The Visit

by Minxi

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© Copyright 2010 - Minxi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; blindfold; cons; X

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Part Two

He leaned into her again and kissed her gentle lips, this time she was able to reciprocate and did so with fervor, he pulled away and heard her sigh. He wasn’t sure whether it was with disappointment or passion, or maybe both. He reluctantly unfastened the clip holding her wrists together and directed her to the upstairs bathroom. She collected her bag from him and headed off, not without glancing at him as she ascended the stairs. She saw with some glee that he was smiling happily and he even cast her a sly wink.

She entered the plush clean bathroom, its white tiles glaring back at her with their pristine brilliance. She placed her bag down on the surface next to the sink, and positioned her hands either side of the sink, her legs spread slightly, her breath coming deep and heavy with desire. She thought to herself, 'Oh my god, I want him so bad, my pussy is dripping I can feel it on my thighs, he’s only got to touch my sensitive bud and I’ll be a screaming wreck. Jeez I’m never going to be able to hold out. I just…oh shit'. She heard him walking up the stairs, asking after her, was she ok, could she find everything she was looking for, and letting her know that there were clean towels on the radiator if she wanted to freshen up. She answered him with an almost inaudible reply, he asked her to ‘say again’, and she repeated that she was fine thank you very much…almost forgetting to add Sir on to the end of her sentence.

She heard his footsteps decrease and so she resumed looking into the mirror, almost not recognizing the person looking back out at her. Shaking her head, she hitched up her skirt and made her way to the toilet. Her actions were done without thinking about them, she giggled to herself thinking what a desirable figure she must look waddling across the tiled floor. She squatted down over the ceramic bowl, she let her fingers do some exploring of their own, and their discovery wasn’t a shock to her, she found bodily secretions lining the top of her thighs. Taking great pleasure from this, she brought her fingers back up to her eye line and she noticed the familiar glistening. She placed her fingers inside her mouth and savored the sweet taste of her own body her tongue lapping up greedily her healthy discharge. She closed her eyes and let out a murmur of utter pleasure. She was tempted to use her fingers to bring her sensitive bud to an orgasm, but she was disturbed before she could fulfill her desires. He was knocking on the door again, asking if she was ready, she snapped open her eyes and replied that she was almost ready.

"Good girl, I’m waiting for you, quickly now", he said.

She acknowledged him and after having expelled her amber liquid from within, she dried herself off with the embossed tissue paper, quickly running her fingers over her outer labia lips and then returning through her inner labia, making sure she hadn’t left any stray strands of tissue paper, that would be highly embarrassing for her, she’d done it once before in a different life, and was mortified at the time, she pledged that she would never do that again.

After washing her hands and drying them on the soft brilliant almost blinding white towel, she quickly and deftly reapplied her makeup.   Swinging the door open she found him standing the other side with a smile that would have put the Cheshire cat to shame. He asked her if that was better and she replied in the affirmative tone. "Well if you’re ready to continue I would like you to descend the stairs and follow me". She nodded that she understood his requirements and followed him like an obedient puppy, collecting her things en-route.

He stood at the door to the sitting room, and spoke again to her, reminding her that she had agreed to discard her clothing immediately she arrived in his home, he had obviously allowed her some leniency in which to freshen up, but now, it was time for him to take control once more and she was to offer up her submission to him in a way that would please him. She replied saying that she recalled the conversation earlier in the evening and she was happy to press on and taste his Domination of her. Pleased with the reply he received, he told her to enter the room and prepare for him.

She entered the warm room, taking note of the fire blazing away in the hearth, she stood near one of the wing backed leather chairs and discarded her jacket, and place that along with her handbag on the seat.  She then stood in the middle of the room and bent her knees, lowering herself to the floor and the deep pile carpet waiting for her. Her breath had quickened again in nervous excitement, the tension building within her, waiting for his fingers to touch her and send those shocks penetrating her body once more. She lowered her head, her buttocks touched the heels of her boots, and her hands were placed equally on each thigh, palms upwards, she also kept her eyes closed. With her hearing enhanced, she awaited his arrival full of trepidation and anxiety, her pussy wet with the hope of his touch.

He could stand it no longer he had to enter the room, as he walked in he could smell the aroma of highly aroused woman, this pleased him immensely. The sight that beheld him was magnificent, she was a vision of loveliness in her show of submission, and the only thing that spoilt it was that she was still clothed, but this he could forgive her as it was their first encounter. Although he had told her that she would be unclothed, he quite liked the look of her ample breasts ensconced within their material prison, they enhanced her look of vulnerability.

He took slow steady steps over to her, he walked round her, not touching, his fingers reaching out but not coming into contact with any part of her, well not for the moment. He watched her breathe in and out, her breath coming quick and shallow, she was trying to control herself, he noted. His arousal was evident if only she had her eyes open. As he did his second sweep around, his fingers touched her hair; he let the strands fall through his fingers and drop back to her shoulders. He saw her shudder when he touched her. His fingers brush her face, touching her peachy soft skin, he felt the goose bumps rise as his digits lingered. He could feel her breath on his skin as she struggled to control her breathing. He watched the rise and fall of her breasts, mesmerized by her submissive form kneeling at his feet, her need and his, molded into one desire, her ying to his yang.

He knelt down in front of her and began unfastening the buttons of her blouse; he was pleased to see she barely moved whilst he freed her breasts from captivity. With her top open and her bra on show, he slid the cotton fabric from her shoulders and down each arm, removing the chemise completely. Then with the same deftness he removed her bra, finally allowing her breasts to be free. Again he watched as goose pimples appeared on her smooth body, belying how she really felt. He drew her hands together behind her and re-clipped them as they were during the drive to his home. She did not murmur, she did not object, she was silent and demur.

He placed his fingers in her hair, and with gentle persuasion he enticed her to stand. She pushed up through her calves and stood with her head remaining downcast and her eyes still closed. He asked her to open her eyes, she did so without delay. His eyes pierced her soul, trying to see deep inside, to get her to reveal its desires. She held his stare for what felt like an eternity, but was only a matter of seconds. It was too intense for her and she looked away. He forgave her this blunder as it was the first time she was before him in such a submissive capacity. She was forgiven as she was not sure of his requirements at this early stage, something he hoped to remedy over the coming months.

Reaching over to a nearby nest of tables, he picked up a ball gag, he proffered it to her mouth and she obliged by parting her lips effectively to accept the rubber sphere. He pulled the straps tight behind her head and fastened the buckle. Instantly she began to drool, giving rise to her discomfiture. He returned to face her and enjoyed the view before his disbelieving eyes. She stood, semi naked before this man who she had only just met, this person with whom she was inexplicably drawn too for some reason. She couldn’t explain why she should be attracted to him; the only thing she could think of was his dominance, the insurmountable power he held over her. He made her weak at the knees, and created a river of sweet juices flow between her thighs. She justified that would be enough in most peoples eyes, and certainly for her for the here and now it was. She didn’t know what the future held any more than the next person, but now was not the time or place to worry about that.

Her head was full of nonsense spinning round and round, trying to guess what he was going to do next, what else he might have planned for her voluptuous body. She knew he had ropes, too numerous to recount. She saw in the corner the camera on a tripod, the green light indicating it was ready for her performance, for her to become the work of art for his masterful creation. Without quandary she accepted the next item placed on her, a blindfold, a soft flexible rubber creation, one that molded with her features. Where her nose protruded, the latex hugged it, where her eyes sank; it too receded to fill the void. All light was extruded, she was thrown into total darkness, her senses heightened once more, like earlier in the evening as she knelt waiting for him to move nearer her. Now her nostrils were picking up his scent, his aftershave, spicy and overpowering, but comforting too in its own unique way. She stood before him; hands restrained behind her, blinded from the forthcoming events and gagged so not so utter a word, his idea of beauty personified.

He allowed himself some time to capture this picture to his mind, before detaining it on  a hard drive for all eternity, with his camera poised, his finger hovering over the button, he began in earnest taking pictures of her, his striking submissive, locked in the memory to recount this moment again and again.

Once he had captured every angle, every bump, every curve, and every blemish he was ready to move on to the next stage, this would take time, his time, to manipulate the ropes just how he wanted them, to give the desired effect on her subservient body.

He picked up the first of many ropes and began to bind her. She felt the ropes slide over her skin, it felt like a million fingers molesting her all at once, but in a nice way, a comforting feeling spread within her as her body became his mannequin to do with as he pleased. The cotton twine pulled and tugged her pudgy skin, creating new mounds and bumps along the way. She couldn’t see the master at work; she could only feel as each coil restrained her further.

It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling to be bound in rope, just one that was alien to her, she had dreamed aplenty of moments such as this, but now she was living it and it was just as she had hoped it would be, no, in fact, it was far better than she could have ever envisaged it. She was in ecstasy, her head began to float and her breathing became labored.  All the time he was encompassing her body in the fibers he spoke soothing, encouraging words to her. To her they felt like words of an angel far off, not of the man who was in the same room as her, who stood so close to her he touched her body with the finest hairs from his body, without thought.

For an eternity she stood, allowing him to wrap her up in intricate designs, to restrain her arms, her breasts, to manipulate her body to what he saw to be a picture of beauty. Inside he was struggling with his own demons, the ones that wanted him to take her, to fuck her, here and now, just as she is. To lay her down in front of the warmth of the fire, allowing the embers to cast shadows on her bound form. For him to be able to penetrate her inner being and bring both of them to an explosive orgasm, then to hold her in his arms and just lay in perfect peace with a bound beauty by his side. But his resolve was tenacious, and so he persevered with his subject, contrary to what his manhood was telling him.

As she stood there in the middle of the room, he couldn’t help but catch his breath, his heart was still racing, his desire still adamant. With the lights turned off in the room and just the flickering cinders with which to illuminate her body, he remained rooted to the spot, silent and impenetrable. He watched as saliva fell from her full mouth and slid to her bound breasts, dampening the ropes that held her so snug, pooling within the fibers, soaking them with her own dribble, he found it captivating. So much so, he almost forgot to take pictures. With a jolt of electricity to his mind, he focused himself once more and took up the role of photographer, catching every inch of her for his viewing pleasure later.


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