The Seduction

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

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Part 2

"But why not?!"

"Because I said so."

Andi pouted.

"You sound like Dad."

"And you sound like a whining child."

She reached out and took his hand.

"Sorry, Uncle Phil, but that may have worked when I was six, not twenty-six."

Phil sighed.

"Several reasons. For starters I wouldn't be comfortable doing it. I never married, never had kids, don't have all that baggage, but you're still my niece. It would be too overtly sexual."

"But we've done nude work before."

"That was part of your plot to seduce Yasmine over to the dark side. And I have to be honest; I wasn't too thrilled with the idea. By the way, how's that working out."

"Great! Better than I could have dreamed... but a little weird."


"She goes into slave mode," she snapped her fingers, "like that. All it takes is a touch or tone of voice or even just that certain look I give her and she's kneeling at my feet and she's all 'Yes, Mistress' and 'No, Mistress'. It's like she was born to wear a collar."

"Have you collared her? You said that was the plan."

"Uh uh. You know how it is. You want something badly, but, when you get it, things change. For now we have a couple of play dates each month, but they're very, and I mean very, intense."

"It's like there are two Yasmines: sweet, cuddly Yasmine and groveling, boot-licking Yasmine. Honestly, there is nothing I can't do to her. At first it bothered me, the tears, begging me to stop. But she's never, not once, used the safe word. It's like she has no limits."

Andi snorted.

"If anyone has limits, it's me. Still, like I said, it gets intense. But no matter what wringer I put her through afterward she's all cuddly like the afterglow of sex, except the effect lasts for days."

"And that's weird?"

"Huh? No! Oh no. That's not weird. Her rope fetish is weird."

"Rope fetish?"

"Yeah. And it's a fetish. It's not sexual. Well not often. She ties me up a couple of times a week, sometimes three, but, maybe, only once a month or so does it turn to sex."

"The last time she put me in a frog tie and positioned me in the middle of the bed on my belly. Then she settled in until our lips touched, if you know what I mean. She pulled the covers over us and that's how I spent the night. I couldn't really sleep tied like that, so I licked her until I dozed off and each time I woke up I'd lick her some more."


Andi looked into the mug.

"Yeah, please. Uh, TMI?"

"No. Well, maybe a bit."


He handed her a fresh mug. Andi took a sip.

"But mostly she just likes to tie me up and hold me. Like Friday. When I got home from work I went into the bathroom to take a shower and Yas came in, too. She washed me, got me all soapy, took her time, and she was very, very thorough. Sometimes I have to remind her that if she's not going to drive she shouldn't start the engine."

Phil chuckled.

"After she dried me she opened the box of powder, grabbed the puff ball and powdered me, head to toe, front an back. And, like the shower, she took her time. And like I said, it could have easily turned sexual, but the way she does it it usually doesn't. She settled me on the bed and reached for her bag of rope. We have 'our' goody bag for when we're doing the Mistress/slave thing and she has her bag of rope. She keeps it on the floor next to her nightstand."

"Anyway. She tied me up. And when she did, like always, it was slow. She doesn't just tie me, she strokes me as she does it. Instead of pulling my wrists behind my back and tying them, she runs her hands down my arms, drawing them back slowly, ties my wrists, then hugs me to her, strokes me. Same way when she wrapped the ropes around my chest. Same way when she tied my ankles, tied my knees, tied my ankles to my knees, tied my wrists to my ankles."

"She finished with a blindfold, a leather thing lined with fur. Then she settled in next to me, pulled the covers over us, and cuddled me. Sometimes there's sex. Sometimes she ties me up and makes love to me. But I think we burn off most of that sexual energy doing the Mistress/slave thing."

She took another sip.

"That's it. That's how I spend my free time."

It was her turn to chuckle.

"Between Yasmine and you I spend half my life tied up."

"We can hold off if you want. We've got about six months of material in the can, as it were."

"No. No, that's okay. You know she subscribes to the site."

"No. Really?"

"Yeah. I was going through the list of subscribers and one caught my eye. Being with her as long as I have I know how her mind works and one ID jumped out at me. Sure enough, when I checked the properties, IP address and everything, it was her."

"Okay, that is a bit odd. I mean, she has you for real."

"Like I said, it's a fetish. I'm sure of it."

"You don't mind?"

"No. At first I was a bit confused. I'm the dominant member of this team, but she doesn't so much dominate me as, what's the word I'm looking for? Serve me? I mean, she bathes me, grooms me, cuddles me."

"In ropes."

"Yeah, there's that. Like I said - weird."

Phil took their mugs and set them in the sink. They crossed the back yard and went into his studio.

"You never answered my question."

Phil sighed.

"Okay, aside from the comfort thing, I don't think it's appropriate for the site. It's bondage tease, not bondage sex. It's the tease that keeps your subscribers coming back for more."

"But, come on, some of my outfits leave almost nothing to the imagination."

"Key word: almost. Listen, a nipple slip here or glimpse of this or that is one thing, but-"

"But couldn't we edit around it, not post the worst ones? I mean, if you tie my knees, nobody's gonna see anything. Well, not unless I stick my butt in the air. Maybe we could just do that, just show my boobs and butt. That would still leave them eager for the rest, right? Yas would love it. I know she would."

"Yeah. Okay, but I think you're headed down a very slippery slope."


Andi sipped her wine and chuckled.


"Remember you saying I was heading down a slippery slope?"


"Well, it's slippery all right. But it's not so much a slope as a crevasse."

Andi giggled.


"Sorry. Just being crude. Sorry."


"Nothing. Listen, going forward I think we should keep doing the Yasmine shoots, nude, but not crotch-in-your-face naked."

"We've done that."

"Yeah, that's what I was laughing about."

"Andi, what the hell are you talking about."

She waved her hand.

"Sorry. Sorry. I'm just in a silly mood."

She sipped her wine.

"By the way, I think it was brilliant to limit the offer free to the first one hundred subscribers, then sell the set to everyone else. If you want to see the goodies, you have to cough up a bit more cash."

"Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to follow the stats."

"Yeah. Well anyway, when we posted the pix, Yasmine snatched up a set. I mean immediately. When I got home I knew something had changed. She was up to something. She was being too casual, too coy. She didn't come into the shower with me, but, when I came out, there was a glass of wine next to my chair. We chatted and it was one of those awkward kind of chats like when we were dating. Kind of forced. You know?"


"Well, no sooner than I had finished my wine than Yas goes into the bedroom and reappears with her bag of rope. She practically yanked me out of the chair, ripped off my robe, and pushed me down onto the couch."

"She grabbed my hand and yanked it to one side, tied my wrist to the frame at the corner. She did the same with my other wrist. Stretched me out pretty good. Then she took each ankle and tied them to my wrists."

"You talk about crotch-in-your-face naked, well there it was for all the world to see."

"She blindfolded me, then she gagged me. She'd never done that before. It was quite a mouthful, a big ball with a chin strap. And then she was all over me."

"There was no gentle stroking. Uh uh. She raked her nails down across my boobs, pinched my nipples - hard! She ran her claws down my belly, and-"



"Your crevasse joke."

"Oh. Sorry. Potty mouth."

"Yeah. Well."

"Anyway... without getting into the gory details, let just say that she not only started the engine, she drove me damn near half way to New York."

Andi giggled.

"Or it could have been L.A. I really couldn't see where I was going."


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