Holiday Surprise 2

by Pete

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© Copyright 2003 - Pete - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/fff; bondage; kidnap; cons; X

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Holiday Surprise - part 2
by Pete
Holiday surprise part 3 by Pete
Chapter Three

Lyn woke me early the next morning she had already attached the chastity device back in place and was uncuffing my wrists.
'Hurry up' she said 'Mia will be here shortly, get showered and come downstairs'

I got out of bed, quickly showered and went down, she was in the kitchen, Lyn gave me a coffee and told me to sit down. as i was drinking my coffee she chained my ankle to a length of chain, this in turn was fastened to the base of the cooker a length of some 30 feet.

'Listen Pete Mia's on her way over now. I have told her I think we can trust you' 

'Trust me?' I asked.

'Yes, trust you' Lyn replied. 'Mia will explain, look I have to dash. Help yourself to some breakfast.'

She picked up her bag and the remote wand for my chastity control and left.

Lyn must have left the control by the front door, when Mia arrived she had the wand in her hand. Mia was in her early twenties of oriental appearance, she was about 5' 8 black hair slim build. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, obviously without a bra underneath as I could see her nipples through the cotton, she had quite small breasts.

'Hello Pete' she said

'Morning Mistress' I replied.

'No need to call me Mistress Mia said. 'Lyn said we can trust you and she's usually a good judge of character.

'Trust me to do what' I asked.

Mia unlocked the chain from my ankle. 'Go and get dressed' she said unlocking the chastity device from around my cock. 'I will explain on the way she added.

I dressed quickly. It was just coming light outside as we got in the van parked outside. Mia drove and we set off down the lane.

'You going to tell me what's happening Mia?' I asked.

'OK' she replied. "As you know Lyn and I apart of a group that own the lodge. Your girlfriend left you here and we paid for her holiday. We don't usually have to pay, but we were if a fix. The 3 women were going to pick up filled in the application form on our web page. They all have fantasies about being abducted by a couple and held as sex slaves. their details are on the papers there on the dash."

Mia pointed to the papers, I picked them up.

The first women was Marlene.
Age 59, BI curious, divorced, 5' 9, 
The form also gave details about their desires and vital statistics. Marlene I noticed had 36d breasts and wanted to have her pubic hair shaved off by another women.
It also had her address and time she was to be kidnapped.

The second women was Tracy
Age 32, BI curious, single, 5' 9
Tracy's fantasy's included just about everything you could think of, I looked for her breast size.  36dd, those sound fun  I thought to myself.

'What do you think' Mia asked?

'You bet I'll help you' I replied. 

'I thought you might say that' said Mia smiling.

'Who are we picking up first' I asked.

'Marlene' said Mia. 'Then Tracy, then Karen.

I looked at the final women's details.
Age 37, BI curious, divorced, 5' 10
I stared at the address, 151 Broad Street, Bareton.

'Bloody hell' I exclaimed.

'What's the matter' asked Mia

'This is my Girlfriend's sister' I said?

Mia looked across at me. 'Is that a problem' she asked?

'Not if I can get away with it without Andrea finding out' I replied.

I had always secretly lusted after Karen, she was similar in appearance to Andrea, but had the most enormous boobs. I carried on reading her form. Her desires included breast bondage, pussy torture, forced oral both male and female. I checked her bust size, 34g. I knew this already has I had picked up one of her bra's in her bathroom and looked at the label on it.

'OK' said Mia. when we kidnap Karen you wait outside, I'll blindfold her. Then when we get back to the lodge, you can reveal yourself to her there.'

'She has the most enormous breasts' I said.

'I take it that means you fancy her then' Laughed Mia.

I grinned back.

We arrived at Marlene's and parked round the back. The back door was open, we both walked through into the lounge. Marlene was sat on the sofa.

'Hello, I'm a little nervous about all this' she said.

'Don't be' replied Mia. 'Now remove your clothes, and it's Mistress and Master from now' ordered Mia.

'Yes, Mistress' said Marlene as she began to strip.

Marlene was still fairly attractive for a women of nearly 60, it didn't take her long to remove her clothes. Her tits sagged as she removed her bra. She removed her panties to reveal a very hairy bush. Going to take Mia some time to shave that I thought to myself. Mia took the ropes we had brought with us. She ordered Marlene to clasp her hands behind her back. She quickly looped a rope around her arms above her shoulders, winding it round several times before cinching it off. Next she bound Marlene's wrists tying them together she then ran the rope either side of her knotting it in front. The 2 ends were then passed between Marlene's legs and looped around her wrists at the back. Mia pulled the rope tight causing the rope to pull tight into her crotch. She then tied them off around the rope holding her arms together. Mia picked up the panties Marlene had been wearing. Before Marlene could protest they were pushed into her mouth and taped in place.

'I love gagging them with their own panties' said Mia. 'You OK Marlene?'
Marlene nodded and umpphed through her gag.

'OK lets get her in the van' Mia said.

We took Marlene out the back locking the door behind us as we went. I opened the back of the van. Mia sat marlene on the back of the van 'Get in' she said on your front. Marlene wriggled her way into the front of the van. Mia tied Marlene's ankles together looped the rope over a bar than ran across the back of the van and pulled her legs up. This caused Marlene to slide back towards us. She moaned a little as Mia secured the rope. Mia shut the van doors.

'One down, two to go' She laughed.

It took about 20 minutes to get to Tracy's house, I chatted with Mia on the way wondering what would be the best way to deal with Karen. We arrived at Tracy's and again parked round the back. The back door was open and Tracy was in the kitchen, she stood up as we walked in. She was wearing a skirt, blouse and black stilettos and as she stripped black stockings and underwear. She removed her bra revealing a truly nice pair of tit's with lovely big nipples. She dropped her panties and stepped out of them. Tracy was about to remover her suspender belt when Mia told her to stop.

'Keep those on' Mia ordered.

Mia quickly tied Tracy the same way as Marlene had been bound. Mia turned to me when she had finished binding her and told me to gag her. I picked up Tracy's black panties and stuffed them into her mouth and taped them firmly into place. From behind her I moved my hands down to her breasts and massaged them. Tracy moaned through the gag. We took her out, locking the door once again behind us. I pushed Tracy face first into the back of the van till she was level with Marlene, then tied and secured her ankles to the beam.

'You OK Marlene' I enquired as I tickled her feet. She squirmed and squeeled through her gag. I reached forward and slapped Tracy's lovely arse just to make her squeal also. I shut the door.

'Two down one to go' laughed Mia. We got back in the van and set off for Karen's.

'I usually like them completely naked' Mia said, 'but she looked just great in those stockings,'

'I think we are going to work together fine on this' I told Mia. 'How long we looking after these ladies for?'

'3 Nights' Mia replied.

Once again the conversation turned to Karen and how we would deal with it. I was desperate to have her at my mercy and play with those lovely big titties. Mia pointed out that she would be unlikely to tell Andrea, and even if she did how could Andrea be mad after she had sold me into this anyway. As I wanted to undress Karen myself it was decided Mia would go into the house tie Karen blindfold and gag her while I waited outside. 

We arrived at Karen's, Mia got out and went in the house I sat in the van and waited. After a short while Mia returned pushing Karen in front of her. Mia had put a small black cloth sack over Karen's head and taped it around her neck, Karen was wearing a short blue summer dress. The dress was pulled down tight by the ropes hiding her crotch but it's outline was clearly visible, her tan stockings and white suspenders were exposed. The tops on the dress had fallen off her shoulders revealing the white straps of her bra. Her enormous tit's looked even bigger because of the ropes pulling her elbows together. Mia put her in the back of the van, securing her in the same way as Tracy and Marlene.

Getting back in the driver's seat Mia smiled at me. 'Jesus Pete you were right about her tit's'.

We set off for the lodge.

On the way back we decided to stop for lunch. We found a spot were you could sit outside, so we could keep an eye on the van containing the goodies. As we ate our lunch we laughed about getting stopped by the police and having to explain the contents to them. I asked Mia if she had gagged Karen with the panties she was wearing. Mia told me that she hadn't been wearing any, so she had made her get the ones she had worn to work the day before from the laundry basket.

No panties on I thought, she must be all horny and frustrated. We finished our meal and got back in the van. It took us another half hour to reach our destination, as we turned onto the dirt track that led to the lodge Mia pulled over.

'Lets have some fun' she said as she got out of the van.

I jumped out and followed her to the back, she opened the door. Between the suspended ankles lay three exposed asses, rope running tightly trough them.

'Who needs to pee' asked Mia

Marlene immediately mmphed and wiggled, then Tracy indicated as best she could that she also wanted to. Karen stayed silent. Mia undid Marlene's ankles as I undid Tracy's. We eased them both out of the van and onto their feet. Mia undid the crotch ropes letting it hang from their wrists.

'OK' she said 'Hurry up'

Marlene and Tracy soon realised they both had to squat where they were and pee. Tracy went first then Marlene followed suit. They both finished and stood up clearly embarrassed at what they had both had to do. Mia retied the crotch ropes.

'You two can walk the rest of the way now' She told them 'and quickly to or you will both be in big trouble.'

She pushed them both up the track. We both got back in the van and followed slowly behind them. Marlene was finding it easier to keep the pace as she was barefoot, every so often though she stood on a stone and winced. Tracy's high heels were not suited to the track and she was struggling to keep ahead of the van. Mia stopped the van got out and pulled Tracy back to the van. Opening the back doors she pushed her inside, slamming the door behind her. Marlene had kept walking and we caught her up just as we arrived at the lodge.

Marlene stood in front of the lodge as we got out of the van. Mia said she would deal with Tracy first, I stood and watched as she opened the back of the van and pulled Tracy out. She got two lengths of rope and marched Tracy away from the house. 'Sit she' ordered, pushing Tracy onto her bottom in the dirt. She took one of the ropes and tied it tightly around Tracy's breast letting the end fall loose. Mia then did the same with the other breast. when this was done she pushed Tracy onto her back. Pulling her left ankle up to her right breast she tied the her ankle as tightly as Tracy's suppleness would allow. Repeating the process with her right ankle and left breast she stood up and looked down at her handy work.

Tracy struggled to sit up but was unable to, she moaned through her gag.
Mia walked back towards me. 
'You sort Karen out I'll entertain Marlene' she said.

'How long you going to leave her like that' I asked.

'Not to long' she replied.

I looked back a Tracy struggling in the dirt, but my mind was on other things, KAREN, and her enormous tits.

I untied Karen's ankles and eased her out of the van, standing her up I led her into the house, pushing her lovely behind. I took her down into the basement. Once in the basement I undid the crotch rope, her dress was stuck in her pussy so I gently pulled it free. Seating her down on a high backed chair easing her arms over the back of the chair I secured the loose rope to its base. Taking more rope I bound Karen's thighs apart to the top of the chair legs, before securing her ankles to the base of the rear legs. she was spread wide, her dress had ridden up to the top of her thighs exposing her pussy. I noticed her pubic hair was trimmed, just a small V above her moist slit. I pushed my hand down into it, rubbing her clit between my finger and thumb, till it was erect and protruding. I continued to rub till she came, moaning through the gag.