A Controlled Life 8

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 8

Chapter Twenty Six

As soon as Princess Dee hung up the phone Tom spoke up. “I-is all of this really necessary Princess Dee?”

“Of course it is my little sissy. It is vital that we cement your position. Your reluctance has been amusing at best, but I am very disappointed in your last little rebellion attempt. Until now, everything we have done has obviously just not instilled in you the permanence of your new position in life. I think having proof of what you are permanently etched into your skin might help to also permanently etch it into your mind as well.” Princess Dee told him.

“But how will I ever be able to go to the gym or go swimming with those tattoos? I will never be able to wear shorts or go topless again without exposing myself to ridicule.” Tom implored.

Princess Dee just chuckled. “Seriously sissy? I can tell that your ass has not seen the inside of a gym in a few years so don’t even try to use that as an excuse. And unless you are swimming at an indoor pool, your stark white body tells me that you haven’t been spending any time laying out at the pool lately, if ever, either. So please don’t tell me that you are really that concerned with being exposed to ridicule; as it stands right now the odds of that happening appear to be next to none.”

Tom was about to reply but Princess Dee interrupted him. “Besides,” she said, “you are a slave now. If you do get ridiculed then so what? Self-esteem is for people, why should I care about your feelings on this? The more people who help keep you in your place the better.”

Tom knew he wasn’t going to win this argument so he went on to his next concern. “Why do I need the piercing? What if it gets infected? If it sticks out of the chastity and you lock it there, doesn’t it risk tearing out or stretching?”

Princess Dee laughed aloud. “My, my, what an overactive imagination you have sissy. I never realized what a worrywart you are. The risk of infection at a reputable shop is very low; as is the risk for infections with Prince Albert piercings; not that it concerns me. If you get an infection then that is your problem, not mine. As far as I am concerned, if it gets infected and falls off, or has to be removed, then you will have another permanent reminder of your place in life. So I highly recommend you strictly adhere to the aftercare requirements to prevent that from happening.” Princess Dee giggled. “As far as using it with the chastity; first I love that you think I was going to use it to lock your piercing to the outside of your tube. That is an excellent idea, and I may use that temporarily; but not until after it heals; because yes, there is the risk of it stretching or tearing out. No slave, the piercing is for the new chastity you will be getting. While the CB6000s is a good chastity device, there is nothing like solid stainless steel for making chastity that much more secure. Soon you will be the lucky owner of a Mistress Lori’s number 2D with electrodes.”

Princess Dee opened Tom’s web browser and typed in ‘chastitytube.com’ and entered the site to show Tom the new device she had planned for him and then said. “Trust me slave, with a Prince Albert piercing, your chastity will be that much more secure that it is now.”

Tom gasped when he saw the device. This thing looked very seriously no-nonsense. He shuddered at the thought of it being locked onto is penis through the PA hole he was soon to have. Tom had already been unsuccessful in his attempt at masturbation in the CB6000s, he could only imagine how much harder it would be to achieve any pleasure, let alone an erection in the 2D. Even scarier was how the chastity had electrodes attached to it that connected it to a Dreamlover Labs DL2000 chastity device. Tom recognized the DL2000 from when Princess Dee first added it to his goals on his Mint.com account. He had later looked it up and knew some of its capabilities and that it would allow Princess Dee to administer punishing shocks to his genitals as well as stimulus. Tom prayed that there would be more stimulus than punishments; but he somehow knew that would be one unanswered prayer. Looking at the picture of the device made Tom wish that he could wear the CB6000s forever. It seemed much more comforting than what he was now looking at.

Tom decided to move his concerns to the second phone call that Princess Dee had successfully made deals on. As nervous as he was at the reality of it actually happening, Tom was also secretly excited at the idea of serving random women at the beauty salon. The very idea of it caused his penis to throb within its cage and sent shivers of thrill up his spine. However, he did not want Princess Dee to be aware of this so he tried to steel himself and pretend that he did not care for this plan at all. He started to address the issue but was immediately cut off by Princess Dee. “Don’t tell me that you aren’t thrilled by the idea sissy. I can hear it in your voice and see it in your eyes.”

Tom stammered “I-I don’t,” he said, but stopped as he recognized the breathy quality his voice had taken on. Of course she could hear it in his voice, so could he, and probably almost anyone else on earth who would have heard him at that moment. As for seeing it in his eyes, yes she could probably do that as well once Tom had thought about how big his eyes must have dilated. Damn, he hated himself for finding this exciting again. Tom realized that this was a futile battle on his part, but knew that he did have one other thing he wanted to address.

“Princess Dee, please don’t make me get my ears pierced” Tom implored. “I can conceal everything else but there is no way to hide the fact that I have had both of my ears pierced. What do I tell people? What do I tell my work?”

Princess Dee’s eyes turned cold. “You just don’t get it do you sissy? I don’t care. Tell them you are going through a mid-life crisis; tell them you lost a bet; tell them you are coming out as gay; or tell them that you are a sissy. Hell, tell them the truth, that you are being blackmailed into becoming a sissy slave. I really just don’t care. You either need to find a way to cover your own ass, or come to terms with your new life. And the sooner you do that the better.”

Tom stuttered out a “y-yes P-Princess Dee.” Wow, Tom thought, that didn’t go well. He knew that Princess Dee could be cruel, but he didn’t think that she was so volatile.

In fact, Princess Dee wasn’t that volatile. She had acted that way for the explicit purpose of throwing Tom off-guard. A little fear would be a good thing for what she had planned for him later that evening. In the meantime she thought it best to get Tom’s dinner out of the way and told him to go get a bowl of his beans and bring them back so she could watch him eat.

‘Oh shit!’ Tom thought to himself. The beans and stuff had gone into the trash when he tried to escape. Tom knew he was in for it as soon as Princess Dee saw the crestfallen look on his face.

“Seriously Tiffy? You tossed it out when you thought you had gotten away from me, didn’t you?” Princess Dee asked him. Tom nodded his head in the affirmative. “Well as I’ve told you there are consequences and punishments for your actions and right now I am not in a giving mood so I think perhaps double punishments are in order.”

Tom just hung his head like a condemned man and awaited his sentence. He did not have to wait long.

“Well, the consequence of your actions is that you will go hungry tonight and all day long tomorrow at work. Obviously after work you will need to go to the city market again and repurchase your food before you will be allowed to eat again. That will be something that you will regret both tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be starting your fitness training with the Fitbit. The default is ten thousand steps a day, but for the first part of your punishment let’s change that to fifteen thousand steps instead. Why, to meet that goal you might have to walk all the way to the city market instead of taking the bus. Yes, your car is off-limits until it sells, so don’t even think about taking it. As for the second part of your punishment, well I will have to call Yvonne back and let her know that you will now be getting two piercings in each earlobe instead of just the one. Do you dare to get another punishment added? I’d be happy to have her give you a few Helix piercings as well.” Princess Dee said.

Tom shook his head no. He had no idea what a Helix piercing was, but he really did not want to find out the hard way. He also cursed himself for getting into another position that merited him a punishment. It might have been easy for him to explain away pierced ears using one of the sarcastically provided answers that Princess Dee had given him earlier; not so easily done with double piercings.

“Now,” Princess Dee started, thinking that it was time to push Tom now that she had instilled a fair amount of fear in him, “Get out both of your toys so you can practice your oral training and then undress down to just your bra and chastity. Yes, remove your panties too; and be a good little maid and put the rest of your uniform away properly.”

As soon as Tom had hung up the maid’s uniform and folded up and put away the panties, he came back with both of his Sexflesh toys in tow.

“Get them both set up on the coffee table like you did the other night sissy.” Princess Dee told him. “Tonight we are going to do this a little bit differently.”

With that Princess Dee turned on the black-screen option on Tom’s Teamviewer. “I am not the authority when it comes to how well you perform oral service sissy; especially when it comes to fellatio. So I’ve decided that the best way for you to learn is to have a critical audience.” Princess Dee said.

Tom’s eyes went as big as saucers at this last comment. What the hell was happening behind that black screen?

When the screen came back on a second later Tom saw that he was signed in as sissytiffy on the Chaturbate website and that his profile read ‘chastised sissy loves to serve and please orally; be my director’.

“Now get to work my sissy, I will be back in about 3 hours.” Princess Dee said as she opened his room to everyone.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Tom was mortified to see himself on the screen. There he was squatting on the floor wearing a pink bra with the two sex toys in front of him. There was absolutely nothing to obscure who he was, and the artificial vagina and penis sitting in front of him made it perfectly clear to anyone who was watching that he was there to perform orally just as it stated on his profile.

As the first person entered his chat room; Tom panicked. He jumped up and grabbed hold of his mouse and tried to close the chat window unsuccessfully as his inputs were still locked by Princess Dee. He then immediately reached over and turned the camera so it was facing the wall.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Princess Dee asked him as she closed the chat room window. "Why did you move the camera?"

"Please Princess Dee, don't make me do this. What if someone recognizes me? I can't go on cam looking like this...let alone to do what you want me to do. Please, isn't there something else I can do?" Tom pleaded.

"No sissy, there isn't anything else you can do. How many times do I have to tell you that you need to accept your new position in life? So what if someone recognizes you? They will only see you for the sissy that you are. Besides, what do you think the odds are of it happening? How likely is it that someone you know is on this site right now, let alone looking at your profile or entering your room? Now, turn the camera back towards the coffee table and resume your position," Princess Dee instructed.

Tom was panic-stricken as he struggled to come up with a way of making himself unrecognizable; when the solution to his problem hit him square in the face. "Princes Dee, can I at least put on some makeup? That way I will look more like the sissy you want me to be," he asked.

Princess Dee pondered this for a few moments. Tom thought he was being clever here by offering to feminize himself in order to get what he wanted. At first Princess Dee was going to deny Tom's request just to make him suffer. However, the more she thought about it, the more she realized she could turn it to her advantage. She then told Tom that she had closed the room and for him to get back on camera.

Tom did as he was told and then Princess Dee said, "Tell me what you want."

"I want to put on makeup Princess Dee," Tom said.

"Why?" Princess Dee asked him. "Tell me why you want to wear makeup," she said. She knew she had to play this carefully. If it panned out then she would get something that Tom would regret saying for a very long time; and if it didn't then it would still be a great mind-fuck on her part.

Tom wanted to wear makeup to make himself unrecognizable or at least less recognizable, but he knew he couldn't just come out and say so or Princess Dee refuse to allow it. He had to convince Princess Dee that he actually wanted to wear it to show that he really was a sissy.

"I want to wear makeup so I can be a good sissy for you on webcam," Tom stated.

"Why?" Princess Dee asked him again.

"To do what you want me to do for you on webcam," Tom answered.

Princess Dee smiled, so far this was playing out as she was hoping it would. "What is it I want you to do on cam my little sissy?" she asked.

Tom was getting frustrated with the questions. It was almost like talking to a three year old who was playing the "Why?" game that all kids of certain ages find so amusing. This did not seem to be going as smoothly as Tom was hoping it would. "You want me to orally play with sex toys," he said.

Princess Dee smirked and said "You mean eat pussy and suck cock? What, are you too embarrassed to even say those terms? Is it too hard for you say what you will be doing? Or is it just the one that you have difficulty saying? Come on sissy, let me hear you say 'eating pussy'."

Tom felt the heat of his blush as his cheeks and ears turned bright red with both embarrassment and arousal. "Eating pussy," he said.

"See," Princess Dee said, "that wasn't so hard to say, was it? But eating pussy isn't really a sissy thing to do is it? Lots of men do that quite eagerly, so it must be the other thing then. Come on now, be a good sissy for me and say it...'sucking cock', I know you can do it."

Tom swallowed hard, this really was not going as he thought it would. There was no longer any arousal in his crimson cheeks and ears as he finally looked down and said, "Sucking cock."

"See sissy, I knew you could say it. Now look at me and tell me what you want," Princess Dee said with a Cheshire Cat grin and her hand pressing the button to record on her computer.

Tom sighed, he knew he had backed himself into a corner here, and that the only way out of it was to tell Princess Dee what she wanted to hear. He looked up at the camera as he spoke. "I want to wear makeup and look like a sissy when I am on cam sucking cock for you Princess Dee."

Princess Dee just chuckled lightly and said, "So close sissy, but so far. You want to look like a sissy? My dear, you are a sissy and it isn't what I want or who you are doing this for that matters. Now, be concise and tell me exactly what it is you want." She then pressed the record button. This was the moment that she either got Tom to say something he would regret forever, or the mind-fuck would come to an end.

Tom took a deep breath and finally said the words that Princess Dee was hoping to hear. "I want to wear makeup when I suck cock."

Princess Dee stopped the recording before Tom could elaborate or try to rectify his statement but she had nothing to worry about. Tom was dumbstruck as soon as he had said those words. That isn't what he wanted. He didn't want any of this, and yet those were the words that had come out of his mouth. He had made it as a statement of fact, and although it was an incomplete statement it still rang true somewhere in his mind.

"Very well sissy, get your makeup on and then you can suck cock for me and your audience in your chat room," Princess Dee said.

As Tom got up to do as instructed, Princess Dee saved the recording in to a file and debated where she would post it first. Would it be more advantageous to post it on Tiffany Henderson's Facebook first or on Tom Henderson's Facebook? She knew it would eventually get posted to both, but worried that if she posted it to Tom's first that it might cause too much hardship and even might cost him his job. No, she decided, he would lose his job eventually, but he still needed it for now if he was to keep his house and for her to continue using his own finances against him.

For now Tiffany's Facebook would have exclusive rights to this lovely little recording. Now she just needed to capture some of the Chaturbate recordings of him following someone's direction and she could start turning Tiffany into a social media darling.

Chapter Twenty Eight

Under Princess Dee's watchful eye Tom then proceeded to apply his makeup, unwittingly providing additional fodder to her ever growing file on him. She allowed him to apply it in a heavy manner giving him a whorish appearance, but made sure that he did not make it as clownish as he had the first time she had recorded him.

It appeared that Princess Dee was right, as for the next two hours not one person who entered Tom's chat room even mentioned the female sex toy. Tom was directed to do all kinds of things with the artificial cock; he gave it hand jobs, deep throated it, licked it like an ice cream cone, and even used his hand and mouth in a reverse piston motion. Tom saw the occasional message telling him that he had received tokens from one of the people in his room but had no idea what that meant.

Finally, after a little more than two hours into his session someone told Tom that he wanted him to act out a cuckolding session using both of the sex toys. Tom was curious as to what this viewer had in mind so he readily agreed to follow this person's direction above those of other viewers in his room. Tom had not noticed it, but his audience had now reached eighty three users. However, at this point in time as far as Tom was concerned there was only the one viewer who had now piqued his interest. Tom knew that a cuckold was a man whose wife cheated on him. How that could be played out with the use of two sex toys was beyond his comprehension.

The viewer first had Tom begin to kiss around the female crotch telling him to inhale deeply and imagine her musky smell. This brought on the first twinge of excitement within Tom's chastity since he had been on Chaturbate. The viewer continued to weave a tale of how he should then begin to lick her pussy. He then told Tom to stick his tongue into the pussy while cupping the crotch with his left hand and use his thumb to slowly and very gently rub against the lower end of her lips. The viewer told Tom that helping to prepare his 'wife' and her lover for sex was the second highest honor that a sissy could ever have, which brought another twinge to Tom's cock. He then told Tom to continue licking and rubbing the pussy and to now use his right hand to slowly stroke the cock on the other toy. It was while Tom was doing this that Princess Dee looked up from her Kindle reader. She had been recording the entire Chaturbate session but had paid little attention to it while she had been reading; only occasionally looking up to see if anything would catch her attention. This was something new, every other time she had looked up it was only to see Tom fellating the male sex toy.

Princess Dee then set her Kindle reader aside and read what this viewer was telling Tom. She liked the direction this viewer was taking, so she stretched the recording window out to now include the entire Chaturbate screen and not just the video window. If this panned out well then maybe she would change Tom's job description to 'cuckold sissy maid in training' on his new Facebook page.

The viewer then told Tom to stop licking the pussy and turn his head towards the cock and start sucking on it while continuing to use his hands on both toys. The viewer said that a cuckold sissy should serve as a fluffer for his 'wife's' lover or 'bull'. He also told Tom to alternate between the cock and pussy with his tongue to get them both well lubricated for penetration.

Tom was getting a bit heady by this time, often closing his eyes and fantasizing that he was doing this to two actual people and not just two sex toys. He could feel his own cock throbbing heavily within the confines of his chastity tube.

After several minutes of alternating orally between the two toys to get them nice and wet, the viewer told Tom to gently glide the cock into the pussy. He then told Tom to use his tongue and lips to kiss and lick at the bottom of where the two toys met and imagine he was lying on his back with the two lovers above him; his 'wife' straddling his head and her 'bull' straddling his chest. Tom repositioned the two toys so that his head was lined up as the viewer had instructed. This put the male toy lying flat on the coffee table with the female toy dangling in the air impaled on the upright cock. This obscured Tom's face from the camera for a short while, but the now over two hundred users in the room and Princes Dee could hear as Tom continued to kiss and suck at the point the two toys intersected. They could also hear the moans emanating from Tom as his cock continued to throb even more heavily in the chastity. Tom slightly turned the toys and slid them over a little so he could see the screen and keep following the viewer's instructions.

The viewer told Tom to cup the male sex toy's ass and to imagine pulling the 'bull' into his 'wife'. After several minutes he told Tom to imagine that the 'bull' was now cumming inside of his 'wife' and that with each thrust a little of the cum and pussy juice dribbled out and onto Tom's tongue. Tom's moans grew louder as the chastity pulled painfully at his balls, there was no room left for Tom's penis to grow in the cage.

Tom was then told to pull the cock out of the female toy and to suck it clean while imaging his 'wife' holding her pussy lips closed with her fingers, trapping all of the cum within her. "A good cuckolded sissy will clean his wife's lover" the viewer had typed. The viewer then told Tom to open up his mouth and imagine his 'wife' now using her hand to spread her pussy wide open just above his mouth. "Think of all the cum dripping out of her pussy and into your mouth sissy," the viewer typed, "Now stick your tongue in her pussy, cup your lips around her and suck out everything while you strive to give her an orgasm."

As Tom did this his eyes went wide and he let out a low moan. It was obvious to everyone in the room that Tom himself had just had an orgasm within the confines of his chastity tube while committing this final act of cuckold subservience.

Princess Dee was surprised that Tom had been able to have the orgasm while in the chastity and without any physical stimulation. She knew that meant that this whole scenario had really turned Tom on more than either one of them would have anticipated. She was glad that she had found something that Tom would not mind her using against him, but a bit disappointed that his current chastity tube did not prevent his orgasm.

"Oh well!" she mused, she knew that the Lori's tube once locked onto his Prince Albert piercing would be much more effective in curbing his sexual release.

It was then that Tom did the totally unexpected. Still completely turned on by the fantasy even after his orgasm, Tom reached down, wiped the cum up with his fingers, slowly brought them up to his mouth and sucked them clean.

"Yes!" Princess Dee thought to herself. She had chosen wisely. Tom was indeed the perfect candidate for her ministrations. She did indeed know Tom much better than he did himself. Things would be much easier for her from here on out.

Chapter Twenty Nine

Tom could not believe what had just happened. He had never had a ruined orgasm before. The concept of still being horny and still having as big of a hard-on as the chastity cage would allow after spilling his load confused him. How could he not be sated, and how was he able to cum without any physical stimulation? He still felt the need to cum. However, without any further mental or physical stimulation; he knew that just wasn’t going to happen. Tom was so frustrated that he wanted to cry; and had he really eaten his cum without giving it any thought? It was almost like he had done it instinctually.

He was so deep in thought that he failed to notice that he had received a couple hundred more tokens and that most of his audience was exiting his chat room.

Princess Dee stopped recording and closed Tom’s chat room; she would cash in the tokens later. For now she had a couple of other matters to attend to. “My, my, my! I must say Tiffy; that was quite the performance you just gave. You keep that up and you might make it to the top chat hosts list for the site. We might just have to get you out there on ImLive and CamContacts as well. Maybe you could make enough money to eventually quit that job you are so worried about keeping. Surely you would like doing this much more than your exciting career in retail; wouldn’t you?” she asked rhetorically. “Now, go get yourself and your toys washed up, and then report back here in your uniform. I need to do a few things here on your computer while you are gone.”

Tom just nodded mutely as his computer screen went black. He got up, grabbed the two sex toys and headed off to his bathroom. A nice hot shower would get his toys and body clean and hopefully get most of his makeup off, but first he thought it would take half a bottle of mouthwash to get the taste of semen out of his mouth.

While he was gone Princess Dee set about installing Google Chrome onto his computer and setting seven of the silent alarms on Tom’s Fitbit page for later that night and early the following morning. She waited until after Tom returned to set the final alarm for five minutes later and then pressed the synch button to send the alarm information to the device on Tom’s wrist.

“Now sissy,” she began as she closed the Fitbit page so Tom would not see the alarm times, and turned off the black screen. “Let me introduce you to Google Chrome; this will be your new web browser for the purposes of this new training tool that I am about to bestow upon you.”

Princess Dee then typed ‘http://cornertime.herokuapp.com/’ into the address bar.  When the page opened Tom saw the page title and moaned. Right there at the top of the page it said ‘Virtual Corner Time’. Tom thought to himself “Please don’t let this be another computer program like Grounded; it was terrible having nothing to look at but that grey screen while waiting to click on random buttons. However, he immediately realized that this was something altogether different as he saw that it was asking for permission to use his camera. He watched as Princess Dee clicked on the ‘Allow’ button and saw that his camera did indeed turn on and his image was in the screen at the bottom of the window.

Princess Dee then typed in ‘sissytiffy’ where it prompted for a name and then chose Bridget (English) under the ‘Pick your Disciplinarian” box. She then scrolled down to the bottom of the page and Tom could see a line graph that fluctuated with his movements. There was a dotted line across the screen and the line was green below it but changed to red above it every time he moved too much. Princess Dee then moved the ‘Movement Threshold’ tab from twenty percent down to five percent. When she did this Tom saw the dotted line move further down the screen and now even his smaller movements caused the line to go red. Princess Dee then moved the duration tab over to the five minute mark and then unclicked and clicked the box for ‘Disciplinarian may choose to vary the duration (±50%)’.

Before Princess Dee could continue the alarm on Tom’s Flex went off; startling Tom with its vibration. When Tom gasped and looked at his wrist Princess Dee just chuckled. “That is the alarm I told you about before sissy. Maids are always on duty and can be called upon to provide service at any time of day or night. With that in mind, I have decided to use the alarms on your Fitbit to summon you at random times to help instill that within you. When the alarm goes off you will have exactly three minutes to report here in front of your computer in your maid’s uniform or be punished. You had better keep your uniform at the ready and be a fast dresser if you know what is good for you“

Tom looked crestfallen and before he could reply Princess Dee continued “Don’t worry sissy, this rule will only apply when you are at home. And since I will not necessarily be awake, let alone online when you receive your summons; we will be using this virtual corner time tool to make sure that you report on time. The great thing about this tool is that it will help you in one other aspect of a maid’s life. Maids are often on standby and have to wait motionless until called upon to perform one of their maidly duties. So with that in mind, I will have eight tabs open to this webpage every day and when your alarm goes off you will be required to open one of them and ask for a punishment. You will then be required to stand motionless in the corner until the punishment is completed. So you get discipline and punishment in one tool. Aren’t you excited my little slave maid?”

Tom wasn’t looking forward to this but knew better than to show his disappointment at this development. “Yes Princess Dee.” He said, “Thank you for being so considerate.” Tom knew there was a drip of sarcasm in his voice when he said this, but fortunately Princess Dee just let it slide.

“I will choose the Disciplinarian. Sometimes it will be a male, and at others a female. Maids obey both, so you need to get used to being receptive to both telling you what to do. I will also randomly select the duration and the threshold for movement. The only thing you will do is click on the ‘Ask Bridget for Punishment” button; or whoever the Disciplinarian may be that time. Once the task is complete you are to view the punishment report and leave it open for me. I will then check the report the following day to confirm that you arrived on time, did not change any of the parameters of the punishment and that you completed it. You will learn that any movement on your part above the threshold will cause you to be scolded or to have time added to the punishment. Move too much and you will not get a lot of sleep as you will be stuck in the corner far longer than you need to be.” When Princess Dee said this, a frown instantly came to Tom’s face causing her to giggle.

“I will see both the scoldings and added punishment times on the reports, but don’t worry. I will not give you additional punishments as long as you complete the tasks and leave the reports for me to look at. Your lack of sleep and boredom will be punishment enough. We really need to get you some four inch heels to wear; then we can add sore calves and back to your incentives to keep these punishments to a minimum.” She said with a laugh.

“Now, I have already used one of your alarms, so fortunately for you, you will only have seven more of them tonight. I suggest that you go and get some rest while I set up your punishment tasks. Just make sure to listen carefully to your Disciplinarian to avoid any further punishment time. Remember, you have a long day tomorrow and a very long walk to the grocery store if you are to reach your goal for fifteen thousand steps. Now off to bed with you my sissy slave.” Princess Dee said in a stern manor.

“Yes Princess Dee,” Tom said, “Good night.” And with that he got up and ambled off to bed.

Chapter Thirty

Princess Dee was right. The following day was a very long one for Tom, and it followed what turned out to be a very long night for him as well. Every time the Fitbit alarm went off, the vibration startled Tom awake. While Tom knew that he would eventually get used to it so it would only wake him up, the fright it caused him each time now made it that much harder for him to fall back asleep even after the short tasks. Most of the Punishment tasks were only five minutes in duration originally, but with the movement threshold on three of the tasks set at only two percent, five minutes turned into over twenty. It also didn’t help that two of the tasks were set for twenty five minutes each. Fortunately for Tom the movement threshold on those was set at twenty percent and Tom was able to complete them without any additional time added.

Tom was completely exhausted when his real alarm clock went off at six am. He knew that Princess Dee would not let him use his car to go to work today, and he didn’t have any change for the bus which meant that he would have to walk to work, as well as to the store and then back home afterwards. Tom was glad that his job allowed him to wear athletic shoes. He could only imagine the blisters he would have by the time he got home if he had to wear dress shoes, or God forbid, high heels like Princess Dee had threatened.

Tom’s legs and feet were killing him by the time he got home from the store, and he was weak from hunger. It didn’t help that he wouldn’t have any beans ready to eat until the next day as they had to soak before he could cook them. However, Tom did sneak an apple out of the bag and ate it as he stood outside his door knowing that at least for now there was no way for Princess Dee to know he had cheated on his diet. Tom thought about it for a minute and it almost made him laugh. Why did he think it was cheating? He should be able to eat anything he wanted, when he wanted it. Yet here he was, not only feeling guilty of cheating his diet, but he also felt like he had actually stolen the apple. Somehow it almost felt to him as if he had snuck into the Garden of Eden and taken a bite of the Forbidden Fruit itself. As sweet as it was, he just knew in his heart that it was sinful. He could only pray that Princess Dee would not see the guilt on his face. As he opened his front door his pangs of hunger were evenly matched by his pangs of fear and guilt. Tom cursed himself for his weakness, he knew that even if Princess Dee couldn’t tell what he had done, or even if she didn’t ask him outright, that he would admit to her what he had done.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Tom asked himself as he finally stepped into the house and in view of the camera.

Fortunately for Tom when he did confess his sin, Princess Dee was just amused and not angry like Tom had feared. Not only did she not threaten to punish him, she also thanked him for his honestly. She did however ask him why he had taken the liberty to purchase the bag of apples to begin with when she had told him that they would not be a treat until after he had lost about twenty pounds. Tom apologized profusely. All he could think of was the list of things she had originally told him he would buy or be able to eat when he was at the grocery store.

Princess Dee just smiled inwardly at this. She knew that this meant that Tom was now starting to act on auto-pilot instead of just thinking for himself. His sub-conscious would start to take over further and further until Tom’s dominant characteristics and personality were completely overwhelmed. That is when his true slavery would begin; not when it was out of fear, or even from sexual excitement, but when it was truly his second nature.

The next two days were pretty much the same routine of Chaturbate, and Virtual Corner Time after a dinner of very mushy beans. Princess Dee had insisted that he cook them much longer than he had the first time he made them. As awful as the ‘al dente’ beans and brown rice had been the other day, they had been almost ambrosia compared to the bland almost textureless goo that he was now being made to eat.

Friday evening however brought Tom a slight reprieve as Princess Dee sent him directly to bed after an early Chaturbate session and told him there would be no alarms or corner time as she wanted him well rested and mentally prepared for his ear piercings and first day as a maid at the ‘A Touch of Class’ beauty salon.


Saturday morning still came very early for Tom. He packed his full maid’s uniform, which now included his cap, shoes, and hosiery into a garment bag and headed for the closest bus stop that offered Saturday service. With the limited weekend bus service it took Tom just over two hours to reach his destination. He was very grateful that Princess Dee had allowed him to not only take a bus, but that he was allowed to wear ‘civilian’ clothing for his journey. Arriving just after nine am, Tom knocked on the door of the salon. The salon was situated in a large building that stretched the length of the city block it was located on in one of the older downtown neighborhoods of Moline Illinois. Unfortunately, it fell just outside of the city center that was heavily renovated in the Nineties and had not seen the growth that other close by neighborhoods had seen. If fact, of the eight storefronts in the building only two others besides the salon were occupied.

Tom was blushing furiously when Yvonne opened the door and let him in. He stared around at his surroundings initially as he was too embarrassed to look Yvonne in the face yet. The reception area gave way to the styling section of the salon which had eight stations and then curved around to the right where the manicure/pedicure stations were. Beyond those was the spa section of the salon where facials, massages, aroma-therapy and other services were provided.

Yvonne led Tom through to one of the massage rooms and told him that he could get changed in there and to let her know when he was ready.

It took Tom a few minutes to steel his resolve and start changing his clothes. He first put on his pink bra and panties which he thought was only appropriate since they had actually been his first uniform in his service to Princess Dee. Next he pulled on his maid’s dress and apron. Then sitting down in the room’s low back chair, he pulled the Hanes Thigh Highs slowly up his legs doing his best to avoid getting any runs. He shuddered and felt his penis twitch in its chastity cage as he felt the silky smooth fabric glide up his shaved legs. He then pulled on his ballet flats, stood up, smoothed out and straightened his apron, and finally using the full length mirror in front of him placed the Draphix headpiece on his head. For the first time ever, Tom was now wearing his full maid’s uniform and about to really serve as a maid to a woman who he had just met less than fifteen minutes previously.

With a deep sigh, Tom opened the door and told Yvonne that he was ready.


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