Enslaved Part 1: Captured

by Gardian

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© Copyright 2002 - Gardian - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; bagged; transported; electro; bdsm; enslave; insert; climax; nc; XX

Note: This is a work of fiction, any bearing on people or places is purely coincidental.

Part 1: Captured

The evening was quite warm that February night, as I was woken up by a strange sound from outside. I wouldn't have woke up if it wasn't so warm, but the heat from the city streets outside was making it so hard to relax. I got up and went to the kitchen, with all the heat I was thirsty, and I was so lonely, what with my boyfriend breaking up with me last night. Ok, so I admit it, I was angry, but we were starting to drift apart, and we weren't seeing things "eye to eye" as it were. The cold air from the fridge was so comforting, I took a moment to absorb the coolness, and then I took out the iced tea I had prepared earlier that evening. I went to the patio and looked out at the city, my apartment was on the 10th floor of the Jacobs building, I could see the outskirts of the city from here, and it was so beautiful there. You could see the mountains on a clear cool night, with the full moon shining down upon the majestic sides of that wonderful place. I was wondering what the noise was that woke me up, when something hard hit me on the back of the head, the last thing I remember was falling to the ground and seeing a shadow move into view.

I woke up in bed, I had a headache, my head so sore, and I looked around and could see that my room was ransacked. I tried to get up but I couldn't move my hands or feet, "Oh no!" I thought, "am I paralyzed from whatever hit me?" But then how did I wind up here? I tried to scream, but the only sound was a weak moan coming from my own lips, I moved my head around and looked up at the top of the bed for the clock. My hands where tied to the headboard of my bed, I yanked on my hands, but they where tied tightly, and escape was impossible. I examined myself and realised my mouth had been taped shut, cloth was tightly packed between my teeth, my ankles where tied to the legs of the bed. I also noticed that I was naked, the person who did this, had tied me spread-eagled and quite open to any intrusion to my neither regions. I was totally helpless, and very scared.

Then he entered the room, he wore a ski mask, black silk jacket, black slacks, and black leather gloves. He was 5'8" tall and very muscular, I tried to ask him to release me but all that escaped my lips was muffled groans, He looked at me and continued to ransack my bedroom, "So your awake now, good I was hoping you weren't dead, that makes things easier," he had a very beautiful voice for a creep." I guess your wondering what’s happening, well I making it look like you were robbed and kidnapped, so that when your friends and finally the police will look for the criminal. But they won't find him, or for that matter for you. For you see, I have been planning for the last four months on making someone my personal as well as permanent slave, and guess what... your it!"

The look of horror on my face must have pleased him, for he laughed, a very maniacal laugh that sent shivers up and down my spine. I struggled, twisting and turning on the bed to try and break free, but I was held tight by the ropes holding my wrists and ankles down. As I struggled, he watched me, and was spelled bound by my voluptuous 5'0" tall body, my 32c breasts jiggled as I squirmed on my bed looking for any kind of release. I was very athletic for a woman of my size, and I thought I could protect myself from all dangers with my strength alone, but I was helpless to this mans obvious strength and determination. He walked over to the bed and started to roam his hands over my entire body, starting at my breasts, he teased my nipples with gentle rubbing, the warmth of his hands felt soooo good that I almost surrendered to him right there on the spot. His hands continued down my body, slowly touching every single inch of skin, he caressed my body with gentle hands, touching and feeling my warm beautiful skin, his hands roamed over every part of my body, being careful not to touch my clit or psyche bent over my waist, and gently blew upon my now aching clit, and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

He continued to tease me, taking his time, not rushing his manipulations upon my secured body, by the time he stopped touching me I would have fucked him to death, but was denied, by the tight encroaching ropes upon my body.

"Well, time to get you ready to go to your new home!?!"

He left the room for just a minute, and as I waited aching to please my sexually heightened body, sweat beading up upon my unblemished skin, he returned with a canvas sack and leather straps, he looked down at my pretty face, "Now I'm going to release your hands, if you try to escape or attack me I will knock you out again!"

As he said this he pulled out the blackjack he had used on me earlier, I nodded my head and relaxed my arms as he untied first my left wrist and then my right, he secured the first of several straps to my left wrist and the secured it to my other wrist, making sure it was tight but comfortable. He then untied my other wrist and did the same with my feet, he stood me up and had me stand on top of the sack, he slowly, but expertly rolled the folds of the sack up my body, the sack conformed to my body it was so tight, I could hardly breath. When he had brought the open end of the sack to my head, he pushed down hard on my head and then cinched the drawstrings to the sack tightly together, tying it off, he used more straps to make sure I was completely secured inside the sack, I could hardly move. I then heard some rummaging, and then I was picked up by his powerful arms, and dropped onto something soft and warm. He piled something on top of my bound body, hiding the fact that their was a kidnapped victim being trellised away from her home.

* * * *

I don’t know how long we were on the road, but it felt like years had gone by. I slept through most of it, so tired I was from my abduction that I couldn’t even try to escape while we were on the road. Hot, it was so hot in this vehicle, couldn’t he have at least turned on the air conditioner? I wondered what my friends at the law firm I work for would think when they found out I was missing? At one point of our little trip, he had stopped at a cabin that he must have rented prior to my kidnapping. He released me from the sack and allowed me to use the bathroom, he then ceremoniously repackaged me inside the sack and off we went again. What was going to happen to me, would he kill me? Would he sell me to some foreign person that would most likely hurt or even destroy me? Would I ever be free again? I wondered these things over, and over in my mind. I wondered if I could get used to my new life, and shuddered as I thought that, I have to get out of this situation, and fast.

Finally, we where on a gravel road, and going up a steep incline. "This must be where he lives." I thought as he slowly parked the vehicle and shut off the engine. He opened the back of the van and dragged me out. He then carried me gently inside some establishment, and laid me down on something soft. He took off the sack, I blinked my eyes for they had been without light for such a long time, finally I could see enough to appreciate my surroundings. It was a huge room, about the size of half a basketball court and at least 18’ walls on all sides, there was a steel door on the east wall, and as I looked around I noticed that there where several cameras placed out of reach up near the ceiling of the prison he had released me in. I was lying on a cot, and as he removed his ski-mask I noticed just how handsome he was.

He had dark jet black hair, a firm yet thin beard, and the darkest brown eyes I have ever seen, he released my feet and allowed me to go to the bathroom, yep there were the cameras again, "No privacy for this sorry little bitch," he was probably thinking. It was a relief to use the bathroom, at least it was comfortable in here, but how am I going to get away? I returned to the room and found out that he left, I went to the door, but it was solidly locked. I screamed, and banged on the door, for a few seconds, then covered my ears as a horrible LOUD noise rampaged through the room. It lasted a few seconds, then his voice from somewhere up above. "That is no way to treat your new home slave, nor is it right for you to try to call for help, the room is soundproof. Now you have three minutes to get ready for bed, before I turn off the lights, I suggest you hurry."

I looked around the room once again, off in the left corner of the room was a metal bunk beds, in the center looked to be a form of kiosk, it was circular half of it was a kitchenette the other half seemed to be a storage area. It had cabinets on the outside of its 10’ wall, the kitchenette had a bar with shelves above holding wine glasses, plastic of course, didn’t want little miss slave to have any sharp implements now did we?

Just then the lights went off, "NOW HEAR THIS you have thirty seconds to get to bed and sleep, counting, 30, 29, 28, 27." I rushed over to my sleeping area, tripping along the way. I started to climb into the bottom bunk, "You are to sleep in the top bunk slave." Red lights flashed on and off three times, leaving me disoriented, I started to climb the small ladder to my assigned bed, "3, 2, 1. You’re late getting to bed, you are late getting under your covers, tomorrow you will be punished. Good night." and with that I was put to bed, blacklights were turned on in my cell, so I could be watched at night without any disturbing lights to blare down on my eyes. I fell asleep on the first night of my captivity.

* * * *


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, I’m up already, sheesh what time is it?".

"It is 6:35 AM, slave welcome to your new life." Oh great now I’m being woken up by a computer system that sounds like my third grade math teacher.

"6:35? Give me a few more minutes, I had a bad night." God was I grumpy in the mornings, "I’m sorry slave but I cannot allow that," suddenly extreme pain shot clear through my body, as several hundred volts of electricity was sent through the bed and me along with it. I jumped, hell I flew out of the bed and just stood there on the floor. "Man that’s one way to get you to do something," I thought as I stood there examining my body for damage. Whew, nothing serious, I looked up and noticed that the bed was gone, I later found out that it would lower into the floor when not in use. Well that would help with keeping things tidy.

"Good morning beautiful, are you ready to start the day?" Him again, if I could just get my hands around his throat, "I hope you had a good nights rest, you’ve got a very busy day today.

"I just wish you'd die you low life piece of shit!"

"ah ah ah you shouldn't make wishes you know I can't keep?"

Oh great I started thinking out loud.

"Now it is time for you to exercise, please go to the exercise area and start on your ten mile run. "

I looked around the whole room, there at the far left corner was an area with mats weights and exercise machines. I went over and sat down in front of the dining table instead.


A huge shock went through my body, I jumped out of the chair, this guy was crazy he's rigged the entire cell to send electrical charges through everything, I wonder if I'd get a shock if I looked at myself funny in the bathroom mirror. Grudgingly I walked over to the exercise area of my prison, and stepped onto the treadmill, "Now please place your hands on the handrails," I grabbed the soft covered handlebars of the treadmill, and a small amount of electricity caused my hands to grip the handles, I couldn't move them for all I was worth. The treadmill started up slowly but within a few minutes it had got me up to a good trot, as I was lightly running he came into the room, he started for me and I averted my eyes from him, I didn't want to see him and I sure didn't want him to know just how mad I was.

"Good, you'll be fit in no time my little trollop," he said as he brung a rounded pipe-like structure around my neck, it was a very smooth collar of the lightest metal I have ever felt, it was warm to the touch, I heard the click of the locking of the collar and knew it might never come off. He had two more collars that went around my wrists and ankles, at this time my ten mile run was coming to a close. He stepped back and waited for the machine to stop. The current running through my hands shut down and I glided to a stop, I thought this is my chance. I jumped up towards my captor only to receive a huge jolt of electricity through my body, "HAHAHAHAHA, I knew you'd try something like that, and it's sort of fun to watch the computer systems jump in at any time to control my pets." he laughed, "Now why don't we have breakfast together and you can ask any question you wish of me?"

We were sitting at the table in front of the kitchen, having a wonderful meal of eggs, toast, sausages, and pancakes, along with orange juice and milk. All in all it wasn't quite bad, although I was still a prisoner in this hellhole. "Have you done this kind of thing for long?" I asked him.

"Well... yes I've done this for twenty years now, I have kidnapped people for others and trained them to be their slaves for a very high price, but I've never had one for myself, not until now." I worried, I knew that he was telling the truth, I could see it in his eyes.

"Why... why me, I've done nothing to you, I don't even know you, all I know is that you have a very expensive room, for a very expensive hobby?" I knew that if I kept him talking I could at least get information about my situation.

"You're right you don't know me, and you never knew me in high school either, but we shared the same type of life way back then."

Now I knew why he looked so familiar but I had to confirm it, "You're Johnny Cied you were in my Geography class during 8th grade?"

"That’s right, I was, what'd you call me? The nutcase of Bleither High? I was the one that was sending you those anonymous letters through your locker, I know you liked them, but you still went out with Henry Blackfoot, that Indian dude on the football team. I felt so bad back then."

I remembered, Henry was a very handsome man, he had such beautifully strong muscles, long jet black hair and sky blue eyes, he almost didn't look like a Native/American but his heritage made him an heir apparent to the Blackfoot society along with several million in stock and estate funds, and he always picked on this sqauwny little kid that was now my captor. I started to feel sorry for him, as I did back then, I thought he was a nice person, but then I realised that he was my jailer, and I was starting to feel compassion for him. I hopped out of the chair and went over to the kitchen island with my orange juice, I had to get a hold of myself.

"I see you need to be alone for awhile, so I'll leave, but I'll be back soon. Don’t do anything stupid now, will you."

"NO, wait I want to talk more, please?" this will be my only chance to find out if I could talk him into releasing me.

"What else do you want to talk about? Maybe about trying to escape? See if anyone has made it perhaps?"

How did he know what I was thinking?

"No, no one has succeeded in escape from my clutches, the last one to try, unfortunately was terminated, by me. Of course I don't really care if you live or die, but if it's death you want, it will be slow and very painful."

I felt sick, I looked down at my hands and a tear dropped from my face. He was so, so evil... I just wish I could die, but he’d probably relish it. I looked at him with haunted eyes, "I see you’re not feeling well, I’ll be back in a few hours, and I’ll even bring along my scrapbook, to let you see the wonderful life you will be going through for the rest of your life." With that he was out the door, I threw my glass of juice at the door as it clanged shut, and yelled a horrible name at his back, then fell to my knees crying.

* * * *

The rest of the day went by slowly, he had returned with a huge book of photographs. The photos were of the best quality, but they depicted several women, and a few men in very severe bondage, and torture, one section was named "FAILURES: of the past" they were horrid, he pointed to one picture in this chapter of his dirty little world and stated she was the one I was replacing. Those pictures will haunt me till the day I die.

She was pretty, about 17 or 18, with blonde hair and hazel eyes, in the first picture she was being tied down very tightly on what he called a bondage bench, her legs were spread and tied tightly to two 2x4’s that stretched her legs out from the center of the bench, it looked like her legs were dislocated, the next picture showed, her with him pouring something upon her body, he told me it was tiger balm, it looked like it was burning her to death, the next picture showed him applying a system of tubes into her mouth, the next picture showed him pouring cement in and over her face and mouth. The last picture showed him burying her from the neck down somewhere outside, all that could be seen was a huge globe with a birdbath on top. But he confirmed that it was her, the tubes led to the bottom of the birdbath, she lived for only two days since the storm was severe he didn’t go check to see if she was liking her little piece of freedom.

I wanted to complain to him, to beg for him to not show me anymore, but he had tied me to a post on the mid western part of the room before he started to show what he called his "artwork", there were more pictures in the scrapbook but I didn’t care, all I wanted to do was leave. When he finished he went to work untying and retying me in different positions upon the post, in one such position my legs were wrapped around my body and my ankles tied around my throat, my hands were wrapped around my thighs and tied behind my back, he then started whipping me, with a few coils of rope, it hurt but I couldn’t beg for him to stop, he had placed a huge rubber ball into my mouth, it looked like I was trying to hold onto a grapefruit with my mouth alone. The rope slashed down upon my pussy several times as he took careful aim, each one timed so that I would not get used to the torture he was placing me in.

After the final blow landed, he rubbed my pussy and moaned passionately. "That my dear slave was your punishment I promised you, remember it well." And with that he left, I struggled to try and get into a better position but it was useless, I was tied tight, and could hardly budge. Oh how did I wind up in these things, my pussy was sore, my back ached, and I had to go to the bathroom real bad.

By late evening, he had returned. He was dressed as though he was going to a party, I didn’t know it then, but he was giving a party in the mansion upstairs. "How are you doing?" He asked as he came over to untie me, "Mmmmmph-grph mph!" I responded, since I still had the huge ballgag in my mouth. He released my legs from there painful position and retied them, he released my wrists and left them untied. "I’m busy tonight so you go ahead and get ready for bed, you can have a long shower before lights out. I’ll see you in the morning." And with that he was gone.

I untied my feet and headed for the shower, I hurt all over but was happy I didn’t get anything worse than a whip burn on my neither regions. As I turned on the shower I wondered what I would look like after all this is done and over with? I wondered if this advanced computer system that was my electronic jailer could answer some questions, "Computer, can I ask you something?" I said.

"You already have slave" ah crap, a comedian also.

"Do you know what is to be my fate?"

This time the computer took a few minutes to think it over. "Your answer slave is one of many, you could be given to one of our customers, but I believe you are to be kept by my creator".

Hmmm, this sounded dismal, "Tell me who else could I belong too, if I don’t work out too well for your… ummm… creator?".

"Well for instance slave you could belong to an Iraqian who loves to run his slaves Male and Female through a maze with their hands tied behind them, as they are running their bodies are covered with a chemical gel that simulates the scent of female scorpions in heat, they have to get to the other end before the male scorpions can find and sting them to death, as of this date no one has ever made it to the finish line, then there is the Russian who runs his slave girls through a salt mine in Yugoslavia, but naked, they are blind and the salt eats away their skin after five months of working their cute asses off, they also die of pneumonia. Then there is Mustafa who… ,"

"Stop I’ve heard enough". My stomach rolled as I heard of all the cruel things people did to others, I tried to relax in the hot steamy shower, but thoughts of death and pain and suffering kept running through my mind, I stepped out of the shower and dried off, then went to the kitchen and fixed myself a hot chocolate to help me get to sleep better. All in all it was a long and hard suffered day.

* * * *

At 5:30 AM I woke up on my own, and got out of bed, it was still dark in my little world. I stretched myself out and walked carefully towards the exercise area, I hopped up onto the treadmill and set the machine for a full 15 mile run, with hills and valleys. I grabbed the bars and started my run, the computer noticed this and turned on the lights. "Slave what are you doing?" it said as I started my run, "I'm exercising, what does it looked like to you, maybe like I'm running away?"

"Your exercise time is at 6:00 am you should have asked to start sooner."

"Liberal to a T, aren't you?" I was at a good clip and going up hill at this point, and started to feel good at doing something I could enjoy.

"The Master will be happy you are doing this, I will tell him when he wakes up." the computer said, by 5:45 I had finished my run and walked over to what looked like a bench press, I selected 200 lbs. for twenty reps from the machine then laid down on the bench, here I was secured to the bench by the ankles, midcalf, and just below the knee, also I was secured by restraints at just above the knee, midthigh and the hip joints, a band went around my supple waist as well as one crossing over my chest, the last of these bands went around my neck covering over the collar, their was a groove for the collar to rest in. I reached up and grabbed the barbell and was secured to it, a winch lifted the barbell up and spotted me for my twenty reps.

As I started my reps a mechanical... uh... penis popped out of the bench and entered me, I found out that with each lowering of the barbell, the penis would enter my pussy, and with each lift it would exit up to the point of the head of the dastardly thing, I was being raped by a machine as I was exercising, ohhhh how embarassasing.

At 6:15AM I finished my reps, I could have finished sooner if it weren't for the orgasm I had while working out. I wondered what other sneaky devices awaited me, I went over to do a few squats. This machine looked safe, I had placed 138 lbs. on the barbell here and set the machine for 38 reps. It seems that the computer decided to get in on the act and played a joke on me, I got into position to place the barbell onto my shoulders. My hands were secured to the barbell, I then placed my feet on the marks on the floor to lift. On the first squat nothing happened, But on the lift an opening appeared between my legs under me on the floor. Another penis machine, this time I would be penetrated in both lower holes, oh what have I got myself into this time. I looked up and noticed that I would have to do 50 reps on this one.

"Oh no you don't I set my own limits computer put it back down to 38 reps please", nothing happened. I was starting to feel the weight on my shoulders, so I decided to go ahead and do the reps as best as possible. On each squat my pussy and ass was entered. I had to fuck myself while I did my workout. I couldn't move my feet because heavy magnets secured my feet to the floor where they would stay, I finished the reps with a lot of strain. And was released to place the barbell back on its holder. With my hands released from the barbell I noticed that it was 6:45AM. I decided to eat, but the computer wouldn't hear of it, "Where do you think your going slave? you still have exercise to finish."

Oh brother here we go again, "Look I know that I can do my own exercises just fine, I know my limits, you fooled around and made me go past one of my limits, right now my ass hurts, my pussy stinks and my back aches, I’m going to take a shower and eat, then I'll finish my exercises, OK" Ahhhhh that felt better. This time I wasn't shocked for talking back, I took that as a good omen that I won my temporary freedom. I went to the shower and washed off quickly, then started for the kitchen, thats when the computer did it. That’s when it changed the entire area that was my "home" into an ocean of water, the floor was gone, instead their was a huge swimming pool and I had to swim it to get to my meal.

Screaming at the top of my lungs I looked around for something to throw, nothing was around for me to use. So regretting my last free choice I dove in and swam over to the kitchen island, it had sunk low enough to be used while I was still in the water, I fixed my breakfast while treading water, and yes the eggs did come out a little watery but all in all I did pretty good. Finishing breakfast I told the computer that I was ready to continue my exercise. "Go to the bathroom and sit in there until you are called out, the Master will be with you shortly."

7:00 AM

I waited for him in the bathroom, as I waited I dried myself off and looked in the mirror. My dirty blonde hair shone like a brilliant crystal, my 32c breasts were perkier than usual, my pubic hair was sparse, I looked like a fashion model for Cosmopolitan magazine. I smiled to myself and did a pirouette, I was beautiful, maybe I could use it to get out of here? Yeah right. A beeping sound alerted me that I could come out, I walked over to him and knelt by his feet, why I don’t know, I looked down at his black leather dress shoes and waited for him to speak.

"I’m proud of you little one, you are showing fabulous improvements to your situation, as a reward you will get to use the computer for three hours each day, you aren’t allowed onto the internet but you can at least read several stories, or play games, while on the system, if there is any attempt to change the computers functions you will be punished. Is there anything else you would like as a reward for good behavior?"

I looked at him and thought quickly, "Yes I would like to know what’s going on outside occasionally, could I get a T.V. down here to view the news?"

He looked at me and stated, "That could be arranged, only if you behave and keep up the good work you are doing becoming my slave." and with that he turned and left.

* * * *


I got off the floor and walked over to the kitchen, I got out a pitcher of iced tea and poured myself a glass, then I walked over to a table sitting out of the way on the far side of the room. On it was a monitor and a keyboard, the monitor came to life as I sat down in front of it, and showed me what the desktop had for me to use. I tried to decide what to do, and then it came to me, I should write about my experience here while I could, I might be able to use it as evidence against him in any trial that he got for his fiendish scheme. So that is why you are reading this, I wrote it for you the reader to find out just how bad a kidnapper could be. I do have a plan for escape but I will never write it down where he could find it and punish me for thinking of doing such a... hold on a sec.

7:45 AM

I’m sorry I must have fallen asleep, anyway where was I, oh yeah my plan for escape, I plan to first seduce him for the keys to my cell door, then a very high dash for the front door and towards the closest phone I can find. Now why did I write that down? I wasn’t going to, but I just felt like doing it.

"SSSSLLLAAMMMM" the door to my prison came banging into my cell, he was standing there looking angry and I felt like I was going to die with that look killing me. He walked over to me and changed in front of me, he gently touched me and stroked my head saying soothing words, and kissed me passionately. I didn’t know what was going on but it felt wonderful, like I did something special for him and he liked it, he told me to get up and go to the bathroom, to retrieve some things in there that I knew was in there for use and to bring it back to him. I ran to do what he asked me to do and returned with the materials for his use upon me.

He had me sit down, as he prepared for my next reward, while sitting there steel bands clamped around my ankles and just above the knees, keeping my legs spread wide open, another steel band went tightly around my waist holding me quite rigid to the chair, I couldn’t stand anymore. That’s when he covered my pussy with shaving cream, it was hot and steamy, and felt good on my sensitive skin, he then began to shave my pussy clean of all hair. I was shocked, but didn’t try to keep him from doing it, he shaved carefully, gently like I was as delicate as a china doll. When he finished, he placed depilatory cream upon my mansard and waited 15 mins. Then wiped it all off, my pussy was as smooth and bare as when I was once born into the new world.

After my shaving I was released from the chair I turned around to go to the bathroom but stopped suddenly as my eyes locked onto the T.V. I was a 32" T.V. that was on the wall, it had cable as well as satellite capabilities, he said "You can watch whatever program you like provided I didn't try to find out which city I was in, if you are in a city?"

That sounded ominous, but didn’t care, I rushed over to it and turned it on, the very first channel showed a woman being raped by bikers who had tied her to four of their cycles, when they had finished the four bikers on the cycles tore off in four different direction, instantly I felt sick, and rushed to worship the bowl. When I was finished I returned to find that he had left and the T.V. was on a news show.


I sat there and watched the news, until the mid-morning game shows started. I got up from the floor and walked around my room and tried to figure out what to do next. I decided to finish writing the diary. I sat down in front of the screen and started to think, "why did I write down what I was planning?" I decided to try and ask the computer, "Computer, why did I write this last passage down?"

"Simple, you were hiding something, I made sure you would let your Master know what it was."

"Yes,but how? computer how did you do it?"

It took only a moment for the computer to let me in on the secret. "I got your attention, then strapped you to the chair, then all I had to do was reprogram your mind to tell the truth."

"How did you do that ? I don’t see how that could be arranged?" I was starting to get nervous.

"I used the lighting system in your cell, to put you into a state of deep sleep, then I manipulated your mind into thinking just how pleasant it would be to not keep secrets from your loving Master. It was that simple."

MY GOD, I was hypnotized by a machine, how dare it… I was mad and I have been sitting here for several hours just trying to think of what to do next, I couldn’t let... no I won’t put that down, too dramatic. Sigh, I guess I better think of something else to do, I looked at the menu again on the computer, on it were games, but ones I never heard of. I decided to try one or two out, eeeeewwwwww that’s totally disgusting the game is of the three stooges crapping and throwing shit pies at each other, yuck! I wonder what this one does... I like this one pretty much, you get to torture any person you wish by placing their faces, bodies, and skeletal frame on the computer, you are then the Dominant in the game, the more pain and suffering you give to the person you envision, the more points you acquire. Guess who I placed as the tortured victim…..

* * * *

It was now 5:00PM and I was doing some calisthenics when he arrived again, he looked tired and I wondered what he had been doing. "Johnny what’s wrong are you all right?" I asked, and then I knew I said the wrong thing.

He turned around and looked at me with big eyes the color of hell, I did not see the slap that landed across my face, but the impact knocked me to the floor. He went over to the cabinet and opened it with a magnetic key, he took out a flogger and a large gag that looked impossible to use especially on me. I stayed put as he approached, and placed the offensive gag deep into my mouth, it felt like it was designed to dislocate my jaw. I fought it as he tightened the restraints that held it in my mouth, but it was useless, when he was satisfied I was gagged good and tight, he slapped the back of my head, he walked three paces from me and started striking me with the flogger, it hurt, it felt like hundreds of fires tearing through me, I tried to run away from him but he just struck me all the harder.

When the last blow hit we where both tired, but he was worse than he was when we began, he took a few minutes, then released my mouth so that I may speak again.

"Master I'm sorry for speaking the way I did, I… … , I was worried about you, you had every right to punish me, thank you my Master." Sheesh I was just full of molasses.

"You will learn as you go along, all the same you are turning out much better than I thought you would. Get some sleep and we will talk in the morning. "

He walked towards the door and before he could open it, I said, "Why don't you sleep with me tonight? I’m very lonely?"

He stared at me as he opened the door, "You won't be lonely soon, now get some sleep, and you will have a very hard day tomorrow."

He left me all alone as the lights slowly dimmed, quite a change for the first few days here.


I woke up from a long sleep after eating supper, I felt something was amiss and tried to get up. I couldn’t lift my head more than a few inches from the pillow, I felt the chain that was connected to my collar and knew that he had restrained me to the bed while I slept. My wristlets and anklets were also secured to the bed, I wasn’t going to be able to do my exercises this morning. Now what did I do to deserve this punishment I wondered? Then I heard it, he was unlocking the door. I could see that he was dragging something towards the door, and who or what wasn’t cooperating. It was a girl, no more than 18 years of age. She was stripped naked and was being roughhoused while he pulled and pushed her into the room.

She had red hair, and was 36-24-36 and no more than 5’8" tall. And she was tough, he was having a hard time as it is with her, but finally he got her to the bed beneath me and secured her there. He removed the sack over her head and told her the same thing he told me, except he didn’t say that he was keeping her, he said that she would be sold by the end of the month. And with that he left, she cried as I lay there above her, I knew how she felt, I tried to reach her and tried to comfort her. "Hello, are you alright? It's very scary here, but if we put our heads together we could try to escape?" Suddenly a huge volt of electricity shot through me, it felt like I was in an electric chair, with no reprieve. It scared her hearing me scream like that but there was no other way of relieving the pain I was experiencing.

She got out of her bed and climbed up to try to help, as she touched me the electrical shock I was experiencing shot her through the air making her crash on the floor. She groaned as the electrical shock released me from its terrible grip. She lay there moaning as I was still restrained to the bed. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" I shouted, as she slowly rose up onto her hands, she looked at me and had a questioning look on her face, "Don’t worry it’s the collar, it is controlled by the computer that is our jailer here, you just met the warden as it was."

She just sat there and looked at me as though I was a figment of her imagination, "Could you try to release me from this bed, I have to start my exercise?" She got off the floor and climbed once again to my bed and started untying the rope holding my body to the bed, she found the key to the lock holding the chain to my collar in the lock itself, she released me and climbed down as I got out of bed.

"Listen you get some sleep he will want you well rested when he eventually returns." I told her as I headed for the exercise area to start my workout, I quickly turned around and went to the bathroom instead, I didn’t want what happened last time to happen again, it could drawn her. I finished peeing and then went to the treadmill, this time I hopped up onto it and started my running the way the computer wanted me to run.

By 8:30 AM I had done more than I ever thought possible with my workouts, I looked at my new roommate. She slept fitfully, but I was feeling a kind of warmth from her and I wanted to make sure she would be alright. I fixed us a big breakfast and the smell of waffles and poached eggs woke her up, we sat together and ate our breakfasts in silence. I waited until she started the conversation, "Why… ,," she asked, and I said "Why am I here? He wants me as his slave, but I don’t know what he’s going to do with you, maybe the computer will know?" I looked up at a camera and stated "Computer, why is this girl here?"

The computer answered quicker than ever before than one of my more previous questions, "She is here to fulfill an order that the Master has for the Arabian. He wants a young nubile slave to compete in the contest, if you will like I will explain the rules of the contest, although I think it best she learns the rules from her new Master when he picks her up."

We stared at each other for a few minutes, then she said "Com… , uhhh computer tell me the rules of the contest, as well as what has happened with past contestants?"

I looked at her in wonder, she doesn’t even bat an eye at what the computer says, "The rules are simple, the winner of the contest is the one who survives. All contestants are given different tests of survival, to date only two people have survived the contest, and have been freed of their slavery, that has happened in 1235 A.D. and 1821A.D. respectively, the Master hopes you will win this year and survive to make him happy. If the Master is happy then he will not punish his slave, so please, do this for your new friend that sits next to you for comfort on your part."

This was getting more and more serious each day of my life, I was now a liability to my roommate, "the contestants in the past have gone through many trials of survival, one has been through a maze, only to find that the only way to the exit was to walk through 20’ of fire that carpeted the floor in front of it. Another found that she was on a deserted island and had to stay within the trees, for the crabs upon the island was ravenous and carnivorous, still another one found that she had to walk through a cannibals village and face their chief in order to get help to survive, that one lasted five minutes by the way, I hear she was quite delicious. Still another was forced to be wrapped up as a mummy and live for eight weeks in a tomb that had several poisonous insects and reptiles, for twenty weeks".

"Now like I said each test is different and each contestant has to achieve survival or perish, their was however a controversy when two slaves survived, they had to go through an elimination round, one slave boy the other girl was both bound tightly in reed baskets that kept them immobile, as the reed work was tightened by first wetting the reed strips then heated by huge looking glasses shining the sun on them, the one who survived would be the one who did not call out for mercy, the one who did, was then gagged and finished the process. She didn’t survive. but the slave boy did, just long enough to be killed in a different way, that is why the controversy. They found him two days later bound and dead in an abandoned warehouse, upon autopsy they found that he had fifty baby cobras that had hatched inside his stomach, and had bitten him to death, he must have screamed for hours as he was tortured from within by the little beasties, they say that he survived until they found him, and all he could say was but I won… but I won."

I asked the computer to stop for now as we were both looking like ghosts, our whole bodies had turned such a ghostly white. I hugged my roommate and helped her to her bed to get her to rest, I wondered what my involvement would be in helping this lonely, scared woman.

* * * *

We sat there and talked for most of the morning and afternoon, I learned that her name was Mary Anne Leberwitz, and she worked in the insurance firm of Daxter and Sons mutual insurance. She was a nice woman, and sort of liked her. We started to learn how to talk around the computer so it didn’t know what we were planning. At 12:00 PM he entered the room with a covered statue, or what I thought was a covered statue. He told us to stay put, and he activated the restraints on the chairs to hold us in place. We were splayed out wide and vulnerable to him as he uncovered the statue like construction, it was a suit, all metal and plastic. He released me and told me to put on the exo-suit, he helped.

He first started by having me get into the leggings, he snapped the metal and plastic into place around my lower legs and feet, it was tight but manageable. He then snapped the thigh coverings into place, it felt like my legs were being hugged by an unfeeling machine, I didn’t know then how right that analogy was. Next he snapped on the waist belt, this acted like a chastity belt, its dildo and butt plug pieces slid into my sex and ass like they were made for me, there was no pain, and it felt pleasurable. Then I noticed that the waist was too tight for me, he remedied that by extracting a corset, he placed the corset around my waist and then threading the front hooks, he then started to tighten the corset to my body, when he finished I had a 15" waist, he snapped the belly armor into place with a click. He then helped me get my arms into the sleeves of the suit, these sleeves fit tighter than a glove, but were comfortable, he snapped the metal and plastic coverings of the sleeves into place, now I wasn’t able to remove the sleeves without his help.

He snapped the chest plate into place and I could feel the nubs and wiggly thing touching my breasts, my nipples stuck out of the suit, the only part of my skin exposed to the air around me, this got me hot and my nipples hardened into rock hard points upon my metallic body, it also made them get caught in the rings that they had come out of. The last thing he did was secure the helmet to my head, this helmet locked into place, the eyes of the helmet were TV screens hooked to two cameras looking out of the suit. Where ever I looked the cameras looked, and all I could see was a video view of the outside world. I tried to move, but the suit refused to budge. He released Mary from her bondage to the chair and then left. As soon as he left Mary tried to remove me from the suit, only to find out that we needed a key to open the various pieces to the exosuit. Five minutes after he left I began to move, I had a bad feeling about this.

The computer took over my every move, I was being controlled by a computer and the itinerary popped up on the screens, I was scared. The first thing the suit did was grab Mary and drag her to the bondage area, it had the strength of 10 men, and it was easy to manipulate her into what was going to happen, out of the faceplate came the voice of another woman, computer generated no doubt by the computer, it told Mary that her training would begin and that it was her Mistress, I tried to stop myself but the suit just kept on going, it took Mary to the stocks and secured her quite easily into it, she was hunched over with her head and wrists locked into the standing part of the rig, her legs splayed outwards and secured to leg stocks also attached to the stocks.

My suit then went over to the cabinet, against my will, and extracted the meanest looking flogger I had ever seen. I was forced back to her and raised my arm high over my head, the first strike hit home on her back, as the suit continued to talk loudly to Mary "This is to let you know that there will be no release from your bondage for either of you, you will obey our commands with sublime obedience. You will refer to me as Mistress always since this one is the first slave in this room at this time, this makes her first slave, and you will do as she says without question." As this went on the strikes continued to walk slowly down Mary’s back, until they reached her ass, it struck Mary’s ass much harder than the back, but still she showed the welts of a good whipping. It then stopped and moved back to the cabinet, inside I was crying I didn’t want this to happen to her but there was no way out.

It grabbed a huge dildo and returned to Mary, Mary crying and screaming to be released saw the offensive weapon coming towards her, she tried to get away but couldn’t she was so weak and very well restrained. My right mechanical hand grabbed her hair as the left positioned the dildo at the entrance to her pussy, the tin monster ordered her to fuck it, and rammed the huge piece of rubber deep inside of her. She screamed so loud that I thought she would die, but reluctantly she started moving her hips up and down upon the dildo, she was doing what she was told, without complaint. Tears shed from my eyes as the dildo and butt plug started to vibrate inside my body, the earphones that were buried deep inside my ears told me that I did a good job and the vibrators was my reward for doing such a nice job on the slave, and more would come if I did as I was told. I screamed inside the helmet, but the sound didn’t even penetrate the outer material of the suit. I started to think of nasty ways of wreaking my revenge on Johnny, no matter what it takes I will have my revenge…..

By 5:00 PM the system released me from the work we did, me working on Mary and Mary taking so much abuse, I tried to tell her over and over again that I could do anything about how the suit treated her, but nothing came out of the suit, the suit pointed towards the kitchen and slapped Mary on her poor tortured back to get her to go and make supper. The computer told her to make a liquid diet that was hidden in the back of one of the cabinets, this was to be my meal and she wouldn’t be allowed to eat until I was fed. She made the stuff and was then told how to feed me in my suit, she took out a huge syringe and dipped its plastic tube into the soupy mixture of my meal, my suit sat down and opened a small hatch in the faceplate of the suit, a hole was there, that was where the soup was to be injected into my mouth, I was held in place by the suit, as a solid rubber gag pushed its way into my mouth, it had a tube going through it, and I could get the first dregs of the soup into my mouth.

Upon tasting my first meal in the suit I wanted to puke, but the gag kept me from that, it tasted like week old sperm that was scraped off of an elephant’s ass. Bleeck this stuff was awful, but it kept going deep into my mouth, I had to swallow or drown in this horrible stuff. After I was fed the suit allowed Mary the grace of eating, it sat Mary down and restrained her to the chair, then it took the remains of my meal and grabbing a handful of hair, pulled back Mary’s head and poured the contents down into her mouth, I could see that she hated the stuff just as much as I, but she could spit it out. When she did do this she was slapped in the face by my metallic hands and forced to try and eat the retched stuff again, she didn’t fight this time and she swallowed the stuff like she was a baby.

Tears formed on her eyes as she looked into my mechanical face and understood my plait, after our meal we were released from our bondage but I still couldn’t talk to my roommate, the dildo was still inside my mouth and wouldn’t extract itself. I was able to control my movements though as I went to the computer screen and started typing words onto the screen for Mary to read. She was behind me and mouthed the words as I typed them, I wrote {I’m sorry for what happened, I cannot control this suit, it is controlled by the computer, please don’t be mad or scared of me, I cannot fight this horrible thing that has me stuck inside…} she spoke up and said she understood what I might be feeling, she just wished that she knew how long I was going to be stuck inside the scary thing.

The computer stated that I was going to be in the suit for the entire duration of her stay with us. A tear shed from both of us as we heard the computer say what it had said. I got up from the computer and went to my bed, I tried to climb into it, but the suit had other ideas. It moved instead to the head of the bunk beds and locked down, I would have to sleep standing up. I tried to fall asleep, but it was hard to do. Finally after trying so hard to sleep, exhaustion came to me and I fell into a dreamless sleep….

* * * *



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