A Singapore Sub 1: Webcam Pleasure

by Sengkang

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© Copyright 2009 - Sengkang - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; webcam; M/f; D/s; nipple; mast; cons; X

After a decade of reading, it's time I contribute. My first attempt though. This story revolves around Tania Ng, a Singaporean sub (yes, we do have bdsm in this conservative country!), collared by her online Master, whom she has never met before.

Part 1: Webcam Pleasure

SMS interpreted Tania’s music on her mobile phone.


This short message is enough to make Tania’s eye sparkles and missed a heartbeat. She checks her watch, it’s 6.35pm and she is just 2 stations away from Punggol, after which her flat is only 5 minutes stroll from the MRT station, but she can hardly wait to run home with excitment. She manages to reach home by 6.52pm, immediately strips off her T-shirt and denim skirt as she walks to her room. By the time she sits down in front of her pc, logs on to her msn and her webcam, she is already stark naked. She checked her time again, 6.58pm, with a sigh of relief, she waits earnestly for K to logon.

20 minutes past and still no sight of K in msn. In her mind, she regretted for not making that toilet visit before login on. She has this urge to pee since leaving Orchard but now she dare not leave her chair for the washroom, she knows the serious consequences if K logons and did not see her. The first and only time Tania logged on later than K, a 10-minute video clip of her masturbating, with her face blurred, was uploaded onto the local popular sex forum. It was the talk in town for weeks then. That was only the third time Tania “interacted” with K online and that was the day she fully understood the power of collared. Her doubts and insecurity turned to full submission to K, something that she gets really excited.

Tania’s parents divorced when she was 9, Dad remarried almost immediately and Mom works for a Petrol Chemical company, a job that requires her to travel most of the time. Tania was brought up by doting Granny, led a carefree childhood and had everything her way but she was never the rebellious type. At 16, she stopped school after O-Levels, even though her grades qualify her to respectable JC, and moved in with Mom. For the first 2 years, she worked many jobs but never once worked more than a year. She is a very intelligent student and diligent worker, but she gets bored easily.

Fortunately, she inherits her Mom’s smooth complexion and large doe eyes. Standing at 1.65metre, with 32B breast and 25inch waist, Tania is not exceptionally pretty and she commands a second look along the street and the type where guys are proud to bring home. Nowadays she works as a freelance model for the local photography community, occasionally she will also take on assignments to pose nude for the art students, something that she enjoys, being nude to public. This lifestyle gives her plenty of free time but little friends, so she ended up spending a lot of time online.

She was first exposed to SM through the regular porn sites she visits and gradually started self-bondage. She acquainted K in one of the online BDSM community barely 2 months ago, they have so far interacted through sms-es and msn. She has never seen nor spoke to him, her initial participation into this online relationship was purely out of curiosity but this video clip incident changed her. She loves the overwhelming power of K over her, surprising her and breaking her limits each time.

7.40pm, the doorbell rang abruptly, giving Tania a shock and causes drops of urine to spurt out from her vagina. She pondered for a moment on whether to answer the door, what if it is an irritating Salesman and causes her to miss K? The doorbell rang the third time before she rushes out of her room with her T-shirt & skirt.

“Hey, DHL delivery. Are you Miss Ng?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Great, this parcel is for you.”

Tania takes over the parcel after signing for it. She notices the guy keeps staring at her perky nipples under the white T-shirt and an evil thought of flashing her boobs to tease the man comes to her mind. But she decides not to complicate matters and ended keep K waiting. Tania is capable of many things when she is horny.

After closing the door, she takes the parcel into the room and strips naked again before planting herself in front of the pc. She starts opening the parcel and found a white sundress with striking green floral imprints, a pair of beige 2 ½ inch heels with satin ribbons at the sides meant to coil round the ankle and tie off with a ribbon. The last item caught her eyes easily as she has never seen it before, a purple butterfly shaped silicon with 2 elastic bands attached to the sides. As she was examining it, K logged on.

K: Looks like you got my parcel.

slut : Good evening, Sir. How is Your day?

K: Not good, slut. Not good, the market crashed badly. Business aside; have you seen all the things in the parcel?

slut: Yes Sir. Thank you very much. slut likes the shoes a lot, it wraps and ties off my ankles tightly.

K: Good. How about the clitoris vibrator?

slut: Oh that is a vibrator? slut was wondering what it is.

K: LOL… Tomorrow morning we shall take our game outdoor.

Outdoor?! So far all her submission under K were within these walls, what does he mean by outdoor? Are they going to meet at last?  Tania has many questions but she knows very well on not asking them….

K: Why you look so shocked? Not ready to push your next limit?

slut: No, slut will do what Sir fancy.

K: Good! Don’t worry about tomorrow, I have everything planned and I am sure you will enjoy them too.

K: Now show me my horny pussy.

Tania unclips the webcam from the monitor and clips it on the edge of the chair, adjusting the webcam to shoot from her pussy up to her face. She has practiced on this angle many times, so it will not go wrong.

K: Why is it so wet?

slut: I leaked a little when the doorbell rang. My bladder is full for the past hour, at least.

K: Leaking at 23 years old?! Shame on you. Now that deserves punishment! Go get a pair of the plastic cloth peg and a glass of cold water.

slut: Yes Sir. May slut use the toilet as well? Please… slut cannot hold much more…

K: No.

Tania knows she will get nowhere pleading K for the toilet break, she cursed at herself for not taking the risk to rush for the toilet while waiting for K. Carefully moving her leg over the webcam and attached wire before walking to the kitchen and selecting 2 plastic pegs from the laundry basket, she deliberately choose the ones with tiny spikes on the clip over the smooth edges, then pours a glass of water from the fridge and heads back to the room. The thought of making a quick pit stop comes to her mind, after all K will not be able to “see”. However she decides against and head straight to the room, even though her bladder is now aching for release.

K: Show me the pegs you selected.

Tania promptly holds the pinky pegs close to the webcam.

K: Nice color. Now clip them onto those nipples.

Tania is familiar with this instruction; it is after all not the first time implemented during her past sessions. In fact she loves the prickly pain it brings to her nipples, but hates it after a while when the prickly pain turns to a dull one, and then loves the rush of pain again when removing them.

K: Now, finish the glass of water.

This caught Tania unprepared. Drinking a glass of icy water is no easy feat when you are already clenching your pelvic muscles hard to hold your urine! Tania gives an uncomfortable look at the glass of water; her expression seems to be pleading K to rescind the instruction. Knowing that is not going to happen, she takes a deep breath and begin to gulp down the water, in her mind, she is thinking the faster she get this done, the faster she can be allowed to pee.

K: That’s my nice little slut. Do you wish to pee now?

Tania nodded her head instantly! Her eyes brighten up and about to stand up.

K: Not yet, slut. Not until you cum.

Tania was shocked! She immediately shakes her head and begged K to let her pee first.

“Sir, please no! I beg you. I cannot hold any further… Please, no! I will do anything after that but please I need to pee…” Her voice quivers and tears start welling up in her doe eyes.

K: Now, that deserves punishment. First, you speak when I did not give you the permission. Secondly, you used “I” 4 times. That is a big violation.

Tania cannot care more on the punishment, nothing can be much worse than not able to let loose her bladder. In her head, thoughts of ignoring K flashes by, “shut him offline, get out of this silly relationship!” Why would she bother to be controlled by someone whom she has never meet before?!

K: Punishment will come later, slut. Now, start fingering yourself!

She re-composes herself and re-thinks about this situation. She has gone too deep in to get out now, he has her video feed performing all obscene acts, he knows where she lives and she knows nothing about him at all! Most importantly, she yearns for his control…

She leans back to the chair with eyes & nose reddening, her right hand moves down to her clitoris and start caressing it lightly. She has no idea how to make herself cum with a full bladder. She is not at all aroused and her pussy is wet with her leak earlier, not juice. The more she fondles, the more intense the pain at her bladder gets. Tears start rolling down as she uses all her might in holding back the urine, very soon the pain turns acute and kidneys aching. She starts rubbing vigorously; desperately hoping to bring herself to a quick Orgasm, which she knows is nowhere near. Finally she cannot hold much longer, her vagina muscles loosen and clear streak of urine burst out towards the webcam as Tania cries out loud.

The golden shower goes on for a long while before Tania feels the relief on her bladder. The ceramic-tiled floor, her chair and her legs are all wet, her left thigh is also bruised from her grip in midst of the agonising ecstasy.  She hardly catches her breath back before she starts stroking again, ignoring the mess and K. This time, she manages to get that familiar pleasure. Very soon, she brings herself to the edge and moans out loud, her legs coil round the legs of the chair and left hand fondling her pegged breasts. At the loudest moan, she yanks off the peg on her right nipple, followed by the left in quick succession. Her moan momentarily turns into a yell in pain, oblivious to the presence of the neighbourhood, she is lost in her own orgasm…

Tania’s body trembles as she hits her peak, her fingers lay rest on her clitoris where a jolt of pleasure sparks off and zaps past her nipples before exploding again in her brain. Hardly before she calms down, her fingers start the stroking again. The second wave comes fast but soft, driving Tania hornier but her engorged clitoris has become too raw to give her more pleasure.

K: That is another great performance, slut. Too bad my view is partly obstructed by your droplet of urine on the webcam.

Tania immediately uses her finger to wipe off the droplet off the lens before replying…

slut: Thank you Sir. Glad you like it.

K: I shall see you tomorrow morning, 7.30am, Sengkang MRT station entrance. You shall wear only what are sent to you, nothing more.

With this message, K logged out of msn abruptly, leaving Tania with no opportunity to ask further.

Tania finished cleaning her mess at around 11pm, too tired and horny for dinner, she went to bed but had a disturb rest. Deep in her mind, she is excited over tomorrow morning outdoor session and her first meeting of K…



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