Scorned Bound

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2009 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; gag; rope; hogtie; oral; sex; cons; X

The degenerating details of Bill and Debra’s separation were not what one would call amiable, given the pressurized circumstances surrounding them, and the intractable demands each placed on the other’s agenda. There had been talk of moving in together, prior to things coming to a head, but thanks to the volatility of their hair trigger tempers, no serious thought on the possibility showed signs of taking root. And as their friends and acquaintances witnessed the stormy exchanges that oftentimes spilled into social gatherings and heated, at-work phone conversations, the romantic distance between Deb and Bill widened until all that was left of their affections was the kinky sex that brought them together in the first place. It was only a matter of time before something catalytic finally brought their D/s relationship to its foregone conclusion.

From the moment Debra’s old friend Vera and Bill met, both knew they would someday be lovers. From the moment Debra saw them together, she knew there would be trouble. As a result, and after more than three years of fun excitement, and slowly escalating discord, Bill dumped Deb to prefer a cohabitating relationship with the fantasy woman of his dreams.

Both women hailed from a small town upstate, and had been close friends for more than five years before Debra moved to the Big Apple in search of a more challenging lifestyle. On the other hand, Vera preferred the simpler, laid back flow of urban living. It wasn’t until a promotion at work relocated her to Manhattan, for a month’s worth of training, that she was finally able to pay her old gal pal a visit.

Since her company provided a midtown hotel room, Vera was also able to indulge her many curiosities concerning the city about which Debra wrote and phone spoke all the time. After four days of settling in and exploration, a little get-together evolved at Debra’s apartment to introduce Vera to her small but interesting circle. Bill was immediately taken by the way his new friend handled their first round of conversation.

“How long are you going to be in town?”

“At least a month,” said Vera while doing her best to handle the sparks that had been flying between the two since their eyes met. “My company might station me here permanently if I choose to accept a liaison position at the training center.”

* * *

Vera stood before the full length, swing-frame mirror in the corner of her new bedroom, posing various positions in which Bill had bound her since the end of the first two weeks of their torrid love affair. ‘I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next,’ wondered the well-put-together blonde her stolen boyfriend often referred to as Sweet Gwen.

Meanwhile, at another location uptown, Bill was gathering miscellaneous belongings from Debra’s apartment and hoping she wouldn’t show up unexpectedly. His cell phone signaled.


“It’s me.”

“Hi, Deb.”

She wasted no time putting things back off track. “When can I have my keys back?”

“I’ll leave them on your desk," heard Deb, after which she closed her phone, turned, stuck her key into Bill's door lock and thought, 'Perfect.'

When Vera heard the front door open and close, she thought it was the new love in her life. Instead, when she ran to the hall, Debra’s presence snapped her back into reality.



“Just came by to drop off my keys to the apartment and pick up the last of my things.”

Vera stood in a provocative outfit and heels, somewhat shocked, but at ease with her old friend. “Sure, OK. Can I get you something?”

Debra did her best to disguise the rage that had been festering within her jealous heart since the breakup. “Thanks, I’d like that.”

They were soon seated at the table in the kitchen. Deb’s lightheartedness did much to quell any hard feelings that might have swelled between the two friends.

“So now we have a secret to share.” A mischievous smile accompanied the ice-breaking statement.

Vera poured the coffee. “Secret?”

“You know, Bill’s bent.”

“...Oh, right.”

“Had you ever been bound before meeting him,” asked Debra, without losing the smile, or the friendly body language.

“No, actually.”

Deb’s attitude waxed playful as she leaned forward, stirred her coffee, and crossed her legs under the table. “He broke your bondage cherry?”

Vera blushed and did her best to deal with the unprecedented conversation. “I suppose you could say that.”

Debra sipped her coffee before saying, “Then you have a lot to learn about what he likes.”

Vera smiled, took a sip of black, two sugars, placed its mug back on the table, and further opened what she felt sure would be a major can of worms. “Likes?”

“Are you two playing with anyone else, as a couple?”

“No,” said Vera while speculating as to why the question was asked. “Did you, when you were with him?”

“Sometimes,” Debra lied. “When will he be back?”

Vera glanced up at the clock on the wall. It read 6:12 PM. “7:30-8. Why do you ask?”

Debra’s smile broadened. “How would you like to have him find you bound and gagged when he gets home?”

A rush of sensual excitement raced through Vera’s erogenous zones. “He likes that?”

“He loves that.”

The ‘enlightenment’ set off all kinds of diametric impressions within the heart and mind of Bill’s new damsel. “I don’t know.”

“OK, well, if you’re not sure, I wouldn’t want to suggest you go somewhere you’re not ready to go.” Debra stood and left the room.

“Go where?” Vera followed her to the bedroom and watched her rummage through the closet.

Debra smiled as she reached for an umbrella. “Better not tell you too much. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Vera’s curiosity got the best of her. “Find out what?” She moved to the bed and sat, with arms and legs crossed. “I want to know now.”

“You’re sure?” asked Deb as she turned from collecting the only item in the apartment that belonged to her.

“I’m sure.”

Their eyes met. Vera’s were wide with wonder.

Debbie tried to be as nonchalant as her self-control would let her. “He taught me how to tie myself up. Then, when he knew what time he’d be home, he’d call and tell me how to do it, knowing that, until he got here, I’d be bound and gagged on the bed. Just knowing I was like that while he was at work, or on his way home, kept him hot, hard, and focused on what we would do when he got here.”

Vera was immediately uneasy about the prospect. “He’s never left me alone tied up before. But if that’s what he likes, I could do that.”

Debra walked to the bedroom door as she spoke. “Well, now you know.”

Vera followed. “Thanks for telling me. Anything else I should know about Bill’s kinky side.”

When Debra got to the front door, she turned and smiled. “Better be going. You might want to tie yourself up for him, and I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun. Thanks for the coffee. I’m glad we had a chance to chat”

An inquisitive but uncomfortable expression flashed on and off of Vera’s handsome features. “Thanks again for telling me.”

Debra squinted for effect. “You do know how to tie yourself up, don’t you?”

“Actually, I never tried that.”

An awkward moment came and went.

“He hasn’t taught you?”

Vera pursed her lips a bit, looked down at the floor, and wondered why he hadn’t. “I guess he thought I wasn’t ready to play that way yet.” A subtle but sad look followed the guess.

Debra smiled ‘understandingly.’ “I’m sure he’ll teach you someday.” She reached for the doorknob and dropped one last seed on the newly plowed soil of Vera’s fertile inexperience. “It’s really not all that difficult.”

Vera snapped out of her thoughts somewhat. “What isn’t?”

“Going solo.”


Debra turned again. “Self bondage. Boy, you really are a novice, aren’t you.”

“I guess...Deb?”


“I wonder, do you think you could do me a big favor?”

“Name it.”

“Do you think you could tie me up for Bill?”

Debra suggested that Vera dress the way Bill loved seeing her most when bound. While she did, ropes and a gag were selected from the toy chest and tossed on the bed.

“How’s this?” asked Vera as she stood in her highest heels and postage stamp, string Bikini.

“Perfect,” appraised her trusted confidante.

“I want you to tie me in his favorite position.”

Debra turned away and smiled sardonically as she reached for a length of rope. “No problem. Put your hands behind your back, palms facing.”

Vera’s arms were very quickly bound securely together at the elbows and wrists. Super tight, circles of rope, with no cinches, soon held her legs together at the knees, running from just above her calves, up to her lower thighs. The ankles were parallel bound, with heels tied on as well.

“He likes it good and tight,” said Debbie as she reached for a long, thick rope and started binding her unsuspecting victim’s upper arms to her torso. While she stood in the center of the room, another rope secured Vera’s forearms to her waist, and wrists to the lower abdomen and buttocks. “How’s that?”

Vera glanced at the night table clock and did her best, not only to maintain balance, but also conceal the severe case of kinky excitement that slowly but surely overtook and overwhelmed her sensual awareness during the binding process. A second thought or two crossed her mind.

“Boy, you’re really good at this.”

“He taught me well. Now hop over here and put your back to the bedpost,” instructed Debra as she picked up the panties that had been left on the floor when Vera changed into the Bikini, and watched her naive rival execute the precarious maneuver.

Vera glanced at herself in the mirror, felt a jolt of sensual energy race to her groin, and realized that this was the tightest she had ever been bound. The ropes dug deep into her well-toned body. She did her best to hide the rushing wave of erotic excitement building between her upper thighs.

“Did you ever tie up Bill?”

Debra ignored the question while stuffing Vera’s mouth with the panties and tightly securing it with a handy ball gag. She then tethered her victim’s bound elbows to the bedpost, with about 6-inches of slack. Another line soon ran from the middle of the tether, down between the forearms, the back of the waist and wrist ropes, between the upper legs, and up in front to the ropes around Vera’s 23-inch waist, where it was securely knotted off.

“You’ve maintained yourself nicely,” praised Debra while setting the last knot. But the subtle bite in her voice suggested severe dissatisfaction.

The new novice in Bill’s life watched intently and marveled at how practiced her binder was at picking the right ropes and using them where they would do the most good.

‘Why do I get the feeling I just made a big mistake?’

“So, you wanna learn how to tie yourself up, do you?” Debbie’s tone was now a precise reflection of how she felt about having her boyfriend ripped off right from under her nose. “How about I teach you something entirely different, instead: like a lesson in the wrath of a woman scorned?”

Vera’s forehead wrinkled with concern at the sound of her antagonist’s sudden, emotional shift. ‘Shit,’ she thought as she watched Debra pluck a video from her bag and feed it into the VCR in the corner of the room, where she turned on the TV set below it and gave Vera a menacing glance.

“Now I’ve got both of you right where I want you; right where you belong: tied up good and tight and at my mercy.”

The 32-inch monitor faded up from black to a wide angle shot of Bill in serious, hog-tie bondage, ball-gagged and struggling wildly and inescapably.

“This is how I left him about a half hour ago at my place. He dropped by to pick up some things. Some of my wrestler girlfriends and I jumped and stripped him, tied him up, and left him that way to think on the reasons. Like the way I did his cock? Hard as he tries, he’ll never be able to cum.”

Vera’s eyes went wide with wonder and severe concern as she watched the video and came to the realization of what was going on in her new bedroom. For the first time in her life, she’d managed to get herself into a serious bondage predicament, a real, damsel-in-distress dilemma. The unprecedented development had taken her completely by surprise.

‘Why didn’t I listen to Bill when he told me to ‘stay away from that bitch.’

Both women watched the video unfold, knowing each was getting their own kinds of satisfaction out of the situation it documented.

“How do you like the way I tied up his cock?” asked Debra before gathering her things and heading for the door. “That runs for about five minutes. What follows are episodes of how he’s been doing me for the last three years. I’m sure they will give you reason to think twice about your future with Bill: unless, of course, you’re into hard core, S&M bondage.”

The short but powerful exchange of eye contact that passed between them as Debra grabbed the doorknob sent a shiver up her ex girlfriend’s spine, and another series of apprehensive speculations to her short-circuiting concerns.

The bedroom door slammed, snapping Vera out of her undivided attention as another wave of sexual stimulation impacted her pussy and an autonomic impulse bent her knees to create more pressure on the crotch rope. The desired effect was achieved, somewhat, but the effort also tightened the already tight, calf-to-lower-thigh ropes circles as well.

“Muhuhuh!” responded Vera before glancing over at the digital clock on the night table and thinking, ‘I could be here like this for HOURS.’

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Debra was stirring up a second cup of coffee and planning her next move. The video clips she strung together for Vera’s viewing were a compilation of binds she’d managed to collect of herself, none of which had been done by Bill.

A particularly sadistic friend named Sam had put her into, and videotaped all of them over a period of five-or-so years. Deb had been paid handsomely for the shoots and played the tape often, to both masturbate and study Sam’s techniques. As for the pleasure each shoot brought her, she never gave any serious thought to further exploring the darker, more painful aspects of bondage and discipline they portrayed. Like Vera, her tastes preferred far lesser dosages of discomfort when turning her gorgeous body over to playmates of Bill’s switchable, but dominant persuasion.

But Vera didn’t know that, nor was she aware of just how mean-spirited Debra could be when the time came to get even with those who dared to cross her. Each video episode ran from five-to-seven minutes, and was more demanding than the one before it, a detail Deb had carefully factored into the mix to give Vera explicit, but fictitious insight as to where her little adventures could lead as her months with Bill, who’d never seen the tape, unfolded.

It didn’t take long for the new woman in Bill’s life to realize just how painful her love affair could be if she allowed it to continue.

‘Poor girl,’ she thought as another episode faded up onto the screen and another knee bend sent another charge of sensual electricity into the breach of Vera’s overwhelmed inexperience. ‘He’s a monster.’

So it went for the next several minutes as Bill’s new squeeze struggled to get free and enjoyed the on-again-off-again pleasures of her predicament. But as each orgasm overtook her, so did the fatigue they and the bind engendered, until Vera found herself leaning forward, using the elbow tether to sustain a precariously awkward posture, thereby tightening the crotch rope and adding yet another layer of distressed pleasure to the increasing discomfort of her dilemma. The knee and calf ropes tightened unmercifully, making any attempt at muscle relaxation a painfully frustrating option.

Since Vera believed there was no one else in the apartment, she didn’t even bother to scream. ‘Oh-my-God. What have I done?’

Using the swing mirror to take stock of her fix, she studied each turn of rope, searching for a glitch or an imperfection in Debra’s handiwork upon which to build an escape attempt. ‘I can’t see a single knot. Shit!’

It was then she decided to see if she could back up enough to loosen the elbow tether enough to give her the slack it would take to lower her behind to the mattress, which was about 8-inches below, 2-inches longer than the tether. The attempt increased the rope pressure on the knee bind to well beyond what it had been up till now.


Debra barely heard the muffled outcry from the living room, where she sat, sipping coffee and watching a woman’s wrestling match on TV, with the sound off. A satisfied smile accompanied her appreciation of the moment.

‘Better add a roll of Ace bandage to the gag,’ thought Deb on her way to the bedroom. ‘That should make perfectly sure she has no say at all while I’m sickening the plot.’

Several Minutes Later

When Debra heard the key in the front door lock, she clicked off the TV and sprawled out on the couch.

The sight of her stopped Bill in his tracks. “Deb? What the hell are you doing here?”

She beamed him a mischievous smile. “Just thought I’d drop by for a bind.”

Bill’s expression radiated stern agitation. “What the hell does that supposed to mean?”

Debra stood slowly and sashayed toward her ex playmate. “Haven’t you missed me, just a little?” She undid her top blouse button en route.

The several skeins of rope on the couch caught Bill’s attention. ”Where’s Vera?”

Debra smiled. “In my bathtub, gagged and hog-tied, and, in about a half hour, give or take 5 to 10 minutes, the water will be up to her nose.”

“I don’t believe you.”

The blouse came off quickly on her next line. “The keys to my apartment are hidden in this room. Tie me up and I’ll tell you where.”

Bill couldn’t help but get aroused over the possibilities at hand. Much as he cared not to admit, Debra’s physique had always been an irresistible focus for his prolifically kinky fantasy life.

She turned and brought her arms together behind her. “C’mon, Billy, you know you want to.”

While he walked to the skeins, Debra removed her skirt to reveal the rest of her accessorized appeal: dark tinted pantyhose, opened at the crotch, and no panties. The five-inch heels and push-up, strapless bra completed the killer effect in a way she knew Bill could not resist.

“You’d better be telling the truth,” he warned, “or I’ll give you more than just a good reason to wish you had.”

Deb reveled in the moment. “Would I lie, knowing that, if I did, you would have me at your mercy?”

Bill accepted the logic as he thoroughly bound his ex’s elbows together behind her back. “The lengths you go to. I could never understand you, Deb.”

“Tighter,” she begged. “I want you to tie me up as tightly as you know how; like that hog-tie I did you in the night we played with the camcorder.”

“I don’t know what you’re up to, bitch, but it better be harmless, or I’ll take it out of your hide,” warned Bill as he finished off Debra’s wrist rope knots and started on her legs. “Now where are the keys?”

“Not so fast, lover,” teased his too-willing damsel. “Not until I am thoroughly hog-tied and gagged on your bed.”

Vera’s exhaustion was acute, yet it was happily accepted amidst the satiation she pleasured in prior to the position in which she now found herself. The rope between her legs dug deep into her crevice, sustaining half the weight of her body, while another 30-pounds pressed into the edge of the mattress. Her elbows sustained the remaining 35, thanks to the tether that tied it off to the bedpost. Every so often, after resting for a bit, she’d stand until fatigue and/or another orgasm compelled her to move back onto the bed.

‘This is TOO real.’

And, all the while, she struggled to free herself, knowing there was no way she could escape the bind, but enjoying the rope bondage in a way she never thought she could, what with the pain and the added wrinkle of ‘knowing’ she and Bill were at the mercy of a mad woman; 'mad' being the double-edged, operative word upon which to reflect.

The unintelligible conversation that had been going on in the living room suggested that Debra had invited a male friend over for reasons she dared not speculate. The video had played itself out, rewound, and been spit out of the VCR. Just as it did, the bedroom door opened to reveal Debra’s thoroughly and very tightly bound body in Bill’s strong arms. His first line echoed the same question that ran through Vera’s mind.

“What the...”

Debra jumped right in with, “OK, so now you have us both tied up. Now what?”

And Vera asked, “Muh?” (Bill?)

He was dumbfounded, but only for a few seconds, before walking to dumping his armful on the bed and pulling a jackknife out of his pocket, which he used to free Vera from her bedpost tether/crotch rope. He then laid her gently down across the foot of the bed.

“Well,” play acted Debra, “do I get my reward or don’t I?”

Bill removed his shirt and undershirt while he pondered the situation and decided on how best to play it. A scan of the room gave him a clue when he noticed the tape in the VCR, which he pushed in and ran.

“...Well, now, what have we here?”

Debra took advantage of the rhetorical question. “You should have seen the look on her face when she saw it. What else are we going to show her?”

Bill glared back at her, then at Vera. “Now you know why I told you to stay away from her. Can you handle the bind for another few minutes?”

His new roommate nodded an exhausted ‘yes.’ But her eyes told a worried truth that Bill decided not to dispel before dealing with Debra’s daring gamble. Without saying a word, and while the tape continued to run, he hog-tied her exactly as she had done him on the video.

In spite of her spent passion, Vera watched in a state of suspended awe and renewed arousal as she tried to untangle the evening’s happenings in favor of giving Bill the benefit of the doubt.

However, there was also a side of her that was actually enjoying the psycho sensual speculation in a way that suggested to her that, even if things were as Debra purported them to be, she was prepared to put up with it if that was the way Bill wanted them.

Deb’s crotch rope was drawn particularly tight, running from the front of her waist ropes to the hog-tie tether, with all its slack taken out. A hundred feet of eighth-inch-thick line was then carefully and tightly wound around and about her entire torso, pinning her arms to it as brutally as Bill’s anger inspired, breasts and all. The gag in Vera’s mouth was removed, then stuffed and wrapped into and over Debra’s before she was picked up and carried out of the room like a suitcase.


Vera’s mind raced with wonder and speculation over what Bill was up to. His surprised look, upon first entering the room, gave her reason to believe he either did not expect to see her there, or the way she was bound. A glance at the TV again introduced all sorts of unique sensations to her incredulity, inspiring a second wind of erotically sexual energy to rush through her lower parts.

Vera instinctively struggled in her ropes to tweak that uncommon aspect of her sexuality. While doing so, she rolled into the center of the mattress and posed wantonly to prepare for Bill’s reentry. ‘I wonder what they’re up to.’

As he walked into the room, her lover’s words distracted Vera’s TV attention. “How long have you been bound?”

“Not long.”

Except for his black briefs, Bill was naked. “Tell me exactly what happened.”

“I asked her to tie me up, so that when you came home you’d find me the way she said you liked finding her.”

While Vera filled her man in on the details, Debra waited in the bathtub, thankful that she’d managed to get herself back into Bill’s bondage loop, but concerned that his anger might get the best of her. Regardless, the risk excited her in a way she hadn’t felt for a long time, given the possible punishment implications and the added wrinkle of how Vera would handle herself when asked about what was really going on between the two bondage damsels in Bill’s life.


He was soon back on her case again, tethering the back of the Ace bandage to the cinch that bound Debra’s heels together. As he pulled on the slack, her head was forced back as far as it would go, strictly tightening the ball gag in the process.


He said nothing. The bondage said it all. So did the sound of squeaky faucets turning, and water gushing out and onto the floor of the tub behind Debra. She listened carefully for the stopper to engage. When it didn’t, she realized, thanks to her hair in the pipes, the water would rise half as slowly as it would have had the drain been cleared. The overflow safety hole would handle the rest, but only if the water wasn't turned on full blast. It was. Then the lights went out. The slamming bathroom door made it clear her muffled screams would barely be heard. The slam of the bedroom door further ensured that they would not be heard at all.

“What did you do with her?” asked Vera while Bill undid her legs.

“Nothing she wouldn’t do to you, or me, if the opportunity presented itself.” The rope burns on and around his lover’s knees inspired an afterthought. “But a hell of a lot less than she deserves for doing this to you.”

“I did it to myself,” reminded Vera, with a smile.

“What, you’re deFENDING her now?”

“No, just making sure you get all the details right.”

Bill undid the bows in her Bikini bottom. “Acquired a taste for pain, have you?”

“Only when it is totally unavoidable,” specified Vera as her man removed the tiny triangle fabric between her legs, stood, and took off his briefs. The Bikini top was undone next, but the elbow, wrist and torso ropes remained.

Bill lay down next to the new love of his life and waited for her to get on with her favorite, conjugal activity. While he did, his attention shifted to the second episode image of Debra on the tube. Bill said nothing.

Vera knelt at his side and lowered her head to her favorite male organ. But before she took it into her mouth, she asked, “Did you really tie her up in the video?”

Realizing there might be more to see on the tape than just the first two binds, and always ready to take advantage of any misinformation Debra might have planted into the newly plowed soil of Vera’s recently broken, bondage virginity, Bill decided to keep both his damsels in the dark from now on.

“That’s for me to know, and you to find out.”

Vera’s lips were about to embrace her man’s swelling enjoyment as she glanced to look at the expression on his face and asked, “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

Bill continued to watch the video he had never seen before while answering. “Did I, or did I not tell you to stay away from her?”


“Right,” said Vera before turning to look at the severely demanding, arms-up-in-back, legs-spread-wide-apart suspension on the tube. She made two tight fists, took her first deep breath since being bound by Debra, which tightened the already super-tight ropes around her arms and upper body, and felt another twinge of kinky energy race to her pussy. “You wanna do that to me, Bill?”

He threw her a blank stare and raised his head a quick, impatient quarter of an inch, as if to say, ‘Shut up and get on with it,’ which Vera immediately did. To punctuate the subtle exchange of thought, a hard swat from her lover’s right hand impacted Vera’s left ass cheek.

She closed her eyes and hoped another blow would soon lead to another, and another and...

And Debra thought, as the lukewarm water level in tub reached the top of her cleavage, and another multiple erased any misgivings she might have had about the day’s happenings, ‘DAMN-these-ropes-are-tight!’

Fifteen BJ Minutes Later

“Go turn on the shower.”

Though disappointed with surprise, Vera did not hesitate to obey the simple, but untimely command. She quickly and carefully rolled to her right and off the mattress. Bill continued to watch the video, and grabbed hold of his erection as his damsel managed to open the door and leave the room, without looking back.

When Debra heard the bathroom doorknob jiggle, she instinctively knew her old friend had been sent to view the now perilous situation in the tub. The water had reached the top of the gag, and was draining into both the overflow hole and the hair-clogged pipes that Bill had never gotten around to clearing.

In order to keep her nose from submerging, which it had, now and then, Debra, for the last four-or-so-minutes, had been painstakingly arching her back and shimmying forward to take full advantage of the upward slope in the bathtub. Unfortunately, the buoyancy of her ample breasts did much to frustrate the death-defying adjustment by causing her bound and bothered body to bob up and down whenever the exertion was warranted.

The door swung open. Vera heard the sound of the water running, but could not see well what was going on in the tub. Another few seconds passed as she worked the light switch with her nose and listened to...


The intensity and obviously desperate timbre of Debra’s cries-for-help inspired yet another jolt of unexpected, sexual energy to flood Vera’s lower regions, making the simple task of turning on the light an exercise in clumsily failed coordination. Her knees buckled a bit as she fisted her fingers, while both enjoying and fearing the situation in a state of speculating future shock. She breathed deeply, and once again felt the heart-pounding pressure of ropes against skin as it doubled and sent her wet spot into a tailspin of unprecedented excitation.


‘Something tells me I was sent in here to do more than just turn on the shower.’

The light switch finally engaged. Vera turned quickly to look over at the corner of the bathroom, towards which she carefully advanced. The heels added another perilous wrinkle to the moment as each step was taken on the hard, slick surface of the tiled floor.

Little-by-little, Debra’s impossible situation dawned on her old friend’s powers of comprehension. The shower curtain had been folded up over its bar, giving Vera an unobstructed view of the erotically outrageous distress at hand.

‘Oh-my-god,’ she thought softly to herself as she stood a few inches from the tub and desperately wished for the feel of Bill’s hard cock inside of her now twitching pussy. The wish took full control now, turning her around and heading her back to the bedroom.

The rapid click of heels brought a tiny, but short-lived smile to Bill’s lips.


Vera ran into the room on her next line. “You can’t be serious.” She stopped at the foot of the bed. “She could drown if you don’t do something, and fast.”

Bill continued to calmly watch the video as he said, “Did you do what I told you?”

Vera had completely forgotten what she’d been sent to do. “Uh... actually, no.”

“Why not?”

The erection in her lover’s harsh grip was all Vera could look at and wish for as another knee-jerk reaction sent her back to the tub.

Bill did his best to stop any premature pleasuring from spoiling the game. “My-my, Debbie dear,” he said to the TV screen, “you are an unexpected surprise.”

‘How am I supposed to reach the shower knob with my hands tied to my ass,’ thought Vera when she reached the tub and watched Deb’s nose sink under her waterline for the 10th time. There was only one thing to do. ‘I have to get in there with her.’

She wasted no time kicking off the heels, which took some doing...and stepping into the tub, which raised the water level somewhat as Deb’s nose finally managed to regain breathing space.


“I KNOW! I KNOW!” screamed Vera, frantically, before instinctively using her right foot to push Bill’s ex closer to the bathtub slope. The left foot stepped back to close the distance between her bound hands and the shower knob. The sound of water slurping unevenly into the overflow hole added an ominous, audio spin to the crisis.

The feel of shower spray against Vera’s back and neck shocked her somewhat, but also reminded her that she had completed the task Bill had sent her to accomplish.

When he heard the shower go on, he called out, “Get back in here- NOW!”

The tone of his voice suggested to Vera that her now overwrought pussy was needed elsewhere. She wasted no time stepping out of Debra’s predicament and on into the hallway.

Her arrival generated another command.

“Put the heels back on.”

Again, Vera turned and scurried back to the bathroom, where she wasted no time slipping back into the pumps, without so much as a glance of concern in Debra’s hazardously precarious direction. But in her haste, she forgot that water from her dripping body had slicked the floor in a few places. After the heels were on, she turned to head back, but not carefully enough, whereupon she slipped and almost fell into the bathtub. The possibility caused all kinds of erotic fireworks to explode within her bound and bothered sensuality.

‘Slow down, girl; pull yourself together... Yeah, right.’

When Bill saw her at the bedroom door, all he said was, “Well?” before looking down at his rock hard nine-inches, and back up at Vera’s half-opened, glazed over soul windows.

She carefully walked to the bed and got up onto it on her knees. Her tone was decidedly grateful, but flippantly comedic. “Whatever you say, dear.”

Bill grabbed and pulled her into a straddling posture on top of his lower torso, whereupon he said, with a smile “Fuck me.”

Vera immediately did what she was told, while another long burst of multiplying, muffled frustration and fear erupted from within Debra’s overwhelmed sensibilities. The feel of Bill’s cock entering his lover’s crevice gave them both reason to thank Deb for dropping by and doing what she liked doing best: getting herself into more trouble than she can handle.

“Don’t worry,” assured Bill, rather breathlessly “as long as we keep hearing her scream, there won’t be any interruptions.”

Vera closed her eyes and did her best to both pleasure her lover and keep from cumming until he did.

Bill did the same.

"Do you know how to give mouth-to-mouth?" he asked dryly.

Vera's eyes were closed, making it instantly easy to visualize a bound, drowned and lifeless body in the tub.

"No. You?"

And Debra thought, “If I stop screaming, they might think I’ve drowned and get me out of here.”

But the multiples would not allow her hysterically out-of-control, audio output to cease for a good 20-mins, during which all three of them enjoyed themselves as only folks like us do, can, and will, whenever situations of this sort present themselves to our manifold perpetuities.



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