The Visit

by Minxi

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© Copyright 2009 - Minxi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; cons; X

Part One

The girl would never forget that day, the day when she experienced so much intensity at one time that her body felt like it would never stop quivering. How could anything ever be the same again? Every new experience left her questioning herself, it left her pondering if she had been dreaming, she surely couldn’t have witnessed her own body respond in such a way that was unfamiliar to her. Even now she smiled to herself, remembering that day with such fondness, but looking forward to the next even more, she was addicted, it was addictive, and she was captivated by him. He had done things to her that she could only conjure up in her furtive imagination that invaded her dreams at night as she lay between the cotton sheets, the ones that caressed her body not unlike the softness of his hands as they ran over every dip and curve of her vivacious body, the ones that had left their imprint on her soul so deeply.

Now, even days later her memory was rife with the images of her own bound body, playing in front of her like a holographic replay. Her curves restrained, liberated from the otherwise confines of her clothing, those were abandoned within minutes of her entering his home. His requirements expressed in an email message to her, his tone, clear, defined, blunt, she would discard her street clothing immediately upon setting foot inside his accommodation. He was in control from the moment she arrived all he asked was that she acknowledge his dominance in a show of suitable submission upon her arrival. This she did willingly and without any prompting, she needed, wanted, desired to have his power over her, she knew she would do his bidding without question or remark, obedience was the key to the satisfying coming together of minds and bodies at that moment in time, anything else would end in failure and a disappointing conclusion for them both.

All this happened so quickly after the initial meeting to discuss each others likes, dislikes and preferences. Some formal introductions were of course the order of the meeting, where each person discussed openly their worries or concerns, mainly her, although she felt relaxed in his presence, the conversation flowed without any uncomfortable pauses, they laughed at the same time, she touched his knee, he touched her hand in return and his fingers lingered just a little bit longer than perhaps they had ought to. She looked down to see his hand on hers and her body felt like it had been hit with 10,000 volts. From the top of her head right down to the tips of her toes she felt the tingling reverberate within, pulsing out towards the outer layer of her skin, her nipples became erect, her pussy throbbed needing to be touched, and the desire for release overwhelming.

She was aware of him looking at her as her breath quickened, her pupils dilated, and her eyelids began to droop. He could sense her longing, as he felt it too, but in a different way perhaps than what she could envisage. His need was to bind her, wrap her curves, every nuance of that perfect form sat before him just screaming out for his ropes to comfort and keep her safe, just like the arms of a strong man cuddling something precious to him, something so valuable it was priceless, that was how he felt about her. He had spent so long seeking out one who breathed submissiveness with every intake of air, he was going to give up his search, but then she had come along and all his prayers had been answered. She knew this, as he had told her as much after their first ‘proper’ date, as they had snuggled up in the duvet after a bout of energetic sex, the reward for the girl, he’d told her, for her performance and the pleasure she had given him. She courteously thanked him, she even called him Sir, which added to his pleasure and fed his ego equally.

She had broken all of her own set of rules that day, the ‘no sex on the first date’ rule, the ‘don’t go to their home on a first date’ rule, the ‘don’t play on a first meeting’, every rule she had set herself to protect her safety, with him, she had broken. The desire and need to be controlled dominating her commonsense. She didn’t regret it for a moment, to hell with rules, they are made to be broken she subconsciously told herself.

Once the formalities were out of the way, he’d asked her if she had brought a copy of the email he had sent, she acknowledged that she had and produced it as if she felt her word was not enough, it was of course, he had no need for proof, he didn’t doubt that she would comply fully with all of his instructions freely. He praised her, which brought a reddish hue to her cheeks which he found alluring. He told her that when she was ready to leave, to let him know and he would expect her full compliance in everything from that moment on, she was to continue to call him Sir and to only speak when spoken to, she was allowed to look at him for this, their first play session, to instill confidence in her, but if they were to meet again she would be denied this comfort blanket with which to hold onto. She spoke her acknowledgement and gesticulated that she was ready to depart. Before exiting the public house he pointed to the empty glasses, he didn’t say anything else, there was no need too. She picked up the empties and returned them to the bar, where the barman nodded his thanks and she smiled back politely. Just as she was about to turn around and look for the dominant, he grabbed hold of her arm and lead her outside, with a backward gesture of ‘goodnight’ to the staff.

Once outside, she felt her body shiver, she wasn’t sure whether it was the anticipation and excitement of the events to come or if it was the cool night air that struck her body as she exited the building. She knew one thing, and that was her desire to be held and controlled by this man was intense, her pussy was dripping with lust, greedy for penetration or touch, it didn’t matter which.

Still being led by her arm, the dominant directed her over to his car, but stopped just short of the passenger door. Asking her if she had any underwear on, she confirmed that indeed she had. He instructed her to remove them and to pass them to him. This she did, but not without shame, again he was amused by the flush of her cheeks. She lifted up her skirt, after looking to see if anyone else was in the car park, there was no one; she pulled down her knickers and passed them to him. With her cheeks burning bright red, she watched as he lifted up her knickers and first smelt them, then ran his fingers over the gusset, noting how wet they were and smiling back at her. She lowered her head, mortified, that her ‘dirty’ little secret had been discovered, that her body had given her away to him in such a manner that she wasn’t able to control. He handed her back her damp underwear and she quickly stuffed them in her jacket pocket, turning away from him, not able to face him for the moment.

He placed his fingers gently on her chin and lifted it up, turning her head to face him as he did. She kept her eyes downcast, still not able to look at him in the eye. He told her not to be silly, that he was flattered that she was so aroused, that there should be no secrets between them, as the whole basis for any bondage session is about trust and truth, how was he to know if she wanted to be with him if she did not tell him, the only other way was to let her own body secrete its scent and juices, relinquishing any verbal indication from her if she did not feel able to tell him. He whispered in her ear that he had had an erection from the moment he’d met her and had indeed emitted some bodily fluids of his own. This brought a smile and a girlish giggle from her painted lips. He had also confided to her that he had wanted to forego the formalities and just whisk her back to his and bind her quickly and efficiently as only he knew how, but understood that by doing that he was stepping over a line which no dominant should cross over without express permission of the submissive. She recognized the control he had shown and smiled back at him, looking at him with hungry eyes, which he accepted, he removed his hand and opened the car door, giving her verbal instructions to lift up her skirt and to sit with bear cheeks on the leather upholstery of the vehicle. He showed amusement as she let out a small squeal as her warm rump was placed on the coolness of the hide. He acted the perfect gentleman and closed the door behind her, rushing round to the drivers’ side, getting in without hesitation, pulling the door shut behind him.

He told her that he wanted to begin immediately with some bondage if she was still in agreement to their arrangement, she spoke quietly but confidently that she was happy for him to begin now. Reaching behind the passenger seat, he pulled out a small holdall; she looked at him inquisitively, a puzzled expression showing on her face, this was soon dispersed as he pulled out a set of wrist cuffs. He was pleased to see her smiling with what he assumed meant the items were to her liking, she offered herself to him, and he noted the slenderness of her wrists, as he looked at the proffered body parts. Tenderly, with no obvious hint of hurriedness he placed the black rubber cuffs on each wrist and fastened them closed so that they sat snug to her skin, not chafing but not loose, it was if they were made to measure, he observed happily. He asked her to place her hands behind her back where her clipped the cuffs together, telling her that she need not worry about the seatbelt, he would pull that across and fasten her in, momentarily.

With his ego boosted further, she thanked him using the word Sir without giving it a second thought the words just rolled off her tongue in a familiar fashion; he leant over and pulled the restraint across her chest. He couldn’t help but brush her breasts, and he registered her rigid nipples pushing against the confines of their material prison, holding them back from freedom, how he wanted to release them, to touch them, to kiss and fondle them with his tongue, but that would have to wait he regrettably resigned himself. He put the metal in its holder and they both heard the recognizable ‘click’ as it seated itself within the plastic sheath.

He fired up the car and pulled away after he had belted himself in first. They drove the dark roads in relative silence, a bit of small talk passed between them, with her not forgetting to register his dominance over her within her sentences. As he drove, she stole longer glances at him, first her eyes were drawn to his crotch, she couldn’t help herself, it must come as second nature to women, first the face, then the cock bulge, or was it the other way round, for her it had been so long since she had been in such close proximity of a desirable man she’d almost forgotten the etiquette that went unspoken through the generations of women. No woman in her right mind would freely speak out that they either went first to the trouser snake mound, then elsewhere, maybe the face, if not perhaps the buttocks if they are easily noticeable, why shouldn’t women get an eyeful, men have been doing it since Adam and Eve, they are more brazen about it when they look at the size of a woman’s cleavage, they speak their minds far more than women would ever dare. With the size of the dominants trouser snake and his obvious diminishing erection noted, she set her sights on the road ahead, not that she could have told you where they were, she was too full of nervous excitement to be aware of her surroundings.

Occasionally she would glance up at him concentrating on his driving, just watching his facial expressions, some where comical, others caused her to catch her breath, he was so handsome in her eyes, she felt honored that he had asked to meet her, forget the rules, this man oozes dominance, he is in control of his surroundings, he knows what he wants, he wants me, oh my, she thought, how am I ever going to live up to his expectations. My desire to please this man is so intense that words cannot express it, I have not felt this for another for so many years, my only worry is that I fail, she continued on, the miles passed by and whilst she was lost in her thoughts they had arrived at his home.

He spoke calmly and gently to her, the engine noise diminished as he turned the ignition off, his hand took hold of her chin again, she could feel the warmth from his skin penetrating hers, he turned her head to face his, he kissed her full on the mouth and then spoke to her, asking her if she was ok, whether she was still happy to continue on this journey of discovery together, she confirmed that she was. He told her he was going to undo the seatbelt but would not unfasten the clip holding the cuffs together behind her back. He clicked off his own belt and got out of the car, she sat with bated breath, waiting for him to come and let her out, only he didn’t come round straight the way, first he unlocked the front door of his house and flooded the driveway with light from the hallway.

Once he was satisfied that she could adequately see where she was walking, he opened the car door and leaned in to unfetter her from the restrictions of the vehicles belt, again catching his arm, then his hand against her ample breasts. He felt her nipples harden with the merest of glances, he heard her draw in a heady breath, desire was seeping out of her in waves now, he knew it, and she knew he knew it. Helping her out was simple and carried out swiftly; the skirt fell back down naturally and didn’t need any assistance. He directed her to his front door, she stepped over the threshold, just as she did, she was about to speak, but then though better of it, she had left her handbag on the floor of his car. He told her not to fret, he had brought in her belongings and brought them from behind his back and showed her. She smiled and spoke warm words of thanks. She tried to take in the setting, but his words came brisk and unyielding, she would have the cuffs unclipped and she had some time to ‘sort’ herself out, he would show her the bathroom where she would prepare her body for him.

He in turn would be preparing his apparatus and apparel for the evening’s entertainment.


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