Scourned Bound 2

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2009 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; rope; gag; toys; susp; mast; cons; X

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Part Two

Bill put his feet up on the coffee table, reached for the remote, and clicked on the thirty-two-inch monitor against the wall opposite the couch, making himself as comfortable as its cushiness was designed to offer.

As she entered the room, and plopped down next to him, Vera asked, “Now what?”

They both wore white, terry cloth robes, and smiles that clearly expressed their sensual satisfaction with the way the evening had thus far progressed.

“We wait.”

“For what?”

Bill turned up the volume on the TV set. “A little discipline.”

As instructed, Vera had turned off the shower before putting on her robe and joining her man on the couch.

Debra breathed a deep sigh of relief, but quickly realized her bondage predicament was not over when the light went out and the door slammed again.

‘Now what?’

Her pre-sigh inhalation tightened the cords around Deb’s torso and arms a bit, giving the 32-year-old redhead a tiny taste of things to come, for as the water level went down, the weight of her own body would go up, exerting more and more pressure on the eighth-inch thick torso circles.

‘Shit,’ pondered Debra when she put two and two together and waited for the inevitable.

“Are we just going to leave her in there like that?” asked Vera while she and Bill watched the 7PM rerun of “Taken” on the Sci-Fi Channel.

“Only until this is over.”

Vera looked up at the digital clock on the set and said, “But that won’t be for another...”

“Right,” interrupted Bill.

“Shouldn’t we at least...”


Vera was determined to disobey. “Can I get you something?”

Bill watched as she stood and headed for the kitchen. “Ice water, please.”

“Coming right up,” said his slightly overwhelmed lover, while thoughts of what her old friend was going through in the bathtub lingered. “What are we watching?”

“Do you believe in flying saucers?”

“Never gave them much thought, actually,” said Vera on her way back into the room. “Should I?”

Bill gulped the ice water before suggesting, “Perhaps you should.”

There was less than a foot of water in the tub now. The sting of thin, rough line dug deep into Debra’s flesh, making any movement a painful exercise in the fine line between catch-as-catch-can comfort and self-imposed torture. ‘I may deserve this, but not for THIS long.’

The line that ran between the back of her gag and the cinch that held her heels together made the ordeal unimaginably difficult. She’d long since given up on controlling its tension with what little muscular energy she had left. A good twenty-minutes had past since her last multiple. As the water level lowered though, and the sting of Bill’s discipline continued to make its deep impressions around and about her arms and chest, the possibility of being left as she was for more minutes than she could stand began to generate a fearful excitement, the likes of which Debra had never dealt with before.


Vera’s wet spot had also been heating up a bit before the long moan from the bathroom added a few more twitches to the crazy quilt of empathetic sensation building up in the sore spot of her day’s outcomes. She snuggled up close to Bill and took note of the growing bulge pressing against the lush fabric of his terry cloth robe.

“Go get into your heels and a white thong.”

Vera jumped to her feet and quickly left the room. “I’ll be a few minutes.”

“Take your time.”

When Debra heard the bathroom door open she screamed as loud as the gag would permit.

“It’s me, Vera. Be quiet.” She reached into her robe pocket and pulled out a small, sharp knife, which she’d retrieved from the kitchen while getting Bill’s water. “I’m going to cut the line between your gag and shoes.”

Vera was careful to lower Deb’s head slowly when she did, but was not tempted to cut anything else before removing her robe, sitting on the commode, and softly saying, “Bill’s gonna be pissed when he finds out what I just did for you.”

‘What, am I supposed to be- eternally grateful?’ quipped Deb to herself.

Now that the severity of her bondage had been lessened a bit, suspending the re-ignited heat between her legs somewhat, a mixture of gratitude and frustration fought for control of Debra’s fantasy life. ‘Thanks.’ Using the crotch rope hog-tie, she did what she could to compensate.

As she stood from her pee, Vera watched Deb’s struggling for a few seconds, but said nothing before leaving the room, without remembering to close the door and light.

After changing into six-inch heels and white thong, she put the robe back on and headed for the living room, noticing the bathroom door had been closed. It was then she remembered leaving it open.

‘Or did I?’

A crack of the door brought a very quiet “Oh-shit,” to her lips. The light was out. She did remember not doing that.

Vera did her best to act natural when entering the living room, so did Bill. His first words smacked of strict indifference.


She placed her hands into the robe pockets, fidgeted a bit, and smiled, hoping to take the edge off the moment. “I thought it was time we cut her some slack.”

The humorous attempt at lightening things up did nothing for the edge.

“Take off the robe and bring it over here,” said Bill. A cold, hard look accompanied the instruction.

Vera’s juices were but a few secretions away from superheating when she reached the couch and handed the garment to her trusted lover.

“Sit, arms behind your back.”

While she did what she was told, Bill removed the robe sash and used it to very quickly, and very tightly bind Vera’s elbows together. The roughness with which he secured the cinch inspired a jolt of kinky current to overwhelm her lower lips, causing the expression on her face to reflect a complete loss of composure. Eyes closed halfway, and fingers went limp as Vera lowered her head, relaxed every sinew and muscle in her face, and wondered what would happen next. She knew that, whatever happened, her disobedience concerning Deb’s gag-to-heel hog-tie would surely determine most of the situation-to-come.

Bill grabbed a handful of Vera’s hair and slowly pulled her head and upper body back over his lap, forcing his disobedient damsel to stare up at the ceiling, while he roughly grabbed her left breast. Both nipples were already rock-hard and standing tall.

“Grab my cock.”

Several seconds of arousal-hampered fumbling ensued, after which Vera managed to slip a hand under the robe and grab hold of Bill’s growing erection.

He said, “Squeeze,” and drew Vera’s mouth to his, kissing her teasingly for the next minute or so, while his free hand continued to manhandle her breast, pinch her nipple, and give her explicit reason to hope he would soon penetrate her very wet and wide-open crevice.

Bill’s kissing grew more passionate as the minutes passed, sending Vera into a landslide of lost control and uninhibited body language. When her lover was sure she’d reached her point of no return, he pressed her mouth to his and forcefully dominated every part of it with every part of his for another minute or so...

Vera’s sensual euphoria inspired a symphony of pleading gyrations and erection grip pressure, but Bill purposefully kept his hand off her crotch, biding his time for the perfect moment at which to exert his displeasure. When it came, it took all of his self-control to break things off.

“Stand up,” said Bill as he lifted his lover’s head and upper body back to a sitting position and got up from the couch.

“Huh?” sighed Vera’s disbelief before realizing what was happening.

Bill headed for the kitchen for another ice water. “Go get all the ropes on the bed and floor in the bedroom.”

Vera knew better than to hesitate. She also figured, the faster she moved, the less time between her lover’s attentions.

‘I had to go and make the bitch more comfortable.’

But, as concerned as she was over what Bill was going to do to her for having gone against his wishes, the more curious she became about what measures he would take to insure it not happening again, and what those measures would feel like.

‘Am I contradicting myself, or what?’

As she gathered the ropes in the bedroom, the fire between her legs entered into a whole new realm of sensual frustration. She didn’t need to be touched to sustain the orgasmic threshold upon which Bill’s attentions on the couch had taken her. All she had to do was speculate on what could happen next, or think about the video situations she’d been eyeballing since Debra bound her to the bed post, and left her to her thoughts, and the fire grew hotter and more automatic than she thought it possibly could, given the circumstances.

‘How impossible is THIS?’ she speculated as she grabbed the last batch of rope off the floor and stood from the kneeling position it took to do it in.

She glanced at the bed for a second, and then back at the door, and thought, ‘Oh, what the heck,’ before stepping up to the post and rubbing her pussy against its slick, wooden surface.


“What?” asked Bill, from the living room. (He has supersonic hearing.)

“...Nothing sweets,” said Vera; in as normal a tone as her self-control could muster. “I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

He was standing at the door, watching. “Drop the ropes.”

Vera soon felt independent lengths of line being tied to each of her wrists. She continued to hump the post anyway, without regard for either the consequences or the momentary shock values.

Bill said nothing as he finished up with the wrist lines, and then gathered the rest of the rope. But as he left, he said, “When you’re finished, come back to the living room.”

The tone in his voice reached deep into Vera’s sensibilities.

‘Yeah, right.’

She immediately turned to follow her man, dragging the two, 6-foot lengths of line behind her.

‘Why the hell am I provoking him?’ she wondered when they got back to the couch.

Bill sat and motioned for her to come closer, whereupon he pulled the wrist lines around in front of his damsel, lost all the slack, and tied them together with a two-line knot, right on Vera’s bellybutton.

“Had she ever tied you up before tonight?”


“You’re sure?”


He then joined the ends of the equally long ropes with another knot, stood, and took his lover in his arms.

“Kiss me,” said Bill, in a tone of voice so strict with demand, refusal was simply out of the question

Vera decided not to smile as she said, “Yes, dear.”

Bill went out of his way to be more than just a little bit rough with his disobedient charge. The wet one went on, with all the trimmings, for a good five minutes. Vera loved every second of it, especially how Bill manipulated her head by the hair and pounded her groin with his terry cloth covered erection...

“...How about we take a little walk,” ended the passionate exchange before Bill headed for the next surprise saying, “Follow me.”

He led his lover into the hallway, and stopped in front of the door at its end. It was always locked, and Vera had only asked once what was behind it.

“When you’re ready,” Bill had answered, “you will find out.”

‘I guess it’s time for me to find out,’ thought his very hot and bothered main squeeze as she watched him unlock and open the door.

When the light switch was thrown, the sight of the room sent a cold child up and down Vera’s spine, and another unexpected wave of erotic excitation to her overflowing wet spot.

‘Son of a...’

Her knees buckled a bit as well. There were no windows to be seen, and one wall was completely covered with bondage gear, hanging from hooks and such. The other walls and ceiling featured an assortment of rings, pulleys, and paraphernalia that looked like it could be used many different ways. A closet door also did much to cause Vera’s thinking and heart to race a bit.

“Welcome to the play room,” said Bill as he grabbed the doubled wrist tether and pulled her into the center of his well kept, 20-by-10 secret.

The floor was slick, black, and very shiny, but, except for the gear, everything else was bright, flat white.

Vera’s frazzled concentration did its best to keep from falling off her 6-inch heels. She was speechless with awe and wonder as Bill stepped up onto a footstool and tied the end of the line to an 8-foot high ceiling ring.

“Be right back,” he said while leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Vera immediately did her best to reach her shaved pussy with the fingers of both hands.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Debra had gotten to the end of her current multiple, and was about to attempt a rollover, when the door swung open, and the light came on. She squinted up at her ex and said, with a pained, exhausted edge in her tone, “Mmmuhuh.”


By the time Debra and Bill entered the playroom, Vera had given its restraining appointments more than just a highly scrutinized once-over. With every eyeful she contemplated came yet another tossed handful of gunpowder on the fire of her erupting quiver, just as Bill had planned. When he and Deb walked in, she was standing on the footstool to lose the slack in the ceiling tether, so she could better reach her pussy with the tips of her long, clear-polished nails. The attempt had failed miserably.

Vera immediately focused on the cord marks around and about Deb’s arms and torso, sending yet another rush of erotic excitement to her pussy, and another personal possibility to the memory bank of her outraged thinking.


Deb’s bra had been removed and wrists tied the way Vera’s had been, with elbows together in back, just as they had been since being bound some 55-minutes earlier. The gag was still in place and covered with more turns of Ace bandage, which also covered her eyes.

Bill had lost the robe and put on a pair of black-nylon briefs. He was also carrying a dental floss dispenser.

“Get off the stool,” said Bill as he guided Deb to a taped X-mark on the floor, “and stand on the X opposite hers.”

The two damsels faced each other, about three-feet apart, but only Vera was able to see what was about to happen. Bill placed the footstool between them, and plucked a coil of thin, flexible cable from the gear wall. He stuffed the floss dispenser into his crotch and threaded one end of the cable through a ring in the ceiling, directly above Vera’s head. She tried, but failed to maintain her composure.

“What are you going to do?” she whispered.

Bill paid her no mind while guiding the heavy-duty, eighth-inch-thick cable through the ring above Debra’s head, and pulling out about a foot and a half of slack, which he just left hanging. He then reached down for the end of her wrist tether, pulling it between her legs and bound upper arms. It was then secured to the cable with three tight knots.

Vera watched intently, without the foggiest idea of what was about to happen.

‘I think I’m about to be in over my head.’

The blaze between her legs continued to intensify as her lover unhesitatingly went about his blank-faced business.

He stepped down off the stool, walked around in back of his disobedient lover, and configured her tether exactly as had with Vera’s, also threading its end to the cable hanging from the ring above Vera’s head.

“Stand straight and tall, on the marks,” ordered Bill, in a tone of voice that was neither strictly demanding nor playful. “Move forward an inch,” he told Debra.

As the girls obeyed, he pulled out the slack in the cable until the doubled lines between their legs dug a bit into their thong and panties, then knotted things off before reaching into his briefs for the floss dispenser. Only three inches of knot slack dangled above.

“Perfect,” said Bill to himself for having selected the right length of cable.

Though she could not see what was going on, it was at this point that Debra began to seriously worry about how strict a situation her ex had in mind. She knew nothing about his recently completed playroom, nor had she ever done anything to make him as angry as her bathtub ordeal more than suggested he was. Vera, too, began to question the wisdom of her involvement with Bill, who, by now, was having the time of his life.

While his damsels pondered their circumstance, Bill used the floss to tether their nipples, drawing them closer together by about a half inch, creating a tension of a sort that not only challenged their pain thresholds, but also sensually pleasured them according to how much body language they exerted.

Vera watched and waited, but said nothing as Bill tied another length of floss to the middle of her nipple tether and stepped back up on the stool to run its end through the space between the ceiling and the cable that ran parallel to it above. He then stepped down and pulled out all the slack, and then some, while running it under Debra’s nipple tether, where he tied it off with four knots and snipped the slack with the dispenser cutter.

“Bill?” asked Vera, rather nervously. “Are we OK?”

Again, he chose to remain silent and emotionless as he walked to the gear wall to select four lengths of 3/8ths-inch-thick, seamless nylon rope, using the two longer ones to bind and cinch his damsel’s lower thighs together, just above the knees.

He then grabbed Vera’s right ankle, lifted her foot off the floor, and removed its shoe. After lowering her foot back to the floor, he did the same with the left. Debra’s were also removed, forcing both women to stay on their toes in order to keep from painfully tightening the nipple floss configuration beyond tolerable bounds.

The feel of masking tape under their toes gave both damsels reason to believe that what they were about to endure had been well planned and designed to make sure an unmistakable message would be sent to the inner appreciations of both their consciences and libidos.

The remaining two lengths of rope were used to parallel bind their ankles together. Bill removed Debra’s gag and blindfold.

After doing so, he said, “Tell her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” then turned to leave the room. “You have five minutes.”

The slamming door punctuated his displeasure, and placed the last straw on the back of Vera’s threshold quotient.

“Oh-my God,” was her breathless response to the moment as the spasm commenced and she realized just how diabolical her predicament was.

Debra, too, took stock of the situation, and the room, but had already shot her loads in the bathtub, and was in no way able to muster up the physical or mental appreciation of the dilemma at hand. All she could do was watch Vera enjoy herself and reveal the truth of her and Bill’s relationship.

“ let’s begin with the video...”

As she spoke, her bound and superheated counterpart tried to listen to every detail, only to lose her train of thought as each orgasmic explosion pounded her pussy with their ever intensifying feedback.

Since Debra was not involved in the situation the way her old friend was, she had no problem with staying on her toes. But Vera’s ability to maintain her balance, listen to Deb’s moments of truth, and, at the same time, do what she could to create some kind of friction on the crotch rope, quickly took its toll.

“Snap out of it!” shouted Debra. “You’re leaning back too far, and that’s not good.”

While unloading her truths, and doing her best to keep Vera on her toes, Debra looked around the room. ‘Un-fucking real’ was all she could think to comment on the huge assortment of disciplining apparatus Bill had amassed.

Both women had particularly sensitive nipples, making any additional tension a powerful inducement to get back on their masking tape marks and stretch to maximum elevation, toe-wise.

“Stop enjoying yourself, damn-it!” exhorted Debra as Vera did her best to produce more crotch rope pressure by testing the limits of her own tolerances.

“I can’t,” confessed Vera before seeing what it would feel like to lower the balls of her feet to the floor, thereby lessening the slack by a good five-to-six inches.

The crotch ropes tightened, but, since neither damsel had any sag at all in their bust lines to help compensate for the increased lift, their nipples had to pay the price of Vera’s inability to remain nominally painless.

Both women expressed themselves vocally when the balls of Vera’s feet touched the floor, but, unlike her roommate’s mixed bag of orgasmic release and unqualified satisfaction, Debra’s audio output expressed nothing but extreme, frustrating discomfort.

Vera’s eyes were closed, so she couldn’t see the look on Deb’s face when she screamed, “Get the hell back on your toes, Damn-you!!!”

If anything, the tongue-lashing only served to heighten the impact of the multiple-in-progress, which almost completely eclipsed the serious pain Vera’s intense pleasure was spectacularly succeeding at almost completely blocking out, and/or using to her advantage.

Not so with Debra’s discomfort zone, which had been thoroughly and painstakingly occupying her sensual awareness since the balls of Vera’s feet hit the floor.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can STAND!” she screamed as she arched her back as far as she could to raise the tips of her breasts, though the extreme exertion only gained her another inch of slack/pressure release.

That’s when Vera realized she could create some crotch rope friction by raising and lowering herself, which she did to both sustain and intensify the multiple-in-progress. With eyes closed, and mouth wide open, she brought her head back as far as it would go and got completely lost in what could only be described as the most intense, non-penetration, bondage orgasm of her entire, few-week-old, bondage life.

“OH!...OHOHOH!...AHAHAHAH!!!...OH...OH...oh...oh...OHOHOHO!... OHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!”

Just then, the door swung open, and Bill walked to Vera, grabbing and lifting her by the legs with one arm, while the other hand ripped up the X-mark masking tape under toe, and squeezed a healthy helping of baby oil onto the spot it had occupied.

When Vera’s feet were lowered to the floor, the feel of something slippery did much to keep the multiple going, while she watched Bill do the same on Debra’s end of things and doubled her effort to maintain balance.

“I told her everything!” assured Debbie.

But her disciplinarian completely ignored the headline as he lowered her feet to the oiled floor and said, “What’s your point?”

He then removed his briefs and stood behind Vera, humping her ass cheeks, while exploring her neck with his lips and tongue. His hands also did much to make the moment sizzle with orgasmic icing, grabbing, fondling, and spanking every inch of his lover’s passionately writhing bones.

“Having fun?”

“Oh-yes, OH-YESSSS!!!”

“Good,” appreciated Bill. “But if you ever take matters into your own hands again, without my permission, this is nothing compared to what I will do to you to make sure you are never tempted to do so again.”

“Oh, Bill, what are you DOING to me?”

“Move as close to each other as you can,” suggested Bill.

When the girls did, the tension in the nipple tether suspension floss slackened considerably. Vera rose to her toes to help things along, immediately realizing that their forward motion had also tightened the crotch ropes.

“Stay on your toes,” said Bill while cutting another length of floss and tying one end to the middle of Vera’s nipple tether. He ran the other end to Debra’s, made sure his damsels could move forward no further, pulled out all the slack, and tied it off.

Both women looked down at the new wrinkle and figured out the genius of its purpose, for if either one of them lowered the balls of their feet to the floor, the tension in both crotch rope tethers would increase. Add to this the difficulty factor of an oily surface to stand on, and the fix took on a whole new divisiveness. Any movement backwards would also cause the other nipple suspension floss to add its two cents to the matter as well, while the parallel tether pressure increased to ITS unacceptable levels.

Since Debra had reached the end of her reserve energy, it was she who was forced to test the impossible demands involved when her muscles could no longer keep the balls of her feet from lowering to the floor.

“What are you DOING?!” screamed Vera, just as the end of her final spasm brought her back to ‘reality.’

Having fully recuperated from her bathtub multiples, it was now Debra’s turn to appreciate the stimulating attributes of their dilemma. The tables had been turned. All Vera could do was watch and record the event for future recall.

Debra’s unexpected arousal made her crazy with mixed emotions. She soon lost her self control, and whatever memory she had of the dos and don’t of the bind. As a consequence, when she lowered the balls of her feet to the floor, its oily surface caused them to slide forward, as if she were slipping on a banana peal. Her feet left the floor, causing the weight of her body to lift Vera off her feet as well.

“Nice,” commented Bill, from a few feet away, as he stroked his rock hard erection and fully appreciated the manifold consequences of the lift-off.