The Seduction

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

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"I don't know."

"Yasmine, I need the money."

"But porn?"

"I like to think of it as portraiture."

"Uh huh."

"With ropes."

"Oh, Christ."

"He's very nice."


"Meaning he's very nice. Kind of fatherly."

"Kind of like an old pervert."

"No! He's not."

"Uh huh. So when are you going to do this."

"In about 30 minutes."


"Well, yeah."


"At his place."

"I'm coming with you."


"Andi! Think! Old perv ties up young woman - at his place? I'm coming."

"Well, he suggested that, actually."


Twenty minutes later Andi steered the blue Honda into the driveway.

"See? Perfectly nice, perfectly normal. Funky old neighborhood across from the university. People out jogging."

"And coeds go missing every day, I'll bet."

"Yasmine! Stop it!"

They mounted the back steps. The door swung open.

"Well hello! Come in. Come in. I'm Phil."

"I'm Andrea, Andi, and this is Yasmine."

"Well, it's nice to meet you both. Can I offer you something? Coffee? Tea? Soda? A bit of wine? Normally I don't approve of drinking before a shoot, but since this is your first time you're probably a bit nervous."

"Well, yeah. Yeah I am a bit."


"Uh, sure, okay."

Phil took a bottle of wine from the fridge, pulled the cork. He grabbed two glasses from the cupboard, held them up to the light, decided they weren't clean enough, so he gave them a rinse.

"Aren't you having any?"

"Me? No. No I don't drink before a shoot. Especially one of these. You just sit tight and I'll get the paperwork."

He left the room. Yas leaned close to Andi and whispered, "He sure looks like an old perv."

Phil came back into the room carrying a manilla folder.

"I may be an old perv, but I have excellent ears."

"Oh shit. Sorry."

He chuckled.

"Not a problem. Here. There are three forms. The first is a model release form that says I retain the rights to anything I create. You'll have to sign that before we can start. The second one is the contract. You don't have to sign it now, but bring it with you the next time. Lastly is the checklist. Some of the questions are of an intimate nature regarding sexual practices. I need to know up front what you will and won't do so there will be no misunderstandings. You understand."

"Yeah. Sure."

"Again, take it home and bring it next time. Today will be kind of a casting call. We'll chat a bit, do one session just so you can get a feel for it. There may be some incidental contact of an intimate nature. But if you're at all uncomfortable just tell me to stop and I will. Okay?"


"Lastly, everything is real. The knots, the gags, the locks, everything. I've worked with models in the past who "act" the part, but you can always tell it wasn't real. It's easier, and more effective, to tie you than having to constantly pose you. Okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah, sure."

"Good. Good. Let's get started."

In the living room, Phil set up the light. He opened the blinds and set the coffee table aside. He lifted the lid on a basket in the corner and pulled out coils of rope.

"I'm going to do a basic hogtie. That's where your wrists are tied behind your back, your ankles are tied, and I connect the two with a bit of rope."

Andi sat on the floor and Phil tied her. Yas sat in a wing chair in the corner sipping her wine. Phil kept up a constant banter that had Andi in giggles. Even Yasmine laughed in spite of herself. He paused often to pick up his camera.

"Okay here's where it starts to get intimate."

He wound rope above and below Andi's breasts. She had rather large breasts and the ropes made them bulge obscenely. The buttons of her shirt gaped revealing bits of lacey, white bra and tan skin.

"Okay. Now this is called a crotch rope for obvious reasons."

He wrapped the rope around Andi's waist, drew the ends down between her legs, pushed the rope between her thighs and tugged it up between her butt cheeks. He fed the rope between her bound wrists and knotted it to Andi's ankles.

"You'll notice that, as you move, tugging with your ankles has an… er, effect."

Andi tugged and nodded - and blushed.

"Okay. Ready to try a gag?"

"In for a penny."

"We'll do a knotted cleave gag. A cleave gag is the one you see in the movies all the time. A bit of cloth between the teeth. Totally ineffective. Hell. You could sing the national anthem wearing one."

He chuckled.

"Truth be told, most gags are ineffective. Even ball gags, unless the ball is the right size. The only effective gag is a mouth full of packing and tape. But even then you can make yourself understood. Well, kind of."

He pulled a bandana from the basket, knotted it, held it up to Andi's mouth. He pushed the knot in and tied the ends behind her head.

"Okay? Knots not too tight?"

Andrea rocked her head.

"So so. A bit uncomfortable, but not bad."

Her voice was garbled, but easily understood.

"Good. If things get too uncomfortable just sing Three Blind Mice and we'll stop."

Phil worked around the bound woman, rolling her onto her stomach, her side, her back, directing her as to where to look.

"Yasmine? You're her partner, right?"


"Would you like to get in the scene?"

"Well ..."

Andi mmf'd and nodded. Yasmine relented.


"Good. Get down behind her and move her around the way I did. Good. Good. Take your time. She's your captive and this is going to go you know where and you're teasing her. Now lay down behind her, lean on your elbow, and stroke her. Just touch her hair, her shoulder, her waist, her hip. Nice. Very nice. Now slip your arm around her waist and hug her to you. Excellent. Lovely. Now do the same thing in front. Again, take your time. Beautiful. Very good."

Back home Andi led the way into the apartment. Yasmine followed.

"Are you okay? You've been awfully qui-"

Andi grabbed Yasmine, pushed her up against the wall, and kissed her. A teeth grinding kiss that left Yas gasping. Andi grabbed her hand and dragged her into the bedroom. She ripped off Yasmine's clothes, tore off her own, and pounced.


"Okay. What just happened?"

"Are you kidding? Couldn't you tell how hot I was all tied up and helpless and you touching me and all? You could have done anything to me. Anything."

"Well, I wouldn't."

"No? I would."


"Meaning if things were reversed? Oh yeah. You have no idea. To be tied. To be handled. And that crotch rope. God! It's the most disconcerting thing I've ever felt. Dirty, naughty, sexy. Yeesh! I read this on a Web site. Let's see if I can get it right. Bondage is a tool for tormenting a lover with unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged. I think that's how it goes. It's not about torture. It's about torment. Boy, is it ever."

"I always thought it was the whole s&m thing. You know, whips and chains."

"I would never whip you. Spank you, maybe."


"Oh yeah. Get you all nice and squirmy. And speaking of squirmy."

Andrea kissed her, kissed her way down her chest, her belly. Settled herself between Yasmine's thighs.

"Jesus, Andi. We just did this. Andi!"

A week later, back at Phil's, Andrea was hogtied again, but this time in her underwear. They were in the studio out behind his house. The building looked run down, creepy even.

"Wow," she'd said when he unlocked the padlock and led the women inside. "It's like ..."

"Like a real studio? It is. I keep it looking ratty on the outside. Keeps people from getting nosey. There's no toilet. Sorry. If you have to go, go into the house. Makeup counter is over there, screen to change behind. There's a robe back there if you want it."

He gestured.

"Costumes hanging there. Dresser contains underwear and whatnot. Toys, props, and such are in those bins. Studio proper is at that end. You see those colored dots on the walls, floor, and ceiling? I'll direct you to look at them or at me. And when I say me, I mean directly at the camera lens. Ready to do this?"


"Good. We'll do four scenes: clothed, semi-nude, lingerie, and nude. Okay?"

The first scene was a strappado. Toward the end Phil unbuttoned Andi's shirt and undid her jeans, pulled them down to her knees. Yasmine sat in a director's chair sipping another glass of wine. She was looking straight at Andrea's chest. Unlike her own nipples-on-a-muscle chest, Andrea's boobs swung as she moved, threatened to spill out of her bra.

Phil set his camera aside and untied Andrea. She went behind the screen, came out wearing the robe, and sat at the table fixing her makeup.

The next scene was a hogtie on the floor. Pretty much the same as last time, complete with crotch rope. Except this time she wore only her mint green bra and panties. And this time the rope dug in between her lips... and it showed.

"Good. Good. Next let's try some lingerie. There are camisoles hanging there and there's matching panties in the second drawer on the right."

Andrea selected an emerald green cami to contrast her long, red hair. The thing was loose, yet clingy. The way it moved over her nipples made them hard - very hard. She felt a tinge of embarrassment as she doffed the robe and she could feel Yasmine's eyes on her.

The next scene was on a bed. It hadn't registered when she'd entered the studio, but it stood in pieces, propped against the wall. It took Phil only a couple of minutes to assemble it, throw a coverlet over it, and add the pillows. He hung gauzy, sheer curtains for a backdrop.

He buckled leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, tied them to the four posts, but not too tightly. She could still move, which was the point. Phil added a ball gag.

"Okay, Andrea, your lover is watching you and you want to incite her to climb into bed with you. Just close your eyes, get into that mindset, and move. Tug on the ropes. Squirm around a bit."

Andrea closed her eyes, got into that mindset, and squirmed. Squirmed until she was whining. Phil let the moment drag on for several minutes.


Yasmine blushed, sipped her wine, shook her head.

Back home ...

"God! I so could have done you! If I'd had another glass of wine in me I would have jumped you and Phil be damned."

They were in bed. Post photo-session sex looked like it was becoming a habit. Except this time it was Yas's turn to pounce on Andrea.

"It was like... like in the movies. Being married to an actor and you see them on the screen making out with someone and you know they're supposed to be acting, but you realize it's pretty much the same way they are at home. It's no wonder so many of them divorce."

"But it was just me... thinking about you."

"Yeah! Yeah. I could tell. Damn!"

"You know, you should try it."

"Try what? You mean the bondage thing?"

"Yeah. It really messes with your head, but in a good way. I'd love to tie you down and make love to you, drive you crazy."

"Are you serious?"


"I don't know. I'm kind of a control freak."

"No you're not. You're basically a submissive who thinks she has to act like she's in charge because, deep down inside, she's insecure."

"Who's submissive?"

"You are."

"No I'm not!"

"Oh? Who's on top."

Yasmine struggled. Andrea straddled her, pulled her hands over her head, kissed her.

"Damn it, Andrea!"

* * *

Tuesday at noon the three of them sat at Phil's kitchen table.

"You sure you want to do this? I mean, Yasmine, you looked a bit uncomfortable last time."

Yas nodded.

"Yeah. Uh, can I have something to drink?"


"No. No. Something stronger. I mean, I don't want to get drunk, but I am really, really nervous right now."


"Yeah. Tequila."

Phil poured the shots, took a swig from the bottle.

"Normally I don't drink before a session. Normally." He shrugged. "Let me get the paperwork."

Phil left the kitchen. Yasmine tossed back her drink.

"Yas? You okay?"

Yasmine nodded.


She swapped glasses.

Phil came back with the papers. Yasmine looked at them for a minute, sipped her drink.

"Listen, uh, I really don't want to do the modeling thing. Can we just do it like you did the first time?"

"And I'd like the pictures."

"Sure Andrea, sure, you can have them."

"Can I tie her?"

In the living room Yas sat on the floor, Andrea crouched behind her.

"Put your hands palm-to-palm, Yasmine. Good. Now, Andrea, find the ends of the rope, match them up, then work your way to the other end. Wrap that end around her wrists and feed the loose ends through the loop. Now, wind the rope around her wrists. Be neat. Sorry, but I'm kind of anal about that. Not too snug. When you cinch it, it'll get tighter. You don't want to start too tight."

Andi wrapped the rope around Yasmine's wrists, being careful to be neat.

"When you're left with about a foot, feed the ends through the coil and wrap the ends between her wrists and knot them. You okay, Yasmine?"

Yas didn't answer, just nodded.

Andi tied the ropes around Yasmine's chest, tied her ankles and knees, rolled her onto her belly, and fastened her ankles to her wrists. She wedged the black rubber ball into Yasmine's mouth, buckled the straps.

She rolled Yas onto her side, then part way onto her back. She kissed her. Kissed her face. Kissed her lips around the rubber ball. Kissed her neck, her ear.

She whispered, "Do you know how fucking hot seeing you like this makes me. I can do anything I want to you right now." And then more slowly for emphasis: "Anything."

Yasmine made a small noise, something between an mmf and a whine. Andrea stroked her. Yas lay there, eyes closed, cheeks flushed pink.

Andrea fondled Yas. Not the innocent little strokes she'd received. She pinched Yasmine's nipples, reached behind and squeezed her ass. She glanced up at Phil. He gave her a wink.

His phone chirped. He looked at the screen.

"Uh. I have to take this. Excuse me for a minute."

Phil went into his office, closed the door. Andrea continued to fondle her helpless girlfriend.

"Oops! I knew I forgot something."

So saying she unfastened Yasmine's wrists and ankles. She wrapped some rope around Yasmine's waist, pulled it down between her thighs, fed it between her wrists, and secured it to Yasmine's ankles. She tugged on it.

"How's that? Hm? Imagine how that would feel without any clothes, nestled between your lips, rubbing on your clit. I think when we get home you're going to find out."

Yasmine's eyes shot open.

"Oh yeah. In fact, I may keep you tied. I'm sure Phil will let me borrow his ropes."

Post photo-session sex was a bit different this time with Yasmine bound and gagged. Getting Yas home was a bit of a challenge, but they ended up in bed. Phil had suggested a couple of sets of fuzzy handcuffs and Andrea was able to strip her lover while keeping her restrained. And, as promised, she added a crotch rope. She spent the next two hours driving Yasmine crazy. And Phil was right - gags are overrated. Yasmine pleaded and begged, desperate. It was pretty garbled, but there was no denying her frantic cries. At least it was late afternoon and her neighbors were all at work.

* * *

Another Tuesday, another session. Well, four sessions actually. That was in the contract.

"Self-bondage? What's that? I mean, I know the words, but how does it work?"

"We'll do four sessions nude. The first a cuffed hogtie. Metal cuffs on wrists and ankles, fastened behind your back. You simply cuff your ankles, cuff one wrist, then lead the other cuff between your ankles. The next will be on the bed. Leather cuffs on your wrists, locked to chains on the bedposts. The key is tied around a candle. When it burns down, the string burns, and the key drops into your hand. Of course, we won't actually wait that long. I have candles burned to different lengths. The next is scarves. Wrists and ankles again. Then you'll make a loop big enough to get your hands through and fasten it to your ankles with a slip knot. When you tug with your feet, the knot will tighten."


Phil gave her a "duh" look.

"And the last?"

"Ropes. Pretty much the same as the scarves."

"And what's the point?"


"Yeah. I thought the point of bondage was play time with a partner."

"Well. Two points actually. One would appeal to someone into autoerotic behavior."

"Oh. You mean they'd tie vibrators in place before tying themselves up?"

"Yes. Or it can be used by lovers - one preparing herself. A gift as it were."



"So it worked."

"Better than I expected. I came home from work Wednesday and there she was, all naked and tied, gagged and blindfolded, looking as pretty as you please with all those pretty scarves. Now I get to spend my nights with her all bound and helpless and I get to do unspeakable things. Bwahahahaha."

Phil looked over the top of his glasses.

"And she reciprocates."

Andi shrugged.

"Fair is fair."

"You know you're going to have to come out to your parents eventually. The lesbian thing."

"Yeah. You don't think they already know, do you? I mean sometimes they'll say things that make me wonder."

"Probably just paranoia on your part."

"Yeah. That was a nice trick with the phone."

"Well, you looked like you wanted some quality time alone."


Andi gave him a kiss on the cheek.



"No, seriously, Uncle Phil, thank you."

"You know when I agreed to be your godfather I never expected I'd be the one to help his niece seduce her lesbian girlfriend with kinky sex."

"All part of the job."

He barked out a laugh.

"See you Tuesday?"

"Huh? I thought we were done. Mission accomplished and all that."

"I still need the money, Uncle Phil. Now about that Web site ..."


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