You’re Their Fantasy

by encased4fun

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© Copyright 2019 - encased4fun - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; fantasy; captive; bond; bodysuit; gag; spreadeagle; playroom; bdsm; revish; stuck; cons; X

Up until now the adrenaline and excitement of pursuing your fantasy have clouded your judgment. You've been so desperate to experience true helplessness that you didn't stop to consider what it really meant.

Only now, as you watch each of your petite limbs slowly drawn towards each corner of the bed and securely fastened does the reality of this begin to dawn on you. You're now a helpless captive, at the total mercy of this young couple you just met only a few hours before.

The great pains you went through to ensure total and complete helplessness now seem alarmingly foolish. You insisted on meeting them in a public place, leaving your car and having them drive you to their home. You did this so you wouldn't have an address to leave as a backup safeguard. Switching your phone off and surrendering it to them was another element you dreamed up. There isn't a trail for anyone to follow, even if someone did want to try to track you down and rescue you from this...

This... this is what you dreamed out for years. You wanted to experience it - just like all of the bondage images you've fantasized about. What it feels like when your tight little body, that you work so hard to maintain, is taken from you - or rather, with you. You're now a prisoner of this female form that has been tightly bound and put on display. Your feelings are no longer relevant, it is your body that they want to abuse and use - you're a helpless passenger along for the ride.

They've gone to great lengths to help you understand what you've become. The full length mirror directly above the bed gives you a wonderful view of a helpless girl - spread eagle in absolutely inescapable bondage - she is gagged tightly and wearing a skintight thong bodysuit. She is staring at you, pleading, hopeless with no way out. Despite the sudden rush or regret you can't help but become aroused looking at just how perfect you look trapped in your new life.

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