A Singapore Sub 2: MRT Adventure

by Sengkang

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© Copyright 2009 - Sengkang - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; D/s; public; hum; toys; cons; X

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Part 2: MRT Adventure

Next day morning, Tania wake up early at 5am. She hasn’t had a good sleep throughout the night, waiting impatiently for the sun to rise so that she can finally meet her Master. She took a heavy breakfast to compensate for the dinner last night before a hot shower, she also take time to trim her pussy hair. She has always wanted to trim a straight thin vertical hairline but never skilful enough for that.

By 7am, Tania has already finished dolling up. She chose a plain and refreshing make-up today to match her sundress and the bright morning, She hopes to bring much delight to K amidst this bearish week. Tania has always been proud of her make-up talent, something she has perfected with years of modelling.

Standing naked in front of her mirror, Tania slipped into the sundress for the first time. It seems a size too small for her, the long v-neckline opens wide and low through her chest and the same on her back. The undersized top gather both breasts together, making her 32B looks like a big C even without bra. The midriff starts right beneath her breasts, pushing them up and the cotton material hug her skin tightly from abdomen down to hip before the slightly flared skirt, ending just above her knees, exposing a little of the bruise she self inflicted last night. The floral imprints scattered on the dress with 2 prominently on each of her breasts.

Tania looks at herself in the mirror, She looks every bit like a fresh young virgin on her first date. She knows she will once again be the focal for the day wherever she goes.

“Gosh, K will be mesmerized by me.”

Running short of time, She quickly slid both legs through the elastic loops on the rubbery butterfly before pulling it up to her pussy, making sure the body nest comfortably at the pussy opening. She however did not manage to find any switch for the vibrator and did not have the luxury to explore further, grab her oversized tote bag and leave the house.

It’s 7.25am when Tania reaches the station. She chooses the entrance facing the bus interchange to wait for her Sir, one that has the most human traffic. Her heavily exposed chest and make-up attracts many stares from the guys and jealous stern looks from the ladies but she is enjoying every bit of the attention and constantly making eye contact with selected lucky guys. She can almost guess what lustful fantasies are going through these guys’ mind now.

After 15 minutes of long wait, Tania’s mobile buzz with incoming sms.

K: Nice and early, now I want you to take the next train.

Tania looked over to the LCD display that tells the next train’s departure time. 1 minute! She is definitely not going to make it, not in these heels and the crowd! Immediately she dashes for the gantry and take the stairs instead of escalator, which is full of standing commuters. The noise from her heels attracts everybody’s attention to her, ogling such a beauty desperately going after the closing door, something that Tania will never ever do regardless how late she was, but not this time. The train’s door closes right in front of her and pulls off without her, amusing everyone in the train as well as those on the escalator. This is definitely an embarrassing moment for Tania but yet she is now more concerned about missing K’s instruction. She takes out her mobile and wanted to call K but remembered the rule; she is not supposed to call K regardless of what situation. With no other options, Tania can only wait for K’s next sms.

K: Look at you, panting like a doggie.. Has been a long time since you last exercised?

Tania start looking around for K but the station is already crowded with people again, most are looking her way.

K: Looking for me? Don’t bother. Hop onto the next train.

Tania could see the approaching headlights from the train in the tunnel.

K: Oh yes, the last carriage please.

Damn! Tania whisper to herself and immediately hurry from the first carriage to the end.

“He must be nearby… Which of these men is Him?”

In between she has to snake through the crowd forming at each train door, her boobs were bumped a few times, never mind if they were on purpose, she cannot be bothered anymore as the train has already open it doors and she is only half way there. The rubbery butterfly has starting to cause her much discomfort from this brisk walking.

“What the hell is this stupid rubber?! It does not twitch a single beat at all!”

She manages to step into the last carriage right before the door closes. It is not as crowded here but no seats are available, she finds a perfect spot to park herself, at one corner of the opposite door. By now, she is rather irritated and panting heavily from the rushing. She notices a nerdy man in shirt and pants, standing adjacent to her, staring at her rapidly pumping chest. Not in the mood to provide a free eye candy, Tania hugged her tote bag to the front and cover her exposed cleavage.

K: Put that bag away!

This sms reminded Tania of K’s presence and immediately turn to that nerd. His hand is in his pocket, probably hiding his erect cock.

“Definitely not him. I did not see him with a mobile phone.”

Tania look around and spotted a handful of men texting away on their mobile…  One sits with his pregnant wife, another stand quite rather near but back facing her… There is also a pair of young punks in school uniform standing beside her…  Tania narrows down to 1 suspect, sitting facing her and has his mobile phone pointing at her direction, appearing to be taking picture. Tania looks at him and slowly pushes her bag away, exposing her wide cleavage for his viewing pleasure. She is very sure that he is snapping away on his mobile phone camera while she looks shamelessly into it and putting up a seductive smile, turning her head slightly to give him a few good subtle poses. She is good at all these poses afterall.

As the train approaches Serangoon station, this guy stands up and Tania’s heart misses a beat…

“It’s Him! It must be Him! Oh my god! He is going to approach me now!”

Just as she is racking her brain for the opening sentence, he turns off and heads for the exit…

“What?! He is not K?!!”

K: Who are you flirting with, slut?

slut: Sorry, Sir. I mistook him for You.

This moment, Tania starts blushing… Thinking what a free-show that guy has got from her and what’s more, he has it all on stored on his mobile phone!

K: For that unsolicited flirting and the leaking last night, you shall be punished.

Suddenly the rubber butterfly buzz off to a strong vibration, causing Tania to jump in surprise, attracting even more attention to her. Very soon, her fair complexion is flushing hot once again and her knees went soft from the stimulation. Leaning back to the wall, gripping the handle bar tightly and biting her lips, Tania is at a total loss on handling this situation. She tries real hard to suppress her display of pleasure, not knowing how long this punishment will last or how long she can last before cumming before the public eyes! Her heart starts pumping heavily again and her expression is now mixed with annoy and pleasure, earning more bewildering stares.

The vibrator stops as the train stop at Boon Keng, which is a short 3 minutes from Serangoon, but to Tania, it felt like an external of hell!

“How did that happen? How did the vibrator suddenly come to life?”

She can hardly catch her breath before the vibrator starts humming again as the train leaves the station, once again her tormented expression returns and continues to entertain the crowd. This time, she choose to close her eyes, at least she will not be bothered by the amused faces and can concentrate on resisting her own horniness. It stop again when the train pull into Little India. Tania prepares herself for another attack when the train departs but this time, the butterfly lay still.

K: Enjoying yourself? Alight at the next station and take the stairs up and wait for me there.

Tania alights the train and greeted by the long flight of stairs, it must be at least 2 storeys high. Drawing a deep breath before she starts climbing the stairs with minority of commuters while the masses go for the escalator. Hardly into the first 10 steps, the butterfly starts it’s wriggling again but this time at a milder speed. Tania continue her ascend carefully and slowly as the butterfly hits higher note as she climbs. As she is approaching the top, she heard some loud whispering and laughter behind her, suddenly it dawn to Tania that she is not wearing any underwear below and her skirt is so short and flared, anyone near the bottom of the stairs should have a clear full view of her upskirt! Immediately she pulls the sides of her skirt to her thighs and hastens her pace to finish the remaining steps.

She finally cleared the 58th step and retreats to the side corridor, waiting for K. The pair of students whom were in the same carriage earlier emerges from the stairs shortly; they had this sheepish look and start nudging among themselves upon seeing her before breaking into loud laughter.

“Damn! They must have seen my upskirt at the stairs!”

K: Great, you still look pretty. Now head off to the North-South train and alight at Raffles Place. See you at the garden above the station.

Tania starts looking for any visible suspect but she is already alone in the area.

“Where the hell is He? He must be nearby!”

She proceeds towards the North-South Line, making numerous stops in between when the vibration hits her high notes, pretending to look for something in her bag or feigning sms-ing to avoid further attractions. This time, the vibration seems to have a rhythm, rising her high to the edge before subsiding at that very crucial moment. This cycle goes on mercilessly.

When Tania finally makes it to the North-South train platform, what greets her are hordes of office crowd, much more than the earlier North-South Line. She did not manage to squeeze into the first train and had to wait for the next one, which the display says 2 minutes, 2 long minutes to Tania. By the time the train pulls over, the platform has again swell with commuters and the train itself is already packed. With no option, Tania wrestled her way in and ended up sandwiched between a lady in front and a guy behind. Tania’s right breast presses onto the lady’s arm while her bum is pressed against the guy’s bum.

“He must have felt the vibration on my bums.”

Tania could not see his expression and can imagine it, thinking of that, her face blushes again. She also notices a guy on her left, about a head taller, practically glued his vision on her cleavage and she is helpless over it, she can neither turn away nor moves her bag to cover. These humiliations and the merciless attacks down below makes her nipples harden, hard enough to prompt the lady whose arm is pressing on Tania’s breast to gives her a disgusted stare.

The destination is only 2 stations away, probably less than 5 minutes, but these 5 minutes are an external torture to Tania. When she finally alights, she deliberately slows down and let the crowd overtakes her before she heads for the stairs up, making sure she is the last one and grabbing her skirt to prevent further showcasing.

The massive crowd slow down her ascent to the street level and when she finally makes her way to the garden, her legs can hardly support her. Immediately she sits down on the nearest marble perimeter of the garden, this presses the vibrator into her vagina deeper. This enhanced impact and the long suppression is too much for Tania to take, she begins rocking her bum back and forth and roll her eyes over, raising her head to the sky, hands grasping both sides of skirt. Very soon her much-suppressed Orgasm explodes, right in the middle of the CBD garden with the morning crowd, but she cannot care much. Her mouth opens with eyes half-closed and thighs closely locked, she lets off a series of soft moans… She has once again lost in her own ecstasy, this time, a much massive one

It takes a long while for Tania to regain her senses and her bearings, she looked around and notices people are walking past her with a bewildering look but none stopped for her.

K: Well done, slut. I guess you are the first ever to cum right in the heart of Raffles place in midst of the morning crowd. I am so proud of you. I am sure the Shenton way people are as well.

slut: Thank you Sir.

Tania’s cheeks blushes again.

K: Alright. Now I have to go back to work. Look out for your email when you reach home.

slut: Sir, may I have the vibrator on for my journey back?

There is no reply from K and the vibrator has stopped. Disappointed over the dead vibrator and the non-appearance of K, Tania stood up and headed back to the train station, not realising the back of skirt has a big patch of her wetness when she cummed earlier.

When she reaches home and checks her email, K has forwarded a video clip on her 2 minute of fame on the Shenton way garden.