Let's Play Strip Slave Poker

by Christine

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© Copyright 2010 - Christine - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; D/s; bond; rope; susp; group; bdsm; oral; sex; toys; cons; X

Part One

My best friend, Lisa, had invited me over for a pool party on a Sunday afternoon in late August, during the summer between my junior and senior years at college. This was going to be the last party of the summer, before everyone went back to school. Because it was a Sunday, we would all have to get up and work the next day, so everyone would leave by midnight. Lisa said we would be playing Strip Slave Poker and other games, with a total of 4 guys and 4 girls participating.

After my Sunday dinner, I got ready, put on my bikini and beach robe and went over to Lisa’s, with a change of play clothes. I arrived a little before 2:00 PM. I brought my duffle containing all my bondage equipment. We spread my gear out on a coffee table, along with her stuff, in the rec room, which has sliders out to the pool. I got a diet Pepsi out of her refrigerator, and parked myself in a chaise, wearing my new dark blue string bikini, which matched my eyes. Everyone had arrived by 2:30 PM.

Besides Lisa and me, Ashley was there. I’ve told you about all of us in my 2 previous stories, Let’s Play Bondage Baseball and Let’s Play Trespassers. Meagan completed the group of 4 girls. Meagan is about 5’6”-5’7”, rich dark red shoulder length hair (not at all curly), lovely green eyes, sweet innocent oval face, flawless creamy white skin and always wears sexy clothes to show off her figure. I was excited to see Rob there, a friend for many years, with very special benefits. Brian, John and Neal rounded out the group of 4 guys. Rob is also in my bondage baseball story. Brian is 6’0”, a muscular 200 pounds or so, medium length brown hair, lovely brown eyes with long lashes, strong chin and lady-killer smile. He is a physics major like Rob. John is 5’10”-5’11”, slim build with square shoulders, short bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, and thin but sensual lips. John is very athletic and a music major. He’s a musician in a small band playing keyboard and guitar. No CDs out yet, but the band regularly plays around his college town. Neal is about 5’9”, broad muscular chest, beautifully tanned body, somewhat long almost black hair, bright blue eyes, cute pug nose and broad smile. He’s a surfer! Neal is extremely intelligent. He isn’t sure of his career path, but is in computer sciences. Definitely no geek!

Lisa gathered us all around and asked if we wanted to have swim races or play water polo, to determine who would buy dinner. The girls dreaded swim races (I tend to lose my bikini top), so everyone decided on a half-court water polo game up to a score of 10. Neal and Meagan were designated captains to choose up sides, 2 guys and 2 girls per team. It was an exhilarating hard fought match, but I managed to be on the winning 10-8 team. We scored the last 2 goals to win. Our team decided on chicken. So, someone from the losing team would go to KFC later for a couple big buckets, cole-slaw, potato salad and whatever dessert they had.

After that was settled, Lisa gathered us around again. Lisa punned that to whet our appetites for dinner, and warm us up for our later poker game, we would have an “Oral Orgy,” beginning about 4:00 PM. Everyone could swim in the pool for awhile, but had to dry out in the sun by 4:00 PM. The guys would be given one piece of rope to tie-up each of the girls. They had 30 minutes to play with us, strip us (that wouldn’t take long with all the girls in string bikinis), get us really hot and finger fuck each of us to orgasm. With that accomplished, the guys could use us anyway they wanted, for oral sex, until 6:00 PM. They could make us suck cock or eat pussy. HOWEVER, each of the girls had to have her pussy eaten by one of the guys before 6:00 PM. The guys all had broad grins on their faces, and I’m sure they were ready to begin immediately. I nodded my head in approval and smiled. I loved to suck cock, and since I did deep throat, I always had good responses. When I had to lick pussy in a bondage sex game, I relished teasing the other girl with my tongue, trying to make her beg to let her come.

I decided to swim a few laps in the pool. When I came out, I dried myself off and toweled my hair. My bikini would dry in 10-15 minutes, but my long dark brown hair would take more time to dry in the sun and wind. Before joining the girls on the poolside chaises, I noticed the guys in a huddle over in a corner, adamantly talking and gesturing. I decided to go over and push their buttons a little. I had a serious expression on my face and asked them what they were talking about. I also asked, “you guys planning what you’re going to do with us?” From their grins, I knew that was precisely what they were doing. I couldn’t get anything out of them, so I said, “you all know how much I love to suck your cocks and I hope you’ll take full advantage of my mouth and use me.” I could tell from their reactions that that’s what they planned on doing. Before joining the girls, I said, “whoever winds up eating my pussy, please do it just before the 6:00 deadline. I want to be used and so turned on that I have to beg to come.” They were nodding their heads as I left them to join the girls. Over the next 45 minutes, I combed out my hair several times as it dried. When the girls asked me what I said to the guys, I just said that I was teasing them a little. We talked about the “Oral Orgy” some, and everyone approved of Lisa’s idea and we were eager to begin.

4:00 PM came and it was time to go into Lisa’s lower level rec room to begin the game. They have a huge rec room with 3 sofas (1 or 2 make into beds), many upholstered easy chairs, table and chairs for eating, refrigerator, sound system, large wall mounted TV, and adjacent bathrooms. Their home is a 4 bedroom one story. Lisa’s parents were in Europe for another week. Besides Lisa’s bedroom, her older brother’s bedroom and their guest bedroom were available to us upstairs. We gathered in a group and each guy selected a piece of rope from the coffee table. Lisa and I had long arms and we were tied with our hands behind our backs, elbows bent, and wrists up between our shoulder blades. John probably used an 8’ piece of soft cotton rope to tie my wrists crossed, and then tied the excess rope around my upper arms, securing me in a tight bondage. The skimpy triangles of my bikini top strained to hold my protruding 36C tits from popping out. Meagan and Ashley’s arms were bound behind their backs, forearm to forearm, allowing them a bit more arm movement than Lisa and I. We were herded into a loose circle, facing out, and the guys began.

The 4 guys probably took 5 minute turns with each of us. They played with us, kissed us, caressed us all over, and felt us up. Somewhere along the way, my bikini top string, behind my neck, was untied, exposing my tits. The other string was quickly untied and my bikini top was gone. My bare breasts and nipples were thoroughly kneaded, teased, licked and sucked. Both of the ties on my hips, of my string bikini bottom, were untied and it fell away, leaving me totally naked. I was turned on before they even started, and by then I was moaning and yearning to come. When Neal stepped in front of me, he kissed me deeply several times. I pushed myself into him. His fingers found my pussy, and he easily pushed 2 fingers inside me. He stroked me in and out for a couple minutes, while I writhed and my chest heaved. When one of his fingers found and rubbed my clit, I came immediately. My loud groan of satisfaction signaled that I was the first girl to come. I was ready to suck some cock, “Let the Oral Orgy begin!”

I stood there waiting to hear the other girls come, and by the sounds coming from them I thought it would be soon. I was surprised when Rob stood in front of me. He began licking and sucking my tits, as his fingers moved to my pussy. He knew how to drive me crazy, and he did. His fingers fucked my love hole and maddeningly teased my clit. I looked down and watched his mouth lick and suck my tits hard, as I frantically thrust my hips at his fingers. I spread my legs wider apart to give him more access to me. His finger concentrated on my clit, rubbing it faster and faster. I couldn’t stand it anymore and begged him to make me come. I had forgotten about the sounds coming from the other girls. Mercifully, in just a minute or two, I came again with a shuddering orgasm, and collapsed against Rob’s bare chest. When I was able to break away and look around, I realized that everyone was finished and waiting for me.

My appetite was whetted…..for some cock. What happened over the next 1-1/2 hours or so, can truly be described as an “Oral Orgy.” I’m not going to tell you all the details of what I was forced to do, or who did what to whom. They used my mouth and tongue, and made me suck cock and lick pussy, almost continuously. I was taken from cock to cock to pussy, etc. I can’t remember the order. During the brief breaks between my mouth duties, I was kissed, had my breasts licked and sucked, and fingers teased my pussy, just to keep me hot and horny. The other girl’s mouths were kept just as busy as mine. Lisa and Meagan had their pussies licked to orgasm almost immediately after we started.

They handled me roughly and I loved it. It only turned me on more. They shoved their cocks down my throat and fucked my mouth. They grabbed my head and pulled my hair, forcing their cocks deeper and deeper into my throat. I had asked them to use me, and they did. When I was pulled to my feet, from my kneeling positions, I felt my pussy juices running down my legs. When they fingered my pussy, I nearly came a couple times. They made me beg to come, but wouldn’t allow me any release. They tormented me and I pleaded for more. When their cocks were in my mouth and throat, I moaned with my own pleasure, as well as for what my mouth was doing to them. Look at it either way, I sucked and deep-throated all 4 of them, or all 4 of them fucked my mouth. They made me lick 2 girl’s pussies, until they came. In addition, while I was kneeling and licking Lisa’s pussy and making her wiggle and moan, I was grabbed from behind and jerked to my feet. I was forced to kneel down and start sucking another ready cock. Lisa was left frustrated and unfulfilled. I think all 4 guys that I did, shot their loads rather quickly.

Finally, Rob grabbed me and sucked hard on my already aching nipples. He sat me down on the edge of a sofa, pushed me back and stretched my legs wide apart. I needed no prompting. If I didn’t come soon, I would burst. When he spread my swollen pussy lips with his fingers, I nearly came. He warmly kissed my pussy and began licking. I immediately began squirming and groaning. He worked his tongue into my fiery love hole and tongue fucked my cunt. His tongue drove me delirious. I implored him to let me come. My chest was heaving and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. Only seconds after he started licking my clit, an immense orgasm consumed me. My release brought tears of pleasure to my eyes. I lay there coming and enjoying myself for many minutes, with my eyes closed and legs squeezed together.

When I finally opened my eyes, Rob was gone. I was startled to see John standing in front of me. We had sex a few times, but he had never eaten my pussy before. As he knelt down in front of me, I opened my legs welcoming him. He latched his mouth to my pussy and began licking. John’s tongue teased my pussy lips first. When his tongue found the entrance to my love hole, I locked my legs around his neck. He expertly tongue fucked me and explored the inside of my cunt, searching for my g-spot. He knew what he was doing. I was overcome from the sensations traveling from my pussy to my brain. I could only meekly mummer and quiver. Failing to hit my g-spot, his attention turned to my clit. I knew it was engorged and very sensitive. He put his lips on my clit and began gently sucking. In probably no more than a minute, I screamed as I experienced another shattering orgasm. I convulsed and moaned for several minutes, before I could regain my composure. I don’t remember unlocking my legs and releasing John’s head. The next thing I remember was Rob gently touching me on my shoulder, waking me from my ecstasy. He helped me to my feet and untied my arms and wrists. GOD! That was the hottest 2 hours of sex, without actually getting fucked, that I can remember.

The “Oral Orgy” was over. In about 2 hours, our poker game would start. The girls gathered up their stuff and changes of clothes and went up to Lisa’s room. Lisa’s older brother no longer lived at home, but his parents kept his room as it was for him, when he came home to visit. The guys used that room to shower and change. I guess the 2 guys from the losing water polo match showered and changed first, because they went off to KFC to get our dinner. I showered in the guest bathroom and did my hair. I went back to Lisa’s room to finish my hair and get dressed. The girls were all talking about the orgy and how they loved it. When we compared notes, it seemed that everyone had about the same amount of mouth action. Lisa asked me what happened while I was licking her pussy and got pulled away. It was then that I told the girls about my teasing conversation with the guys down by the pool. I mentioned that I had asked them to take full advantage of my mouth and use me. I asked if any of them had experienced a little rough treatment. None had. They told me that I was the loudest one the whole time. I explained that the rough treatment excited me more, and gave me more of a feeling of helplessness and being used. I thought my loud moaning was partly because I was playing along, and partly because I couldn’t help it. I had never before been so turned on for that long before coming.

I got dressed into the play clothes I brought. Nothing overly sexy, because they would soon come off, during the poker game. I put on a black bra and black panties, not even my customary thong. I wore a denim mini skirt and a short sleeved yellow knit top. I went downstairs to the rec room with Lisa. We set the table for dinner. For chicken, it was paper plates and lots of napkins. Everyone was dressed and back in the rec room by a little after 7:00 PM. The 2 guys came back with our dinner a few minutes later, and we all grabbed drinks from the refrigerator and sat down to eat. The conversations were focused more on what we had been up to during the summer and our plans for our senior year at college. Everyone finished a little before 8:00 PM. Cleanup was easy, and I went to wash my greasy face and hands and put on some lipstick. I thought about doing blowjobs with the Colonel’s greasy chicken all over my mouth as a lube. It was time to play Strip Slave Poker!

There are probably hundreds of versions of Strip Poker, many with elaborate rules and others created spontaneously. Our game is played with 4 guys and 4 girls. The first 2 guys and the first 2 girls to strip naked, become the sex slaves to a winner of the opposite sex. This is why our version of Strip Slave Poker is my favorite bondage sex game. I have a chance to tie up a guy and ride his cock for as long as I can get him up and keep him hard, plus I can make him eat my pussy as much as I want. No BJs given, if he’s hard he’s inside me! I’ve played this game 5 times before, and I was a winner twice. Though, I do prefer to be the sex slave of a hot guy. Our game takes 45 minutes to an hour to finish. The hands go fast, but the stripping part, with free feelies, takes longer. When the first 2 guys and first 2 girls strip off their last item of clothing, their wrists are tied behind their backs and they are gagged, to watch the rest of the game. Our game was starting around 8:00 PM, and after 45-60 minutes playing time, we would have about 3 hours with 2 guys and 2 girls being sex slaves.

The guys and girls each start with 4 items of clothing to remove. The guys wore: shirt, pants/shorts, underwear and shoes/socks (as 1 item). The 4 items that the girls wore were: top, skirt/shorts, bra and panties (the girls started barefoot). We play simple 5 card draw poker. With 8 people and a 52 card deck, each person can draw only one card. After 2 people are naked and tied up, each remaining person can draw 2 cards. There is no betting, with one exception that I will explain momentarily. The winner of each hand gets to select the person and item of clothing to be removed. If the winner of the hand feels that some assistance is required in removing an item of clothing, he/she can choose to “help”, with a few free feelies allowed. You cannot make a guy remove his underwear, if his pants/shorts are not already off. Likewise, you can’t make a girl remove her bra or panties, until the clothing covering them is already off.. I mentioned one exception to the betting rule. If someone feels that they have a really good hand, they can at anytime bet 2 items of clothing. If they are called, the loser(s) have to remove 2 items of clothing. If no one calls the bettor, the chosen loser of the hand only removes one item of clothing. The end game is what counts.

The outcome of the game is virtually all chance and the luck of the draw. The only time bluffing might occur would be in a 2 items of clothing bet. There can be a bit of strategy involved. Generally at the start, girls who win select a guy to remove an item of clothing, and vice versa. However, towards the end of the game, someone may decide to turn on their own sex and make them remove clothing items. There isn’t any real plotting in advance to pick on a particular guy/girl, because you can’t be certain that the plotters won’t become slaves. At the very end of the game, though, you might have to take out one of your same sex players, because the ultimate guy and girl winner gets first choice among the 2 sex slaves.

We sat on the carpeted floor of Lisa’s rec room and started playing 5 card draw. After about 12 hands, no one was perilously close to being naked. Everyone had 2 or 3 items of clothing still on. I was down to my bra and panties, and hadn’t won a hand. On the next deal, Lisa thought she had a good hand and bet 2 items of clothing. No one called her bet, but she won; choosing to take a lot of time to “help” John get out of his pants (he had only his boxers left). I finally won a hand and took my time helping Rob get out of his jeans, purposely rubbing the huge bulge in his crotch (this left him wearing only his boxers). Two hands later, Meagan, wearing only bra and panties, bet 2 items of clothes. Brian called her bet. Meagan had a nice little hand with three 4’s plus A and K. However, Brian had a better hand containing three 7’s and won. He took his time in removing Meagan’s bra and panties, taking full advantage of the free feelies rule. Then, he tied her wrists crossed behind her back and buckled a ball gag into her mouth. We had our first sex slave, and Meagan would just have to sit there, tied and gagged, waiting to see who would get her.

Two hands later, Ashley took out Rob with just a pair of Kings. She peeled down his boxers and gave his cock a few good squeezes. She tied Rob’s wrists behind his back and buckled a smaller 1-3/4” ball gag into his mouth. Neal won the next hand, and chose to slowly remove my bra. He took his time, feeling the garment and my breasts under it, thoroughly. When he finally got it off, my nipples were hard perky nubs. Two hands after that, I was dealt three Kings. Wearing only my panties, I said to myself, “what the Hell,” and bet 2 items of clothes. Brian immediately called me. I drew only one card, hoping he would think I had 2 pair. Brian drew 2 cards. I hoped he didn’t have 3 Aces or didn’t hit. My Kings held up, but Brian did have 3 Jacks. I slowly peeled off Brian’s shirt, running my hands all over his broad muscular chest. His shorts already had a bulge in the crotch. I pretended to get the zipper stuck right over the tip of his protruding penis, and then patted and rubbed it gently several times to soothe (arouse) it. He was left wearing only his boxers. Brian got his revenge on me on the very next hand. He won the hand with 2 pair, and pointed at me to stand up. He grabbed my panties in the front and back and pulled them up tight. He pulled them back and forth slowly giving me a wedgie, while massaging my slit. After he pulled my panties off, he tied my wrists crossed behind my beck, and tightly buckled a ball gag deep in my mouth. I was the 3rd sex slave of the game. Only one more guy to go!

John and Brian only had their boxers left, while Neal had his shirt and boxers left. Lisa and Ashley were each wearing only bra and panties. Neal won the next hand and surprised everyone by telling John to strip off his shorts. Lisa wound up tying John’s hands behind him and gagging him. The game had turned, but the 4 sex slaves were now decided. Rob, John, Meagan and I would be the sex slaves. It just remained to be decided which guy and girl would get 1st pick among the slaves. Lisa won the next hand and sensually took off Neal’s shirt. I wasn’t sure of her strategy, unless she wanted to get back at Neal for making John the final slave. Ashley and Lisa won the next 2 hands, and took off each other’s bras, not too gently. The 4 remaining players each had only one item of clothing left on.

The winners would be decided in the next 2 hands. Everyone drew 2 cards on the next hand. There was no indication of what anyone might have held going into the draw. Neal’s pair of Aces beat out Ashley’s pair of 10s. He told Brian to strip off his shorts. Neal would have 1st pick from Meagan and me. Neal dealt the last hand. Ashley and Meagan each drew 2 cards, and Neal drew 1. Ashley had a pair of Queens going into the draw and didn’t catch anything to improve her hand. Lisa had a pair of 9s and held an Ace kicker going into the draw. She caught another Ace on the draw, and had 2 pair, Aces and 9s. However, Neal went into the draw with 3 Jacks and an Ace kicker. Though he didn’t improve his hand, he did win. Neal had to decide which of the girls got 1st choice among the sex slaves. He had both girls stand up. He rubbed his hands and fingers over both girls’ panties and between their legs, pretending it was a tough choice. Abruptly, Neal yanked down Ashley’s panties, revealing her smooth bare pussy. Lisa quickly picked Rob as her slave, and Neal chose Meagan. John became Ashley’s slave, and I became Brian’s.

Part Two

Lisa grabbed up some bondage gear, off the coffee table, and led Rob upstairs, undoubtedly to her bedroom. Ashley did likewise with John, and could take him upstairs to the guest bedroom. We might not see any of them for 3 hours! Meagan and I were helped up to our feet and stood waiting while Brian and Neal went to the far end of the rec room to confer. They were undoubtedly discussing some cooperative endeavors or slave swapping. Finally, Meagan and I were taken to Lisa’s “dungeon”. When you walk in, Lisa’s dungeon bears no resemblance to what you think of in your mind as a dungeon. In it, one receives a bit of pain, some sexual torment and eventually pleasure. It is, in fact, a storeroom adjacent to Lisa’s lower level rec room. At one time, her father used it for a workshop. The room measured about 8’ X 12’. The floor was covered with a comfortable dark green carpet. The walls were finished and painted off-white, and the ceiling was unfinished. When you looked up, you could see the exposed ceiling studs and 4 fluorescent lights. Between the ceiling studs were numerous “X” shaped criss-crossed braces. The only objects in the room were a heavy “modified” butcher block table and a footstool. The top of the butcher block table measured about 2’ X 3’ and was at least 18” thick solid wood. It had huge wooden legs and a thick wooden tray at the bottom, connecting the legs. This table was so solid and heavy that it would not budge. I think it would take 4 men to pick it up and move it. Meagan and I were forced to kneel down side-by-side. The rose colored light from the fluorescent tubes, shining down and reflecting off the stark white walls, gave our naked bodies an almost pinkish phosphorescent glow. A rope was attached to each of our bound wrists and pulled up toward the ceiling. They used the footstool to tie our arms to one of the ceiling X braces, stretching them upwards and backwards. Our gags were removed, and Brian stepped in front of me waving his hard cock in my face. Meagan was already sucking on Neal’s cock.

I licked Brian’s balls first, getting them warm and wet. Then I did the same to his cock. Next, I went back to his balls and took his scrotum into my mouth. As I held his sac with my lips, I gently licked all over his balls again. Time to suck him off. I slurped his wonderful cock into my mouth, beginning to make delicious MMMMMing sounds. I sucked his cock and its head, and slid my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. I moaned in pleasure and teased him with my tongue and mouth, until I heard little sounds of satisfaction escape from his throat. I saw Meagan bobbing up and down on Neal’s dick. She was making little murmuring sounds and I could hear Neal breathing hard. When I took Brian’s cock all the way into my mouth and deep into my throat, I heard him gasp. I alternated between 3 or 4 thrusts all the way in my throat, with some noisy sucking, and persistent licking and sucking of his cock’s head. So far, I was in charge of his cock, but he soon took control. He grabbed my head and started driving his cock into my mouth. He was just plunging in and out with the first 3”-4” of his cock, and I just held on with my lips. I heard Neal come with a groan next to us, but I had no time to think. Brian was fucking my mouth faster and faster. I got my tongue on the bottom of his cock and let it rub him with every stroke, as I began moaning continuously. I think Brian fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes before he gasped loudly and buried his cock as far as it would go in my throat. He lurched and spurted wildly, as I sucked and sucked every last drop of his cum. After swallowing all his cum, I licked him clean and kissed the tip of his cock.

I noticed Meagan still tied like me. Her breasts were pushed out invitingly by her bondage. Neal had bent down and was sucking hard on her tits, while one of his fingers was in her pussy. Neal said to Brian, “out on the couch when you’re ready.” He untied Meagan’s arms from the ceiling rope, got her up and took her out of the dungeon. Brian sat down on the floor in front of me. He said, “you need a little warming up,” and started playing with my tits. He squeezed them and pinched my nipples hard. As his lips sucked and pulled on my hard sensitive nipples, he worked 2 fingers into my cunt and began stroking me. I was mildly resisting the treatment my breasts were getting, but his fingers were doing their job, and I could hear the sloshing noises his fingers made going in and out of my wet love hole. Brian stopped suddenly. He released the rope tying my wrists to the ceiling and stood me up. We walked out to the rec room where Neal and Meagan were sitting on one of the couches. I was pushed down on my knees in front of Meagan. She was sitting on the edge, in the center of the couch, leaning back with her arms still tied behind her back. Neal was sitting on one side of her, holding one of her legs in his lap. Brian sat down on the other side of Meagan and grabbed her other leg. Both guys slid their bodies forward to the edge and leaned back on the couch. They spread Meagan’s legs wide apart on their laps, while rubbing their cocks along her smooth legs. They told me to lick her.

Meagan has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I didn’t need any warming up to lick her pussy. Her spread pussy lips were a bright pink that contrasted with her gorgeous creamy white skin. Meagan has a bikini wax job, but leaves a “landing strip” on her mons, pointing to her pink slit. Her landing strip matches the rich dark red hair on her head. Her thick luscious landing strip is neatly trimmed to no more than 1” wide and about 3” long, and less than 1” high. Her lovely pink pussy and dark red landing strip glistened with her pussy juices. I eagerly started licking her pussy lips and MMMMMed at her delicious taste. As soon as I started licking around her love hole, Meagan started quivering and softly groaning. I don’t think Neal and Brian realized just how turned on Meagan was.

They continued rubbing their dicks on her smooth legs, and each had a hand vigorously playing with one of her tits. I licked her clit several times, which made her try to thrust her stretched hips at my tongue. Meagan quickly came after I started sucking her clit. Her pelvis shook, as I held her clit with my lips, and groaned in her throat. It wasn’t a massive orgasm by any means, but satisfying for her, and I don’t think the guys even knew she came. I gave her pussy a long gentle kiss as she came down, but I wasn’t finished. I started over, determined to give Meagan a spectacular orgasm. Her pussy juices were really flowing now, and I used my tongue to slowly lick and spread her juices everywhere, including her clit. Her love hole was wide open, so I lazily twirled my tongue around it and plunged in. Before I began tongue fucking her, I thoroughly explored every surface of her vagina that my tongue could reach. Meagan wiggled and moaned as my tongue slid in and out of her. I felt the guys holding Meagan, shift on the couch. I glanced up to see that they were watching me now, but still continued tormenting Meagan’s tits. I dared a few quick licks of her clit, which made her gasp and moan louder. She was close, but I wasn’t ready to let her come yet. I went back to tongue fucking Meagan’s love hole for as long as I thought she could stand it. I could hear her moaning and gasping for breath. It was time. I attacked her clit with my tongue, twirling around it a few times before licking it frantically. Meagan was now whimpering and quivering as her inevitable orgasm built inside her. My lips sucked and pulled her already swollen clit, while my tongue continued to lick it fast. In seconds, Meagan stiffened and then began to shake. I continued sucking her clit as her orgasm swept over her whole body. She shuddered and moaned softly, experiencing the wonderful waves of pleasure that spasmed throughout her.

As soon as I backed away from Meagan, Brian got up from the couch. I could see that both guys had hard erect cocks. Brian took me back into the dungeon and stood me by one of the ropes still hanging from the ceiling, where Meagan and I were bound earlier. He had me bend over at the waist and spread my legs wide apart. My wrists were attached to one of the ropes and pulled high up over my head, binding me in a strappado position. Brian buckled a ball gag deep into my mouth, and produced two 1” wide rubber bands. He stretched each rubber band and snapped it over the base of my dangling 36C tits. I screamed into my gag at the sudden pain, but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. Neal brought Meagan into the room and tied her strappado style next to me. Brian was now behind me, leaning over my back with his head up between my raised bound arms, and squeezing my tits that felt like stretched water balloons. I turned my head to look at Meagan, and when our eyes met, she smiled. I knew she was OK and eagerly awaiting what was coming next. Meagan was not gagged and didn’t have rubber bands on her boobs. While Brian continued to fondle and squeeze my jiggling swollen breasts, he nudged his cock slowly into my wet, but not yet ready pussy. He was persistent and eventually it slid deep inside me. I heard Meagan moan in delight when Neal thrust his hard cock into her pussy from behind. We were going to be fucked doggie style, while bound in the strappado position, and from what I could gather from their whispers, Brian and Neal were up to something.

When Neal said, “GO,” Brian started pumping away at my pussy. I didn’t know if they had some bet on who could come first, or which girl would come first, or both. Brian was pumping away at my pussy with rapid short strokes, still leaning over me squeezing my tits. I decided to let myself go and get as much pleasure as I could out of this fucking, hoping that I would come before Brian did. I was beginning to feel it, that warm tingling feeling that signaled an orgasm starting to build. Brian let go of my tits and stood up. He grabbed my hips and began plunging into my pussy as deep as he could go. He was fucking me furiously, and my orgasm was going to hit me any minute. Then, I heard Meagan groan with pleasure as she came next to me. Brian tried to go faster and I tried to help him, and myself, by thrusting back as much as I could. Soon, I felt Brian starting to tense as he plunged a few more times. He let out a huge groan of satisfaction as he started to come. When he plunged all the way into me and started spurting, this brought me over the edge and I screamed into my gag, as I shuddered with a huge orgasm of my own. Brian and I were still coming, when we heard Neal come with a loud moan of relief. After the guys were finished, Neal released Meagan from her strappado tie and her wrists were untied.

Meagan was totally free! I was still bound in a very vulnerable position. I don’t know if this was part of any bet the guys had, but Meagan was ordered down on her knees in front of me. The guys sat down on either side of me to observe. Neal told Meagan to play with me and lick my pussy good. She smiled broadly and yelped in delight at the order. I was in for it, before she would let me come. Meagan gently grasped one of my swollen tits with both hands and sensually licked my already hard nipple. She moved from breast to breast. First she licked, then softly kissed them, and finally lovingly sucked each nipple. As she sucked, she would pull and elongate each nipple. They burned with desire. I was overwhelmed by her tenderness and was already MMMMMing into my gag. Meagan crawled between my legs, and with the lightest touch began licking my entire slit. I don’t know how long this went on. Meagan and I were both UMMMMing and AHHHHing, and I trembled and writhed. She used her free hands to hold my legs steady. Eventually, her tongue found my love hole and worked its way inside. She probed and licked everywhere, before starting to tongue fuck me. I gasped into my gag with each of her thrusts. I tried to thrust back, but she held my legs tight. She expertly fucked my pussy with her tongue, and I was getting frantic to come. When she stopped, her tender kiss over my clit startled me. But I was jerked back to reality when she began licking my nub with the lightest touch. My clit was really wet from my pussy juices pouring out of my cunt. Meagan’s insistent tongue drove me crazy. My bound arms were thrashing about, and I was panting and screaming into my gag, trying to beg, “PLEASE!” Just as I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, Meagan started sucking hard on my clit. I exploded almost immediately into spasms of wonderful ecstasy. She was still sucking as I came and came. I don’t remember Meagan leaving me, for it took a long time for me to settle down and regain my senses. When I looked around Neal and Meagan were gone.

Brian freed me from my strappado bondage, and with my wrists still tied behind my back, he directed me to stand with my back against one of the walls. When you first enter Lisa’s “dungeon” room, you would not notice this detail. Do you know what a “screw eye” is? I think I have the right term. These are cylindrical metal rods perhaps 1/4” in diameter. One end, about 4” long, has been threaded to a point, like a wood screw. The other end is bent into a closed circle about 1” in diameter. Lisa screwed 4 of these into the wall studs. One is at the top of the wall, and the other at the base of the wall, going into the same wall stud. The other 2 are similarly screwed into a wall stud about 8’ down the wall.

When I was standing up, my boobs felt heavy and jiggled just like red balloons stuck to a wall. They ached, but seemed almost detached from my body. Brian had me spread my legs wide apart, more than 3’. He buckled padded leather ankle cuffs to each of my legs, and with an attached rope, tied them taught to each of the screw eyes near the base of the wall. He had me bend over, and untied my wrists. When I stood back up, he buckled padded leather wrist cuffs to each of my arms. With an attached rope, he used the footstool to tie my arms to the screw eyes at the top of each wall stud. He pulled them as tight as he could, stretching my arms up and outward, leaving me tied in a strict spread-eagle “X” against the wall. Brian said, “hold your breath,” and ripped the rubber bands off my tits. I screamed into my gag with the sudden sharp pain, and my breasts continued to throb for several minutes as the blood flow returned to normal.

Brian stood back and looked me up and down, as I struggled testing my bondage. He came up to me, with a little smile on his face, and asked, “how are you doing,” while his fingers rubbed my still sensitive tingling pussy. I could only close my eyes and tilt my head back from the brief pleasure he was giving me. He abruptly stopped and walked out of the room, leaving me to struggle and protest into my gag. I noticed the butcher block table for the first time. It had appeared in that room years ago, after Lisa’s father moved out his workshop tools. The room had been a storeroom, with boxes and furniture piled about. Over the last few years, the butcher block table stood alone, probably because nobody could move it. I had been tied spread-eagle to that wall twice before, and the table was just used to put bondage equipment on. Now, I noticed that it had a piece of carpet attached to the top. There were 2” wide straps, with buckles, fastened along the legs at each end of the table. Finally, there was a thin board, maybe 12” wide, sticking out and extending one end of the table.

Brian returned perhaps 10 minutes later carrying a box and a towel. He put the box on the butcher block table and spread the large bath towel under my pussy and spread legs. ICE CUBES!!! Brian came towards me holding an ice cube in one hand. He slowly moved it towards my right nipple, as I struggled to avoid it. He held me steady with his other hand, and I couldn’t stop him. He ran the ice cube around and over my nipple. It hardened up immediately and the cold sensations that pulsed to my brain made me protest into my gag. After what seemed like 5 minutes of this torture, Brian moved the ice cube to my other nipple. He kissed and sucked on my hardened frozen nipple, while he used the ice cube to torture my other nipple. Brian used several ice cubes, as he went back and forth from nipple to nipple for a long time. The alternating freezing cold of the ice, and his warm sucking lips, made my breasts ache with pain and passion. From a bowl on the table, Brian took one of the partially used ice cubes, which was now smaller and had no sharp edges. With one hand he worked his fingers into my pussy until my love hole was wet and open. He slid an ice cube up into me, followed by a finger. He stroked me in and out slowly, making the ice cube slide along the inner walls of my vagina. At first I grunted into my gag and struggled, but I could not escape this torture. He continued until the ice cube had pretty much melted inside me, and then replaced it with a new one. I could understand why he placed a towel below my pussy. The melted ice water mixed with my pussy juices were freely flowing, He went through 3 ice cubes before mercifully stopping the tormenting of my pussy.

My gag was unbuckled and removed. Brian gave me a long passionate kiss and picked up the towel to clean the drool off my face. He returned to the butcher block table and brought back a jar. Dipping his fingers in, Brian brought out small blobs of cold strawberry jam and smeared some all over my areolas and nipples. He slowly licked the jam off of one of my tits, smacked his lips and gave me a big sticky wet open mouthed kiss. He slid his tongue into my mouth, transferring more of the jam to me. We kissed and the jam smeared all over my mouth. Brian cleaned off my other breast and gave me another smeary strawberry kiss. He loaded up my tits with more strawberry jam and repeated the whole thing. I was a sticky mess. The kisses were quite sensual. I could feel that I was warming up to this. Finally, Brian produced a squirt bottle of chocolate syrup from the table. He squirted circles and blobs of chocolate all over my tits. He ravenously licked off the chocolate, sucking my nipples along the way, and gave me sloppy wet chocolate kisses. Brian tried his chocolate artwork on my tits one more time. When we finished our chocolate kissing, I licked my lips and mouth as far as my tongue would reach. However, I could feel I hadn’t gotten it all, and when I looked down at my tits, they were still streaked with strawberry and chocolate.

Neal walked into the dungeon with a bound naked Meagan in tow. Brian and Neal were whispering, gesturing and pointing at me. It was finally decided that if Meagan cleaned me good, Neal could fuck me right there. Brian grabbed the strawberry jam and chocolate syrup and smeared both all over my wide open slit. Meagan knelt down in front of my wide spread legs and started lapping. At first, she was licking most of it off and swallowing it. I was now doing a little writhing and whimpering from her tongue work. Meagan loaded up her tongue and stood up to give me a very sensual kiss that contained strawberry, chocolate and my own pussy juices. We moaned and UMMMMed in each other’s mouths. She did this 2 more times, and our final kiss was pretty passionate and long. Brian cautioned Megan not to let me come. She finished cleaning my pussy and then efficiently cleaned my sticky tits with a lot of saliva and her tongue. Finally, she was licking around my mouth, and I stuck my tongue out and started licking where I could reach. Our tongues met and Meagan’s mouth moved over mine. We started kissing and sucking each other’s tongues. Brian broke us up and said that was enough. He picked the spattered wet towel off the floor, dipped a corner in the bowl of melted ice water and gave my mouth, tits and pussy area a final chilly cleanup.

Brian took Meagan off to a corner and started playing with her. Neal stepped in front of me. I saw that his large cock was red and hard and standing at attention. I was spread so wide open, and my pussy was pretty wet from the previous tantalizing “torture”, that Neal easily slipped his cock inside my pussy. As he started pumping away at me, he grabbed my face with both hands. We were kissing as he was fucking me. His kisses became as ravenous as his fucking. Our mouths were locked and our tongues were plunging in and out of each other’s mouths, while his thrusts slammed me into the wall. I’m sure it didn’t take much more than 10 minutes for both of us to come with satisfying orgasms. I had been so aroused from Meagan’s cleanup job on my pussy, and my orgasm built and came so suddenly, that I managed to utter only some mild moans of pleasure. When Neal pulled out of me, Brian was right there with his own huge erection.

Whatever he was doing with Meagan, over in the corner, got him really hard. Maybe he made Meagan just suck his cock for awhile, until he was hard? Brian slipped his cock right into my waiting pussy and began fucking me, right where Neal had left off. So, one fucking leads to another, but I wanted this one to be a little more enjoyable for me. I was so tightly stretched that I could barely thrust my hips down more than 1” or 2.” He played with my tits, as he plunged away, but now we were both gasping and making little sounds of pleasure and urgency. With my ass pressed against the wall, he drove harder. I was moaning uncontrollably, as each of his thrusts seemed to lift me off the floor. This time a gigantic orgasm was rapidly building inside me. Brian and I were looking each other in the eye, and I saw him close his eyes, as he started to come. I screamed when my orgasm hit me. My body lurched and dangled, supported by my arms and his spurting cock. Spasm after wonderful spasm racked my body. After Brian pulled out of me, I just hung there, on shaky legs, enjoying the tingling sensations still radiating from my pussy.

Eventually, Brian started releasing me. He unbuckled my wrist cuffs. Next, he untied my ankles at the screw eyes, but left the ankle cuffs and rope attached to my legs. He whispered, “we’re going to try out the table.” He led me over to the butcher block table, sat me on the edge, and pushed me down. My shoulders were even with one edge, and my head rested on that 12” wide thin board extending from that edge. My ass was even with the other end of the table, with my legs dangling down. Brian pulled each of my arms down the side of the table. He lashed each of my wrists and upper arms to one of the massive legs on each side, forcing my back to arch somewhat. He took one of the straps and ran it over the tops of my breasts, below my armpits, and securely buckled me to the table. With the other strap, he buckled my waist down tightly to the table. Finally, Brian got the footstool and grabbed one of my legs. He pulled it straight up, so that my leg was bent at my hip, and then pulled it out wide. He used the rope fastened to my ankle cuff and secured it to one of the X braces between the ceiling studs. He did the same thing with my other leg. I was flat on my back, firmly secured to the heavy table, with my legs stretched up and spread wide in a “V” shape. My head was free. However, I couldn’t close my legs at all, and they would only swing a little front to back, as I thrashed around testing my bondage. When I looked up, Lisa strolled into the room with a huge smile on her face.

Lisa slowly walked around me a couple times. She let her fingers lazily caress my body here and there. She stopped by my head, bent over and gave me a long wet kiss, while she pinched my nipples. She walked down to the other end of the table and stood between my spread legs. First, she ran her hands up and down my inner thighs, followed by sensual licks from my knees to my pussy. Lisa started licking my slit, with long slow laps of her tongue. When her tongue finally ran over the entrance to my love hole, I moaned. Lisa stopped and walked back to my head. She had another surprise for me. She grabbed my head and lifted it up a bit. I heard the click of some kind of latch, and the little board holding up my head dropped away. My head fell down and back from the edge of the table, and I was starring upside down at Lisa’s pussy.

Lisa stepped forward and spread her legs, straddling my face. She pulled my head up so that my mouth was in her pussy, and said, “eat my pussy Christine!.” She closed her legs, clamping my head between her thighs. I did as she ordered. After a lot of licking and sucking, she came when my tongue was deep in her pussy. Most of her juices squirted and dribbled into my mouth, but some ran over my face. Lisa released my head, stepped back and pulled the little board, along with my head, up and locked it flat. I was shocked when I looked around. Everyone was there! Rob and John were no longer bound sex slaves. Meagan was kneeling with her heels against the wall, her ankles and knees tied and her arms stretched up and outwards by the same wrist cuffs that recently bound me to the wall. Meagan was sucking on Neal’s cock, as he held her head. Everyone else was looking at me tied to the butcher block table. Lisa asked the group what they thought of her new dungeon “toy.” And, of course, everyone nodded their heads and smiled in approval. Lisa announced, “Christine has volunteered (NO WAY!!!) to be the first person to try out my little toy.” “Meagan is over there for you, if you want to get your cocks hard or want her to eat your pussy.” “Shall we get started,” Lisa chirped, “are you ready Neal?”

Neal pulled his now hard cock out of Meagan’s mouth. He walked over to where my legs were tied and spread, with his erection waving around proudly. Lisa blindfolded me from behind, and again lowered the board holding my head up. With my arms lashed to the legs of the table, and my head bent backwards below the table edge, my breasts were pushed invitingly upwards. My thoughts flashed to Meagan for a moment, kneeling and bound against the wall, with her mouth waiting to service any cock or pussy pushed in her face. I felt Neal work his fingers into my pussy for a minute, making sure I was ready and wet for him. Then, he shoved his cock all the way into my pussy. Neal had just started fucking me, when I felt another hard cock insistently trying to push into my mouth. I warmly accepted that cock and started to suck him, while Neal continued to pump away at my love hole. For at least the next hour or more, I believe, my pussy and my mouth were used and exploited. I had no control over what they did with me. My pussy and my mouth were almost continuously fucked. But, that is what I wanted. I came there to have my brains fucked out and more. I came there wanting to have the most incredible bondage sex experience I had ever had. I willingly gave my body to them. I wanted to be fucked until I couldn’t take it anymore and pass out from the sheer overwhelming ecstasy. I wanted to come and come and come forever.

I had to concentrate on what my mouth was doing, because I had no control over what they did to my pussy. I kept saying to myself, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” as I focused on using my mouth and tongue to please them, and heighten my own pleasure at the same time. It went on and on. It seemed that someone was always at my side, pinching or pulling or sucking my nipples. I was in orgasm heaven. My pussy was on fire and aching for more. Perhaps I was becoming delirious from the pleasure? Perhaps that euphoric feeling in my mind was amplified due to the excess blood flow to my brain?

After my 3rd or 4th orgasm, I was asked if I wanted to stop. I shouted, “NO NO I want to keep coming!” They continued with me. All I could do was moan continuously, as I sucked cocks or licked pussies. Somewhere between the cocks fucking my cunt, I remember that someone sucked my clit hard and long, and I had the most violent mind blowing orgasm. I had probably lost all sense of reality. I know I was asked again and again if I wanted to stop, and I kept saying NO! I didn’t want it to stop. I think all 4 guys fucked me at least once! I remember licking 2, or was it 3, pussies? I don’t know how many cocks were stuck in my mouth. Towards the end, I’m sure I was somewhat incoherent. The orgasm spasms racking my body were so intense and pleasurable, that I never wanted them to end.

I was exhausted and probably eventually passed out. My blindfold was removed, and I saw Lisa standing beside me, with a big smile on her face. She raised the board that was under my head and locked it, so that my head was now level with the table top. That felt much better. Lisa glibly asked if her new “dungeon toy” was satisfactory. I could only nod my head. She: shoved a humming vibrator into my pussy, kissed me tenderly on the forehead, and said, “good night.” She turned off the lights and walked out the door.

*Author’s Note - This is the 3rd and final story that I’ve posted in my trilogy of “Let’s Play” bondage sex game stories. I would appreciate any feedback you might care to pass along. More stories soon! Thanks, C