Enslaved Part 2: And then there were Three...

by Gardian

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© Copyright 2002 - Gardian - Used by permission

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Part 2: And then there were Three...


I woke up to those words thinking oh no now what, I looked around for Mary. I couldn't find her, then I looked up, there she was, somehow she found a way to make a noose with her bed sheet, then tied it to a rafter up high on the ceiling, she had the noose around her neck and was twitching, suddenly my arm lifted up and there before my eyes I saw the weapon, a tube of small proportions, aimed at her, the comp said that I had one shot and I should take it or loose her life, her life was in my hands. I aimed as best I could, and squeezed my hand. A bolt of light shot out of my tube and burned clean through the bed sheet, she came down hard, and I heard the crunch of breaking bone as she landed on her feet. I rushed to her, noticing that the weapon had recessed back into its housing. I gently lifted her head and removed the noose, her face was covered in burst capillaries, but she was still breathing.

Her head lay in my lap as Master walked in with a gurney and I helped him place her on the gurney, this was the first time I was allowed out of the cell. We went to what looked like an infirmary, and he placed her on a table, I helped him reset her leg and place it in a cast, I then locked down as I observed him placing her in a body cast, when he was finished she was covered from head to toe, except for her pussy, butt, eyes, and nose, their was a tube in her mouth so she could get nutrients. I was then unlocked from my stare position and I helped him move her back to the cell, I couldn’t do anything else, the computer was forcing me to help. I didn't mind at the time, all I wanted was for my friend to be safe. He left me with her and sealed the door, I lifted her from the gurney and placed her on her bunk, I rolled the chair to the bunk and sat there for the rest of the night.

I woke to her muffled screaming as I was resting in my suit, she had woken up and felt the first signs of true pain since the fractured bone was set, I was happy that she was awake, I was afraid that she might die in her sleep. I was allowed to speak with her as the day wore on, I had missed exercise and breakfast, and just talked to her. "I wish you didn't do that now look at what you've gotten us into, now I'm a live-in nurse to an invalid, this is not what I had thought about doing as an escape plan. When you’re out of this body cast I'm going to punish you for putting us in more trouble than it was worth, what possessed you to try and kill yourself with someone else here to blame? Great I'm stuck here trying to keep both of us alive so we can both try to escape and here you are damaged."

Of course she couldn't answer her mouth was plastered shut, but after awhile I started to feel hungry, so I fixed something to eat, and ate it in front of her, she could see everything I was doing, but couldn't say a thing, and no I didn't feed her, she pissed me off so I figured she needed a little discipline. Boy does that sound corny, that afternoon he walked in and decided to punish someone himself for the lousy thing that had happened, {guess who?}and so for the next eight hours I was tied to a sawhorse, with a razor-sharp edge on the top of it, my legs were spread wide and tied to eyebolts secured to the floor, my hands tied to a winch that pulled my arms straight up above me, my mouth was gagged by a penis gag.

My punishment was about to begin, first he hooked a funnel to the tube in the penis gag and then hooked that to a hook on a post about three feet away, it was right in my sight and I couldn't look away from it. He pulls out a one gallon jug of yellow liquid and starts to pour it into the funnel, a few seconds later the smell reaches my nose, the son of a bitch was pouring his piss into my penis tube, I would have piss in my mouth, throat, GOD, I’d have piss everywhere inside my body. That wasn't all I had to take from him, after I finished the full gallon of piss off, he took out a very mean looking whip and used it on me, it was an unusual whip for it had metal shards woven into it, and it had a metal shank as the quirt that was three inches long. He told me that the whip was called the cobra, and it was very effective, it tore at my back, it felt like it was ripping my back to shreds as a matter of fact it was, I passed out after the fifth strike.

I awoke upon the rack, he was turning the winch as slowly as possible, each turn caused the winch to clack as the teeth of the winch grabbed onto the stop bar. By the time I counted to the tenth clack I could feel my body about to be ripped apart by the pull of the device. I noticed later that he had removed the penis gag so that Mary could hear what he was doing, he turned the winch for I don't know how long, but each turn caused tremendous pain to flow through me, and I screamed, I screamed so loud that I think I bled from my ear. When he finished turn the last crank of the winch he left me there for three hours, I was in pain, I couldn’t move, and I was very, very scared.

When he returned I had no fight left in me, he released me from the rack and led me to my friend, Mary was crying, I could see the tears from her eyes, I dabbed the tears from her face, then he placed me back into the suit. He programmed several things into the suit then left, one minute later the suit took me to the kitchen and fixed myself something to eat, it was the horrible stuff I had last time, I fixed another bowl of the stuff and went over to Mary, I fed us and had a hard time with Mary, she kept blowing the awful liquid nutrients out of the tube, but she soon gave up and accepted the food. The awful taste of the food took away my taste of "Masters" piss from my mouth, but there was no relief for the stuff that invaded my mouth now.

Lights out came and went with me at Mary’s side, when she needed to pee I held a pan for her to piss in, when she'd cry from a nightmare I would sooth her with gentle automatic words spoken from the suit, I felt that she would be alright after the five hour of darkness, which I could see very well in the dark. My body hurt, but Mary was my first concern. I woke up somewhere around 5:30AM and noticed I was doing my morning jog, I couldn't break the pace I was at, it seemed that I was going ten miles an hour, and I was, this went on for one full hour, I don't know how long I was at it before I woke up, but now I was extremely tired from the run, how long can I last in this hellhole I asked myself again as I walked over to one of the other exercise machines and started my daily workout...

* * * *

During my exercise he came back into the room, it was 10:00am when he went over to Mary and placed restraints that were exactly like mine upon her. He then left and my exercise was done, I hated this round of exercise, I was restrained to a machine that forced me to squeeze my thighs and arm together as it tried to rip them apart, I worked on it for two hours and it had worn me out, but now the exercise was over, and still I hadn’t eaten. I was tired and hungry, but the suit had other plans. It walked me over to the bunk beds and started to fuss over Mary, in all my years I’ve never seen an automaton that cared so deeply for someone else. It was like it had a heart, a soul if you will, so I tried to ask the computer what gives, but couldn’t because of the gag that was secured in my mouth. The suit started breakfast and sat down in front of Mary, Mary looked up at me with begging, pleading eyes, yet I couldn’t stop the suit even if I wanted too. I fed her and made sure she ate every drop of this foul stuff, I then ate my portion and swallowed as if it was the best food I had ever eaten. I put away the messy bowls and cleaned out the syringes, then I went back to the room. My back still hurt from the punishment of the Cobra, and I knew I didn’t want to see how badly my back was ripped apart. but the suit walked me into the bathroom, and removed everything except the helmet, it took on a life of its own and held me, headless

As it washed me from top to bottom. It was gentle to me, and I could now see what had happened to my back, it was a mess, their were scars all over my back, set in weird designs, some skin was gone, but it was all manageable. The suit took care of the scars by applying a form of healing cream on my back and then placing bandages on my body to keep the scars from getting infected. The computer told me to place the suit back on, and to expect the same treatment during my captivity in the suit, I did what I was told, and began to feel something I thought I’d never feel ever again. I slowly walked out of the shower, and sat next to Mary, it was time to punish her again, and I had a very sneaky idea of what to do, my fingers slowly and carefully touched her sex, tickling her clit with deft hands as I slowly teased her into sexual heat, I was able to figure out just how much teasing would make her horny enough to cum, and caused her to explode into sexual bliss.

I started again, but this time I only teased her to the brink, and then stopped, she was hot, and horny, and wanted to cum, but I didn’t allow that, she was here to be trained and train her I will, what in the world has come over me, as I listened to the music while I teased my unwilling subject again and again, without letting her have any sexual release. I don’t know how long I teased her, or if she was alright after the torture, but I felt better for doing it, I don’t know why I even started, but I had my suspicions. I started on fixing our next meal and noticed that the bunk beds were now three instead of two, now I worried, that could mean only one thing. He entered as I was finishing making our meal, and he flopped down another bagged package, this one didn’t squirm around so much and looked smaller, I noticed that Mary was screaming into her forced gag of plaster.

I wondered what was going on, as he opened the bag. Inside the bag was a little waif of a girl, no more then 14 years of age, oh great now pedophilia was getting into this, I wanted no part of it. I tried to express my complaint to him but all that came from me was a few muffled sounds, he released her and told her the derogatory things he said to both me and Mary. The girl looked at the plastered mummy and hugged it tightly, for a few seconds I just stared at the scene, I figured out what was going on, this was her daughter. She stated she had one at the age of 16, so… that’s what he used to catch her. Or did he just take her along with her mother to sweeten the deal, whatever the case, I decided to put my foot where my mouth would have gone. I kicked him so hard that he flew across the floor, I was closing in on him when the computer decided to enter the fight. A shot of five hundred thousands volts went coursing through my body, but by this time I wasn’t caring what happened to me or my body, with all the pain I kept walking straight towards him, not stopping, he reached the door before me and shut me in, he was safe for now, but just wait until the next time he sticks his teenie tiny head in here.

Meanwhile the stench of burnt flesh started to waft into my nostrils and I looked around to see that Mary and her daughter were in pain, not only did I get shocked but they got a bit of it themselves. I rushed over to Mary and made sure she was alright, her plaster cast was slightly singed, but all in all she was ok, her daughter came up behind me and looked, she couldn’t be as old as I thought, she was too adult to be a kid, this is when I noticed that the gag was gone, I spoke to her, "Is this your mother?" she just nodded her head, "She’ll be alright, how old are you anyway? I hope your not younger than you appear to be?" she looked up at me and stated. "I’m 18 years old, and I wish I could leave this retched place." "We both do little one, whats your name?" "Tara, my name is Tara."

We sat down next to her mother and pampered her, I made sure that Tara knew that she only had a broken leg, and that she would be fine, she looked dubiously at me, and asked if I was a robot or was it a costume I was wearing, I had to tell her it was a suit that forced me to be her mothers Mistress, she hated the idea, but understood we were all in this piece of shit together. We talked a little more, then the computer spoke up and told us it was lights out again, this time my suit opened and I was allowed to remove it, all except the helmet that was still locked upon my head. We got into bed and the lights went out, I prayed that we would get out of this alive….

* * * *

Three days later...

I woke up feeling groggy, and feeling like a sack of wet potatoes, I don't know how long I slept, but I felt well rested, there was some aches in my body that I couldn't explain, but I found out later what had happened, it was harder for me to move around, I sat up and looked around. I noticed that Tara was being trained by "OUR MASTER" and wasn't liking it one bit. She was hobbled by a chain locked around her ankles, her arms were held in place by what’s called a bondage sleeve. She was being swatted by a riding crop as she did an obstacle course, it looked like pure torture. She was having trouble getting over what looked like a hedge, and he was swatting her very hard to get her over it. She finally made it over, only to be ordered back to the starting point and to try again.

I decided to get down from my high perch, and noticed as I was turning to lower myself to the ladder, that my breasts were HUGE, not huge exactly but monstrous, "what had he done to me?" I thought as I slowly climbed down from my bunk. Mary was still in her cocoon of plaster; she was asleep and looked peaceful in her slumber. I walked over to the kitchen, since I didn't want him to even notice me. He did and shouted over to me to come to him, I snarled, and got a shock from my collar, I rushed over to him and knelt in front of him as a slave should do, {DAMN hypnotics} I laid my head down on the concrete and waited for him to speak. He didn't right away as he was still watching Tara move through her course.

When he was satisfied that she was doing well, he looked down on me and stated "I see you have woken up, it’s been three days since you were awake, and I see I had done a good job on you, I hope you like the enhancements I gave you, it goes good with your new face".

Oh great he operated on me, how dare he, chalk up one more vengeance point on him, he’ll get his day. I now had 30D sized tits, as well as silver dollar sized nipples, geeze this guy likes them big. The rest of my body was still the same, except for the face, he went over and picked up a mirror, and let me have a look at my new look, my hair was now blonde, and my eyes were a crystal blue, my nose was a tiny bit smaller, and my lips were fuller. He even tattooed my lipstick on, so it would never be wiped off. A looked of both horror and admiration passed over this strangers face, what really wowed me was the ring in my nose, he had placed a gold ring through my septum, and it looked like it was locked on, like a lock itself.

I could also see that there were bars through my new nipples and they were heavy, since they also had weights hanging off of each side of the bars. I looked further at my body, my sex was bare of all hair, and the lips of my vulva were enlarged, they looked like they were ready for an all night sex orgy with anything with a dick. I sat there shocked into silence until he asked if I liked what had been done to me. I stumbled over the words and he just said, "Don't mention it; it is a gift for you, for being so helpful in the infirmary." I looked at Tara and she was just finishing her run through the torture course, she ran straight for us and knelt at his feet in the same position I took.

He smiled and said, "I see my new student is learning very well, for the next two and a half weeks you will be training this slave, I want her in tip top shape for when the Arabian shows up, she is taking her mothers place, she will be showing just how well I train any slave that comes my way. So don't let me down." I stared at her for a moment, and noticed that she had a far away look in her eyes, as though she was somewhere else and none of this was happening. He left stating that I should get back into my suit and finish training Tara, I cried as I felt myself get up and move towards the suit that stood there at the head of the bunk beds for three days, I now knew that escape was impossible and all my hopes and dreams were just fantasy to get me through this miserable life.....

* * * *

Tara got up after I did and went to the suit and waited for me as she stood near the awful machine, I released her hands from the bondage sleeve and watched her open the suit as I neared, it was eerie seeing her act as if I was a very famous woman and she just a lowly servant. I asked her what was wrong and she just bowed her head and said nothing was wrong, I then figured out that she was in what was called a slave mind, when the slave becomes a slave and doesn’t know that it’s a game, she really lives thinking she is a slave. I had to figure out how to release her from this state, but I never had the time. She helped me get into the suit, then she removed the weights from my nipple bars and sealed me in, the suit felt different, more comfortable, as though it was now the same measurements as me. The suit grabbed the rings, ALL OF THEM and held onto them tightly, it wasn’t painful exactly, but I didn’t like to be controlled in this fashion.

I then resecured Tara into her bondage sleeve, and ordered her to start the obstacle course again so that I will know how well she was doing. These words of course weren’t mine, but I could see that she was more energetic and could do the entire course in under ten minutes flat. she then came and knelt next to me, my suit ordered her to the exercise area and we went together, it was extremely hard to configure my body to the exercise unit I was now in front of, but Tara helped me. It looked like a rowing machine, but there were differences to it, like a penis placed on the seat, Tara opened my pussy hatch and helped me get on top of the horrible thing. Then there was the oral mouth stimulator as Tara called it, it was a long pole that ended in a machine, the machine had a three gallon jug on top of it filled with liquid, the end of the pole had a penis gag on it and it went guess where, right the mouth. I had to suck on this thing as I pulled myself forwards and backwards on this machine.

I started up my exercise as Tara went over to the weight lifts and started her work on the barbells, her wristlets were magnetically held in place as she grabbed the barbells, and she lifted the heavy weights as she worked out, each time she lifted the weights she would get a soothing shock on her pussy from a device that poked itself out of the floor, it looked nasty, but she seemed to like what was going on. We worked on for three hours, then we went and ate, it was the same old smelly stinky junk that I had earlier, only this time I could swallow it without being sick from its horrible taste, "was I getting used to this liquid food?" I wondered as I started to feed Tara the same stuff. She ate it up quickly and lovingly, as though it was the only food she ever needed.

When we were done we went and got into the shower, Tara washed my body gently and carefully, making sure that she didn’t damage my back worse than it was, I washed Tara more forcefully, watching her move as I rubbed her sexually excited body with the washcloth, after the shower I got out and looked at my back, it didn’t seem to look as bad as it did when I was first whipped. She told me that that was the reason for the extra work on my body, he had used something called nannites in my blood system, they were working on repairing my body from the damage done to it, as well as reprogramming my mind, oh great now I had little robots running through me changing me into a slave, I wouldn’t be able to get them out of my body.

After we dried each other off, I decided to have fun with my little sex kitten "now where did that thought come from?" anyway I took her to the bondage area and tied her spread eagle to the X frame, I placed a gag in her mouth and slowly started licking her pussy, I played with her clit with my tongue, as I reached up and mauled her tits with obvious delight, she had a good taste that I liked, and she squirmed so prettily for me, that I couldn’t get enough of her, I licked her for all of my worth, and kept her horny for later manipulations, she was so sweet, like a cup full of honey, she nearly came several times for I wanted a lot from her little cunt, but I kept control and teased her, for over an hour.

When the hour was up, I released her and watched her sag to the floor, I ordered her to stand up and turn the T.V. on, I even told her what channel to put it on, she rushed to do my bidding, as any good slave should, we watched a show that had three women, two slaves and one Mistress. The show was live from Berlin, and we didn’t really know what they were saying, but it was fun to watch, I got hornier and hornier as the show continued. I wanted to be fucked good and hard by anything in the room that could help me get off, but all I had was this sweet little slave, what was her name?.... Oh yes crysla, that’s right crysla was her name, she was adorable, and I could easily take her for my own, but my Master would be angry at me and make me do terrible punishments on my sweet succulent little twat licker. Geeze what had he done to me, her name is Tara and we have to get out of here somehow….

Late evening

We watched the shows on the tele for a few hours then we went and ate supper, crysla... I mean Tara was busy washing the dishes, as I went to feed Mary, she was sleeping and I decided to let her sleep. I watched my new friends from the back of my mind, I knew I was lost, and I couldn’t get my freedom back, but I still knew how to fight, but for how long? How long could I fight back what this evil man has done to me as well as them? I could face them in any real state of meaning, I was embarrassed, and I couldn’t figure out how to survive the trepidations of had happened to me, I was going to be a slave, and there was no way out of it. That night he returned to the room, and took me out of the suit, crysla/Tara had gone to bed, and wouldn’t see what was going on, she moaned sexily as we where walking towards the bondage area, I stayed silent as we reached the mats on the floor, he looked at me, he knew I had come to a decision, "What is it you wish to say my slave?"

I knelt in front of him of my own accord, and bent my head to his feet, I stated to him out loud, "PLEASE Master make me your slave for life, use me as you see fit, do whatever you wish to me, but please release these others so they can be happier in life?" I stated it, it was the only way I saw that would at least get two of us out of here, and he looked down upon me, and simply stated "No". It was that simple for him to do, I felt that he had no heart, that he was worse than the devil himself, but the simple fact is, he was born to this kind of life, and now I was his completely, and definitely, he picked me up and laid me down on the sawhorse face down, he tied my wristlets to the legs in front of me, then changed his mind, untied them only to tie them to the legs in back, he took my anklets and tied them to the front of the sawhorse.

He ordered me to stick out my tongue, I did as he requested, he placed a form of snap clip on my tongue, it was flat and rubbery, he then let go of the small chain that ran over the front of the sawhorse, a weight was on the end, the chain was pulled by the weight through an eye screw, I couldn’t pull my tongue back into my mouth, he placed 5 ounce weights on my nipplebars, then whipped me gently, up and down my back, this time the whipping wasn’t so painful, he timed each stroke of the whip as he played me like a drum. 38 strokes later I was on fire, my oven was simmering and my pussy rubbed hard on the razorsharp edge of the sawhorse, he slapped my ass playfully, and then walked over in front of me, he was naked, and his huge 10’ dick was as hard as granite, I fell in love with how beautiful his penis was, and wanted to take it into my mouth.

He walked up next to me and rubbed the side of his dick back and forth upon my tongue. He rubbed his beautiful dick on my tongue for a long time, he then backed up and moved to the other side of my face, there he rubbed his dick on my tongue for a long lasting time, he was doing this slowly, getting himself hotter and hotter as he rubbed himself on my most sensitive body part. He then moved away from my face and moved towards the back, I couldn’t see what he was doing, and worried, then I felt a prodding at my backdoor, "OH NO!?!" I thought as he started to slowly push his dick up into my ass, this is going to hurt I thought as he took his time and slid his penis in. He took such a long time, that soon I lost the feeling that this would be so painful I started to feel him moving back and forth, and I could feel his dick deep inside of me, as he rode my back window, he moaned and groaned, stating that this was the mother of all tight asses. I started to get turned on even more as his movements moved me back and forth on the sawhorse, the razoredge of the horse, rubbed deeply into my pussy, stimulating me to unknown reaches of my life, we fucked like that for hours, he loved how I felt back there, and he made sure I was well ridden.

When he came, he groaned so deeply, that my own orgasm fell well short of his in loudness, his voice still vibrates deep inside my ears, as his big beautiful penis shook and shudders deep inside of me, after the orgasm he popped out his dick and walked back to the side of my face, he released my tongue and said, "You know what to do."

I looked up at him, and knew he was serious, I slowly and delicately licked his shit covered dick lovingly and carefully, cleaning my mess off of his penis, I licked and slobbered all over his dick, it was so loving of him to make sure I would taste myself on his manhood. I know it was the hypnotic as well as mechanical programming I was suffering, but I felt needed and cared for. I LOVED him, and he was all mine, I didn’t mind now that I was forced into slavery, he had woken up a deep dark cell inside of me, that held the real me in chains, but now those chains were broken, and the more Dominant self was held captive deep inside my conscious, I was free, and he had released me from that cell, and made sure I would be able to feel... love, for someone other than me, that I could show just how much I wanted to be his.

He released me from my position, and helped me to my bed, during this time the third bunk was removed from the top of the bunk beds and now a bigger softer bed was right next to the bunk beds. I had gained the right to be a true first slave over the other two, I kissed him passionately as he laid me down to sleep, he turned to leave and I moaned, he turned around and secured the chain from the head of the bed to my collar, my beautiful collar, and kissed my forehead, then he was gone, We slept well that night, as the sounds of spring time insects floated through the room speakers……

* * * *

8:45 AM

Hi again, I’m sorry I haven't written in my diary, but we've been busy. It’s been two weeks, and crysla has done well in her training. Today she will meet her new Master and she is just thrilled about it, her mother ruby has been released from her body cast and is standing on crutches. she will personally hand her daughter over to the Sheik when he arrives and pays our Master the price for such a perfect slave. I am a bit nervous, because my Master has given me a very scary task, yet I must obey my Master to the fullest, I stand with my sisters, and look Dominant over them, I am in a silver and gold suit of armor that might have been worn by Amazons, what really scares me is the fact that this gentleman might want more, and I have to protect my sisters if that happens.

As our Master arrives my sisters kneel on the floor and bow their heads, as I stand behind them and guard them for my Master, Master arrives and shows a very handsome man into the room, he is wearing a three piece Giovanni suit, with gold cufflinks and a diamond tie pin, his beard is black with some tufts of white poking in and out in a hide go seek way. He is 5'9" and must have weighed 156 lbs. His huge chest and arms look extremely powerful, as he walks in and stares at my sister crysla. She has been through the same treatment as I, her 38DD chest is perfect in every way, as well as her muscle tone, her permanently colored lips are a deep shade of estrarian blue, and her thighs look like they can crush a full keg of beer. Her eyes are a brilliant red as though she has come from the pits of hell itself.

She is beautiful and extremely dangerous, that is why I took great caution to tie her tightly yet lovingly hand and foot with the thickest rope I could find, a bright green ball gag was tightly held in her mouth yet I could tell that she was smiling, the Egyptian walked over to her and hefted her breasts in his hands, then grabbed her beneath the chin and forced her to look into his eyes, he turned her head left and right, and smiled as he saw the little mole I had created for her on the last operation, I had been allowed to help my Master in the operating room, and I even got to do a little bit of the work, it was really fascinating to watch as he placed the saline filled bags into cyrsla's breast and I even felt inside to understand the way she would be when she was done.

She now knelt at the feet of her soon to be Master and threw her breasts more towards his waiting hands. He felt and squeezed her nipples and breasts for a few seconds, and crysla's breath grew hot and heavy. He turned towards our Master and lifted a gun at him, that is when I jumped in front of him grabbed his gun and flipped it around and pointed it towards his nose, it only took three seconds to perform this feat of speed and skill. He smiled and said excellent, and my Master asked me to return the gun, as I handed back the gun a thought ran through my head it simply stated, ‘now is your chance to escape, use the gun and get you and these scared women out of here,’ but I stood firm and handed back the gun, this was a test to show just how well we were trained. the Egyptian patted my head and I went back over to my sisters and readied crysla for transport.

When I had crysla outside in a small cage, ball gagged and naked, she looked at me with eyes filled with sorrow that we weren't going with her, yet thrilled to be owned by a very handsome Master. Me and ruby sat at the back of the patio and watched as four very strong and handsome men picked up the one ton cage with crysla inside it and carried it over to the waiting helicopter, they hooked a chain to the top of the cage, as her Master got inside, the other men also got inside and the chopper took off, we watched as the helicopter and crysla underneath it flew out towards the sea. We could see the chopper and the cage landed on a supertanker just off the coastline. I and ruby waved our farewells to the vanishing ship as our Master came out and stood behind us as the sun slowly set over the horizon. He patted our asses and we turned to go, he looked into my eyes and knew what had slipped through my mind earlier, he smiled and I knew that I was going to be punished, but then I too smiled for I welcomed his punishments for they excited me to no end.

We ate at his table as though we were a family, this meant that we sat on chairs, a common luxury when we ate supper with him, we had a succulent roast lamb with marinara sauce, slices of turkey with spicy beef sauce and a tossed Caesar salad, with a bit of pie ala mode as dessert. We sat there talking about the days events and watched as our Master ate, knowing that his pleasure will come soon, and for how long he decided to make all our pleasures last. I admired my Master for he was deft at knowing just how we felt, and I also felt a deep love of his manly commands of my being, I lived only for him, to do with as he so pleased. I have never felt so alive in all my life, and he gave me these feelings, I only wish I could give him something to show how much I loved him.

He finished his meal and waited for us to eat the last of our meals, then he clapped his hands and we, ruby and I who is now named emerald jumped up out of our chairs like little tabby cats and walked towards the stairs to the dungeon, we were ecstatic as we went down the thirty odd steps of stone as we went to our assigned positions. We waited for him as he was cleaning the table of dirty dishes, I thought I should have offered to clean the dishes but I only did what my Master wanted.

He appeared at the doorway, for he never left the door locked since our full service to him was complete, he walked to the bondage cabinet and took out two blindfolds, he handed us the blindfolds and told us to put them on, we did as instructed, and he lead us to something new in the chamber, he had me spread my legs and stand perfectly still as he slowly pushed a large dildo into my psyche then tied my hands behind me and tied the knots of the rope to a post far away from my reach, he then moved to what was rubies place in the room, he did the same to ruby, he then walked to the middle of us and to the side, he pushed a button and a board lifted up into me, it pushed the dildo higher and higher into my psyche then told us not to cum, he then left, we were now on the seesaw and were being fucked by our riding it. Up and down we rode the seesaw as it pushed and then pulled the dildos in and out of our pussies, this went on all night as we rode the seesaw, and we were tired when he finally released us from our bondage. We were also very horny, yet he never allowed us to get off, this was our punishment for the slip up I made.

He allowed us to exercise, but we were always blindfolded during this time, as we exercised he would tickle us with a peacocks feather. He would lightly run it over our armpits and all around our nipples, it was quite hard for us to concentrate on our workout but we made it, and it was fun. Lastly we were allowed to do whatever we wanted for we were good slave girls, ruby decided to have fun with me, and wrestled me to the ground, she then pulled me up, from behind by the arms, and walked me over to the rack, she secured me to the rack and tightened me on the retched thing, she then took the feather that Master used on us and tickled me for hours on end.

I swear I felt like I laughed for days, when she was done she shoved old ugly into my pussy, this was a very wide short dildo that also doubles as a vibrator, and I couldn’t figure out how not to cum when this big meanie was on and in me. She flipped the switch and told me that if I held myself from getting an orgasm for four hours, she would release me, otherwise I might not ever get off the rack. This got me even hornier as she upped the vibrators speed to {WATCHOUT A TRAIN IS COMING!!!} I nearly fell off the rack as she watched me squirm and buck around the hard wood finish as the vibrator did its dirty work. I was in sexual heaven as I slowly fell into a wonderful fantasy where my Master was the extreme ruler of a slave world and I was the best slave of that world, for I was his slave, and I would never leave my Master not matter what happens in my future. Amazingly I survived the four hours of bondage and torture just as my Master released me from my bound form and fucked me with all his might, it was a great morning to be a slave…..

* * * *

It was dreary as we went out for a stroll, our Master allowed us to go anywhere on the estate grounds, as long as we didn’t get lost or bothered anyone that worked for our Master. ruby would go off someplace and just lay around and enjoy the scenes she found pleasant, I on the other hand had found a nice quiet place to have a little self bondage fun, it was extremely fun because if I got stuck I’d be out of the house until Master went looking for me. Today it was too wet for me to play so instead I went over to the stalls, I had an idea, so I borrowed one of Masters steeds, he allowed me to ride occasionally, so this wasn’t against the rules. I rode out to the south pasture and got some things ready for a fun filled time while I was outside, I removed three pieces of rope about three feet long, I also removed four pieces of rope about two feet long. I took the four pieces of rope and tied them to the steeds hoofs, I then went over and grabbed another rope about five feet in length, I tied this to the horses feet hobbling it and setting the end of the rope on its back, for later use.

I took off the saddle and laid it on the ground next to an old elm tree, I then hopped up onto the back of the horse and started to tie my feet to the front legs of the horse, I was facing the tail of the horse as I pulled the ropes tight but comfortable on my ankles, I then leaned forward and started to tie my hands to the rear legs of the horse, the horse stayed calm during this, and grazed as I finished my work. After tying the last bit of rope around my wrists, I pulled the rope that hobbled the horse and released it from it immobility, the horse just stood there and I was flabbergasted, I bit the horses ass and it took off like a shot. It started running like there was no tomorrow, I was in heaven as we went streaming through the woods. It felt like it took hours for the horse to finally settle down as we neared another pasture, this one was in the Northern sector of my Masters vast estates, the horse wandered the pasture for hours as I rode on the steeds back, the horse grazed as the sound of thunder shook through the air.

I was very frustrated because the horse’s rough ride through the area before the pasture had gotten me quite hot sexually, and I wanted to cum so badly. I was dreaming of the biggest sex orgy ever in my life{which it wasn’t}when I heard my Master calling, he was walking towards me and I knew he would be angry at me for doing such a strange thing. I just laid there on the horses back as he eventually walked out of the woods and saw my predicament, he stared at me for a few seconds then started to laugh as he traipsed over to me and grabbed the horse’s reigns. "Hmmmmmm, it seems you’ve been doing something you shouldn’t have done, now what am I going to do with you, hmmmmm?" I laid there for I knew he wasn’t asking me in particular. He looked at my rope work and studied it, he also tightened some of the knots I had made making it even harder for me to get loose, he then slapped my ass and said "I think you should stay that way for awhile longer as we go back towards the mansion."

As he tugged on the reigns and the horse started off walking with my Master towards the stables. He was having fun walking us back, as he picked several areas that would knowingly punish my naked body, for every few feet a branch or a thorny hedge would slap or grab my skin as he lead the horse towards the stables. By the time we got back the rain was just starting as he lead the horse into the stables, he untied my hands and retied them behind my back, then he helped me down from the back of the horse and stood me on my feet.

He went over to the storage room and entered, I didn’t know what he was planning, he came back out with several pieces of leather, he walked over to me and started placing the leather around my body, first he tied a bridle around my head, this was specially designed for humans, who are trained to behave like ponies, the bit went into my mouth and held it open, he then untied my hands and ordered me to keep my hands behind me, he placed my arms into a bondage sleeve, and secured it tightly, lacing and then locking it onto my arms and hands, he then helped me put on a special pair of shoes, these shoes were designed to point my toes like a ballerina does, but the end of the shoes had artificial hoofs, I was standing on tiptoes as he bent me over, and slowly and gently placed a butt plug deep into my ass, the butt plug had long silky hair hanging out of the end of it, when it was seated into place I had a tail that almost touched my ankles, he then led me to a stall, and walked me into it. He locked me into the stall, and took out a feed bag, specially designed for humans, I had to eat my dinner as though I was a horse, he petted my head and waited as I started to eat the oats in the feedbag, I whinnied as he left me to my meal.

The next morning ruby walked into the stables and took me out of my stall, she hooked a guide lead to my bridle and walked me outside, there she hooked my nipple rings to a walker device for walking horses, she then turned on the motor as I walked in a circle for five hours, each time I slipped she would swat my ass with a riding crop, and they weren’t gentle swats. By the time I finished my walk, she turned off the motor and guided me to a track. The track was specially designed for both horses and humans, ruby hooked me up to a small carriage and then left, my Master hopped up onto the carriage and snapped a small whip onto my ass. I started rather shakily to walk around the track as Master rode his new pony from a carriage.

It was hard work but I also had fun, he would pull on my reigns when he wanted me to turn left or right, and he would swat my ass to get me to go faster or slower. We kept this up for another four hours, until I started to stumble and he pulled heavily on the reigns to make me stop. He unhooked me from my bondage and picked me up in his strong powerful arms, he carried me into the mansion and laid me down on HIS bed, he covered me up in thick warm blankets and got into bed with me, we slept until way past sundown, we went to dinner and sat as we ate from a very special banquet, we had caviar, biscuits, wine, sliced fruits and other delectable tidbits, we even had finger sandwiches, and it was all delicious, the banquet was superb as it was all bound and covered the form of ruby, who was the centerpiece for this meal. When the meal was finished, we went into the study, and my Master laid me down on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and slowly made love to me. All in all we had a lovely evening.