Holiday Surprise

by Pete

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© Copyright 2003 - Pete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; cons; X

Holiday Surprise - Part 1
by Pete

Chapter One

Andrea had moaned for 2 whole weeks about going on holiday. I liked to go to some where remote, camping or a cabin in the woods. I liked the great outdoors and I also liked bondage. After our last holiday Andrea said she didn't want to be trussed up in the cabin or chased through the woods naked next time, she wanted to go some where hot with a beach and some nightlife.

So it came as some surprise when she said she had booked a weeks stay at a lodge in the national park. I packed all our bondage gear along with all the usual stuff and we set off early in the morning as it was a long drive.
"You packed your kinky stuff" she asked as we neared our destination.
"Of course, why do you fancy some fun?".
"Yes, but I want to tie you first is that OK?" she replied.
I looked at her and smiled "of course but remember it will be your turn later."

She turned the car down the lane to our lodge. We could see the house in the distance about a mile away, she pulled the car over.
"Lets start now" she said 
We hadn't seen a car or anybody for the last 20 miles or more so I agreed.
"What you going to do with me" I asked
"You'll see" she grinned

Andrea told me to strip naked while she got what she needed out of the boot. She returned with several lengths of rope and a roll of tape. She took her time binding my wrists behind me before securing them tightly to the small of my back wrapping the rope between my legs and around my waist. She tied the knots to the front to ensure I could not free myself, something I had never managed to do on the occasions she had tied me before. Another rope was used to bind my elbows together.
She stood back and admired her handiwork "How does that feel Pete?" she enquired. 
"Its pretty tight I hope your not going to keep like this for to long" I replied.

"We'll see" she laughed. She took a further length of rope and tied one end around my cock and balls and the other end to the drivers side wing mirror at a length of about 12 feet. "now" she said as she got back in the car "you will keep up won't you."
She started the car and set off slowly as the slack was taken up i was forced to walk along beside the car.
"you going to make me walk like this all the way" i asked.
"yes' she grinned,' and if you don't keep quiet I'll gag you'

It took about 20 minutes to reach the lodge, by the time we got there my balls were quite sore with the rope pulling on them. She stopped the car, got out and undid the rope from the wing mirror. Then she led me into the house tugging on the rope for me to keep up.

Once inside the house she led me upstairs to the master bedroom, a large room with en suite bathroom and a four poster bed. She got me to lay face down on the bed and proceeded to bind my knees and ankles. Finally she tied a length of rope from the one around my ankles and pulled it up tight around the one securing my elbows. I winced a little as she had never hog tied me as tightly as this before.
'I'm going to take a shower, then I've got a little surprise for you' she said
I said nothing as I watched her undress, carefully folding her dress before dropping her bra, knickers and pantyhose on the bed beside me.

It was about 10 minutes before she came back, she sat on the bed next to me, still drying her ample breasts. She looked at me and smiled. 'before I tell you the surprise I'm going to gag you, do you want my bra or my panties stuffing in your mouth?'.
'Bra if you don't mind, you've had those knickers on all day' I replied.
She took the bra balled it up and pushed it into my mouth, she then wrapped the tape over my mouth and around my head several times. Satisfied I was silenced she picked up her panties she pulled them over my head ensuring the crotch was over my nose. She then pulled her pantyhose over my head and wrapped the legs around my head before tying them off at the back. As I could only breathe through my nose I was forced to smell her pungent panties with every breath.

'Now the surprise' she giggled. 'I'm leaving to go to the beach'
'MMFFF' was all I could manage.
She continued 'I will be back for you in a week, don't worry I've asked Lyn to look after you. She won't hurt you but I've told her she can do what ever she wants with you.'
With that she proceeded to dress. I tried to struggle but I was bound to tight. As Andrea was leaving the room she stopped at the door. 'I'll phone her shortly she should be here in a couple of hours, do have fun won't you Pete' 

As I lay on the bed inhaling the aroma of Andrea's panties I wondered just what was in store for me with Lyn. I hoped she was young and pretty, still I wouldn't have to wait to long to find out and wait was all I could do.

Chapter Two

It was 3 hours before I heard a car pulling up outside I could see the clock through the pantyhose. I had tried desperately to move the crotch of Andrea's panties away from my nose but the pantyhose had held them firmly in position. I wondered what this women Lyn had in store for me as I heard the front door open and close. I was waiting for her to come to the bedroom, but she took her time. A further half hour later I heard her coming up the stairs. The bedroom door opened and there stood Lyn-so much for some young dolly bird I thought. She was about 50, 5' 10, blonde shoulder length hair. She looked like she had come straight from the office, her skirt was a little short for someone her age. She had quite nice legs encased in black nylons. The top 2 buttons on her white blouse were open revealing an ample cleavage.

'Hello Pete' she said as she sat on the bed beside me, 'been waiting long?'
All I could manage was a muffled mmph and a nod of my head.
She undid the pantyhose and pulled them off my head along with the panties.
'Bet your fed up of sniffing your girlfriends panties Pete?' she enquired.
I nodded my head in agreement. She untied the hog-tie allowing me to put my legs flat. the rope holding my elbows was also removed.
'That better' she asked.
I nodded. She had with her a leather belt with a pair of cuffs attached to the back. Lyn slipped the belt under my tummy, pushing me onto my back as she did. She fastened the buckle then rolled me back onto my stomach. my wrists were locked into the cuffs and she then removed the rest of the ropes. This was a relief I had been tied for hours, now only having my hands cuffed behind me was a luxury.

'Come on' she said pulling me to my feet, 'lets go downstairs and I will explain the rules of the house to you.' I followed her downstairs and into the lounge. In the centre of the room a length of chain hung from the ceiling. From off the sofa she took a collar and fastened it round my neck, she then padlocked the chain to the collar. Next she took the leg spreader and attached one end to my left ankle then pushing my legs about 2 foot apart she attached it to my right ankle. She left the room.
I concentrated on standing still as any movement caused pressure on my neck. she returned with a glass of wine which she put on the small table next to the armchair. Then she stood in front of me in her hand was what looked like a gold model of a flaccid cock and balls with a padlock on top. She undid the padlock and it opened as it was hinged at the bottom. Lyn pushed first my balls then my cock into one side of it, then ensuring everything was inside she closed and locked the contraption. It fitted snugly and tightly, I could feel the weight of it straight away.

'Now, I'm going to remove your gag. you will speak when spoken to and always address me as Mistress, is that understood?' she said. I nodded in agreement. She undid the tape and removed Andrea's bra from my mouth. Lyn picked up the wine and held it to my lips allowing me to drink. I took a few gulps.
'Thankyou Mistress' I said.
Lyn sat down on the armchair as she crossed her legs I noticed the tops of her stockings as she did this.
'Now Pete I imagine you are wondering why your here, why I'm here and what's going to happen to you.'
'Yes, Mistress'

Well this lodge is owned by a group of women my self included, we advertised on the Internet for a slave for the week. Andrea offered you to us for the week and in return we paid for her holiday.'
'Your going to keep me here all week Mistress' I asked
'Yes, but it's not just me several of the other members of our group will be here to use you,' she replied.
'The basement has been turned into a fully equipped dungeon, which you will be seeing shortly. The chastity device locked onto your genitals serves two purposes. 1 it stops you getting erect and secondly it will be used if needed to control you. This little box here on the table is the remote control wand. One press of this little button will give you an electric shock. Would you like me to show you? She enquired.
'No thankyou Mistress' I Pleaded.
'Good, now I'm going to release you and you can make us both something to eat.'
She removed the chain and spreader bar and uncuffed my wrists, following me into the kitchen to watch me, all the time she had the little box in her hand.

After we had eaten and I had washed the dishes Lyn ordered me down to the basement. It was a large room that run the full length of the lodge. It was as she had said fully equipped everything you could possibly imagine and some you couldn't was there. Lyn chained my wrists into a spreader bar that was hanging from the ceiling. She made sure it was fully extended and then padlocked it onto the collar around my neck at the back. Each ankle was fastened to shackles that were chained to the floor the chains being fixed about 15 foot apart my legs were spread about 3 feet apart. She chose a ball gag from off the wall and secured it firmly in my mouth. she stood in front of me and unlocked the chastity device. Taking hold of my cock she massaged me till I was fully erect. She then let go and hoisted her skirt, pulling off her panties she slipped them down and stepped out of them. Lyn picked them up and hung them over my erect cock. 'Make sure these don't drop off your cock or you will spend the night with them taped over your nose. I'm going for a shower' she turned and left the basement I heard her going up the wooden stairs and the sound of the door closing. I looked down at the panties draped over my cock, a small black silk pair. As long as I didn't move about I felt sure I could keep them in place.

It was about an hour before Lyn returned I heard the door open and the sound of her coming down the stairs. She stood in front of me, gone was the image before of a middle aged women just home from work. Instead she wore a pair of thigh length black leather stiletto heeled boots, the heels were large enough to now make her slightly taller than me. A small black G-string covered her crotch, and her large tits were pushed tightly into a c-thru black bra.
'Didn't drop them then' she said as she lifted her panties off my cock.
I shook my head.
'Good boy' she whispered 'lets have some fun.'

Lyn attached the belt with the cuffs around my waist, pulling the buckle tight. Releasing one wrist at a time she secured my wrists behind me. she proceeded to unchain my ankles. I was relived to be free of the spreader bar but wondered what she was going to do with me next. Lyn placed her hand around my cock, rubbing it slowly but firmly till I was fully erect. She looked so dam sexy, I would have shot my load there and then if she had continued playing with my cock. She stopped, and started to stroke it with her fingers.
'get upstairs' she ordered, 'in bed, I'll be up shortly'

I made my way up the stairs out of the basement, through the hallway and up to the bedroom. I lay on the bed on my side, it was to uncomfortable on my back as of the way I was cuffed. a short while passed before Lyn came into the room. she lay on the bed next to me.
'You better be good' she said as she removed the ball gag.
'you can start with these' she removed her bra. Lyn rolled over and pushed my head into her lovely big tits. She knew exactly what she wanted, it wasn't to long before she removed her panties and offered up her pussy for me to pleasure. finally she allowed me to enter her. She rode me mercilessly till I exploded inside her, exhausted I fell asleep, tired but happy.......

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