Sci-Fi Club

by Dani

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© Copyright 2011 - Dani - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; F/f; D/s; collar; club; scifi; bdsm; armbinder; gag; nanotech; mc; cage; boots; bench; anal; cons/reluct; X

Part 1

Katie waited at the entrance to a club she had never been before. Standing outside her car, she balanced on her conservative one inch black sandal high heeled shoes, shifting her weight from side to side. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, and it read “No txt messages, no voicemails”. She stamped her foot impatiently.

Katie wasn’t nervous about going to a club, she was pretty confident in the bar and club scene, though was not a wild child by any means. At 25, she had graduated college, and was a school teacher in a nice suburban district of Chicago. She was a mild mannered woman, very shy and quiet, something her fiancé loved about her. Infact, the fiancé was the problem tonight. More specifically, his best friend.

Danny, her fiancé, had known Claire since grammar school. They were friends and friends only and had never even held hands. Still, to Katie, she was the enemy. Having been cheated on before by an ex-she was jealous of any woman too close to Danny. She trusted Danny, but not Claire. Suddenly her phone vibrated, causing her to read the text.

Claire: “Nice outfit, a little conservative but it will work, look behind you.”

Katie looked behind her and saw Claire in her little S.U.V. grabbing her purse, a few spot’s behind Katie’s car. She was grabbing her purse.

Katie looked down at her outfit. She was wearing jeans, tight on the hips with a flared leg. She covered her top with a royal purple sweater with a lower neck, though not a single millimeter of her cleavage could be seen, or her conservative black panties and bra. She was, especially to Danny, a very attractive woman, 5’8’’ and around 130 lbs. She was semi-large chested with a 34C cup size, and a tight, athletic ass. She moved some of the shoulder length brunette hair from her face as Claire approached.

Claire’s hair was longer, to the small of her back. It was a sandy blond, and Katie noticed that Claire did infact weigh less then her, but was smaller chested. She was very athletic, with firm abs that she flaunted with her belly baring button up blouse and her tight jeans. She wore boots, black leather that was on the outside of her jeans. With the 3 inch heel, she was now the same height as Katie.

Katie slightly rolled her eyes, wondering why this tramp was dressed the way she was. Who did she think she is?

Claire approached and they exchanged an awkward hug.

“Hey there Katie, shall we go in?” Claire asked.

“Umm…I guess so,” Katie continued, “What is this all about?”

“Oh no need to fret,” Claire said, “I’ll explain inside, come on it’s cold.”

Katie chuckled to herself, thinking that if Claire’s black blouse and super tight jeans had been more appropriate, she wouldn’t be so cold.

There was a line, and silently the two women stood outside in the slight drizzle that a Chicago spring will deliver. Both checked text messages, and gazed at the normally dressed crowd of women and men.

Finally, they entered under a bright blue sign that read “Sci-Club-Fi”.

As with any other club they checked the girl’s I.D.’s, and gave them a bright yellow wrist band that signified they were old enough to drink.

It was now that Katie’s eyes perked up. First she noticed that once I.D.’d the majority of the crowd turned left, into a hallway with a sign above it saying “Changing rooms”. Only a few people were turning right, into a hallway that said “The club.”

“Katie Dear, go to the one on the right!”, Claire yelled through the pulsating music and flashing lights.

Katie nodded and rolled her eyes at being called dear.

Katie took a few steps when a gigantic bouncer blocked her path.

“Forgetting something missy?” He asked with folded arms.

“Umm…not that I know of”, Katie stammered, “ Am I?”

The bulky man in a shirt too tight pointed to a booth where several patrons were standing. A club employee in a revealing but not scandalous top was fitting them with something around their necks. It was a band, not unlike the glowing ones that some people wore in hip-hop clubs to stand out, but was thicker. Katie wandered over and patiently all be it nervously awaited her turn.

When it was her turn, the woman calmly asked her to turn around and then snapped the band around Katie’s neck, after lifting her hair. Katie examined it, and made a mental not to take it off the moment she got inside. It was a very large band, and Katie knew she could easily lift it over her head without even unsnapping it. She waited at the entrance of the hallway for Claire as she too was fitted with an identical collar. The two walked silently next to each other, Claire smiling more then Katie.

When they approached the end of the hallway, Katie noticed a blue wide beam of light that seemed to encompass the entrance to the club. She had to admit that it was a really cool effect, and she eagerly walked through it watching the light cascade down her body. A slight tightness on her throat caught her attention. She looked down and felt the band, and too her horror, found it far tighter then before! Where she had previously been able to fit a fist between her skin and the band, she could barley now fit a fingernail!

“Hey!” Katie yelped.

“Calm down,” Claire calmly said,” Calm down and walk back through the light there.”

Katie did, and the band expanded to its previous size. Katie walked back into the club and again it tightened. It was very tight, but did not cut off her air supply and she could still move her neck freely.

“Some of the stuff here is really fascinating, isn’t it?” Claire asked.

“I…I guess so,” Katie said nervously, “Why are we here again?”

“Let’s get a booth and I’ll explain,” Claire stated matter of factly.

Katie fidgeted with her neck band as Claire calmly walked through the dancing bodies and bright lights to find a booth in the corner where to two sat down across from each other. A waiter approached and the two ordered, Katie a Margarita and Claire a beer.

“Katie,” Claire started,” We need to talk. I love Danny, but only as a friend.”

Katie rolled her eyes annoyed.

“I mean it,” Claire insisted. “He’s been my best friend since grammar school, but that’s where it stopped. I know you hate me, but I actually like you. If you make Danny happy…well… then I’m happy. I just wanted to….

Claire stopped interrupted, and looked at her phone.

“Oh shit Katie, I apologize,” said Claire.” I have to take this, I will be right back.”

Katie nodded, and instantly took out her own phone as soon as Claire was out of sight. She texted her two best friends, Theresa and Jean, about the events. Katie wondered where everyone was. The line was huge outside, but the bar was actually quite empty, as was the dance floor.

While she waited, a drink appeared on her desk, with a waiter pointing to a man at the bar. Katie politely nodded, and made a mental note to tell Danny the funny story. The man was very muscular, in jeans, combat boots and no shirt. He smiled and winked at Katie, causing Katie to laugh to her.

“Weirdo”, she mumbled under her breath.

Katie looked at the drink, in a simple whiskey glass. It was clear, and smelled fruity with maybe vodka. In the reflection of the glass, Katie noticed something. Her band, which had glowed green since the moment she put it on, now had a small red light on the left side by her jugular. It was blinking quickly, reminding her of the one on her wireless router when she it was connected to the internet.

Holding the cup in her left hand, she felt the light with her right and found nothing, not even a bump.

A sharp pain snapped Katie out of trance, causing her to drop the glass which shattered all over the table. The pain came from her shoulders, causing her to yelp and then moan loudly. She wiggled and protested as her arms were pulled behind her by some sort of a magical force. They tingled and ached as they were pulled behind her until her elbows touched, causing her ample chest to touch the table’s edge.

Katie wiggled and protested, as she felt something on hands, smooth and cold. She looked back over her shoulder and watched something that looked like solid black leather magically snake up her arms. It took about 30 seconds, but soon her arms were wrapped behind her in a leather sheath of some kind despite Katie’s best efforts. Once it was approaching her armpits, the leather stopped. A small band at the top of it wrapped around Katie, and she opened her eyes wide in terror as a small padlock appeared on her chest.

“What the fuck is this!?” Katie yelled as she frantically tried to get the sheath off, rolling her fingers and her shoulders in pain. It was then that she noticed the man with no shirt. He was now sitting towards her, still at the bar. He was staring at her, not like a pervert but like a predator watching prey. In his hands he held a small palm pilot and his finger was holding the electronic pencil, tapping away.

Katie’s neck band suddenly felt much more solid. She moaned as the band expanded until it was no longer an inch wide, but covered her whole neck. Despite her best attempts, she felt herself move her head until she could only look straight ahead in the booth, unable to look up or down, or to the sides. Twisting her body at the waist, she tried to get out of the booth, wiggling on her rear end.

As she got to the end of the bench, a person sat down trapping her in the booth. Twisting her body she saw it was the man from the bar, palm pilot in hand. He had since moved over and was now sitting on her bench, pinning her into the booth. Katie frantically wiggled trying to get out.

“What the fuck is this! What the fuck is going on?!” Katie screamed.

Though she was screaming at the top of her lungs, no one other then the man could really hear her thanks to the pounding music of the club.

“Get me the fuck out of this thing you freak!” Katie continued.

“My my my, that won’t do little lady,” the man said with a calm, English accent. “Let me fix that for you.”

Katie’s mouth felt full. It slowly opened despite her best attempts to close it. As she wrestled with her mouth, the man’s hand reached over and slowly began to grope and unceremoniously feel Katie’s chest. She closed her eyes hard, trying desperately to bite down on the solid metal ring that she could now feel and taste in her mouth. Leather straps snaked out from the ring, wrapping under her hair and behind her head. In 30 seconds she had gone from a screaming woman to a ring gagged, gagging and grumbling woman.

“Now,” the man started, still squeezing and kneading. “Judging from the reaction your giving, this is your first time here. Too bad so sad. Apparently, no one told you about your collar. You see, this is a BDSM club, with some um… magical powers I guess you could say. Weather you like it or not, you are now my slave. My name is Jack, and it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Katie began to cry, her boobs aching almost as much as her shoulders now.

“Why don’t I give you a demonstration?” the man asked with a smile. “Yes, topical idea. You can see how much I can restrict you, but here is something else I can do.”

With that the man tapped his palm pilot. Instantly Katie’s legs burned. She yelped, and twisted at her waist in a failed attempt to look down. She did not, however feel any more restrictions. After about 30 seconds the man spoke.

“Such smooth legs you have my little one.” The man said.

He shifted his hand trailing down her stomach to her legs. A slight breeze and the man’s caress told Katie that some how her pants were now gone. On the table, a folded pair of jeans suddenly materialized through a blue glow.

“Ny Pawts!!!!” Katie screamed in anger.

The man ignored her. He simply caressed and stroked her beautiful thighs with a predatory smile.

“Now now, “ the man said, “I think you should defiantly change your clothes. What do you say?”

Fudge wew! Was Katie’s response.

“Ok, enough of this the man said with a sudden anger. He tapped his palm pilot and Katie jumped and froze as a million tiny stabbing pains erupted under her collar. The man held up his palm pilot so that Katie could see it.

“Nanobyte’s inserting, loading submission program”, blinked across the screen.

Katie wanted to scream, but her body was feeling so much calmer, almost as if it was floating. Unknown to her, a million tiny little robots were now injected into her blood stream, and flooding her mind and body with chemicals and thoughts. She felt a need to sit still, and listen to Master Jack.

“That’s better aye?” Master Jack said, as he calmly reached around her, holding her waist and sitting Katie on his lap.

Katie leaned back, breathing deeply as she rested against his chest. Master Jack reached around, and stroked Katie’s now submissive and responding chest. As her nipples poked out, visible despite her bra and sweater, Master Jack tweaked and pleased them. Soon Katie and Master Jack felt a growing dampness in her soft cotton panties.

“Whats say we get you dressed?” Master Jack asked.

Katie nodded slowly with closed eyes. Master Jack stood up and Katie wiggled her way out of the booth, standing next to him. Master Jack touched his palm pilot and a small silver chain appeared within seconds, dangling from Katie’s collar. It had a leather band on the end of it, and Katie realized it was a leash with a handle, not that she minded now.

Master Jack looked at the man and followed him into another room.

From across the club, Claire smiled.

Katie followed her Master Jack into a room that had only a concrete floor and a large metal cage. Not that he had to, because Katie would have willingly complied, the man shoved Katie into the 6ft X 6ft X 6ft cell with shinny steel bars. Katie stumbled in, turned and faced him. She saw the man tapping again on his magical palm pilot. She stood calmly as the same tingling sensation now encompassed her whole body. She dropped a few inches, and realized that all of her clothing, including her small heels, was gone. Sure enough her folded sweater, bra and panties appeared at her Master’s feet, her shoes on top of them.

“Oh my,” Master Jack said.” Now were getting somewhere. I think I caught me a winner aye?”

Katie nodded with a submissive giggle.

“Now let’s see here…” Master Jack said, tapping away.

Katie’s breasts moved up on their own, supported by some invisible force. The lifted and pushed into each other creating a barley audible moan from her. Soon, despite Katie not being able to see it, a black leather mid-drift top covered her top. It was tight, sleeveless and ended mere inches below her breasts. Across the front read “Sc-Club-Fi cheer squad” in fancy script. Something tickled Katie’s thigh, as a matching black pleated skirt now magically adorned her hips. It was tiny, barley covering her crotch and ass.

One of the walls of the cage suddenly became a mirror, so Katie could see herself. She was now a bondage cheerleader, wearing a black leather tiny cheer outfit. She could not do much cheering though, still wearing her ring gag, posture collar and arm-binder…terms her brain somehow knew now. The door opened, and Katie exited. Master Jack grabbed her leash and led her over to a small bench. He had her sit on it and she flirted with him by gliding her ass across his crotch as she sat. He lifted her feet and placed them on his lap.

“This is something my hands enjoy, and not the machines”, Master Jack said.

With that, he tapped his palm pilot and a pair of boots appeared on the bench. Katie watched nervously as the heels were lifted by Master Jack, and slid onto her feet. He took great delight in this aspect of his game with his unknowing pawn. Katie’s feet arched painfully as they slid into the 7 inch ballet boots. They were calf boots, made of very hard, tough and sturdy leather. He tied the laces, tighter then Katie ever would have, and then began to snap the straps around her feet. Each boot had three straps. One went over her foot and under her instep, another around her ankle, and a third at the top by her calf muscle.

As her feet ached, Katie moaned, and slowly tried to withdraw her feet from the man’s lap.

“Oh dear,” the man said as he tapped his palm pilot. “I can only inject you with those little hooligans once a night, and the club’s rule is that you can only be enslaved for one hour by a dom. I guess we need to hurry up little one aye?”

Katie felt herself lifted onto her feet, balancing on her arched toes. Though she had not noticed, the cage was gone. In it’s place was something that looked like a saw horse, a wooden road block. The difference was that it had several rings on it.

Katie was physically forced to the horse, and the man Jack bent her over it. The chemicals wearing off, she struggled slightly as she was bent over it. Her ankles were wrapped in cuffs and soon her legs we spread to the legs of the wooden black horse. Katie wiggled, and began to whimper as her abilities slowly came back to her. She could not stop the man Jack from connecting a chain to the end of her armbinder, and clip it to a ring on the ceiling. She watched in horror as the man Jack connected her leash to a ring on the floor, immobilizing her.

Soon he was behind her, and it was then that Katie realized in terror that she was wearing no panties. She shook her hips trying to avoid the inevitable but knew that she was only enticing her. He entered her, but not her pussy as expected, but her ass. She jumped loudly as his lubricated cock pulsed like a jack hammer (couldn’t resist the pun).

“Feel…Feel that Baby!” The man yelled through ragged breaths. “Feel that?! That’s….thats a…s special lubricant…it’s….it’s…oh god you’re so tight….it’s going to make you itch there…for….for hours!”

Katie screamed and shook frantically trying to get away but it was inevitable. Soon, deep inside her rear end she felt a painful and uncontrollable itch. This, coupled with the man’s cock in her rear was too much, and she sobbed. She begged and pleaded to the man that completely ignored her.

“Oh…Oh…here it comes!” he yelled.

A strange flooding sensation filled her rear. She knew that the man Jack had just emptied his load into her ass. Through blurry vision she collapsed onto the horse, and passed out.

* * *

Katie awoke in the same room. The man was gone and the only thing in the room was her clothes, folded nicely including her jeans which had been left on the booth’s table. In seconds she was dressed, and walking out of the room. Her “cheerleading outfit” was gone, as was the horse. She entered the main room, where people acted as if nothing had happened. She scratched her ass, the cream inside her causing a painful and irritating feeling. There was something different though. In the middle of the room, offset from the dance floor was a large flat screen TV. Several men and women were huddled around it. Katie approached cautiously and looked. She rubbed her ass, not caring if she looked weird or not.

Claire was on a bed with three other men. She was dressed in a very sluttly French maid’s outfit. She was on all fours, unbound. One man pumped his cock into her mouth while another slammed into her ass. Claire straddled the third man, whose cock appeared to be deep inside her cunt.

“What happened to her?” Katie asked.

“Well she got collared by Master Logan, and fought him.” A random man said. “I guess she kicked him in the crotch. Apparently she wasn’t here to be used. Seriously, why would you come here, wear a collar, and not be happy Master Logan collared you? I mean, all he did was put a butt plug in her.”

Katie felt a little better. She hurried out of the room. Just as she entered the blue beam at the exit of the room her collar blinked. She turned around looking into the room as a beautiful, tall blonde goddess stared at Katie. Katie stepped through the light and her collar expanded. She ripped it off and stormed out as the Mistress snapped her fingers frustrated.

Katie walked to her car, almost running in the rain. On her windshield she found a large plastic bag. It was clipped under her windshield wipers. She got into her car and opened it. Inside were 8X10 pictures of her night from start to finish. From sitting in the booth, to being bound, to being changed, to being ass rapped to exiting. A note said:

Claire is a professional slave here. We pay $400 a night. If you’re interested, call me.

-Steve Ramski….owner operator of Sci-Club-Fi

Katie read it and put it in the passenger seat itching her ass. She pulled out her phone, and texted Theresa and Jean.

“What are you doing next week, I found a sweet club!”

* * *


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