape her as she very nearly lost herself in the recollection, biting her lip even harder as she fought the urge to squirm and unconsciously rubbed her thighs together. Even as the ghostly tingle of her mistresses’ hands and mouths assaulted her skin Brianna tried to remember the last time either of the older women had gone down on her. Weeks at least, maybe months, the truth lost somewhere between all the other pleasures they so freely shared with her, and the sheer passion of their lovemaking on those nights she was not locked into chastity. Of course, to the blue-haired girl’s mind that just made moments like this all the more special. It was funny in a way but Brianna had long ago discovered that she absolutely loved performing oral sex, something about the act speaking to her submissive nature on a fundamental level. An attitude that Claudia very much seemed to share given how often the two of them ended up on their knees, to say nothing of the fact that time spent together somehow always seemed to end with them eating each other out unless physically restrained from doing so, and sometimes even then.

That actually brought a smile to her face as she recalled a night that felt so long ago now, of the tattooed girl stretched out in an inescapably tight spread eagle on her bed, harshly bound and gagged, while Brianna herself lay hogtied between those slender legs. She had spent that night thoroughly exploring her girlfriend’s pussy, ripping orgasm after orgasm from that taut body until the other girl had actually passed out from over stimulation. A performance that she was still rather proud of, truth be told. Unable to suppress a moan this time, the blue-haired girl felt her own pussy clench in sympathy, the outlines of her piercings presenting themselves proudly through the thin material of her shirt as her nipples hardened and her skin flushed.

Ironically enough, with Claudia on her mind, she suddenly found herself wondering what her girlfriend was doing right now. Turning her head to the side, Brianna reluctantly opened her eyes to glance at the back of the room. The curtains had been closed, but it was easy to see from the darkness behind them that night had clearly fallen and that meant, unless something unusual had happened, that Claudia was probably home from work by now. Was she preparing dinner? Curled up in front of the television or with a book? Or, perhaps, something far more… intimate? Then again, given how free spirited the tattooed girl could be, it was also entirely possible that she was out somewhere living it up, or causing trouble. It was honestly amusing how often the two tended to overlap and the blue-haired girl found herself smiling faintly as she recalled some of Claudia’s antics when they had been together.

Eventually though Brianna let out a soft sigh and placed both of her hands firmly on the mattress to push her body upright into a sitting position, wincing ever so slightly as the waistband of her chastity belt cut into her stomach. The sensation passed quickly though and, shaking her head to brush a few stray strands of hair from her face, the girl braced herself with her arms and finally looked around the room not at all surprised to find that she was not alone. Roxanna sat casually no more than a few feet away, perched on the edge of the other bed with an open suitcase at her feet as she transferred clothing into the dresser. Across the room Sofia stood just around the corner, maneuvering the rest of their luggage into the closet. Both women were being unusually quiet, well Sofia was being unusually quiet in any case, and the blue-haired girl could not help but smile again as she allowed her hazel eyes to roam over their bodies, lingering especially on the way Roxanna’s shorts showed off her long, well turned legs and Sofia’s skin tight tank top drew attention to her strong shoulders and surprisingly ample chest.

As she rather shamelessly checked out her mistresses, Roxanna happened to glance back over her shoulder and favored the girl with a tiny and yet incredibly warm smile, “Ah, welcome back korítsi. Did you have a good nap?”

Unable to keep herself from blushing faintly at the attention, Brianna nonetheless nodded, “Yes mistress, thank you. How long was I asleep?”

“Perhaps an hour.” the olive-skinned woman ventured, “We considered waking you, but it did not seem right.”

That actually surprised Brianna a little, “You should have anyway, mistress. I would have helped you unpack.”

“I believe we have it in hand, devushka.” Sofia interjected as she leaned around the corner, flashing a grin of her own, “After all, you have had a very… busy day, no?”

Looking down as her blush darkened and yet unable to keep a grin from curling her own lips, very well aware of exactly what the blonde meant by that, Brianna nodded again, “Thank you, mistress.”

“No trouble at all, devushka.” Sofia assured as she crossed over to the bed and sat down next to the blue-haired girl, voice dropping into a playful, almost teasing tone before she continued, “Do forgive me, though. In all of the excitement I forgot, but I have something that I believe you will like.”

Suspicious, but also curious, Brianna glanced at the athletic women and cocked her head slightly as she asked, “What is it, mistress?”

Lips twitching as her grin morphed into something positively devilish, Sofia help up her phone and turned her body enough so that the other girl could see the screen, “It would seem that Claudia was true to her word.”

For a moment Brianna frowned softly in confusion, not sure what the older woman was talking about until the sight of Sofia’s phone made it all click. Dancing there on the device’s screen was a single line of text, ‘Thinking of you.’ followed by a series of images that made the blue-haired girl’s breath catch in her throat. Images of Claudia, standing in one of the cluttered store-rooms at the back of Curios and Relics, one hand stretched out to hold her own phone at just the right angle to take a selfie while the other lifted her shirt high, exposing the pale skin and toned muscles of her stomach as well as her slight but firm breasts, the rosy pink nipples capping them standing out proudly. The sultry smile curling the tattooed girl’s thin lips, and the stunningly bedroom glint in those soft brown eyes, only added to the perfection.

It only got worse from there, or perhaps better as Brianna found herself swallowing hard around the lump that suddenly appeared in her throat, Sofia’s smile growing positively vulpine as she slowly scrolled through the images, each one showing Claudia’s free hand trailing progressively lower down her body, teasing the ridges of her abdominal muscles before unbuttoning the skin tight jeans clinging to the curves of her hips, drawing the eye to her slender waist as well as the rainflowers tattooed on her pelvis. However, what the blue-haired girl truly noticed was that, much like her lack of a bra, the tattooed girl was not wearing any underwear. Claudia did not stop there, though, and Brianna had to bite her lip to suppress a moan as the final image came into view. In it the other girl was shooting the camera a heavily lidded gaze, a look of pure lust painted on her features as she slipped her fingers between her legs, pushing the material of her jeans aside, nothing but her palm to shield her cleanly shaven sex from sight. Once again the blue-haired girl felt heat rush to her face and spread down her chest to settle between her legs as her nipples hardened. Sure, she remembered Claudia teasing that she had been tempted to masturbate to the pictures of Brianna’s own bound body that their mistresses had shared but, the tattooed girl hadn’t actually done it, had she?

“Quite the sight. Wouldn’t you agree, korítsi?

The sudden sound of Roxanna’s voice instantly tore Brianna’s gaze from the picture, her head practically whipping around to see her mistress sitting next to her, that same gentle smile from earlier still painted on the olive-skinned woman’s face. Blinking once or twice in shock, having not heard the woman approach at all, the blue-haired girl managed to mumble a quick reply, “Yes, mistress.”

Glancing at the younger girl’s face, Roxanna cocked her head ever so slightly to glance past her body and study the image herself, “Bold, our Claudia.”

To that Brianna could only nod in agreement, that faintest of blushes returning to her cheeks, “Very much so, mistress.”

Looking up, Roxanna gently cupped the blue-haired girl’s face and forced their eyes to meet as her smile softened and warm affection seeped into her tone, “Then again, perhaps we are all bold.” without even waiting for a reply, the olive-skinned woman leaned in and kissed the girl’s cheek, “One of the many reasons we love you so, korítsi.”

This time Brianna did moan, a pleasant tingle washing over her body as Roxanna’s gently accented voice caressed her ear. Once upon a time bold was not a word that the blue-haired girl would have used to describe herself. In fact, even just a few years ago bashful or self-conscious would have fit better, perhaps even demure if she had been feeling fancy. She still wasn’t certain she could call herself bold, not completely anyway, but one of the many things that she adored about her lovers was the way they made her brave and the way their support had made her able to finally express herself and who she was without fear, even if a rousing trill of embarrassment still lingered at times. As such, rather than respond with words Brianna instead smiled faintly and leaned her entire body to wrap her arms around Roxanna’s neck, resting her head on the olive-skinned woman’s shoulder.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath of the older woman’s scent, the blue-haired girl practically whispered, “I love you, mistress.”

Although a bit taken off guard by the sudden embrace, Roxanna responded almost instinctively, wrapping up the girl in her own arms, “I know korítsi, I know.”

Setting her phone aside, Sofia joined in the group hug, pulling both of her lovers against her body, molding herself against Brianna’s side even as she took the opportunity to cup one of Roxanna’s breasts. Still, for a long moment the blonde was silent as the three of them reveled in the warmth of each other’s bodies before finally speaking, “Are you looking forward to tomorrow, devushka?”

In truth Brianna had almost forgotten that, too caught up in her musings and the lingering arousal of Claudia’s little gift, but comfortably sandwiched between the two older women she smiled easily, “I am, mistress.”

“Anything in particular that you are looking forward to?” Roxanna wondered with honest curiosity even as she shot Sofia an amused look, though at the same time made no move to dislodge the hand fondling her boobs.

“I’m not sure.” Brianna decided after a long moment of contemplation, “I mean, I… I’ve fantasized about something like this before, but I never really thought about it. I guess I’m just curious and I think… I think I just want a chance to be myself. To...” she paused for a moment, unsure of how to express the jumble of thoughts and emotions swirling in her heart before finally exclaiming, “To let it all hang out.”

“Ah, so you want to be topless, devushka.” Sofia teased, cutting through some of the tension even as she leaned in to kiss the blue-haired girl on the side of the neck, “I have no objections.”

As if on cue Brianna’s face heated up and yet she also could not help but squirm a little as a familiar shiver of excitement washed over her body, voice little more than a whisper despite the smile on her face, “I think I’d like that, mistress.”

“There are some rules, even in a place like this.” Roxanna cautioned, an almost mischievous smile curling her own lips as her voice dropped low, “However, as far as I can see, only full nudity is restricted, and then only to certain places. So, if it is something you truly wish, we can be very bold indeed, korítsi.

“I…” Brianna began, turned on beyond all measure, nipples once again standing out proudly beneath her shirt at the fantasy of it all, “I mean…”

“Something to think about, at least.” Roxanna interrupted, mercifully, before loosening her embrace ever so slightly, “Sadly we really do need to finish unpacking.”

To that Brianna just nodded, understanding her mistress’s point even if she was a bit disappointed to have the hug end, the sudden sensation of cold when the two women pulled away from her leaving her feeling a bit bereft. Still, she said nothing, just watched as Roxanna went back to folding clothes while Sofia continued to sort out their bondage gear and more… risque costumes. For a long moment she just continued to sit there, quietly watching the older women and contemplated laying down again but the more she thought about it the more she realized that she wasn’t tired. In fact, between the nap earlier and the excited anticipation now pulsing in her veins, the blue-haired girl felt a sudden surge of energy combined with a burning desire to get up and do something. Biting her lip as she pondered, a sudden feeling of wanderlust welling up within, Brianna eventually scooted to the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor, sitting up completely straight and biting her lip before glancing in Roxanna’s direction, Sofia having ducked behind the corner to fetch another suitcase.

“Mistress?” she called out tentatively.

“Yes, korítsi?” the olive-skinned woman asked curiously as she looked up from her work to meet the blue-haired girl’s gaze

Biting her lip again Brianna hesitated for just a moment and honestly wondered why. “Would you mind if I went exploring for a bit?”

“Of course not, korítsi.” Roxanna replied with another gentle smile, “You do not need to ask my permission.”

“Sorry.” Brianna offered, somewhat sheepishly, “I guess… I guess I’m just feeling very submissive today.”

Roxanna’s smile grew almost devilishly amused as she nodded in understanding, “Understandable. Your purse is on the nightstand. Come back when you get hungry and we can go to dinner together.”

Smiling much more broadly, Brianna nodded, “Thanks you, mistress. That sounds wonderful.”

“Think nothing of it, korítsi.” Roxanna assured.

Nodding one last time, Brianna paused for a moment, waiting to see if her mistress had anything to add, but the woman just continued to smile encouragingly and so the blue-haired girl slid off the bed and onto her feet. Twisting to face the nightstand, and stretching her back, she found that her purse was indeed sitting there as promised. Grabbing the bag and slipping it over her shoulder before stepping into her boots, conveniently lain out on the floor right next to her, she very nearly moaned in pleasure at the feeling of silky smooth suede sliding over her legs, wiggling her toes almost instinctively to make certain there was enough room as she bent down to tug the material up to nearly knee length. It was only then that she carefully maneuvered out from between the beds, casting one last glance at Roxanna as the olive-skinned woman reached out to tangle her in a loose, one-armed embrace.

“I love you, korítsi.” the woman practically whispered, even as she playfully tugged on the girl’s shirt and placed a soft kiss on the pale skin of her hip.

Shivering beneath that contact, Brianna smiled and reached down to stroke her fingers through Roxanna’s silky soft hair, luxuriating in the satin smooth feeling against her skin as she answered, “I know, mistress.”

Chuckling softly at having her own words mirrored back at her, Roxanna let the blue-haired girl go after one last kiss and watched as Brianna carefully made her way through the impromptu maze of luggage and toward the door. However, as she was just passing the hall closet a pair of arms reached out from around the corner and pulled her close. Her soft cry of surprise at the sudden contact was instantly muffled by a pair of lips pressing tightly against her own, and the eager tongue snaking its way into her willing mouth. Moaning softly, the blue-haired girl relaxed ever so slightly against Sofia’s body and threw her own arms around the woman’s waist, giving herself over to that kiss until her mistress left her panting and blushing, lips almost swollen by the sheer intensity of their passion. So much so that she actually whimpered when the kiss broke.

“Do not stay out too late, devushka.” Sofia practically purred as she gently rubbed the blue-haired girl’s back, “We have a very big day ahead of us.”

Still a little out of breath Brianna managed a nod even as she moaned out a reply, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good girl.” Sofia whispered, planting a much more delicate kiss on the girl’s nose before finally withdrawing her arms and stepping back, “Have fun and do be certain to tell us all about it when you get back.”

Still a bit dazed, Brianna managed another nod and almost stumbled out into the hallway, barely aware of leaving the room until the door practically slammed closed behind her and shocked her back into the moment.

Alone now, the blue-haired girl blinked once or twice as she stared at the door, eyes particularly drawn to the brass numbers affixed there. Engraving that number, 512, into her mind to make certain she could find her way back, she shook her head to clear it before finally setting off down the hallway.

Part of her was actually a little surprised by her mistresses’ response. Not in letting her go, of course, but rather in the fact that neither of them had offered to come with her. Everyone had seemed excited about this trip and, especially given Sofia’s curious nature, she would have expected the blonde to jump at a chance to go exploring. Of course, it was possible that Roxanna’s hip was bothering her after the long drive and in that case Sofia would probably be reluctant to leave her lover alone. Besides that, there was still a lot of unpacking to do but they had also turned down her offer to help. While she appreciated it, usually the older women were more than happy to share the chores with her regardless of what games they had been playing before hand. Hell, once she’d mopped the kitchen floor with her arms bound tightly and her body edged so intensely that she’d actually broken down crying and begging for relief. In fact, now that she thought about it, it was almost as if her mistresses were planning something and taking advantage of her unexpected absence; though, for the life of her, she could not imagine what that might be. Of course, that only made her smile again, a familiar shiver of anticipation wracking her body as she could not help but wonder, thoughts whirling with a dozen different fantasies as she walked.

Of course, given the rather labyrinthine design of the hallways and the utterly repetitive layout of door after door after door broken up only by the decorative bamboo lights on the walls and the occasional intersection of yet more hallways, Brianna really had no idea where she was going. Not that she’d really had a plan to begin with, just a vague sense of curiosity about what the rest of the hotel was like and an abundance of nervous energy simmering in her muscles just begging to be released.

And so, keeping half an eye on the occasional sign and their less than helpful directions, the blue-haired girl vaguely meandered in the direction of the elevators not really paying all that much attention to her surroundings. However, after what felt like hours of wandering, though in truth it was probably no more than a few minutes, Brianna rounded the corner to find herself face to face with the first people she had seen since arriving.

At the other end of the hall was a young couple walking toward her sedately. At a glance they were fairly unremarkable. A rather handsome, clean-shaven man clad in a suit and tie with his hair slicked back in a professional fashion led the way, a suitcase in his left hand and a garment bag in his right, throw casually over his shoulder to keep it off the ground, while his eyes focused on the room numbers as they passed. Behind him, partially blocked from view, was a woman of roughly the same age in a white blouse and knee-length skirt over stockings and modest heels, a carry-on bag slung over her own shoulder. To be honest they looked like they were on a business trip and, for a moment, the blue-haired girl could not help but grin at the eyeful they would no doubt receive in the morning. However, as she approached, nodding briefly to the man in acknowledgment, who returned it absently, Brianna noticed something odd about the woman. Several odd things, in fact. Her own dark, honey-brown hair, though kept at shoulder length, had been rather severely undercut on the side. More telling, a number of dark tattoos poked up from under the high collar of her blouse and a small, crescent moon had been tattooed right in front of her ear. While all of that prompted Brianna to stare, more than a little caught off guard, inviting an almost amused smile from the woman, as they passed the blue-haired girl could see that the brunette’s wrists had been handcuffed behind her back.

That briefly made Brianna stop on her tracks, a faint blush colored her cheeks, but as if she had expected that response the woman glanced over her shoulder to offer an almost salacious wink, that smirk never leaving her invitingly full lips before she turned to continue following her companion (Husband? Boyfriend? Master?) down the hall. In truth the blue-haired girl supposed she shouldn’t really be surprised, but some part of her could not help but wonder. Was this some sort of role playing? A businessman and his secretary off on a secret rendezvous? Or did the pair simply enjoy dressing up? It was impossible to say, of course, and as Brianna finally started walking again she allowed a wry smile to curl her own lips. It was silly, honestly, to get so worked up over such a simple thing, but for the first time all of this began to feel real. She wasn’t just on a kinky vacation with her mistresses, or indulging herself for the sheer exhibitionist thrill of it, she really was at a hotel surrounded by fellow kinksters about to attend an actual bondage convention, something that she could barely have imagined just a year or two ago. And, for all that she had known that fact, it was still such an amazing thought. So amazing that even a few moments later, when she finally found the elevators, the blue-haired girl was still smiling to herself.

Pressing the call button with perhaps more force than necessary, Brianna absently took a step back and rocked on her heels, glancing over at the way she had come in some vain hope that she might catch another glimpse of the couple but there was no trace of them, likely having turned one of the many corners and vanished into the same maze she had just navigated. Part of her wondered if she’d ever see them again over the weekend, though even if she did would she even recognize them?

Biting the corner of her lip as she mused, a soft ding drew the blue-haired girl’s attention back to the elevator and, looking up, Brianna saw the doors open to reveal a woman. A woman that made her breath catch in her throat and her heart pound in her chest even as a blush colored her cheekbones. Clad only in a towel loosely wrapped around her midriff and a string bikini top that struggled to contain her impressive assets, the woman’s nearly naked skin shimmered with a thin sheen of water, as did her rich indigo hair done up in a messy bun, proof positive that the bathing suit wasn’t just for show. More than that though, her abbreviated attire neatly displayed the extensive tattoos that seemed to cover her entire body. Interlocking yet regular patterns of black, geometric shapes that stretched all the way up her legs and hips before giving way to similar if tighter patterns interlaced with Celtic knot work up her torso and down onto her arms, the patterns almost swirling and interleaving like strange, artificial scales as they traveled over her shoulders and onto her hands. At last those dark lines became almost jagged as they shot across her chest and up her throat, patterns of bare skin radiating like a stylized sunburst from between her breasts. Idly holding a phone and tapping away on the screen with her thumb despite long ruby-red nails, nails that Brianna noted with a slightly deeper blush, were trimmed short on the middle and ring fingers of each hand, the woman was barely paying attention to anything at first, but finally looked up when the doors fully opened.

Despite herself the blue-haired girl could not help but gasp and stare into the woman’s eyes, eyes that were actually tattooed as well, scleras as black as pitch creating the illusion that her irises were nothing but pools of flat blue floating in a sea of shadows. It was a type of tattoo that Brianna was vaguely aware of, Zoe having mentioned doing them occasionally, but one that she had never seen in person and one that she could scarcely imagine getting, another shiver running down her spine at the very thought of having needles inserted there of all places. And yet, she could not deny that the woman’s utterly alien gaze was incredibly striking, almost mesmerizing in fact, an appearance only enhanced by her wildly colored hair and a face full of metal. In fact, the blue-haired girl could not recall ever meeting anyone with so many piercings before either. At least a dozen rings in seemingly every part of her ears along with modestly stretched earlobes, one final ring through her septum and smaller studs just below that on either side of her upper lip contrasting what looked like a trio of spikes through the lower lip. Finally, rounding out that wildly exotic appearance, the woman had piercings in each of her cheeks, small round studs through her dimples, while a longer and thinner stud pierced the bridge of her nose.

Looking more amused than anything by that rather unabashed inspection, the exotic woman grinned as she lowered her phone, placing her free hand on her hip and arching her back invitingly as she spoke, “Hey there.”

Caught completely off guard by the woman’s velvety, dulcet voice, Brianna barely stammered out a reply, “Hi.”

Taking a step out of the elevator, positioning her body to block the doors open, the woman’s smile only widened as she adopted a faintly teasing tone, “Going down?”

Perhaps it was the unexpected nature of the encounter, perhaps it was the stunningly exotic appearance of the other woman, or perhaps it was the way her voice and posture just oozed sex, but in that instant Brianna’s mouth moved faster than her brain as she found herself practically blurting out, “Yes, please.”

Even as the blue-haired girl winced, mentally kicking herself as she realized what she’d just said, the woman laughed in delight, “What’s your name, cutie?”

“Brianna.” she answered, almost quietly.

“Pretty name.” the woman mused as she stepped out of the threshold to approach the blue-haired girl, “I’ll remember that.”

Turning her head to follow the other woman’s progress, Brianna bit her lip before asking, “What about you?”

“I don’t normally give my name to strangers.” the woman said as she took another step closer before smiling again, “But I think I could make an exception in your case. Most people call me Lucrezia.”

“Lucrezia.” Brianna whispered, practically tasting the strange name as she tried it out, “I’ll remember that too.”

If anything the woman, Lucrezia’s, smile widened, “I’d be sad if you didn’t, and now we’re not strangers anymore.” she suddenly held up her phone again, “How about a picture for the road?”

Brianna pretended to consider the offer as she reached into her purse to grab her own phone, “I’m game if you are.”

Grin never fading, Lucrezia practically slid up to the blue-haired girl’s side with a wink, “It’s always more fun with two.”

Some part of Brianna wondered if everything this woman said was some kind of innuendo, but even so she smiled as she snapped a photo, rather enjoying the banter now that she’d found her feet. Tilting her head and twisting her shoulders, as if looking for the best angle, the woman stuck out her tongue playfully before taking a photo of her own, an act that drew the blue-haired girl’s attention to the fact that not only was that tongue pierced, but it was also slit into a fork at the tip like a snake. Combined with the fact that the woman clearly had a great deal of control over said tongue, Brianna could not help but wonder what it would feel like in a kiss, or during more… intimate activities. Blush returning full force, the blue-haired girl bit her lip hard to suppress a moan but even so could feel her pussy clench and nipples harden as that fantasy unfolded in her mind’s eye unbidden. Lucrezia clearly noticed the reaction, but other than the smirk suddenly curling her lips, she said nothing, merely leaned down to give the girl a feather-soft kiss on the cheek before straightening up to her full height.

“Thanks,” she practically whispered, voice deliberately cast in a husky tone, “Maybe I’ll see you around.”

Swallowing hard, Brianna managed a tiny nod, “Maybe.”

Turning to walk away, showing off her shapely back and more tattoos, jagged black lines almost like stylized wings running all the way down her spine, Lucrezia glanced over her shoulder with an alluring smile as she waved almost casually, “Take care of yourself, cutie.”

Eyes glued to the woman’s back, and the effortlessly seductive sway of her hips, Brianna said nothing, just offered another nod as she stepped back into the elevator and reluctantly hit the button for the lobby. It was only when the door closed, blocking off her view, that the blue-haired girl let out a breath she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding and practically collapsed back against the elevator’s cool metal wall, nearly overcome by the urge to laugh out loud. She’d barely even gotten out the door and already things were getting interesting. Closing her eyes as she felt the lift begin to move, still a bit flustered but oddly giddy as well, Brianna eventually held up her phone and typed out a quick message to Claudia, attaching the pictures she had taken as an afterthought.

‘I just had a very interesting encounter on the way to the lobby.’

The response was almost instantaneous, ‘You have no idea who that is, do you?’

‘Should I?’ Brianna typed back, lifting a brow curiously even though the other girl couldn’t see it, ‘I think I’d remember meeting someone like that before.’

This time the pause was long, so long in fact that the blue-haired girl was tempted to check her signal strength to make sure the phone was actually working when the reply finally came, ‘Only you Brianna. Only you could take a selfie with a porn star and not realize it.’

Eyes widening in shock, Brianna had to read the message twice to make sure she hadn’t misunderstood, ‘Are you serious?!’

‘As a heart attack.’ Claudia assured, the amused exasperation in her tone clearly visible even in text form, ‘I mean she’s not like a huge name or anything, but yeah.’

Lowering her phone for a moment Brianna just stared off into the distance, focusing on nothing as she tried to reconcile what her girlfriend was telling her with what she had just experienced. The woman, Lucrezia, was certainly pretty enough to be a… an adult entertainer, and it would explain both the odd name and the almost effortlessly sexy way she had moved and spoken, but still it felt so incongruous with the rather casual banter between them. At the same time, the blue-haired girl could not help but smile as well, as she finally raised her phone again and typed out a question, ‘So are you a fan?’

There was another pause, as if Claudia was hesitating, ‘I mean some of her performances are relevant to my interests, I guess.’

That actually made Brianna laugh as she replied, ‘So basically tight bondage, big gags and wild sex?

‘I plead the fifth.’ came the simple reply.

Still chuckling under her breath, the blue-haired girl shook her head slightly in amusement, ‘Now I wish I’d gotten her autograph for you.’

‘Never change Brianna.’ Claudia texted back.

‘Is that a compliment or an insult?’ Brianna wondered, honestly curious as to the answer.

‘Yes. ;)’

Chuckling softly at the other girl’s teasing, Brianna idly typed back, ‘Love you too.’ as she leaned back against the wall and tucked her phone back into her purse. Grinning ever so slightly, the blue-haired girl idly watched the numbers on the display count down and let her thoughts wander until the elevator finally stopped moving and the doors slid open again to reveal an almost identical hallway to the one she had just left, minus a heavily tattooed and practically naked woman of course. Much to her regret. 

Practically snorting as she suppressed a sudden burst of laughter at that thought, Brianna levered herself away from the wall with her shoulders and stepped out. Thankfully, the layout of the hotel on the first floor was a bit simpler than the maze-like tangle of corridors she had just navigated with far fewer rooms and large, well lit signs to mark the way to the lobby. Glancing in both directions to orient herself, the blue-haired girl pondered where to go for a moment before shrugging and setting off, walking slowly to take in the decor, such as it was.

Much like the upper floors it seemed that the lower levels used the same colorfully patterned carpet and mild, sepia toned wallpaper, but much greater care had been taken to decoration. The most noticeable changes were the paintings hanging at regular intervals and the larger, far more elaborate light fixtures which helped to create a brighter and more colorful atmosphere than the somewhat drab halls above. It was actually kind of interesting just how diverse it actually was, the paintings especially covering a wide array of subjects from purely abstract shapes to lush landscapes of exotic locales, portraits of wild animals, and even sharply modern depictions of famous buildings and cityscapes. There was no real unifying theme but the sheer breadth of images on display was utterly fascinating, as were some of the more unusual architectural flares that went along with it. Particularly the way the main hallway seemed to loop around the entire buildings as it followed the outer perimeter, numerous windows set into the exterior wall creating a truly grand view of the grounds. Especially now that night had fallen the twinkling lights of the distant city blending in with the blanket of stars overhead created a grand backdrop while the parking lot itself had virtually come to life. The various planters scattered about and the numerous artificial ponds and streams flowing through the grounds illuminated with hidden, multi-colored lights into an exotic and almost fantastical landscape.

Or maybe she was just feeling poetic.

Whatever the case, Brianna smirked a bit at that thought and shook her head in amusement as she continued on. While she had encountered a few people during her walk so far, mostly small groups carrying luggage or talking on cell phones as they navigated the halls, as she drew closer to the lobby the numbers began to grow dense and denser. Never to the point of being crowded, but busy enough that she had to begin watching where she was going as well as offering the occasional friendly smile or wave to those who noticed her. It was honestly rather pleasantly mundane compared to her rather intriguing encounters on the fifth floor and left her wondering if everyone she met was here for the convention or if anything else was going on that she wasn’t aware of yet. Still, she mostly put it out of her mind, especially when she finally reached the end of the hall and stepped out through a large archway into the lobby itself.

Practically freezing in place at the sight before her, though she instinctively stepped to one side out of the main flow of traffic, the blue-haired girl could not help but marvel at the cavernous space she found herself in. The main room was huge, easily two or three stories tall and shaped like a massive dome with a ceiling covered in what looked like thousands of wooden planks stained in different colors and painstakingly arranged in an intricate and yet somehow impossible geometric pattern. A large fountain made of stacked stone dominated the center of the chamber, a huge and utterly abstract statue carved from what looked like a boulder set into it, the sound of water trickling over rocks as it flowed down the multiple levels audible even over the muted din of conversation. Scattered around it were low planters made of the same stacked stone filled with ferns and flowering mosses, each one actually the backstop for a couch made of colorful vinyl. Finally, across from everything, was the front entrance itself, a grand structure of glass and metal forming a foyer to keep the weather at bay while the front desks sat right alongside it, curving with the angle of the wall like a massive counter.

For what felt like an eternity Brianna just stared, hazel eyes eagerly drinking in the grandiose sights even as she ignored the flow of people moving around her. She had known, of course, that the Everland was a nice hotel but something like this wouldn’t have felt out of place in the finest of resorts. Someone had clearly put a great deal of thought into the aesthetics of the place and had certainly succeeded in creating something truly spectacular. It honestly made her wonder. She was no architect, but would she ever create something like this? Some marvel that drew the eye and evinced wonder in all who looked upon it, perhaps even years after she was gone? It was an odd thought, especially at a time like this, and yet it was one that refused to leave her as well.

Still, she eventually managed to shake it off with a start and kept walking, slowly moving into the main hall and heading straight for the fountain even as she allowed her gaze to roam freely, taking in smaller details that she’d missed earlier. Like a large display rack filled with dozens and dozens of colorful brochures and pamphlets, probably maps and advertisements for local attractions and tourist traps. For a moment Brianna was tempted to browse through the offerings but ultimately decided against it. As interesting as it might be to get a glimpse of the local entertainment she had a feeling there probably wouldn’t be much time for that sort of exploration over the rest of the weekend all things considered.

Moving deeper into the thin but steadily growing crowds she also spotted a large roped off section to her right, the mostly dark expanse of the hotel’s bar and restaurant, clearly closed now but pleasantly quaint looking with its almost tropical theme of polished mahogany, a faux awning made of straw and tiki inspired decorations strung about. On the other side of the lobby to her left was a very much still open and far more conventional convenience store. The kind of thing that most hotels had tucked away somewhere to peddle snacks, souvenirs and other essentials like toothpaste and razor blades to guests. Although this one seemed a bit larger and more expansive than normal.

Not really needing anything the blue-haired girl brushed that thought aside and made a beeline for the fountain itself, walking up to the very edge of the shallow stone pool and allowing herself a few moments to simply admire the intricate and alluring design, eyes drawn especially to the way water trickled down and through the statue in the center like dozen tiny waterfalls, each stream catching the light like a ripple of silver.

Eventually though, Brianna tore her eyes away from the rather impressive sight and took a step back before lowering her body into one of the unusual couch/planters scattered about. Letting out a sigh, the blue-haired girl allowed herself to relax on the surprisingly comfortable cushions and closed her eyes for a moment, taking in the myriad sounds and letting them swallow her whole.

Leaning her head back and letting out another breath, she eventually opened her eyes again and began to study the people around her. A small but steady stream was passing in and out of the main entrance. Most had luggage and headed straight for the counter where employees in sharp but comfortable looking uniforms waited to help them check in, but some seemingly had nothing at all making her wonder just where they were going at this time of night. Others lingered in small groups, chatting with each other or moving deeper into the hotel itself.

Unsurprisingly it was a fascinating cross section of humanity on display. Young and old, men and women and everything in between dressed in a huge array of styles from utterly casual to almost formal. And yet, even as the scene made her smile some part of Brianna could not help but feel a touch disappointed as well. Perhaps it had been a foolish expectation, but she had hoped to catch a glimpse of something more risque on display as well, like the couple upstairs. But, for all the styles evinced in the crowd nothing particularly kinky caught her eye either. Oh, she had a feeling that more than a few of those gathered were like herself with a few toys either disguised as mundane accessories, like her collar, or hidden away beneath clothing, but it was impossible to say for certain.

And so, letting out another sigh, the blue-haired girl straightened up and placed her hands on her knees, just about ready to stand and continue wandering when a very unexpected sight forced her to do a double take. A luggage cart, little more than a simple brass frame on wheels with a handful of suitcases and bags piled onto it, rolled past. An utterly mundane sight at first glance, but a second later it clicked in Brianna’s mind that one of those pieces of luggage was not luggage at all. Tucked away amid the suitcases was a slender but shapely woman encased head to toe in skin-tight black latex, body sheathed in a catsuit while a hood with no visible eye holes covered her head. More than that she was bound inescapably tight, a high collar of leather forcing her to look ahead, such as it was, while a painfully tight looking monoglove wrenched her arms behind her back and leather belts pinned her legs into a harsh frog-tie, forcing her to kneel though, thankfully, someone had cared enough about her comfort to place a cushion of some sort under her knees. Last, but certainly not least, a tight fitting panel gag connected to a squeeze bulb with a thin rubber hose covered her mouth, the slight bulge of those latex covered cheeks revealing that the gag itself had been inflated a great deal to ensure her complete silence.

 Squirming what little she could in her bonds, the slight shake of her head threatening to dislodge the headphones that had been placed over her ears, the utterly helpless woman had further been strapped to a compact folding cart, reduced to little more than another piece of baggage herself. Swallowing unconsciously and caught completely off guard the blue-haired girl could do nothing but stare, eyes eagerly drinking in every curve of the bound woman’s body, almost entranced by the way the light seemed to flow over her oil-slick encasement and how even the slightest twitch of her muscles made the outfit seem to ripple. It was such an incredibly alluring sight and Brianna felt a familiar flush of excitement color her cheeks as she could not help but fantasize about being in the woman’s place. Of being so tightly bound and so brazenly displayed.

“Quite the sight.” an unknown voice suddenly interjected, shattering the half formed daydream and practically making the girl jump out of her skin in shock.

Whirling around, Brianna found herself face to face with a stunningly beautiful woman, one clearly older than her and yet with an agelessness to her features that made it impossible to say just how much. She was dressed simply in a pair of faded and artfully torn jeans that drew the eye instantly to her almost hourglass figure and well curved hips, while a plain tank top with a low cut v-neck clung to her impressively large bust, at least DD the blue-haired girl would have guessed, and left a considerable amount of cleavage on display. Wild, fiery red hair tumbled past her shoulders and a smattering of freckles dotted the lightly tanned skin of her face, shoulders and chest. But, what truly drew Brianna in was the woman’s striking blue eyes tinted with just a touch of gray like the sky before a storm.

“Wha…?” Brianna managed eventually, blushing a little deeper when she realized that she was staring, “What was that?”

“Didn’t mean to startle you,” the redhead apologized as she smiled at the younger girl before gesturing at the luggage cart as it, and its bound cargo, disappeared into the hallways, “Just agreeing that it was quite the sight.”

Nodding softly as she managed to recover some of her bearings, Brianna straightened up ever so slightly, “It really was.”

“I’m sorry, I never introduced myself.” the redhead continued before holding out a hand, “Claire Devroux.”

Taking that hand, and pleasantly surprised by how firm the other woman’s grip was, Brianna smiled back, “Brianna. Brianna Wilde.”

If anything the woman’s smile seemed to widen, a sparkle of amusement in her eyes as she shook the blue-haired girl’s hand, “Well then Brianna, Brianna Wilde may I sit?”

“Just Brianna.” she returned, unable to keep herself from grinning at that rather cheesy joke, “And be my guest.”

“Thank you.” Claire said as she carefully lowered herself onto the cushions, immediately crossing her legs and folding her hands into her lap in an almost incongruously formal pose despite her rather casual attire, “Are you here for the convention too?”

“Oh?” Brianna wondered at the sudden question, feeling a bit playful now that the surprise was fading from her system, “What makes you say that?”

“Besides most of these people being here for that?” Claire asked, almost rhetorically, the look in her eye indicating that she understood exactly what her companion was doing but was delighted to play along regardless, “You’re wearing a collar and still have gag marks on your cheeks.”

Blush deepening, Brianna fought the urge to look away as she bit her lip, having not even considered that the marks of her earlier adventures might not have faded yet. Still, she could not keep from chuckling softly, “Alright, you got me.”

“First time?” Claire asked, gently, “Here, I mean.”

“Yeah.” Brianna admitted, unconsciously relaxing now that the ice was broken and feeling a strange sort of comfort from being in the older woman’s presence despite having just met, “I mean, I’ve done some crazy things but, I don’t know, this feels different somehow. It’s exciting, but...”

“Overwhelming?” the redhead suggested once the girl trailed off.

Brianna nodded, “Yeah, that’s a good word for it. Overwhelming and alluring and so, so perfect. Kind of like the first time I got tied up, honestly.”

“I understand,” Claire offered, a comforting smile on her face, “Believe it or not but I’ve only been to a few of these things before. I remember the first time and it was incredible. Nerve-wracking, but incredible.” she shook her head, lips twitching into a more amused smile, “I honestly don’t know how my girlfriend does it.”

Tilting her head curiously Brianna could not help but ask, “What do you mean?”

“She’s a professional dominatrix.” Claire admitted, hesitating for the briefest of moments before continuing, an almost impossibly faint blush rising on her cheeks, “That’s sort of how we met actually. I was one of her clients.”

That piqued Brianna’s curiosity as she wracked her brain for what little she actually knew about professional dommes, “I don’t mean to pry, but I thought… Well, I thought professionals usually frowned on dating clients.”

“Usually they do,” Claire agreed, “but Elise and I have… history you could say.”

“What sort of history?” Brianna asked, pausing briefly as she saw the redhead’s blush intensify ever so slightly, “Sorry, you don’t have to answer.”

“It’s fine.” Claire assured, taking a breath as she considered just what to say, “This is going to sound so terrible without context, but she went to school with my daughter.”

Eyes widening just a little in surprise, certainly not having expected that of all answers, Brianna blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “There is no way you’re old enough to have a full grown daughter.”

Seemingly just as surprised by that outburst Claire suddenly broke out laughing, what little tension there was shattering in an instant as the redhead reached out to push the younger girl playfully on the shoulder, “You really are a charmer, you know that?”

“I may have been accused of that before.” Brianna admitted, a blush coloring her own cheek as she smiled at the older woman, “And, I guess we’re in kind of a similar situation.”

“How so?” Claire asked, amusement still glimmering in her eyes.

“My mistresses,” Brianna began, looking the redhead in the eye and making sure to place an emphasis on the plural, “are about twice my age.”

Claire’s eyes widened just a bit, but she covered the reaction expertly and almost as quickly an utterly mischievous smile grew on her face, “My, my, my. I thought you were an interesting one.”

Although the woman’s teasing tone made her blush again, Brianna’s smile did not waiver as she pulled her phone from her purse and unlocked the screen, idly scrolling through her pictures before offering the device to the other woman, “Thanks, I think.”

Taking the phone, Claire looked down to see an image of the blue-haired girl along with Roxanna and Sofia sitting at the wrought iron table on their back porch, dressed in casual summer clothes and huddled together as they smiled for the camera. Smiling softly herself, the redhead looked up at the other girl, “They’re beautiful. How in the world did you meet?”

“Thanks.” Brianna returned as she took the phone back, “And, this is also going to sound really bad without context, but they were my neighbors.”

“Neighbors?” Claire repeated, raising an eyebrow questioningly, “That must have gotten some tongues wagging.”

“Especially when I started living with them.” Brianna agreed as she scrolled through more pictures, looking for a good group shot of all four of them, “But it was what I wanted, what we all wanted, so I figured to hell with everyone else and went for it.”

For a long moment Claire said nothing, “You know, I envy you.”

Pausing on an image of herself practically sandwiched between her mistresses while Claudia sat in her lap, one of the few pictures from their last vacation where the two of them had not been naked or bound or both, Brianna looked up curiously, “Really?”

“Really,” Claire affirmed, “I’ve played around with bondage since high school, and was lucky enough to find partners who shared my interests, but I never really explored that part of myself until Elise and I got together. I had my reasons of course, and they seemed like good ones, but I look back at so much time wasted, of holding myself back from what I really wanted deep down and can’t help but regret.” the redhead paused to look Brianna in the eye, “I wish I’d had your courage at that age.”

It was a sobering confession and the blue-haired girl felt a pang in her heart, sympathy for the other women growing in her chest. She definitely understood that kind of regret. After all, it has been fear of exactly that which had led her to take that fateful step through the garden gate on a warm summer day that felt like so long ago now and spill her heart to Sofia. Reaching out, she took the redhead’s hand and squeezed gently, offering what she hoped was a comforting smile, “I think I understand. I don’t know if I would have called myself brave back then, but I didn’t want to regret either so I took a chance.”

With a grateful smile Claire squeezed the blue-haired girl’s hand in turn, “I suppose it all worked out for the best in the end. If I had been more adventurous when I was younger I probably never would have gotten together with Elise and I honestly can’t imagine my life without her in it now.”

“Sometimes the right person makes all the difference.” Brianna agreed.

A moment of comfortable silence passed between them, the hustle and bustle of the lobby forgotten before Claire regarded her companion with curiosity, “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but you’ve really got me wondering. There has to be more to the story of how you got together with your lovers besides being neighbors.”

Withdrawing her hand, Brianna held up her phone again, “You see the girl with brown hair sitting in my lap?”

Claire nodded, an almost playful smile on her face, “Another girlfriend?”

“Yes, actually.” Brianna answered, smirking a bit herself at the obvious surprise in the other woman’s eyes, “Her name is Claudia and she’s the reason we all got together.”

“She’s a cute girl.” Claire agreed, covering her surprise well, “But you’re gonna need to explain that one.”

“I’m getting there.” Brianna answered, almost playfully, “You see our mistresses, the blonde is Sofia and the brunette is Roxanna, have been together for years but they’re both pretty dominant people. At some point Claudia became their sub and, well, one night I just happened to look out my bedroom window and got treated to a free live show.”

“Oh I see.” Claire replied, flashing an almost flirtatious grin.

Ignoring that for the moment Brianna pressed on, shrugging her shoulders, “The rest of the story is simple enough. Girl who’s had a crush on her neighbors for years, especially after seeing one of them in a string bikini, discovers she’s really into bondage after seeing them tie up a girl her age and decides to confess her feelings. One thing leads to another and the girl spends the rest of the day handcuffed to their bed.”

To her credit Claire managed to keep a straight face for a couple of seconds before her visage cracked and she burst out laughing, Brianna quickly following suit as the pair lost themselves in the sheer ridiculousness of that summary, even if every bit of it was technically true. Hugging her arms to her chest, the redhead eventually managed to get enough control of herself to comment, “A tale as old as time.”

Pressing a hand to her mouth to try and stifle her giggles, Brianna found it to be a losing battle and just nodded her head playfully, “It really is.”

For another long moment, perhaps two, the pair just sat somewhat quietly as their mirth ran its course until Claire let out of a soft but contented sigh and glanced at a slender wrist watch that the blue-haired girl hadn’t even realized she’d been wearing, “It’s starting to get late. I feel like going for a swim before bed, care to join me?”

“I don’t have a suit.” Brianna pointed out, intrigued by the sudden offer.

“Neither do I.” Claire returned with a teasing smile and a deliberately husky tone, “That’s part of the fun.”

Gaping like a fish, Brianna felt her face heat up as her eyes briefly darted to the other woman’s ample chest, torn between an almost animalistic desire to see Claire naked and utter shock at the casual offer. While it was true that they had opened up to each other quite a bit despite having only just met, a testament perhaps to the strange kinship of their almost mirrored experiences, the invitation to skinny dip together still caught her utterly off guard. Looking up again the blue-haired girl saw that the redhead’s smile begin to fade, a note of concern entering those stormy eyes as the silence stretched on, as if the older woman was afraid that she had perhaps overstepped her bounds.

Deciding to do as she had so often done, Brianna trusted her instincts and offered a reassuring smile of her own, “I’d love to.”

Although she didn’t say it, the look of relief on Claire’s face spoke volumes as the redhead leaned over to pat the younger girl on the shoulder with a grin, “You just wait here, I’ll get us some towels.”

Nodding quietly, Brianna said nothing as the other woman pushed herself up off the couch and onto her feet before walking straight towards the front desk, the sashay of her generously curved hips doing wonders for her ass. As much as Claire had talked about wishing she’d had more courage in her younger years, from the blue-haired girl’s perspective the redhead certainly didn’t seem to lack self-confidence. Was it a result of being a bit older and a bit wiser now? Or was the woman simply aware of just how good she looked? After all, if she had curves like that Brianna knew that she’d probably show them off as well.

Indeed, watching the older woman weave her way through the crowd and chat with one of the employees behind the counter the girl could not help but stare, letting her eyes roam over that buxom form unashamedly. In truth Claire was not the curviest woman she had ever met, Zoe and her massive bust currently held that honor, but while the tattoo artist’s chest had clearly been enhanced, from what she could tell the redhead’s body was all natural. There was a gentleness to her curves, a softness that just could not be faked. It actually reminded her just a bit of Sofia’s own athletic but voluptuous frame and there was no doubt in the blue-haired girl’s mind that her mistress’s beauty was one hundred percent organic, such as it was. Then again, Brianna suddenly found herself wondering. Did the blonde’s shapeshifting abilities play any role in her appearance? After all, Roxanna had all but admitted that she used her own arcane talents for cosmetic reasons and while Sofia had never given any hint that she could do more than change into a fox, who was to say where the limit actually was?

Shaking her head as she put those somewhat inane thoughts aside, Brianna refocused her attention on Claire as the redhead accepted a pair of plain white towels from the receptionist with a smile. A smile that seemed to fluster the poor man just a bit, especially given the way the older woman was leaning over the counter in a mildly suggestive pose. In that instant the blue-haired girl was actually reminded of Claudia, just a little bit anyway. Despite the rather significant physical differences between them, Claire seemed to share some of the tattooed girl’s playful personality and both of them were definitely comfortable with who they were and how they chose to live. Or so it seemed in any case. As she mused, the redhead suddenly turned to face her again, a smile blooming on those lips as their eyes met, a smile that the blue-haired girl could not help but return as the older woman began to walk towards her. Climbing to her own feet, Brianna met her new companion about halfway and, without a word, Claire took her by the hand and began to lead her out of the lobby. Without comment or resistance she followed the redhead back out into the tangled maze of corridors she had just walked, mind still wandering absently and barely able to keep track of all the twists and turns as the older woman unerringly guided her to the back of the building and a set of glass doors that opened to a massive green expanse of well tended grass and garden plots dotted with pavilions, playgrounds and a cluster of trees surrounded by hedges almost exactly in the center of it all, a tangle of concrete sidewalks crisscrossing the grounds.

Despite the lingering warmth of summer, with the sun long since set Brianna still felt a light chill as they stepped outside and the night air enveloped her, heated skin taking a moment to adjust as her nipples involuntarily hardened. Although she blushed a bit at her body’s response Claire did not seem to notice, focused entirely on her goal as she continued on, practically dragging the blue-haired girl behind her in her haste. As they approached that cluster of trees, palm trees curiously enough Brianna realized as they got closer, the familiar scent of chlorine lingering in the air betrayed the presence of the pool. Completely deserted at this time of night, and somewhat smaller than she would have honestly expected, the pool was surrounded by a concrete patio, deck chairs and small tables scattered about on all sides, while a handful of underwater lights combined with a few more strung on poles hidden among the privacy screen of trees created a soft, almost subdued atmosphere. An atmosphere that, when combined with the palm trees and decorative plants surrounding it, almost gave the impression of swimming in a moonlit lagoon. Despite being able to look back at the towering form of the hotel, dotted as it was with hundreds of windows, many of those lit up, and despite the knowledge that anyone could step out onto their patio and see the pool area clearly, the whole thing still felt oddly cozy. And, if she were being honest with herself, Brianna found the idea of being spied on more than a little thrilling.

Finally letting go of the younger girl’s hand, Claire dumped the towels she had been carrying onto a random table and took a step towards the pool before glancing back over her shoulder with a grin, “Ready?”

Turning her gaze to the water and closing her eyes to take in the sound of lapping waves, Brianna returned that smile and nodded, “Ready.”

Turning away almost instinctively when Claire kicked off her shoes and began to unbutton her jeans, the blue-haired girl carefully removed her own boots one at a time and set them aside. With one last glance up at the hotel she unzipped her skirt and carefully folded the garment before setting it on the table and grabbing the hem of her shirt. Hesitating for the briefest of instances, Brianna took a breath and pulled the garment over her head in one smooth motion before she could think better of it, leaving her clad only in a dark bra and her chastity belt. Balling up her shirt far more carelessly, the blue-haired girl tossed the bundle of cloth down on the table before twisting around to unfasten the clasp between her shoulder blades. However, as she did her breath caught in her throat again at the sight of Claire, the redhead having stripped down almost completely herself, her cloths laying in a messy pile as she reached back to remove her own bra, a much simpler garment of white lace that clearly struggled to contain the impressive set of breasts it was holding.

The woman’s skin was perfect, smooth and silky without the faintest trace of tan lines, the same light dusting of freckles that decorated her face and chest extending up over her shoulders and down her back. But all of that, as alluring as it was, was not what truly caught Brianna’s eye. Locked around the woman’s generous hips and lithesome waist was a chastity belt of a design that the blue-haired girl had never seen before. A primary shield made of polished stainless steel with a secondary plate drilled through with dozens of tiny holes, covered her clearly hairless sex but was much narrower than Brianna’s own, or Claudia’s for that matter, thinning down like a teardrop to barely more than a finger’s width at the apex and terminating well below the waistline to leave the woman’s navel and what looked like a diamond studded piercing completely exposed. Rather than a normal waistband a pair of cables coated in the same black rubber as the belt’s lining arched over her hip bones and fastened to the primary shield with a small brass padlock while also trailing down in the rear to join together into a single cable that ran between her legs. For all that the blue-haired girl had always thought her own chastity belt, with a similar rear cable, looked like a steel thong Claire’s belt in turn resembled nothing less than a metal g-string and was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen.

Casting her bra aside, Claire twisted her shoulders and placed a hand on her hip, adopting a deliberately provocative pose. However, the sultry look just forming on her face gave way just as quickly to one of surprise as she caught sight of Brianna. Or rather, as she caught sight of the chastity belt locked around the younger girl’s own hips. Posture instantly shifting into a much more natural stance, the redhead suddenly grinned even as her eyes roamed over the device with clear interest.

“Now what do we have here?” the older woman asked, somewhat rhetorically, a faint and yet almost teasing note entering her voice, “I knew you were a kinky girl, but I didn’t realize how much.”

Brianna blushed at what she figured was a compliment even as a tiny smile curled her own lips, some part of her unable to resist preening just a bit at Claire’s undisguised inspection of her body, practically feeling those stormy blues eyes roaming over her pale skin, “I’m not the only one.”

Laughing in delight, Claire began to approach with slow, deliberate steps and the blue-haired girl felt herself freeze in place as the redhead reached out with a well-manicured hand, “May I?”

Wetting her lips, heart hammering in her chest as she wondered what the other woman intended to do and almost desperately curious to find out, Brianna nodded. Flashing a much more reassuring smile, Claire gently slid the bra straps from the blue-haired girl’s shoulders, a light shiver reverberating through her body at the feeling of those surprisingly soft fingers brushing against sensitive skin. Hooking her thumbs under the dark red lace, Claire slowly pulled the garment from Brianna’s body and exposed her already hard nipples, and the slender studs pierced through them, to the night air. Blush deepening, the younger girl offered no resistance, obediently lowering her arms and allowing the last bit of her clothing to flutter to the ground, her flesh feeling almost unbearably hot now. Biting her own lip as she inspected her companion's bust, clearly enjoying the view, Claire moved to rest a hand on Brianna’s hip, feeling the girl almost jump beneath her touch as she began to explore the edges of her chastity belt and tested the lock as if to confirm that it was real.

“This looks amazing on you.” the redhead said after a long moment, her voice soft and breathy, nearly a whisper.

Possessed with a sudden sense of boldness at those words, Brianna in turn reached out with both her hands to cup Claire’s hips, running her fingers along the smooth cables circling her waist, “Yours looks better on you.”

Eyes flickering down to the girl’s hands, grinning at the way those slender fingers almost tickled her lightly tanned skin, Claire pursed her lips, “How long have you had this?”

“About a year.” Brianna answered, rather proud of herself for keeping her voice steady as she looked up into the older woman’s eyes, “You?”

“Close to two now.” Claire admitted as she let her fingers trail down the belt’s face to play with the smaller lock holding the secondary shield in place, “What’s the longest you’ve worn it before?”

“Almost six months.” Brianna answered, biting the corner of her lip to stifle a moan, certain that she could feel the heat of the woman’s hand through the metal even though she knew it was all in her head, “I hope to beat that soon.”

“Really?” Claire asked, looking both surprised and honestly impressed, “I can’t even imagine that long. I’d go completely crazy.”

“So you’ve never done long term chastity?” Brianna wondered, furrowing her brow at the idea of owning a belt but not really using it.

“Elise locks it on me during a lot of our games.” Claire explained, “Sometime for a weekend, occasionally for a week if she’s feeling cruel.” the redhead offered an almost chagrined smile, “We talk about trying Locktober sometime, but both of us are far too fond of sex to go an entire month.”

Brianna considered that and nodded slowly, “I guess I just really like being teased and controlled.” a new blush colored her cheeks as the blue-haired girl looked away, “And I suppose it doesn't hurt that my mistresses used a lot of orgasm denial when training me.”

“Elise is fond of that too.” Claire offered, grinning as her voice dropped low, as if she was sharing a secret, “Edge me enough and I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Brianna echoed, mind wandering to interesting places as she wondered just how literal the other woman was being.

Winking, but refusing to elaborate, Claire pressed her free hand between her legs, practically cupping the metal shield imprisoning her sex, “She edged me quite a bit before locking this on, in fact. Almost two weeks ago now, the longest I’ve ever been held in chastity. Said I needed to get into the proper mindset.”

“For what?” Brianna practically whispered, eyes flickering to the woman’s own rock hard nipples and shivering again at her husky tone.

“For the demonstration tomorrow.” Claire responded simply, as if that explained everything, before gently taking Brianna’s hands in her own, “But enough about that, I have a surprise for you.”

Breath catching in her throat again, the blue-haired girl swallowed, hard, “What sort of surprise?”

“Ah, ah,” Claire chided, “you don’t want to spoil it now, do you?”

Brianna just shook her head, anticipation once more prickling beneath her skin.

“Close your eyes for me.” Claire commanded, gently.

Nodding again the blue-haired girl did as she was told and bit her lip to fight down a gasp as she felt one of the older woman’s hands slide up her arm to gently grip her shoulder, while the other cupped her hip again. For a long moment they just stood there like that, the pale girl almost trembling as she felt soft hands tease and massage her skin before Claire’s grip suddenly tightened. In that instant Brianna’s eyes shot open as she found herself half thrown, half shoved into the pool while a voice called out.


Letting out a sudden, piercing shriek as she fell, some part of her honestly impressed by the redhead’s deviousness, Brianna hit the water ass first and instantly broke through the surface, plunged deep into the shockingly cold depths as the freezing liquid rushed in to envelop her. Flailing for a moment to right herself, opening her eyes underwater despite the sting of chlorine, the blue-haired girl forced her way to the surface with a few quick strokes and instinctively sucked in a deep breath as she slicked her hair back from her face. Blinking a few times to clear her vision as she just floated there, Brianna immediately spun around to look for Claire, quickly finding the older woman standing on the pool’s edge with a truly satisfied grin curling her lips and clearly struggling to hold in laughter.

“You bitch,” the blue-haired girl shot back, though with no real heat and a smile tugging at her own lips despite that.

Laughing out loud in delight, Claire said nothing and simply dove in after her, kicking up a huge plume of water in her wake and forcing Brianna to lift her arm to shield her eyes. Following the redhead’s progress as she skimmed underwater with clear grace, the blue-haired girl kicked with her legs and drifted in the woman’s direction, waiting for her to surface again. Soon enough the woman burst back out into the night air, reaching up with both of her hands in one smooth motion to slick her own hair back even as the gesture made her chest jiggle invitingly, damp skin glistening in the soft light. Refusing to be distracted by that, Brianna struck at the same moment, slapping her arm hard against the surface of the water and sending a spray right into Claire’s face. Sputtering in surprise, the redhead whipped around with a mock scowl and splashed right back.

Soon enough it degenerated into a water fight, both women giggling like school-girls as they tried to drench each other, cavorting through the water like a pair of demented mermaids and kicking up enough noise to wake half the building. Not that either one of them really cared. Of course despite the intensity, and the shouting, and the occasional “accidental” grope, the fight didn’t last more than a few moments before both of them were laughing far too hard to continue. Obviously struggling to catch her breath, Claire allowed herself to drift into the shallow end of the pool before sitting down on the steps and resting her shoulders against the smooth walls. Stretching out her arms along the concrete ledge, and once again drawing attention to her impressive bust, the redhead let out a contented sigh and tilted her head back before closing her eyes, the motion pulling her large breasts partly out of the water like a pair of floating islands. Eyes locked on that alluring sight, Brianna quietly followed and folded her legs beneath her, dropping down until her chin just barely rested above the still rippling water.

Letting out another sigh, Claire rolled her shoulders despite the awkward position and actually moaned, “This is nice.”

“It is.” Brianna agreed, idly bouncing up and down on one foot as if her whole body was bobbing in the waves.

“Thank you for sharing it with me.” Claire continued, eyes still closed, “It’s no fun by yourself and I really needed to cool off.”

“No trouble, I had a lot of fun.” Brianna assured, smirking a bit at that comment, well aware that the other woman was not talking about the temperature, “Besides, thanks for showing me your boobs.”

Chuckling softly, more than a little delighted by the blue-haired girl’s boldness, Claire straightened up and finally turned her face away from the night sky, opening her eyes and spearing Brianna with a look. At the same time the redhead drew in her arms and cupped her breasts, pressing them together and squeezing playfully, “No need to thank me. I’m very proud of the girls, and besides I’m going to be showing them off to enough people tomorrow.”

Although she nodded, more out of instinct than anything else, Brianna had a feeling that there was more to that statement than met the eye. After all, she’d also probably be showing off her breasts tomorrow as well, as would a lot of other people, “What do you mean?”

Folding her arms across her stomach, just below the rib cage, Claire leaned forward with a smile, “Elise and I aren’t just here for the kinky thrill of it. She's hosting a demonstration and while I won’t be her only model, I will be one of them.”

Curiosity piqued now, Brianna regarded the other woman with open interest, “What sort of demonstration?”

“Different types of bondage and various toys, that sort of thing.” Claire offered with an almost dismissive wave of the hand before a flirtatious smile suddenly bloomed on her face and she gracefully slid over to Brianna’s side, pulling the blue-haired girl into a hug, “Unless, that is, you wanted to know what she’d going to do to me.”

Shivering at that suddenly husky tone and biting her lip to suppress a moan at the feeling of the other woman’s wonderfully soft breasts pressed against her back, hard and eager nipples scraping against her skin, Brianna took a shuddering breath, “What… what is she going to do to you?”

“Hard to say.” Claire mused, adjusting her grip to caress the blue-haired girl’s stomach, “Clamps almost certainly and a gag, a big one. I can be a little loud, you see.” Brianna shivered again beneath that touch, the woman’s lips very nearly caressing her ear as she spoke, “Plugs too probably, maybe inflatable ones that can really push my limits, and a nice flogging of course. Then again, I’m a bit of a masochist.”

“I… I never really liked pain all that much.” Brianna managed, face blazing hot from the mental picture that the redhead was weaving, “I mean, I like being punished, but…”

“I understand, everyone’s different.” Claire agreed, “That’s why there’s going to be more than one model.” pausing then the woman suddenly smiled, as if a wondrously devious idea had just occurred to her, “Wanna be part of the show?”

Certain that she must have misheard, or misunderstood at least, Brianna managed to twist in the redhead’s grip to look the other woman in the eye, confusion written on her face, “What do you mean?”

“I’m sure I can convince Elise to let you join in the fun, if you wanted,” Claire explained, the smile never leaving her lips.

Searching the other woman’s face for a long moment, and seeing that she was completely serious, Brianna was at a loss for words. While the entire trip had been, in some ways, a chance to indulge her growing exhibitionist streak, the blue-haired girl was more than a little stunned at the offer. As her mistresses had teasingly suggested earlier, she had every intention of flaunting her fetishes over the weekend, a prospect that honestly excited her, but the idea of being on stage, of being truly on display was… was so much more intense. Any yet, as she mulled it over she also could not say that it was an unpleasant idea, an unexpectedly arousing fantasy that reminded her just a bit of Murial and Kiera’s offer to participate in one of the amateur nights at Delirium.

“I’ll need to talk to my mistresses.” Brianna eventually decided, not wanting to get ahead of herself, “But I think I’d like that.”

Nodding once, clearly pleased with that answer, Claire leaned in to give the girl a kiss on the cheek, reigniting her blush, before pulling back and loosening her grip, “It’s starting to get late, we should probably get going before we turn into prunes. The last thing I need at my age is more wrinkles.”

“You look beautiful.” Brianna retorted even as she slipped out of the other woman’s arms and stood to her full height, “And you don’t have a winkle on you.”

Although she smiled at that proclamation, Claire said nothing. Rather the woman stood up as well, sending water cascading down her mostly naked body in a tantalizing display before making her way over to the stairs again with Brianna following along behind, hazel eyes glued all the while to her companion’s ass now almost fully displayed by the scanty chastity belt she was wearing. Silently climbing back onto the deck, trailing footprints behind them, the pair quickly headed back to the table where their towels waited. Shivering a bit, goosebumps visible all across her pale skin from the evening chill, Brianna wasted no time in drying off, raking her long blue hair back into some kind of order with her fingers before sorting through her clothes to begin getting dressed. Opting to wrap her own towel around her body instead, even though its small size did little for what remained of her modesty, Claire gathered up her own clothes in a bundle and pulled a surprisingly compact cell phone from the front pocket of her jeans.

“We should share numbers.” the redhead declared, “That way we can meet up in the morning, and I can introduce you to Elise if you still want.”

Slipping her bra over her shoulders and securely clasping it behind her back, Brianna nodded and pulled her purse into her lab to dig out her own phone, a smile suddenly curling her lips, “On one condition.”

Raising a brow, curious about the playful look on the younger girl’s face, Claire asked, “And what might that be?”

Holding up her phone Brianna’s smirk grew almost sheepish, “If you let me take some pictures first.”

In response to that Claire just grinned and let her towel drop before placing a hand on her hip and striking a deliberately seductive pose, “Like this?”

Caught off guard, if not exactly surprised, by the woman’s sudden and enthusiastic agreement, Brianna fumbled just a bit to unlock her camera app before quickly snapping a picture, along with two or three more for good measure, careful to capture the entirety of that beautiful body. A faint blush colored her cheeks now the blue-haired girl offered a much more genuine smile, “Thank you.”

Still grinning as she pulled her towel back on and tucked her clothes under her arm, Claire shook her head slightly, “Think nothing of it.”

Taking a step forward and shifting her phone’s display back to the main screen, Brianna turned the device so the other woman could see, “Here’s my number.”

Carefully typing the digits into her own phone, Claire shot the blue-haired girl a quick text just to make sure the number was correct before giving her another kiss on the cheek, “Hope to see you tomorrow.”

“Me too.” Brianna practically whispered, turning slowly to watch as Claire began to walk back toward the hotel still clad in nothing but a towel that barely reached her thighs, her hips shaking with each step in a deliberately exaggerated sashay.

Biting a lip as she forced herself to take a deep breath, the blue-haired girl deliberately looked away as she set her phone down on the table and quickly finished dressing, pulling on her shirt and zipping the skirt around her waist again without a care for how straight they sat. Fully clothed now, Brianna lowered herself down onto one of the lounge chairs and began to slip on her boot one at a time before pausing, just staring at nothing as she tried to tamp down on the swirl of emotions in her core, her whole body practically vibrating with excitement. Desperately needing to share, the blue-haired girl snatched up her phone again and quickly messaged a familiar number.

‘Are you still awake?’

Claudia’s reply seemed to take an eternity, but it was likely no more than thirty seconds or so, ‘How late do you think it is?’

Although she smiled at that, easily detecting the tattooed girl’s playful sarcasm, Brianna ignored it, ‘I think I made a friend.’

‘You have a habit of that. I think it’s the outwardly shy, inwardly kinky as fuck act.’ Claudia teased, pausing a moment before continuing, ‘Is there a problem?’

Although she blushed a bit at the other girl’s good natured, if slightly more accurate than she might have liked to joke, Brianna powered on, quickly typing, ‘I’ll let you be the judge of that.’ before attaching one of the pictures she’d just taken.

‘You are killing me Brianna, literally killing me!’ Claudia shot back, ‘First a porn star, now a busty redhead!’

‘A busty, redheaded MILF.’ Brianna corrected, unable to keep a grin from her face.

‘That’s it.’ Claudia declared, ‘When you get back you are taking full responsibility for my sexual frustration.’

‘You do realize I’m the one wearing a chastity belt, right?’ Brianna pointed out.

‘That doesn’t make it better!’ was the only reply.

Laughing softly at her girlfriend’s response, Brianna just shook her head and typed out a quick ‘good night’ before putting her phone away. Something about chatting with Claudia always made her feel lighter and, leaning back to look up at the stars, the blue-haired girl could not help but smile. She didn’t really look at the night sky much anymore but in quiet moments like this it really was beautiful.

Eventually though she let out a sigh and finally stood again, slipping her purse over her shoulder and setting off down the path, following Claire’s rapidly fading footsteps back to the hotel. However, as she walked into the building again and retraced her steps back to the elevator, not really paying attention to much of anything, Brianna found her mind mulling over her new friend’s offer again and again. Some part of her knew that it was almost a forgone conclusion that she’d accept, the prospect was honestly just so enticing to say nothing of the way it managed to hit all of her buttons. And yet, everything about her encounter with Claire had been so unbelievably wild that she honestly wasn’t sure how she was going to explain it.

Falling deeper into that well worn mental rut, Brianna was thus completely caught off guard when she suddenly found herself on the fifth floor standing right in front of room 512. Blinking in surprise, part of her marveling at the fact that she’d been able to come all this way on auto-pilot, for a moment the blue-haired girl just stood there, almost unable to believe her eyes. Smiling ruefully, she just shook her head and eventually put it out of her mind before reaching up to knock gently.

Barely a heartbeat later the door opened and Sofia stuck her head out, the blonde practically beaming when she saw Brianna waiting there quietly. Smiling in response, the blue-haired girl opened her mouth to greet the woman but before she could even utter a word her mistress reached out and drew the smaller girl into a fierce embrace, practically crushing their lips together and thrusting her tongue into that willing mouth. It was an achingly familiar dance and Brianna eagerly gave herself over to it, closing her eyes to savor the feeling of Sofia’s lips and wrapping her arms around the woman’s back to pull herself even more tightly against that wonderfully athletic body. Honestly, between Claire’s games and Claudia’s teasing she hadn’t realized just how much she needed physical contact right now and moaned eagerly into the taller woman’s mouth, shivering in delight as that tongue pressed even deeper, a familiar submissive thrill permeating every fiber of her being. In fact, she was so lost in that kiss that Brianna didn’t even notice being drawn inside until the heavy thud of the door closing behind her caught her attention.

Breath heavy and face glowing with a light pink blush, the blue-haired girl wet her lips and managed another smile, “I’m back, mistress.”

“Welcome back, devushka.” Sofia replied, mirroring that smile as she allowed her hands to roam up and down the girl’s back, “I trust you had a nice walk?”

“I… I did.” Brianna decided after a moment of consideration, still not exactly sure how to put everything she had experienced into words but absolutely certain that it had indeed been a very pleasant evening.

Not loosening her grip in the slightest, Sofia nodded and grinned down at the blue-haired girl before half guiding and half dragging her deeper into the room, past the closet and into the main area. From the look of things all of their clothes and gear had been put away, the suitcases piled up in a neat stack in the corner, while Roxanna sat quietly on one of the beds reading, one leg folded under her and the other dangling off the edge of the mattress as she perused what looked like some sort of pamphlet. Tilting her head slightly, Brianna wondered what it was her mistress was reading but she did not get the chance to ask. As soon as Sofia entered the room the olive-skinned woman looked up with a warm and welcoming smile before tossing the paper aside and climbing to her feet with surprising speed, the just barely audible pop of Roxanna’s hip making the blue-haired girl wince ever so slightly. Yet it did not seem to slow the woman down one bit as she carefully limped her way over to the pair and reached out to place a hand on Sofia’ hip.

Drawing herself loosely into their embrace, the olive-skinned woman reached up to cup Brianna’s cheek, “It is good to see you again, korítsi.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna replied before flashing a tiny smile, “But it hasn’t been that long, has it?”

“I suppose not,” Roxanna agreed with a smile of her own, “But it is always pleasant to see you again.”

Blushing a little, Brianna tilted her head to nuzzle that hand affectionately, “I… Thank you, mistress.”

“You are most welcome.” Roxanna assured before leaning in to give the girl a soft kiss on the lips while allowing her hand to card through long blue hair. However, when the woman pulled back her smile morphed into a curious look, “Is it raining outside, korítsi?”

Realizing that her mistress must have felt that her hair was still damp, Brianna shook her head with a faintly sheepish look, “No, mistress. I, ah, I went for a swim.”

Raising an elegant brow with a curious look on her face, Roxanna smiled softly and gently brushed Brianna’s hair back into place, “It would seem as if you have had a most interesting evening indeed.”

To that blue-haired girl just nodded, “You could say that, mistress.”

“Perhaps you might be willing to share it with us?” the olive-skinned woman asked as she took a slight step back.

“Indeed, devushka.” Sofia added with a grin before leaning in to kiss the girl’s neck and nip at her ear, “I find myself quite curious.”

Shivering softly beneath that touch, and instinctively tilting her head to grant the blonde better access, Brianna bit her lip and moaned softly before nodding her agreement, “Yes, mistress.”

With that the blue-haired girl found herself gently guided over to the bed and, before she knew it, found herself sitting in Sofia’s lap while her mistress reclined against the headboard and Roxanna curled up against their side. Reveling in the feeling of Sofia’ s strong arms wrapped around her waist, Brianna allowed herself a moment to bask in the warmth of the woman’s body and leaned back to pillow her head against those marvelous breasts, the beating of the blonde’s heart practically echoing in her ear and reverberating through her body. As if in response, Roxanna shifted her weight, slipping an arm behind Sofia’s back to embrace her lover in a loose, half embrace while leaning down to rest her head on Brianna’s shoulder, the woman’s long mahogany hair splayed out like a shroud.

For a moment or two nothing was said, the trio simply sitting quietly as they relaxed in the comfort of each other’s presence. Any yet, as perfect as it felt, as wonderful as it was to feel the tension of the day drain from her body and a weariness she had not even been aware of settle into her bones, lulling her to sleep, Brianna knew that she would never have a better opening than this. A trace of excitement still coiled within her, some part of her eager to share all that had happened, the blue-haired girl squirmed within Sofia’s inescapable grip to find a more comfortable spot and settle in for what she suspected might be a very long conversation.

“Well, you see, it all started when I walked into the lobby...”


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