Let’s Play Trespassers

by Christine

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© Copyright 2010 - Christine - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; D/s; bond; capture; group; bdsm; oral; sex; toys; cons; XX

After a late lunch out, Lisa, Ashley, Suzi and I were out walking in a park on a warm Sunday afternoon in July. The park was beautiful. There was a lush lawn and the flowers all around were in magnificent bloom. We were just walking around, talking and gossiping and giggling, probably a little too loudly. We were feeling a little hot, and decided to go walk in the nearby woods, to take advantage of the shade. The woods was mostly a pine forest. There were lots of tall pine trees scattered about, with rather small trunks that had no branches until you looked way up. The floor of the woods was covered with soft brown pine needles. Clumps of 6’-8’ high bushes were scattered all over. We weren’t paying much attention to where we walked, as we continued our conversations.

Suddenly, off to our right, we heard a loud commotion and lots of shouting. Some guys were yelling, “they went that way,” they’re over there,” and “let’s get them.” At first, we didn’t know what to make of it. But as the shouts grew closer, we panicked. We decided to scatter and hide. I took off to our left and then moved back towards the edge of the woods. I found a big clump of bushes and crouched down hiding inside them. All was quiet for several minutes, and then I heard a guy’s voice shout from far away, “I got one of them.” I kept perfectly still, but soon began to hear rustling footsteps getting closer. From about 100’ away, I heard a little squeal from one of the girls, and another guy shouted, “I got one here.” Footsteps were approaching my location. Should I run for it? I didn’t think I could outrun a guy who was probably familiar with the woods. I thought I’d stay put and pray that I wouldn’t be found. A set of footsteps was moving rapidly towards my hiding spot.

A shadow loomed over me, and a tall muscular guy told me to come out and be quiet. He said, “don’t scream and you won’t get hurt.” I worked my way out of my hiding place, and when I stood up, he pulled out a silk scarf and cleave gagged me. He shouted, “I got one here.” As he led me over to a tree, I heard another guy shout, “I got the last one.” My captor backed me up to a small tree with maybe a 6” trunk. He pulled my hands behind me around the tree and tied my wrists with a rope. I was moaning and whimpering a little into my gag. The guy was a few inches taller than me with blonde hair and blue eyes, and actually really cute looking. He put his hands on my shoulders and ran them down my sides. His hands roamed over my waist, hips and ass. He was checking me out, as I struggled in vain. He seemed satisfied and smiled at me. He began to slowly and more thoroughly explore my body through my clothes, spending more time on my tiny waist and 36C tits.

After awhile, he knelt down in front of me. He abruptly flipped up my short pleated skirt and took a good look at my bare hips and low-rise black cotton thong. At this, I really started to struggle, but my wrists were securely tied behind the tree. His hands slowly caressed each of my bare legs, up and down, from my ankles to my thong. When he stood up, he pulled my shirt out and slowly unbuttoned it. My shirt was pushed back and his hands roamed over my bare waist and torso. My tits were massaged and squeezed through my bra. Next, he put his arms around me and drew me close, pulling and stretching my arms up behind me along the tree trunk. He kissed me over the silk cleave gag. His tongue lazily licked my exposed upper and lower lips. When he began sensually sucking on my lower lip, I realized that I had stopped struggling and was leaning into him, urging him to continue. I was enjoying this and thoughts of being captured had left my mind.

He broke off and pulled my bra up. The white untanned portions of my breasts shimmered in the filtered sunlight coming through the trees. He seemed to spend forever playing with my tits. His fingers teased my nipples to rock hard peaks. He licked and sucked them until they ached with passion. I had lost it by this time. I was his to do what he wanted. His right hand moved under my skirt. He began rubbing my slit through my thong. One finger found my clit and teasingly circled and massaged it. I was moaning with pleasure into my gag, when I thought I heard some kind of whistle off in the distance. He abruptly stopped. He pulled my bra back over my tits and partially buttoned my shirt. My bra and cleavage were still partially exposed. He untied my wrists, freeing me from the tree, but quickly retied them behind my back again. He led me towards the edge of the woods. We were joined by the other girls and their captors. The girls all had their wrists tied behind their backs, and each was gagged. I’m sure I looked just as disheveled to them, as they looked to me. It was obvious that all of us had been thoroughly played with. We were led out of the woods, across a road and through a gate into a large yard. We crossed the lawn and entered a fenced pool area. Walking around the pool, we entered a door into a house. We were escorted down a hall into a large room with 2 sofas and 2 easy chairs situated around a large coffee table. They sat us down on the sofas, blindfolded us and left us there to struggle and mumble into our gags.

I’m Christine and this, of course, was our annual bondage sex game of Trespassers.  Trespassers is the name we’ve given this game, which is a combination of the childhood games of Hide-‘N-Seek and Cowboys And Indians, plus a more adult version of Capture The Flag With Prisoners. You can have a lot of fun with a tied up prisoner in the woods. And a lot more fun can occur after the woods…..but I am getting ahead of my self.

We play Trespassers once each summer when my friends are home on vacation from college. You learned about Lisa and me in my 1st story, Let’s Play Bondage Baseball.

Ashley is an Engineering major who will go on to grad school. She plays tennis for her college, about 5’6”, short styled dark brown hair, huge brown eyes, great smile, luscious lips, cute dimples, curvy, nice ass, and probably Cs. Suzi is an English Lit major in college. She’s a warm witty caring person, but somewhat shy, until her clothes come off!! Then she’s a passionate sexy vixen, about 5’3-5’4”, short styled blonde hair, hazel blue eyes, lips that begged to be kissed, great figure, and huge tits.

We play Trespassers at my house, because we have a nearby woods that is an ideal place to get the game started. I live with my parents in a large 4 bedroom home, owned by my grandfather, who has retired to Florida. Inside our home is a complete 2 bedroom guest apartment. There is a large great room (for playing), with sofa beds, easy chairs, full bathroom, counter island and kitchen/laundry along one wall. In addition, there are two bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom. It’s a perfect private place to play bondage sex games. From the guest apartment there is a door out to our pool. We have a large fenced lawn area with flower gardens here and there. Along the west edge of our lawn, is a fenced wooded area. It is roughly the size of 2 football fields, with well over 100 tall thin pine trees and clumps of bushes scattered all over.

The girls and guys came over to my house about 2:00 PM that Sunday afternoon. The girls dress in their sexy play wear (certainly not woodland fashion) and everyone wears tennis shoes. We assemble out by the pool, and each guy is given one piece of rope and a silk scarf to use as a gag. The girls get a 5 minute head start, and take off for the woods to scatter and hide. After our head start, the guys take off to find and capture a “trespasser.” The guys have 30 minutes to find, capture, tie up and check out their prisoner’s bodies, while in the woods, with the idea of later sexual pleasures. Part of the anticipation of the game is that whichever guy finds and captures a particular girl, he gets to control her throughout the game and ultimately sleep with her at the end. He may share, trade or allow his captive trespasser to be played with by any or all of the other captors.

The story picks up with the 4 captured trespasser girls, blindfolded and gagged with their wrists tied behind their backs, sitting and struggling on the sofas, awaiting their fate. Their captors were off somewhere plotting what they would do with them. I heard our captors coming back and soon felt a hand gently massaging my thigh. He helped me up and we walked away from the sofas. I soon found myself backed into a corner and his hands holding me by my shoulders. As soon as he started sensually licking my exposed upper and lower lips, around my silk scarf cleave gag, I knew it was my cute original captor. He teased my lips with his tongue and sucked on my lower lip. He unbuttoned the few still fastened buttons of my shirt and pushed it back. After a few quick feels of my tits through my bra, he pulled the still fastened bra up to my armpits. He seemed to spend quite a lot of time playing with my breasts, first feeling and squeezing them methodically. Then, he used his fingers to pull and perk up my nipples into hard buds. By then I was making little whimpering sounds into my gag.  Finally, he used his mouth and tongue to thoroughly lick and suck my breasts and nipples, causing me to moan with desire.

One of his hands moved under my skirt, and he began rubbing my slit through my thong. This started me groaning into my gag and I pushed my body into him, wishing he would suck more on my lips or nipples. I knew my juices were beginning to flow. While his fingers relentlessly caressed my slit, one finger started pushing my thong into my love hole. My cotton thong was pretty wet by now. When a finger found my aroused clit and began rubbing it, I gasped loudly and was panting and breathless from the pleasure. He suddenly stopped, grabbed my arm and I was dragged away.

I was pushed into the back of one of the sofas and told to bend over. I felt a rope being wound around my bound arms, just below my armpits. It must have been a long rope, because I felt it going over each of my shoulders, pulling and bending me forward and holding me down. The ends, I guess, were tied to the front legs of the sofa, keeping me bent over its back. From behind me, he flipped up my skirt and pulled down my thong. He told me to step out of it and spread my legs. Ropes were tied around each of my ankles and my legs were spread wide apart and secured to the rear legs of the sofa. My shirt was still open and my bra still pushed up. My 36C jugs were swaying and hanging straight down. He walked around in front of me and flipped off my blindfold. He bent over and reached under me to squeeze and pinch my dangling boobs, until they were again aching for more pleasure.

I looked up and saw Suzi, now topless, being tied bent over the sofa opposite me. She looked up and our eyes met for a moment. I saw that she was ball-gagged, and her short blonde hair did not hide her beautiful huge breasts hanging down like mine. There was no sign of Lisa or Ashley. I noticed that the large coffee table in the center of the furniture arrangement had been moved out, leaving a large open area of carpeted floor space.

My concentration was suddenly broken by what was now going on behind me. I was tied bent over the back of the sofa with my legs spread wide. I was totally exposed and helpless. I looked over my shoulder and saw my captor standing over me. I knew my pussy was wet and probably ready for what was coming. I provocatively wiggled my ass at him. He easily and slowly pushed 2 fingers all the way into my pussy. He worked them in and out, probably 10 or more times, as I squirmed and wiggled. I felt his big hard cock pushed up against the entrance to my love hole. He easily nudged his way inside me, and in a few thrusts he was buried all the way in me. He slowly started fucking my pussy doggie style. He got a good rhythm going and after maybe 5 minutes, I was gasping and murmuring into my gag. GOD, IT FELT SO GOOD!

Considering my position, I couldn’t move much to help him or myself, since he had me pinned against the sofa. I had the first inklings of an orgasm stirring inside me, and realized that I was now moaning and mewing loudly. But my sounds were diminished by the almost continuous loud MMMMMing and OHHHHing that was coming from Suzi, bent over the sofa across from me. I didn’t want to look up at her while her pussy was being fucked doggie style like me. My captor leaned over my back and grabbed my pendulous tits to squeeze and lightly pinch my still hard nipples, as he continued to pound away at me. We must have been going at it for 15 minutes by now. He stood up, holding my hips, and slammed deeper inside me with every thrust. He was now making as much noise as I was, matching my moans and grunts of delight. My orgasm was coming fast now. My breath quickened, he went faster, and we exploded with loud gasps of satisfaction and release. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through my body as he came and came inside me. I had been so horny that day. The stimulation from earlier in the woods, combined with my struggling and his teasing made the fucking I just received just what I needed. His cock felt so wonderful and welcome inside me, that I was a bit teary with emotion.

After finishing, he pulled his cock out of me and walked over to the coffee table to pickup a vibrator. He walked in front of me and showed it to me. It was my big silicone remote controlled penis vibe, with 6 speeds. I heard my vibe spring to life, and he walked behind me and started slowly pushing it into my still swollen tingling pussy. I squirmed and protested into my gag, but he shoved it all the way in. My ankles were untied and I was allowed to close my legs. He picked up my cotton thong, and I was told to  lift each foot and step into it. He pulled it up tight, holding the vibe in me, as I continued to squirm. It was on a medium setting, which was enough to make me come in time. He released the ropes that held me bent over, and I could finally stand up straight. My soaked silk scarf cleave gag was removed, but as I started to say something, a red ball gag was shoved in my mouth and securely buckled. He led me around to the sofa where Suzi had been tied bent over. I was laid down with my head on a throw pillow. He tied my legs together, above my knees, and tied my ankles. I was laying there with my hands still tied behind my back, my shirt was completely open and my bra still pushed up, exposing my tits. My vibe was beginning to make me moan into my gag and my body started bucking and thrusting for another orgasm. After a quick feel of my boobs, he turned off the vibe and left me.

As I began to settle down and look around, the vibrator inside me buzzed to life again. He had set the vibe to the random setting. This meant that it would turn on and off for random lengths of time. This would certainly insure that my mind wouldn’t wander and my pussy would stay warm and interested, but I could never hope to have an orgasm. I was looking out into the great room from my reclined position, across the top of the sofa I was recently tied over. Suzi and Ashley were nowhere to be seen or heard. Lisa was standing there alone and gagged, with her hands tied behind her back. Her knit top and bra were pushed up, exposing her breasts. My vibe turned on for a little while, distracting me and I instinctively bucked against it to no avail. When I next looked up, Lisa’s captor was kissing her and feeling her up, while my captor held her bound arms from behind. They switched positions, and my captor started kissing Lisa and playing with her tits. When I next looked at her, Lisa’s captor was kissing her and sucking on her tits, while my captor was untying her bound wrists.

The two captors, now wearing only their boxer shorts, held her freed arms and removed Lisa’s knit top and bra. My captor grabbed Lisa’s arms and pulled them behind her back. He forced her to bend her elbows and pushed her wrists upwards between her shoulder blades. As my captor held Lisa’s wrists, forcing her tits to jut outwards, he pushed her into the bare chest of her captor. I was mesmerized by this scene and had forgotten about the pesky vibe inside me. Lisa’s back was arched and her head tilted backwards as her captor kissed her passionately. Lisa was now moaning loudly and kissing back insistently. Her captor switched his attention to Lisa’s breasts. He was greedily licking and sucking her nipples, and Lisa kept pushing herself into his mouth. When they switched positions, they didn’t lose a beat. My captor grabbed her tits while kissing her. He used his fingers to tease and play with Lisa’s nipples and his hands squeezed them. I had a good side view of this scene. Lisa’s captor continued to hold her wrists up between her shoulder blades with one hand. His other hand was reaching down, below my line of vision, over the top of the sofa, and he was probably playing with her pussy. The two captors switched positions again, with mine grabbing Lisa’s wrists forcing them again upwards and mashing her tits into her captor’s chest. While Lisa’s captor continued his zealous assault on Lisa’s mouth and breasts, my captor suddenly released Lisa’s wrists and walked over to the coffee table. What surprised me, though, was that after Lisa’s hands were free, she just kept them there, pushing her tits into her captor’s mouth. Lisa was as turned on as I have ever seen her from foreplay. She relentlessly kissed back as she moaned and OHHHHHed loudly.

As my captor returned from the coffee table with some bondage equipment, my attention was drawn to a new scene. The other 2 captors, wearing only their shorts,  led Suzi and Ashley into the cleared floor area, where the large coffee table usually sat, and right next to my position on one of the sofas. They were naked, except for their thongs. Their wrists were tied behind their backs and they were gagged. Their captors took off their gags and pushed them together, tits to tits. They told the girls to start making out convincingly, otherwise they would be punished. As Suzi and Ashley started kissing and making out, one of their captors pointed to me and said, “you’re next!”

I was watching Suzi and Ashley go at it, and I don’t think they were faking it. I couldn’t tell if they had vibes inside them to help them along, but they were turned on. As this was going on, Lisa was brought around by her captor. Lisa was totally naked. Her hands were tied behind her back and she had a ball gag buckled into her mouth. They had tied a crotch rope around her waist, with two strands of rope going between her legs and buried deep in her pussy. She was twitching and squirming with little sounds coming from her throat. I was certain she had a vibe buried deep inside her love hole. They helped her lay on the sofa opposite me with a pillow under her head. They tied her legs and ankles together and stretched her out on her back. While this was going on, Suzi and Ashley’s captors separated them and led each over to one of the easy chairs, one by my head and the other by my feet. They were told to kneel down while their captors stripped off their boxers and sat down in one of the chairs. Suzi and Ashley were told to suck off their captors.

I had long forgotten about the irritating vibe inside me, that was turning on and off randomly. However, I was aware that my pussy was wet and warm. Suzi and Ashley eagerly went right to work on their captors rigid cocks. I could see their heads bobbing up and down, and heard their slurping sucking sounds, as I looked back and forth between them. From time to time, I looked at Lisa across from me on the other sofa. We made occasional eye contact and I could tell from her eyes and squirming that she was more aroused and sexually frustrated than I was. All of a sudden, my captor stood in front of me. He reached one arm around my back and the other arm under my knees. He picked me up and carried me out to the center area of the great room, behind Lisa’s sofa. He helped me stand up, but my legs and ankles were still tied together. Lisa’s captor joined us, and he held me steady from behind. My captor started on me as he first did back in the woods. Though my shirt was already open and my bra was pushed up, he began feeling and caressing my body all over. He spent some time rubbing my bare legs under my skirt. Then, he grabbed my breasts, kneading and squeezing them. His fingers quickly made my nipples turn into hard peaks. The captor behind me unbuckled my gag and removed it, and my captor captured my mouth in a series of passionate kisses.

While this was going on, the captor behind me untied the tennis shoes that I wore in the woods, and loosened and pulled down my skirt. My captor put both his arms around me and crushed me to his bare chest. My back was arched and my head tilted back. His lips captured mine in a long slow sensual kiss, as he picked me up off my feet. The captor behind me stripped off my skirt and took off my shoes. By the time I was put down, I was breathless from the kiss. The captor behind me untied my wrists. The 2 of them stripped off my shirt and bra, and Lisa’s captor pulled my arms behind me, bent my elbows and forced my wrists up between my shoulder blades, like Lisa’s treatment. My protruding tits were mashed into my captor’s chest. He continued kissing me and rolled and lightly pinched my nipples with his fingers. I was groaning and panting and my breasts ached for more.

The captor behind me continued to tightly hold my wrists up behind my back with one hand, while he reached his other hand around me to torment and play with my boobs. My captor untied my legs and ankles. They retied my wrists palm to palm behind my back. One of them pushed my arms together until my elbows touched, as the other tied my arms together, just above my elbows. Finally, they pulled down my thong and made me step out of it. A rope was tightly tied around my waist and knotted behind my back. The 2 long ends were threaded in my ass crack, between my pussy lips and tied to the rope around my waist in front of me. The crotch rope buried my vibe deep inside my pussy. The vibrator was then turned on to a low continuous setting. The buzzing immediately registered throughout my body as it hummed inside me and simultaneously vibrated my clit. My captor said, “let’s play catch with her!”

He grabbed my tits and began sucking my nipples. He held my breasts and kissed me several times deeply. I was now responding in earnest and with a little urgency. Suddenly, he stopped, spun me around and pushed me towards the other captor. I sort of stumbled and ran the 4-5 steps towards the other captor, who caught me by my tits. He continued with my sexual anguish by playing with and sucking them, and alternately kissing me thoroughly. After awhile, he stopped, spun me around and pushed me back to my original captor. I don’t know how long they played catch with me. The vibe and crotch rope, as I alternately ran and swayed in their arms, was doing a number on my pussy and clit. My breasts ached with unfulfilled longing. My chest was heaving and I was having trouble catching my breath. Still, I kept kissing them back urgently and pushing myself into them. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted more and wanted to come.

Finally, they stopped and the vibrator was turned off. I wasn’t actually close to coming, but was really turned on and sexually frustrated. They walked me back to the open floor area between the sofas where Lisa was now standing bound like me. Had Lisa been watching while they played catch with me? My pussy and clit were tingling from the crotch rope, as my whole body quivered. I knew how Lisa must have felt after her similar ordeal. Suzi and Ashley were now tied and gagged lying on their backs on the sofas. I noticed the huge bulge in my captor’s shorts. I had a pretty good idea of what was coming next. Sure enough, my captor stood me in front of one of the easy chairs, as Lisa was taken to the other one. My captor took off his shorts, sat down on the edge of the chair and spread his legs, revealing his huge swollen cock. He told me to, “kneel down and suck it.” As soon as I knelt down in front of him, the vibrator inside me sprang to life. It startled me and I think I gave out a little yelp. It was humming along at a steady low setting, just enough to keep me stimulated, but not nearly enough to let me come. As I bent forward towards his waiting cock, the tension on my crotch rope over my clit eased a bit.

I hungrily took him in my mouth, and with one slow thrust I had his whole cock deep in my throat. I held him with my lips and sucked him gently for a little while, MMMMMing with enjoyment. I knew this took him by surprise and he gasped audibly with pleasure. I let him go and pulled away, looking him in the eyes and smiling. I slowly licked and teased the head and shaft of his cock with my tongue for a long time, getting everything nice and wet. He moaned a little when I took him in my mouth again. I bobbed, slurped and sucked his cock for several minutes, OHHHHing as this turned me on more. I sucked on the head of his penis before engulfing his whole cock deep in my throat and moaning with delight. Three or four long slow thrusts, taking all of him, made him gasp. I knew he was getting close to shooting his load. I went as fast as I could, alternating between short thrusts into my mouth and deep ones into my throat, making sure my tongue stroked the sensitive underside of his penis each time. I never stopped until I felt his cock tremble and stiffen. He gasped as he started to come, and I took his entire cock all the way into my throat. While he moaned and spurted, I clasped his cock with my lips and sucked until he was finished. I swallowed his load of cum in 3 little gulps and let him go. I kissed the end of his penis and looked up and smiled at him with satisfaction. I guess that would hold him for awhile.

My captor, now limp and spent (for the moment), helped me stand up and walked me to the center floor area. I stood there totally naked, with my wrists and elbows tied behind my back, wearing only a crotch rope and vibrator inside me. Lisa stood beside me similarly bound. I saw that Suzi and Ashley’s captors were sitting by them, on their sofas, playing with their bound captives. Our captors, obviously seeking amusement and time to recover, pushed Lisa and me together, tits to tits, and ordered us to make out for them. When in situations like this, Lisa and I always relish the chance to sexually tease and torment each other, knowing neither of us would be allowed to come. I stuck my right thigh in-between Lisa’s legs, pushing it against her pussy and the vibrator slowly buzzing inside her. Lisa immediately leaned into me, captured my lips with hers and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We quickly got into it hot and heavy. There were many long slow sensuous kisses, with a lot of tongue action and MMMMMing sounds coming from both of us. Before I knew it, our captors broke us apart. Lisa’s captor led me to one of the upholstered easy chairs. I knelt down between his spread legs, knowing what was expected of me.

His cock was not fully erect. I took just its head into my mouth, and looked up at him with innocent eyes. I held eye contact as I sucked and flicked the tip of his penis with my tongue. He was hardening up nicely. I licked his entire shaft and head thoroughly, occasionally taking him in my mouth to get more saliva. When I had his now fully erect cock nice and wet, I bent down and licked and kissed his balls, getting them wet also. Then I gently blew on them with my hot breath. If I had more room (he was sitting), I would have taken his whole scrotum in my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth again and bobbed slowly up and down for a long time, making sure my tongue rubbed the sensitive underside of his cock each time. I occasionally stopped to lick his cock’s head, OHHHHing out loud in delight as I became more turned on by what I was doing to him. By this time, he was squirming and his breathing was a little ragged. It wouldn’t take long now. I looked up and smiled at him, and then took his cock all the way into my throat in one thrust. I sucked and noisily slurped and moaned with pleasure. I did a few short thrusts followed by 1 or 2 deep thrusts into my throat, MMMMMing all the while. I sensed his whole body tensing, his cock started throbbing and he held his breath. As he groaned and exploded with a huge climax, I held him deep in my throat with my lips. I sucked and sucked until he had spurted every drop of cum he had. I swallowed all his cum and cleaned him off with my lips as he withdrew. I licked my lips and smiled up at him with contentment.

After a few minutes of recovery time, he helped me up.  I waited while Lisa finished her BJ. Ashley and Suzi were gone. My captor led me around to the rear of one of the sofas. I was positioned so that my butt was against the back of the sofa. That annoying vibrator, constantly buzzing inside me at a slow speed, kept me hot and horny with no chance of orgasm. During my BJs, my crotch rope had loosened a bit. He untied it, pulled it really tight and retied it securely. He made sure the two rope strands captured my sensitive clit in-between them. I was ordered to spread my legs wide apart, and they were each tied to the rear legs of the sofa. I was totally naked, except for my crotch rope, with my wrists and elbows tied behind my back. I was spread wide open and my breasts were pushed out invitingly. Until he came with a towel to clean me up, I hadn’t realized how wet I was and how much of my pussy juices were running down my legs. He pushed a ball gag into my waiting mouth and buckled it securely. Next, he brought a blindfold from the coffee table and put it on me.  The vibrator inside me started buzzing faster.

It startled me and I yelped into my gag. I immediately started squirming and thrusting at my crotch rope. I don’t know how long I struggled. Someone, seemingly just walking by, stopped to lick and suck my wanting breasts just enough to turn my nipples rock hard and craving more. It had been too long since I had an orgasm. I continued to struggle, but it was hopeless. I NEEDED TO COME! How long had I been standing there? My whole body was a fiery bundle of sensitive nerves. My mind could only concentrate on the sensations coming from my pussy. Someone finally grabbed my protruding breasts. They were pushed up and squeezed while my nipples were relentlessly licked and sucked. My crotch rope was untied and removed, and the vibrator pulled out of me. Immediately, I felt a huge hard cock easily sliding deep into my pussy. I don’t know if he was ready, but I certainly was. I attacked that cock with my hips. I thrust and thrust as fast as I could, and never stopped. Soon an enormous orgasm over took me and I screamed into my gag with my release. I came and came, shook and shuddered, but I never stopped thrusting. If my ass hadn’t been leaning against the back of the sofa, I’m sure my knees would have buckled and collapsed. I was completely overcome by my orgasm and totally forgot about the cock inside me still pumping away, but he soon groaned with his climax.

I don’t think I could have been standing there very long, enjoying the sensations and pleasures that continued to course through my entire body, when I realized that a pair of hands was squeezing and kneading my breasts. His mouth tantalizingly moved from nipple to nipple, gently licking and sucking them. When I groaned in recognition of what he was doing to me, his mouth became more persistent and he sucked hungrily. I felt his hard cock entering me (it couldn’t have been the same guy already?). My pussy was still swollen and ready for more, but my mind was still in a daze. I could only respond to what he did to me. His cock controlled my entire body. He moved in and out of me slowly at first. Somewhere in my mind I wanted him to go faster, but I was unable to make my hips thrust. I realized that I was moaning constantly into my gag. I couldn’t help myself. I was impaled on that wonderful cock, and it controlled my whole being. He held his cock deep inside me, grinding his hips into my pelvis, while he bent down to feast on my breasts with his mouth. I groaned louder. I NEEDED TO COME AGAIN! He started moving slowly in and out at first. I could only respond and moan in pleasure into my gag. He picked up speed and pumped away steadily. My hips automatically started to thrust and meet him. I began shuddering and gasping as I felt another mammoth orgasm building inside me. He continued to pound away at me, and we exploded together. He groaned and continued to thrust through his entire climax. I screamed and screamed as I came and came with one of the most wonderful orgasms I had ever experienced. My knees did buckle this time, but he caught me and tenderly held me in his arms.

After maybe 5 minutes of tender contact (he couldn’t kiss me because of my ball gag), he released my legs so I could stand up straight. He removed my ball gag and walked me, on somewhat wobbly legs, maybe 10’ away from the sofa. My original captor removed my blindfold.

All the girls were gathered in a group. We were all naked with our wrists and/or elbows still tied behind our backs. The guys were all naked too, with limp dicks. Our captors attended to us. We were offered water, Pepsi or wine, and energy bars. I sipped a few ounces of white wine. We were told not to speak to each other, while two guys started rolling the sofas to the far wall of the great room. They would set them up as queen sized beds, and pull the privacy curtain that divided the room. With these beds and the beds in the 2 bedrooms, this made 4 beds for the 4 couples. I was thinking that it was time for each of us to get royally screwed. However, our captors had other ideas. They had thought of a little more amusement for their benefit that would rejuvenate their withered cocks. What is it with guys getting turned on by watching girls eating pussy? I have no interest in watching a guy suck cock.

The 2 upholstered easy chairs stood alone. Lisa and Suzi were each led over to a chair and sat down on the edge of the cushion. They leaned back in the chairs, and their legs were pulled up and over the arms of the chairs. A rope tied each of their ankles backwards to the rear legs of the chairs. Lisa and Suzi were spread wide open. Ashley and I were led over to the girls and I knew what was going to happen. I hoped I would get Lisa, so I could slowly torment her into begging before letting her come. But, I was led over to Suzi instead, told to kneel down and lick her pussy ‘til she came. I dutifully set about doing my task. Though I was 100% heterosexual, I really enjoyed bringing this type of pleasure to my girlfriends who played with us. Suzi’s bush was not cleanly shaven, but neatly trimmed for her tiny bikinis. Her pussy was still swollen and wide open, with her juices glistening in the light.

I gently kissed her warm inviting pussy, holding the kiss for several moments so that she would feel my hot breath on her. I started by licking and kissing her outer pussy lips, slowly licking their entire length, but avoiding getting near her clit . Little sounds of pleasure were already coming from Suzi’s mouth, as I moved my tongue to work on her sweet sensitive inner lips. After several minutes of this, her juices were flowing and she was squirming and moaning. I collected some of her juices on my tongue and let them run off onto her now exposed clit. I blew my hot breath several times on her wet clit, getting some more moans and OHHHHHs of pleasure from Suzi. I resumed licking her pussy lips, MMMMMing with enjoyment and satisfaction from time to time, as I worked my tongue closer and closer to her love hole. I dribbled more of her love juices onto her clit with my tongue and sensually blew on it again. Suzi was grunting urgently now. After a few tongue swirls around her opening, I pushed my tongue inside her. I moved my tongue around inside her cunt, licking everything I could reach. Suzi was frantic by now, and her moans and gasps were constant and louder, but I wasn’t ready to let her come yet. I tongue-fucked her hole for as long as I thought she could take it, as she thrust against my tongue. It was time to let her come. More of Suzi’s love juices were dribbled on her now swollen bud. My blowing on Suzi’s wet clit drove her crazy. I lazily swirled my tongue around her clit several times, before actually contacting it. As I began licking her now engorged clit, her legs started to shudder. Suzi was writhing, squirming and beginning to buck. She was gasping for breath and groaning. I gently captured her clit with my lips and began sucking, while my tongue continued to lick the tip of her nub. She screamed and gasped as her orgasm took over her body. I gently held onto her clit with my lips throughout her orgasm. I gently kissed her pussy, kneeled up and kissed her breasts, smiled in appreciation at her and stood up.

Ashley was finished with Lisa and they were standing up. I joined them while Suzi was being released. I was thinking that our captors would finally take us to bed for some real mind blowing sex. Lisa and Suzi’s captors led their prisoners over to one of the newly setup beds. But Ashley’s captor was bending her over the back of one of the upholstered chairs. Ropes from her upper arms were tied to the front legs of the chair and held her bent over with her ass sticking up provocatively. As I was led around behind Ashley, my captor told me that she needed a little more warming up, and I was told to get her wet and make her come. When I approached Ashley, I could see that her pussy was really pink and swollen and her love hole was open wide. I knelt down behind Ashley and admired her beautiful pussy. Ashley’s pussy, like mine, is as soft and bare as the proverbial baby’s bottom. About 10 days earlier, we had gone together to get our Brazilian bikini wax jobs. I gave her pussy several hot moist kisses and swished my tongue over the opening of her love hole. Her juices immediately began flowing out. I tilted my head back a bit, which allowed me to give her clit one long wet lick. Ashley was not a screamer, but this lick got her to moan deep in her throat. I kissed her pussy as passionately as I could, held my lips against hers and started fucking her love hole with my tongue. I was relentless, lapping and swallowing her juices as they flowed out. Ashley was squirming and whimpering in earnest now. I knew I couldn’t get under her enough to suck her clit, so I just reached in with my wet tongue and started licking it. Her clit was hard and extended. I’d lick a few times and go back to tongue fuck her love hole. Every time I touched her clit with my tongue, she would thrust her hips wildly and OHHHHHed loudly.. I just held my tongue still against her clit, and let her control her own movement and pressure on my tongue. She thrust and thrust against my tongue, OHHHHing and MMMMMing with passion. Finally, I felt her legs stiffen and shake as she took a deep breath. She groaned and came, shaking uncontrollably. I gently kissed her pussy and MMMMMed at her until she calmed down and regained control of her body.

My captor helped me stand up, as Ashley’s captor released her. I took a good look out into the great room and saw that Lisa and Suzi were already tied to their beds and getting screwed by their captors. I was taken into my bedroom by my captor. He untied my elbows and wrists, and retied my wrists crossed behind my back, palms out, forced up between my shoulder blades. He lay me down on the center of the bed on my back, with a pillow under my head. He grabbed my legs and lifted them up, shoving a small throw pillow under my butt. My breasts jutted upwards expecting pleasure. At the top corners of my bed are 2 huge square posts that extend at least 4’ above the mattress. The posts support an intricate wrought iron headboard between them. Padded leather ankle cuffs, with a rope attached, were buckled onto each of my legs. He raised one of my legs and spread it wide, bending it at the hip, and pulled it way back toward the top of the bed, He tied the rope to the corner post at the top of the bed. He did the same to my other leg. My legs were up and spread wide apart and tied in a “V” position. My ass was propped up and my pussy was exposed for easy access.

My cute captor positioned himself beside me on the bed. We kissed for a long time, with deep passionate open mouth kisses and a lot of tongue. There were tender soft kisses all over my face, neck and above my breasts. This kind of play quickly turns me on, and that warm feeling from between my legs had registered on my brain. First his hands and then his mouth found my breasts. They were felt, squeezed, kneaded and pinched methodically, before his mouth ever touched them. He licked and kissed everywhere except my hardening nipples. Finally, his tongue and mouth consumed my craving nipples. He ravenously went from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking them until they were rock hard and aching with desire. While this was going on, his fingers started stroking my already split open slit. I felt that I was already pretty wet. By now, I was gasping and moaning. He easily worked 2 fingers into my pussy. He fluttered them and used them to rub around inside my love hole. This made me squirm and whimper, and my pussy was on fire. He slowly fucked me with his fingers, occasionally rubbing my clit with his fingers, wet from my pussy juices.

I gasped when he shoved his huge cock all the way inside me in one plunge. My hips immediately started thrusting at his cock, but he just held his position deep inside me. Finally, he started slowly and steadily stroking me. In and out he went, while I moaned, thrust and flailed my tied legs trying, to get him to go faster. But, he was in no hurry. He withdrew and ran his cock teasingly up and down my slit, rubbing my clit with his wet cock. This drove me wild. An enormous orgasm was rapidly building inside me. He pushed his cock deep inside me again and began his slow rhythmical fucking. He was like a fucking robotic machine. I was wildly flailing my legs and thrusting my hips. He was driving me out of my mind. My chest was heaving as I gulped for air, and I finally pleaded and begged him to let me come. He just ignored me and kept up his steady rhythm. My head thrashed wildly from side to side in delirious passion, when the waves overtook me. I screamed and groaned as the huge orgasm consumed me. Only after I started coming, did he pick up speed and started fucking me as fast as he could. He fucked me hard all the while I was coming. When he came at last, he brought me with him in my 2nd mind blowing orgasm. He collapsed on me as we continued to come for the longest time.

He abruptly withdrew his withering cock, got up and walked out the door. I was enjoying the tingling sensations of my orgasms still pulsing through my body, and this took me by surprise. It seemed like less than a minute before another captor walked in the door, completely naked, and sporting a large dark red hard on. He climbed on the bed, between my raised spread legs, and pushed his cock into my pussy. My love hole was, of course, open and easily received his swollen shaft, but it shocked me into reality. I had no time to react or think, because he immediately started pumping away at me. Despite the abruptness of all this, I was certainly game for another go. He steadily plunged in and out of me, and it felt sooooo good! Soon he went faster and deeper, but I matched him thrust for thrust. He seemed to be going at it with a little urgency, as he started moaning and groaning with each thrust into me. My own orgasm was coming on, and I was OHHHHing and AHHHHing with pleasure. As my legs thrashed wildly and my hips gyrated, I moaned, “OHHHH YES,” “DEEPER DEEPER” and “FASTER” between gasps for breath. He groaned loudly as he climaxed and spurted deep inside me. His climax took me over the edge and the spasms of pleasure from my own orgasm engulfed my entire body. I lay there shaking and gasping for air, as he continued to come inside me. I was still twitching at his shrinking cock, trying to encourage him for another go, when he pulled out, kissed me, licked my nipples and walked out the door.

I was ecstatic and my body tingled and quivered with contented bliss. My pussy was still fiery hot. It couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes, when another of our captors walked into my bedroom, with a big grin on his face and a huge erection. He looked like he was ready to come and wasted no time. He simply glided into my pussy and started pumping away. There was no affection or foreplay, but I had no right to expect any. This was the game. I wanted to get fucked, and he was fucking me. I wanted to get everything out of him that I could. I let my mind go, started thrusting back at him, and moaned with delight when the warm sensations again began building in me. I concentrated on how good his cock felt inside me and the pleasures he was bringing me. As he groaned and pumped frantically deep into my pussy, I came with a wonderful satisfying orgasm. He followed quickly, sighing in satisfaction as he quickly came. When we had calmed down, he pulled out of me and walked out the door.

As I lay there, I fully expected our 4th captor to walk in and start fucking me. I was thinking that maybe I needed a few minutes to recover in order to fully participate in my next fucking. To my surprise, my original captor walked in the door and released my cuffed legs. He got me up and walked me out to the great room, where the 2 sofa beds were earlier setup. I first noticed that all 4 guys had pretty limp dicks. The thought immediately crossed my mind that the guys needed some time to recover and had devised something for their entertainment and amusement. I saw Lisa and Suzi over in a corner. Lisa’s wrists were tied behind her back. The 2 girls were pushed together, tit to tit, and Suzi’s wrists were tied around and behind Lisa’s back, holding them together. They were making out when I first saw them. Each girl had a crotch rope, and I assumed they had vibrators inside them. Lisa looked over at me and gave me one of her devilish smiles.

Ashley was lying on her back, wrists tied behind her, with her ass close to the edge of the bed, with a towel under her. Her legs were frog-tied and flopped wide apart. Her completely bare pussy was totally exposed and glaring up at everyone. They sat me down on a towel at the edge of the other bed. As they pushed me to lie on my back, I saw it. I immediately looked over at Lisa, who had a huge smile on her face. Lisa had to be in on this in some way. Lisa hung out at my house several times a week. Whenever she is over, she instantly goes to the refrigerator in the great room, where my parents tend to put leftover food. She was always grazing and never gained a pound. Only Lisa could have known that what I saw, held by one of our captors behind his back, was in the refrigerator.

As one held me down, 2 of our captors frog-tied my legs and spread them wide apart, just like Ashley was tied. Then, the remaining captor produced the aerosol can of whipped cream! Oh God! I remember whipped cream bikinis from back in high school. What did they have in store for us? It seemed that Ashley’s captor was in charge, as he explained their little diversion. He was going to fill Ashley’s and my slits with whipped cream. Each guy would have the chance to lick our pussies clean, in order to turn themselves on and get Ashley and me turned on and ready for our “poking.” The guys would then rotate, taking turns, each getting only 10 pokes (thrusts) into our pussies. The 1st guy to come wins, and so forth. Any guy who made Ashley or me come got a bonus. To prove they came, the guys had to pull out and squirt their cum all over us.

Ashley’s captor shook the can of Reddi-Wip and filled Ashley’s and my slit with the cold airy foam. Then he produced a jar of Maraschino cherries, which I didn’t even know was in the refrigerator. He ceremoniously placed a cherry atop each of our creamed pussies, and said, “begin!” My captor dove into my pussy and came up with my cherry. He held it in his teeth to show everyone and then chomped it down. Back in my pussy, he was licking and slurping down the whipped cream. He quickly ate and licked most of it up, and then concentrated on licking my clit. My clit was cold and hiding behind its hood, and was not ready to come out yet.

My slit was again filled with whipped cream, for the next guy, and topped with another cherry. The next guy took his time, first neatly plucking and eating my cherry. He slowly and methodically licked up the whipped cream from around my pussy lips, working his way to my love hole. He spent some time licking over and around my love hole, but he couldn’t get his tongue inside me. My clit became the center of attention for his tongue. He thoroughly licked around it, and then worked over my hardening sensitive bud. When he finished cleaning me up, my juices were flowing and I was making little MMMMMing sounds. Ashley and I were visually examined and proclaimed “not ready yet.”

I thought I was ready. The guys all looked pretty hard to me. Lisa’s captor volunteered to “get me ready” without the whipped cream. Ashley’s captor decided to do the same for her. He gently kissed my pussy several times and then moved his tongue to my love hole. He skillfully licked and kissed it, and in no time he had his tongue inside me. When he tongue fucked me, I was panting for breath and moaning. He licked my now swollen clit, and my moans increased. A voice from behind us cautioned him, “don’t let her come or you’re disqualified.” After a final long slow lick of my clit, he stood up. The guys took a few moments to determine their “poking” order. My original captor got in front of me and easily slid his cock inside me. When he began poking (thrusting) the others started counting out loud. He went pretty fast and in no time, he had reached 10, and had to pull out. Another replaced him and he took 10 long slow strokes, while the observers counted for him. Their loud counting distracted me so, that I almost laughed.

They continued on, some went fast and others went slow and deep. By the 5th or 6th guy to poke me, my body began betraying me. Their counting out loud had diminished to whispers. It was an odd experience, but it felt really good. I found that I was beginning to AHHHH or OHHHH with each thrust into me. I was responding when they were pumping away at me and whimpering when they were not. I felt the inklings of an orgasm deep within me. In the middle of the next round, Lisa’s captor groaned in triumph, pulled out and squirted his cum all over Ashley’s stomach and boobs. This broke my concentration, but seemed to bolster the guys. In the very next round, my captor made Ashley come. He was awarded the bonus and allowed to have 20 pokes in me on his next turn. When he came over to me, I could see that his cock was really hard and deep red. He slipped inside me and started with long slow deep strokes. After he speeded up, I felt him stiffen and moan with satisfaction. He made one final thrust all the way in me, quickly pulled out and sprayed me with his cum. He didn’t know how close he had come to making me come too. All of the excitement and commotion around us, and the rhythmic pumping into my pussy, had turned my body into a tingling quivering time bomb, ready to explode.

Ashley and Suzi’s captors were the only ones left. While Suzi’s captor was taking his turn inside me, Ashley’s captor finally came and sprayed Ashley with his cum. With Suzi’s captor and me the only ones yet to come, they told him he could screw me ‘til he came. I was teetering on the edge of my own orgasm, and I knew he was getting close to coming. He entered me and started plunging away. I let my mind and body completely go, knowing that if he came first, I would probably be frustrated. I threw my hips at him, meeting each of his thrusts. I moaned and gasped as loud as I could, hopefully encouraging him, while simultaneously stimulating me further. It didn’t take long before I was engulfed in a satisfying orgasm. He came as I convulsed and groaned in my orgasm. He started coming inside me, but soon remembered, and pulled out and stood up. Instead of coming on me, he turned around and spurted the rest of his cum all over the carpet. The guy’s little amusement diversion was over. The winners were declared, but everyone had forgotten about Suzi and Lisa bound together in the corner. After I composed myself, I looked over at them, and they were desperately making out and thrusting their bodies wildly against their crotch ropes. It was evident that they were tormented by the vibes inside them, unable to come.

My captor untied my frog-tied legs and my wrists, bound up between my shoulder blades behind my back. Ashley was also untied and released. We were standing and rubbing our freed limbs, with sticky cum still all over our bodies. Suzi and Lisa were untied and their crotch ropes and vibrators were removed. I was allowed to go into a bathroom, relieve myself and clean myself up. When I came out, I noticed the time. There was just over an hour left before the end of our game. God, I was still horny. It seemed that my captor and Lisa’s captor had won the whipped cream competition, and they had Ashley and me for the rest of the game. They took Ashley and me into my bedroom. Our wrists were tied behind our backs, palm-to-palm, and then our elbows were tied together. Lisa’s captor stood in front of me and grabbed both my tits. He played with them and sucked my nipples until they turned into hard sensitive peaks. He crushed our naked bodies together and started kissing me, ramming his tongue into my mouth. As this went on, he worked his huge stiff cock between my legs, and rhythmically stroked my slit. I could feel my wetness and could hear the sloshing sounds his cock made as it ran across my wet slit. He ordered me on my knees and told me to suck him good. Ashley was already kneeling nearby and sucking my captor’s cock.

I began licking him. I licked his shaft. I licked the head of his penis. I licked his balls and gave each one a little suck/kiss with my lips. He was as hard as he could get and fully lubed with my saliva. First, I just took the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked. After a bit of this, I took him in my mouth and bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking and stroking the bottom of his shaft with my tongue. My pussy juices were running down my legs, and I was really aroused. With some urgency, I took him all the way into my throat; I moaned and purred with delight. I was doing deep throat on him, when his hands tightly grasped my head. He held me still, with his cock buried in my throat. After a moment, he started moving, but held my head firm. I made a mild MMMMM of protest, but was soon moaning with pleasure as he fucked my mouth and throat. It probably took him only a couple minutes to blast his load of cum into my throat, with a huge shuddering climax. As I was swallowing his cum, I heard the guy next to me groan as he came from Ashley’s BJ.

As I was about to release his cock from my mouth, he continued to hold my head and told me to do it again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my captor take Ashley out of the room. The cock in my mouth was still pretty hard. He began slowly pumping away, as he held my head. I moaned desperately and wanted to go faster. Though he continued to hold my head, I managed to regain some control. He let me lick and tease his cock’s head with my tongue, before I took him deep in my throat again. I was purring encouraging sounds to him, when my captor came back in the room, alone. He knelt down next to me, and grabbed my bound wrists. He forced them up behind my back with one hand, impaling my mouth on the cock I was sucking. While he held my arms up, he used his other hand and fingers to massage my pussy. He worked a finger inside me, and I lost control. The hands holding my head tightened their grip, as he began insistently fucking my mouth. The finger in my pussy found my clit and began rubbing it in time with my mouth fucking. My head was spinning and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was so aroused that loud moans were continuously coming from my throat. I tried to focus on the cock in my mouth, which was plunging deeper and faster, but the finger on my clit was driving me crazy. At last, I felt the throbbing cock shudder, and he groaned with relief as he shot his load of cum into my throat. He jerked and thrust more while he came, and I sucked him and swallowed his cum until he finished. As Lisa’s captor withdrew and left my bedroom, I realized that the finger rubbing my clit had not stopped. I pleaded with my captor to fuck me.

My captor helped me up and took me over to an upholstered sitting chair that he had pulled out of the corner of the room. Without any warning, he simply bent me over the back of the chair and told me to spread my legs. He grabbed my bound wrists and pulled them up, holding me to the chair and bent over. With his other hand, he worked his already hard cock into my juicy ready love hole. He buried himself inside me, kept my arms pushed high up with one hand, and with the other started playing with my dangling boobs. I wiggled and ground my ass into him. This got him going and we were immediately fucking doggie-style. It felt so good, and I OHHHHed and MMMMMed to encourage him. He was slamming me into the back of the chair as he fucked me. My breasts were aching with desire, when I yelled at him, “FASTER FASTER.” I felt the orgasm start to grow deep inside me. I yelled, “DEEPER DEEPER!” He let my wrists and breasts go and grabbed my hips. We were both groaning and panting, but he went faster and plunged as deep into me as he could while pushing and pulling me by my hips. I was getting close to coming, as the wonderful sensations started overtaking me, but I yelled, “FUCKED ME, FUCK ME!” Soon thereafter, we both came in shuddering explosive orgasms. I collapsed over the back of the chair, enjoying the waves and waves of pleasure that overwhelmed my body. He collapsed on me as he emptied himself deep within me. Eventually our breathing returned to normal and he got off me. I stood up and turned around, but I was not done yet.

I looked him in the eyes. I saw lust. I knew he wanted more, and so did I. I pushed my chest out suggestively and mashed my bound body into him. Rubbing my hard nipples into his chest, I went up on tip-toes and kissed him passionately. He kissed back and we started to plunge our tongues at each other. I broke off suddenly and went down on my knees. I took his withering cock into my mouth and eagerly sucked it and tongued its head. I bent lower and licked his balls. Carefully, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his entire scrotum in my mouth. I slowly licked each of his balls thoroughly. He held his breath when I had his jewels in my mouth. Then he gasped and moaned when I took all of his now hard cock deep into my throat. He was startled when I let him go and stood up. I looked him right in the eyes and whispered, “fuck me again.”

I moved to the bed, crawled on it and got myself on my back in the center, with my arms still bound behind my back. When I raised and spread my legs high and wide, he wasted no time in accepting my invitation. My captor quickly climbed on the bed and plunged his cock into my waiting hot pussy. He covered my body with his, wrapping his arms under me and crushing me into the mattress. He kissed me hard and long. These kisses turned into those sensuous slow moist open mouth kisses that just go on and on. With his cock buried deep inside me, my mind was already spinning. I was his to do as he pleased. His mouth moved to my breasts. He was gentle at first, licking and swirling his tongue around and over my nipples. Then he started sucking them hungrily, elongating my nipples by pulling them while he sucked. My nipples turned into hard long peaks of pleasure, when he gently scraped and nibbled them with his teeth. My legs had been wrapped around his waist all this time, while my hips were grinding against him.

Finally, he responded to my urgent thrusting and the moans of wanting coming from deep in my throat. He started moving, slowly at first, grinding his pelvis teasingly into mine, while he continued to hold me tight and crush me into the mattress. But he couldn’t control himself and urgently began fucking me as fast as he could. His gasps and moans of pleasure matched my own. Harder and harder he drove deep into me. I was already delirious with passion, and had lost all awareness of what my body was doing. All I felt were the immense sensations coming from my pussy and overwhelming me. I was gasping for breath and frantically moaning louder and louder, because of the pounding of his relentless cock. My orgasm came with such speed and intensity that I may have passed out for a couple moments. He was grunting and coming, while I just whimpered and shook with every nerve in my body tingling.  I was so consumed by the spasms racking my body, that I could only lie there quivering until I recovered.

The game was over. My captor rolled me over and untied my elbows and wrists. He kissed me and left the room. I just lay there, unable to move, knowing that I had been fucked beyond expectations, and enjoying myself. The girls started coming into my bedroom to cleanup and get in their bikinis. Lisa asked me how I enjoyed the whipped cream. I actually did, but would get even with her. Everyone seemed happy and satisfied. I was satiated. When Suzi, the last girl, came out of the bathroom to get in her bikini, I lazily got up and used the bathroom. I got in my bikini and went out to the pool. Everyone was already in the water. We all spent at least a half hour in the pool. The water soothed the areas of our bodies that were tied. Besides talking amongst ourselves, there was some shameless making out and blatant underwater groping. I was among the guiltiest.

When we got out of the pool, we sat around in the chaises talking. We decided to order pizza for dinner. There was a long wait for delivery, so 2 of the guys went for carryout. We sat and ate under the canopies at picnic tables. I provided beverages and fresh fruit, plus a chocolate cake mostly for the guys and Lisa. Soon after dinner, people started leaving. As Lisa left, she promised to host a game of Strip Slave Poker sometime in August, before we all went back to college.