A Controlled Life 7

by slave4teamviewer

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Part 7

Chapter Twenty Two

"How... How did you get this number?" Tom asked.

"Does that really matter my slave? I don't think so. I think the only thing that matters now, is what happens next." Princess Dee said. "I am very disappointed in you, I was beginning to think that you were accepting what was happening. As I told you before I do not want to destroy your life, but I will if I must. Did you really think that you could just walk\away from me? I've put a lot of time and effort into giving you what you asked for and what you want; even if you aren't fully aware of it." Princess Dee said.

Tom sat down hard on his chair. He was finding it very difficult to concentrate on what Princess Dee was saying. He also knew it did not bode well for him that she was not yelling or screaming at him in anger. She also wasn't threatening him either. Tom did not have much experience with women; but there was one thing he had learned in the past, it was that a calm and disappointed woman was more dangerous than a raving angry one. While a raving angry one would yell and make threats, it was the calm and disappointed one who would actually take action to effect change.

"What did you do, go to a friend's house or the library and change all your passwords on a different computer? Did you really think that you could just end this so easily? Sorry slave, you will be disappointed to know that you are not the first slave to try this, and that I had already taken measures in case you tried something like this. It was simply a matter of changing your security questions and answers to something I knew. When you changed your passwords, I bet you thought to make sure the mobile number and primary email recoveries hadn't changed; but as I've encountered in the past when people panic and change their passwords they never give thought to their security questions. Since I was able to use them to regain access to your accounts, I assume you didn't even think of them for a second." Princess Dee gave a small giggle after saying this.

Tom's heart sunk. She was right. He never even thought about the security questions. He just assumed that since he had used a different computer to change the passwords that he was safe. Even if she had spyware on his computer, he thought, she would have no way of knowing his new passwords and believed his accounts were safe from her. The accounts had still shown his mobile number and email address on the account settings pages of each when he changed the passwords. It never occurred to him to look at, let alone change his security questions.

"Once I regained control of the accounts it was a simple matter for me to then change everything and make those accounts completely mine. The only way you will ever be able to use those accounts again will be on your own computer after I type in the password for you via Teamviewer. Not only will you not have the current password to use to change it; but also if you try anything to recover the page I can simply close the browser before you can do anything. I have also taken the liberty of adding 'second sign- in verification' to your accounts that provide that option. Good luck ever trying to prove that you are the owner of your accounts and accessing them without me ever again." She said.

All Tom could do was ask, "Why? Why are you doing this to me? What do you want?"

Princess Dee just chuckled. "You already know what I want slave."

"Please Princess Dee, just leave me alone," he said.

"Is that really what you want slave? Think hard and listen carefully before you answer me. I am giving you a chance to live out your fantasy of being owned, and controlled by a dominant woman who is actually interested in you. Do you really want to give this up just to sit at home alone when you aren't working in a dead-end lower management position in retail, or obliging your own masturbatory fantasies? I can give your life purpose and meaning beyond who and what you currently are. You can be my slave, or you can be a nobody again. Now, tell me, is that really what you want?" Princess Dee asked.

Tom hesitated; he was very confused by her sincerity and by her offer. Would she really just let him go right now if he told her to leave him alone? If so, was she right? Would he really go back to being a nobody? What was wrong with him? How could she make slavery actually sound better than the alternative? "I...I" Tom stammered without ever giving her a definitive answer.

"See slave? You can't even make a simple decision like that. That is why I have decided it for you. You should know right now that I would have let you walk away a free man right there and then, if you had just made up your mind that that was indeed what you truly wanted. However, since you so obviously need my control I will tell you now that I have no intention of ever letting you go. If you ever try to escape from me again I will completely and utterly destroy your life. Granted, you were willing to risk me exposing you to your neighbors and family; but are you willing to risk having your boss Diane Jensen and everyone else who works with you see your video? Are you willing to lose your job, your retirement package, and your insurance benefits? Even if I don't show them the video, I could simply make enough customer comments and anonymous complaints to get you fired. If you were fired for cause then you wouldn't even be able to file for unemployment insurance. And I promise you now that I would make sure that nobody else would ever hire you. You would be destitute slave; with no job, no money and no future. Do not ever fail me again. Understood?" She said.

Tom's legs were shaking even sitting down and he again broke into a heavy sweat. Princess Dee was right. It was one thing to be humiliated to neighbors who did not matter to him and he knew his parents would still love him no matter what. However, losing his job of sixteen years and his retirement since it was not fully vested would be very devastating. He had no money saved and would lose his house and car in very short order. Tom finally answered her the only way he could. "Yes Princess Dee, I understand."

"Excellent!" Princess Dee said, "Now you should know that actions have consequences. One of the consequences of your actions obviously was that I wrested control of all of your accounts away from you. Another consequence will be an escalation in the timeframe I had laid out to increase my control over you. To that end, it will be necessary for you to borrow as much money from your 401K account as allowed. You will submit the loan request before you leave work today. The last consequence is a punishment. Just as a petulant child must sometimes be punished by having their favorite toy taken away...I have decided to take away your car. When you get home from work tonight, you will turn my computer on and then together we will post an ad for it on Craigslist. Do I make myself clear slave?"

Tom sat there weeping as he replied, "Yes Princess Dee."

Chapter Twenty Three

Tom couldn’t believe it. He thought that his nightmare was over, but now realized that it had only just begun. He went online and requested the loan against his 401K plan and then told his boss that he wasn’t feeling very well and asked for the rest of the day off. From work he headed directly to the library and spend the next hour trying to access and then recover his accounts. Princess Dee was true to her word. He was unable to sign in to any of them and trying to recover the passwords via email, phone number, and security questions proved unsuccessful. The only way he would ever access those accounts again was if Princess Dee signed in for him.

Tom then headed for home knowing he was defeated. Princess Dee was a Grand Champion at Chess and he only knew how to play Checkers. He was completely out maneuvered. When he got home he went straight into the garage and dug everything he had thrown away out of the garbage cans. ‘At least she doesn’t know that I tried to throw everything away.’ Tom thought to himself. He knew that she would find another way to punish him if she did. He wiped everything down and strapped the Fitbit Flex around his wrist. He then went and grabbed the bra and panties out of the bathroom trash and tossed them in the washing machine before heading out to the mailbox.

When he stepped outside the door he saw the package sitting there. He didn’t remember ordering anything else so he wondered what it could possibly be. He left it there as he walked to the sidewalk and looked inside the mailbox. There was nothing there, so he headed back to the house still trying to think of what the mystery package could be. When he bent down to pick it up, he could see the shipping slip and let out a low groan as he saw it was from Sharper Uniforms. His maid uniforms had arrived.

When Tom got inside, his curiosity got the better of him and he opened up the package. Sitting in the top of the box were the three white Tea Aprons and underneath them were the two Housekeeping Dresses. There was something about the contrast between the white aprons and the black dresses with their white collars and cuffs that Tom found oddly fascinating. These were not sexy uniforms like the French Maid uniforms out of most people’s fantasies. No, these were strictly utilitarian in nature and the polyester material was not as sensual to the touch as silk. However, Tom found himself getting aroused and excited looking at them and wanting to try them on. He even found himself wondering what it would be like to wear these while cleaning. Tom cursed himself for his thoughts. Could he really be excited about this? Did Princess Dee have him pegged correctly from the very beginning?

Tom pulled himself away from the uniforms when he realized that he had unknowingly been touching the dress and apron with one hand and rubbing his crotch with the other. He was disturbed by his own actions, and then actually gave a small chuckle when he thought he would need the chastity tube to stop him from wasting all his time playing with himself.

“Shit!” Tom said out loud. Princess Dee would know he removed the chastity tube because he had to cut the plastic lock to remove it. As soon as she saw the number on the new lock she would know right away that it wasn’t just the computer that he had tampered with. He could only imagine what the consequences and punishments for this would be. Once he got the chastity device back on, he attempted to superglue the lock back together unsuccessfully. There just didn’t appear to be a way to prevent Princess Dee from discovering that he had removed the device.

Once he resigned himself to the fact that he would have to use a new lock, Tom’s thoughts turned to mitigating the consequences of his actions. Maybe by wearing the maid’s uniform before Princess Dee commanded him to wear it, he would impress her enough that she would lessen the severity of any retaliation she took. At least he hoped so, even if he didn’t truly believe it himself.

Tom spent the rest of the time waiting for the bra and panties to finish drying watching television. He thought it would be best to have them on under the maid’s uniform just in case Princess Dee demanded an inspection. Besides, he reasoned, she was not expecting him home from work just yet. She had no way of knowing that he had left work early.

As soon as he heard the buzzer, he put the bra and panties on directly out of the dryer. The tingle he normally got from putting them on slightly enhanced by the warmth of the dryer. Tom then put on the dress and then struggled to attach the apron to it since the apron strings were part of the dress itself and not part of the apron. He didn’t understand the concept of this at first, but it quickly dawned on him that it made it more secure instead of having the risk of a poorly done knot tied behind him coming undone.

Tom looked at himself in the mirror with both fascination and humiliation. He was aroused again at the idea of being a maid and ashamed at the fact that this was turning him on. He could feel his penis throbbing against the inside of the chastity tube struggling to break free. With a deep breath he tried to steady his nerves and calm his excitement. “It’s time.” He told himself as he turned away from the mirror, walked out to his computer, and with a deep breath, turned the computer back on.

Chapter Twenty Four

Tom sat in front of the computer for over ten minutes waiting nervously for Princess Dee to log on. He was reluctant to try anything on the computer as he knew he couldn’t access any of his accounts and really didn’t know what else to do. If he had been paying attention he would have discovered that he was fidgeting with the apron he was wearing almost instinctually; alternating between folding the bottom hem up and smoothing the apron back down over his lap. Tom would have been ashamed if he knew what he was doing as it would have seemed a very feminine gesture to him.

Immediately upon connecting to Tom’s computer, Princess Dee turned on his camera to verify that he was wearing his required uniform of bra and panties. He was already in it deep enough; heaven help him if he was still wearing his work clothes. She was pleasantly surprised to see instead the white collar and black body of the maid’s uniforms that she had ordered for him. “My, my, what have we here?” she asked with a slight giggle in her voice.

“Well, stand up sissy, let me see!” Princess Dee told him. Tom stood up and stepped back away from the desk so Princes Dee could see the whole maid’s outfit. He felt a thrill as he twirled around at her behest. This took him aback as he could not understand why he was not embarrassed instead.

“Very nice slave, with a bit of make-up and a few more accoutrements you will really look like the maid you will become. Let’s see now….what’s missing?” Princess Dee then snapped her fingers and said “I know.”

Tom then watched as Princess Dee pulled up his Amazon account on his computer and typed ‘maid cap’ into the search bar. When she saw the ‘Draphix Authentic Maid Waitress Uniform White HeadPiece Cap Hat w/ Headband’ she said “Perfect! Your crowning glory,” with a giggle and added two of them to his shopping cart.

“You also need some shoes and hosiery.” She said as she then typed in ‘Le Dame Ballet flats’ and chose the ‘Le Dame® Footwear Unisex Ballet Flats - Sister Mary Agnes - Large Shoe Sizes!’ in black and asked Tom what size he wore. When he told her she then added them to his shopping cart as well. Finally she added two ‘Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Blackout Thigh High’ to Tom’s cart and proceeded to check out using the one day shipping option.

“There, now your uniform will be complete” she said emphatically. “Speaking of which…you are wearing your full uniform I hope.”

Tom nodded his head and pulled the neck of the housekeeping dress open enough to flash some of the pink bra to Princess Dee and then lifted up the front of the dress and apron high enough for her to glimpse the matching pink panties.

“Excellent sissy…and the chastity as well?” she asked him.

Tom bent his head down and used his chin to hold up the dress and apron so he could then pull the panties down and show her the chastity device. Tom then let out a sigh and thought ‘aw crap!’ when she told him to step closer to the camera so she could verify the number on the plastic lock. He knew that all of the goodwill he had won by wearing the maid’s uniform would evaporate as soon as she saw that he was wearing a new lock.

“What’s this? So you did remove the chastity during your little escape attempt. Well, as I told you before; there are consequences for your actions. Now, sit down and be quiet while I address some of these consequences.” She said.

Tom sat down and watched helplessly as Princess Dee performed a Google search for ‘tattoo and piercing shops in Davenport Iowa’. Princess Dee then opened the webpage of ‘Tribal Time Tattoos and Body Art’. Tom them heard the dial tone as Princess Dee put her phone on speaker and called the shop.

“Tribal Tattoos. This is Andy.” Tom heard the voice on the other end of the line answer.

“Hello. I was calling to inquire about your services” Princess Dee said. “Do you offer Prince Albert piercings? I am looking to have my sissy slave pierced and tattooed.”

“Um…okay.” Andy replied awkwardly. “Yes, we can do that here.”

Tom sat in stunned silence. Even if he wanted to protest, he really didn’t know what to say at that point.

“Great!” Princess Dee exclaimed. “I would like to schedule him for the piercing a week from Friday if possible, a gauge ten.”

“Ten is kind of large for an initial piercing. Can I recommend going with a twelve and then stretching it to a ten once it has healed? Or are you trying to expand an existing piercing?” Andy asked.

“No, this will be the sissy’s first piercing. It will be used to help keep him locked in chastity and the device requires a gauge ten piercing. But if you go ahead and do a gauge ten then I will be sure to throw some additional work your way in the future; perhaps his tongue and nipples at a later time?” Princess Dee inquired.

Tom was perplexed. What chastity device was she talking about? How would having a piercing on the end of his penis work with the cb6000s he was wearing. Was she planning on having a ring in the piercing and putting a lock through the ring on the outside of the cage so it couldn’t pull back through? Tom shuddered at the thought of how bad that would hurt and how effective that would be at keeping him from trying to remove the device.

“Sure, I didn’t say that we won’t do it; just that we recommend a smaller gauge to start with. You also mentioned tattoos?” he replied.

Princess Dee chuckled and said “Yes, three tattoos to be exact. We can schedule the first one for the same day as the piercing and then the other two on the following two Fridays if that is okay.”

Andy told her sure, that wouldn’t be a problem and asked her what she was looking for, or if she had the artwork to send him so he could create the stencils. Princess Dee said she had general ideas for all three tattoos but that she would allow him to be as creative as possible within her guidelines. Andy told her that there would be an additional charge for that, as it would take him time to come up with the actual designs. Princess Dee told him that that was not a problem and then told him what she wanted.

“Okay, the first tattoo is going to be just above his left ankle on the outside. It should be a hot pink rose wrapped in barbed wire to symbolize his status as a slave. It should be between two and three inches high. The second one will go on his right chest somewhere above his nipple. This one should also be of a hot pink rose and have his new stage name “Tiffany Rose” in feminine script underneath it. It should also be between two and three inches high. The final tattoo is to be a very floral tramp stamp with the words ‘Sissy’ on the left and ‘Tiffy’ spelled t-i-f-f-y on the right as part of the design. I want the letters of the words here to be at least one and a half inches or taller. However big you can make them so they fit and are clearly legible in fact would be great. This will also be in hot pink including the letters, and the letters should have a very defined edge to them. Perhaps even a doubly thick outline as compared to the outline on the rest of the tattoos…that way ‘Sissy Tiffy’ really stands out. I know it is a lot of pink, but that is the color for sissies after all.” Princess Dee said.

Tom’s mouth fell open and he continued to sit there in stunned silence at what he was hearing being planned out. He would never again be able to wear shorts or go topless on hot summer days without displaying his status as a sissy or a slave. Even the white t-shirts he often wore would do nothing to hide the tattoo on his chest.

“Damn!” Andy exclaimed. “He is willing and wanting to get these done? He must be a real sissy.”

Princess Dee just chuckled and said “No, he is a slave; he doesn’t want any of this, but really has no say in the matter. He will be reluctant at best. I hope that is not a problem.”

Andy chuckled back and said “No, not a problem for me as long as he signs the waiver and is not intoxicated or drunk when he comes in. The last thing I want is to be sued for buyer’s remorse.”

“Trust me, you have nothing to worry about there. The last thing my slave wants is publicity, and there would be a lot of that surrounding a lawsuit. Anyway, how does six pm next Friday sound?” she asked.

Chapter Twenty Five

As soon as she hung up from making the call to the tattoo shop Tom saw her bring the google page back up and start looking at beauty salons. Tom heard the dial tone and several very brief phone calls where Princess Dee asked if they would pierce a sissy’s ears. All of them said yes; but when Princess Dee asked if they would be interested in taking him as a long term client for additional services such as hair styling and make-up they all turned her down. They all feared it would offend their female clientele, and possibly drive customers away.

Princess Dee was at wit’s end by the time she called the ‘A Touch of Class’ salon. Sure there were other beauty salons listed in the Quad City area, but as soon as Tom’s car was sold and he was relying on city transportation they would essentially be too far away to be practical.

In sheer frustration Princess Dee referred to Tom as a sissy maid this time instead of just as a sissy. At first her reply was the same as it had been from all the other salons she had called…the ear piercing was fine but she did not have time to take on any additional clients of either gender; but then instead of hanging up the woman on the other end of the line, Yvonne, asked a question of her own.

“So is he a real maid with a real uniform; and not just someone wearing a ridiculous French Maid Halloween costume?” she asked.

“It is a real uniform and he will be a real maid once he has completed all of his training, but for now he is just a maid-in-training. Why?” Princess Dee asked in the hope that Yvonne wasn’t asking just to appease her curiosity.

“Well, I could use some help cleaning up here in the shop.” Yvonne replied.

“Aren’t you afraid he would drive away your business? Princess Dee asked.

“Not really. I am sure if he were just a mincing little sissy who appeared to be enacting some sick fetish by prancing around in public as a French Maid with a feather duster that he’d drive me out of business within a week or two at most. But if it is a real uniform and he is doing real work, then I think most of my later evening clients would be pretty open minded to his being there. The extra help he provides would give me the time necessary to take him on as a client” Yvonne said.

Tom was relieved when he heard Princess Dee say “Sorry, he is not available in the evenings, those are currently dedicated to his training. But hopefully you will still be willing to take him on as a client. I can make it worth your while; just name your price.”

Yvonne replied “Hmm, as tempting as that is, it isn’t about the money. I just don’t have the time to take on any new clients right now. Unless…” Yvonne paused to think for a minute before continuing, “On Saturdays I offer a full service spa day to my clients. It’s more of a pamper and primp service really. I cater it to lower and middle class women who most of the higher end salons won’t touch, even if they could afford it. I think having a maid clean up and provide them with tea service or drinks just might increase my business enough to enable me to hire another beautician or two. That would enable me to take him on as a client. In fact, if he is as successful as I think he will be at generating new business for me, then I will provide my services to him for free in exchange for his services. All he will have to pay for is any items or products used. How does that sound?”

Tom’s lower lip began to tremble in fear when he heard Princess Dee say “Saturday’s work for me, it’s a deal.”

“Great!” Yvonne said. ”When can he start?”

“I see no reason why he can’t start for you this Saturday if you want.” Princess Dee answered.

“Well, I would want his ear piercing done first. And he would have to come in early Saturday morning for me to do his make-up before the salon opens. I don’t want to just spring a male looking maid on my clients, so the more feminine he appears when he is introduced to them the better. Does he have or need a wig?” Yvonne asked.

“No, he doesn’t have one, and his hair is pretty short” Princess Dee replied.

“That is okay” said Yvonne, “if you don’t mind, then I will buy one for him based on his facial structure and overall appearance. As his hair grows in I can start training it to take the shape needed or maybe give him extensions; but in the meantime I think a wig is the best option. It will almost be like having my very own living cosmetology practice doll. This is going to be fun. I am really looking forward to this.”

“So am I.” Princess Dee chuckled “So am I.”



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