Sci-Fi Club Part 2

by Dani

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Part 2

Katie sat at her computer a week later. She had in fact called Steve, but had decided that she needed to visit a few more times before she sought employment. Steve had recommended a few websites which Katie was now perusing. The itching in her rear finally gone, her hand clicked the mouse quickly. While Theresa was out of town, her best friend Jean had decided to come along, and bring Jean’s cousin Amanda.

Jean was Katie’s college room mate. She was a pleasantly plump woman with a warm smile and auburn hair. She had a large heart and was always very kind to Katie. She was also a prude. Jean hadn’t been kissed in 3 years, and Katie was determined to break her out of her shell. Where better to do so then at the Sci-Club-Fi!

Amanda was…a tramp. She was your stereotypical blond bombshell. Despite being short at only 5’3” she had a large chest and long athletic legs that came from countless hours on a treadmill.

Katie saw her previous week’s anal intrusion not as a rape but as an opportunity. She of coarse wished she could have read about this place in the paper and not experienced it first hand, but she now knew she had to learn more about this world. A plan had formed in her head to not only help Jean, but break Amanda.

Katie again stood outside the club, in the same parking space as before. She wore a similar outfit, conservative black sweater, nice jeans with some embroidery, and gym shoes. Katie planned on doing more watching tonight then participating, so decided her high heeled shoes could wait. There was no rain thankfully tonight as she listened her phone chime.

New Text message: Jean: Be there in two minutes. This place is in the back woods huh? Lol

Soon Jean’s car pulled up. The two women stepped out. Katie chuckled to herself when she saw Amanda’s outfit. As usual she was dressed like a slut. A white satin blouse was un-buttoned showing off her ample cleavage. Her legs were covered only by a tiny white cotton skirt that reminded Katie of something a country singer would wear. High heeled black leather knee high boots covered her feet. Katie could clearly see the black lace lingerie that Amanda wore beneath her “clothes”.

“She won’t be in that long”, Katie thought to herself.

Jean wore her usual flat sandals and a flowing black ankle length dress that covered her to the ankles. It had small blue flowers on it which matched her blue blouse which was buttoned up to the top button.

“My, that is one big purse dear,” Jean said looking at Katie.

“Oh,” Katie said nervously, “You know, that time of the month. It sucks.”

The three women chuckled, and then Katie led them to the entrance. As they waited in line, Katie set her plan in motion.

“I hate Aunt Flow,” she said, “I need this line to hurry up. I need a washroom now.”

The three woman shared horror stories of their PMS lives.

As soon as they entered, Katie gave the men her ID, was fitted with her collar, and then entered the club. As before, the blue beam of light shrank her collar, but this time she smiled evilly.

Katie knew she had left her friends at the door. She also knew that they were too gullible, especially Amanda, to not enter the club. She also knew, from experience, that the bouncers would not let them enter without a collar. All Katie had to do was remain hidden. And of course, Katie had a plan for that.

Katie had been online as I mentioned before. I did not mention what she had purchased. Sci-Club-Fi had its own site and there were several objects and outfits that one could buy. Unfortunately, Katie could not find a palm pilot on the site. She did however, find a solid black hood. It was leather, thicker then Katie would have liked though. She did however like that it was the only one without a blindfold or a gag. With any luck, Katie could put the hood on, sit at the bar un-noticed and watch the plights of Jean and Amanda.

Katie entered the stall and opened her large purse. She pulled out the mass of leather and quickly pulled her hair into a pony tail. There was a loop at the top of the hood and she fed her hair through it before the hood settled on her head. She adjusted it, while sitting on the toilet until it was seated correctly. Wanting to be an observer, she did not lock the buckle or the strings in the back of the hood. As quick as she could she stood and exited, finding a seat at the bar hiding as best she could in the corner of the club. She was confident her friends could not see her, nor recognize her now.

“Excuse me” Katie said in the direction of the bartender. “I would like a vodka cranberry and one of those pal pilot things please.”

“Well I can get you your drink”, said the handsome bartender,” but the palm pilots can only be given by the owner, Steve.”

“Shit”, Katie thought to herself. She took out her phone and called Steve, but frowned when she received only a voicemail.

Katie stirred her drink and rotated the stool as Amanda and Jean entered. The two both looked nervous and were fidgeting with their collars. Jean was inspecting Amanda’s and trying to wiggle it off. The two looked nervous but not scared.

It was then that Katie noticed something. The person next to her who she had previously only seen as a screen to hide behind had walked off and left their palm pilot. Katie seized the opportunity.

It took a few seconds to figure out, but soon Katie had a map of the room. Blue and red dots moved around the floor plan and Katie soon realized that the red ones were submissive, like her and her friends, and the blue ones were dominant. She counted 13 doms and only 5 subs. She knew that meant she was on borrowed time. She had to get the ball rolling on Amanda and Jean and then leave before someone discovered her in the corner.

Katie found Jean and Amanda; they were standing on the corner of the dance floor. Amanda was talking and laughing on the phone oblivious to the peril she was in while Jean nervously was texting. Katie’s phone buzzed in her pocket, and she read the text.

Jean: Where are you, this place is creepy and Amanda won’t shut up.

Katie tapped Amanda’s little red icon. A screen popped up that had Amanda’s driver’s license picture on it. A small screen on the side dropped down.

Remove clothing Attach object Restrict ability Adjust object

Katie clipped the “Attach object” section and a drop down menu appeared, with over 700 options all alphabetical! A great deal of them Katie did not know, but when she got to the B’s she found one for Amanda.

“Butt Plug (remote control)”

Katie touched it and looked at Amanda.

Amanda dropped her phone and yelped looking at Jean in terror. She lifted her own skirt and began to claw at her rear end. Her black satin and lace thong expanded and protruded out as the butt plug, a steel color, slowly materialized in her rear end. Speechless she jumped and whined looking at Jean who looked lost and useless. Amanda grabbed the base of the plug and tried to pull it out but was unable to. Little to her knowledge, microscopic hooks had imbedded themselves into the walls of Amanda’s virgin asshole.

Katie tapped it again and another drop down chart entered with several butt plug options. Katie first chose the one named “tingle”.

Amanda jumped and moaned, sobbing and whimpering. She bent her knees, trying to pull out the plug as Jean watched memorized.

Katie clicked on it again, but the screen had changed. It was back to the original floor plan, and Amanda’s icon was now green. Katie clicked on it, and a message popped up.

“Slave 2114 “Amanda Stevenson” is under the control of Master 0024, Marcus Cortez. He out ranks you and you are no longer allowed to play with his property.”

Katie stamped her foot, and then quickly clicked on Jean’s icon. The second she did, Jean’s icon turned green.

“Slave 2115 “Jean Stevenson” is under the control of Master 0192, Yuri Ramanov. He out ranks you and you are no longer allowed to play with his property.”

Katie tossed the controller down and looked up. A huge muscular Hispanic man was connecting a leash to Amanda who was trying desperately to beat him off. Her mouth was stuffed with a giant red ball gag, and her shirt was now folded neatly at her feet, causing her lace covered tits to sway as she resisted.

Jean yelped. Katie turned her attention to her. Jean’s conservative shoes soon morphed. Over the coarse of 30 seconds the heel’s grew to an intense 8 inches. They crawled up and under her dress. Soon, Jean tettered on the heels with only her toes touching the floor, her feet arched to the near vertical. Jean lost her balance and fell on her side. She lifted her dress trying to find laces to untie but failed.

It was then that Katie felt a new, strange sensation. Her vision seemed cloudy and darker. Katie wiped her eyes but felt some sort of a covering that felt oddly like leather. As it darkened, Katie took a deep breath as the realization that someone had added a blindfold to her hood sunk in. Katie calmly, to not draw attention to herself tried to unhook the blindfold but found it a solid part of the hood now. The next sensation touched her lips. It was if part of the hood was flooding into her mouth and Katie could taste the leather. She knew better to resist it, but calmly began to accept the leather in her mouth. Soon it expanded until her mouth was filled to capacity, her tongue pinned down. It slowly changed until a vein covered leather penis stuffed her mouth.

It was then that she remembered her hood was not locked or fastened. Katie lifted her arms to the back of her head, and it was then when the unseen dom struck. Hands, soft but firm slid from her shoulder blades, under her armpits and over her breasts. Unlike the man Jack, these were warm, almost soothing. They massaged her chest, rubbing it softly. Katie hated to admit it, but with in seconds she knew she would willingly submit to whoever owned these hands.

A kiss on her neck made her exhale, which was followed by the words “Let me help you with that sweetie”.

Katie nodded as the hands left her chest. She wanted them back and started to look behind her when her hood tightened. She felt the strings, one at a time being tightened. When they could tighten no more, there was a loud pop, signifying that this person had locked it.

“Ah, much better,” said the voice.

It was then that Katie recognized it as a female.

“Umm…I Ish nawt a lezbyan”, Katie mumbled.

“Shhhh”, said the voice returning her hands to Katie’s chest, “Here, you are whatever I want you to be”.

Katie felt the woman’s hands slide down her stomach and under her sweater. When the woman whispered into Katie’s ear that she should lift her arms up, Katie complied. She exhaled as the woman removed Katie’s sweater. Before she could lower her arms, Katie’s breasts swung free as the woman lifted Katie’s bra over her head.

“Now new slave”, the woman whispered seductively, “You’re going to be a good girl and stand, right?”

Katie nodded, and stepped off the barstool. Her jeans popped open and the woman slid down her jeans and white panties in one fluid motion. Every inch her pants slipped down, the woman kissed Katie’s right leg…then kissed her way up her left leg. Katie arched her back as her breathing increased. Katie could tell the woman was in-front of her but couldn’t see it. Soon the woman kissed Katie’s neck as her hands fidgeted around Katie’s crotch. The stimulation down there aroused Katie, but it was strange. There was no insertion. No caressing. It was like the Mistress had a purpose, but pleasuring Katie wasn’t it.

As soon as it started, the sensations were gone. No more kisses, no more crotch touching. Katie shifted her head looking around blindly. What she did notice was a dull weight that seemed to be centered right on her clit. She shifted her legs and felt a cool chain tickle her shins. The woman, a few feet away, yanked the clit leash she had clipped onto Katie and grinned evilly as Katie yelped out of breath and stumbled into her. The woman embraced Katie and tugged menacingly on the clit leash.

“Such a lovely capture tonight,” the woman whispered. “I saw you install the butt plug on your friend over there. Those hooks are evil you know? You should know, the same technology is now installed on that little clitty of yours. Don’t you?”

Again she tugged on the clit leash. Katie yelped and exhaled into her gag again as the Mistress drove home the point.

Katie moaned and nodded at a furious pace, her crotch becoming wetter by the second.

“Oh yes, I think this is going to go well for us both,” the woman stated. “My name is Liz; however you will address me as Mistress. Is that understood Katie?”

Katie nodded and mumbled a “Yesh Miwteww”.

“Such a good girl,” Mistress Liz said with a voluptuous smile.

Katie tried her best not to yelp, but failed as she was tugged along by her clit leash. A horrible problem had arisen for her. If she walked too slow, the leash would yank her clit. If she walked too fast, the nipple clamps that Mistress Liz had since added would wobble and tug on her sensitive nipples. She had no idea where she was going, she just wanted to get there quickly.

Finally they came to stop, Katie out of breath.

Though she could not see it, she could hear Mistress Liz tapping on her palm pilot.

“It says here you’re a school teacher, 2nd grade.” She said. “Well, I doubt that school teacher’s have these in their closet. ”

With that Katie’s feet tingled. She felt herself rise up. What was strange was that she did not rise up as if she was on heels, her whole body rose up a few inches. After that, she got the expected as her feet arched into the 4 inch heel which now adorned her feet. She did not however feel any straps or boots on her feet.

“Now hunny,” Mistress Liz said. “We are coming to some stairs. Nice and easy, one at a time, there we go, good girl. Ok stop, stay here.”

Katie could not help but obey. Mistress Liz’s voice was so warm, yet powerful. There was some brief but soft tugs on her leash, causing Katie to take a step or two forward. After a short while Katie could hear more voices. Most of them were male, but there was at least one other female, and a gagged one.

Katie’s vision cleared. Slowly at first, but she knew the leather was reseeding. Katie was on a platform. Her shoes were infact clear stiletto 4 inch platform stripper shoes. They were awkward, but she had to admit that her naked legs looked great in them. Several people had gathered around and were looking at her. There were 3 men, including Jack who was looking at her like a piece of meat. One male she didn’t know.

Katie opened her eyes in horror when she saw Jean. She was in a black latex cat suit that had small holes in the front where her nipples stuck out. She wore a corset that looked heavy and metal, black like the suit. She still had the same boots on. She also noticed that there was a slit in the cat suit, exposing her pussy. Master Yuri, a large over-weight man that was obviously eastern European, had Jean on his lap, his cock deep into her pussy.

Mistress Liz, a Large but not over-weight blond Mistress in an elegant red flowing dress looked at Katie and whispered “dance”. It was then that Katie looked around. She was on a dance platform, with a large metal pole in the middle of it. Her leash had been fastened to it.

Bright red from embarrassment at having Jean see her like this, Katie wrapped her leg around the pole, and twirled.


* * *


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