The Visit 2

by Sinnswap

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© Copyright 2012 - Sinnswap - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; nipple; bfold; corset; armbinder; toys; tease; torment; bdsm; sd; mast; sex; climax; denial; rom; cons; X

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continued from part one

Part Two

Part 3a – Immobilised.

I replace the gag and assist you to your feet. The dildo drops out in the process and I catch it,n eedless to say you moan at the loss. It felt SO good. I motion for you to sit on the end of the bed.                                   

"Time for some fun for you. Sit. Back you go. Keep going." I say.

You have great difficulty and struggle to worm your way backwards onto the bed. The ridiculously stringent restriction of the corset hampers you from twisting your body from left to right. I expect the situation and jump up onto the bed. I straddle you with the intent to help / lift you further up the bed. Before I do, I make sure my re-hardening dick rests on the side of your face. I wait for your reaction knowing there will be one but it won’t happen at the same time. You just can’t do anything.

You feel me and instinctively move to suck me again. Two things of course stop you in your tracks. You want to suck my cock. You so want it in your mouth and down your throat again. You can't. You can't even react to it except to moan. As expected - Moan you do. The beautiful gag and collar…   Yum… I love them. You hate them. You love them.

I proceed to wipe my dick and what’s left of my come from it on your face making sure to get lots of it just under your nose for you to smell. You feel my wetness on your cheeks, nose and lips. I gently slap your face with it; Side to side repeatedly and relentlessly. You moan. It’s all you can do. The frustration is becoming unbearable. Time to move on… Time to play with you..

I grab you under your armpits and start to lift you; you work as best you can with me to move back up and onto the bed. Within moments your hands feel what must be pillows through the leather of the arm binder. I stop momentarily and let go of your torso. I put two fingers through the Choker ring.

"Lie back" I say.

I slowly and carefully guide you backwards taking the weight of your torso in my fingers - around your neck. You have very little control of your backward 'fall'. You feel the softness of what must be lots of pillows behind you as you lie back on your arms. I then grab you very firmly at the waist and lift your entire body to move you that little bit more fully up and onto the pillows. I grab both your ankles, bring them together and lift your legs (and bottom) up into the air a little. You guessed it - I then proceed to stuff one more pillow under your bottom, above your bound hands and arms. I lower your legs. I move up the bed and kneel directly over you with one knee on each side of you. I bring my face down next to yours, then gingerly and softly touch your face with mine.

“Hmmm…” I say very quietly. “The fun is about to begin”..

Although we can't kiss given your circumstances, you feel my warmth through my touch. You feel secure in the knowledge that I'm doing what I'm doing to please you - scary and intense as it may seem. Anxiety dissipates. Short of breath, excitement further grows....

I kiss you tenderly on the cheek then pull away. You are craving for me to lie on you and put my dick in you; to fuck you slowly and fully. You are so in need. You know exactly how you’re going to respond tied up as you are.



You need me, you need me, you need me.. You need my cock in you...


You feel me getting off the bed.

You moan in disappointment.

I hear your moan. I was in fact expecting it..

“Patience my dear. All good things come to those that wait”

A few moments pass and you feel me lifting your left leg up and guiding you to bend it at your knee until your ankle is touching your thigh. I hold your ankle firmly up against your thigh/bottom and within an instant I am winding rope around it and your ankle binding them together. Round and round I go. Turn after turn, moving towards your knee. Not tightly, but firmly. I stop after what must be 6 or 8 turns, clinch it between your legs a couple of times and knot it off on the outside ½ way to your knee. I leave what you guess must be a couple of feet of rope on the end of the knot lying at your side. I push your leg down onto the bed and tuck your foot up under your bottom right next to your bound hands. The process is then repeated on your right leg.

"You'll never guess what's coming next" I say out loud. "It’s going to be the best bit"

I slide four fingers, palm down, under your corset, on your pelvis, just next to and above your beautiful and wanton entrance. You realise my thumb is not there with my fingers. I pause and wait. I feel a little tremble as you realise I'm probably about to start to play with you in just the right way, in just the right place.


There’s no touch.

I wait.

Still nothing.

Then you realise why nothing is happening and ever so slowly and reluctantly you move to spread your legs. Obscenely wide. As wide as you can.

"Just what I wanted" I say as I grab the rope attached to your left leg and pull it out to the side pulling your leg even further out, spreading you further, exposing you further..

Within an instant, I have secured it to the bed.

You moan loudly in protest.

You need release.

You need to be touched.

You need to be played with.

You need.

God you need.

"Patience my dear. We are in no hurry and when I make you come, which will be very soon, you won't know what's hit you"

I move to your other leg, pull it fully to the side beyond your efforts and tie it off too..

I smile. You groan.

What a splendid vision I have lying on the bed in front of me. Your legs are splayed obscenely wide and your bottom, raised up, pushes your mound, your hole, your entrance, your tunnel, your palace up for me for wonderful, unrestricted access. Your hands and feet behind you add to this lift. The pillows support you. Your breasts and nipples heave and beg for attention. With the tension they are under they 'stand' proudly. Your slit is open, wet and glistening. I see lots of moisture.

It needs licking.

It needs sucking.

It needs oh so much more.

Do I detect ever so slight twitching between your legs?....

You are comfortably very uncomfortable.

I so want my penis inside you.

You so want me there but there is a little more that must be done first.

You sense me by the side of the bed. You feel me playing with something at both sides of the posture collar. You realise what I'm doing. It is another rope and before another moment has passed, you feel tension on the collar pulling you towards the head of the bed. I jump back on the bed. Straddling you, I give your whole body a good pull up the bed, further straining and spreading your legs. You moan as I pull the ropes taught at your neck. I tie them off. You can’t move a muscle. The collar has rings in the side and they now have rope going through each further securing you to the bed...

"Squirm, wriggle. Try and escape my dear" I say.

You do. You can't. You can rock a little from side to side. That's it.

You feel totally helpless. Totally immobilised. Totally at my whim and mercy.

…just the way you want it.

“Too much movement” I exclaim.

‘Two much movement?’ you ask yourself.

“What the fuck?” Is he serious? - God, I can’t move a muscle. What else could he possibly do..?

You were feeling vulnerable beyond your dreams. You had no idea it could get worse. It was about to….

Then the unthinkable happed….

You feel a tug on your left breast pulling it and you as I pulled on the rope imprisoning it. Your body instantly moves / rolls ever so slightly to the left to lessen the strain. Your mind spins. “What in Gods name is he doing?” you ask yourself. The rope wasn’t pulled hard but it was pulled. Your breast is held fully to the left as (you know) I'm tying it off. Your mind goes into overdrive as you then feel the tension on your right breast.

“Holy shit! Fuck! God!” you said to yourself. “What in God’s name is about to happen to me? – What’s he about to do?”

If you could have you would have gone still and stiff as a board. Not moved a muscle. Just like you did in fear on the porch earlier. You were almost in a state of shock. Never before have you been so comprehensively bound, gagged and immobilised.

Part 3b – Orgasm.

I broke your train of thought - "Do you know what's going to happen to you when you cum my lovely?"

You don't even moan at this stage. You are so scared and so excited you can't respond at all.

I lean over you once more. My face millimetres from yours: I whisper: "Are you OK?"

You don't answer. Too overwhelming....



Neck brace.

Arms sternly held behind you in an arm binder - pushing your breasts up and out for attention.

Corset hampering every breath you take.

Legs bound together, spread wide and anchored to the bed.

Your magnificent breasts. Bound at the base. 'Root clinched' to make them engorged and tight. Jutting straight up, pulled and anchored to the side of the bed.

You thought you couldn’t move a muscle before……

I climb up onto the bed again. Your heart beats wildly. You strain to take a breath. You wonder 'Is he? God I need him. I’m about to explode and he hasn’t even touched me. Please…."

I move ever so slowly. I touch your face with the back of my hands. I take my hands away and wait.


Build you up. You SO don’t need to be built up any more.

You so want my cock in you.


The waiting is killing you. It’s driving you mad with lust.

I grab both of your strained breasts at the same time. You jolt and thrash momentarily at the intensity of the feeling. Your bonds hold you tightly. You love being held tightly. I play with them.... for a while then let go.

"Magnificent" I exclaim..

There is silence and no movement.

Still no movement

More waiting.

More moaning from you.

I know how much you want me.

You have no choice except to take what’s coming. I grab both your nipples and start to go to work on them. Rolling them between my fingers. They are on fire from all the attention they have received earlier.

Pulling them.


Rolling them again.


Rolling. Pinching. Stoping.

Yes you are moaning and the moaning increases by the second. I stop and you moan more. Then you feel it. My tongue touches your left nipple and I lick and tease like a man possessed. Your head spins and you thrash around as much as the bonds will let you...

I stop.

I start.

I stop.

I am a bastard.

I continue. Not too much.

You are totally on fire.

I do not want you to cum.


Then it happens.

Ever so slowly I lie on you.

Your breathing, hampered as it is, becomes rushed, at the thought of what you think is about to (hopefully) happen. Your breasts become even more distorted as they take some of my weight, sticking up and protruding as they are. I start to move up your body and you feel the tip of my penis touch your hole. I feel indescribable heat and moisture. So beautiful. So desirable.

I move effortlessly and ever so slowly into your wetness but stop once the head if my shaft is engulfed. You need all of me. You need me deep. You need me now. You need me hard. You need me fast. You are so close to coming and I am not moving. I am absolutely stationary. Just the tip of my cock inside you. You lie there. You are so on the edge but you can’t cum. You can’t move to get me in. You try and try and move towards my dick. It’s totally pointless. You are under such strain – you just can’t move. My hands move behind your head and unbuckle your gag.

"What the?" you think to yourself.

How fantastic.... Or is it...

Very slowly I remove the gag from your mouth.

Before you can say a word, not that you have one word to say, my mouth is on yours and we are kissing. We lie there. I know how much you need me.

SLOWLY I begin to move in.


You stop kissing me as I move. You just can't. Your head is spinning from all the sensations.

“God Jesus – Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast” you actually exclaim.

I hold my lips to your lips.


Ever so slowly.

I stop, still not fully in.

You moan and thrash about under me in desperation.

“Peeasse” you actually get out around my lips.

I initiate deeper kissing to keep you quiet. I can feel your heart beating rapidly. I can feel your struggle for breath. I move again. Slowly. Not much more to go. Kissing again. Then I push myself in hard all the way, pull out and start pounding into you like a man possessed.

It starts.

You need to throw your head back and moan but you can't.

The restrictions.

The bondage.

The anxiety.

The unknown.

The most powerful orgasm you have ever had hits you and you can't react to it or do anything to control it or me. You can't move a muscle. The orgasm rocks your being beyond imagination. You try to thrash, move and moan but you are held firmly and securely to the bed. Your orgasm is intensified beyond your imagination. I slow down and stop moving. I lie there feeling you 'thrash' or at least trying to. I feel you muscles thrashing and seizing my shaft.


I wait what seems like an eternity and for you to come down and try and get your breath back. The intensity of the orgasm along with the constrictions of the corset made it almost impossible to breath. You felt like you might have passed out if I had have continued.

I kiss you.

You kiss me.

We lay there kissing for a while.

I lift my head and lips up and away from yours and before you can utter a word, I replace the gag. Slowly, ever so slowly, hard as a rock, I start to slide out of you. I know if I could see your eyes there would be a look of horror. You need more. You need more and you want me to come. You feel just the tip of my shaft in you and I am no longer lying on you, then in a moment I am out.

You start to moan and thrash wildly.

I know what you want....

I know what you need.

What you don't know is that you are about to get it beyond your imagination....

Part 4 – Torment and explosion.

I stand there staring at your body in its confines. You know I'm staring at you. Although you've just had one of the biggest and best orgasms of your life, you want more... You want me back inside you.

"What the hell is he doing?" you ask yourself.

There is no sound or movement. I am still. I am looking you up and down. Your engorged boobs. Your wet entrance. I am rock hard but not giving it to you.

You hear movement.

I lean over the bed above your head. I whisper in your ear.

"I'm about to put little ear-phones in your ear. They won't be playing music but they will be on. All you will hear will be 'noise'. You will be deaf to your surroundings. Total sensory deprivation; loss of sight and hearing will further heighten other senses. Your skin will tingle. Your world will be your skin, your ‘entrance’ and everything you feel. It will be full on. It will be intense. It will be fun. It will be beautiful."

“You know the rules. 1 grunt = yes and so on.”

“Are you OK?” – an instant grunt.

“Are you OK to continue?” – A small pause followed by another single grunt.

Instantly, you feel me insert the plugs into your ears. They are alive with noise and you immediately can't hear anything I’m doing in the room. I gently tape them in place so they don't fall out. Time stands still. You are going mad with lust. You shake and try and thrash your body around.

You moan.


You lie still hampered in your breathing.

"How long is he going to do this to me?" you wonder.

Minutes pass... Or have they?

You moan, shake and thrash about again hoping to insight a reaction.


Time passes. It really starts to pass..

You start to worry. You start to think all sorts of things. You wonder if I've left the room. You lie there and there's nothing you can do. I'm either there watching you or I'm not. You guess I probably am... Watching you.. Every part of you…

You become super sensitive with the sensory deprivation.

You feel the moisture between your legs.

You feel the air.

You feel the tightness of your breasts.

You picture me, very carefully not touching the bed, staring straight between your legs and looking at your open entrance and the moisture being emitted.

You know something is coming.....

You pray it's my dick - soon.

“How long am I meant to wait?”


Time stands still.


More moans.



The leather hits you right on your slit, your hole, your palace, your entrance, your most heightened, sensitive and private of parts. The shock is like being hit by lightening. The impact goes straight up your spine to your brain. You scream into your gag and thrash uncontrollably. Within microseconds you realise there is no real pain - just shock. The shock of what just happened. It takes you a good minute of ferocious thrashing before you calm down and come to terms with it. You are imprisoned. You can do nothing to stop whatever may be coming.

"What the fuck?" you think.

I say nothing. You can’t hear anything if I did.

There is nothing again.

Your head spins widely with fear, anticipation and thought.

Did that actually hurt?

Did I like it or hate it?

One thing is for sure - It blew your brains.....

More nothing...




"Oh God" you think... "What next? What’s he going to do to me?"


You moan and thrash about.


Time passes again.

You become very anxious, agitated and a little fearful.

You wonder if I'm about to do it again?

Could you deal with it a second time?

You almost jump out of your skin when you feel the touch of something cool at your entrance. You wonder what I have and what I'm doing. Your questions are answered quickly as I slowly - and oh so slowly push it into you.


No shock here just magnificent feelings of massive cock.. even though it’s not mine. It seems to take forever as it moves in. Fully in. Yum. Then I slowly move it out.

"God - could he do this ANY slower?" you think to yourself.

Slowly in again.

"Too slow" you think.

Slow continues. You have no say in the matter. There's nothing you can do about it except moan.

Moan you do.

Slowly I increase the pace.


Your breathing becomes rapid again.

I feel your anxiety building.

You are climbing.

You moan.

Your chest heaves.


Pop. I pull it out.

You are left bound, helpless and empty.


You hate me.

You were so close.

You were about to hit the roof..


Time passes.

Your head spins.

"God I need him on me and in me - Now!" you think to yourself.

"Will he get up on the bed and fuck me properly, use the dildo again or God help me; hit me again?"


Time passes.


You moan and thrash about.


Time passes. Anxiety increases.

Without warning, I plunge the dildo fully into your waiting and wanting hole again and rapidly thrust it in and out. The shock is similar to the leather as it goes straight up your spine to your brain and you begin to thrash and moan. The scream is different but a scream none the less. You are about to go over the edge and you start to see stars in your eyes when I pull it out.

“FUCK!” you scream to yourself…“Please God, keep going”.


"Fuck! God! Jesus!"

A scream and uncontrolled thrashing again. The ropes bite into your breasts and legs. The collar holds your head. Never in your life have you experienced such intense feelings. You so need to come. You want my dick in you and you want it deep, hard and fast. You are panting heavily into the corset and start to become weary due to the lack of oxygen. You jump when you feel the leather touch you and rest on your entrance. It is still. It does not move.

Time passes.

Nothing – no movement at all..

A few minutes pass then I lift it away from you and immediately bring it back with a little light tap. And again. Lift. Hit. Faster and faster. Firmer and firmer. Harder and harder.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Fuck. Please No! Yes! Shit! God! Jesus! Fuck! This is insane.” Your head spins.

Mind blowing sensations move up your spine to your brain. You thrash about uncontrollably. You don’t know what to think. I continue the pattern of dildo and leather. I wind you up and up and up with no relief... I am extremely careful never let you come. The dildo brings you close every time and then I stop. The leather brings you up to places you haven’t been and makes you more and more sensitive. I stop that too.

You want to kill me. Rape me. Fuck me till I die.

Minutes turn to hours or have they…

You have no sense of time..

Your whole world is concentrated around the feelings between your legs. You moan uncontrollably every time the dildo reams you. You love it and got SO close. Then there's nothing again except the mystery of what's next.

Random, random, random.

dildo, nothing, leather, nothing, nothing, nothing, leather, nothing, dildo, nothing, nothing, dildo, dildo, leather, dildo, leather, nothing, nothing, leather on and on.

Your moans and thrashing start to lessen as I drain the energy from you.. You love and you hate what is happening. Your arms are becoming a little numb. Your boobs are starting to hurt. Your legs need to be stretched and you need to take a deep breath... The noise from the headphones stops and you are startled… ?

"Are you ready my beautiful one?" I say

You are silent as you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Dildo again.



But I don't push it all the way into you. There is no thrusting. You wonder what is going to happen next and why I'm not moving it. You are tired. No, you are becoming exhausted but you are still very wet. You struggle in a vain attempt to get what you want.. Nothing.

The intense vibration shocks you like the first time the leather hit you. You buck and thrash at the new sensation. Still no thrusting but the most powerful vibration you have ever felt. You start to feel yourself going up to that place you need to be.

“He’s going to pull it out of me” you think to yourself.

"Ready to fly my pretty?" I ask.

You are so close and lost in your bonds that you can't reply. Just before you get there, I push the dildo fully in and the source of the vibration, taped to the dildo is pushed directly onto your clit. You hit the roof. It’s the Wand!

You thrash like you never have before. The orgasm you had before pales into insignificance compared to this. I don't let up. You are thrashing widely. You are screaming into the gag making no sense whatsoever. You can't get away. You try desperately to close your legs, pull away, twist - anything to stop what's engulfing you. You can't take such torturous pleasures..

I don't let up.

I call out "5"

I continue holding the vibrator hard against your clit. You are out of control on another planet with spasms. A long gap before:


I keep holding. Another long pause.


“Nearly there”

You continue to thrash uncontrollably


I keep holding.



I pull it out.

You lie motionless.

You are fucked. Literally.

You are spent.

You are exhausted.

You are a rag doll. Bondage is no longer needed to hold you.

You are stisfied beyond your dreams and imagination.

You lie still and motionless. Your head spins.

Before you have come down I am climbing up onto the bed.

“Oh God! - No - Please - I can't take any more” are the only words that go through your head. You moan wanting to tell me “no” but can’t bring yourself to ‘moan twice’ to ‘stop’.

One moan of course means ‘yes’…

I am as hard as a rock. My shaft enters you. You are saturated from what has just happened. I feel you pulsating and squeezing me. I moan then very quickly start moving. In, out, faster and faster. My weight is on my arms and you feel very little of my body on yours as I build up the pace. I pound into you. As deeply as I can, just the way you like it. I move like a man possessed.

You can't breathe again. Your head starts spinning so fast you almost pass out. Never in your life have you experienced anything like this. You soon feel my twitching and can't control your own responses. You know I'm about to come hard and long. Your body betrays you and sends you back to where you were moments before.

Part 5 – Totally Fucked

I work quickly releasing and untying all the ropes. Your breasts are first. You moan as they are released. They hurt from the tension and your thrashing about. Your legs are next. The collar then Choker [after unlocking it] follows. Gag and blindfold remain as I gently roll you over to release your arms. You moan again as they are freed. Your arms drop like the rag doll you now are, to your side. I unbuckle the gag and the blindfold. I gently lift your head and take them away. You turn your head and remain partially face down into the pillows.

In a flash, I have some oil and am massaging your shoulders and your arms. I spend a little time on your legs before again moving to your shoulders for a while.

You really are “fucked” I think to myself with a huge smile.


I sense your imminent passing out and pull the covers up to cover you.


You wake up many hours later and the house is silent. You go to roll on your side only to be hampered by the corset that’s still on. It still tightly embraces your body. You move your arms around a little and manage to roll onto your side. You call my name. No answer...

You place your head back down in the pillow and rest a little more..

A while later you move to get out of bed. Again you are severely hampered by the corset.

"This has to go" you say to yourself.

You walk ever so slowly towards the mirror. You are gleaming with the sensations of what happened. You are also mind-blown by it all - not quite sure what to think.. Hang on, yes you are.. You loved every moment of it. You attempt to turn to look over your shoulder into the mirror to see how to get the corset off. That in itself being difficult….

"You bastard" you grin to yourself as you see the tiny lock preventing you..